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New Talent On Tap? Jake Leinenkugel To Lead VA Mental Health Commission. Yes, That One.

In a bizarre and surreal turn of events, President Donald Trump has selected beer mogul Thomas “Jake” Leinenkugel to lead an important commission regarding VA’s mental healthcare programs. I swear to God, The Onion must be scrambling for ideas that sound sufficiently false to print at this point.

All hyperbole aside, I met Jake once, and he seemed like a good guy – obviously a hard worker based on his past successes, and he has been at the agency for a little over a year.

The Creating Options for Veterans’ Expedited Recovery (COVER) commission is intended to examine VA’s evidence-based mental health therapy model, as well as VA’s integrated mental health approaches.

Leinenkugel himself is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He has also been retired from his family’s beer empire since 2014, having officially joined VA in 2017.

Hey, maybe Jake will do a great job.

The commission has only just started meeting, so only time will tell. But maybe having a beer guy in charge of mental health is a good thing. As Ben Franklin once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

Here is the press release in italics:

President Trump selects Jake Leinenkugel to lead VA commission focused on Veterans’ mental health treatment

 WASHINGTON — Today the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that President Donald J. Trump has selected former VA White House Senior Advisor Thomas “Jake” Leinenkugel to lead a key commission focused on the department’s mental health care programs.

The Creating Options for Veterans’ Expedited Recovery (COVER) commission will examine VA’s evidence-based therapy model for treating mental health conditions, as well as the department’s complementary and integrated mental health approaches.

“Jake has been an ambassador for change at VA, working to implement President Trump’s policies throughout the department over the past year and a half,” said Acting VA Secretary Peter O’Rourke. “As leader of this important new commission, Jake will continue to advocate for better care and services for his fellow Veterans.”

A former captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, Leinenkugel joined VA in January 2017 after retiring in 2014 from his family-operated business, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., where he had served as president for 26 years.

At VA, Leinenkugel has been instrumental in the creation of the department’s “ChooseVA” branding campaign and the implementation of November’s National Veterans and Military Families Month. He has also worked to promote VA’s efforts to reduce Veteran suicides.

The COVER commission is scheduled to hold its first meeting July 24 and 25 in Washington, D.C.

For more information about the COVER commission, email [email protected].


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  1. “…will examine VA’s evidence-based therapy model for treating mental health conditions,”

    They can examine methods, practices, credentials, and every single printed page and no matter what they see it tells us nothing. This is because studying ‘HOW’ a federal agency provides mental services tells us zero about the effecacy of the treatment offered because there is no other population to compare it to.

    Think about this carefully. The “VA” is split between two internal and sometimes at odds “administrations” that are both charged seperately with dispensing services to veterans. The veteran being treated for say PTSD is fully aware that the rent money the VBA is sending them can and will stop coming if the VHA heals their condition. This is a particular hazard not known in other populations recieving like services for mental health because at VA the healh services records are always accessible to the patient without their knowldge or permission. This happens even if the new information has an adverse effect on the patients living status.

    So how on Earth can you compare treatment models when no other patient group is in immediate danger of a perceived inability to pay the rent if they are healed by government provided medical care. The doctors in a sense are unethical because they do not inform the patient as part of informed consent that accepting their advice and treatment could result in financial disaster. They do not disclose that information known to impact the patient adversley that is disclosed by the patient will be sent along for review by folks who can then cut your paycheck ‘because’ you went to therapy and it cheered you up? Really??? How could this inevitability not be fully disclosed to the patient and when it is just what the hell do you think a patient would do? They would walk and since the doctors know this they just leave off this little tidbit, right? Ethical? Nope.

    I am not talking at all about opportunists or malingering. I am saying that ANY mental health patient becoming alarmed at this possibility could not possibly give themselves fully to treatment compared to an environment where this concern is not an issue at least at some core level. It just AINT the same.

    The real question is “WHY does VA keep failing so miserably at treating mental health conditions?” Answer; Because the hand that heals is also the one that takes the bread off your table when they do believe their treatment has worked for you. This is a positive patient outcome? hmmm. VA should not be in the business of providing mental health treatment and studying anything but “how fast can we dismantle this?” is just more wasted time and the stack of studies and ideas piled to the moon about how to handle this now falls to a beer mogul.


  2. “”

  3. This one really burns me up. 65 year old junior vice commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10630 in Hope Mills has been receiving outside care and seeing a private doctor and a neurosurgeon with the VA’s blessing and paying his way. Yet he is fighting to ensure we us average Veterans don’t get the same and so we have to rely on the VA for our care.

    “Advocates: Better VA care, not privatization”
    By Greg Barnes, The Fayetteville Observer, Posted Jul 28, 2018 at 3:00 PM

    “Since February, Vietnam War veteran Roland Rochester has been going outside of the Fayetteville Veterans Affairs Medical Center to see a private doctor for treatment of diabetes, anxiety and high blood pressure.

    Rochester, 65, said he sees the private doctor and a neurosurgeon with the VA’s blessing. He said the VA doesn’t have the capability to treat him, so it pays for his treatment to go elsewhere.”


    1. Shows how things actually are Seymore. The ones getting good or better care or allowed to go outside of the VA do not care much about others. There again he is in a different state and Indiana is an entirely whole different animal to deal with over many things and issues.

      With the way things are here, attitudes, greed, scams, corruption, identity politics – yes in health care, lack of ethics, no recourse for many wrongs or issues, dealing with the two faced activist, Medicare/Medicaid abuse, extra so-called treatments or requirements/unneeded testing not covered by insurance, expected to see other MDs in some same clinic or ownership just for profits not need, six or more hour long waits to see some MD, etc. I don’t know if privatization would work well enough either. Too many things would have to change and laws enforced at the top and bottom at the same time, full circle in medical care VA or not, nepotism, connections, country clubbers, corruption or not.

      A major hospital can’t treat diabetes, anxiety and high blood pressure? Common stuff but then claims are made that not all care providers have the ability to treat everything?

      An officer? Here they get better treatment and others have been known to get booted out below that rank and/or non combat vets out of their clinics. Meaning one here just treated combat vets, lifers, and officers. With PAs claiming any VA MD can refuse to see any kind of patient they desire, their choice. Or claim such tantrums and treatment by professionals could be from “burn out.”

      Are they going to just pull his name out of a alphabetical listing (hat) of names/patients and pick certain numbers of patients out of thousands, out of each letter grouping by last name to be dropped, allowed to have pain meds or not, get to use the Choice card or outside care, ability to use the 40 mile rules etc? Or to be chosen to be run-off or gamed by offended VA staff or put on another shit list for some lame reasoning? Too much BS to really consider.

      The article didn’t give too many specifics on his travel times or needs. The VSOs like politicians aren’t going to do or say much that might cost them a vote or offend the locals or members. It does show again that so-called “socialized medicine” or across the board ‘equality for all’ is a joke.

  4. Trump picks Gfrerer to head VA IT
    By Troy K. Schneider, FCW The Business of Federal Technology, Jul 29, 2018

    “President Donald Trump plans to nominate James Gfrerer of Virginia to be the Department of Veterans Affairs’ assistant secretary for information and technology, the White House announced late on June 27. That post doubles as the VA’s CIO, and is one of the handful of Senate-confirmed agency CIO jobs in the federal government.

    A Naval Academy graduate and career officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, Gfrerer for the past three years has been an executive director with Ernst & Young, focusing on cybersecurity issues. Before that he spent nearly four years detailed to the State Department, where he helped coordinate interagency counterterrorism and cybersecurity efforts.”


  5. ??????????????????????

    WOW‼️ That was enough food for thought to feed all the homeless in
    New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco combined ‼️‼️‼️


  6. Wilke stated today that he’s reassigning the Trump political supporters including the reassigning of O’Roark or whatever his name is. That sounds a little like maybe it’s a good thing but I’ll have to wait and see first. Personally speaking though I don’t look for much improvement unless the Justice Dept. and FBI go in there and clean house starting at the top and working all the way to the bottom….CRAP! I already know that’s never going to happen! Wishful thinking, huh?

  7. All this commission really is, is a go’vt work welfare program for political suds and fun for those wanting to frolic their Vet status for gain while their fellow Vets still wallow in the piggy tallow. (what has Leinenkugel done to clean-up the VA’s poop decks….nothing)

    News: VA Mental Health will now not only offer electroshock therapy on tap…but these suds are not for you, but for those pesky AFGE official time conference room bashes with the nod of approval of a piggy eyelash.

    Yep…am suggesting the VSO Lodges just got a great sudsy renewal contract somewhere next to the scratch-off gambling ticket bin…wait for it…

  8. FUCK this POS prick! ANOTHER veteran hater! I want REAL doctors and nurses, as well as kind and respectful PROFESSIONALS! I don’t want veteran and male hating unfriendly and disrespectful inferiors! Just like MANY others, I want OUT of the V.A. system, which means using private medical vouchers to go wherever we WANT (within reason) for medical care that actually TREATS and CURES! WTF! We are not kids, and very few of us would abuse that right, privilege, or whatever you want to call it! These pricks and sluts plan to hold us medical hostage FOREVER! You watch and see. It’s quid pro quo, cui bono, and filthy and evil UNIONS!

  9. I was watching a video a while back…

    The guy was talking how office bullies do things – so they can distract people from what “they” (the bully) are doing.

    This is what is happening at the VA. All the corruption and subsequent hiring/firing, musical chairs – is to keep us distracted while all the “real” criminals (the VSOs, politicians, unions) use the VA to as their taxpayer funded cash cow.

    -The VSOs get their tax free “donations” – while taxpayers (through the VA’s “federal financial assistance”) pay for many of the VSO’s “administrative overhead”/expenses.

    -The union gets due paying members; and, the union itself gets paid to handle union affairs – while on the clock…So, taxpayers are also paying for the union’s “administrative overhead”. Oh yea, the union gets free office space. I think at the EPA or some other agency is where the unions are finally being told to clear their office space.

    -I’m saving the best for last…which is politicians and private industry. Well, they send their people (kinda like Crazy elf’s reference to the movie “Brubaker”) to work for the government and they get into key positions (like O’Rouke) where they can steer contracts/business to their buddies and get kickbacks and/or campaign contributions. They also can re-write agency policy/procedures/regulations – all while circumventing the process to actually change law (think of a president’s use of Executive Orders).

    So, this is why nothing will change at the VA. Because no one wants it too. In the meantime, will all the hiring/firing, committees, testimony in front of Congress…is to keep us distracted while they continue to make money off of the taxpayers.

    So, this moron from some beer company. I don’t care if he served a day in the military or not. I don’t care if he successfully or unsuccessfully ran a business. Same song and dance. In a few days/weeks/months/years he will also be replaced – and things will stay the same at the VA.

    1. I had a Pure Trump supporter tell me that this is exactly what Trump does. Slight of Hand. Get people looking over here at the Silly Shit while the REAL SHIT is going on over here behind closed doors. They, at FAUX NEWS, were even laughing about how gullible the American people really are. That from folks that think Trump is the Masiah. My personal opinion is he is just another of the 1% that want to RULE the rest of us. He and his kind care NOT about you or I. Veterans are just another TOOL they use to keep their power. PEACE

  10. 300 thousand veteran’s have died waiting for treatment per report’s. In the next 5 years the VA will have forced 666,666 veteran’s whom have been rated as being total and permanent to perform new comp and pension examinations.

    The report from the inspector general’s office calls these reexamination’s unnecessary and a burden on these veteran’s and employees.

    Total cost of this misdeed is estimated to be run over 100 million dollar’s in the next 5 years.

    These veteran’s receive approximately 3000 dollar’s a month. If you take the 10.1 million dollar’s in the last 6 month’s the VA spent on going after these veteran’s.

    That relates to about 333 thousand veteran’s being forced to perform reevaluation.

    Times 5 years. Total 100% Perment and total disabled veteran’s forced to perform reevaluation’s will result in a total of 666,666 veteran’s (forced) to perform reevaluation.

    What is the sign for the Devil. 666. The devil has nothing on the VA. He’s second fiddle.

  11. Apart from the obvious knowledge that Beer Goggles do seem to make the world a happier place most of the time.

    After reading more from the links provided by Ben about Creating Options for Veterans’ Expedited Recovery (COVER) it really does sound like a very solid plan. One that focuses on surveying Veterans to find out what Veterans feel has worked for them primarily outside of the VA in the real world. Not just another study to see how many Vets the VA can make go ballistic off of different med combinations to create the next new FucItAll pill.

    It is interesting to note that the charter was signed by none other than David Shulkin on July 24th, 2017 and it’s failure to move forward. No doubt it was one sources of friction between Shulkin and Leinenkugel when Shulkin failed to follow through with the COVER study that will run for 18 months.

    In all seriousness it is one of the best plans to help Veterans with mental health issues that I have seen come out of the VA ever.

    Here is a link to the Charter for the COVER commission.


    1. Just to add the reason why I said “In all seriousness it is one of the best plans to help Veterans with mental health issues that I have seen come out of the VA ever.”. Is because it focuses on interviewing Veterans who had problems in the past that they have dealt with and were able to move forward. Relying on what Veterans have determined to work for them. Not what the VA finds work for the VA when working with a Veteran.

      It is Not just another pharmaceutical brain salad surgery to see what new pill some one who works at the VA can make money on. But instead asking Veterans what works!

      1. Seymore, it would be okay or half-assed okay if it does or would help some folks out there. However, what the VA claims or proposes to do rarely ever works or functions well if at all nation wide. They are as we or I have been told.. ‘are all different and different from state to state.’ VA or not I haven’t seem too many “plans” functions as intended or allowed to function as planned especially if it steps on some traditional toes/treatments/diagnosis/ or some professional out there. Like pain meds. Some were saying they are needed and should not be cast in with Heroin or street dope, then they are shut down. Then the old school and control freaks pop up and play ‘stop them all and give them Tylenol” like the new VA chief said.

        Their spokes people and PR firms will come out and claim it’s all VA gold and pure miraculous (propaganda) it all works so well. Of course while leaving some unknowns or un-studied, ignored, in the dust.

        ” The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
        Gang aft agley,
        An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
        For promis’d joy!
        (The best laid schemes of Mice and Men
        oft go awry,
        And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
        For promised joy!)”
        Robert Burns, To a Mouse (Poem, November, 1785)
        Scottish national poet (1759 – 1796)

        Who, what, when, where and how will implement this new stuff? By ‘telemed?’ By those with foreign degrees and visas?

        The Choice card worked a few times, or told to find my own civvy care professional, then told no not to, then use ceased. Other things may have worked for some while some of us were later told to ‘never use the Choice card again, try to, nor ever use civilian care again for anything including life or death emergencies.” Others were not informed of this new rules for it’s use or ability to use them. No I am not kidding as I’ve posted this before.

        What happened to the so-called “Phone Triage” plans to handle things/issues/needs swiftly, etc? A PA told me to call this clinic or that one when having issues and got hold of a Phone triage clown and she could barely speak English and put me on hold, then click, dial tone…. three times. The PA told me to keep trying the number for triage. I called back later and it just rang then the number changed to a clinic. I call the VA operator back and another PA and they informed me they never heard of any “Phone Triage” programs running or being used. Talked to another PA when moved along and he said oh yes it’s used sometimes. (!!!!????) The same damn games I am playing with civilian care today and much more. I didn’t do anything to cause any of this but to transfer to the main hospital from the local CBOC due to the ever changing of my care, the revolving door of PCPs, and a VA pc tech and others totally deleting those saved messages and communications on my Healthy E-vet secure messaging game. Oh but today they claim through Senator (worthless) Todd Young’s office they could find them since it’s all kept and filed. Oh really?

        How are new laws going to fly when laws and disability acts do not function or is enforceable today? I have proven that.

        “Complementary and integrative health treatments.”
        music therapy;
        ; training
        appropriate. ” Same old stuff. Have done it, doing some of it, costs too much, VA and civvy care refuse to use Oxygen therapy… they can’t trust us with dangerous materials, might harm ourselves or smoke using Oxy. (!) Like the VA told some of us… they ‘must protect us from ourselves.” And they need more input, studies, or meetings on the above strategies that have been used for many years?? Mo money mo money mo money. We wait, suffer and die.

        They are having great results with vets going to South America and seeing Shamans and using jungle juice or something. Great results from Mary Jane, happy mushrooms use, MDAA, etc. But will never be legal here even if they are magical cures or cure alls. It is not about curing, helping, easing our suffering. It’s about wasting time, control, control, control, wasting time, putting off, meetings, ensuring certain people/companies/university studies/researchers/marketers/PRelations folks make big money, get grants, more studies, and on it goes. For years it’s been the same, twenty + I know of over my own concerns.

        Met a guy a couple weeks ago who used hyperbaric treatments and lost eye sight. A side effect I never heard of before.

        Oxygen helps me and migraines. Nope, VA wouldn’t have it. Civvy MDs don’t even want to discuss pain issues or see me since I am a chronic pain patient and X VA patient under attack.

        Natural goodies or anything the VA or Gov deems illegal will still be illegal. Acupuncture needles are illegal to even buy in good ol’ America. A group of us vets years and years back were trained by a local MD how to use 4 simple small accu needles in four areas for relaxation. That too is now illegal. All involved and controlled will still make their mega bucks off our pain and playing test rats. Like now the physical therapist claim they can cure all or most pain…. BS of course. Just wasted money and time. Been there – done all that- I know what works for me but no-one cares. Doesn’t matter, no going back to any VA for me, period. Made too many enemies there and in civvy care because of them and local politics. I end up in a death home or hospital today I know I am dead meat especially in the more lefty Union Hospital type care joints. I won’t be the first one locally left in his own juices and filth to die off alone in a closed off private hospital room for old used up white Republic believing guys.

        Meetings meetings meetings, model therapies, more meetings, more studies blah blah. All leading back to ‘collective punishments’ and socialist styled one size fits all treatment plans just like with pain meds and head dope. Oh and if anything works make it illegal or raise the costs of services. “let them eat cake/bread.”

        Ashton birdie and MAGA hats.
        Oops wrong one.

        Cat fishing.
        Dang, wrong one again. I’m in love, wish I were younger.

        ‘What is Gaslighting? 9 Signs This Type of Manipulation is Happening to You!’
        Ahh found the correct one.

  12. Seriously, you go into a MH appt., or even talk to them on the phone and USUALLY the first thing they ask a Vet is “Do you feel like harming yourself or others?” How many Vets are going to answer yes if they have any amount of time dealing with the VA? On the phone, you say yes/maybe, chances are you’ll have the cops kicking in your door within the hour, if your at an appt., it’s “I’m going to send you up to room (Insert Mental health inpatient ward room number at the VA your at) to talk to so and so” and you’ll likely be involuntary committed for who knows how long as your going to be even more upset when you find out what’s happening than when you walked into the appt. Not to mention they have a list of meds that they can and can’t give you as per the VA guidelines. It’s all so ridiculous….

  13. Wtf do you expect? They can’t change anything if wanted to, mental health as a hole is a problem everywhere. Quality people are not found, so they hire anyone with a piece of paper. Worse than the primary care clinics. They get six patients a day, if show. They won’t take a minute early or a minute late. Funny watching people find ways to waste time. Their only concern is looking busy so don’t get a 7th person. 30% of staff need to take a hike now, the VA is a scary place, especially on meds

  14. Regarding new mental health
    commish. With a name like
    that he can’t miss. Another
    Disney character? Time will tell.

  15. Marine Corp Captain. Check.

    26 years running dads brewery. Check

    Branding campaign to portray VA in favorable light. Check.

    National Veterans month in November. Check.

    I’m sorry but I don’t see anything here that would make me let this guy in my head…

    1. Don’t forget the part about selling out the family business to Miller. If you can’t compete, cash in and run. The American way.

      1. Can’t fault a guy for knowing when to bow out…I just don’t see how somebody who’s armed only with “good intentions” knows what the fuck he’s doing when it comes to mental health.

        We all know that PTSD and all the other mental illness’ we as veterans suffer from can have deadly and tragic consequences both for the veteran and any potential victims. When one of us goes off the deep end somebody ends up paying for it in blood.

        This guy’s solution? Well let’s just listen to the vets and see what works. Here’s the problem most people with a mental illness are about as intelligent as a fence post. A person going through initial aftermath of trauma can’t tell you night from day let alone what works and doesn’t. The only thing a person like this is capable of doing is wrestling with the immediacy of their own demons. Survival. Fight or flight. Whatever you want to call it. When I got railroaded out of the military. And yes, it was a complete fucking railroad. I signed all kinds of papers that where put in front of me. It all means jack shit because I was insane at the time. Hell I would have signed a confession admitting guilt to shooting JFK. Honestly I’m still not sure to this day what was put in front of me. It took me about 16 years to realize just what the holy fuck happened to me and I’m still no closer to a solution other than the one I’ve carved out for myself. Isolation and medication. There are veterans out there, sad to say, that never even come to terms with their demons long enough to realize they need help. You want to know what works for me Mr. Beer guy? Start sorting my fucking case and get me off this fucking coat hook.

  16. Ben, you should get a book on the CTP. You’ll quickly understand someone sold a bill of goods to the VA and it is actually being pushed. I was invited back to a new session and declined because the same person was in pushing not leading or helping.

  17. Pressing people out of therapy has great results. Suicides in waiting rooms, parking lots, etc. at 22 per day, 29 per 100,000 compared to the overall of 12 per 100,000. They are not looking to help. Just save money. No psychiatrists because the bankers have the helm. A psychiatrist has to pay 12 years of higher education student loans on 150,000.00 salary. Not even enough to pay the interest so the student loan will follow him to his grave unless he can find a place in Beverly Hills or a similar location. And that means not taking care of veterans with TBIs and PTSD.

    Who the hell expects a TBI victim to not have chronic problems. And even older PTSD victims become chronic. Now they are trying a CTP, (cognitive therapy program). It is a one size fits all. Went to 3 sessions. There were 12 in the first, 6 in the second 4 in the third before myself and one other were kicked out for not doing the study guide home work. Yes, it is working real well. Why is it the rage in the VAs hand outs?

  18. So you are attacking this man without giving him a chance just because he runs a beer company? Tell me, then what makes you any different then the ones you are complaining about?

    1. Dan,
      I’m not “attacking” anyone. I gave an opinion on what COULD occur IF our elected and/or appointed officials took time to find a way to fix the broken VA!

      How many more generations of military patriots have to suffer from the egregious acts by VA employees?
      How much more taxpayers monies have to be spent on the worst failed government agency?
      How many more times does the “…most corrupt union (afge) in the United States…” get to protect incompetent VA employees?

      The list of questions continues with absolutely no answers! Can you answer them?

      1. wasnt replying to you elf. I was replying to Ben. How can we just suddenly decide that because he runs a beer company that he could not be the best thing that happened?

        All I am saying is for people to give the guy a chance before they go all batshit on him and try to destroy him

    2. Well, DAN! My own experiences and working with people for one. Being able to smell shit and games is another. Are YOU not reading or keeping up with some stories out here or MINE? I have been attacked for years now in every way you can fucking imagine and still no health care or MD to be found here. But the attacked and true victims can’t “attack” or have our own opinions???? Are you a silver spooner cheerleader? Or one of those like the locals that would support their Marine or others regardless of what they do or who they harm and play as anti-American as it, or they, can be? We have THOSE KIND running for high office and you think I will vote for them too or not criticize them???? Horse poop!

      What’s the fucking body count for this month or week? Oh, no-one is counting or how could they when so many are being soft killed or hard killed by switching meds that worked to ones that don’t like heart or blood pressure meds which happens frequently. Oh no problem there. Or the many talking about suicide having to live in chronic pain today??? Not one asshat in DC cares about that at all including Trump, the VA, DoD, DHS, AMA, etc.

      Locally I have been told they all support the silver spooners, cliques, insiders, clubs, all the nepotism, appointing all the corrupt filth they can to fill every office and position to be had. And they have to the brim. Why? Because if the peeps got off their asses to vote they’d stand no chance at all to get into offices and retain them for life. To keep their kind of corrupt filth in power positions and to see to it their own agendas are met and they live their happy corrupt lives to the fullest. While the serfs, vets, the needy get shit, fed shit, treated like shit, ignored like shit, buried like shit. You should hear all the whine when term limits to ending every form of nepotism there is just in local government that extends out to every other imaginable office or power position out there including academia to health care. That is how their networks of attacks and retribution functions and they can get by with murder, breaking every law or act out there, or any other game they want to play where ever they want and today we can’t record in the police station, some meetings or the court house. On top of not having a decent media and population that just doesn’t give a damn about anything but themselves or what the in-crowd, lefties or college crowds want.

      Is it attacking, from experiences, VA and governmental traditions, lost of most hopes, knowing too many dead Vets, living in a totally corrupt state/town, or reading their (vet’s) stories, keeping the insiders and silver spooners in power or the many etc????

      Brewing beer, knowing easy street or privilege, and playing captain is a far cry from working with hurting, suffering, attacked, and abused or brain-washed people/vets. I know nothing about this dude and not much has come forth about him and many others that I have mentioned being connected or affiliated with those “at the top.”

      How many vets have died during their ‘commission’ or celebratory dinners, the pomp and circumstance circus and high dollar dinners and photo shoots? During all the musical chair playing in DC or over the VA and other asshole governmental positions??? It’s about as bad as the revolving doors of primary care jokers and wanna-be health care workers. Oh happy days are here!

      There is another old old saying: Shit or get off the pot. Or ‘Piss on me then say it’s raining.’ “Actions speak louder than words.” “Show me” though I’m not from Missouri. None of them has, can or will.

      1. maybe you should actually READ what I said and get the feather out of your ass. Or maybe you should read what I posted to Elf.

        Either way its YOUR problem.

      2. Yeah DAN I can read, can you comprehend? Nope. It’s varmints like you that make issues land on each individual .. alone. Complacency, uncaring attitudes, self, whatever. If you want to blindly follow the blind spooners/insiders for future generations to deal with, have fun peasant. Guess you must do well in this world of shit contrary to many others. Those like you that don’t give a shit about others is the problem and YOUR personal problem and total lacks of understanding. Bet you work at the VA with that attitude or must love beer. Now go back to playing hop-scotch and thinking all is well.

    3. Dan I could turn the question around on you. What in this mans history makes him qualified for anything having to do with mental health?

      1. And I can turn it right back on you. By what evidence do you have that says he does not?

        For christs sake, give the guy a chance before trying to destroy him. If he is a screw up then shit can him, if not then leave him be; but the ONLY way we will know is if we actually let him DO something.

  19. Does anyone remember the “fact based movie”, “Brubaker”?
    It’s about a privately run, for profit prison in the south. Where the “prisoners run it!” And anything and everything goes!
    Until the new warden arrives.
    He actually spends a lot of time, pretending to be a prisoner – first!
    He witnesses crimes I won’t repeat here.

    It took time, he did turn around the prison.

    I believe that’s what we need in the VA.
    A group of men and women, all “undercover agents” FOR vets, taking part in criss-crossing America visiting VBA’s and VHA’s. Gathering information. Taking that information to Washington and starting the ball rolling on Firing incompetent individual.

    Oh, wait. That would be using “common sense”! Something our elected and appointed officials lack! They also lack balls to actually hold VA employees, from Washington DC and across the country, accountable for illegal acts against veterans!!!!!!

    “Different Day, Same Old Shit!”
    #fuckcongress both houses!

    1. I agree a person will never know what someone has been through, unless they walk a mile in their shoes.

      There is a show called undercover boss. Our elected officials who are veteran’s should dress in street clothes, regular street clothes.

      Go to the VA’s, and watch and learn. Someine should be able to go undercover in training slots in administration and watch it unfold right under them.

      Then and only then will they see with their own eye’s, what is really happening for themselves.

      Thanks for your post.

  20. Maybe all of us disfunctional vets will get, FREE BEER! If you think the lines are to long now. I’ll trade my buspirone for beer any day!

    1. Exactly. Trump and his “appointments” keep getting more depressing and hopeless. Ie, akin to Pence, Haley, and around forty others from good ol’ corrupt Indiana. Land of no ethics, no rights, no representation, no real media, no-wheresville.

      Oh dumping, still, millions on VA relocations and buildings, hiring the corrupt and uncaring will help matters. Like rank in the military or trained by modern activist American hating academics or brewing beer actually means something? According to some or by LEOs and prosecutors pain is leaning towards being a mental disorder but we are supposed to be be able to fix it all with Tylenol, to drink more beer or booze, go use street dope and possibly profit the jail, phony drug courts to ruin people, and profit the corporate prison systems, or court ordered visits to profit local nut house counselors who know it all and use their DSM 4 or 5 to see what sticks to the wall after all the brain washing or academic BS.

      How much time has this new freak spent in the gutters with people or dealing with the phony mental health care systems that exist, degreed useful establishment’s idiots, and activist pouring out of colleges that don’t give a shit?

      Who and what is this new guy anyway? What are his connections, beliefs, secret society or Greek obligations and such? Silver spooner for sure.

      Trump and his admin need to focus on why we are being so heavily censored, some attacked, and put an end to this hate speech and PC BS instead of playing “world leader” as described by some. He won’t touch Indiana for obvious reasons. Pence, Mitch Daniels, too many two faced liars, too much foreinger interference and controls, too much corruption and evil networking.

      More circus maximus, more pin ball machine playing.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better myself!! I was just informed that due to NEW policy, I must go through”Mental Clensing” to continue pain medications. What a freeking joke. Give me what has worked for many years to make my pain more tolerable, and my mind is FINE. It gets messed up when I am tortured and made to suffer from Intractable, Uncureable PAIN !! S O S D D!! (Same old shit different day!!)

  21. Lesson you think you can get a better choice for the veterans well non of the fuchup who have anything to do with the VA hospital has fuck us for their benfit and not ours. All the people who have been here have not just fuck us but trained those who followed them how to be better at it than they were. So if you think anything will change because of the people who are qualified for the job because you think they are well how’s that going for you think nothing has changed since I have been in the system except it has gotten worse and no end in sight and you are worry about gual the people who are in the position now would be a good for ass fucker and dicker sucker because they are doing both too us in such a way that no matter how much we have tried to shine the lights on it no really cares for us to give a dam so I say bend over and spread them get ready for the shaft and feel it better than if you have no say in the hole fucking process just get ready to go for the hole shaft and feel better soon love you all so much we did what they asked from us and the system did the things to us we never asked from them but hay if we want to get what they promised we would have to bend them over and fuck them to the way they are doing to us but we don’t have the balls to get the VA back for the people who were given the jobs to help you but just fuck you without you getting dinner first.

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