Burn PIt

Senate Passes Burn Pit Bill To Increase Cooperation Between VA, DOD

Burn PIt

A new bill passed the Senate Monday aimed at helping VA better identify and address the looming health crisis facing veterans exposed to burn pits overseas.

The bill has bipartisan support and could help the more than 100,000 veterans exposed to burn pits during the most recent wars in the Middle East.

Scientific evidence exists showing the dioxins and other poisons emanating from the burn pits causes cancer and other health problems. VA and the DOD continue to malign new scientific research while continually evading reality – – that reality is dioxin and TCDD cause a host of problems similar or identical to what Vietnam veterans are facing today.

Unlike Vietnam, many of those burn pits were built on top of former chemical weapons storage facilities destroyed by American forces in Gulf War I.

Veterans seeking benefits from VA for support for disabilities linked to the burn pits continue to run into walls and roadblocks and ignorance of VA employees adjudicating their claims.

Adjudicators frequently confuse requirements for veterans seeking benefits under Gulf War presumptions versus toxic exposure under burn pits while VA examiners often lack occupational medicine training in toxic exposure.

It is a train wreck needing a presumption solution like Gulf War, but the only solution VA has come up with is conceding exposure to burn pits for veterans exposed while denying the exposure to toxic chemicals through inhalation and derma contact can have any adverse side effects whatsoever.

Let’s thank Agent Orange denier Alvin Young PhD for that one.

Back to the legislation.

Senator Amy Klobuchar is pushing the new bill, which passed the Senate and is set for a rodeo at the House of Representatives.

The bill is set to provide VA with new equipment and protocol to identify and treat burn pit exposure.

I hope this move actually accomplishes what lawmakers hope it will accomplish.

Take the Burn Pit Registry, for example.

Veterans were told the registry would help create a database to further creation of presumptions and other service-connection causality to help veterans get disability benefits. However, the Institute of Medicine declared the registry a total failure, at least for the purpose sold to veterans, in its February 2017 report on the topic.

Instead of helping with epidemiological evaluations for the purpose of helping advance disability compensation research, it merely created a list of veterans interested in information about burn pits – – like an emailing list.

The bill, S.319 “Helping Veterans Exposed to Burn Pits Act,” requires VA to create more “centers of excellence” and to ensure those “centers” collaborate will with DOD.

Yeah, and that worked well creating a joint electronic health record system over a decade ago where they spent a billion dollars without even coming together with a plan.

That was a total fail, but let’s see how this goes?

The bill summary from Congress.gov is:

This bill directs the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to establish a center of excellence in the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, and rehabilitation of health conditions relating to exposure to burn pits and other environmental exposures in Afghanistan or Iraq.

The VA shall, in selecting the center’s site, consider entities that:

  • are equipped with the specialized equipment needed to study, diagnose, and treat health conditions relating to such exposure;
  • have a track record of publishing information on post-deployment health exposures among veterans who served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom;
  • have access to animal models and in vitro models of dust immunology and lung injury consistent with the injuries of members of the Armed Forces who served in support of such operations; and
  • have expertise in allergy, immunology, and pulmonary diseases.

The VA shall ensure that the center collaborates with the Department of Defense (DOD), institutions of higher education, and other appropriate public and private entities to:

  • provide for dissemination within the VA of best practices for the treatment of such conditions and the training of health professionals,
  • provide guidance for the VA and DOD health systems in determining the personnel required to provide quality health care for members of the Armed Forces and veterans with such conditions,
  • establish, and oversee a program to train VA and DOD health professionals in the treatment of such conditions,
  • facilitate advancements in the study of the short-term and long-term effects of such exposure,
  • conduct basic science and translational research on such conditions for the purposes of understanding the etiology of such conditions and developing preventive interventions and new treatments, and
  • provide medical treatment to veterans diagnosed with medical conditions specific to exposure to burn pits and other environmental exposures.

The center shall have access to and make use of the data accumulated by the burn pits registry.

I hate to come off cynical on this, but VA never seems to do a great job cleaning up the mess created by the military when soldiers are exposed to horribly toxic chemicals.

Source: https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2017/09/18/burn-pit-bill-senate/

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    “Villanueva, a former Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan, was the only Steelers player to stand for the anthem. While Villanueva stood in the tunnel, hand over his heart, the rest of the team remained in the locker room in protest of President Trump’s comments that players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired.”

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    1. “Bills Blocking Taxpayer Funding Of Sports Arenas Could Gain Steam In Midst Of Anthem Protests”
      Kerry Picket Reporter, Daily Caller 11:21 PM 09/24/2017


      “Senators proposed a bill this summer to prevent federal taxpayer funding from going towards the construction of professional sports arenas, and after more players began supporting the protest of the national anthem before games, the legislation may begin to pick up steam.

      A companion measure to the legislation was already proposed in the House back in March”

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  4. The NFL just might be in favor of using Medical Marijuana for pain, and other types of treatment plans. On this issue, I’d like POTUS to keep letting the words fly into the sore spots of the NFL. In this manner, may be the NFL Officials will approve the use of Marijuana. I sure hope so. – – – Nutter

    1. If the NFL does do that, we should get some investors and start a fleet of roach coaches to be stationed outside of every practice facility. Those stoned behemoths could really pump up my mutual funds. LOFUCKINGL………fuck VA, fuck AFGE

  5. I received this article from the “Tea Party Journal” today. It’s from an original article published by: “DAILYWIRE” on Sept. 20, 2017.

    “Report: VA Patients Still Face Exorbitant Waiting Times”

    By: Aaron Bandler

    It’s definitely worth reading. It gives statistics on how many veterans wait [for appointments] and the dates, or “time”, veterans have to wait! The number of veterans waiting for appointments nationwide is staggering!
    It’s even delves into the Phoenix VHA wait times STILL occurring this year! So, the whistleblowers out there in McCain’s district are telling the truth!

    I really wish there was some way of holding, not only McCain, but ALL our elected and appointed officials responsible, and accountable, for their inaction. Especially when it comes to breaking their word[s] to veterans!

  6. And for the listening pleasure ;of all seasoned Veterans;


    Enjoy!- – – Nutter

  7. 09/24/2017

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Two highly secretive Organizations in our government that controls 2/3 of the economy—as management changes slowly—extremely slow—bad habits tend to stay with management.

    Upton Sinclair tried to change Management’s behavior years ago with the book called the Jungle—it barely changed Management’s behavior with their employees.

    Here we have the same type of Management trying to change. Until lawsuits fill the air like the smoke from the burn pits—Management will not change. Please note the case on the burn pit over at Area 51—-“Widows Highway,” “black facility,”—-“The highly toxic smoke blowing through the desert base was known as “London fog” by workers.”

    After the lawsuit was reported by Jonathan Turley in the LA Times [08/21/2017]….”the government refused to declassify information about what it had burned in the trenches, which meant that workers (and their doctors) still didn’t know what they had been exposed to. The government also refused to acknowledge the name of the base.”

    Change in Management comes very slow until there is a Change in Management.

    And there are no promises there either.


    Don Karg

  8. Let me toss up a little cookie of an idea;

    Why not simplify the rules in a way that any savy third grader could interpret? This means in my experience that with training the folks at VA could one day also interpret these same rules a

    For the VA score taker, please ask these questions of the applicant:

    1) Did you serve in a place whose general population prayed four times a day for the strength and opportunity to slaughter you and your family? Yes or no?

    2) Did you ever see, smell, touch, or taste anything more obnoxious than nail polish remover while in service? Yes or no?

    3) Did any piece of you remain in the field when you returned home? Yes or no?

    Zero “yes” answers and compensation is denied.
    One “yes” answer and you get 50% compensation.
    Two or three “yes” answers and you get 100% compensation.

    We could fund any additional compensation granted under this simplified process by firing the hundreds upon thousands of folks needed JUST to process the paperwork needed under the current behemoth of regulations. Holy crap think about how many folks on federal pension right now there are because of twenty years of service ordering paperclips for the regulations! Let us shit can those regulations and adopt my brilliant new strategy. (…and outsource paperclip supplies to Staples)

    Mr. President, if this saves the US the billions I project, cut me in for 10% bro. Just saying right?

    1. @Dennis- Your #3 smells a bit of #2 in that I already see a huge loophole in that any turd(s) left behind in the field when returning home would be a shoe-in for 50% for all Vets, no matter what.
      Also, I always LOVED the smell of weapons cleaning solution. Every Vet had their hands in that awesome smelling solution. Joker’s Smile, Snake Eyes, 100%, 🙂

      Did your cookie happen to have some vegetation in it? 🙂

      1. The loopholes are intentional. I figured that the government NEVER adopts any idea without loopholes shot through it, so I had to insert imperfection into the concept just to get any serious consideration. Furthermore, my original and more perfect idea would surely have eliminated all guesswork regarding benefits and would have meted out justice for all in equal portions. I just cannot do that to Ben and all the lawyers out there who depend on government incompetance and loopholes as a source that produces customers. The well might go dry and that wouldn’t seem fair to Ben.

        After all, this is his blog….

      2. @Dennis – – – I agree wholeheartedly that the loopholes pertaining to the VA, are where our answers are in Veterans getting awarded current, overdue, or prolonged compensations. The world of VA Medical Malpractice, and the VA’s lengthy, and awkward decision making, or lack thereof, goes against being logical. The VA system is so fragile and inconsistent, that in many cases a personnel change can make or break a Veterans’ goal of obtaining proper medical treatment, and / or being awarded proper compensation for their claims.


        Unless there is a major market crash, like many believe is bound to happen, the VA will continually be allocated monies for operational matters so that they can take care of this Country’s Veterans. If not, then the VA’s pyramid of structured services, and its delays, would crumble.

        Plus, the actions of the US has properly implemented (directed to Public Citizens), a very good propagated PR’ed media strategy about how the US takes care of her Veterans, But in reality, we all know that this will not truly reveal how well that this Country takes care of her Veterans.

        In almost everyything, there will always be signs of inward or outward weakness(es). And, if this or these weaknesses are amplified in the eyes of the general public, and also abroad, this will leave this Country’s citizens, allies and enemies to see her as being weak, and rightfully so. But lets face it, money can buy activity. So to the eyes of these individuals, the VA can make it seem like their really busy in accomplishing something.

        No monies = No Activity (services, programs, hearings, etc.)

        It’s that damn simple. – – – Nutter, September 24, 2017

  9. “VA Employee Compares Hospital Leadership To The Mafia”
    Michael Volpe, Daily Caller, 10:14 PM 09/22/2017


    1. “An employee compared the leadership at a Veterans Affairs hospital to an organized crime group.

      “The Leadership is a gang or mafia type system inside the Marion VAMC,” said an anonymous employee in an internal VA memo examining the corrosive culture at the Marion, Illinois Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

      “The Mafia members are Frank Kehus, Tim Hartwell KR, Cheryl Sherrill QM, Mary Beth Sniderwin acting SW Chief, Dr. Henry Davis Associate Chief of Staff, Mel Gutierrez, Rose Buck nursing and our newest member Joan Ginsberg Director,” the employee said.

      The memo is from May 2017 and came after a site visit to the hospital that was triggered by the VA National Center for Patient Safety (NCPS) receiving a significant number of phone calls and emails from Marion staff regarding the declining culture.

      Of the memo, Curt Cahour, press secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, said: “The VA National Center for Patient Safety revealed internal and external stakeholder concerns. As a result, VA sent teams to Marion to assess the facility. The teams’ assessment showed significant personnel and morale concerns, lack of accountability along with poor communications structures.”

      The same employee described these same managers as bullies whose actions are covered up by other managers while other managers use their positions for personal enrichment.

      “Frank Kehus is a bully to employees as reported to you by SusAnna Cook when she was Bullied openly in a meeting with the Quad,” the employee continued. “Same day Mel Gutierrez approached SusAnna’s supervisor Dr. Rotich asking him to speak with SusAnna asking her not to make report of contact on Frank Kehus. Mel also spoke with SusAnna Mel wanted the incident covered up and not be transparent.””

      Full article at the link above:

      Also a copy of the memo is published online at:


      1. Better link to the memo at: “https://www.scribd.com/document/359521833/Evidence-of-Retaliation-Memorandum-Dated-5-31-17-2”

      2. Alittle more from the article:

        “Gutierrez was accused of using his position to get a plum job for his wife: “Mel Gutierrez wife was working in front office and when Mel was going to be acting Director his wife mysteriously became the best candidate to be AO in Surgery Dept. so Mel could be acting Director as he could not supervise his own wife. Mel is known for lack of transparency and having very ‘close relationships’ with females at our facility and a man well versed in cover ups.”

        The employee continued: “Mary Beth Sniderwin is a bully empowered by Cheryl Sherrill and supported by Ms. Ginsberg. Mary Beth S. has been openly adding employees under her supervision as she says she needs this to be advanced to the next ES level for o raise as she is a single parent and needs a raise.”

        “The issue at Marion Is that it is like a cult, if you ‘belong to the group’ you can do no wrong and are supported by each other, to cover, lie, intimidate, bully, retaliate against anyone that speaks up about anything. It is gang like activity. Many have joined or gone along in order to be safe and to be pan of the ‘group.’”

        “It is UNIFIED bullying. Right now, people in management automatically support one another regardless of the actual circumstances that are taking place.”

        The report noted that stark problems have been documented for nearly a decade, citing a 2008 VA Office of Inspector General report.

        “In 2008, the Inspector General in the Department of Veterans Affairs found that the Marion VAMC continued to be plagued by quality management and patient care problems some two years after a suspicious spike in the number of post-surgical patient deaths there. The report also found that at least nine patients died because of surgical mistakes and poor post-surgical care. That report made recommendations to improve conditions at the facility to include improving quality management oversight, consistency in the way patient deaths are reported and continuing problems with ensuring patient safety.”

    2. More from the article that is well worth reading.

      “In the report, the employee also alleged that as many as 15 patients may have died from suspicious circumstances since October 2016, because they initially came to the hospital for rehabilitation: “Since October 1, 2016, fifteen (15) Veterans that were at the Marion after Rehab have died. Staff believes this includes about 4 that convened from Rehab to Hospice, one unexpected death at CLC and the remainder had been discharged from our CLC and then passed. It has been brought to the attention of our acting Chief of EC Dr. Bowman, CLC Quality person Elaine Hoogue, Nursing ACN Matthew Ngati RN, and Maria Hanschen RN Nurse Manager.””

      1. Seymore,
        I do believe it’s time for some people at the Marion VHA to be brought up on charges of murder! Or, at the least, “conspiracy to commit manslaughter!”

      2. “Marion VA administrator arrested on sexual assault charges, fired”

        September 1, 2017 by WPSD Staff

        MARION, IL – A Marion VA Medical Center administrator has been removed from his position after he was arrested on felony sexual assault charges.

        Marion VA former Volunteer Service Chief Douglas Bowers faces felony charges out of Williamson County, Illinois. The Marion Republican reports those charges are criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse stemming from incidents that prosecutors say happened in July 2016. The newspaper reports that the charges involve a teenage volunteer at the Marion VA Medical Center. Bowers was arrested on Aug. 22.


      3. “VA Probes Doctor’s Role In Patient Deaths”
        David Schaper, NPR, November 5, 2007·4:00 PM ET

        “Early in the morning on Aug. 9, Katrina Shank and her husband, Bob, made the two-hour drive from their apartment in Murray, Ky., to the VA hospital in Marion, Ill.

        “The drive up, you know, we were cutting up and carrying on, we were really light hearted, you know, really comfortable,” Katrina says. She was what Bob called a constant “worry wart,” but on this summer morning, she says he succeeded in calming her down.

        Katrina says her husband was eager to finally get some relief from painful gall stones. He was scheduled for a 9 a.m. laparoscopic gall bladder surgery, a fairly routine and minimally invasive procedure. It was so routine, Mrs. Shank says, that since she had just started a new job the week before, she almost didn’t take the day off to be with her husband during the surgery. But she went along anyway.

        “Before he went in, you know, before they wheeled him off, he told me that he loved me and told me to pay real close attention to the doctor, that I’d understand what he was saying,” Katrina Shank said. “That was the last time I saw him alive — or awake, anyway.””

        Full article at: “https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=16019211”

      4. Is There a VA Cover-up of Veteran Deaths?
        By Benjamin Krause – June 19, 2012


        “Five veteran deaths are at the center of a potential VA cover-up in Marion, Illinois.

        Two weeks ago, the VA Office of Inspector General released a report of their investigation into the deaths of five veterans. These veteran deaths were linked to care provided by a doctor who had not practice medicine for “a number of years.”

        Senator Richard Durbin initiated the investigation after reports of veteran mistreatment from Illinois veterans. According to complaints, the veteran deaths occurred from October 2011 to March 2012. Veterans seen in the Marion VA Medical Center’s ICU were at risk during this time.

        The VA OIG report describes a work environment at the hospital like the TV show Scrubs as opposed to a functional hospital. The report discloses that ICU medical professionals at the facility thought Physician A was in charge when, according to management, he was not.

        This sounds ridiculous since the doctor had not practiced medicine for many years, but the OIG report concludes the fact.

        DisabledVeterans.org Investigation into Veteran Deaths

        We are investigating the issue to prevent further veteran deaths. Here is what we know thus far.

        The report states:

        “A physician who had not been in clinical practice for many years was hired by the facility. His clinical privileges were granted with the understanding that his competence would be confirmed by direct observation. However, competence was never documented for invasive procedures that he subsequently performed.”

        The VA OIG report does not state the name of the doctor, but instead refers to the person as “Physician A.” In the report, “Physician A” is the doctor linked to the five deaths. We have a request in with VA OIG to release further information, including the physician’s identity.

        Should the VA OIG refuse, we have begun an outside investigation. As of today, we learned the identity of one of the doctors on staff who does fit the description of Physician A.

        This doctor in question did retire in 2003. Later, in 2011, this same doctor came out of retirement to work at the Marion VA Medical Center. It is possible that this is the doctor referred to in the report as “Physician A.” However, at this point in time, our hypothesis on “Physician A’s” identity is purely speculation.

        As to the question, is there a VA cover-up of the veteran deaths, we do not yet know. It does look suspicious, especially since the doctor in question is unnamed and did not practice medicine for a number of years. This is amplified by the VA Medical Center’s failure to supervise this same doctor, despite an arrangement to do so.

        Further information will be released as sources are verified.

        As to this issue, we would like to ask for your help. Anyone with information about the veteran deaths should contact us by email immediately. Thank you.”

        Healthcare Inspection Clinical Privileges and Airway Management Marion VA Medical Center Marion, Illinois

      5. “Marion Vet Center death rate ‘shocking’”
        By Diane Wilkins, Posted Jan 29, 2008 at 12:01 AM

        “Shocking” and “inadequate” were words used to describe the report on the investigation into the higher-than-normal death rate at the Marion Veterans Administration Medical Center.

        The report by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Office of Inspector General and VA’s Medical Inspector was released Monday and showed that there were clearly problems at the facility.

        The OIG report reviewed 29 deaths that occurred during fiscal year 2007. Of those, three cases did not meet the standard of care. The medical inspector’s report examined cases over a two-year period and determined that nine deaths resulted from sub-standard care, and that an additional 10 cases were still under review.

        Both reports pointed to problems in four major areas: quality management; credentialing; privileging and leadership.

        According to the report, some reviews of the quality of care at the MVAMC were improperly done, and cases culled for peer review among physicians were not always adequately evaluated. During the credentialing process, the Marion VA at times failed to document its consideration of such important credentialing information as malpractice claims. Documentation related to the verification of licensure, registration and certification requirements was not always timely. The inspector general found instances in which surgeons performed procedures they were not authorized to perform, and the site also failed to adequately consider past performance and outcomes in deciding whether to renew surgeons’ permission to continue doing certain procedures.”


      6. Seymore,
        With ALL the illegal activities committed by VA employees, isn’t it amazing – and strange – the MSM’s are silent!
        Especially since veterans are dying by the “bloody hands” of incompetent medical care for veterans!

      7. Elf it certainly looks like Marion VAMC has been one of the deadliest VAMCs for some time. They need to not only make some arrest but make some real examples out of those arrested. Seems that murdering Veterans at the VAMC is not a problem for the employees at the facility.

      8. They definitely should consider charging the man in charge, David J. Shulkin the current Secretary of Veterans Affairs for conspiracy to commit murder for the 15 Veterans who died at Marion under his watch.

      9. It is Shulkin’s job to make sure this kind of shit does not happen. Guess he hasn’t done anything about it because they have always been able to get away with it.

      10. Seymore,
        I agree wholeheartedly. The only problem I see is, there’s only small outside law enforcement agencies, (city and county), arresting the reprobates. As you’ve proven through the articles you’ve posted on here!
        When in fact;
        We’ve not seen the DOJ convene a grand jury to indict the incompetent medical, and administrative, staff for their crimes against veterans!
        Even though they’ve got MORE than sufficient evidence to do so!

        It’s been said the “executive branch” could order the DOJ to do their jobs! Only, it looks as though they, the DOJ, CIA AND FBI, have been compromised and politicised to such a degree, nothing will be done!
        We’ve already seen this when it comes to the crimes committed by MANY politicians, both elected and appointed officials and especially the “Clinton Crime Family Cartel”!

        Sooner or later, the bough will break, humpty dumpty will fall, and our government will slide into either anarchy or socialism, to where it will never be put back together again!

      11. P.S.
        I should have added “state law enforcement” to the city and county law enforcement agencies.
        In my opinion, the federal law enforcement agencies should be arresting VA incompetent, and dangerous, VA individuals before the different state law enforcement agencies get involved!
        It’s their damn job(s), because the VA says “…[they’re] a government agency!”, right?

  10. One of those poppas assed VA employees who thinks she was above the law.

    “VA moves to fire employee arrested for pulling gun on pedestrian”
    By Alex Pappas, Fox News, 09/22/2017


    1. “The Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday it is working to fire an employee in Tennessee who was arrested over the weekend for allegedly pulling a gun on a pedestrian and her granddaughter in an apparent road rage incident.

      The VA said in a news release on Thursday it is “taking immediate steps to propose the termination” of the employee, whom it did not name.

      But Fox News has learned the employee is Linda Turner, an accounting technician at the Memphis VA Medical Center.

      Turner has been charged in Shelby County with both aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and criminal impersonation of a police officer.

      “This behavior is not in line with the norms and values of the VA, and as a result the employee has been suspended from all duties,” Curt Cashour, the department’s press secretary, said in a statement. “VA has initiated the process for removal from employment.”

      According to a police report obtained by Fox News, Turner was driving in Memphis on Saturday as a woman and her 2-year-old granddaughter were crossing the street on foot.

      Police said Turner honked the car horn and gestured at the woman before stopping her vehicle and rolling down the window.

      After the two women exchanged words, Turner pulled out a handgun and falsely told the woman: “I am the police.” The report said a witness on the scene corroborated the details.”

      1. The News Report that got her fired! Thank You Fox 13.

        “Memphis woman back working at VA after being charged with aggravated assault”
        by: Marius Payton Updated: Sep 20, 2017 – 11:17 PM


  11. KARE 11 Investigates: A pattern of denial for veterans
    A.J. Lagoe and Steve Eckert , KARE 9:47 PM. CDT September 22, 2017


    Editor’s note: Watch more on this investigation Monday night at 10 p.m. on KARE 11.

    “GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. – A Minnesota veteran says the Department of Veterans Affairs is wrongly refusing to pay for his emergency medical care leaving him saddled with the bill and alarming calls from debt collectors.

    His case is part of a pattern of denials uncovered during an ongoing KARE 11 investigation.

    The cases raise questions about how well the Department of Veterans Affairs is processing emergency care claims and whether thousands of veterans nationwide are being left liable for millions of dollars in medical bills they should not owe.”

  12. I am grateful for Congress acting on this, but I get an extreme case of red ass when seeing the window dressing bullshit they are calling for. As if it is any different than legislation for Agent Orange or Gulf War registries and those outcomes.

    This legislation does nothing but create jobs for researchers, and it calling for a center to be located where they have a record of publishing research proves it.

    Nobody suffering from toxin exposure gives a damn about publishing research, particularly when the VA has a long record of ignoring published private medical research on favor of their own bullshit studies designed to ignore health effects.

    But hey! They have access to animal models? Well the fuckin VA has had access to animal model research for years and it is ignored because the results are not wanted.

    It would be interesting to match the language in this legislation with the legislation creating the AO and GW registries. I doubt there is much difference.

    Oh, but training will be disseminated as will research findings? Yeah, all of that worked so well for Gulf War vets with an 80% claim rejection rate.

    None of this “centers of excellence”, animal models or any other fancy language in this legislation will translate into proper medical care for veterans. If Congress were serious about that happening, they would include language and milestones spelling out what oversight Congress will do to insure their bill will actually help vets more than creating research jobs.

  13. The VA came up with the term “presumptive” to actually ADD more claims which in turn increases the number of appeals. Now, who really benefits? The veteran? No brothers and sisters, the trough feeders at AFGE, oink..oink are the benefactors of our suffering. More new hires, more overtime. False fucking hope for Vietnam, Desert Storm, OEF and OIF vets.

  14. Did burn pits start with the two most recent wars. No. I was in Desert Storm and every unit had a burn pit. Why is it that they say these burn pits were on top of chemicals many of those burn pits were built on top of former chemical weapons storage facilities destroyed by American forces in Gulf War I. Who says that burn pits in Desert Storm where not on top of chemical weapons stored underneath the sand. This is not the first instance that Desert Storm vets were left out of something.

  15. The fakers help the VA deny those legitimately making claims. When I was put in a PTSD Group in Los Angeles in 1984 there were 24 in the group shortly after the agent orange registration. After one year, the necessary length of time for treatment to get in on the agent orange pay out there were only 3 left in the group.

    I personally registered but never claimed because I was exposed without being poisoned. I was able to immediately flush by jumping into the Cua Viet River after spilling some full strength on my crotch from a leaking barrel. But I knew what 2-4D was from corn field spraying and knew how to deal with it. The strength sprayed in Vietnam was more than double that used in broad leaf weeding. And many of the troupes sprayed were unable to even get out of their soaked clothing until after it dried in the highly humid climate. They were truly poisoned.

    I didn’t want to dilute the payout for those who were in need. Same is true for this. Far too many claiming. Dilutes the base for studies and dilutes the payout to those in need. Lets the VA and military minimize the claimed effect.

    If you don’t deserve it get the fuck out of the way so that those who do can be treated and compensated.

      1. Hey Seymore
        It was just reported on the radio, “Songbird” McCain is going to vote “no” on the “repeal and replacing of Obamacare!”
        Thereby insuring the defeat of President Trump’s promise!
        He’s going against his constituents. Where he promised to help in the repeal and replacing of Obamacare! Maybe he’ll be voted out, now that he’s been made to be the list he always was!

      2. Just sayin’

        Agent orange spoke loudly about those willing to jump in for a buck just because it was there and they could. You among them Seymore? Is that why you got your head up your ass?

      3. Flem I was wondering did you, do it? You know what I mean. Did you shave your head and get the tattoo that reads gerbil crossing right on top of your head?

        Also Flem, does the VA let you claim the cost of care and treatment for that permanent odorific ring around the collar you suffer from?

        Or does the VA let you claim breath mints as a medical expense for that permanent ass-itosis that shows up in everything you say?

  16. That’s good they passed it. But from this day forward, the senate should adopt for the 2 budget rich agency’s a single bill name as in Now look what the dumbasses did now. This all didn’t happen overnight, it was years in the making, too much heads up each other butts, results over time massive dysfunction.

  17. I see the VA released a new study yesterday that blames kidney disease on Air Pollution not involving burn pits. They used 2.5 million veterans records between the period of 2004 and 2012.

    The “so called” scientists, compared VA data on kidney function to air-quality levels collected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Data for the United States only.

    Guess they are getting their claim denial research ready in advance. Amazingly they found that Veterans who lived in areas with very low pollution still suffered kidney disease due to Air Pollution, not prior exposure to burn pits.

    “Breathing dirty air may harm kidneys”, Bill Cooke, September 22nd, 2017


    1. It is interesting to note that Dr. Carolyn Clancy was the VA Director in charge of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality at the time the bogus research was approved.

      1. Ahh…do I sense newly rehired “cleaner” of the papercut hazmat variety in “loss management”? 🙂 I am seeing another clear pattern…

      2. The VA takes these people off storage shelves like salt and pepper above a stove, cooking the books recipe, 101…BVA Thomas Murphy was another dusted-off turd…

      3. However, turds naturally stick together. On and off the storage shelves. Place a floater back in cesspool and rehydrated turd stew for two.

    2. Only the VA is dumb enough to do research claiming general air pollution causes kidney problems, but breathing air near a burn out does not.

      And our excellent veterans service organization pigs smile and let them get away with it.

  18. “[…Let’s thank Agent Orange denier Alvin Young PhD for that one…..]” -Which has been further bolted-down with deckchair of BVA Thomas ‘agent orange denier’ Murphy on the V.A. Titanic.
    However, gr8 news if you’re a ringknocker veteran like McCain, the Mayo Clinic recognizes real science, unlike the Faking Flakes at the VA.

  19. Your correct Ben, “…the VA has never done a great job of cleaning up the mess the military…” puts its active duty personnel and veterans in!

    How many veterans, suffering from debilitating diseases, are going to DIE due to either incompetent medical providers. Or, providers being told *”…Do NOT enter anything into a veterans file, which possibly could guarantee a veteran compensation!”* Thereby, insuring the veteran is misdiagnosed, causing further pain and suffering! And, lastly DEATH!

    (That last sentence in “quotations w/*” is from a “memo” I was fortunate to read back around 2005 or 06 at VHA at Lake Baldwin, Orlando, Fl.! The exact words escape me. Yet, what I just typed is VERY close to it! As a matter of fact, that “memo” DID get “leaked” out, and veterans DID get pissed!)

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