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SURVEY: Will The Next Bonus Army Protest Be At Trump’s Mar-a-Lago?


Veterans pissed about Trump’s selection of David Shulkin as VA Secretary should consider our next Bonus Army protest location – Trump’s exclusive, members-only resort Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida.

Personally, I would prefer this protest at Trump’s most exclusive resort sometime next winter, when it is crazy cold where I am at in Minnesota. Just be sure to bring your tanning lotion, a beach towel, and some Sharpes for protest signs.

Speaking of Sharpes, Trump played politics with veterans lives when he picked Shulkin, which is basically an endorsement of Hillary Clinton and inevitably the corrupt VA cronies lurking at high levels behind the scenes at VA.

In no way, shape or form was Trump’s selection of Shulkin a smart move in the long-term unless Trump wanted to shake loose his massive support from veterans in favor of the few hundred thousand union employees happy about the selection.

Where is the reform, Trump?

One commenter, Ron Nesler, founder of VA Is Lying, highlighted his forecast for his VA reform group on Facebook. “Now that Trump has endorsed business as usual at VA, watch this group grow.” And Nesler is right.

Support of the status quo will not move VA toward greater accountability, at least not yet.

If you are concerned, be sure to give your two cents at the bottom of this post in the survey to sent the Trump Team a message and hit tweet on the message here.

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The real issue here is the long-term impact of veterans being denied what we were promised after many of us voted on just the veteran issue.

Without a backlash, future politicians will consider the veteran vote as one that does not require follow through.

Vets Deserve Great – Shulkin Not Great

To me, the Shulkin pick was worse than the lackluster selection of McDonald before. Some of you may recall veterans were hoping to Toby Cosgrove or someone like that. Instead, we ended up with McDonald, and everyone said, “Well, let’s give him a shot – – wait and see.”

We ended up with a lot of internal reforms. Some good. Some bad. We also ended up with high-level employees who committed fraud or related bad acts but who were also never fired. McDonald failed to fix Veterans Choice and wait time problems still plague Phoenix VA just like they did years ago.

For McDonald, my favorite positive was the increased focus on customer service. My most hated bad was the inability of senior leadership to hold its staff accountable while also rooting out contractor fraud.

It is still going on and will continue since Shulkin will likely pursue the same course McDonald was on. This selection was a huge win for Senator Johnny Isakson, who early on supported keeping McDonald back when everyone thought Hillary Clinton would win.

Given what has now transpired, Trump should have just swallowed his pride and kept McDonald as is rather than promoting his number 3 guy. At least McDonald was comfortable in his office and had a lay of the land, so to speak.

As for Shulkin, what on earth will he be able to accomplish without massive support from power brokers within DC, which is the opposite of what Trump promised for veterans?

This makes me wonder what douche inside his transition team told him this would be a good trade-off? I can only assume there is a lot more to the story than what meets the eye.

I can only assume (or hope and pray) there is a lot more to the story than what meets the eye.

Some are saying, “We should wait and see.” Well, that is what we did with McDonald, but the brave reformer we hoped for never showed up. And the reforms we sought was to root out the wait time fraud, reform the union chokehold over VA, and increase access to Veterans Choice, a program so rife with problems now that many civilians doctors refuse to accept it as coverage.

And if we get totally screwed over the next six months? Where should we go? DC?

To me, the Mar-a-Lago Club would be a great choice for a protest.

Even if Trump does not show up, we could at least enjoy the weather at Palm Beach. And, unlike the Bonus Army protest in the 30’s, we could easily bathe on the beach.

Missed Opportunity

This all could have been avoided if Trump delivered the product he asked us to vote for.

He sold us his promise of massive reform in the most corrupt agency in the federal bureaucracy. When it came time for us to cash in… he gave us a stiff middle finger.

Now, it is too late for us to ask for a refund, unlike many of his products from those infomercials.

Again, whoever advised Trump that he should sell out veterans was a complete moron, and many of us are disappointed in Trump for buying it after all the “drain the swamp” rhetoric.

What a joke.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, fuck you.

Post-Shulkin Announcement

Stunned, the veteran community has largely remained quiet about President-elect Trump and his unexpected selection of Sec VA David Shulkin.

The dinosaur Veteran Service Organizations basically got the continuation of McDonald they wanted and that Hillary Clinton would have pushed for.

Meanwhile, disappointed whistleblowers and victimized veterans feel like they just dropped the soap in a prison shower.

Reality Of This Pick

We, the veterans, ended up with the Hillary Clinton B-Team.

In the end, we are basically no better with Trump in this capacity, which is a pathetic and misguided move on his part. (Let’s hope his other Cabinet picks pan out better.)

Almost two-thirds of veterans voted for Donald Trump.

We all thought Rep. Jeff Miller would be his pick to reform VA. Over 80 percent of veterans wanted Miller as head of the agency. (Miller supposedly backed out – he wanted less work for more money.)

Now, that is not what we get? We vote but we get screwed only then to support what?

What is in it for us to tow the party line now?

Do we need memberships at Mar-a-Lago to get some respect? Or, maybe enough of us do not have enough pull to hold Trump’s feet to the fire.

And if we do not take a stand, will future candidates get the message that veteran voters are merely pliable tools Republicans can manipulate because we love our country more?

Why Not Jeff Miller?

Donald Trump propped up Rep. Jeff Miller as being the selection we would get if Trump were elected. After the election, the Trump frontrunner was negated because he was not a veteran.

Now, we get a non-veteran nominee who is not where near the best of the litter.

So now what? What is the story?

As I said above, Sen. Isakson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, wanted McDonald to stay on. However, all the anti-McDonald rhetoric made that impossible. So, Isakson likely negotiated a deal with Trump to keep the McDonald B-Team to help Trump in other ways.

But this apparent bait and switch will not sit will with many veterans but VA employees are reportedly happy with the selection. After Trump’s election, 85 percent of veterans surveyed preferred Jeff Miller over other candidates for the position.

Instead, we veterans, the most vocal group of Americans, are being told to expect less than what we were promised. In fact, we are told to suck it up with the VA staff Hillary Clinton would have kept in power?


Trump would not take it lying down and neither should we.

Whoever advised him that trading off the interests of veterans after everything we have been through was a liar who set up Trump. We will make his agenda a tough one moving forward if he does not fall in line after we paid to play with our 2 to 1 vote.

A Trump Resort Mar-a-Lago Veteran Protest?

Welcome to the counter-movement against our entrenched, overpaid and oversexed VA establishment, its bloated AFGE union and corrupt executives running the chokehold on veterans’ benefits and healthcare.

It is time we rain hellfire on our corrupt VA employees since Trump, our last shot, kicked us in the shorts.

Most of us have been kicked in the pants before. This is nothing new. We will merely need to unite against the corruption without assistance from the president we elected.

We need to work with whistleblowers now more than ever to expose corruption within the agency. Whistleblowers need to come out of bureaucracy and start leaking anything useful to force reforms through the press.

A Let-Down

What else is new? We got no “change” with Obama. Now we get no “accountability” with Trump. Screw it. This is like hiring a new employee who flips you off after working the first day.

We need to flush out the riffraff but lift up those inside, who are many of the outstanding employees fighting for us in the beltway and in each VA facility against the special interest cronies who continue to loot the coffers of millions.

If Trump will not dredge the VA swamp, we will do it for him.

Each honest American working within VA is a spy against the globalist interests corroding our country. We can flush it out with whistleblowers.

Sadly, veterans would prove much better allies than his yellowbelly Republican piggies who suckle at the hind tit of the corporate elite. And I hope Trump figures that out sooner than later.

Maybe veterans should consider staging a sit-in at one of his fancy resorts?

But what do veterans think about these decisions?

Give us your feedback:

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  1. Hey, I had almost given up hope for any help at THIS site. Thank heaven for the above “Request for help” from “ANutterVet” and then some actual HELP from “91Vet”(above remarks). Thank you for letting me see some actual help– at this site! I am the wife of a formerly healthy “ground pounder” Vietnam Vet. “68-69” He has many problems: Real long standing PTSD, Partial Permanet Vision loss due to Optic Nerve inflammation, rare- then he had it happen in other eye 8 months later, almost total hearing loss in both ears ( Dad 91 yrs & his Mom 86 started hearing aids at 85 he was only 35 yrs old when it began, skin issues where he had “Jungle Rot” on his hands & feet when he came home from Nam skinny having lost 40 lbs. over there– weighing 136 lbs at 6′ 4″ tall ! These are just part of his “inheritance from NAM” . We live in Iowa & our VA has been wonderful ! These things have happened over many years- each time we think we are done “Giving” then–another thing happens. October 2016- His 91 year old WWII vet Dad is healthy, mentally sharp. Dad broke a hip in Florida-Hubby & I flew down since Hurricane Matthew was coming & dads house ( small) was in the path. We got Evacuated- THE HOUSE GOT 4 ft of water- Dad was in the hospital- so–
    I & My Vet ( 47 yrs married) with all his troubles- were cleaning up after we could get in Dad’s home. Hubby with NO heart problems or related signs EVER IN HIS LIFE said, ” My ribs feel like someone tied a rope around them fairly tight”. I worried – maybe a heart attack? I tried to call 911 he refused. 2 minutes later he said “My hand feels Tingley”. I said get in the car ( we went to hospital 5 minutes away) pain was gone but I drug him in anyway ! They did tests & said 80% blockage in 2 of the 3 Major Heart Vessels. They tried to do stents or baloon Angioplasty- blockage was too long. He ended up with a Full Open Chest Cardiac ByPass on the Heart Lung Macihine, body cooled down to 80. He is Ok ((Surgery was Nov. 22nd. 7 Hrs on the OR table ! This A.M. He got up at 6:30 for his 8:00 am X-ray at the VA- an hour away. No complaints. We are blessed to use our Service Officer in town- YOU ALL HAVE ONE- from the VA to help FREE with claims. I really- respectfully ask WHY DON’t you use this site as it is ment to be used- for Help not just Bitching about everything that’s wrong ! Yes we have had help but it hasn’t been easy -EVER. We have been together since I was 16 he was 18. He got off the plane from Service looking LIKE a
    POW BUT We married 2 months later. I have been there through ALL of THIS. I am NOT looking for praise just want you to understand- I UNDERSTAND Temper & Stress & Getting Constant Counceling over the years- Some of you better calm down or you will have the same thing happen as my hubby- THE BIG ONE ! He lived like your living with meanness, hatred, violence, abusive (not physically thank God) but NOW We can see the damage it DID. He is a different man !
    You people need to let this site be a place to OFFER HELP TO THOSE WHO NEED IT ! You also need to stop/ help the Bitchers. AND YOU BITCHERS need to get a grip before you DIE FROM YOU ANGER & Bitterness ! I feel bad for you but — you are scaring away the People who need help here ! I know I’m probably in BIG trouble with many of you– but I understand , been there since hubby waited 18 years to GET HELP !
    P.S. His Dad 91 not problems with heart- mom 86 no problems either, Agent Orange started the process & His- Anger- Hostility & failure to see a Service Officer or a SITE like this for help–finished it off & ruined his Heart- he has 2 more “Partial Blockages” that must be watched ! PSS GET OFF THE ILLICIT DRUGS ! There now I am really in trouble with many of you ! Sorry I had to vent

    1. Pit stop,
      Happy to hear your loved ones have been taken care of.

      As long as I continue to see incompetence and corruption, fellow vets denied health care and fellow vets killing thmselves outside VA hospitals….I WILL BITCH.

      I have never in my life taken illicit drugs, so get off your high horse.

  2. News not being covered in America

    “Trump: US may lift Russian sanctions in exchange for nuclear reduction deal – Times, Bild” , by Shannon Stapleton, RT News, Published time: 16 Jan, 2017 00:14

    “US President-elect Donald Trump has hinted that the US could lift its sanctions against Russia, called Merkel’s migrant policy “a catastrophic mistake” and branded NATO “obsolete” in a new interview for The Times and Bild.

    The interview was given in the President-elect’s office in Trump Tower, just days before his inauguration.

    Trump was quite straightforward in speaking out in favor of some common ground with Moscow.

    “They have sanctions on Russia — let’s see if we can make some good deals with Russia. For one thing, I think nuclear weapons should be way down and reduced very substantially,” Trump said to the two media outlets.

    At the same time, sanctions aren’t affecting Russia well, [and] “something can happen that a lot of people are going to benefit,” he added.

    Moving on to other topical issues, Trump slammed Angela Merkel’s migrant policy as “a catastrophic mistake,” saying that Germany shouldn’t have taken “all these illegals.”

    “Nobody even knows where they come from,” Trump added.

    Trump wasn’t optimistic about the fate of the EU, either, saying that there is basically one country that benefits from staying in the bloc.

    “You look at the European Union and it’s Germany. Basically a vehicle for Germany. That’s why I thought the UK was so smart in getting out.”

    Trump thinks it was the refugee influx that was “the final straw that broke the camel’s back” for the EU.”

  3. I’m in fear of my life. Here is the condensed version of my situation with the VA.

    -Since being treated by the VA I went from being able to do things my self to being sedentary in a hospital bed.
    -VA wouldn’t prescribe me medications that I was given in the private practice for severe pain and chronic muscle spasms. The VA forced me to do a trial and error of muscle relaxers in which I already partook in the private sector. One muscle relaxer was found to give me the best relieve. The VA has my medical records from the private sector that proves this.
    -VA did nothing when my first service dog passed away. The offered no consultation services from Behavioral Health to help me to ease the pain of loss. I had my service dog for 14 years in which I trained myself. Training consisted of Alertness Behavior, Scent Detection, and Protection.
    -VA did nothing for me when I was assaulted from behind by two Mexicans. Don’t know if they were legal or not, that’s not the issue. It didn’t matter who they were, I wanted to kill them with my thick Hebrew type walking stick. If I had metal, I would have taken them down with a hot shot.
    -Due to medications drying out my mouth, I requested Biotene for teeth protection. VA refused. Then I had to have all my good teeth extracted. Now I need dentures.
    -My VA PCP requested the muscle relaxer that gave me relieve, and the VA denied the requests 7 times.
    -My VA PCP believed me that this one type of muscle relaxer was the only one that gave me relief. He was also had a medical license from the State where my VA Medical Center is located. He gave me a script from his own pad for the muscle relaxer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the monthly cost.
    -VA did nothing for me to attain another service dog, and could of cared less if a new service dog for me was trained properly.
    -Finally after all the requests for the muscle relaxer, the VA Pharmacy gave me a heads up that the VA was going to prescribe me the muscle relaxer.
    -I was excited about the VA’s decision about the muscle relaxer, and adopted a puppy to train as my new service dog.
    -After I got the muscle relaxer, I was able to train my new buddy, do chores, go out with my wife, and other normal things. Until I . . .
    -Called the VA to obtain a refill of the muscle relaxer. I was told it was for a short term period of three weeks. Even though I was on this muscle relaxer for over 3 years in the private sector, without any contraindications.
    -I couldn’t handle the additional pain and spasms, and ended up being sedentary again laying in my hospital bed.
    -The VA’s Pain Management Physician doesn’t believe in prescribing pain medications. An untrained Nurse Practitioner without a pain medication specialty prescribes my medications. [stupid]
    -I then cried out for over a year letting my PCP know that I was losing a lot of muscle mass and getting weak.
    -VA then promised me Home Based Primary Care Program [HBPCP] and Clinical Video Tele-Health [CVT] for PTSD counseling and medications. The VA then reneged on both of these services.
    -Then the VA informed me that they were getting an outside source for Physical Therapy [PT] and Occupational Therapy [OC].
    -I informed my PCP that since I’ve been sedentary for a long time, and that the pain medication [a new generic] is less effective, that I would probably need a muscle relaxer due to being inactive for so long.
    -My PCP denied the request, and told me to take 2 tabs of the highly additive pain medication. I refused.
    -I first time I tried PT, I had extreme muscle spasms, joint aches, and a terrible migraine headache. I informed my PCP that this might happen, but my PCP could care less.
    -The VA knows that I can’t safely get to the VA. I then was informed that I needed to visit the VA to give a blood sample [patient-doctor agreement due to being prescribing opiate medications], before they will prescribe any medications to me. Even though the VA is providing me with home based PT and OT.
    -Now I’m stuck with the only option of taking more of a highly addictive controlled Schedule II narcotic pain medication in order to visit the VA.
    -Fuck them and their evidence based information.
    -Fight until your right.

    In conclusion, I’m worse off then I was before I sought medical care from the VA. Now you know why I’m so fucking pissed off. This is only a brief summary. Any insight is appreciated. I don’t know how long that I can tolerate such asinine medical modalities and protocols. There’s more.

    1. If you can, set up an account on ebenefits, then start communicating with your VA over secure messaging.

      Keep copies of your messages sent.

      You can communicate with your PCP this way and have a record of it.

      They do not like there being a record.

      You can ask them questions such as why they refuse to prescribe medicine that works, as found in the medical records you provided them.

      You can do lots of things by communicating through secure messaging with them, proving you have questioned them or having a record of what they promised, but failed to provide.

      If anyone at your VA claims they are not on secure messaging, call them and ask they be added since it is easier for you to communicate with them. I did this with my ortho clinic and PCP so I would have records of what was requested.

      1. @91Veteran – Thank you for your reply. Are you talking about the My Healthy Vet secure messaging? If so, when they set my account up, they got my name, password, and other information all messed up. I’m not able to log into my account.

        I then contacted the My Healthy Vet account manager [worth squat], and she gave me a toll free number to Washington, DC. She told me that she could not help me due to privacy reasons.

        I then called the Washington number, and was informed that they couldn’t log into my account as well. They said they would have to look into it. And, would call me back. Well I waited. Then I called them and the problem still exists. As protection, I did secure copies of my VA medical records. They always act like it is your problem to fix their errors.

        I’m tired of feeling stuck, plus trying to get my health up to par. I’ve never encountered a challenge like this in my life. My family or so-called friends are of no help. They think that I’m off the wall. And, some are Veterans.

        I’m thankful for all my fellow Veterans on Ben’s blog. You folks help me to not do something that has crossed my mind many times. I think you know what I mean.

        I’m in the process of seeking help to create a Crowdfunding page. I also purchased a good Content Management System [CMS] Website Building Software Program, to help me to build websites to hopefully produce income and to expose the VA’s dirty tricks. I’m also trying to locate someone to help me with Social Media.

        As you know @91Veteran, it is very taxing on your mind, body, and spirit when you don’t have the resources to put up a good fight for justice. That’s why I appreciate my Brothers and Sisters so very much who participate in Ben’s blog, and try to help others who are in dire straights due to dealing with this corrupted agency [the VA]. Thanks again Brother.

      2. Sounds like a good plan.

        As for your account being messed up, I would call them again and see what they say. If they give you the same BS excuse, I would call my congressman, explain what is going on, and ask for their help in resolving that account problem.

        It shouldn’t take more than a couple mouse clicks if someone actually have a shit and looked into it.

        Hang in their brother!

  4. Brawl in Brussels: Trump set for CLASH with Juncker over EU army plans

    “THE next US Ambassador to the the EU has warned that Donald Trump will not stand for an EU army during his reign” By Oli Smith, PUBLISHED: 13:30, Sun, Jan 15, 2017 | UPDATED: 17:43, Sun, Jan 15, 2017


    1. “Western amnesia on WWII as NATO replicates Nazi Germany “, by Finian Cunningham, RT New Service, Published time: 15 Jan, 2017 15:35

      An Op-Ed piece published in the Russian Times (RT) News service regarding the current build up of tanks and troop on the Russian Border.

      1. Obamagedon? Legacy needs humans to remain around to recognize a legacy, so this legacy is lunacy. (full moon, as well)

      2. It seems the EU Army was a done deal if Clinton had won the election. With all this BS about Trump and Russia why are they not going after Clinton for all the counties that contributed to her Campaign through the Global Initiative.

        “Merkel BACKED Hillary: Clinton Foundation received £4M German taxpayer cash pre-election”

        “HILLARY Clinton is facing a backlash in Germany after it was revealed the country’s taxpayers handed over £4million to her foundation via the government at the height of the US elections.”, By Siobhan McFadyen, PUBLISHED: 04:10, Tue, Nov 29, 2016

        Clearly Merkel is going to lose her next election if it isn’t totally rigged. It might be a good thing that we have those tanks in Poland to stop Germany.

        I believe that Poland has had some problems with the EU and Germany lately. Also that Poland doesn’t support the concept of a EU Army run by Germany.

      3. Could you imagine for just a moment the real nightmare scenario of what we would be facing if Jeb Bush had won?

  5. Found a clip of Spud’s job interview from the movie Trainspotting. Pretty much matches that clip earlier of Pelosi The Psycho.

    Spud’s job interview at: “”

    Pelosi press conference: “”

  6. @GH – Hey jackass. No is threatening, stalking, or planning on doing something illegal against you. Plus, this site is privately owned and supported by MANY Veterans who are tired of being pushed around, lied to, shafted, and down right left to suffer. And, its not a hate blog, its for informational purposes and to help keep abreast the problems of the VA.

    No one has used the, watch it here it comes, the N word. And, no one has referred to any ones race. There has been no threat of any premeditated violence by anyone who posts on this blog. Yea, its a site for a hate blog against the trolls who are screwing over Veterans, and like you said ‘fucking idiots,” that believe that all is well with the VA healthcare system.

    Spend your energy on the homeless. Or advocate for single parents, the disabled, or some other good cause. The problem with you is that you are of a vindictive nature. Piss off. You frigging dumbing down liberal. We Veterans have had enough of your type of shit, whether your a civilian or an elected official. Times are a changing.

    Sanctuary Cities are still open for biz!

    @Benjamin Krause, JD – Can you delete GH from participating. Read his post. His is threatening to turn your post into the authorities [State Department] due to hate speech. A far fetching liberal tactic when you don’t agree with what they believe or say. I know GH has rights, but you have the right to ban him due to making such absurd comments.

    1. @ANutterVet,
      I’ve noticed the same thing as you. Whenever snowflakes can’t think of anything else, they always come out with the “Racist Card”! Democrats have been doing this for over 150 years!

      They, liberal Democrats, are also the only group who cause violent behavior. This can be found, many multiple times, since our “First African American” was elected POTUS.

      I remember the first person to use the ‘race card’, against a white person, was in Central Georgia. It was blasted all over the Internet.

      Shortly after Obama was elected in 2008, an African American female was pulled over for speeding, (75 mph in a 35 mph zone)!
      The “dash camera” of the officer’s cruiser recorded the whole incident.
      I remember how she loudly yelled, screamed derogatory names at the officer and cursed foul language at the officer. What made it hysterically funny, was her insistence that she was going to call the POTUS to “…get [her] off!”
      All the while the officer was saying, quote: “Yes, Ma’am!” and “NO Ma’am!”
      Then, just before he allowed her to continue on her way, he asked, “VERY POLITELY” to sign the ticket!

      It amazes me how people continue to act so stupid. I’ve always been polite to officers of the law. Sometimes I’ve actually been let go. Not always, just sometimes.
      One thing I’ve never done was act like a fool!

      Lastly, right now Obama’s on “60 Minutes” for his ‘last press interview”!
      Damn, so far he’s lied a few times.

      1. @Crazy elf – We all see the light through the foggy window of crying pseudo-discrimination via the race card. And, not to bring race into the mix, but there are many Caucasians who use the same tactic to support one of the other races. It’s time that we get over this stumbling block, and for all Veterans to unite no matter what our political beliefs are. If we don’t, we will be no better off than before. Get over it and move on to solve the VA’s problems. And then it will be a beautiful thing, a beautiful thing.

    2. ANutterVet, I wouldn’t worry about Giant Hemmy.

      He/She/it’s so friggin stupid he/she/it thinks the State Department has some secret web site police where snowflakes can report things that bother them.

      Maybe if he/she/it reports how this web site makes us look bad to the international community, they might take his report….and laugh.

  7. Looks like we got a few “butthurt RADICAL libertard snowflakes” coming on here “insighting violent behavior”!
    Don’t they realize their “violent behavior” is only promulgated by the “RADICAL libertard snowflake Libertard Dumocrats”.
    We veterans, bikers and taxpayers are always NON-VIOLENT and motivated by love, peace and compassion for our fellow man!

    1. Good one, namnibor!
      “GH” = “Giant Hemorrhoid”
      He needs a large ‘Bran Muffin’, that might take the edge off!
      Either that, or go visit the “Glory Hole” before inauguration day.

      1. Not visit the hole. It’s to go back to work at the hole. No doubt at some real sleazy run down adult book store servicing the homeless intercity folks in Chiraq.

    2. I do not consider the Oregonian Poop Canons violent at all to disperse the Trolls. Matter-in-fact, it’s an act of violently happy love. Poo drops keep raining on my head…dah, dah, da, da…

  8. From “” today, 15 Jan. 2017!
    “Bikers4Trump Scam the President & Chris Cox Bikers For Trump”

    Seems this ‘rat bastard’, who goes by many names, is trying to raise money for himself. He’s been caught before a few times. Yet, has never showed up for court.
    Be careful when donating to someone. Remember, “BIKERS FOR TRUMP”, ran by Chris Cox is the “real deal!”

  9. Lastly,
    Weapons were found, by the “Parks Dept.” in DC, “…believed to be for an attempt on President Elect Trump’s life”!
    Things are definitely getting outta hand up there.
    Be Safe!

    1. @Crazy elf- If you recall, not too long ago, a month, maybe or two, there was that thug that escaped from jail and then robbed the armory of several guns and gear that’s still not all been found? I think he even was a former/employee at that weapons depot armory, National Guard, perhaps, and want to say either New Jersey or PA…that region?
      Anyway, when that happened, it seemed to me that I saw a pattern and I recall saying those missing weapons are going to be an unfortunate gift that keeps giving in the future….hope they get to bottom of the matter in D.C., because now that Georgia Rep. Joe Lewis (sp?) and Pres. Elect Trump verbal altercation…there’s bound to be a disruption at the inauguration or attempt to…deflated beach ball filled with mayonnaise Michael Moore is holding a protest at the Trump Hotel in D.C. the evening before inauguration…the snowflakes are literally manic right now.
      I hope inauguration day is an incredibly arctic day. Why? Because while not holding to their namesake, those protesting butthurt snowflakes do not care for the cold weather AT ALL. Al Sharpton had a “protest march” a day or so ago and it was raining, and those snowflakes did not last a full two blocks! 🙂 🙂 The Butthurt Snowflakes are oxymoronically inclined.

      1. John Lewis you fucking idiots. How dare you try to connect violence to a man that walked, talked, got beat up by a cop in Selma, with the most famous non-violent protestor of all time. Now this site gets reported to the State Department. You are also using a Veteran’s Service site as a front for a hate blog. GOD DAMN YOU!

      2. It looks like slimy kneed butt hurting snowflake GH got a few minutes off from his hole today.

        Is that it’s last drip or do you think it is still some left to melt?

      3. Namnibor,

        Was Al the weather man on good mourning America or something. I just can’t place his face. Looks like he lost a ton weight though so I am just not sure it is the same Al I am thinking of.

      4. No, it was Michael Moore that lost a ton of weight but looks now like a mayonnaise-filled deflated beach ball. I used to have some respect for Moore in early days but since this election cycle he seems to be desperately wanting to remain relevant or something being a spokes-butthurt snowflake. 🙂

  10. If y’all are unaware, the “Bikers For Trump” command center, at an undisclosed location, was set up last night somewhere in Washington DC.
    Today, thousands of bikers are heading out.
    Here’s a video from: “DAHBOO77” showing two (small?) groups from the southern states taking off. Today, in South Carolina and other parts, the weather was nice at around 70°!
    It’s reported, in most of the south the temps were moderate.

    “WOW! Massive Group Of Bikers Headed To Trump Inauguration in DC.”

    It’s only a couple minutes long. Great to see the brothers and sisters showing support for the President Elect Trump & Vice President Elect Pence today.

  11. From;
    “News For You”
    “Hillary Clinton-Emails Were Hidden by Crooked FBI Director Under Scrutiny DOJ [Watchdog]”

    Jan 15, 2017
    (35:08 minutes long)

  12. Seymore,
    Here’s some articles you might like.
    From: “Next News Network”
    “Everyone in Washington is running around like crazy after what General Mattis said on…”

    Posted on Jan. 15, 2017

    These next two are from;
    “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns”
    Jan 14, 2017
    “Epic: Marine Responds to Obama’s Farewell Address And It Crushes Skulls”


    “The Clinton Global Initiative Is Closing Shop…Forever”

    This means his “personal slush fund is done!” Of course, the Foundation isn’t fairing that well either!
    I wonder, will the Clinton’s be giving back anything to those they ripped off?
    I doubt it!!!!!!!

    1. You know what that tells me Crazy Elf?

      It tells me liberals only donate to an entity when they expect to get something in return, while whining about the rest of us not donating enough to their pet cause.

      That donations are drying up to the Crime Family Foundation shows there were a huge number of people expecting favors if she had been elected.

  13. The wife just read an article about how Rep. Ted Cruz is getting a taste of his own desert. Or, he’s finally receiving what he deserves!
    Looks like Cruz was trying to help President Elect Trump & Vice-President Elect Pence get “term limits” brought before Congress.
    Only, two BAD things happened to him.

    First, some of our (Crooked) politicians are bitterly against it. As many citizens knew they would be!
    Also, this should be an indication on who to investigate for criminal activities.

    Two, The news medias are now turning against Cruz.
    Did anyone expect anything different from the news medias? (Sarcasm intended here!) If anyone tries to help Trump or Pence on anything, the news medias will be the first to pounce on them. They’re all, except for the “alt-right” and possibly Fox News, the ones who want to report “Fake News!” This is not an opinion, “…just the facts…”, As Sgt. Joe Friday would say!

  14. From;
    “Your Daily Dose of Conservatism”

    “Bat Sh*t Crazy Nancy Pelosi: Were It Not For Obama, $19,951,756,200,280 Debt Would Be Higher”

    Jan 15, 2017 by Dylan
    (With 1 comment)
    That’s an increase of well over $9.35 TRILLION DOLLARS in just eight years of Obama!!!!!! That’s an increase, made by Obama, of the deficit in ALL presidents combined! His Legacy is well deserving of a criminal offence!
    Also, in the article, there’s an old video from Dennis Miller titled;
    “Dennis Miller: Nancy Pelosi is Bat Shit Crazy!”
    He calls her “Kruela Dementis” and from the James Bond movie villains, “Pelosi Galore”. Both fitting names for this California Dumbass Dumocrat!
    Enjoy, I did. Great factual comedy for laughs.

    1. Yep, agree with Mr. Obama being well deserving of a criminal offense with contributing to the major increase to the already prior deficit. Also, Nancy Pelosi is certainly not a winner either. She should not have been reelected to the Democratic party as a leader spokesman.

      1. @Angela,
        Yep, great article with video attached.
        There’s one thing though. I refuse to call Obama “Mr.” or “President” or anything else for that matter! He’s not deserving of any respectful title! Maybe “Shitferbrains Obama” might be more fitting!

    2. Elf,

      Great article. While looking I came across a video titled

      “What Did She Say?! Pelosi Says Debt Would Be HIGHER if Obama Wasn’t in Office!! – 1/13/17”
      Posted by the Daily Trump on You Tube. at: “”

      You have to watch it. It is like a scene out of Train Spotting or Less than Zero after the actors get high and are using their over high logic that doesn’t only makes sense to them.

      Clearly She is higher than a kite at a press conference totally losing it with her BS.

      Try to keep a strait face while watching it. Totally impossible.

      This congress woman is taking some primo Fuc-it-all meds.

      1. Seymore,
        Yea, Pelosi is definitely “bat shit crazy”! She’s also said the reason it’s so high is because of Bush.
        You gotta remember, she’s the bitch who claimed you gotta “…pass Obamacare so you can read it”!
        I’d still like to sell her a car!!!!!!!

      2. Seymore,
        I know Pelosi’s problem, she’s getting all the great drugs that veterans aren’t getting!!!!!

      3. Pelosi always looks like a human bobble head doll to me with lipstick that was put-on at 80 mph in a convertible with top down on a bumpy road. 🙂

      4. Namnibor you can’t for get the stretched skin on her face like it is stretched over concrete. Must be due to all the botox.

        I love that Video. The way she looks and acts like the charter Spud in Train Spotting. When he did the crystal meth right before a job interview. The hand movements all over the place and she loses track of where her hands are. Then she starts following her hands with her eyes to try and keep track until her whole head is twisting and following her hands like they were giving off trails.

        She stops for a second and goes, oh, then looks at the press with a big smile to see if any of them saw the trails. Followed with another two minute tirade still not answering the one simple question asked by the reporter.

        Of course she never actually did answer the single question asked by the reporter. But she stops and smiles at the press like they are just a bunch of idiots and she had just pulled the wool over their eyes. With that very self satisfied smug look on her face.

        The presses reaction is to sit stupefied and look turning their heads to look at one another like they just couldn’t believe what they just witnessed. None of them asking another question.

      5. Yeah, it’s that “Pelosi The Psycho Clown” face she makes in a “strike a pose gesture” that comes across more like she had a sudden onset of built-up botox in her face and she then gives that “Joker Smile”. Crazy times we live in now!

      1. No don’t go away dam martinez. I love watching snowflakes melt it reminds me of spring.

      2. @Seymore Klearly , @Crazy elf , @Dennis , @FLB , @Dan Martinez , What type of leadership qualities do you hold dear too that drives you to lower yourself by making comments on this blog that doesn’t make any fucking sense? Veterans don’t have time for this bullshit.

        And, you’ll have your ass reamed out by Seymore, Crazy, Dennis, as well as others who have yet read these posts with idiotic statements like not carrying for Veterans. STAY AWAY FROM ME, I’M IN FEAR FOR MY LIFE. Do you know what that means legally? I have a right to protect myself from individuals like you that want to shaft Veterans even more. Grab, load, slide and click, now I’m fucking ready.

  15. @ANutterVet, i am a fool… Hope you feel better tomorrow. Get some good sleep. I will reread this stuff.

    1. @Ex va – Your not a fool, neither are you no ones fool. Hang in there and get Dr. Doolittle [Dan Martinez] booted the hell out. Time for a bloody blanket party. It’ll make you feel young again. I assure you. I have them with my wife, but of course it is of a different nature. Ride em cowboy!

      I also don’t have the time for this bullshit. How do you think I re-train my K9 Service Dog from a hospital bed? The VA, or according to Dan Martinez don’t give a shit.

  16. I don’t understand the contradiction of statements. Just looking for some clarity too. He needs to retract if he wants to communicate in this forum.

    1. @Ex va – Read my post time stamped 4:21 am above. He needs to answer these questions. I truly believe he is a psychotic individual. Again, not carrying for Veterans. That’s enough for me! Trolling dingbat. Going hit the sack. I did some nootropics tonight, and 2 swigs of brandy. I needed it.

      1. He has never in past months, year, answered -1- question I have asked for qualification on several things. I am pretty sure other pseudonyms have been used posting.
        I am thinking it’s one of the butthurt snowflake trolls that have evolved to breath longer periods out of the swamp under the bridges they haunt. Persistent Trolls are bound to be incoming over the next 5 days especially and probably coming months.

        Dan’s website is a shill of copy & pasted egotistical goo with no personal substance or qualifying elements.
        Dan you are still an ingrown hemorrhoid as long as you do not care about Veterans, only yourself. 🙂

      2. @namnibor, @ANutterVet, @Ex Va, @ Seymore Klearly Looks like we are getting along just fine. You once spoke about a team effort > I will show you how to make sure Dr. Shulkin is not confirmed. Send to All your friends referring to Dr. Shulkin as [VA,s Doctor Death] this is your expertise. try it.

  17. @Ex va – Mr. Dan Martinez has to come out and say that his first priority is for the health and welfare of Veterans, and to give our spouses and loved ones all the help and support they need, in order to either help them to take care of us or to help our spouses and love ones to deal with us.

    Mr. Martinez stated earlier that he doesn’t care about Veterans. This statement needs to be retracted. Until then, he’s not in my foxhole, and he doesn’t have my six. Simple as that.

      1. GH or do you prefer dam Martinez

        You keep promising that you are out of here. Go knee in some of that slime over by your hole and leave us Veterans alone. Nobody here is falling for your fake ass bullshit and your pretend hurt feelings.

        Have you heard about the new tracking cookies? Hope you enjoy it.

  18. @ Dan Martinez, I do not think things are always intentionally insulting here. True there are attacks but some of these men/women have been thru war and then treated so brutally by an agency that is overpaid by tax dollars responsible for their health care.

    A little bad behavior at times, but majority of the time they are true and sincere. They have put their lives on the line for their country and if i understand what you have said you have too. They would probably do it again if asked. We get attacked on this blog sometimes by who knows from where they come.

    Blogs can be taken out of context and seem insensitive and i am guilty of taken things to heart myself. When it was not intentionally meant to hurt, just being funny or laughing at the ridiculous or contradiction of it all.

    There is some good reads on this blog with references and some issues are taken very seriously at times. I hope you have the morals of valueing lives in this academia setting that you work in. I would like to live to see real life saving changes in the va system or the reinvention of it or destruction of it if necessary. I am trying to hope for the future with new leadership by caring leaders. If you fit this description then you could get support from this community.

    Are you a professor or an analyst? Just curious.

  19. @Dan Martinez – In case you didn’t figure it out, many of us were already done with you. Push that pass you anal sphincter and into your rectum you dam vert.

      1. Ex va

        He is a repeat troll that has been here a few times before in past few years he is just switching names.

    1. @ANutterVet: Refer to my comment made to Seymore Klearly. I do not play games with children who lack common sense. Moreover, frankly “I don’t give a dam.” what you think, which is all about [n]othing. If indeed you are a veteran or representing veterans, you’re certainly a poor pretext. Find a job.

      1. Danno, I suggest you move along to some other website where those fresh out of basic training might believe your bullshit.

        You come on here with some delusional idea that you can campaign for SecVA, tell those posting here that “I don’t care about veterans”, and then tell a homebound veteran to “find a job” shows you to be incredibly stupid.

        I bet your biography says you were on Seal Team 42 (top secret team) with a Ranger tab with Normandy device below your Tankers badge while jumping behind enemy lines in Basra to capture an Enigma machine.

      2. @Dan Martinez – What the hell does [n]othing mean that you posted? How are you going to submit suggestions to better the VA when your grammar sucks? What the legal and illegal substances that you’re on? You would be better spending time on other social media platforms to keep your name in the limelight for VA Secretary. And, while doing so, there will be many others who will see through your façade. Piss off you wolf in sheep clothing.

      3. I admit my grammar needs polishing. But I’m not campaigning for the VA Secretary position either. Something that Dan Martinez would not admit too. Troll.

  20. @Ex va
    First of all Ex-Va, I do not like other Veterans to play games with me. I take it personally. I am talking about life and death, and they are talking about my asshole. I will discuss with those who are sensible Veterans but those who lack common sense, I will leave a conversation on nonsense reply/request like; where did you serve in Vietnam, how many did you kill. That has nothing to do with Veterans receiving care. That is why Trump made his decision because of stupid remarks that he receives from Veterans. I can only trust my senators will not confirm Dr. Shulkin.

    1. @Dan Martinez – You never mentioned if you’re an investigative attorney. Are you? If so, where did you graduate from? What emphasis was your field of study? Were you mentored by any highly recognized individual(s) in the industry? Did you do any directed research supervised by any mentors? Did you do any dissertations? If so, what were the topic(s). Did you publish any papers? If so, where were they published? Do you have any Senators or Congressmen that are speaking up about you and giving their support to you?

      These are just some of the questions that I have. And, I have more. Time is of the essence.

    2. Dan Martinez,

      Us stupid Veterans wanting a choice. I guess we are suppose to just shut up and feel happy we have other people making the decisions of what, when, where, and how we get our health care. After all we are to stupid to know what good health care is.

      Fuck Off

      1. @Seymore klearly – Right on! Your a true Trump Diplomat. That’s is a complement. LMFAO. Rant out!

      2. You can bet you ass I’m smoking another doobie this late at night. And, if ya don’t like it, fuck off!

  21. Hey Elf,

    Have you seen the New Uber Car service they are starting in Chiraq. Here is a link to a vid with more information.


    1. I wonder if Biden is going to go back to work for Hennessy now that he is out of a job?


  22. I can understand some of your reasoning and solutions that could be possible. I just don’t understand why you stated you didn’t care about Veterans. If you have the authority to change this system I think it would take someone caring about Veterans or patients in your terminology.

    1. @Ex va- If all VA hospitals are proposed to be closed; the local Private Sector may [I say may] have a hard to assimilating the Veterans into their local facilities [overload], and do you really think that the Federal Government is going to go for shutting down all VA hospitals? Seems like a long shot. What do you think? I mean any thing is possible, but this would mean that many politicians and VA staff would have to definitely eat face. I think it is a longshot. Its more of a relocation than focusing on newly discovered high tech non-FDA approved medical procedures, cleaning up the corruption, saying bye bye to unions, and stocking the facilities with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies that actually work. And, how, who, when will these changes be monitored for efficiency and to eliminate corruption, and kickbacks. A big task ahead. My Brother.

      1. @ANutterVet, yes the influx of Veterans to the private sector would be astronomical. And it would be impossible to monitor. Yes, you are correct a huge task….

  23. Are you an malpractice attorney? Just curious. Defending doctors and providers from allegations? You ever defend the va with their lawsuits? Do you work for the government? I don’t understand where you are coming from?

  24. @Dan Martinez, what area would you target first with the corruption? Do you understand the operations at a medical center or the outpatient clinics?

    1. @Denise
      To clear up corruption immediately and save Veteran’s lives, I must close ALL VA Hospitals transferring treatment to local Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctors. The results would stop veterans deaths immediately of those Vets waiting for treatment, especially, Veterans diagnosed with Cancer, Cardiovascular decrease, Mesothelioma, and so forth who need prompt medical care. What puts me above Dr. Shulkin is that I defend doctors/ Hospital on Medical Malpractice allegations, meaning I know everything the doctor/ hospital does in his/her practice to defend those entities.
      Dan Martinez

    2. @Ex Va
      Yes, I defend outpatient clinics. Nurses and Doctors come to my Risk Management school for training for root Cause analysis (RCA). This is what I wrote to Denise:
      To clear up corruption immediately and save Veteran’s lives, I must close ALL VA Hospitals transferring treatment to local Hospitals, Clinics, and Doctors. The results would stop veterans deaths immediately of those Vets waiting for treatment, especially, Veterans diagnosed with Cancer, Cardiovascular decrease, Mesothelioma, and so forth who need prompt medical care. What puts me above Dr. Shulkin is that I defend doctors/ Hospital on Medical Malpractice allegations, meaning I know everything the doctor/ hospital does in his/her practice to defend those entities.
      Dan Martinez

  25. @Denise
    Dr. Shulkin was the cause of 300 Veterans deaths in one year as Undersecretary at the VA. He was the number 3, top executive. He is like Hitler’s officer’s who was responsible for the deaths of Jews and were held accountable for the following orders against Humanity. Moreover, that would be Dr. Shulkin’s boss Bob Mc Donald. I would say Dr. Shulkin is not to be confirmed by the Senate. Also, the Federal Union is too active. The VA’s foundation is broken. A doctor trying to save a leg infected with [Gangrene] must cut off the leg to save a life. The VA has Gangrene and has to be closed, transferring patients to regular hospitals where they can receive better treatment. How many more veterans are going to die while Shulkin figures how to turn the VA around. That is in violation of the constitution amendment V, which is a felony. If a patient dies in the commission of a felony that becomes felony murder and in violation of Medical Ethics.

  26. I would assemble for Veterans rights and i believe we should. The coal miners road in buses to D.C., because they are in a court battle of losing their health insurance and pensions here in Southern Illinois. If we were to do this we would have to be an organized event, permits and permission and whatever legal hoops to jump thru. We need structure.

    We need it defined exactly what we want and can agree on with these issues that are discussed here. This would be a big undertaking, but i believe it could be done. I hope for unity and defined causes to fight for. Something to help us all and ones who are struggling in the system. I feel the new and older ones in this messed up system are more at risk. The sickest are the weakest and we should be fighting for them and ourselves.

  27. I see the Clinton Foundation is set for a round of Layoffs. The layoffs are primarily in the pay to play department of “the Clinton Global Initiative”. For some odd unknown reason, they can’t get any foreign counties to help support the Clinton Global Initiative any longer.

    Must just be bad luck after the election. I am sure the Clintons will say it has nothing to do with the fact she didn’t win the election.

    “Heads Are Finally Beginning to Roll at The Clinton Foundation”, by Rachel Stoltzfoos, Daily Caller News Foundation, 01/14/2017
    Read more: “”

    Another set of interesting articles worth noting in light of the EU Army purchases and Germany’s current moves in Europe. Maybe the snowflakes can now blame Germany for not donating enough to Clintons Campaign as her reason for losing.

    “Merkel accused of funding Clinton election campaign through donation to foundation”
    The Clinton Foundation allegedly received around $5 million from Germany’s Ministry for Environment between July and September 2016 before presidential elections in the U.S., reports said on Tuesday.



    “‘Don’t you dare stop us!’ German defense chief blasts Britain for blocking EU army”
    GERMANY has hit out at Britain for blocking plans to create a massive European army which experts have warned will seriously undermine the NATO alliance. By Katie Mansfield
    PUBLISHED: 07:23, Fri, Nov 18, 2016 | UPDATED: 08:49, Fri, Nov 18, 2016


    “UK and USA are WEAK: Angela Merkel calls for German-led EU ARMY to defend Europe”
    ANGELA Merkel has renewed her call for the European Union to have its own army, warning the bloc will not be able to rely on others to guarantee its security with Donald Trump in the White House and Britain set to leave. By Nick Gutteridge
    PUBLISHED: 09:13, Fri, Jan 13, 2017 | UPDATED: 16:35, Fri, Jan 13, 201

    1. Let’s see German-led EU ARMY. WWI, WWII maybe the third times a charm for Germany in taking over Europe. If they control the newly formed EU Army.

      1. Germany cannot have any army correct? I thought because of both world wars and NATO they cannot form an army? This is nuts???

      2. No they do have their own army and air force. Also they have about 60 Nukes supplied by the US.

        From Wikipedia

        “The United States provides about 60 tactical B61 nuclear bombs for use by Germany under a NATO nuclear weapons sharing agreement. The bombs are stored at Büchel and Ramstein Air Bases, and in time of war would be delivered by Luftwaffe Panavia Tornado warplanes.

        As well as being a breach of the Protocols to the (revised) Treaty of Brussels (terminated in 2010), many countries believe this violates Articles I and II of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), where Germany has committed:
        “… not to receive the transfer from any transferor whatsoever of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices or of control over such weapons or explosive devices directly, or indirectly … or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices …”.

        The U.S. insists its forces control the weapons and that no transfer of the nuclear bombs or control over them is intended “unless and until a decision were made to go to war, at which the [NPT] treaty would no longer be controlling”, so there is no breach of the NPT.

        However German pilots and other staff practice handling and delivering the U.S. nuclear bombs.[9] Even if the NATO argument is considered legally correct, such peacetime operations could arguably contravene both the objective and the spirit of the NPT.

      3. Note from the above what happened right after Hillary became Secretary of State.

        “As well as being a breach of the Protocols to the (revised) Treaty of Brussels (terminated in 2010)”

        Which pretty much gave them rights to the nukes.

      4. @Seymore Klearly, this is like a nightmare. We forget our history. I looked up some of your references. It is disturbing. No wonder Britain and other countries are upset. Sharing agreement for nukes. So unreal.

      5. It’s like all that was valuably learned during the Cold War Years was tossed aside and look what liberalism on steroids did to Germany and even now Sweden…they are overrun by imported refugees importing types of criminal activity those countries do not typically have a lot of…rape and home invasions, for instance. THAT’s what Hillary would have done further to USA and Obama is not done…5 days, tick, tick, tick…

        One more thing about lost lessons learned on the skills of strategy and war: We never USED to announce to the world and enemies what exactly and where exactly we plan to attack next…Obama’s JV Team has a lot of Generals wanting to pull what hair they have left out…tick, tick, tick…

      6. Ex va,

        We also have nuke sharing agreement with Turkey and the nukes there. Although I am not sure of the terms but they also were covered by the Treaty of Brussels (terminated in 2010).

        See Western European Union Wikipedia at:

    2. Yep, there is a new “pay to play” that has been brought online. Others will die off or regress for a few years.

  28. @Dennis – Per your statement of “Since people seem so reluctant to post on this article.”

    This article was published by Ben yesterday. Many have submitted posts whether they dealt with the article directly or they were offshoots. Where ya been?

      1. @Seymore Klearly – Digestible, soothing, relaxing, healthy, or helpful sarcasm? Shootz, I’m going to drop a few Baby Ruths in the porcelain. Flush, flush. What a load. LMAO

  29. Since people seem so reluctant to post on this article, I will add my legal idea.

    Although the other suggestions up to and including the use of tactical thermonuclear warheads to fix the VA are all fine suggestions, I feel I need to point something out. Our First Ammendment gives us all the right to assemble as the article suggests. However, this is only the preface to the REAL POWER of the First Ammendment. This Civil Right’s real and absolute power is to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

    Assembling is fine and dandy. Fun times, but assembling is only using a part of our rights. If we as a group are to use the tools that our founders laid down for times like these the we must petition the government DIRECTLY for a redress of our grievance. Brother Nesler to me started an important movement – a movement of The People every bit as important to our nation as the Boston Tea Party was. The men and women in the VA who have found a corrupt home to thrive in are by their misconduct and malfeasance harming United States veterans and are using extraordinary and outrageous methods not seen or tolerated elsewhere in this great nation.

    Brother Nesler clearly is fed up and godamnit he did something about it – but it is only step one. We must unite as a group and petitition for a redress of our grievances. We often sit on our high horse as vets and point fingers everywhere else but at ourselves to fix this part of America for the genrations to come. Nesler is one of hundreds of thousands of us who stands out. We can now say honestly in our petition that this nation was plastered from sea to shining sea with billboards that virtually begged our government to correct this outrage. We can say the billboards got ignored.

    We can say that armed men are now required to escort sick vets with no Due Process. We can say our property in the form of benefits earned have been withheld or taken from us without Due Process. This petition MUST clearly spell the Constitutional errors that are made on a daily basis wih the full knowledge of those making them. We can say that corpses have been left to rot, living souls left with maggots in them, and a death rate by suicide that can only be explained by a single causative factor; they sought care at VA. Life, Liberty, and Property are either taken or allowed to perish through malfeasance and misconduct.

    It is clear from Nesler’s efforts that now asking Americans to sign a petition to redress these grievances is within our grasp. Ben can probably fill in legaleze but my hunch is that half a million signatures on a petition like this WILL REQUIRE redress by our government will start a process in motion that nobody can halt.

    I am not willing to point fingers without action. Trump is what he is and I honestly could give a shit about it. That being said, he cannot ignore such a petition legally and we have to fight the strategic battle by using the specific counter-measures to tyranny given to us by our founders.

    We owe this to the kid being born today that will be jumping out the back of a C-130 in 18 years to face the new threat that we can’t see coming yet. Or maybe the threat in 18 years is as plain as the moon some who know what that threat will be. It doesn’t matter to an old warrior – we don’t get to play anymore. It doesn’t mean though that we abandon America and our oath that every one of us took.

    One signature multiplied enough times makes us E Pluribus Unum. It makes you and me The People and irregadless of where I take my sweet, sweet, Harley Softail Deluxe, and irregardless of how many car alarms get triggered in the city that day from the thunder I foresee in such a meeting of bikers, there is one sound that the government cannot shutter their windows from – the voice of The People and the thud of half a million signatures hitting the floor in front or Mr. President.

    Semper Fi

  30. Published January 13, 2017

    [Bikers for Trump Ready to Stand up to Protesters]

    “Cox said he and other members of his group support the President-elect because he is not an establishment politician and also because of his outspoken nature on the issues that concern them most.

    “[The bikers looked for] someone who was going to stand up and call it what it is,? Cox explained. ?Radical Islam is one of the biggest talking points of Bikers for Trump. Illegal immigration and one of our sweet spots is getting behind the American veteran. We believe it?s incumbent upon all who understand the value and the sacrifice of our servicemen and women that we are there for them. And we?ve got to change these policies now.?”

    well now after reading that, it would be a great sign if these bikers would have a protest ride for veterans’ plights with VA and recent choice of VA secy!

    1. Ex va,

      Looks like you need to clear your cookies and clear your browser. Seems you are stuck on one liners.

      1. @Seymore Klearly, i do need to do that, brain stuck, and cookies slowing me down too. Lol! You guys are cracking me up. Need to laugh, been a rough week.

  31. Hey, Seymore,
    I just saw an ad on TV from “Sukalove (sic) law firm” telling veterans to call the toll free number if you’ve been diagnosed with lung cancer.
    I didn’t catch all of it. That’s all I caught.

    I’m not sure, didn’t he have a religious show? I don’t follow him.

    @namnibor, great ideology of “MSNBC’s” initials.
    Did you here where “AT&T” is considering/purchasing “CNN”? I heard the price is something like over $85 BILLION!
    I’m not sure of all the particulars of it. It was on Next News Network or one of those other networks today.
    If true, those “FAKE NEWS” reporters will/might have to look for another job!

  32. OK, folks, Al Sharpton, (“auto-corrects” to “Al Sharp-tongued” which is a fitting name for him), is leading the butthurt RADICAL libertard snowflakes in demonstrating today.
    From “Reuters” by, Lacey Johnson says it all.
    “Washington protesters vow to fight for civil rights under Trump”

    How sad! They had to march in a drenching rain. The article even said less people showed up. auhhhhhh, too freaking bad for the snowflakes.
    I guess rain’s better than piss!

    Oh, I forgot to mention, read the comments. Y’all will love what’s being said!

    1. P.S.
      “Sharp-tongued” should auto-correct to “Forked-Tongued”! Which Al’s best known for!

    2. Checked it out Elf but could not get to the comment section.

      I like how they say there were roughly about 2,000 but when I watched the Video all I could see was about 200. That is if you add in the officers, camera crews and stage hands. They certainly were trying to hide the small size of the turn out with the camera angles and such.

      Looks like they walked about 1 to 2 blocks before calling it quits.

      Doesn’t Al still have his weather show or is that a show on Msnbc?

  33. Seymore, I agree with your ideas about the new secretary. PE Trump needs a compass/pathfinder. I too think Dr. Shulkin will be able to show his “HELPERS” where to set priorities within the VA. I hope so.

    1. I am hoping too.

      I figure the first 100 days is going to tell us everything we need to know about the future of the VA.

  34. Well, it looks like the “butthurt RADICAL libertard snowflakes” are going to be protesting starting today.
    Michael Moore came out of his lair and told them to “have fun”! He also wouldn’t say whether they should be ‘violent’. Of course, his rhetoric is to do anything and everything possible to disrupt the inauguration. I guess that means throw projectiles, destroy businesses, cause mayhem and anything else.
    Hillary Clinton ain’t out of the woods yet. Looks like there’s still an ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
    Plus, I see where an IG is starting an investigation over Comey’s and Lynch’s screw-up of Clinton’s “emailgate”!
    It came out this past week, where Clinton “…emailed classified Intel to…” persons of countries NOT friendly to America, ie; China, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc.
    If true, as this is being discussed by a few intelligent agencies, we could see an indictment coming!

    Lastly, there sure are a bunch of ‘butthurt RADICAL libertard snowflakes’ coming on here. The smell is so thick and rancid.
    To all of you who can’t stand the FACT President Elect Trump & Vice President Elect Pence will be sworn in this coming Friday, 20 Jan. 2017.
    Here’s an idea.
    Why don’t y’all head to Washington and show your ignorance and stupidity.
    I’m sure there will be many there who will show y’all the “ERRORS OF YOUR WAY!”
    That is, of course, *IF* y’all have the balls, courage and fortitude to do something against our new President!
    As far as coming on here and writing against Ben and his followers, you have not provided any factual documentation on what you say.
    When one gives information, one usually backs it up with proof, ie; reputable news sources etc. Y’all don’t, because y’all can’t provide proof!!!!!!!

  35. The new nominee, Shulkin, is acknowledged as a researcher and expert thusly on a study that he spearheaded trying to understand why Emergency Room patients in a hospital who checked in at night have a much higher death rate than those who check into ER in the day.

    I think that is a hell of a study. Trying to figure out why medicine fails mankind, the correcting this tragedy seems like a good idea.

    So, nominee Shulkin, let me ask you something; are you good at spearheading the effort at understanding why honorably and decorated US vets who use VA have a much higher suicide rate, general death rate, infection rate, and are much more likely (by a factor of over 10,000:1) to be escorted by federal police when attempting to access care outside of a federal penetentiary than those who avoid VA?

    Good golly! Did I just ask a question and answer it in the same sentence? Shame on me. Mrs. Anderson said not to make run on sentences as early as third grade. I guess I must be a slow learner – so I became a Marine.

    1. @Dennis, we ask a lot of rhetorical questions here i think. It’s ok has nothing to do with being a Marine. Lol.

  36. Troll Alert!!! “GH” posting on here has such a severe case of Chronic Trumphobia that his special snowflake status is causing a self-inflicted case of head completely up and inside his ass while attempting to sow seeds of dissent here. Watch your sixes. The snowflakes are having meltdowns as 6 days close-in to inauguration. It’s similar to the “Chicken Little Syndrome” except in this case, the sky is not falling.

    Where’s those poop canons?

      1. Conversely, just feed me a bunch of bad burritos and get a colorful hot air balloon that I can just hang my ass over and role-play Flying Monkey over the protestors….better make the balloon out of Kevlar for this crowd, to think about it. 🙂 (depending how bad those burritos were, I too may need Kevlar.

    1. @Seymore Klearly – They cannons are being lined up as we speak, sir. We’re expecting more to follow up in the back line to cover our sixes. Obama wanted me to procure them from China, but I told that snowflake buttfart that we wanted either American, German, Swiss, or underground Japan made. Standby sir, we’ll have enough of them to make them constipated with undigested and freeze dried large Baby Ruth bars. Got to go, their arriving now.

    2. With Trump in charge, Things will be very interesting. All veterans need to contact him with their concerns. With our Senators and congressmen not working for all Americans, not just their district. Nothing will change.

      I don’t think our elected officials will embrace the Holman Rule and will not use it. Especially when it comes to the VA. Wonder if we can get information as to what it really means and the responsibility our elected officials have to follow it.

      They had to get a directive on how to use it and for whom they are to assist. Say a veteran has a problem and its found out a VA employee abused their position, if they will assist the veterans and use the Rule to give that employee their walking papers.

      Or if the new Secretary will inforce the rule or just give it to the Attorney’s, to find the loupe hole.

  37. @ANutterVet, that is a great story about your daughter! Yes, i am in tornado alley, had one hovering above my barn this fall. It dropped a couple of roads over. I hate the storms, the rest is beautiful country. Rend lake is big enough to take a boat on around here. Kentucky has some nice lakes too. Hawaii sounds great i have never been there. The humidity is bad here in summer.

    1. @Ex va – And were in continuance mode. Yea, I get real edgy when we have storms. My wife tells me I act like I’m on guard. I can’t help it. The anxiety is a flowing, and I never know what to expect.

      I remember a freak storm in Hawaii. The jet stream dipped down so low that it was attracted to the top of Mauna Kea [mountain on the Big Island of Hawaii]. Those winds ripped down the mountain and blew homes off there footings, knocked down carports, uprooted big trees, and picked up galvanized metal roofing sheets and flew them down the road. The sheets carried enough force to cut a person in half. It was really bad.

      We had 4 families that stayed in our home until the storm passed. Their homes were shaking too much and the kids were screaming. One home had it’s roof ripped off. You could hear the nails being pulled out from the rafters. Weird felling.

      With that, I get to hit the sack. Talk with you later. You have a good weekend. Laters Brother!

      1. I’m the opposite in that storms of any kind invigorate and inspire my creativity and I make full advantage of it unless of course it’s a dangerous tornado or an asteroid crashing to earth.
        I get edgy and increased frustration when it’s above 70 degrees. I guess God made all types of weather, so different types appreciate other types more than others.

      2. I know people that love to chase storms. It is interesting some of their studies. I think they are getting better at warnings, which can save lives, all in for that. The basic storms are not too bad, but when the sky turns green and black, makes me nervous.

  38. @Ex va – I couldn’t handle that dam wind chill. My spasms would clang my lower back muscles against my back bones. I went to boot in Great Lakes during the winter. Cold. Funny thing, my daughter went to Great Lakes 20 yrs later, same month, same week, but not the day. Poor baby girl, she called me up plenty of times and asked, “daddy how do I make it through this so I can so I can go to my promise A school for corpsman? She made it. Met a nice Lt. Jr. Grade. Got busted for fraternization. Now she has 3 handsome boys.

    I remember there was a tornado that roared through our barracks in Great Lakes. It was weird because it wasn’t even spring or summer. Strange shit. I really don’t like the upper Midwest or central Midwest. Too cold and too many dam storms respectively.

    Do you get any lake effects where you reside? I hate that too. Me, I’m a white Hawaiian boy at heart, mind, and body.

    1. @Ex va – Hey Brother, I’m going to try to hit the sack. I’m learning a proprietary web site design software program, and it really gets time consuming. I need to keep my mind as focused as I can to understand the program. I’m working on a way to get some extra money to get out from under the VA’s thumb. I don’t like people breathing down my neck. I like bat em you know. Try get some rest. I know its hard many times to turn off that neurological motor.

      Oh, and I am a little disappointed that PE Trump picked Shulkin a member of the clan. I guess we have to see what happens.

  39. @ANutterVet, you have to keep fighting to they help you. I see more Veterans have success with persistence more than anything. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is.

    1. @Ex va – Yea, thanks for the encouragement. That’s what I am doing. It tests your patience though. And, it shouldn’t be this way for us.

  40. @ ANutterVet, southern illinois is where i am at. About 45mins from Carbondale, illinois. (Southern Illinois University). I’m in corn and mine country. I have been to philly. I liked PA. We got a lot of ice today. Couldn’t go anywhere.

    1. That ice is heading my way in just a few hours in central Ohio (Western Columbus area). No matter the grade of one’s tires, even tire chains, do not shake a chain at freezing rain and ice. Made sure my portable lithium battery packs were all charged…check, food & water for me and cat…check, ample toilet paper….check. 🙂

      However, if I do get an ice storm, I secretly cannot wait to take a new audio field recorder out and sample some of the crystalline sounds. Yep, nerd is on!!!

  41. @ANutterVet, yes i have insomnia, and generics do not work with me on some of my meds. I hate the system and it keeps failing for the majority of Vets. I understand the frustration. I get one thing taken care of and something else goes wrong. The weather has been icy today, internet messing up.

  42. @ANutterVet, you are correct they buy generics for Veterans to save a buck. These pharmaceuticals do not match in quality and potency. That angers me also.

    1. @Ex va – Hey Bruddah, you stay up late? Yea, I’m having a big battle with VA about generics. Ex va, it has been published in reputable journals that some generics don’t work. The VA’s response is that we follow FDA regulations. And, you know that’s a dam scapegoat. This pisses me the hell off. I had the same problem in the Private Sector. The national pharmacy chain worked with me until a generic was found that gave me relief. Do you think the VA offers such a service? Hell no. They’ll let you suffer. For me, I’m tired of this bullshit. This is why I brought up CBD crystals in the previous post above. I’m ready to choke someone’s neck.

  43. My husband is a disabled veteran and I watched the live announcement. I didn’t know who he was so I immediately looked him up. My 1st reaction was “WTH??? He never even served!” Then I thought about it more after the reports all came out about him being the first to run the VA and not be military. Maybe it will work??? Maybe he, being a doctor first, will actually care more about his patients and do what we have been praying one of your own would do. Why not give him a chance? No one has ever had a chance to fail that was strictly a civilian. So, I say give him a chance and if he screws up within a year, make him quit!

    1. @Ashley Van Drie – I understand about waiting a year to see how Shulkin performs. But may I remind you, how many Veterans do you think will die in that year? We need someone who is going to be a swift ass true reformer, and make some heads role right out the door. Just clean house. Then many policies need to be changed that threatens the lives of Veterans.

      Also, new non-FDA approved medical services should be implemented to save Veterans lives. Medications should be of good quality instead of prescribing low end generics that have a lower efficacy. Then there should be some form of audit in order to detect any wrongdoings or corruption.

      Lastly, get rid of the Union. These suggestions are only in the order of thoughts. And, if Shulkin doesn’t measure up [depends on who creates the legend], then immediately replace him. Veterans lives are on the line. We’ve lost too many Veterans due to mismanagement, corruption, nepotism, favoritism, and bullying. It’s time to demand that this is enough of this bullshit. WE VETERANS WANT REAL CHANGES.

  44. !!!!FREE Esteban Santiago!!!!
    !!!!FREE Esteban Santiago!!!!
    !!!!FREE Esteban Santiago!!!!
    . government keeps fucking with us let 30,000 Esteban free in washington D.C god damn it.

  45. Check this video out from the “Alex Jones Show” from 13 Jan. 2017.

    “Riot Stand Down: Obama To Fire National Guard Chief During Inauguration”

    Things in Washington DC may get real heavy in the coming days!

      1. No worries, we have special snowflake-melting drones to create more personal space for respectable, law-abiding, President Trump recognizing citizens and mainly to create more space for all the bikers arriving on D.C. to melt all you snowflakes. The snowflake melting drones contain biodegradable urea powder to piss on all snowflakes.

        The collective sounds of many Harley’s growling should melt those edges off snowflakes real quick. 🙂

      2. GH

        Was that fresh out of the Snowflake gazette or does that come from msnbc’s buzzfeed or possibly the fake folks over at the Clinton News Network (CNN)?


      1. I love screwy weather. I also enjoy glaciers and volcanoes. Yep, I roll like that. Glacial Lava.

    1. Major heat wave up by me today might make it up into the single digits. So much better than that -40 the night before last with the -55 wind chill, couldn’t go jogging. Your breath just turns into one big chuck on ice on your chest.

      1. had to break out the T-shirts and shorts today we got all the way up to 22 and it still might get hotter maybe even hit 23 degrees. It’s that dam global warming I tell ya!

  46. All I will say is, Just Listen To Trump. Everything he says is A LIE. He fed the American Voter so much BS no one could keep up. After all, so many had on the proverbial Rose Colored Glasses. I in NO way am a Chillery supporter. But all one needed to do was JUST LISTEN. It has been like listening to a person with 10 personalities. He contradictsd himself on a REGULAR basis. Even to go round and round depending on who he is speaking to at the time. I know MOST politicians do. But there is something EVIL about the guy. He has backtracked on just about EVERY issue that got him elected.I knew he would. Tried to tell people. Hell, he has been a Democrat ALL HIS LIFE, till this campaign. Hope not, BUT, I feel this is JUST THE BEGINNING! He is a typical Gazillionaire. All that is important to him is HIS bottom line, and of course his Gazillionaire Buddies too. He could give a shit about us Vetrerans, a citizen, or any freeking body else. As long as his precious kids and there bank accounts get FAT and he can play GOD with all our lives, then he will be happy. Pay attention closely folks. and may God have mercy on our Great Nation!!

  47. “ Here’s Johnny” Isakson is the douche. We’ll get No Transparency from Shulkin – he only likes to say “good things” about the VA (as he said some time ago) – so that means you will be hearing “fake” good things that will only be “good” according to him – delivered by honorable sloan clown. “Shish! Mums the Word” will be the new slogan, worn on every VA employee pin. This nomination is the same (or worse) as McD staying on. Pick 6. And the general public thinks this is now wonderful for the Vets. Over and Out. Get on with other things – it will be great now – a respected doctor or whatever the fuck he is (Shulkin don’t even know). He will have honorable sloan clown say a few words after he’s confirmed. Onwards. And on, and on , and on, and on …

    1. It is the VA’s typical Slight of Hand. Did it with wait time. Got the general public confused or something, by starting this BS Opioid Crisis. Theey said ” no veterans are not dieing from wait times, it’s them Opioids that’s killing em”. And now the whole damn country thinks that if you need pain meds to survive a life of Chronic, Severe, inoperable PAIN, thn you are some kind of JUNKIE! Well, KISS MY ASS. If anyone would like to live with this pain just 1 day, that I have for going on 20 years, then freeking have at it. Luckily, for now, I have a wait for it, Good and Compassionate VA DOCTOR. He has been working with me, in a smart way, to treat my pain to a level I can have some semblance of a life. He pushed Choice to send me to Non VA Neurosurgeon. Got a 7in piece of Titanium and about 12 titanium screws in my neck, Just to keep my freeking head from falling off. Due to SEVERE crumbling of my spine. You can bet the rederic ffrom the top at VA will be the same old same old. Liesw and misrepresentation of all the facts. But the majority of Americans WILL fall for it , if WE don’t keep up the fight and keep this BS in the medias face. So they have NO choice but to investigate and report The Truth. Thank you all for your time. PEACE!

      1. You will be waiting at least 4-6 years now. Trump will do nothing for veterans. We are disposable and for young doctors to experiment on.

  48. @Seymore Klearly – We all need a bunch of spying big daddies to watch over us, but no body watches over them. They just keep on shafting us, while the rest of the American public has been dumbed down to the point where they think this is a good thing. Yea right, until they are affected-effected by it by the privacy being invaded.

    1. Republicans have always been very clear that they believe there is no mention of a guarantee of individual privacy anywhere in The US Constitution.

    2. Lolz, if you carry a cell phone or use internet then the government has all they need already and openly uses the tools to see what you are up to. Respectfully, worrying about Big Brother snooping is a moot point at this time in history – we have cameras on every street corner, nearly every pocket, and right now a camera connected to the internet on my iPad is facing me and I have ZERO technical ability to know if the camera is being operated right now by Homeland Security. It has been verified since Clinton days (who officially authorized it) that ALL devices connecting to the internet be equipped wih a “back door” route that the federal government can use to snoop.

      Want proof? Call the vet suicide hotline from a cell phone and tell them you feel suicidal (I did truthfully years ago). Within minutes, no matter where you are, the police will be visiting you at your current location.

      We do not have to worry about Trump or government worming their way into our lives when the millions of Americans who use the internet already give that to them freely.

      1. When I found out my android tablet randomly takes pictures on its own, I’ve covered the lenses with round band aides.

      2. I have small piece of black duct tape covering my laptop’s camera lens because a relative displayed to me from an entirely different State how he could easily hack into the video camera, and he was correct and if he can do this, anyone can. Never used Facetime or video camera onboard for anything anyway, so it’s sealed-up from prying eyes. My life is pretty boring at best, so really do not have anything to hide but my own privacy. After being hit with identity theft last year, am incredibly more careful than I ever was before.

  49. I see we all just got more poo thrown all over everyone as Obama is hitting the door on his way out.

    “New rules grant FBI, DEA & CIA access to raw NSA surveillance data”, Dado Ruvic, RT news, 01/13/2017

    In virtually its last gasp, the Obama administration has quietly given the National Security Agency wider powers to share intercepted surveillance data with 16 other government agencies, including the FBI, DEA and CIA, before applying privacy protections.

    Intelligence officials and the Justice Department finalized new regulations for sharing satellite transmissions, phone calls, emails and other online communications swept up abroad by the National Security Agency with 16 agencies that fall under the Office of National Intelligence.

    “In the past, there were strict limits on the NSA’s dissemination of this data to domestic law enforcement agencies,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said about the new rules released on Thursday, according to AP. “The new regulations eviscerate those limits.”


    They can go all through everything in our life’s, but they can’t find Hillary’s emails!

    1. Were you a member of the NSA? Did you hold a clearance? How do you know this? Maybe they should investigate you and your NSA contacts. It sounds to me like you are part of Comey’s disinformation campaign.

      1. GH

        I like your questions. Keep it up you are truly making me laugh.

        What I have learned and shared here doesn’t come from any of my past security clearances. It comes from truly being interested and following real news. Not that fake stuff that is put out for snowflakes.

        Quick question Glory Holler (GH), Have you been getting your butt to close the Glory hole and that is why it is hurting so much? or are you just cranky because your knees are slipping around in that slime all day?

      2. How very Christian of you. Is that what Jesus would say? Maybe you and Pat Robertson can get together and analyze Melania Trump’s artistic expression/porn. Your advice is leading vets astray and letting them down. Many will die because of you.

  50. I used walmart nicotine gum 12 years ago. Been smoke free since then. Did I mention 12 FREAKING YEARS!!!!!!!

    1. @Bill – For a third time cold turkey finally worked in 2010. It seemed as though as soon as I got ahead of the addiction, something personal would come up, or I had to deal with a stupid person about PTSD. Rebound again. I don’t have any cravings whatsoever now. I can’t stand the smell anymore as well. If I was aware of vaping, I personally would have tried that route instead of other methods. Again, that me.

  51. From what I understand through lots of reading and personal experience, veterans are considered lowest priority on anyone’s list.
    My dad was WWII veteran who served in martial law Hawaii after Japanese attack. He was in Dallas VA late 60s with a so-called minor heart attack. The vet on the cot to his right was taken for a ‘heart operation’ and he didn’t come back. The vet on the cot to his left was taken for the same operation, and he didn’t come back. They came to get dad for the same operation and he told them, ‘No thanks, you’re not killing me!’ and dad got up and came home. (This was about the time doctors were experimenting with ‘bypass’ surgeries.)
    My uncle, an air force retiree, supposedly had stomach cancer. The doctors kept on giving him radiation treatments long after the point of knowing he would not get better, and in fact, irradiated him to death. I believe if they could’ve gotten access to his coffin at the funeral home, they would’ve followed him there, too.
    I don’t know if when I signed up for service, if I also signed away, in perpetuity, my mind and body to be used for any experimenter who had paid the highest price? I do think that those who are against privatizing the VA are doing it because they have been offered a lot of ‘something’ to try to keep veterans and their medical records all in one place, so that they would be easier to access for experimentation purposes. It would be difficult to try to track down results otherwise, no?
    I think the VA is the largest user of pharmaceuticals in the world, so keeping that connection is probably very important. Twice, I had tried to quit smoking and was offered Chantix as the first option from both doctors. I had done my homework and asked the ‘doctors’ why they did not offer me nicotine gum or the lozenge or the patch. They replied that Chantix was a new medication and had a higher rate of helping me to quit. I quoted the Rx warnings and asked them why (since they were both mental health practitioner)s) would they write a prescription for a pill that is known to have ‘thoughts of suicide’ as a side effect (especially to their patients who were struggling with mental problems. They looked completely sheepish. One of the doctors said, ‘Yes, two of my friends tried it and it made them feel terrible’. I asked her why and how she could prescribe that knowing what the effects could be and basically she changed the subject.
    If these kinds of things have been ongoing for decades and years, and thousands of doctors, nurses and health care workers are carrying on like this– then it is not just a problem of greed, money and power, but also a systemic spiritual problem, too.
    I wouldn’t know how to begin to fix it–

    1. @LittleSandyRiver – There are vaporizers that are available so that you can inhale nicotine without the tar. In this way, you may not have to deal with all the side affects-effects from pharmaceutical medications. Also, with vaping nicotine, you’ll be able to cleanly control the amount that you do per day. You’ll need to do your own research on this topic.

      The above statement is for informational purposes only. Statement is not medical advice. Check with your doctor or quack.

    2. @LittleSandyRiver: You can quit easily, and this is how. You might think I am off my rocker, but I am not. When you try to quit smoking, the effects you are feeling, is because quitting screws up your blood sugar levels. So here is a guide to quitting smoking.

      1. On a blank piece of paper on the left side make a list of all the reasons you want to quit. On the right side write down all the bad things smoking does to you. Keep this list with you at all times, to look at if things get edgy for you.

      2. Get yourself some fruit juice, something with cranberry is preferable, such as grape/cranberry, etc. This will help normalize your blood sugar levels while trying to quit and drastically cut down on the effects your feeling, and the cranberry will pull the nicotine out of your system quickly.

      3. Go online and find a stop smoking timeline to see the good that is happening to you at each phase.

      4. Five days have passed and there is zero nicotine left in your system, CONGRATULATIONS, you have just quit smoking.

      I have been a smoker for 45 years, and quitting was never so easy, always failed using any aids such as patches, drugs, nicorette, etc. Good luck quitting, and think about all that damn money you’re going to save. You will easily have enough for airfare and hotel, and fine dining, when we march on Washington………………j/k, couldn’t resist.

    3. Does anyone think this will change? The people of this website are leading veterans on and letting them down.

  52. I jrst read in yahoo news that Obama is moving US troops into poland.

    Is this something new or did I miss something?

    1. Just Obama further flinging further poo on the USA Foreign Affairs in his final week. Tick, tick, tick…

      1. I wish I could trust the news.

        I’ve seen reports of Obama sending troops into Poland. One of the first I read said he sent 2500 tanks, trucks and military vehicles into Poland.

        One news report from the UK Sun is all breathless about this, but shows mainly a convoy of Humvees, one pulling an empty trailer. Another shows a heavier truck with no trailer behind it. A third shows a similar truck for hauling heavy equipment, but that trailer is also empty, and the trailer doesn’t even look military, nor heavy enough to carry a tank.

        There are no tanks shown in the pictures other than road signs showing tanks which suggest a tank crossing trail nearby.

        An NPR report says the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team from Ft. Carson was deployed there. It says they are bringing 87 tanks.

        Other comments on the article suggest this was a pre-planned training deployment similar to ReForGer.

        Would this be ReForPo?

      2. If what is being reported is all valid, Obama is trying to start more shit with Russia. Every thing that is happening, is in the Bible.

    2. @Bill – There are maneuvers going on. Thousands of troops landed in Germany, then dispersed to further to the East closer to Russia. Some countries that are NATO members, are concerned that there is going to be a problem because PE Trump believes that a friendship with Putin is an asset. Some of these countries are in good standing with NATO as well [dues paid]. While these leaders from smaller countries that broke off from Russia a couple of decades ago, think that Putin could possibly invade their country like Ukraine. I hope that I posted enough information for you to search further on Google.

      1. I deployed to Germany from Ft. Carson in 1985 as a part of ReForGer 85. A NATO exercise that had been planned for months.

        I see this as nothing more than one of those kinds of exercises, with a longer convoy to the field site.

        One of the pictures included in that UK Sun article I mentioned in another comment was of a US Army Sergeant Major shaking hands with a German Army officer.

      2. It doesn’t help international perception of US intentions when Trump names so many generals to his cabinet.

      3. You leftists are just nuts. You whined incessantly about the US image in the world, as if anyone gives a shit, before Preezy Peace Prize was installed in the White House.
        Throughout his terms, he had Granny and Jawn eFing Cary screwing up foreign relations all over the world, starting with trying to make nice with Russia and giving them some kind of stupid reset button. It went on to ignoring any kind of popular movement in Iran, drawing red lines to be laughed at in Syria and “we came, we saw, he died” in Libya. They went on to show us for a laughingstock by Kerry taking friggin James Taylor to sing a song, give $150 billion in cash and 130 tons of uranium to Iran who did their best at killing our soldiers in Iraq, to create some kind of legacy for a delusional narcissist. Then the petulant little bastard knifed one of our oldest allies in the Middle East in the back by ignoring a UN resolution being passed by a horde of the world’s worst thugs. They then went on to show the world our borders could be ignored, pressure Europe to take in terrorists from the mess they made in Syria, suck up to a Cuban dictator and just recently, tell Cubans escaping brutality that we accept illegal aliens from all over the planet, but they get sent back to their dictator.

        You leftists should just shut the fuck up about how our image in the world might look. You already have far too much history at how dangerous for the world your nitwittery is.

    3. @Bill,
      Obama’s not only sent thousands of troops to Poland, he’s also sent tanks and fighter planes.
      I’ve written on this on a few of Ben’s Blogs in the past few days.
      I’ve also read where some are speculating Obama’s trying to start a war with Russia. If that happens, the US will be at war with numerous countries.
      What better way for him to “stay in power” and not relinquish his Royal Crown!?

      1. @Crazy elf , @Bill – I forget about your posts on this issue. Obama is hoping that this will tie up Trump with stumbling blocks for any positive relationship with Putin. Politics and chess.

      2. Do you intend to apologize to all the veterans you told that Trump would help them? You are in the position to help and take advantage of vets the same way the VA does. What happened to “VA is Lying” with its support of giving all vets an unlimited Medicare benefits card?

    4. Bill,

      I look at it like this.

      Remember in 2015 they had Operation Jade Helm. Where the Military moved a bunch of equipment like tanks, armored fight Vehicles and other heavy military equipment. Claiming it was for some great new maneuvers and such in just a few states.

      All of that equipment was moved from Herlong California to Texas but never moved back to the depot in Herlong. Then of course all of those tanks and military vehicles started showing up arriving at overseas location like the nation of Georgia, Norway, Saudi Arabia and a few other countries. Now some of that equipment is arriving in Poland.

      Then all these nations are buying those tanks and other Military Vehicles.

      To me it seems that Operation Jade Helm was nothing more then Obama starting his own used tank business and selling off the equipment at the Sierra Depot in Herlong California. If you check the Jade Helm maps the primary states involved were the same states that the equipment would need to be shipped through to get to Texas. Then shipped out of the Gulf of Mexico to the countries that received the tanks and other equipment.

      The shipment to Poland is likely part of a fire sale of the stolen equipment.

      Here are a few links to support my thoughts.

      “US Military WORLDS LARGEST m1 Abrams Tank Stockpile”,
      Herlong ca

      Operation Jade Helm map


      Operation Atlantic Resolve
      “U.S. stationing tanks and artillery in classified Norwegian caves”, By Ryan Browne, CNN, February 19, 2016

      U.S. approves $1.15 billion sale of tanks, equipment to Saudi Arabia
      News | Tue Aug 9, 2016 | 6:59pm EDT

      “100’s of US tanks, heavy equipment flow into Europe to counter ‘Russian aggression’ “ RT News
      Published time: 6 Jan, 2017 23:07 Edited time: 10 Jan, 2017 18:01

      “U.S. Army Abrams Tanks Shipped to Georgia for Joint Drills”
      Civil Georgia, Tbilisi / 5 May.’16 / 11:46

      1. Oh, and if you google Jade Helm and click videos “”

        You get all kinds of videos of the tanks being moved to Texas.

      2. One other note. The equipment going to the EU states is likely going to be used for the new EU Army. That new Army isn’t being established to fight Russia. It is being established to maintain control over all the EU member states.

        Germany has been down that road before a few times. WWI and WWII.

      3. UK and USA are WEAK: Angela Merkel calls for German-led EU ARMY to defend Europe
        ANGELA Merkel has renewed her call for the European Union to have its own army, warning the bloc will not be able to rely on others to guarantee its security with Donald Trump in the White House and Britain set to leave.
        By Nick Gutteridge
        PUBLISHED: 09:13, Fri, Jan 13, 2017 | UPDATED: 16:35, Fri, Jan 13, 201

      4. Seymore Klearly is wrong about the deployment of the tanks. They are there for fear of Russian aggression on the EU member states due to Trump’s clear support of Russia and all those new generalshe has appointed to the Trump cabinet.

      5. Gee, what does that say about our image? Our international intentions?

        Under whose watch is this occuring?

        Perhaps if Obama got off the fucking golf course, stopped throwing parties for celebrities and paid attention to his duties, he wouldn’t have made an ignorant, smart assed remark about Romney saying Russia is a problem.

        I guess that leading from behind doesn’t impress many and sends the wrong image to the world.

      6. Hey GH, why are you here melting down doesn’t Hillary care enough about you to provide you snowflakes with a place to chill?

        Your butt must really be hurting with all your whining.

        Watch out for that sunlight you don’t want to melt to quickly.

        Truly am enjoying watch you Melt.

      7. 91Veteran,

        Watch what is about to happen in Germany. This spring there will be a number of negative events involving immigrants with serious loss of lives.

        During the next election there on a Sunday between August 22nd and October 22nd 2017 Merkel will lose to a hard line anti-immigration candidate who will be in charge of the newly forming EU Army.

        Of course there will be major problems throughout the EU with Immigrants and one of the things the new EU Army will be handling is control of the Immigrant. We all know what kind of camps they will be rounded up and held in and what happens next. As History again repeats it’s self.

      8. Hey for Germany maybe third times a charm and they will take over the whole of Europe.

      9. ‘Don’t you dare stop us!’ German defence chief blasts Britain for blocking EU army

        GERMANY has hit out at Britain for blocking plans to create a massive European army which experts have warned will seriously undermine the NATO alliance.

        By Katie Mansfield

        PUBLISHED: 07:23, Fri, Nov 18, 2016 | UPDATED: 08:49, Fri, Nov 18, 2016

      10. The link for that article:


      11. Hey GH,

        Russia now has a Democratically elected government and during WWII they were the ones that won the war against Germany with the eastern front.

        I hope you noticed on some of those tanks that are being moved to Texas for Jade Helm in the first Video. They are very clearly marked EU on the front on the lower right hand side.

        “US Military WORLDS LARGEST m1 Abrams Tank Stockpile”,

      12. Sorry that was the third link that has the tanks marked EU that are being moved to Texas for Jade Helm.


  53. @Ben. .. I can’t remember a time when I was this mixed up. I don’t use the word confused, I just keep digging. I don’t allow emotional influences when I’m seeking the truth. My motto these last few months has been”wait and see”. I’ve exhausted my brain trying to defend/accept POTUS elect. I’ve been ignoring my heart. Trying to believe Trump will do anything other than what he is doing is leaving me feeling like a fool. I will never give up hope that Veterans get treated like humans, and there is a way. The Senate can change things. They need to stand up so that Veterans can make better decisions about them. ALL the lies, then filed under”Freedom of speech”, is just too much. The VA is responsible for, misplacing, mismanaging, stealing, and lying about where the money goes. The VA is responsible, though not held accountable, for hundreds of Veteran deaths through suicides, and through the years, so much pain and suffering for so many Veterans and their families. While they get bonuses and promotions. The VA has been causing havoc in my head more than 40 years. When does” wait and see ” end? Since coming to this site, and reading every post, I’ve matured. Thanks to every Veteran for every post. I would gladly give Ben 5% of my income for whatever reason he chooses. I already feel like I owe him. God Bless the Veterans and their families.

    1. @Jo3n – You may want to read some, take a break in order to gather your thoughts together. Yes, all this can be overwhelming. Your going through the learning curve. I want to encourage you to hang in there, read the blog, post your input, and make some Veteran online buddies and friends. Also, share with other Veterans about this blog. The more, the better. Relax, sometimes I find it comforting to make humorous comments.

  54. Although I truly hate the idea of Shulkin being chosen. I know that Trump didn’t get to where he is today by stabbing people in the back and lying to them. A number of facts show that there definitely is something more going on here.

    Trump made the statement that he was going to bring in some help to get the job done. When he was talking about the VA just after he announced that he had chosen Shulkin. Three people who are now looking for new jobs are Sloan D. Gibson, Michael J. Missal, and Linda A. Halliday each leaving an important position open at the VA. Also, there is the opening to replace Shulkin.

    Unlike the Cabinet positions Trump can appoint whoever he wants to their position with the titles. Acting Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Acting Veterans Administration Investigator General, and Acting Deputy Investigator General. Congress has no say in the matter. Donald Trump will be president and able to appoint anyone he wants to in these acting positions.

    Of course, I could be wrong but I am seeing the possibility of the following changes to the lineup.

    Acting Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs: Pete Hegseth
    Acting Under Secretary of Health Department of Veterans Affairs: Nancy Schlichting

    1. If Trump puts some true law and order people in the positions Acting Veterans Administration Investigator General, and Acting Deputy Investigator General. It would certainly start a major clean up of the VA.

      1. A major clean up that the AFGE, Congress, VSOs and a host of others would not be able to prevent.

      2. The only people he is going to give these power jobs to are HIS Chronies. He don’t give a damn about you or me. Just his kids, all their bank accounts and those of his Billionaire Buddies. Wait for it.

      3. R. Michael/aka Old Hippy

        One to many hits on the mediational joint last night maybe. You see Trump won the election not Bill and Hillary. So Bill isn’t picking the staff.

        But really glad you noted what would have happened if they had won. Lets not forget they probable already had the positions all sold through there political eBay system called the Clinton Foundation.

        I wonder are they giving refunds now?

    2. Yep, Seymore. You could be right. Mr. Trump is fighting hard with his cabinet and administration. I can’t stand this despicable behavior by the Democrats. It is the damn Democrats who are still creating all this shit.
      Democrats just can’t face reality.

      1. Angela blowing your own horn, who cares what you have done. What have you done today, besides to belittle veterans by using the word GREED.

        Veterans are not the ones that are greedy, its the VA it self. Why were there over 500 thousand applications for benefits and over 200 thousand DIED, before their claims were even looked at.

        You say you are leaving this site, If you do, I have a feeling that you will change your name and will be right back here, spewing Crap.

    3. I noticed his comment about Shulkin having help when I read his speech transcript.

      It suggested to me that Shulkin may have told him of how big of a mess he faces, and would need some help.

      1. People die when you lead them astray with something like this. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true, Dennis. Hope you can live with yourself. You’ve already failed every last one of your followers with Trumps pick for VA Secretary. Pretty horrible failure for a VA pick. Snowflake?…more hateful nicknames demeaning those that differ with you. They might actually be able to help. How very Christian of you. Go with God!!!

      2. Hey GH, why are you here melting down doesn’t Hillary care enough about you to provide you snowflakes with a place to chill?

    4. @Seymore Klearly – you write of some hopeful possibilities that I too would put on the possible scenario board. Trump & his admin could very well do what you postulate.

      And this thought is on my mind too. this “bikers for Trump” show of support and force during inaugural ceremony, where the heck have they been to protest the known publicized VA scandals the past few decades? i actually called and emailed the “2 million bikers” i think back in 2016 or 2015 to asked about a VA protest. never heard back from them. i was curious to hear their thoughts. You can’t tell me none of these biker veterans haven’t been jerked about by VA or one of their “brothers”. i’m not a biker so have zero knowledge of biking logistics for protests.

      @Ben is onto something regarding the our next “bonus army” protest location . @Ben, try those biker groups too for large protest. We see this same veteran protest sentiment across the online veteran landscape over the years to get a “bonus army” protest for current times current issues regarding this VA fiasco. of course some current issues are also decades old issues. @Ben and others know a lot of people situated in positions that could attempt to get this off the ground?

      1. Trump’s father made his money off NYC public housing. Welfare housing and paid by the state. The only time Trump made money was with his father’s backing and holding his hand. Do your homework. You have cursed the majority of the USA to this pathetic man. Get used to this. You should hang your head in shame. He will do nothing for veterans. Your support of him lets veterans down.

    5. I’m laughing my ass off at the comment trump never got to where he’s at by “not” stabbing anyone in the back or lying. OMG Only when his lips move!

  55. Hey Seymore, I found the article on Chicago’s BEGGING for Trump’s Help.
    It’s from;
    “The Daily Conservative”

    “Chicago Surrenders, Begs Trump for Help”

    I believe it’s in response to President Elect Trump’s “tweet” in the past few days. Remember, he said if Chicago can’t do it, he would, (paraphrasing his tweet)!
    Good article. Shows how inept the city and county elected and appointed officials really are!
    Especially, when it’s been released now how the Chicago police have been “called out” on “…using too much force!”
    I believe the DOJ just released this damning exposé within the past few days.
    Of course, it’s coming from the corrupt DOJ, so should anyone believe it?


    On that article about Obama taking the boss, national guard, away from the inauguration for his party, can he do that after Trump’s swearing in ceremony?

    Here’s another article from;
    “American Spotlight” via “the Conservative Tribune” today.

    “”Bikers For Trump” Just Revealed Epic Inauguration Plan…Park Dept Freaks””

    Looks like they can’t handle thousands of bikers coming there. Plus, when it comes to the “Rival Gangs”, where you gonna put them?
    Watch out snowflakes, they’re on their way from all across this nation!

    1. P.S.
      To all you “CLUBBERS” out there wanting to attend. From one old 69 year old biker to y’all.
      Remember, this is a
      leave your animosity with each other at home!

    2. With Obama remaining in D.C for a few years now, can you imagine the Secret Service NIGHTMARE they have on their hands in D.C. with both he and THE President Trump? Obama is going to be a petulant fly in the ointment remaining in D.C., just wait for it…

    3. @Crazy elf- Those special snowflakes are not beyond throwing roofing nails out onto the street to give the biker’s flat tires…then the MOB RULES…all bests and gloves are OFF!! 🙂

      I lived out in the Black Hills for few years and specifically around the 50th Bike Rally, even had bikers camping around where I lived those two weeks, as my artist/potter landlady hosted bikers each year…all good people, nuff said.
      The snowflakes will make a very poor judgment call if they choose to try to fuck with the inauguration. 🙂

    4. Crazy Elf, on the police in Chiraq, the DOJ has been forcing federalization of city police forces for some time.

      That’s all we need is for large city police departments to be run by agencies as screwed up as the VA.

      On that DC National Guard General, the date and time of his relief is 1201pm on Jan 20. Speculation is Trump doesn’t want to retain him, which is false. Trump has no authority to issue orders until he is sworn in.
      Other speculation is that Obama relieved the guy to stir up trouble for Trump.

      One of the comments to that article I read was from a former serviceman who was familiar with military admin. He said the guy is 67, which means he already needed a waiver from Obama to serve past age 65. The waiver expires once Obama is gone. He thought it likely that the paperwork moved through the Pentagon where the order came from, and nobody paid close enough attention to what it was.

      I can believe that.

    5. >>Of course, it’s coming from the corrupt DOJ, so should anyone believe it?

      Loretta Lynch’s DOJ? no way!!!

    6. Judicial Watch has an article about a shootout at the construction site of the new American Consulate that occurred this week in a Mexican border town where Islamic terrorists & drug cartels plan to launch attacks against the U.S. during the period surrounding the presidential inauguration.


  56. To All – Does anyone have information about CBD isolates, oil, crumble, or wax used in a vaporizer to help with chronic pain? There is no THC in this product. Wondering if anyone can add some input about this. I know that some people use polyethylene glycol [PG] to cut the oil. I not impressed about inhaling this compound.

    1. @ANutterVet,
      I’m not sure about that “concoction”.
      I don’t think I would want to ‘sniff’ something with those chemicals.

    2. @Crazy elf – From my research the CBD component is supposedly good for pain, anxiety, PTSD. If THC shows up on a blood test by the VA, they can cut you off from any Federally Scheduled medication. I hear what you’re saying CE. I’m more concerned about the Polyethylene Glycol [PG] which is also used to cut essential oils for topical applications. The reason I posted the question about CBD, is because my health has dramatically deteriorated to the point where I was doing better before I started going to the VA. These people would rather me to be dependent on highly addictive Schedule II opiates. Failing health is my dilemma, while searching for alternatives is my mission.

      CBD is an isolated compound from cannabis. CBD does not get you high like doing dry herbs. Shootz brah, we one do a number wit a crutch. More betta! Tell the name of the beach to meet up. Talk story bout da kine VA li dat.

      The last statement above is for entertainment purposes only. No one is admitting to anything, so stop your snooping. Rat bastards.

  57. …and veterans have helped dismantle the only other way around VA healthcare which was Obamacare.

    1. @GH- Not Quite. The entire Medicare Template or even the CHAMPVA Template would be much better than VA Deathcare. Snowflake Syndrome hopefully has a cure, or excuse me, chronic cases of Trumphobia…yeah, that’s it!


      1. Good idea. I wonder why it wasn’t used instead of the two Choice contracts with companies that were formerly non profit and top 5 executive salaries total under 1.5 million which became for profit companies with top 5 executive salaries total over 25 million. Could this possibly be corruption on McDonald’s watch spearheaded by our potentially new VA Sec?

      2. I believe McCain is the one to blame for Choice rather than CHAMPVA.

        HealthNet is a big player in Arizona, and McCain pushed Choice hard.

        I think it was also pushed by those looking to provide a cushion to companies like HealthNet after losing so much on Obama care.

        We see how much rates have risen in Arizona, so it didn’t help much.

        HealthNet having George Miller retire from Congress and join their board just around the time Choice was passed also helped.

        As did George Miller being a friend of Pelosi for 30 years.

      3. Could be but they moved their headquarters to Arizona after changing from an NPO to a for profit from CA. Also note the connection to the Phoenix VA Crisis and the lobbyist handouts. So there is more than one finger in the pie when it comes to congressional and senate fingers. Plus the crisis occurred before Shulkin’s time so he may have innocently played along with the set up not knowing what was going on with the transfer of wealth into the pockets of 5 executives at Health Net.

        Need to look up the East Coast Choice game. It may have been all orchestrated through Goldman Sachs or one of the other “temple money changers” (investment banks).

      4. I have a downstairs neighbor whom is a Surviving Wife of a Vietnam Veteran and she has ChampVA and she has even better benefits than both my VA or Medicare benefits…and when I have casually expressed some of the scandalous VA crap to her, she has this bubble existence that the world is okay as long as SHE is okay and that we Vets must not clearly understand our benefits. Now mind you, she has been a Republican all her life and every family member going back so, and she is one of the “snowflakes” that went polar opposite and voted for Hillary as a vote against Trump, and she could not understand how I as a Veteran could vote for Trump. I brought-up the lackadaisical sloppy security breaches Hillary and team did…no big deal to here…what HARM could it have in HER world?
        I told her that just suppose that from Hillary’s hacked emails there was made a backdoor to hack our Country’s Electrical Grid and you have to go back to stone ages for a bit until we clean-up the mess? She basically is of the ilk, and unfortunately there’s a good number of these snowflakes, that have to be PERSONALLY AFFECTED in order to take notice.
        People can suck.
        But my neighbor has ChampVA and just LOVES it. McCain has tried chopping at ChampVA several times.
        Rant Out.

      5. @Namnibor, that neighbor is not worth talking to. She is too selfish to think of another human being.

  58. I am with namnibor, why Florida? For the exactly the same reasons as namnibor, I cannot take the heat, the medications simply will not allow my body to work properly. Why not DC? The press will pick up on our cause if we gather in DC. I doubt half as much in Florida. How about making a coordinated effort between common interests? Get the word out. There are more veterans than any other entity in this entire country. I am 100% disabled and receive 0% so giving up 5% means nothing to me, but I do wonder why that question was even asked. Veterans receive far to little now, why ask them to give anything to fight those with millions in surplus? It is time for good old fashioned street justice, a march on Washington, and not a little march……..the biggest damn march this country has ever seen. At least 22 veterans a day, need us to do this. I don’t know how much longer I have to live, so let’s get this ball rolling, I am all in, let those who are the most educated among us, coordinate this effort asap. I am withering away. I have nothing left to live for…………………….GIVE ME A REASON TO SEE ANOTHER DAY!!!!! Stop the talk, time to hoist the black flag, and start pounding the chests, let’s do this right, and bring them a fight. Will they not listen? We make them listen. Do they want our votes? Our votes come with a cost. If they betray us? They will regret the day. I for one am sick of the double talk, and all the other B.S. coming out of SWAMP No.1,2,3, and 4@The Whitehouse, House, Senate, and the V.A. If I have any of those wrong, it is because I attended public school, until I was rudely interrupted by military service. Normally I am a nice guy, but if you make the mistake of making me more angry at you, then I am at myself? Son…… now have a problem I guarantee you can’t solve. Like a warning on a bottle of pills: I am starting to get angry!!!!!!!!

    1. @cj-
      Like you, I am starting to get very angry in a ‘Marvin The Martian’ kind of way…”You wouldn’t like me angry, not at all”, esp. a ‘Marvin The Martian’ that ignored the pill bottle warnings.. 🙂

    2. Sounds like you have had enough and I agree Washington in the spring or late spring.

      We have to start soon. To get the word out and the time line would give many veterans time to save a few bucks to go.

      Many veterans can use a low fair airline. But that requires to schedule like 2 week’s ahead of time.

      I know some veteran’s here. That would love to go as a large group.

      You folks are speaking my language and I’m willing to do anything I can. What ever. Phone calls. Anything.

      Before I die. I want to do something to try and help you and those becoming veterans.

      They are going to need it. The u.s. is preparing for war in Europe. Let’s not let those poor guy’s go to war, only to return home to be scorned by the VA or anyone else.

      We owe it to our kids and they are us !

      1. Right-on, James! Things are getting ever-more dicey over in Europe and Middle East, and seems Obama wants to play agitator/aggravator in the region…7 more days…tick, tick, tick…yes we can….yes we can….God, I hate that statement!! Not the change I could believe in, at all~!

    3. @namnibor: You got me on ‘Marvin The Martian’. When I left that post I was so angry I was shaking, now reading your reply? It has definitely made my day…………..Thank you.

  59. Hey Elf,

    Did you happen to see that Obama is planning a party of his own in Washington D.C. on inauguration day.

    “Head of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post in middle of inauguration”, By Peter Hermann and Aaron C. Davis, The Washington Post, January 13, 2017


    1. Also I am certainly glad I don’t live in Chiraq. You know they will be partying there Obama Style, just like the parties he threw in Syria an Libya.

      1. Seymore,
        I read an article from, I believe NewsMax today, where Chicago’s “… BEGGING for Trump’s Help…”
        Seems some female, associated with the police, is outgunned when it comes to cracking down on all the criminal activities and elements in her city.
        If I find the article, I’ll put it on here.

  60. Let the Lawsuit begin. I do protest, I sue.
    Trump’s newest appointment; VA Undersecretary/Chief Executive of Veterans Health Administration Dr. David J. Shulkin for Secretary of Veterans Affairs is a Slap in the face to Veterans. Unless the VA Hospitals become dismantled, the unions will fight Dr. David J. Shulkin, restricting his ability to restructure VA Hospital’s corruption. Hell, he may exacerbate corruption. It is apparent Trump was unable to deliver his promise to Veterans by appointing another VA employee in the epicenter of the corruption scandal to be, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Dr. Shulkin appointment is a sad moment for our Veterans to included doctors/surgeon’s integrity in private practice. The United Federal Workers of America ( UFWA) Broke Trump – Veteran will continue to die. This promotes a lawsuit.
    Dan Martinez ICEO @ ICC Underwriters
    Dan Martinez For Secretary of Veterans Affairs

    1. @Dan Martinez – Are you going to publish an official website that describes your background and how you plan to change the VA. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, I think at this point if you’re valid, Veterans would give you a look over. What do you say?

      1. ANutterVet
        I do not care about you Guys. I am like Trump. I am for myself. That is why I will follow through on my promise to sue. As a Vietnam Veterans, we lost the war because of Politics. Our fellow soldiers died for nothing. I will never- ever give into corruption in the VA and its corrupt politics. Trump is going to have a hard time building his Military because Americans are not going to fight. Trump will have to fight the battles on his own and take David Shulkin with him.
        Dan Martinez For Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

      2. @Seymore Klearly , @Namnibor , @Crazy elf , @91Veteran , @Disgruntled Veteran – What do you smell pertaining to Dan Martinez’s post above. His lead off sentence is contradictive.

      3. @Namnibor – That sounds anally stanky. Lets lance that thing right now. We’ll let Dan squeeze the oozing, bloody mucus.

      4. @ANutterVet — No, that’s why I was specific in recognizing the “self-absorbed hemorrhoid” type with “Dan”, as his type do not think their own shit stinks. Had he showed more rancid qualities, he surely would then be a “self-absorbed prolapse hemorrhoid”, just to be clear… 🙂

    2. Shit Dan, given your response to ANutterVet below that you don’t care about veterans, only about yourself, you would fit right in at the VA.

      Get your resume to Little Cox immediately!

      1. I almost have a strong sense that he very well could already be AT the VA. The swamp stench became rancid once he announced his ‘manifesto’ of “I don’t care about you guys…I am for myself…”!!

        Old and perhaps cliché saying, but still holds true, “There’s no “I” in TEAM. That held true for your military Flights/Squadrons/whatever, and as Veterans, a collective.

      2. @91Veteran – Agree. Its good to have other Veteran over seers for clarification. They want resumes on hard copy. @Dan Martinez, need paper? See the stalls. Roll out as much as you want.

  61. Strange turn of events. In Trumps defense, he’s a liar, I don’t believe he cares for anyone, I cannot keep covering up all the wrong things he’s getting away with. I believe the VA has outlasted any purpose they originally had. It’s a Republican choice also. I don’t know who to be against anymore. @Ben, I believe you said it all. Now, I am stuck with my anger, and I must deal with that. What a letdown.

  62. Dr. Shulkin has left the Honolulu Med. Center (VAPIHCS) without appointment of a full-time Director for a year – since Wayne Pfeffer just quit one day(2/12/2016). Evidence of Shulkin’s signatory approval of rotating “Acting Directors ” of under 29 days has been sent to Congressional reps and local press.

    If VA Health Care Systems don’t need the high price leadership of SES for a year, then why are taxpayers wasting money on them elsewhere?

    Hawaii Veterans and their families have faced problems that would have been avoided if Dr. Shulkin had taken the trouble to ensure that VAPIHCS had leadership that would MAKE them just follow the rules!!

    Ben is right – we all need to work to hold the politicians feet to the fire to be taken as seriously as NRA or AARP, for example.

    1. I would like to give an “acting director” a little more than 29 days to prove his mettle. But then maybe that has been all that has been needed to show that the “acting director” was doing just that–“acting” not directing. Some facilities need the Nixon treatment. If you can’t fire them move them out to a place they can cause less harm.

      If an acting director can’t find some necessary corrective personnel action to take in 29 days at a failing facility then he is just being friendly and not directing.

      1. I believe the director at my VA has been acting much longer than 29 days.

        I believe she has been in the position since the previous director went to Hines last year.

      2. That’s what they are doing now, conveyer belt. Work one year and move, that way the dirt don’t stick. Do the Damage and move on. That’s the way they got around the question of how many employees have been fired or how many were held responsible.

        I don’t know I was not in charge at the time.

    2. Putting someone in an acting position allows management above them to take that acting director for a spin, and see if they toe the line.

      It also saves the VA a huge amount of money in additional salary and moving expenses the longer they hold a job open.

      Perhaps because they spent so much money on moving hacks around here on the mainland, or moving Rima Whatsherface to PI for awhile before moving her to Phoenix.

      I agree with you. If the position is needed, fill it. If not, eliminate it.

      1. Yep, see your point. It would save the VA money if they would save it and not squander it. Trial spin.

      2. In the case of VAPIHCS, after Wayne Pfeffer left in a huff (my opinion), probably w/the bundle of relocation benefits he got as SES that Ben talked about (OIG Report 1/5/2017), “we” (the Pacific Islands Vets and their families) got the second in line Tonia Bagby, PsyD, as Acting Director (w/Shulkin’s signatory approval) for 120 days (until July 12, 2016). I am waiting FOIA requests for info about what happened when Bagby’s 120 day detail ended on July 12 and September 26, 2016 when they (VISN 21 Director Sheila Cullen Memo Sept 23, 2016 FOIA 17-03063-F) started the 29-day “visiting” acting directorships.

        Starting September 26 to October 14, Lisa Howard was missing as Director VA Sierra NV HCS; Stephen Bauman (Dir VA Cnt. CaHCS) Oct 17 – Nov 5; David Stockwell (Dir VA No. CaHCS) Nov 7 to 29; Peggy Kerns (Dir VA So NVHCS) Nov 29 – Dec 16, 2016; Lisa Howard was back Dec 19 to Jan 10, 2017; finally, the last on the list is Bonnie Graham (Dir San Francisco VAMC) Jan 11 – Feb 4, 2017.

        Bet CA/NV folks didn’t miss your Director while they spent a few weeks in Honolulu?

        No news from FOIA request as to who is up next. As I say, if VAPIHCS doesn’t need high paid SES leadership, why waste money elsewhere?

        This explains differing acting director time frames (29 vs. 120 days).

        If you want to know why your acting director is there so long, ask for the records via written FOIA request and state it is to inform the rest of us (public purpose w/broad dissemination).

        Just ask for VA FOIA RECORDS and claim public purpose for full fee waiver. VA resists, but we need to fight for the right to obtain VA info!!

        Ben, correct me if I am misleading folks! Thanks!

  63. Out of order, but here goes.

    First, I would like to change my #3 answer to your survey to a RESOUNDING HELL NO!
    I see no reason why any veteran should opt for any reduction in benefits to reform a completely corrupt organization and their union when we have a boatload of politicians in DC at massive expense that SHOULD BE DOING THEIR FUCKING JOB!

    Why should I pay the hangman to make sure he uses new rope?

    Now, to your post Ben. Very good as usual and brings up some things I had forgotten.

    Someone commented here about some congressman on a VA committee saying he was pleased with Trump selecting Shulkin.

    That should have been my red flag.

    I had forgotten about that worthless POS Isakson.

    If he is pleased, then special interests, the worthless VSOs, corrupt bureaucrats and many thieves got exactly what they wanted with Shulkin.

    His selection is turning out like the guy going to the dating site and contacting some gorgeous woman based on her picture and description, only to find out in person she weighs 350 pounds and is chewing on a burrito.

    What douche lied to Trump to ease Shulkins selection?

    Two words, Reince Priebus. This has high level insider hack written all over it…and it is going to blow up right in Trumps face, and when it does, these sneaky bastards will be nowhere to be found.

    I would like to protest in FL, but I doubt I could afford to get there.

    That does not mean I give up.

    This selection pisses me off the more I think of it because Shulkin has to be around and knowledgeable during many of these scandals the past 2 years. If not, it means he is worthless.

    How does Trump salvage this disaster?

    I don’t care. I don’t plan on waiting a year to see just another year wasted and the suicide rate going up.

    I voted for Trump specifically because of his position on veterans. Selfish? I don’t give a shit if someone thinks it was selfish. For years I have voted for what I thought was best for the country, only to see veterans treated like dogshit, while many thousands of illegal aliens are brought into this country, and given shelter, food, housing, education, medical care, welfare and anything else they ask for. I pay thousands in taxes for that shit, while paying thousands in out of state tuition for my son while illegal aliens are given in-state tuition if they have to pay anything.

    I think you are right Ben. Trump got hustled on this. The only way I can see him fixing this is being hands-on in making sure the VA is reformed.

    That starts with Shulkin immediately releasing a reform plan once he is confirmed. A plan with teeth and substance, and not some bullshit that takes years for vets to see changes.

    I give it until the first scandal after Shulkin is confirmed. Then the media savages Trump.

    And I will join them.

  64. You set the date, and I’ll find a way to be there. I agreed that I would reduce my check by 5% to reform the AFGE, but why should I? I got screwed on my rating for years and can finally get by with my check.

    Be that as it may, change requires sacrifice, and this is one I would make.

    I do like the idea of waiting until next year, though. As you mentioned, it’s entirely possible that the Trump team knows something we don’t. We’ll wait and see. I’m not at all encouraged by this selection, though.

  65. I don’t know David Shulkin, and the only thing I got from your article is that he is a scum bag. No reasons other than he’s not a veteran, does that make him a scum bag? Yes there are problems at the top and until they are fired there will continue to be problems, unions will be the ruination of our country, they had their day that day is long past. Can we give him a chance, can’t be any worse than it is now.

    1. @Ronald – He is not a scumbag. No one gets to his level as a professional who is a scumbag. I’m not clear Shulkin was the best choice, much less to be the first Sec VA in history to have never served in the military.

      I would have preferred keeping McDonald at his post if we knew the options were between McDonald or Shulkin. Trump promised a reformer, though, who would increase accountability and paraded Jeff Miller in front of voters as the likely replacement for McDonald.

      This is clearly a bait and switch – – seems disingenuous. I tend to follow the biblical principle of, “Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.”

      This looks like a, “Yes means no,” kind of decision.

      1. @Benjamin Krause, JD – Ben, I have the same principle. When I keep it, it serves me well. When I don’t, it costs me something.

      2. @Benjamin—- Can you share some feedback on my post for 15 January 2017 at 8:58am? We have already given David Shulkin a chance. How much more time to wait for change? How much more do the vets need to sacrifice? Enough is enough.

  66. As a former FAA Facilities and Equipment employee who continually suffered because of the Air Traffic Controllers Union in the Mid 90’S I can tell you it is Bullshit what unions still get away with in todays world. President Reagan did the right thing in the 80’s when he fired all of the striking Air Traffic Controllers and then barred them from coming back. Some Controllers got to come back within a year to five years and some were barred permanently. The Reagan Administration used the anti-federal strike law against the union and brought it to its knee’s, the second evolution of the Union was a whole lot different but still a major pain in the ass for everybody but the controllers. AFGE is only in it for AFGE and until the Secretary or the President attacks the AFGE and resets them the VA will continue to suffer the crap the union forces down the throat of VA Senior Management. The Federal Government should ban all unions from federal service and prohibit union activities on all federal properties. Federal Mediators could, can, and should represent employees in all labor disputes, and not let unions dictate the terms to the very agency that is paying them as employees. The union is getting paid by dues from employees that are not receiving direct compensation from the union in any adverse event. Basically the AFGE is there to protect bad employees and generate cash to pay AFGE Management on top of what they are earning as a federal employee. Totally a big scam all the way around.

    1. @Fred Payne – Right on! Many companies don’t have unions, and they much less problems than the VA does.

      1. @Fred Payne,
        You are so damn correct.
        I worked for a non-union company for a few years. Great working conditions, benefits (with a check come Christmas time), and more.
        If the VA were like that, we’d see massive improvement.

        I have stopped going on Facebook or other sites like that.
        I get enough emails, mostly “alt-right”, to look at. Plus, I view many Utube videos each day.

  67. PLEEEZE Hillary Clinton, lost by the electoral college. SHE is not responsible for any, I say any of trumps appointments. He is the problem NOT Clinton. Why cant you folks who voted for him take responsibility for his and your actions? If you want change than lobby your Reps, call the trump transition team and post your objections…blaming clinton nor obama will NOT help ANY of us.

    1. @Sean – You diehard head in the sand liberal. Watch the news. The MSM can’t let go because their Queen got beat. You fake news liberal media owns 90% of the stations. And, there are only 6 corporations that own them [monopoly]. Go find a dam Sanctuary City to live in. I’m concerned for you, you have been dumbed down by their rhetoric. Can’t you live without them? Are you a Veteran, boy?

      1. @Tommy Di Stefeno – Jewish people have been accused of many things. Unfounded. You can’t group those who are Zionist and those who own the liberal media. Most Jewish people are not of the Jewish faith [Hebrew]. If that was the case, I would think there would be less Trump bashing in the MSM news. And, all corruption, manipulation, and deceit are NOT led or controlled by Jewish people. That means that everyone is ok, except Jews. Shading analogy at best. Hillary is who you can call deceitful. Your statements are too broad based. Greed is everywhere. And so is distortion, like you! A form of deceitfulness. Can I order more education for Tommy? Do you any school benefits left from the VA? He needs to know the difference between Judaism, Judeo-Christian, and secular Jews. Lets break bread.

      2. @Benjamin Krause, JD – Ben I posted a reply to Tommy Di Stefeno’s post [see above], and now his original post has been removed. What is up with this? Someone is censoring Ben’s blog. Strange! Any one have input?

      3. I hate seeing comments on here that attack any group based on religion, race or gender, so I deleted Tommy’s comment. Good debate is fine, but targeting Jewish people (or any other race / religion / ethnicity) crosses a line for me.

      4. @Benjamin Krause, JD – Thanks Ben. As you might have deduced, I was really perturbed with Tommy’s post. I heard that crap since I was a kid. I have many Jewish friends who are far from the mold that Tommy was picturing. Or shall I say dictating. Thanks for responding.

  68. Has anyone else had Facebook problems today? I cannot access any of my normal wall feeds to comment about this article or on VA Is Lying. All the walls are blank or whited out. Let me know.

    1. @Benjamin Krause, JD – Ben, I’m just wondering, have you noticed any other things that seem strange with your online accounts? Has things been different ever since the VA administrator tried to tell you how to help Veterans [I forget the article, but you posted your response to her]. It seems fishy and weird.

      1. I noticed some strange things with email, and my cell phone has been getting several spam calls since I called the VA 2 days ago.

    2. Leave it to the Russians, and their more reliable news service, to tell us what is going on with FaceBook

      “Facebook down worldwide for many users” by Valentin Flauraud, RT News, 13 Jan, 2017 17:37
      Edited time: 13 Jan, 2017 18:12

      “Facebook users in parts of the world are experiencing a social media blackout, according to reports online.
      Website Down Detector reports Facebook problems are evident in parts of Central Europe and the west and east coasts of the US.”

      “Facebook has yet to comment via its newsroom or official Twitter page, despite the collective twittersphere going into a mini meltdown.”

      Error messages on the social network suggest Facebook’s team is working to fix the problems as soon as it can.

      Complaints from users range from Facebook timeline issues to pages not loading correctly.

      “Can’t access any company pages for which I am an admin,” one person wrote online.

      “Personal page not loading fully. Newsfeed seems to be working.”

      Another added: “In Arlington, Virginia. Cannot access my notifications… what’s going on??!!”


      1. “Facebook Back Online For Users Worldwide After Partial Outage”, Happy Friday the 13th, everyone. 01/13/2017 02:19 pm ET

        “ outage_us_58791b5be4b09281d0eaa512”

      2. Probable just Obama’s JV team trying out new software to target individuals social media accounts.

      3. I think Obama turning over control of the internet to others is going to be the gift that will keep on giving for years.

    3. The mobile version works here.

      If you are accessing it through a browser, you might want to clear your temporary data cache and restart your browser.
      Adobe pushed Flash Player updates a few days ago, and Microsoft pushed some updates last night.

    4. Benjamin, I am not on Facebook. Yes, my comment reply icons are whited out but I thought you did that to my post messages because I got upset with you. I also noted that many other vets reply icons are also whited out.

  69. This morning, on “Escape” (a new TV station) is a show on the Mafia in New York City and other areas of the country. It’s called; “Target Mafia”!

    In this ‘documentary’ it is explained, in specific dialog, how the Mafia took over places of businesses.
    One thing that stood out was “HOW” they did it.
    First, they had to “…find individuals, (business owners, union heads, etc., etc.), “…who were corrupt enough to take money…” or “…suffer the consequences…” usually death to union organizers and workers.
    (Even the Ford Motor Company, The Garment Industry, Long Shoreman, etc., etc., etc. we’re corrupt…..)

    That being said, how many of VA upper management, SES’rs, and union members, (from top to bottom in local areas), would “sell their souls” for money?
    It was once said;
    “Everyone is for sale, it just depends on how much!”
    “How much is the answer”! We see, from IG reporting, GAO reporting, etc., etc., many of the VA upper echelon is being paid very well for their “services” to screw the taxpayers and veterans. Especially in what VA is now calling; “Incentives” instead of “bonuses”.

    In my opinion, the only way this will be stopped, is to break the backs of those willing to “sell out” those whom they are hired to serve!
    I think the question this raises is “HOW can this be done?”
    Right now, nothing is more important than finding those responsible, and putting their feet in the fire!
    There needs to be an investigation on who is the “seller” and who is the “buyer”!

    This is my opinion, brothers and sisters, HOW can it be done??????

    1. Are there any veterans out there who are Private Investigators, who would help Ben, and all other veterans, to put this together? That is; to help put corrupt VA employees, from top to bottom, in prison?

      1. Check the internet for body cameras. Get one and use it for all visits. Very useful to have at least a voice recording to correct erroneous histories. Cost under $50

      2. To All Veterans – You have to be careful when recording Federal employees on Federal property. I got caught capturing audio and the ER Physician yelled out, “he’s recording.” The on site Police were called. They wanted to confiscate my recorder, but I refused, and left the ER on my own accord.

        With that being said, anyone can search for spy recorders, cameras, spy gear, shops, . . . etc. There are plenty different types of gear online, and you’ll be amazed how some items are reasonably priced. Be careful during your missions.

      3. I prefer the Bluetooth Fisheye Micro Anal Camera so when I go in for an ear, throat, and nose exam and the Dr. inevitably wants to check my prostate, I can keep tabs on what he’s really doing down there. 🙂

      4. @Namnibor – Especially if you observe the doctor grabbing and holding his instrument like some Rappers do on stage. May be you should ask them their sexual preference before they touch you. After all, its your body. Or, did we lose that right as well? You can’t even hide out in the bathroom anymore. You don’t know who is going to walk in; he, she, shimmy, shimmie, dragster, queenie, the dikester, a girl named Butch, Zeek, . . . etc. Do you think the kids nowadays are totally confused about how anyone can use the same bathroom? No absolutes. Oh well, love is love. Roger that, Pee Wee Hillary and family.

        The above comments are for entertainment purposes only.

      5. Nam, does that micro anal camera come in Hi Definition?

        I could get a nice shot of Dr. Harry Bigknuckles and hang it on my mantle.

        Speaking of hi def, for those interested, a Pen camera on Amazon that records video and audio in high definition is $19.95.

      6. The pen camera records to an on-board micro USB memory card. You can view the video by downloading it to your computer using a USB cable, which doubles as a power charging cable.
        Press the button and it starts recording.
        It actually works as a regular pen as well.

      7. Drooling coffee right now….LMAO!

        @James, with such cameras, they usually have a micro usb port or some even have Bluetooth wireless means. Most Smartphones have phenomenal audio as well as video recording modes and pretty high-definition even through obvious clothing. 🙂

        If you happen to have an iPhone, even my older iPhone 5s has a free app that came with an update last year called “EXTRAS”, open “Extras” and you will see -6- icons, a Compass, Tips, Contacts, Find Friends, Find Phone, and the one of special interest to topic, VOICE MEMOS….”Voice Memos” allows you to effectively use your phone as a full fledged Field Recorder and that of course, can be backed-up to your computer via iTunes and downloaded in another operating system such as Windows, but they are still .WAV Files, pretty universal audio media.
        I can only imagine Android operating systems have similar recorders for audio and video.
        Be mindful of whether you reside in a One Party or Two Party State for recording and the Law. The VA only holds to the LAW when it’s convenient for the VA, not because it’s the right thing to do. 🙂 Hope that helped.

      8. @crazy elf:
        we could start a gofundme or crowdfund link to pay a PI type like Ron did with the billboard project & pay @Ben.

        there is so much analog and digital data available for your PI suggestion to back up most any reporting for a documentary. just the veteran legal firms out there would have a treasure of data. whistle-blower evidence. Congressional evidence not made public. news org who have already shown segments on the VA issues. etc etc. and that is just a short list of supporting evidence of veterans issues with VHA/VBA.

        as you mention, maybe get it all edited into a new documentary type episode / film? like Dinesh D’Souza has done with his documentaries?

  70. Can I jump in Trump’s swimming pool At Mar-a-Lago if such a protest took place? I promise it will only be a Baby Ruth candy bar I leave floating in the pool. 🙂 🙂 (Caddyshack was such a great movie)

      1. Always ready, however, one would have to take into account that hot Florida sun on the consistency/integrity of the ‘Baby Ruth’. It may look very much like Thai Food with Peanuts in the end result unless dry ice is used. 🙂

      2. Benjamin, why take 5% of Veterans Benefits when I am already retraining myself due to being denied Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation, paying for most of my own health care now out of the VA, employees getting triple salaries as compared to my VA benefits plus bonuses plus they even get educational assistance while working for the VA, top leadership getting paid above and beyond what they should be paid and the list goes on. Benjamin, I am aware of educational assistance that has been approved for immigrants who are not even citizens in this country to get a full ride with getting a Bachelors degree with medical care, room and board.
        Benjamin, give me a break. Damn immigrants being treated with kid gloves and veterans being shit on. Give me another break. Benjamin, with all the hell that I have been through with what had / has happened to me due to the Navy and being helped by the VA but now later being held back by a single payer socialist VA healthcare system, there is no way I would surrender any of my benefits. Benjamin, I can’t even get buy now. Being under government control which is what I have been, shits on success, independence, and capitalism. The University that is offering the medical care, tuition, room and board to immigrants is named Valdosta State University. Benjamin, and too, I know you busted your ass in getting your Chapter 31 benefits but Lord help me, Do you really think that over 350000 thousand dollars should have been awarded to you for retraining? Benjamin, the federal government needs to put a damn cap on the tuition costs. Benjamin, then, you went and asked for more voc rehab after you had your practice. I do not agree with you even doing this. I can understand your being awarded your compensation but I did not agree with you asking for more after you had your law degree. Yes, Benjamin, I am even busting you. I do not agree with the Donald J TRUMP decision on David Shulkin. He is still part of the corruption.
        I do not think veterans should have to give up any of their compensation. Look at all the damn money that the federal government has squandered. And it has not even been for American lives. Look at the IRAN deal. Benjamin, veterans have sacrificed enough with losing their limbs, losing their lives, losing their functioning, loosing their freedom to being controlled and dictated by socialism with having no way out. Give me a break. Benjamin, I do not know if I can go back to work with what has happened in my life but I am preparing to. Age is not a factor. Matter of fact look at most of Mr. Trump’s cabinet. Most are much older with Mr. Trump being over 70 years old. My mother retired when she was 72 years old and is now pushing 80 and is very healthy. My father will be 80 his next birthday and still works. He even lifts weights, walks and still runs and now works on a farm. So Benjamin, my point in all this is veterans need to be treated with some respect for once. The VA needs accountability and quality health care to assist us veterans. I guarantee you and this is no joke. If the VA does not do something about accountability etc., it will crash and destruct. The VA needs to take note and heed. If they do not make changes, the VA employees will not longer exists with their jobs and their bonuses because the VA will not longer exist. MR. ELECT DONALD J TRUMP had better reform this VA because with the way it is going, in the future there is not going to be VA. I like most of Mr. Trump ‘s cabinet nominees but the VA secretary I do not. Also, I would like to point out that and with noticing real close that Mr. Trump is proposing an agenda with some issues that are surfacing as liberal policies. Further evaluate everyone. He ran as a Republican but some of his ideas or future policies are even moving towards liberalism. I have more to say but will catch everyone later.

      3. Benjamin, I have a few more words to you. With someone who represents veterans, how could you even consider to ask or survey the question of asking the veterans if they would give up 5% of their benefits? Benjamin, this is pretty low. I have even more to say. If I am struggling with this damn economy, I know most other veterans are as well. And, the veterans who do not even have a percentage and no health care are not even existing. 🙁 I will continue later.

      4. I am really concerned with the fact of too many changes at once with the TRUMP administration. I would not have started with Obamacare. I would have started with Tax reform, VA reform etc. I believe the Trump adminstration should be trying to get the economy stable first to have the stability and leverage to work with before revamping any health care. Too many changes all at once. If these changes do not fall into place, the stock market could take a dive with the country collapsing. Thanks.

      5. And too, as much money as the federal government squanders such as Mr. Obama’s vacations which has resulted in the millions, and many other areas, again how could you ask the veterans to give up 5% of their benefits? I do not get this one.

        All veterans listen up. This is a fact. Research dark chocolate with 70% and higher percentages with being non GMO, without soy letchin, without peanuts, without milk chocolate, without regular sugar, made with aroma cocoa beans, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free egg free, etc. It has organic sugar at the highest level of 7 grams. People need at least 1oz. a day with a total of 7 oz. a week. Dark chocolate can improve the cardiovascular system, blood sugar, cognitive functioning, improve skin conditions with UV protection from the sun etc. The list goes on. Dark chocolate is very healthy for the body. If no VA care or limited care, please look for alternatives. Thanks.

      6. Angela, I disagree with your comment about Ben getting any more VocRehab after getting his degree.

        I disagree because if Ben followed the law in obtaining those benefits, that is what should be provided for ALL veterans. The VA likes to pit one veteran against another, or one group of veterans against another using benefits, and it is wrong.

        As a Gulf War veteran, I was told some medical issues would not be considered service connected because if they were, Agent Orange veterans would not receive the same benefit.

        The real problem is that VocRehab program being so screwed up that you practically have to become a lawyer to obtain them.

        I look on the benefits Ben obtains as the difference between a veteran having a regular wheel chair, and another veteran having a powered scooter. Both need the additional mobility, but one managed to get the benefit needed for whatever reason…within the benefits that are allowed under Title 38.

      7. 91Veteran – It is the more concept of greed that is destroying this country. I am not saying that he did not deserve the benefits because he busted his but. It is the fact that he even put the question in his survey about the veterans giving up 5% of their benefits. This is absolutely what I am pissed about. It is not directed towards him personally. It directed towards character defects. Many veterans who follow the law can’t even get a certification paid for. I am not against other veterans who are deserving. However, I am a person who would not continue to ask for more and more. I am just not that way particularly with the damn debt. Thanks. These are my values.

      8. I understand what you are saying Angela, but I am giving Ben the benefit of the doubt on his question about giving back 5% of any benefit.

        I don’t know why he asked that question, or for what reason, so I will have to trust him.

        I also agree on not continually asking for more, but I also don’t believe it is my place to question the reason a veteran might ask for more benefits.

        That they ask for anything legally allowed is good enough for me.

        My reasoning is simple. The VA likes to play the game of telling veterans or the public how much disability compensation a veteran might get, as if that is the sole purpose of getting a medical issue service connected.

        “Well, he is getting 50% already. How much more does he need”?

        To me, what is more important than compensation is getting medical care for a condition caused or aggravated by my service. The VA ignores that in favor of saying how much compensation a veteran gets to make it look like we are greedy.

        I first saw this in the 1990s when I testified before Jesse Brown at a hearing he had in Milwaukee on veterans issues. After the hearing, they also had a little recognition kind of thing where he was presenting checks to veterans whose claims had been approved. They had veterans from Korea, Vietnam and other eras. He would announce who the veteran was, what era he was from, that their claim was approved, and how much in back pay the VA approved.

        It was an embarrassing spectacle that only served to make veterans look greedy, rather than acknowledging the years of hell they went through in trying to prove their claim.

        After about the 4th veteran, the next one asked that the amount not be announced, and every one after did the same.

        It was also the first time I met a veteran who wore the Medal of Honor.

        My thinking is kind of the same when it comes to veterans disabilities. Not all disabilities are visible, but we have all heard the VA flunky say, “well, you don’t look disabled”.

        The response to that is, “well Dr. Dumbass, where did you get your PhD that gave you x-ray vision and the ability to see cancer?”

      9. Veterans should get a disability monies when that disability effects their ability to do everyday tasks. For medical reasons. PTSD and mental disorders should reflect how severe it is. Now that’s a tricky one and the VA will take advantage of this, saying Mild.

        The veteran maybe 100% disabled in the 1st place, yet the VA will give a 0 % and make that veteran jump through hoops. Disagree with the 0%, reapply given 10% and this continues for decades and the veterans die or gives up.

        Those that live long enough to get receive their deserved rating, will more than likely be called into the VA over and over for ratings, until they get back to 0 %.

        Too, many veterans are being denied their deserved disabilities on purpose. Sometimes I read some of the posts and it seems likes other motives are being used on this site. Who gets what is no bodies business.

        We have seen it over and over where the VA has done what ever they could to insure the veteran does not get their deserved disability. Some posts sound like my children use to use, well you gave this one so much, so give me the same. Why you did not do what he did. Just Because !

      10. I am not against any veteran. Veterans have sacrificed. Again I say, it is the concept or character defect of greed that is destroying this country. From what I said to Benjamin Krause JD., I stand by word. It is the more and more concept. I want and I want and I want it now. I hate this attitude. I have bent over backwards with tons of volunteer work and helping other veterans since I have come along in my own recovery. I have worked unpaid in a Forensic facility to better develop my skills for assisting people who are held by the legal system until they are deemed as competent to stand trial. I have bailed veterans out of jail with my own money. I have tutored math for a college without pay. I have served as a VA ambassador then I get shit on in return. I have tutored math to people who are homeless so they can get their GED. I have tutored for a community ministry. So damn it stay tuned for the rest. Actually, my wanting to go back to work, it is not even about damn money. It is to become totally self reliant and independent away from the damn VA. I believe in capitalism all the way. I have a brain. Yes, I used to be very sick. I still even require accommodations. Also, I do have some serious health conditions but nothing that a private care provider can’t take care of at this point unless I have conditions that are hidden and have been overlooked with negligence by the VA. We will see. God gave all of us a brain. God provides the tools for us to survive. God puts people in our lives for different reasons. Everyone who is put into our lives always has a lesson for us to learn from. When the lesson is learned, the person will just fade into our memories and will go away. God speaks through people. I believe in competition. I believe in the American dream. To All veterans though, the one aspect that I cannot stand is debt and with Mr. Obama wasting millions of taxpayer dollars going to Hawaii when we have a broken country. It is about being frugal and our government does not even know how to practice that attitude. Mr. Obama did not have to go to Hawaii. He could have chosen to think about others besides himself and not spend the damn money. He could have many other positive ways to spend that squandered money like putting it into people’s lives.

      11. Again, I agree with your concept, but I disagree veterans are the place to start for this country to start looking to save money. That is done enough already.

        If you did a search on “wastebook”, you would find a recent report on plenty of places to save money.

      12. You have totally misunderstood me with this post. I will say this what I am speaking about with greed or any corruption in this world including the VA will never be resolved until the Lord Jesus Christ returns to walk again on this earth. The second coming of Christ is the only answer. With this, I will say no more.

      13. Angela, there is no reason to remove yourself from this blog over a disagreement of opinion.

        We as veterans should be able to freely offer our opinions as we see fit, and disagree with those opinions. It doesn’t mean disagreement is bad, it’s simply offering a differing viewpoint.

      14. It is not about a difference of opinion. It is an issue of being tired of all the news period. I actually cannot stand the crap. I just can’t take it. All the corruption with what is being posted in the news articles of Benjamin’s are very hard to deal with. Tired of the corruption and unaccountability. Tired of the fighting with the politicians. Nobody wants to solve any problems. They just want to wallow in bullshit drama and more bullshit drama. They are all in a sess pool of wallowing with not accomplishing anything but more corruption to feed destabilization so they can take over.

        Obama is showing his but with Russia. I hope this move by Obama is just an exercise but I do not believe it is. They are trying to destabilize the country. Liberals and Democrats creating more chaos. It is not a smooth transition at all. I believe Soros is even still in play. Just can’t take it. Got to go for awhile or might just have a heart attack.

      15. If you want to attack Ben, maybe you should go to a site where they don’t care. Your attack should be on the greed the VA is doing. Ben is only trying to help. We veterans need people to help, not do the VA thing and try and destroy.

        VA employees have stopped thousands of veterans from Obtaining their deserved disabilities and were tired of veterans having to forfeit their lives over greed. Are you trying to go after Ben and degrade him.

        Yes Greed is the problem and the VA is taking and taking and veterans are dying. I could have been one of those veterans, but I the type who would stay and fight. Yes I am Greedy, I want veterans to get everything they deserve and that is not a casket.

        Your True Colors have shown themselves !

      16. You have misunderstood me as well. Read my post on 15 January 2017 at 8:58am and you will see my true colors.

      17. Ben Has given us some hope and don’t need anyone saying things to or about Ben’s honor. He would we want to help veteran’s period.

        More important things to post.

        Like what can we do to help Ben.

      18. You are misunderstanding me. If you want to see my true colors, refer to my post of 15 January 2017 at 8:58am. Otherwise, good bye to all.

      19. And too, when I say the VA has shit on me in some ways. It has to do with stigmatization. They are biased towards me due to my diagnosis and my past history. The VA does not believe in positive growth and positive change. Their polices need revamping all the way. The VA finds ways to hold everyone back because it is socialism. The VA finds a way to discriminate. It finds ways to lie and promote slow death. I have caught social workers entering false progress notes on me red -handed. One time the doctor was even trying to create false drama with accusing me of playing one provider against the other. I confronted them with this shit and called them on it. There is no telling what lies are in my record and what is true. Another lie to keep me coming back to their damn appointments where I could not get on with school or whatever. Doctors refusing to sign papers for Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. It all boils down to the VA employees really demean the veterans 100%. With this being said for now I will shut up for now.

      20. I do not disagree with you. Veterans deserve help to get their lives turned around. You are right about the VA trying to control what a veteran gets in compensation. Again, I am not against Benjamin in any aspect. I know it takes a lot of financial support to get started with law practice. Honestly, I believe everything veteran who is thrown out of the military with horrific medical conditions should be awarded a 100 percent until the VA can establish retraining. And until the veterans become successful in their employment. This is for the ones who can eventually work. The VA needs to develop a transition process from a high rating to get into retraining into employment without leaving the veteran out in the cold. I am for all veterans to getting help to get their lives in order because the military strips the veterans livelihood from them. As for the veterans who cannot become eventually become able to work, they should stay at the 100 percent rating. Again, I say, I am not questioning Benjamin’s process. This is not what this is about. It is only about the greed concept. I do not hold this against Benjamin.
        I just cannot stand the concept. I know he is trying to do what is right for the veterans. When I recognize the concept throughout this country, it all becomes a central issue no matter who it is. Thanks.

      21. To add to my comments. If anyone looks for chocolate, I forgot to comment on the amount of cacao to be looked for when buying the chocolate. 70 % or higher cacao percentages are healthy for the body. A good brand is PASCHA organic dark chocolate. I am overly concerned with too many changes at once. Has anyone looked at this? Trump is establishing more chaos but these damn liberals are even pushing it more and instigating it even more. This could be deceiving as well. Who knows how this country is going to turn out? All this is creating more instability. ???????

      22. This Obama administration leading up to this decision has tremendous benign neglect towards this whole country. The Obama DOJ– totally unethical and is so shallow with her results from a year long investigation on Chicago crime. Hell, it is like merry go round. All unethical investigating other unethical. Hell, the Obama administration is all corrupt. Nothing will come from these investigations. Why waste the damn money until the appropriate Trump administration officials are in place. Obama still taking another shot at Israel. How sad! Anti Israel resolutions in final days. Mr. Obama is very mean and such a coward. Stated on Lou Dobbs, if any country aids and a-beds Mr. Obama’s Anti-Israel resolutions will suffer consequences. Mentioned that Mr. Trump could hold countries accountable. What a mess from this Obama Administration. Pathetic.

      23. Ben: This is just my way of fighting the VA. Posted this on the VA’s e-mail site which I receive. Just reached a point in my life where they can’t mess with me any longer. They missed the cancer on my right kidney which a civilian Doc just found. You want to get a protest going – count me in, anytime, anyplace:
        James Leon Jones January 13, 2017 at 12:39 pm Reply
        Godspeed to McDonald. And thanks for all he did for Vets.

        William Gardner January 14, 2017 at 9:01 pm Reply
        And just what in the hell did he do, to even deserve a thank you??

        So many disrespectful and illegal things have transpired within the VA and against veterans. However, no VA employee has ever been charged.

        If that is something to thank this outgoing VA Secretary for then there are an awful lot of extremely
        stupid individuals in this country. !!!!!

        Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      24. @91Veteran@Benjamin and all, I am back to clarify where 91veteran misunderstood my point of frugality etc as well the state of the VA. To start off 91Veteran my statement was not directed to veterans. It was directed towards the Veterans Administration. The frugality concept should be applied by the veterans affairs meaning they should not spend money unjustifiably and should allocate money appropriately on substantive priorities not bullshit. I will continue on with my sharing on this blog. My blogs are written based on how the VA has handled situations. My anecdote is factual with past VA experiences. I have been in the VA over 20+ years but not saying that I am a expert. Another point that I am going to make is about the education of medical professionals. There is no substitute for an outstanding education in the right field. Harvard MDs and Harvard PhDs in Standford and John Hopkins with all the other phenomenal schools and Clinics such as Sloan Kettering Institute and American Cancer Institute etc. The list goes on in the private sector. Many VA doctors do not have a quality education are not even med board licensed. This is sad. They should not be practicing medicine. This is why the VA is unable to deal with serious health issues like cancer etc. They are okay with minor issues. The VA treatment procedures and prescribed medication lists are also outdated all the way. For example: they use interferon which is used to HIV, sclerosis, and other autoimmune diseases and has been around since the 70s or even earlier. Their draconian treatment options are limited with too serious side effects. The Interferon treatment causes one to hallucinate, forget the names of people you know, forget tasks that you always used to know how to do: like brush your teeth. Can you imagine someone who is holding down a job which requires a higher functioning level such as a person who is a professor and who is a veteran now can’t work due to side effects of old outdated medications. It throws one into a Alzheimer’s disease which is the common cause of premature senility. This sad being the VA receives billions of dollars each year. The point that I am getting to has to do with most of Ben’s articles with the one in particular is the one where the VA made 60 million in improper incentive payments. The article where the IG estimated the value of improper incentive payments is 158.7 million from 2015-2019 with the average in improper payments being over 30 million per year. Ben, not only with hiring of many medical doctors, psychiatrists, and other health care professionals to combat the veteran’s suicide epidemic but to damn well reform their prescribed medication list and treatment procedures. The VA receives billions of taxpayer dollars every year and does not allocate it appropriately on the priorities such as the ones that I have mentioned with including the facts in Ben’s article that he reported on. 91Veteran, this is the point that I was trying to illustrate to you and all. Frugality vs squandering, accountability and the list goes on. Benjamin, VHA needs to be privatized. VBA can stay with dealing with veteran benefits. VBA includes education benefits, vocational rehabilitation benefits, home loans, vet success and employment assistance and direct deposits for veteran benefits. VBA even includes all VET centers. The vet centers do not fall under the leadership of VHA. Send all vets who have PTSD to VET centers which fall under the leadership of VBA. Close down all VA hospitals under VHA leadership. Move all medical care and all psychiatric care to the private sector. Keep PTSD care in VBA with the VET centers. Some vet center mental health professionals yes are trained to deal with PTSD. Although, many VA mental professionals may not be veterans and are in a position for treating veterans with combat PTSD with not being able to even relate. So all medical treatment and mental health treatment could be privatized. The VA a is socialized single payer system and will never be successful no matter who is the VA secretary. My suggestion is to privatize all care and keep VBA – —Veteran Benefits— which could used for the purpose of veterans compensation, retraining, education benefits, home loans and to align the care for vets coming out of the military to the private sector. The VBA could just be used as a transition and a designation authority with veteran issues almost like being an insurance company. All a socialism healthcare system does is squander money, barely maintain lives with only being able to treat minor issues with the individual eventually dying due to inappropriate and poor medical care. The VA is not in the business for saving lives like quality educated medical private sector professionals are. I am not saying that the private sector does not have its problems but overall honestly I believe the problems do not come close to the level of severity experienced with the VA care which is due the less qualified health care professionals and lack of accountability. I do not support Mr. Trump’s nominee decision for VA secretary. I now believe VHA should privatized because it is a pool of corruption. The bottom line is the VA does not want to clean it up. They want to continue to wallow in it. So get rid of it.

      25. @91veteran @BenjaminKrause, please read my comments on January 15 at 8;58am earlier this morning. This is where I am trying to come from.

      26. To further reply to you, Benjamin, all veterans, and to my post dated 15 January 2017 at 8:58am. Mr. David Shulkin is not a wise selection. He is part of the problem. I believe Mr. Trump was persuaded, blackmailed possibly and even fed false information.
        Benjamin, I am enrolled at a least problematic VAMC but still has major issues. Outdated and limited treatments with prescribed medicines dating back to the 70’s and even earlier. Some VA providers are decent but many are not qualified to handle the more serious life threatening issues. This is not slamming anyone nor is any emotion from a personality involved here. These are the facts about the VA with how the money has been misallocated. The VA has done it to themselves by establishing the wrong priorities or not establishing even any priorities at all for allocation of their funds. Best.

      27. Benjamin, on Mr. Trump’s great website, I was preparing to post my write up on ideas for improving the country and on my story, but you know what, he eliminated that open forum on his website. Now, it is only for Facebook, Twitter, and for donations. I am not on Facebook nor Twitter. I do not ever plan to be on either. Benjamin, this is also another slap in the face. Of course, though, what I would have had to say to him would not have amounted to any value of importance to him now anyway. My perception is now he could care less. So I will deal with my own life the best that I can with getting on with things as best I can.

      28. Benjamin, I had to come back and post this. This is about our messed up government. As long as the government will pay the students’ tuition or as direct payments from the government or forgive loans or from the VA Vocational Rehabilitation and as long as the Universities know they can get the damn money from the government, the universities will continue to raise the damn tuition costs which is robbing the VA just like these private contractors are robbing the VA. Like I mentioned in my very first post about this issue the federal government needs to put a damn cap on this tuition. Then the VA would not have to pay over 350000 dollars to retrain someone. Benjamin, this is not about you. It is about our overpriced, screwed up educational system, screwed up VA, and screwed up federal government. This is what I have been bitching about all along. The bottom line is Benjamin, no University should be charging 350000 dollars for an education so one can become employeed. I am serious. The VA should not be paying out that kind of money either. Benjamin, the cost of tuition is overpriced. This is a fact. What it cost today to get a college degree is totally insane and not worth it. Although, a quality education is an investment and it certainly makes a difference in being qualified when one has degrees that are top of the line and marketable. Benjamin, though, it is not about you. I am angry with the way our government has been running and the veterans administration. They have let things get beyond repair due to greed. You have had no control about your situation. It is the messed up leadership all the way around. The point of all this is nobody should have to pay $350000 dollars and over to earn a degree to become employeed in substantive employment. It is not even economical. Our government is not frugal at all. Our government just believes money just grows on trees. Best, Reform needs to happen in all aspects of this country.

      29. Benjamin, I would like to apologize to you. I am really sorry about my greed comment towards you. The whole situation like I have mentioned many times is really not about you. Best.

  71. There’s a lot of “Until(s)” being spoken by us!
    “Until” the AFGE is broken.
    “Until” VA employees are prosecuted. “Until” someone with balls takes control of the VA, it will be business as usual.
    My main concern is, Shulkin will do nothing to curb the corruption within VA. I believe he’s just another Washington DC HACK out to get more money in his pocket and receive self importance by lying his way to the top!
    Yesterday, someone mentioned about Trump more than likely having a hard time finding a Secretary of VA, because they all know the VA is the most corrupt government agency, except for the DOD, in Washington,(Paraphrasing)!

    I think of it like this. What person, who is top in their field, would want to be humiliated beyond reproach, by trying to fix this problem then failing??????
    We all know the union and all the corrupt SES’rs and upper management will do their best to continue to screw veterans, and especially the taxpayers, of this country.
    Trump has made many statements on this issue. We need to make sure he follows through with it!!!!!


    There’s a new article out this morning, where Obama has sent troops into Poland. Speculation is he’s trying to start a war with Russia before the inauguration. If true, we might not have an inauguration come 20 Jan. Only seven days left! A lot can happen in seven days!
    This would mean, Obama declares “Martial Law” and remains in power.
    Looking back in history. This is how Caesar, Hitler, Mussolini and others rose to power and caused world conflicts. It doesn’t look good for any of us.
    There’s also reports coming out where Obama is trying to confiscate all weapons, with his “Royal Pen and Phone”, from Americans. If this is factual, we’ve got some serious shit about to happen!!!!!!!!!!


    I was considered ‘Kamaina’ after about two years living in Hawaii. They don’t trust “white men” (or any non Hawaiian persons for that matter). Especially in the ‘Waianai’ and ‘Makaha’ areas of Oahu and in outer islands.
    Yet, after partying with many “Sons” and “Allii’s” out there, they took me in as a “brother”! It may have been because of my association with the “MMA”, (Modified Motorcycle Association), out of Southern California back in the early to mid ’60’s’!
    The “SBU”, or “Street Bikers United”, was heavily involved in motorcycle safety and other laws not helping us.
    After many years of fighting corrupt laws, one gets completely “burned out”! I know I did.
    I returned to state side in 1988. Yes. I miss the parties on the beaches. Great times! Great “pokalolo”, big fat ones, lmao.
    I forgot to mention yesterday. My very first “Big Bike” was a 1940 WL, (45 ci – 2 wheeler) back in 1963, I was 16 years old! Completely stock and not “chopped” as was the way then.
    Of course, if one wants, my first 2 wheeler was a 1953 WHIZZER. Last year made by Sears-Roebuck and Co. with a Schwinn frame, remember those? Long Belt drive to the back wheel. Had a lot of fun with it. Great gas mileage also!
    Purchased them with monies I made from a paper route!

    1. @Crazy elf – Yea, I also miss those times on the beach. And, I must say, it was in the Sandwich Islands that I first experienced discrimination because of being white. I didn’t like it at all. Later, I was accepted into a Ohana. Made a big difference in how I was treated. Yes, those Schwinn bikes bring back memories. I too had a paper route, along with cutting grass, and shoveling snow to save up for a Honda Mini Trial, 3 speed automatic, big knobby tires. I was able to put on a ski on the front to use in the snow. As a matter of fact, I found a stray pure bred German Sheppard puppy while out riding. It was during Christmas. I fed him Polish Kielbasa, and he followed me all over. That boy couldn’t keep his eyes off of me. He was a fantastic buddy and protector.

  72. PENDEJO VETS YO VOTED FOR THE TRUMPER HOWS THAT DRAIN THE SWAMP COMMING ALONG PENDEJO VETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. @Bill -I hate that poo too. At least show some discussion. Depends on what works for people, along with being aware of the risks, and being closely monitored.

      2. Am sorry for lack of discussion. It made me sleep all the the, I was like zombie like. Currently I take lexapro and trazadone. They are not a cure but tend to help take the edge off a liitle depending on the day.

        Over the years I felt I being used as a nazi experiment as they threw the kitchen sink at me. These are the only 2 drugs that seem to help a little without all the damn side effects.

        Again I am sorry for my short and direct response, very anxious today with a side order of paranoid being served cold.


      3. @Bill – No problem Brother. I hear you about finding a balance with medications. And, I very well know about that dam anxiety. Hard to get to sleep many nights. I’ve been taking supplements to help. Hang in there Brother!

      4. @Bill – Sorry for getting back to you a little late. I’m having a big problem with getting services from the VA in which they already promised me. I know that I’m not the only Veteran with this issue.

        Supplements; melontonin, magnesium citrate, 5htp, GABA, and for a chaser, I take two 2 mg clonazepam and a big fat doobie with really sticky Hawaiian kind buds full of tiny hairs [trichomes] with a high crystal amount of THC. Only joking.

        Yes, I have a confession. I use to train scent detection dogs, so that I could get my weed for free. The dogs would scare the shit out of people as they sniffed them up and down. You should see the videos of these people squirming. I’m sorry, I’m still joking. Only one part is true. I did train the dogs.

        The above statements are for entertainment purposes only.

  73. @Namnibor – One reason these fools want to keep the AFGE is to protect the lack of accountability and job security due to the incompetence of many VA employees. If the VA’s management was operating professionally, they wouldn’t need a union. There are companies in this country who offer great pay, excellent benefits, job security, and have an open door policy to solve issues. Why can’t the VA leadership implement such qualities? Because this would disrupt the flow of power, bonuses, bullying, nepotism, favoritism, and many other negative aspects of the Old Boy Network.

    The above results in the piss poor care for Veterans, who signed on the dotted line to protect this nation including VA employees, who are supposed to take care of Veterans in their time of need. Frigging heartless.

    President Obama didn’t want to put much energy into solving the VA scandals, because it was too close for him to leave office. He knew that to clean up the VA would take a few years. Therefore, no Veteran blood in his hands in order to protect his legacy. Money is not the issue! And this dangerous type of thinking rolls downhill as well. Why?

    The rest of the Executive Office Members, along with the U.S. House of Representatives [Congress] and the Members of the Senate, all know that the VA is in need of desperate reformation [cleaning house]. Shame on these folks. They all know what is going on in the VA system.

    Even the MSM News Anchoring Correspondents know about the issues within the VA. Do you hear any consistent updates pertaining to the VA from these people while watching their news programs? Hell no. MSM News Anchors are for themselves. If they truly cared about the lives of Veterans, they would keep the VA in the limelight until it was truly reorganized and reformed.

    Our leaders make solving the VA issues so complex. I nominate Ben for VA Secretary! Ben, clean house and take no prisoners.

    1. Amen! Union runs the VA. Non Veteran Administrators are incompetent with Cronyism rapid. I say Privitize it. Start over with Vets running it.

    2. You hit the mail on the head.

      Operate professionally.

      Many involved in providing medical care in the private sector operate professionally, because they have a very serious vested interest in doing so. Not only can they be held personally liable for mistakes, but they can be quickly fired, prosecuted or lose their license for being incompetent.
      There is no similar incentive in the VA. At all. Hell you can beat a veteran to death and still be on the payroll 2 years later.

      Now, as for Obama reforming the VA, you are wrong. Obama made zero attempt at reforming the VA in 8 years, which is why we are in the situation we are.
      Within his first month in office, he floated the idea of veterans with service connected disabilities pay for our own medical care.
      The VSOs hadn’t lost their balls at that point and that never happened.
      What did happen was a focus on getting Obama care passed, and once it was done, protecting the idea of government run health care. There was no way any leftist politician or newshack was going to go after Obama for poor VA care because it would put the lie to how good government run care would be under Obama care. It just wasn’t going to happen.
      Obama care passed, and many found out the hard way what VA bureaucracy could be like.

      It took a whistle blower Doctor and 40 dead vets for someone to notice what the VA had become.

      What changed somewhat is Trump. The media is also changing because they desperately wanted Hillary, so Trump will find out the hard way what happens when he listens to DC insiders.

      You have to ask, why is Obama care so bad that it must be repealed immediately, but the same old bullshit under Shulkin should be acceptable to veterans?

  74. Absolutely mind numbing decision, VA insider , another talking Head .I am convinced the goal is to kill as many veterans as possible , as quickly as possible. All the while making VA exec’s and cronies as Rich as possible. Wil Trump be joining them all at some lavish location for drinks and golf or strippers ? You know the in crowd , VA exec’s , defense contractors , generals , Military academy graduate’s ,Federal Union elites, OIG’S , SPECIAL COUNSEL, OUR SO. CALLED VETERANS ORGANISATION’S ELITES ,THE TALK ONLY POLITICIANS. WI’ll they All toast to more dead vet’s , will they dance on Our Graves ? Will Anyone at VA Ever be Held Accountable , let alone Prosecuted. It is tantamount to Murder , and Mass Murder at that .We are expendable , in these people’s eyes we always have been ? AFTER ALL THERES ENOUGH MONEY TO BE MADE FOR EVERYONE , DEAD VETERANS IS VERY LUCRATIVE , DON’T YOU KNOW .Yet again I guess they showed us ? HA , Ha , HA ! “Thank You For Your Service ” SNAFU , OUT

  75. Benjamin- For the record, I do not think ANY Veteran should have to even consider a 5% reduction in Disability Benefits in order to reform the AFGE. If the AFGE and VA cannot or will not renegotiate terms of union contract, tell the AFGE to go to hell and find another host to torment and bleed dry.

    I would be MORE WILLING to donate 5% of my Disability Benefits to YOU in order to hold the VA accountable, but NOT to do the job of reforming AFGE, that’s a scenario where somehow the AFGE would acquire that extra 5% from Veterans and we never see any returns from investment…nope, do not like that suggestion one bit and would like to kindly know where you were coming from with that suggestion?

    1. Benjamin- I guess I was wanting you to further qualify that suggested question of being willing to take a 5% reduction in disability benefits to reform the AFGE.

      Are we not already paying too high of a collateral damage from 20+ Veteran Suicides a Day? Frustration?

      Like I said, I would fully be willing to donate to your organization to hold the VA accountable but definitely not the job of reforming the AFGE, which should be a POTUS and VA Sec. with BALLS and a Congress to follow-through on sweeping renegotiated reforms via a renegotiated AFGE Contract.

      Why do I express this? Because those assholes at AFGE would then find a way to subsidize their Union Legion by then demanding ALL Vets pay the AFGE Union Dues, but with absolutely no benefits from Union…just to get their 5% or 10% under the “guise” of reform…I guess my trust level is at my whit’s end.

      I do not see Shulkin being a shake the cage of angry AFGE vermin for reform type of guy and actually see him as quite antisocial, reclusive as McDonald, our regular ‘Invisible Man VA Sec.”.

      As far as Florida…I am way too much of a Northern/Nordic guy, and am with Benjamin on rather be dead of Winter. Add to fact meds I take make me even more nauseated at any weather temp above 70 F and loathe humidity.
      With that said, an organized protest or gathering on D.C. I would definitely support…go right for the jugular and insure Trump is around when it takes place…there is a brand new Trump Hotel across from the Hill. Handily close.

      As far as the Fuck You to Trump voters and Vets for appointing Shulkin; I almost think it may have come down to fact that NOBODY WANTED THE JOB so since McDonald was not considered, just had everyone move one seat over to the right….a cake walk of sorts. Not happy to say the least.
      I bet Rosemary Williams just LOVES the selection of Shulkin.

      1. Can veterans have a union? What does it take to start a union? If we could have a union, would we be able to get someone powerful pitching for us to have proper medical care? Thanks

    2. I so,agree!, I am for giving Ben money, each month, to help clean up the VA! We should rally, in numbers and have Ben run the crooked VA!!

  76. “[What a joke. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, fuck you.]”– Enough Said!!!

  77. Shit rolls down hill and it wasn’t rolling during the Obama Administration or the Congress during his administration. Let us see what happens. Will the shit roll at all as promised?

    1. @Lem- The shit was simply piling-up under Obama into a huge steaming pile of poo and slowly sliding into a larger poo crater…and Obama kept saying the VA was getting cleaned-up and Obama had FULL CONFIDENCE in Sec. McDonald and the VA TO DO THE RIGHT THING. Obama said this repeatedly in his last few years, with nothing getting resolved.
      Obama and his DOJ **REFUSED** to prosecute PROVEN FRAUD and CORRUPTION at the VA—FACT!!! If that is NOT shit building-up and rolling downhill from it’s crater, then I must just be a highly observant idiot if I am wrong….but I am NOT wrong.
      Lem–I am stating to think you LOVE the VA exactly the way it is…your comments seem to prove as much.
      If you cannot see the shit rolling downhill you are likely part of the problem.
      Rant Out.

      1. 40 years ago the medical side in most facilities was better than it is now. Even then Cheyenne was a problem compared to Downtown LA and West LA, Downtown La being about the size of Cheyenne and neither having inpatient beds at the time. If it was better it can get better. And Cheyenne has in patient beds and is much better than it was in 1970 and in 2012.

        So I see hope. And it was under Shulkins watch that Cheyenne got better given the shit that was rolling downhill from the press and the single congressman that Wyoming has. But Phoenix is a much bigger facility with many more retired veterans. It is a much more intractable situation with having a much larger number of shit heads to get rid of or make toe the line.

        And that is the crux of it no matter who takes the helm. Don’t expect overnight miracles. But do hound for improvement. Be an activist and stay active or sit and whine about everything and every attempt. If there is no improvement within a year howl like crazy.

      2. And if your VA facility and adjudication VARO is dysfunctional now howl like crazy continuously until its problems are addressed.

      3. When I say “howl” I mean it helps a little to rant here. It helps a lot more to write an open letter to your congressman and send it to you local news outlets especially letters to the editor or your local news opinion commenter. The one thin Congressmen pay attention to is bad press. A published letter is the one they will read.

      4. @Lem- You are dangerously assuming that I or other Vets do not already send such letters to Congressmen and Reps. I have to the degree that helped my own claim with the VA and SSDI but when it comes to the VA as an entity whole, it seems not many are willing to go against the mighty AFGE and VA.

        Many on here over years have expressed we send such letters to our representatives, try to keep-up.

      1. Here is some information you may want to read. The Holman Rule passed Jan 5, 2017.

        Reviving this rule “Means lawmakers will be able to vote to cut pay and jobs of (” individuals workers”) or Groups of workers ( “Without getting input from the Agencies where the Employee’s work”)

        According to the government publishing office : Any use of the rule requires that:

        The Retrenchment must be Germane to the issue: It must retrench expenditures either by the number and salary of the Officers of the United States by the reduction of amounts of money covered by the Bill.

        The Language the Appropriation provision must be confined solely to the purpose of Retrenching Expenditures.

        The Reduction of the number and salary of the officers of the United States.


        ” The Reduction of the Compensation of ANY person paid out of the Treasury of the United States”.

        ” Any Terminations or Pay cuts (” Would Have the Force of Law” ) and “Supersede ANY Civil Service or Other Employee Protections” )

        This to me states that our Senator’s, Congressmen, Now have the Authority to fire any Federal Employee for Abuse of any Law or Statute. We have heard that Citizens are flooding their offices with complaints.

        I believe we are still Citizens, So we need to act like we are Citizens and follow the example of the other Citizens and Call, write, over and over until we are heard.

        We have a duty to our fellow veterans and those soon to be Veterans, to do what ever we need to, to stop Federal Employee’s from hurting any other Veteran.

        In Other Words do it Now, Not Tomorrow. Tomorrow may not come for many Veterans, Unless we speak out Today !

        I will fight, until I, We are Listened Too ! Traumatic Brain Injury or Not !

    2. Lem, in response to your comments about Cheyenne improving…

      It finally hit me that you might actually be right, that it IS improving…the question is, why? Why is Cheyenne improving when the rest of the VA system appears to be as corrupt as ever.
      After that is answered, the question is, what specifically is improving at Cheyenne?
      Is Cheyenne improving because it was identified as a part of the wait time scandal? I recall it being specifically named along with Phoenix and other places, but why has Cheyenne improved and Phoenix has not?
      Why was Grand Junction named as part of the wait time scandal in reports, but not identified publicly?

      Not much has changed at Grand Junction, although the Ortho clinic appears to have been cleaned up and re-staffed. I also know one of the worthless Patient Advocates has left which is good for us, but not good for some other VA where she may have landed. Its also not good when one of the remaining Patient Advocates is known by local congressional offices as being a liarVAo again, why has Cheyenne improved? A change in directors? Chief of Staff? Others?

      Are Wyoming politicians not willing to accept BS excuses from the VA and demanding Cheyenne be fixed?

      What specifically has improved at Cheyenne?

      If we heard that, maybe we could get those changes at our own VA hospitals.

  78. A military veteran formation with precision flanking and force is needed. You cant show up somewhere looking like you got off the set of a Hamburger Helper commercial because they wont take you serious. Veterans need to stay focused on their health and always have a force at the ready to represent the rest. This is the VA’s way of neutralizing your skills. If they cannot neutralize you they use $$ and benefits to entice you in their jurisdiction so they can falsly prosecute you with trump up bs. Of course, you will have surrogates i.e DAV,American Legion VFW , you name it that will cheerlead and advocate for a #FAKEHospital aka Veterans Affairs
    All that shit Trump has been talking will backfire against him if he is not true to his word or creed!
    1. He’ll build a wall…. 2 days later gets jumped by a Marriachi Band.
    2.He picks a lame Secretary……Gets throat punched by Mattis in an intel brief.
    3.Melania Trump turns out to have Russian ties in her family.
    4. Corpsman from the 3rd Battalion 7 Marines dabs with both middle fingers up on National TV at any VA Protest!

    Fuck the VA!

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