Student Loan Forgiveness

Push Underway To Expand Veteran Student Loan Forgiveness

There is a new countrywide push to expand student loan forgiveness for disabled veterans who are totally and permanently disabled.

Attorneys General from 52 of the nation’s states and territories just sent the Department of Education a letter of support to automatically forgive the student loan debt of certain veterans. The population being targeted for the benefit would include veterans rated with a 100 percent rating by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Supporters of the expansion argue the current system is too complicated resulting in veterans who are otherwise qualified not signing up for loan forgiveness.

According to Virginia’s Attorney General Mark Herring, more than 42,000 veterans are eligible for the current debt relief program but fewer than 9,000 applied. Meanwhile, 25,000 student loans went into default, some of which might be eligible for the forgiveness program.

“The last thing these brave men and women should have to worry about is dealing with a bunch of bureaucratic red tape. This is something they’re entitled to and a staggering number of veterans ended up defaulting on their student loans” Herring said in an interview.

The Department of Education did respond to the letter voicing some concerns about an automatic forgiveness process. According to the agency, “discharges might boost their tax bills or make it harder to borrow for education later.”

Higher Taxes

The agency is referring to an IRS tax policy where individuals would be forced to pay taxes on the amount of money they were forgiven similar to short sales on homes.

However, last I checked, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a forgiveness clause impacting disabled students where those with “total and permanent disability” would not have to pay the tax after discharge.

Individuals who otherwise would have to pay tax on the amount might be eligible for a waiver of the forgiven debt where the person’s assets at the time of the forgiveness are less than the amount forgiven. This is called insolvency.

One example where this could be a problem might be in a given year where a veteran who otherwise qualifies might have an unusual upswing in income through the sale of a property where he or she does not qualify for insolvency.

In some situations, a veteran could end up owing tens of thousands in taxes without enough liquid capital to pay down the new debt resulting in a hardship.

Let’s not forget that veterans holding massive student loan debt do not generally have the money for which they are in debt, the college or university has the money.

More Student Loans

Veterans whose loans were automatically forgiven may also lose eligibility for additional student loans if they choose to stay in school.

Let’s say a veteran is in the middle of their education but the agency deemed the veteran 100 percent. The automatic forgiveness at the time of qualification may then preclude the veteran from continuing on with training.


The move might benefit some veterans given that the mandatory outreach passed by President Donald Trump last year may not be as impactful as previously thought.

The language on the forms can be confusing and should be clarified.

The agency’s objections seem like they could be overcome by simply changing some internal processing policies. Though, automatic forgiveness could be detrimental in some situations.

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  1. @K-Lar,

    “Also very sad that civilian non veterans now have more legal rights and options for legal redress than veterans… Sickening…
    No equality for veterans, no ability to obtain legal redress under constitutional rights much less states rights, civil rights, patient rights, etc, etc. Only cover ups and blunderdumb…
    So much for the American dream… That tired phrase no longer exists as a possible future reality for most veterans these days.
    I for one am very doubtful now, after all I’ve been subjected to, seen, heard, or read about all this stuff, that it ever really was intended as a tangible meaningful dream to begin with…”

    Well said, and (unfortunately) so correct.

    1. Jim, no, do not view this situation as hopeless. Please. This is exactly what the Department of Veterans Affairs wants to hear. My statement applies to all veterans. Benjamin, I am about to write on some topics that may be helpful to you in your law practice regarding the representation of the veterans who ask for your assistance. You Benjamin know the law. I of course do not. I do not have a law degree nor have I passed the Bar. What I am going to speak about will point out how the VA steps on human life. It goes with the same agenda as to what the Democrats are doing presently with not really wanting to know and not really wanting the facts exposed to the American public. The Bill of Rights was created for the purpose of protecting the American people against big government overreach and takeover. The Constitution makes the case for limited government with the power belonging to the American people. Big government is not about serving the American people genuinely in which the VA fits right into this concept with not being about serving the Veteran Community genuinely. Benjamin, you already know all of this. You are about chipping piece by piece at this big government to serve the American veterans. Big government is not what the Founding Fathers intended for this country. See Benjamin it takes people like you to redirect to the initial direction and the initial purpose of government that was intended for this country which is to serve the American people. Not the American people be servants of the government. The power belongs to the American people. What the American people say is what should be. Because they are actually the authority on what should be because they live and experience it everyday. See when the Washington DC elites pay illegal immigrants to do all their chores even in this small situation, this situation in itself removes the connectedness of the Washington DC elites from the American people. Same concept as say a local government official who is deciding on and designing a fitness program for a group of people. Now, one would think that this particular government official would speak and interact with the people to whom will be potentially using this fitness program. The government official would need to find out the different physical and mental features or qualities of these various individuals prior to and in order to develop the baseline for the fitness program that will ultimately serve to help the local citizens. One would think so. What if the local government official just decides the details regarding the fitness program himself? Based on his own agenda of what should be and what should not be. Now, how can this fitness program actually serve a community of citizens if it is created and designed based on only the one size fits all concept? The one size fits all concept is the one local government official himself. Total disconnect. This would not serve the local citizens at all. This would only meet the needs of the one local government official. When most government officials are not connected, this is what leads to legislation and laws being enacted without the appropriate objective content that is ultimately necessary in order to serve the American people. Laws, regulations, and governing should never be based on the one size fits all modality or concept. However, this is how many government officials have been conducting the business of the day that ultimately belongs to the American people. This is the destroying effect and the destructive nature of big government. Determines, controls, and dictates which becomes the only personality that exists of big government and it happens due to being disconnected from the American people and due to believing that I know best or I know better than you or I am the expert and you the American citizens know absolutely nothing. Now, apply my comments to the situation regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs. More of the same. Benjamin, getting back to the topics that I initially was going to bring to your attention is about the veterans do not know until they know. The sabotage and sustainabilty prevents this process. Got to go. Speak later. You are more than likely informed. But, I will comment later.

    2. Jim, K-Lar, and all VETERANS,
      the answer is in PRAYER. All situations on this Earth can be helped by GOD ? Ask?
      Benjamin, is but of a vessel of God who stands with righteousness to do what is right to help the Veteran Community. All VETERANS can be VICTORIOUS. Pray for God’s ? Grace to be showered over all who want to do harm to others. Pray for the corrupt officials to be removed from office and from our government. We all ask God to Bless our Country and the American people. Jim, there is not one hopeless situation that cannot be turned around if WE All PRAY to the LORD JESUS CHRIST Above. WE PRAY and WE ASK BIG. We all ask and we shall receive.

  2. @K-Lar,
    Among your comment at the bottom of this page, “”
    Is that what you were hoping to find?


  4. clarify jail house snitch makes things up one was used over a dozen times as his word was the word of god and heard more confessions than a priest and the prosecutor never revealed that in all the cases he tried

  5. college is hard enough let alone all the other bs. All the nonsense classes you have to take that has nothing to do with your degree is a money grab for colleges. Why not offer a life skill class on balancing a checkbook or changing a damn tire. Most college knuckle heads don’t know how to

  6. Not a fan of the attorney general office here in Indiana is about worthless he has 4 creditable witness against him for sexual harrasment and playing grab ass against lawmakers and they refuse to prosecute him. Why I say it will never happen because if he was found guilty it cost the state millions of dollars to retry every case he was involved in . Amazing if the shoe was on the other foot how they use a jailhouse snitch against someone that makes things up

  7. Benjamin, I never took out loans to retrain myself because interest rates are too high. Plus, if I can’t pay for the education while working, then I just do not engage. I am pretty fiscally responsible. Benjamin, the federal government has enabled the Colleges and Universities to scam all students. While the University and college endowments are thru the roofs, the College and University administrators still are increasing the tuition rates and increasing professor salaries. SAD. Poor quality education too in many cases. Alot of my situation has been yes I have tried to do a little at a time when I could attend. But, Benjamin, come on. One cannot get much completed when one is constantly interrupted or having to start and stop. Battling with VA in past..moved my care out…had to physically move..had to research new physicians to get done what the VA was kicking down the road regarding my care…had to oversee my sister’s care in Atlanta when she had almost died…had to coordinate funeral and clean out home.. constantly having to correct behind companies who love to try to defraud veterans.. Yes.. Google interlaced themselves into a business purchase that I was did with another company..yes, submitted form for Google to contact me.. fraudulent charge..a Google lady employee called me back just a few minutes later on a Sunday morning… decided not to battle with them had my financial institution submit fraud paperwork..did investigation.. money was put back.. Ben, Google sticks their nose where it does not belong… overreach just like the VA.. Google is not the only one…my list of tasks have been through the honestly I have not even had a chance to come back to the table to fight them regarding Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation because of all the crap… And, yes, VHA had been part of that crap back particularly during the Obama administration. So Benjamin how can I work full time if I am correcting behinf people who are actually in employment. You may say that I am full of shit. Well, I have documentation of all. BUT, yes for the veterans who have gotten sicker who are being eaten up with debt from Medical Bills that more than likely the VA should have been paying them, yes, the Department of Education should forgive the student loans. In reality, the veterans should not have been having to take out loans to begin with. So there federal government. Tuition too high…VA could have assisted some with tuition costs.. people in government lining pockets… illegals should not be in this country… government using vets funds to give illegals full rides, medical care, tuition room and board.. Valdosta State University is one of those.. approved by Obama administration..

    1. Oh, yes, Google is a VA buddy….
      along with many of these other big ass companies…so veterans get it from all sides, the VA and the private sector…. Benjamin….but, that red carpet just rolls on out there for those illegal immigrants… maybe, Democrats should take them home to raise..along with Republicans who love cheap labor……

  8. Hi Ben,

    A great article, thank you!

    This is a great program for veterans that have or had magnificent objectives or dreams to complete their education and moved on for amazing successes!

    However, this Department of Education program, only forgives federal loans, not Private Loans.

    To make matters worse, many veterans illnesses or deaths, heightened or becomes worse.

    Their debts increases and consequently many veterans falls behind or simply can’t handled the student’s debts!

    It would be wonderful to have a parachut or productive program that protects those veteran going deeper in debt and further exacerbate the continued homelessness!

    Stay Blessed!

    Dr. K

  9. NO VETERAN should have to borrow money to cover any education he/she seeks, no matter how long it takes him/her and no matter how much it costs. Covering the costs of college educations for illegals and denying relief to veterans is a scam of such huge proportion and far ranging perspective that whoever proposed such legislation should be tossed out on their asses after having been “bitch slapped” until they are bloody & crying like the pimples on the asses of real Americans.

    1. [‘Wake Up Call’ for Policing Physician Misconduct | Medpage Today]


      Approximately 25% of Americans ever attempt to obtain their own medical records, much less do anything about it whom do get and read their medical records… I no longer have access to that article link, could use a hand in locating such info, request someone out there locate and post such links here for all too see. Also, consider a campaign to create “billboards across America” so these types of info actually get to the American public at large. Otherwise they may never know what they heck is going on…
      I’m no longer able to do such things, due to my disablements, I can no longer do such things. Thank you…

      1. This will not include me; but, then, I would not want it too. I have never taken out student loans and nor do I plan too. I have never received zilch government money for education. My undergraduate degree was completed before I entered the United States Navy. I never qualified for the Pell Grant. My parents were poor and both worked private sector employment with working their way up to later having good stable careers. Back then, the government did not just hand out money. Was not as much government involvement and stranglation back then like there has been in the recent years and today. I was awarded tennis scholarships for all four years of my undergraduate degree which paid for lots. Most certainly earned. Plus, I worked part-time some. Competitive Collegiate Tennis. After entering the Navy as a Cryptologist, I played on the Navy Tennis Team as well as the Interservice Teams. Navy Gold Medalist 1986. As a matter of fact, the tuition is overpriced. Cost of attending Colleges and Universities need reform. No, Benjamin, even if I had student loans I personally would not accept the loan forgiveness. Like I have been saying to you, Benjamin, the VA has me totally miscalculated today. Best.

      2. As for the truth of the matter, I will say this, the VA should be responsible for retraining me and paying for the updated education and training for me to re-enter the substantive employment workforce. I should not have to be in debt to pay for my own education and training to update my qualifications so that I can reenter the workforce. Hell, they besides the Navy are the ones who have been trying their best to throw me under the bus. Get real Benjamin. Government should stop rolling out the red carpet for the illegal immigrants. Denied conversion from the VEAP to Montgomery GI Bill when it was opened up to VEAP active duty contributors. Denied retraining via the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation forever begin. Yes Benjamin you may not like my choice of words;, but, many in the federal government have been a bunch of buffoons…

      3. Benjamin, with what the Democrats are trying to enact is total student loan forgiveness. Benjamin, I disagree somewhat. Here is why. All three entities have had a part in this. The federal government, the college and Universities, and the students themselves. Benjamin, no, the students should not be let off the hook. Ben, if they are in college, then, they should have known what they were getting themselves into. Yes, the government and the universities left many students with no choice. The government and the universities own most of the blame with this situation. I believe the universities should be the ones to foot the bill as the number 1 entity to pay back. 2nd comes the federal government as the second entity to pay back. 3rd entity is the students. All should have to pay back the loans but at different amounts. Universities with the most, federal government second, and students last. If the students are let off the hook, they will not become fiscally responsible. As for the American people who cannot repay at all because of Medical conditions, then, they should not have to pay any amount. Benjamin, as for my funds, I may dump them. Federal government clueless. Benjamin, I have documentation of all. Why has the VA thwarted? What are they hiding? May contact the President. I am tired of it.

      4. Veterans who are not able due Medical should receive loan forgiveness. 100% Permanent and Total Veterans. Yes. Now, Benjamin, how about the 100 percent PNT rated Veterans who are holding employment? Remember, Senator John McCain was rated 100% PNT rated and was working full time. And, wealthy. So Benjamin, and too, the VA did not get in his way either. So I believe total full amount loan forgiveness depends on the individual cases. This is my take.

      5. A couple more comments and I will shut up. I want to apologize for mentioning Former Senator John McCain to illustrate my point. While I am here on this point, I ask, “Did the VA ever stepped on Former Senator John McCain or thwart him in anyway or sabotage his efforts or deny him in anyway?” Benjamin, there are many more American heroes just like Former Senator John McCain. But, the VA has not taken the same actions towards other veterans. The Extreme Injustice towards the American veterans has been off the charts. Is improving under the TRUMP administration. But, getting back to the student loans, Benjamin, I am at times around some of these students. So I witness some of what is happening. Benjamin, the current administrators try to turn the Universities into resorts. Benjamin they are not there to vacation. All this money that these colleges and universities have used to build luxury Universities with all the bells and whistles should have been put towards lowering the cost of tuition and academic scholarships and to set up co-op work opportunities and apprenticeships and internships and quality curriculum and hire quality professors. Benjamin, this is true. The colleges cannot keep up with the curriculum due to in part of what it costs. I am serious. Teaching the most up to date academia as how it relates to the technological advancements is very expensive. As a matter of fact, the bigger Universities teach theory galore and not practically. I know they do because the bigger Universities will not even accept their own students into internships at the University that the students just graduated from. University makes their own students go elsewhere for hands on curriculum. OJT. Then they can come back and apply for internships. But ultimately Benjamin, what I am describing here is a costly and a lengthy process just to educate and train people so they can ultimately be able to deliver for both the mission of the company and deliver to the consumers. Ben, I know of students who are in such student loan debt that their own parents cannot even retire. True. The students cannot be hired into real employment because the student loan monthly payments are more than what the rookie employees will be paid by their employer each month hourly or salary unless the person works for Google. So Benjamin what they are doing is working in Non-Profit organizations or agencies so eventually after working for awhile say I believe it is 10 years, the student loans will then be wiped out or taken off. But, yes, this is a serious problem. Benjamin, it is not worth it. Like it is not worth it for me to reapply to Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation. I really do not care. Ultimately, many American citizens are honestly better off just getting a job to include me than involving themselves with this big ass bureaucracy. Not worth it. After all, most of the colleges and universities are run by Liberals and Democrats anyway. So when involved with Liberals and Democrats look for high costs and underhanded ways to generate government dependence which is the agenda of student loans. Causes massive debt at the very beginning of the young American lives. Veterans do not need this crap either. Life is tough enough without having to be strangled and hung by the neck with student loans. Tuition should not cost to begin with at such high rates. Quit building 50 million baseball fields when the university already has one or 1 that works.

      6. I decided to go active duty for the G.I. Bill, so I could go to college and have a better life than my parents. I grew up poor, no money for college for me or siblings.
        Wasn’t allowed to attend college during my service due to military, needs of the government, crazy extra responsibilities that made taking classes impossible.
        Post discharge my VA psych care such as it was: (doped up beyond my ability too attend college, let alone maintain stable employment. Misdiagnosed by an endless succession of student doctors in training having little to no actual with patients experience, seriously questionable training, was heavily stigmatized, discriminated against for having mental illness, implicitly biased piss poor evaluations, misdiagnosed PTSD as “depression” resulted in inadequate diagnosis/proper benefits ajudication, low balled financial benefits for my true disablements so I couldn’t afford college to begin with, heavily retaliated against in many underhanded dirty ways, for “too many complaints” that were legitimate yet flatly ignored and covered up, retaliation by nefarious uncaring VA employees of many forms and descriptions, thru abhorant medical care unfit for animals and absolutely inhumane for human beings…)
        Got screwed out of both voc rehab, G.I. Bill benefits thru expiration clauses.
        So I never had a chance to go to college. My dreams of a better life than my parents could afford are only ashes and bad memories now. Fighting to simply obtain proper unbiased by VA medical evaluations for TBI, PTSD, multiple forms of spine problems, and a host of physical illness symptoms of serious disease/illness for which I can’t even obtain continuity of care too be evaluated for thanks to shittu va care, services, road blocks, improper denials for medical care evals, testing, let alone treatment.
        Financial debt collections for medical care that VA/Choice was obligated and responsible for yet somehow never did. Couldn’t afford college with an income of under $24k per year if I could medically go to college now.
        VA has literally destroyed my dreams, my health, and my life (what’s left of it), and continue to underhandedly withhold, delay, deny proper medical care that is unbiased by stigma, discrimination, and implicit biases which are ongoing, looks to be indefinitely.
        I have Little hope left of ever getting treated fairly by the medical establishment, too ever obtain documentation of my true disabilities so to obtain appropriate benefits to never go to college, so entrenched is the corruption, nepotism, cronyism, cover ups, unending, etc, etc… 🙁
        Yet ilegal aliens (non citizens) have more rights than veterans.
        U.S. civilians left and right are fighting for non citizens/ilegal aliens “humane care, treatment of; so why are they Not up in arms over the veterans being treated so shitty, lives destroyed thru service (to an ungrateful nation?) for our desire to sacrifice so they would not have to, so they could live the American dream???
        Also very sad that civilian non veterans now have more legal rights and options for legal redress than veterans… Sickening…
        No equality for veterans, no ability to obtain legal redress under constitutional rights much less states rights, civil rights, patient rights, etc, etc. Only cover ups and blunderdumb…
        So much for the American dream… That tired phrase no longer exists as a possible future reality for most veterans these days.
        I for one am very doubtful now, after all I’ve been subjected to, seen, heard, or read about all this stuff, that it ever really was intended as a tangible meaningful dream to begin with…

      7. K-Lar, absolute spoken truth that you have precisely articulated loud and clear in your message content to all regarding the Department of Veterans Affairs and regarding how the American veterans are treated. I absolutely agree with you and align with you.
        K-Lar, the VA does not honor being ALIVE to begin with. Though, they are quick to honor death like the fallen with the memorial ceremonies. Yes and too, the VA claims to be honoring what the Fallen Heroes represent. Yes, we should honor the fallen who have fought for our Freedoms and for our country. A point, though, Benjamin and all look at this real close— FREEDOMS represent LIFE. A COUNTRY is defined by the LiFE that EXISTS from WITHIN. See many VA and many government officials are hypocrits and this is why. When they conduct the memorial ceremonies of the fallen, in which the FALLEN have fought to honor LIFE and FREEDOMS, such actions as the actions taken by the VA in reference to the memorial ceremonies and the actions taken daily by them are a direct misrepresentation of what the Department of Veterans Affairs actually engages in. The VA and many government officials engage in the opposite of what they claim to be honoring. They do not honor LIFE when they are underhandedly destroying many veterans with care that secretly promotes a slow one way ticket to hospice. See I guarantee you this is why the morale is low among VA employees right along with the veteran patients. God gave us all a conscious. It is human nature for people who are aware to know and realize when they are harming someone. The people being VA employees and the someone or someone’s are the veterans. So with VA employees having a conscious regardless of whether they choose to listen to it or not, makes the case all for the more reason of the low morale existing state throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs.
        In continuance, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not stand for LIFE so why are they honoring Fallen Heroes in memorial ceremonies? Because the FALLEN Heroes have fought on many battlefields over the course of many years dating back to Pre-1776 so that many Americans could experience LIFE. Now, look at the Freedoms that the FALLEN Heroes have fought for dating well before 1776. See once again, the VA does not represent Freedoms. The VA seldomly and rarely will honor the choice or the rights of the veterans to choose for themselves. See here again the VA shouts hypocrisy loud and clear. The VA denials of services to veterans do not represent FREEDOMS and LIFE. When Freedoms are honored, the gates of opportunities become open to the veterans. Lawmakers tighten the VA regulations to such a degree that even their actions pursued directly deliver a contradiction to what they even claim to represent and to honor which are FREEDOMS. I am not saying that the Department of Veterans Affairs should not have laws and regulations. Afterall, though, LIFE and FREEDOMS cannot exist without law and order. But, the VA in many cases does not even follow the statutes particularly if they have been enacted into laws that are in support of the veteran population. See here again, statutes in place within our legal system that are supposed to assist the American veterans; but, yet, the Department of Veterans Affairs in many cases has not adhered to such. So again, Washington DC and VA, why are you standing tall at Veterans’ Memorial Ceremonies when what you claim to represent is in direct conflict to what you deliver to the American Veterans?
        Directing back to the student loan topic, some of the student loans that have been taken out have been for crap degrees. This student loan dilemma that exists in this country points directly to the University and Colleges. Oh yes. Federal Government just continues to enable such dilemmas to continue without correction which in turn harms even more American citizens. Tell you the truth. The cost of the tuition should not be so high anyway that the people who are trying to gain new skills have to take out student loans to begin with. SAD state of our country. Big government. Advancing to another issue but related to the American educational system. This just happened.
        A class of 5th graders who were told they received a letter from President Trump by their principal. President Trump was congratulating them on their successful school year. President Trump was showing interest and concern. Would you, Benjamin, and all like to know what their reactions and responses were? Reactions of disappointment and almost uh or ugh or uhh…total disrespect displayed by these kids towards the President of the United States. Benjamin, these kids are just in the 5th grade. They are too young to even know the details about the President and the world for that matter. See the parents are brainwashing their kids. Yes, filling these kids full of one-sided information. When I mentioned about crap degrees, this leads into how Former President Obama not only destroyed the healthcare system; but, he destroyed the educational system too. Benjamin and vets, take a look at the score results of Common Core K-12 Curriculum Standards that were enacted under the Federal Government under Former President Obama. Benjamin, they are bad. Mathematics and Reading scores are poor.

        Results from big government overreach and takeover that have contributed to cheating the young adults out of what they should have been taught and what they should have learned. Now, see what I mean? This applies to the Department of Veterans Affairs as well. Big government declines. They are do not care though. When the country collapses, they will have wished they had taken the time to care or wished they had cared.

        K-Lar, I understand exactly what you mean.

        Ungrateful government officials and ungrateful big companies.

        Honestly, the situation is unbelievable.

        Trying to take down the next person or trying to defraud the next person.

        Veterans who are unable to pay back the student loans should absolutely be allowed student loan forgiveness. Case by case.
        Yes, those who are rated 100% PNT SC who have no way of paying due to illness or whatever the situation maybe. Best.

      8. Benjamin, I came back on here to make a comment to you and all. They speak about Student Loan Forgiveness. Benjamin, I actually hope they know who actually handles them or who takes the actions regarding the student loans. This is why I say this. In my other comment in regards to how disconnected many of the government officials are, I was absolutely correct. When Democrat Maxine Watters was questioning the banks, Wells Fargo for one example, she was accusatory and blaming the banks for the student loan debt. Benjamin, the Wells Fargo CEO had to correct Democrat Maxine Watters to tell her that the banks had not handled the student loans in a number of years. Benjamin, Democrat Maxine Watters did not have any idea who was the contact authority or who approved them. See Benjamin these government officials are elected to office and many are not informed at all. How can they actually get anything done if they do not know the details of the issues? Honestly, this is what I meant when I mentioned that they are too disconnected from the issues of the country and the American people. Now, do you see my points? Also, Democrat Maxine Watters just called the American citizens “poor uninformed wretches.”
        Ms. Watters’ comments are in relation to her belief that the American people are not informed about President Trump. Has to do with impeachment. So is the name calling by Maxine Watters “poor uniformed wretches”
        more demeaning than the name “deplorables” by Hillary Clinton?

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