Northrop Grumman Wins VA IT Contract

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman was added to a list of contractors awarded part of a contract to provide IT solutions to the agency under T4NG.

The T4NG contract is short for Twenty-one Total Technology Next-Generation (T4NG) worth $22.3 billion over the next ten years. The base is for five years with an additional five optional years.


According to the press release:

MCLEAN, Va., Aug. 4, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE:NOC) is part of a team that has been awarded a contract to provide information technology services for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Northrop Grumman is in an exclusive partnership as a subcontractor to Liberty IT Solutions under the VA Transformation Twenty-one Total Technology Next-Generation (T4NG) contract. This multi-vendor indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract has a potential value of $22.3 billion over 10 years – a five-year base with a five-year option period.

As the primary contracting vehicle for VA IT services, the T4NG contract awards support the Department’s MyVA transformation effort, improving the way VA uses IT to serve veterans. All administrations within the VA can leverage this vehicle for IT service and solutions, including technical support, program management, strategic planning, and systems and software engineering.

“Northrop Grumman is aligned with the VA’s focus – delivering exceptional services to our veterans,” said Ed Sturms, vice president and general manager, system modernization and services, Northrop Grumman Technology Services. “We look forward to showcasing our transformational strategies and innovation in support of the VA’s strategic goals and initiatives.”

Future task orders under T4NG include requirements for IT infrastructure improvements, cybersecurity, and operations and network management.

Northrop Grumman is a leading global security company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in autonomous systems, cyber, C4ISR, strike, and logistics and modernization to customers worldwide. Please visit for more information.


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  1. Regarding the money pit in Aurora.

    It appears that the hospital will be losing its imported Brazilian stone and will just have to make due with a cheaper Colorado rock as its replacement. Don’t worry though the subcontractor who pointed out the savings will get 30% of the total savings by replacing the stone.

    Also the planned $10 million landscaping scheme has been slashed to a measly $2 million. I guess that grass seed must really be expensive in Colorado. I am sure the site is already very well covered in bull fertilizer so no need to fertilize the grass.

    But again don’t worry because the subcontractor who thought of that savings will get 30% of the $8 million saved or $2.4 million for suggesting the cost saving changes.

    Oh but there is a kicker—even though they have been finding cost saving ideas there is a problem with rising cost and they are no longer sure of the 2018 opening date or that they will be able to complete the hospital with the $1.7 billion budget.

    So as taxpayers grab those cheeks, spread them, and bend over to smell the VA Roses again. Oh and lube isn’t in the budget so I am sure this one’s going to really hurt the wallet.

    Guess all of those Politicians on their way out the door are getting ready for one last dip to reline their pockets at the Black hole in Aurora.

    Source “Lavish Features Cut from over-budget Aurora VA hospital”

  2. While searching for Seymore Klearly’s articles, I came across an article by “”! This is a highly rated magazine and website.
    It was published on July 26, 2016 @ 02:19 am by Adam Andrzejeu.


    “The VA’s Luxury Art Obsession”

    (There’s also a video. After watching it, one can tap onto it again, and be redirected to Utube for more VA scandals!)

    It’s primarily about the “art” VA has spent millions of taxpayers monies on between 2004-2014!
    The author doesn’t give VA any slack in his assessment of VA!
    His “expertise” is looking for, and reporting on, waste, fraud and abuse within all civilian and government agencies.
    As the article points out. $20 million of taxpayers monies have gone to art in ten years. Over three quarters of it, $16 million, during the Obama Administration!

    He also writes about the hiring of VA employees. At a time when VA claims are being manipulated and veterans are dying!

    Will we see, again, VA employees receiving bonuses this year? They received bonuses in 2014 and again in 2015, which was a clear violation of law!

    In my opinion, VA has spent the employees bonus monies, from top to bottom, on art! What they received in 2014 & 2015 should be repaid. Either all at once, or have their pay garnished!

  3. @Seymore Klearly

    What I’d like to see is the AFGE come out on national news and start complaining about VA. With all the negative talking points, now being brought to light in the ‘race to the White House’, one would think the union would speak up!?!?
    I have had veterans and taxpayers claim VA does not have a union. For some reason, they refuse to believe. Even when I’ve presented proof!
    We on here have been aware of the unions tight grip over almost all aspects of VA’s rabid culture!
    These articles, which come out daily, prove the corrosive corruption, fraud, waste and abuse. Yet, almost not one peep out of the AFGE.
    I’m glad someone in the union finally is speaking. Yet, it’s only due to VA employees being made I’ll.

    That’s my wish for today!

    1. Crazy Elf,

      I know what you mean on wishing the AFGE would speak up but I have noticed that since Donald Trump made the problems with the VA a Campaign issue. The media is no longer covering problems at the VA. It is like the press has a moratorium out that is preventing publications of articles regarding problems affecting Veterans at the VA.

      The three recent articles about the VA were only published because they negatively affected VA employees not because they affect Veterans.

      The first article I listed involving a Veterans who committed suicide at the Denver VAMC was only published because it inconvenienced the employees at the VAMC who had parked in the Garage where the Veteran died. The article only mentions the Veteran by stating “A VA spokesman said the man apparently took his own life”.

      The second article was only published because a VAMC’s internal rating drop and will affect employee bonuses for that VAMC. It contains nothing about what they were doing wrong or how Veterans were negatively affected by the poor performance of the VAMC’s staff.

      The third article was only published because more than 50 VAMC employees had gotten sick from the Ventilation problems. The article contains nothing about how many Veterans were exposed and sickened by the problem. Yet we know the number veterans exposed and sickened has to be in the hundreds if not thousands for the 4 years which this has been an ongoing problem at that VAMC.

      The problems with VA health Care have not just gone away but the reporting on those problems certainly has.

      1. Seymore,
        I agree, these articles you gave basically only spoke about VA employees, and not the veterans they are mandated by law to serve!
        I just wish someone on any of the main stream medias would acknowledge the existence of a VA union!
        I have been called a, quote; a “Fucking Liar” too many times over this issue. And I’m getting really pissed at people who believe the VA has no union ties!

        There’s just way too many “STUPID PEOPLE” out there!!!!

      2. The reporting on problems has disappeared because Hillary does not have a plan for fixing it. If she did, she would have been pushing it hard to counter Trump. Even if she pulled something out of her ass after Trump announced his plan, her campaign would have been pushing it. That her campaign does not shows she has no intention of doing anything. There may still be local coverage of some things, but local coverage likely will not be carried by bigger media nationally.
        About the only thing that might be covered on a larger scale would be public protests by veterans in cities where the candidates are campaigning.

      3. Last part is a great idea. How to get the word out is always a problem.

        Maybe Ron can put it in a Bill board to assemble and or call your elected officials and demand accountability.

    2. The AFGE leadership, like most labor unions like teachers unions, SEIU, AFL-CIO, UAW, etc, support Democrats. It does not matter if their rank and file members support other candidates. Both Democrats and union leadership will launder money back and forth for each other. Politicians will get them public contracts or tax money flowing to them, unions will turn out “volunteers” for campaign events and buy politicians lousy books by the truckload, among other things they do for each other.
      The AFGE will never complain too loudly because to do so would reflect badly on who is in the WH. I guaran-damn-tee that if Trump wins, you will see a completely different union.
      The air quality issue looks like the local union head called OSHA, likely after getting advice from the national thugs. They almost would have been forced to do something with 50 dues paying members becoming sick.

    3. That is a very good point. The union has a chance to show that they are very concerned about everything coming out. !

      The union members should be demanding their union help in reporting dishonesty employees. !

      They know that evidence is key and they should be gathering ad much proof as they can. !

      Unless. Their in bed with higher management. There has to be some honest union members who have had enough of higher management.

      If they want to kick Bob’s ass. They can do it by giving so much proof of mismanagement. That he can’t make it Disney land. !

  4. Here is one where workers at the VAMC Atlanta hospital are getting sick but there is no mention of any Veterans getting sick from the air Quality problem at the hospital. Seems it only made the news because VA employees were getting sick not because of Veterans getting sick.

    “Sources: Air quality problem growing at Atlanta VA hospital”, by Aaron Diamant, WSBTV

    Atlanta VA Medical Center leaders have, for days now, refused to answer any questions on camera about an air quality issue inside the hospital we exposed this week that several sources say is still making workers sick.

    “It’s not acceptable for a government agency to behave like this, and we’re not talking about classified information, we’re not talking about information here that compromises a patient’s privacy,” Caldwell said.

    In a written statement, the VA said the hospital experienced an, “environmental issue in the operating suite between June 27 and July 6” and corrective measures were taken.

    But sources told Diamant more than 50 workers have gotten sick so far from a ventilation problem, not just in that second floor operating room suite near a construction site, but also on the first floor as recently as Thursday.
    With no answers from the VA about the problem’s source, union leaders contacted federal investigators.

    “Why did you feel it so important to call OSHA?” Diamant asked AFGE Local 2778 President JoAnne Lyamu.

    “Because people were getting sick in the area, and nobody could pinpoint exactly where it was coming from,” Lyamu said. And with the VA now on the clock to get OSHA answers.

    Diamant searched OSHA records online and found the agency has slapped the hospital with a total of 37 worker safety violations in seven inspections over the last four years, including a 2012 ventilation violation, which OSHA considered serious.

  5. “Pennsylvania’s VA Hospital’s rating falls precipitously”, by Michael Volpe July 31st 2016, The Provocateur

    “ALTOONA, Pa., July 31, 2016 — An embattled Veterans Administration (VA) hospital has seen its internal rating — one that determines bonuses and other performance measures — fall precipitously over the last two quarters.” ““Altoona VAMC will continue to leverage data and measurement tools to support quality improvement in health care for our veterans. “”

    The real reason for the drop in ratings is the Office of Special Counsel has been looking over their shoulder with several investigations so they had to report the correct numbers.

    “the Office of Special Counsel released whistleblowers disclosures that the hospital was threatening patient care, and more recently the VA Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) announced that a complaint that the hospital was illegally accessing the medical records of a whistleblower was being added to a larger investigation of systemic problems in the VA of illegally accessing whistleblower medical records.”


  6. “Police investigate man’s death in VA Medical Center parking garage”, by David Mitchell August 3rd 2016 Fox 31 Denver.

    The article does provide one line of information about the death stating “A VA spokesman said the man apparently took his own life”. But the article focused mainly on the inconvenience his death caused employees who were unable to get their cars from the garage.

    Of course if they had that great big giant sink hole of cash opened and working then the veteran may not have taken his own life.

    When is that sink hole going to open sometime in 2018?


    1. The VA parking lot. Has camera’s. If he killed himself. They camera’s would show it.

      They need to follow how steps from when he got out of his car. Until he left. !

      Whom he had contact with (employees) !!!!

      Ask questions wad he upset. Did an employee report him as being disruptive and if the va police were called on him.

      Was he escorted out. Wad s weapon found. !

      The chief of staff and the director are liers and will cover up wrongdoings.

      I know this first hand. !

      If. The VA does the investigation they will cover it up. The FBI needs to investigate. !

      Not the OIG. !

      You have some nasty employees working there and are quick to accuse the veterans of some sort of disruptive behavior.

      He. Must of really felt he had been abandoned. !

      God rest his sole. !

      Good job VA. Mission accomplished. !

  7. OK folks. Here it is. In bright living color. Brought to y’all from her own wrinkled lips. Did she “mispeak”, or did the old hag finally tell the truth?
    She hasn’t come out yet to correct this. So one can only guess it was the truth!
    Here’s two Utube videos on Hillary Clinton promising to “…raise taxes on middle class!”
    Now y’all can show evidence of what the Dumbocrats are really up to!

    “Hillary Promises To Raise Taxes On Middle Class/Says Trump Is Her Husband”

    from “”
    dated: Aug. 5, 2016

    If y’all are not “Infowars” fans. Here’s another one, (#2.),from “Fox and Friends”, dated: Aug. 4, 2016, titled:

    “Hillary Clinton To Raise Taxes On Middle Class As President: “And That’s A Promise””

    By the way, there’s more videos out showing this to the world. These aren’t the only two.

    (Fact, by lowering the corporate taxes, it would bring manufacturing back into America. It would also lead to more job creation! This is not an opinion. It’s been confirmed by “The Wall Street Journal”, and other economic journals as well!)


    Lastly, if you haven’t seen this video. I’d suggest googling it.
    It’s a sad state when a Congressman has to state to other members of Congress “WHAT” their actual duties are!
    It’s really something to behold.


    On Utube.

  8. Starting in the latter 80’s, when workers were being injured at kaiser, we all ended up with the same mental personality disorder. The same with patients or family members who made complaints about poor management or poor medical care. Sounds like the same insanity spread to the VA. and now the vets got through osmosis the same disorder. Trying to get records is damn near impossible. Isn’t this newer IT contractor build planes too and from another country?
    I guess lying is a pathological modern disease of the newer ” more modern medical based evidence” health care and RAND is supposedly the holder of all government documents. They get what the govt wants them to have. The lying and false records are the standard and as long as everything is fixed by someone new with the same material, they just get to shift the crap around again and again and can keep asking for more money. SO, then IT looks like the VA & DOD are competent. Global or local, corporations ( for consumers or govt) pathological need for an endless supply tax payer money will never end.

    It’s just so amazing that the fraud & corruption has managed to go on for so long while good people suffer.

    Why Congress never holds hearings with VETS testimony on how they are treated or not and what would work for them is the same as injured workers never being asked by state legislators on how the comp system works for them. But I believe it is because VETS & injured workers are a thing to make money off of, never to really help them otherwise, someone might lose millions and or billions of dollars.

    PROPUBLICA. ON INJURED WORKERS by Michael Grabell gives ideas as to how and why none of this is about workers comp system is not helping injured workers just as is the VA is not about helping vets..It’s just about who’s going to get the money to PARTY ON with tax payers and or premium money.Making money off making people sicker is the most evil.

    The insurance business (VA i just maybe a type of insurance that gives back on investments that have no accountability as to how it is spent, I call it kickbacks) is evil, despicable and Congress let it all happen.

    1. Congress can hold a hearing per day for a hundred years but to them other than asking for voluntary cooperation of VA they simply have no authority ober the VA AT ALL. The VA is under the control of the Executive Branch, the President, and unless the President makes changes Congress has zero Constitutional authority over VA.

      Let me ask you, in a democratic republic like ours, why are a single group of workers singled out to be absolutely free of our Constitutional constraints? I can tell you why. They are union strong.

      The overt abuse of authorities granted by VA happens not because VA workers are inherently bad, stupid, or unusually greedy. It happens because once on VA property they are immune from the Constitutional requirements that the people they serve fought to protect.

      The VA has demonstrated that it simply cannot exist without corruption featering decade after decade, one grave at a time. This is the result of failing to follow the guidlines set out for our Republic. It will always fail so long as the humans involved are insulated from the laws and ethics that the rest of us are bound by.

      There aint no amount of $$$ that does anything but feed the monstrocity. my proof is blearly defined in our history books and even RAND will have a tough time spinning VA as a successful deviation from our Constittuion.

      1. Time to start looking at the union and find the dirt we need to put them in their place. !

        Shame them out into the open. !

        Abuse is abuse no matter who’s doing it. !

        I guess the union boss scared Bob McDonald that he’s in hiding. !

        I have know employees union members. President take money from fort Lyon vamc. And other employees take money using their VA credit cards. Tv’s act. !

        0 was done to them. !

        S major over haul and FBI investigation. The OIG. Special council need to be held accountable. !

        All top dog’s must go to jail or public humiliated and then fired. !

        Make them hold a sign on the corner. I’m guilty of harming VETERANS. !!!!!!

  9. The VA needs to release all their employees working in their computer service. !

    Since someone else is doing their job. Let them go. ! Wonder if trump will let me keep some of the money they will save. !

    1. It is even better with RAND. They pay BIG $$$ to RAND to give everybody in America the numbers. I myself am a graduate of Madras Senior High School. I am a White Buffalo. I honestly graduated with a D average which was fudged up from a D-. They didn’t want me back. I was elected to give the graduation speech. It has been a wierd life, but I DID get the diploma and I can read!

      Computer gadgets are sort of new like we have now, but a “copy and paste” plaguerism is pretty easy to spot for a genius level prodigy gone bad lolz. Either RAND copy and pasted opm dot gov website mission statement into their own or the other way around. I could write a graduation speech about it sure, but I won’t.

      Suffice it to say, as government computers become more and more convoluted over the course of our history in which pallets of cash being shipped world wide for reasons that even a White Buffalo can understand and RAND and OPM can just copy and paste at will then,

      What stops them from just clicking in the field and copy and pasting that into any other field they choose? hmmmm. I am not diagnosed paranoid so this feeling is genuine.

  10. Someone commented about what kind of crap would drop from the VA on a Friday afternoon.

    Its dropped.

    USA Today has an article about the VA IG clearing the VA on giving misleading statements to Congress on wait times in California by a VA hack named McDougall. She was supposed to take over oversight of VA facilities in the Southwest, but did not after an outcry over a CNN report on the real wait times.

    If you read the article, you get the sense that it’s all in how the VA fudges the numbers, and of course the numbers reported by the VA were most favorable to the VA.

    And, of course, the VA concurred with the findings of the…VA IG.

    1. I was that Scatologist expecting the rear end projectile diarrhea of VA Meat Grinder this Friday. Thanks for discovering and sharing the steaming poo pile.

      This only serves-up a “VA Precedent” in which you just watch, Phoenix will be cleared magically and wait for it…Dr. Candyman Houlihan…I almost expect it that’s how bad the corrosive stream of poo has been. Sad times we live in.

    2. I like you 91, but I must take it up about the word “fudge” when it comes to their numbers! My Grandma made fudge. Somehow what I remember about fudge has little to do with VA behavior.

      Now, if Grandma had gone out front and fetched in a fresh cowpie, put whip cream and a cherry on it, and served it up with Sanka after a good venison roast then maybe I could go that far with you.

      I just do not relate anything they do with a childhood treat. Peace.

      1. I hear ya redturtle.

        I just figured I would sugar coat it a little, thinking if I said they just pulled numbers out of their ass in polishing that turd that it would appear overly negative, and touch off a mad scramble for safe spaces.

  11. I find it ironic that Ben just posted recently on another VA/DOD IT project in which over a BILLION was pissed away, with that project being abandoned.
    If you recall, that was the system they were creating so DOD medical records would be shared with the VA which was mandated by Congress in the 1990s.
    But hey! Let’s dump billions more into another contract! While at the same time ignore how many veterans continue to wait for proper medical care?

    Did anyone get their panties in a twist over the possibility of negativity in my comment?

    I don’t care.

    1. Thank you for that laugh, 91Veteran. I don’t care either! I do care that Contractors are being fattened-up while Vet’s light themselves on fire in USA. Rat Bastards.

      What’s next? The VA needing toilets that have lighted seats and plays VA Spin while taking a dump? You know, to match the color changing walls! 🙂

  12. Here’s an interesting article by “WND FRONT PAGE”
    published 18 hours ago. Please google ——–

    “Here They Are! 35 Of Hillary’s Biggest ‘Accomplishments’ ”

    by Chelsea Schilling

    Your going to laugh and be amazed at how MANY people put the truth on the social media’s.
    Pictures say a thousand words. They also give one a perspective as what has happened, not only in the Middle East, but here in America as well!
    The article itself isn’t long. The other parts, pictures, are.
    These things have taken place within our lifetime. Hopefully we can change the future!?!?!?

  13. @ronald nesler,

    i doubt VA will clean up. they haven’t yet (decades). we see patterns of their PR machine working to deflect. many of the VA doctors/PA’s do the same. its a general practice no matter what VA or what state the veteran goes to. since nothing happens to VA due to thier wrong doings, it emboldens them to continue down the same thug road.

    no matter how many times the WH & Congress spins their bs that veterans come first and “its time the VA get into the 21st century(wtf does that smoke screen mean but WH uses it all the time)”, veterans see time and time again mo’ money slipped to VA, more big projects boasted by VA management, yet, the thuggery veterans on the ground floor are subjected to, hasn’t changed at all. nada!

    keep up the billboards. they work much better than a veteran writing any Congress member!!

  14. Love the fact my last request for medical records has taken over a YEAR , when I used to leave release of information with disc in hand , same day ? I Love being told Florida VA can’t access my thirty years of VA records in Ohio . I Love receiving radiological reports stating ” Nothing to compare to ” ,When VA’s been X-rain and irradiation me since 1976 ! I Love defense contractors getting hundreds of Billions of dollars over last forty years to develop and maintain IT systems that DON’T WORK , ARE NOT COMPLETED , DON’T COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER , CRASH FREQUENTLY , THAT EVERY TIME I TRY AND ACCESS THEM S TATE INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE . My healthy Vet , Ebenifits ,DEER , DOD etc. , etc .etc..Then when I finally get my records all nurses notes and doctors entries are absent . One more way for VA to stall , Deny and cover it’s ass while rewarding fat cat corrupt contractors . Same old , same old . Anyone else feel that huge green wheeny or are we all numb ?

    1. i’ve had the same happen over the decades of going to VAs.

      from what i read and view on the Internet, thousands + thousands of veterans all across America over decades have experienced similar, some worse some not as worse. yet the same tactics or attempting to ensure veteran doesn’t get deserved disability rating and compensation for legit mil injuries/illnesses.

      the song remains the same as does this pattern of deflection/deception.

  15. This is straight up stupid sounds like, they’ve been working for the VA for a while. Where has that gotten us. I’ve been around the VA for over 40 years and this is getting really old . Wouldn’t they save money, just by giving all the vets what they want or need , let them go to the hospital they want with Medicare or whatever, and then shut all them VA’s down except for maybe really major care .

    1. Nobody can predict what the future will be obviously if major changes happen, so I suggest another way to state the same thing;

      I suggest that the new POTUS immediately switch every single SSA recipient, and SSDI recipient into the hands of the VA. At the same time we would put all vets under the care of the folks down at Social Security. A direct agency swap. Kind of like in the movie “Al Capone” when the judge swapped out Al’s bought off jury for another one down the hallway in the movie “Untouchables”.

      Then, instead of predicting what is gonna happen let us just wait and see what happens when they put Grandma into the Cat One Violent catagory and hold back her Melba Toast. See how Grandpa feels about his kitten getting escorted by armed federal agent down the VA Mart isles that they get their food at?

      Or maybe we could switch Air Traffic Control with VA folks instead? Direct swap of agency rsponsibilities – FAA will take care of vets and VA wil make our skies safe? hmmmm…”Aircraft inbound stating low fuel, a left engine fire, and one landing gear that will not extend, are you in need of assistance?”

      Either scenario,should provide the data we need to decide, right?

  16. I went to the VA the other day to see if they could figure out why my foot keeps swelling up. So today, the notes came up on the Blue Button report. I read it, and more than half of the information that they state was covered while I was there never came to light. The trust factor failed. In the last 2 years since I have been using the VA for health care, this is repeated in almost every appointment notes that they make in my medical record.

    The providers are rated on what they put into the computer, not on actual performance, and the act of falsifying medical records (which is a felony) by those providers has become so pervasive, that they do it without even thinking about the consequence of their actions. Nurses say they asked you the normal volley of 25 questions, they dont do it. The C&P examiners omit a huge amount of factual information in their records, and there is no consequence. A primary care provider lies about performing a clinical examination to expedite his/her workload, but nobody catches the fact that it ever happened. The poor oaf that suffers the consequences is ignorant to whats going on behind the scenes if they dont monitor every note that these providers put into that medical record, which is a legal document in a court of law. When you do complain about it, its a 6 month trek to get a flat out denial, costing hours and hours to address properly.

    It doesn’t matter how much money they throw at this system as they push it into the high tech age. If the people who are responsible for using that equipment, are no doing the job that they are supposed to be doing, its worthless. They have not build a computer that will prevent a provider from lying about services provided. The computer doesn’t diagnose a lump in someones groin, or a back pain that has existed for years. A billion dollars or 22 billion dollars will not build a computer that can do that.

    But the solution is really simple. It wont cost billion of dollars to solve this problem. Big corporations use it all the time, and they improve their service constantly because of it. Its simple feedback. By soliciting the Veterans feedback, asking if specific procedures were completed, it would give a more accurate accounting of what is supposed to be going on in an examination. The Nurse and PCP, C&P examiners, or anyone subject to the feedback reporting, would stop skipping steps in their jobs, no more short cuts. Offenses should be cause for probation, multiple offenses should lead to firing. Its not expensive to do this.

    1. There was an episode of the old Star Trek with Captain Picard in it. They got stuck in a trap. Go figure. The bastards can figure out warp but it just means they fly from problem to problem at speeds that makes Spock wanna high five somebody.

      In this episode they ran into a bunch of ancient space mines. The mines only worked when power was near, and the more power was near the more energy they sucked up. It was a bad deal. They had all sorts of ideas and they used all their gadgets and even the android seemed concerned.

      They figure out after nearly killing everyone that if they just turned the ship off the energy mines would deactivate and they could drift away. Kind of like quicksand but in space and at warp lolz. The more energy that you put into the fight, the more tightly the trap grips.

      VA is really good at warping from crisis to crisis and just keeps plugging along episode after episode. Kind of like Captain Picard. They go faster than light speed from problem to problem all the while high fiving Spock, Jim, and Bones, and forgetting about Ensign Jones who gets vaporized by the sludge monster back at the last planet. Oh well, Jones was probably late on his screen actors guild union dues I guess? He tried to tell Jim there was a problem, darnit.

      The VA is a trap, a sludge monster, and every suggestion and idea and resource and sentiment that is thrown at it makes it stronger and stronger. Every legitimate suggestion validates an illegitmate organization. When we keep buying the lie that a system that has never worked someday will if we just wish hard enough, then maybe it is time to beam up and go to Romulous.

      Their woman are awesome too!

  17. I was using the VA software the other day and thinking about how many private companies run such a complex system. Practically none.

    I was looking up the medical records for a vet on my case list. He had been to 8 different VA Medical Centers around the country. I was able to see the progression of his condition as he got care. And each of his treating physicians could see his past 16 year medical history, starting from when he first registered with the VA after being discharged from a combat unit with significant injuries.

    There are over 4 million vets who get their VA benefits check on the first of every month. There are changes being made for adding and subtracting dependents, adding increases and decreases of benefits. There are over 1 million vets and dependents receiving educational benefits monthly and payments being processed across the nation. I don’t have time on my lunch break to break down the annual number of veterans being seen at VAMC and Vet Centers, but those records are all kept on a server somewhere and, the cybersecurity of the VA is excellent and protects all those bank records and payments to make sure the money goes where it is supposed to.

    And, we are doing it on a plethora of software that don’t talk to each other; old software that is outdated.

    I love that this upgrade is happening. I love that the best companies for large projects are being held to account to solve the complex programming that has to go into developing this national system.

    Thanks, Ben. I appreciate the update!

    1. With respect, owing to recent revelations about false entries into medical records and entries made for other than theraputic reasons, when you were perusing your clients medical record how did you determine what was a true entry and which was false?

      I can personally vouch for the veterans who claim false entries of violent behavior are made because I have witnessed it. It is after all technically in their fiduciary best interest for a vet to walk away from care. It shows a vet is happy, and content, and does not suffer anymore when the walk away, crawl away, or are driven away in a hurst.

      A patient that stays away from care shows up on the books as a satisifed customer, and likely shows up in the books repeatedly as a satisfied customer who just never checks their record to see if somebody is telly a fib. Not another person on the wait list is good for business.

      So I am wondering, how on Earth could you tell from this guys records what was true, what was false, and what his life is like right at this moment? Does his record say “deceased”? because mb I am telling you that it might not be true!

      My take on this frankly, is that you have used a sick veterans medical record to very politely illustrate and support your decision to post a politcal viewpoint. When I went to the press, I used my own record. When I post here, I jest often but I talk about me to make my points.

      There is nothing wrong with using sick vets to make a living, or to make your point, but it speaks to a core value and thusly was included up front in your post seemingly out of place so as to occupy the most important place and I will dare to paraphrase.

      Pardon in advance,- “at VA, we use vets. We care about that. Same, same. Isn’t that wonderful?”

      Semper Fi

  18. NOTE TO VA:: OK, now you have fattened up the government contractors, how about cleaning up the VA lying and corruption, which is killing veterans every day? Any chance of that?

    1. AGIN VA DC HQ IS A FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET THATS IS RUN FOR @ BY AFGE UNION CONTRACTS @ PRIVATE CONTRACTORS AGIN YO ARE BEING SCREWED BY VA DC HQ @ BIG RAT FAKE RANGER BOB MCDONALD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Ron,
      Reading between the lines of the announcement of the contract, they likely just fed the liars and corrupt employees a cool billion at least lolz.

      As a kid here in rural Oregon I grew up in a place where most people had the utility and need to use green stamps, postal stamps, and food stamps to conduct daily living. Back in my day that kind of green could buy a whole electric utility, North America, wih reserves to send to Mexico and Canada when those electric grids went offline.

      So when I see a number with a “b” in it, that doesn’t include something like the words “Apollo Mission” or “Cure for cancer” in it
      I guess I just figure at least a few folks got bought off. Some utilites forget and leave the water turned on, right?

      Just saying brother…

  19. Here’s an interesting article, with conflicting statements made by VA, out today. From an article posted yesterday.

    From: “ Daily News”
    “Drug Abuse, Mental Illness Rise Among Veterans: VA Report”

    Dated, 4 Aug. 2016 by Amy Bushatz

    When y’all read it, you’ll understand why I said there were, in my opinion, conflicting statements. Of course, it’s coming from the VHA section of VA! What else would anyone expect!?

    1. good link @crazy elf

      has it not been the VA’s way of doing things to almost automatically “diagnose” a veteran with some form of mental illness? like the all too common diagnosis of “personality disorder”?

      a vet keeps complaining of symptoms of some type to their VA PCP or specialty doctor and those doctors send the vet to psych. and lo and behold, “personality disorder” vet gets stamped with. never mind the doctors wouldn’t contradict any previous VA doctors mis-diagnosis, or current VA doctor deflecting medical methodology to a correct diagnosis or the VA doctor ignoring SSI disability/diagnosis or another civilian diagnosis.

      with the type of tactics VA uses, are any of us surprised “mental health” issues are on the rise?

      like i wrote the other day about being a bit jaded with regards to anything VA, due to my own experiences and seeing that thousands of veterans have had similar/same experiences

      >> [from article] “Considering that nobody had to tell the VA to do this study, we definitely applaud the VA for taking the initiative.”

      really!? how many years has the media and watchdog groups been reporting nationally about the veteran suicide rate? now that the dems are taking a page from Trump bringing to light even more, about the veteran’s issues with VA, “…nobody had to tell the VA…”. certainly i could be incorrect in my thinking but the VA is always too “little too late”.

      the research states it is from time frame 2001-2014. so i could be wrong in my dis-trust with the timing of these results.

      yet it is very difficult to see anything in pos results from it when taken in context of VA culture and its history with ignoring other very valid peer-reviewed independent(of VA) research regarding AO & GWS & burnpits & toxic water on mil bases, etc.

      the report is 46pp and has interesting results/statements. take a read of it if you have time. the link to the “Updated 5/13/16 VA Benefits & Health Care Utilization” card is interesting too if one is inclined to look at stats as one piece of a puzzle. that link is on last page of report.

  20. Titanic crew has confirmed that the new iceburg detectors are going to be installed quickly. Now estimates on completion. Navigator confirms our course and consoles passengers who are worried about sinking.

    And the band plays on.

    1. On same wavelength. Look at that posting time. Redturtle, you try to have a wonderful Friday, awaiting what load of poo the VA will pump out towards end of business day.

    2. Titanic Acting Deputy Overseeing Operations has concluded that the crew member shoved over the side after warning about iceburgs, was in fact shoved wrongly, amd that if Titanic is to make it across safely this must stop. Titanic would like to thank that crewmember for making Titanic a better place to work.

      Steve Swimming

      1. Sadly, the passenger sent to the brig after pointing to the iceburg, has drowned.

      2. The brig was unfortunately placed deep within the V.A. Titanic’s ballast and flooded whistleblower passengers. More IT $$ needed to relocate brig recommended by RAND and IBM’s Watson is screaming…”Please save me!” 🙂

  21. I don’t remember who said this originally. And, I’m going to have to paraphrase. So,

    ‘How many times is VA going to do something the same way, only to expect a different outcome!’

    Hey, namnibor, did I phrase it, or “spin it”, like VA would’ve?

    Why does VA really need this new technology? How many VA employees will be using it? What purpose does it serve? Who are the ones going to benefit from this? When and where will it actually start being implemented?

    In my opinion, it seems VA should be using those taxpayers monies to hire great American university graduated healthcare providers. Or maybe some better, and newer, healthcare medical machines.

    1. Yes, crazyelf, you coined the relatively loose definition of insanity BUT the VA cannot directly link the Vet’s TBI from their banging their heads on the hull of the V.A. Titanic because proof of service could not be substantiated or was shredded. 🙂 🙂

      Your Patient Advocate Cruise Director at The Human Zoo welcomes you to the V.A. Titanic!!
      Mind the IT upgrades. For now, to call room service use your cabin’s cups and strings to communicate until we upgrade to the Commodore and Atari systems. Enjoy your cruise and know that your cruise is powered by that “large sucking sound” we affectionately call the V.A. Black Hole and do not slip on the poop deck. 🙂

  22. It does not take a multi-Billion $ contract to fix stupid.

    What was that Forrest Gump saying about that? “Stupid is as stupid does”!

    You can give the highest tech device to a gorilla at local zoo but in the end it’s still the same gorilla with a new shiny device. The Human Zoo is the problem at the VA. 🙂

    1. HOLY CRAP BATMAN PUTTING $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MORE LIPSTICK ON THIS NASTY OLD PIG WILL DO NOTING FOR VETS AGIN VETS YO HAVE BEEN SCREWED ROYAL AT 22 BILLION $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ RIPOFF OF US TAX PAYERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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