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DUH: Biden Finally Links Burn Pit Brain Cancer To Son’s Death

Former Vice President Joe Biden finally linked burn pits and brain cancer to his son’s death in 2015 following burn pit exposure at Camp Victory, near Baghdad, Iraq.

Biden’s son, Beau Biden, served in Kosov and Iraq as a JAG lawyer in the Army prior to his death. The former vice president now believes exposures to toxic chemicals burned in burn pits may have caused the cancer that later claimed Beau’s life.

“Science has recognized there are certain carcinogens when people are exposed to them. Depending on the quantities and the amount in the water and the air, [they] can have a carcinogenic impact on the body,” Biden said in a PBS interview this month.

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Book On Burn Pits Covers Beau Biden Death

After reading a book called “The Burn Pits: The Poisoning of America’s Soldiers,” Biden finally learned how his son’s cancer was linked to the broader issue. “There’s a whole chapter on my son Beau in there, and that stunned me. I didn’t know that.”

While the media seems to limit discussion of burn pit use to only the most recent wars in Afghanistan or Iraq, use of burn pits to dispose of practically everything is a longstanding practice of our US military branches in forward deployments. The practice is well documented since at least Vietnam but was not considered newsworthy until illness from exposure to burn pits became more widely accepted.

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VA Burn Pit Registry

In 2014, VA created a joke of a registry providing false hope to veterans that their inclusion in the database might help lead toward correlative data being used to bolster arguments in support of greater service-connection for resultant disabilities.

Those assumptions were blown apart by a report from the former Institute of Medicine, now known as the Health and Medicine Division (HMD) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

In the well-anticipated report, the HMD disclosed that voluntary registries are a poor way of developing evidence for service connection. Instead, they are useful for determining merely which people in a population are interested in getting information about burn pits.

Sad, really, for the 120,000 veterans who have volunteered their data to the program with high hopes of getting help or at least helping other veterans get help after they die.

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Joe Biden Missed Opportunity

As for Biden, he missed a real opportunity to light a fire under the HMD and VA to more closely evaluate the exposures he now believes might be linked to his son’s early death in 2015.

My only question is, ‘What planet was Joe Biden on after his son died?’

We all suspected his burn pit exposure was linked to his brain cancer. Why it took Biden so long to connect the dots is anyone’s guess.


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  1. He knew when he was VP. I dont think for a second that he could not have known. This is a political stunt, nothing more, nothing less.

    The payoff is splitting the veteran vote.

    1. You got that right, “js”
      FUCK Joe Biden! He helped create the military his boss, Obutthead created during eight years of bullshit conflict!
      Your 100% correct. This is nothing more than a “political stunt” to set him up for something in the future. Possibly a run for POTUS in 2020!
      Of course, this is just a ploy, in my opinion, by using his DEAD son, a vet, to gain sympathy from vets! If it works, then we’ve got some really ignorant people out there!
      Again, “FUCK JOE BIDEN”
      FUCK VA”
      “FUCK AFGE”
      “FUCK COX”
      Here’s an oldie but goodie– “FTW”

  2. My only question would be, what planet was Joe Biden on when his son was still alive, but battling cancer?

    Was he concerned over any blowback on the Obama administration if he raised these questions then? Concern for any contractor possibly involved? Concern for the Pentagon? Shining a bright light on how fucked up the VA is? Exposing what a double-standard of care veterans receive from the VA while his son received much better civilian/military care?

    Imagine how much better care all vets affected by Burn Pit exposure would have gotten if Biden had made this a bigger issue while his son was still alive.

    It is truly sad that his son died, just like it is truly sad that so many other veterans continue suffering when those who can make a difference stay silent.

    1. Biden was probably fattening his bankroll from the contractors during his time as VP!
      I don’t give a rats ass about that asswipe!

  3. Dear Joe Biden, former vice president. From the most corrupt state in the Union, Delaware, Aka “The Catholic Stronghold of the East”,
    If it were my son. Which it was not. It was Vice President Joe Biden’s son who died of exposure to burn pits, and the ingestion of toxic chemicals.
    If it were my son, which it was not. I think you might have to shoot me in back of the head to keep me quiet. But again, it’s Vice President Joe Biden’s son here that died of a tumor due to burn pit exposure.

    In any regards, for all those other veterans and former soldiers suffering, and dying from burn pit exposure. Of course the majority of those veterans and former soldiers are from poor working class family, and NOT priviledged families like your Vice President Joe Biden. It is in the interests of Beau legacy, that you speak up in order to save the survivors Former Vice President Joe Biden…

    Thanx you for your service.
    P.S. And clean up your nasty little corrupt “Catholic Masonic Run” state, “Delaware”…

    1. STAMPED BY; ANutterVet

      Affirmed; Delaware The Most or One of the Most Corrupted States in the Union

      Currently in a higher frequency of mood, and in a different unregulated mode.

      You’re right 100% Spot on VA OHIO NEPOTISM/VA PEDOPHILA RING


  4. Burn pits we’re being used in South Korea while I was there both times, I don’t hear anything from that, we lived in tents close to proxmity of our tents where the burn pits we’re located, Agent Orange was sprayed in the 50’s the aftermath still lingers but the DOD and the VA have yet to get facts straight, my time of service there was 80-81, 83-84

  5. VERY unlikely that a lawyer and officer would have had ANY real exposure to a burn pit. It’s sad that he died, but this is a stretch.

    1. That may be, but can you tell me what toxins may have been there? Can you tell me at what level each individual soldier could have been exposed to before exhibiting a medical problem? How about a combination of toxins?

    2. They were probably, more than likely, within the range of inhaling, smoking, breathing, eating, sleeping in, walking bare-foot in, skin contact with, possible sex in, playing sports, wallowing the dust/sand, any contaminates.

      Navy Blue Water sailors were AO contaminated at sea on their ships. Whether or not they pulled some on-land time during the Nam conflict.

    3. @Matt K,

      I am homebound and as a hobby have taken up chemistry for years now. I do,all kinds of cool shit like grow crystals, distill things like water, I extract fuel from pine tree pitch. I am also unique among most Americans becaue I have learned how to take the dispensary extract from marijuanna that test nominal at 60% THC and refine it to a purity approaching absolute. No small task.

      I do this using chromatography, then deep vacuum fractional distillation of the terpenes and then finally take what is left and produce pure THC in my cryogenic sublimation apparatus under vacuum conditions known as free molecular path flow. It means I pull a perfect vacuum and can extract THC molucules one at a time from green tar. I am the first one the internet to publish a complete pressure/temperature boiling point curve for D9 THC understand very well about airborn contaminates.

      I have an intimate knowledge of dealing with extremely trace amounts of material. Terpenes for instance that give marijuanna the smell it has or pine trees the pine scent if present in quantities of just few drops, will coat the inside of nearly four feet of stainless steel high vacuum hose and contaminate the vacuum pump oil which all make it impossible to pull the mean free molecular path flow refiment needed for the sublimation technique I developed. I learned to do this when VA terminated 100% of my care and therefor prescriptions. There are few that can produce this kind of purity but I haven’t met any and it is only high potency that has carried me throuh a VA lockout that terminated 16 prescription pills per day to stabilize emotions and treat pain.

      What is my point? First of all I know what the fuck I am talking about. My engineering works date back decades and my works have been featured on the cover of Air & Space Magazine. If those crdentials mean anything to you, then let me tell you with certainty that it only takes extremely tiny amounts of Volitile Organic Compounds (burn pits must surely be repleat with hydrocarbons like VOC’s) to seriously degrade the “lung” capacity of my industrial grade vacuum pump. Moreover just one half millilter of the VOC’s being pulled through the “body” of my purification rig will degrade the vacuum to the point that the process ceases to function properly until the pump oil is changed and purged. Burn pit residue contains such completely unknowable mixtures turnd aerosol that the only thing scientifically acccurate to say is we have no real idea of whatbis even in those aerosols! Why pyrolysis (burning) is introduced to a reaction in a pit which has zero controls otherwise any given compound might break down into a vast number of new compunds and generally the only compound that can identified is carbon because it is the excess carbon in that VOCs that makes up the telltale thick black smoke.

      Once those pits are torched the combustion products combine immediately with the dust particle and moisture in the air and produce an aerosol and some aerosols will remain airborn for years.

      Once those nasties get into something it is bloody hard to get them out and it usually requires a lot of cleaning. To suggest that there is some arbitrary exposure limit that does not pollute the human machine is to defy what I have observed in the lab. When the gunk goes into the body it sticks to things it contacts, and this kind of gunk that unwinds DNA strands (known as denaturing) and once a DNA strand is denatured…it is anyones guess what begins to grow but term is called cancer. The difference is that when that gunk coats the inside of the “body” of my vacuum rig I can take it apart and use strong solvents to remove it and replace the seals damaged by aerosols of VOCs carried into the pump just like a lung inhales them almost always unseen.

      Human blood is not a strong solvent. It cannot wash away things that stick. For those doubting the dangers of allowing molecules that stick to your cells that cannot be washed off by disassembly and solvents then let me ask you; how exactly do those trace elements get out of the brain if they chance to be carried there? THEY STICK to that sponge called your brain. It takes but a single molecule causing a single DNA strand to begin to denature to result in deadly cancer growth and it is a silent death sentence if that molecule just happens to stick on just the wrong cell.

      Go camping and atay away from the campfire. After a full weekend you will be picking smoke boogers out of your nose even if you stay fifty feet away from the fire at all times. Aerosols fill the volume of space they are in.

    4. Mark K, per me being an Investigative Research Biologist, one with extensive research, I must tell you straight up, that YOUR statement is on of the most fucking idiotic pseudo deduction that I’ve read.

      Even though I get side-tracked at times, or stuck in, mislead, and even need to do more research, I fucking HATE dirty science. And you, by making such a foolish dumb ass fucking statement, can and will mislead others, especially those that DO NOT HAVA A SCIENCE BACKGROUND for one reason or another.

      I personally don’t know you, but if your premature statement is a true mirror image of you, then you and I would ALWAYS go head to head, to stop this fucking madness.

      When I read your comment, immediate thought, FUCKING VA MENTALITY, and could be associated with such. Care to clarify your statement sir, instead of WHAT YOU THINK? Reminds me of a liberturdytard perspective.

      If you’re going to make a fucking blanket statement, about an issue that the VA full throttle and butting heads against Veterans per their claim of suffering due to such exposure, and what and how it has negatively effected their lives, then please, KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE REALLY WRITING ABOUT.


      Do you Roger this Bro? Because you can’t play around and make mistakes with biological sciences, especially when it deals with life, and this is exactly what the VA does.

  6. I know at least TCE was involved, most likely much more, but the changed the weapons cleaning SOP in 1995 because someone finally realized that what Veterans was cleaning the weapons, vehicles, planes etc… was TCE and it was killing us, and had been for years. They also stopped ordering the TCE in 1995. For some reason EPA, VA, and military was not communicating? On one hand they were spending billions to clean the water on the Superfund sites, but soldiers still was using until 1995, You would think that they would have stopped in the 1980’s when they spent billions to clean it up. So these poor Veterans go to war, clean the weapons, burn the rags, etc… and get covered by TCE as it evaporates by the heat and lifted in the breathing air. Mark my words, I hve done much research, Same shit as all the EPA Superfund sites. I know so much about it, as I was an armourer and worked in the crap all day, I have been sick for years, I was first sick in service as I worked on the weapons, so Army Doctor tells me I have Hemophillia, because he can’t explain why my blood is screwed up. 30 years later, I have what many Veterans at Camp Lejeune have, many symptoms, etc… as I have researched thier complaints and how it started with them. Much new research now on how TCE effects Body, but I was double dosed as not only did I work with it, I was on one of the worst EPA Superfund sites, in Hawaii. Bottom line is we have all been dealing with idiots, that spend billions to clean up crap, while at same time Poisening us going forward until 2000. Obama and Biden knew about all this, as I told them, and everyone in Congress, I have been telling Trump and Shulkin since they have been in charge. My guess is that some of the Indictments are for people who knowingly poisened Veterans, and denied thier claims, and refused to help them in anyway. They will be in court soon. They will pay for their crimes against the Country and us Troops the have killed, and are killing still daily. Just a slow death.

    1. Coffey,

      1.) Karma can be a bitch. Biden should now realize that.

      2.) This proves the points I try to make that people, the rich/connected/politicians/media, our neighbors, fellow workers or vets, town councils, colleges, etc. Do not givev a damn about others or some issues till it hits too close to home, or it may effect someone in some socialite clique to get some notice. Too late then. The understanding, knowing, knowledge, compassion, concerns, truth, investigations, should have started a long long time ago, or at once when problems are being presented, or whistleblowers are blowing off/reporting. As Barney would say…to ‘nit it in the bud.’

      3.) Biden lies… he, and countless others in DC, world wide even, knew damn well what was going on. He can’t whimper, whine, lie his ass off, tear up, what sympathy now over his and others complete inaction, complacency and total disregard for others. With the acces of daily briefs, to information that we can’t find or get then he claims he read a book for a ligth bulb to go off in his stupid head. I ain’t buying his lefty crap.

      4.) Examples. They know full well of the wide spread of contaminants in the Mid East and going world wide by weather patterns and the jet stream. Whether is was Depleted Uranium usage, contaminants from the buring oil rigs or volcanic ash after an eruption. This crap went high, very high up in the atmosphere. Oh, and volcanic ash is not “ash’, it’s tiny bits of volvanic rock carried around the world by weather. Ask any Hawaiian or volcanologist about that. Kinda like “Breeze” off of ‘Coke” (coal in baked in hot ovens to create coke for melting metal) after being baked in ovens then cooled off in a large quench ( a large shower) to wash and cool it off. It carries for miles and with different effects within so many miles and carried by those same weather patterns, wind, or the jet streams. That is why they finally had to build enclosed quenches to try and contain the “breeze,” ash, or particulates that destroys lungs and such.

      5.) DDT, Chlordane, TCE, (I think you are writing about Trichloroethylene + others) Mercury, all kinds of aluminum crap still used today like in baking powders, arm pit deoderizers, toothpaste, was/is known about for years. I know, had it all on my list, was in things like the Federal Register, other health manuals, med reports, and turned into the feds, state, locals, and I was the enemy trying to get people and agencies, or local health department types in trouble or fired for daring to mention such issues or reports being filed. Instead of the government and others continued on to keep the public stupid on matters. Including the United Streel Workers (AFL-CIO, Dept of Labor, Labor Relations Boards, et al.) and others that turned their heads to severe safety and health conditions, “unknown” environmental illneses, so they wouldn’t step on toes or piss off the wrong folks in our shadow government and “the corporation” called: The United States of America. Read the Constitution changes circa 1930 or 33.

      Think Fluoride, chlorine, the unknown chemicals (or Aspartame) is safe???? What about when mixed with other chemicals that claim to make something like water safe for human consumption. Oh, but kills tropical aquarium fish if used in the tank instead of well or clean spring water. Kills fish but safe for humans in city water. Hmmm. I don’t need to think much on that any more. Try going to a city meeting and inquiring about that! Ha!

      6.) Even the silver spoon fed elite, the high and mighty socialites of DC can be effected by things that can have bad effects on us lowly serfs and connon fodder. Only thing is they get quality above the board care for their own. Most of us do not.

      Also kinda like the wealthy, connected, medical people, MDs, politicians, getting those secret “Exemptions” from flu shots with mercury, then telling the public/patients to get them or else, or give babies multiple shots at a time like they do soldiers with unknown consequences. Or CBOC and others at the VA telling us all that crap is safe, but then if quiet, we can hear some real truth when out and about, or passing certain door ways. Or the scuttle butt around town about the shakers and movers being above the rest of us when demanding we all do something they are free NOT to do, or choose not to do.

  7. On a lighter note:
    This is out from:
    “The Horn News”
    dated: Jan. 11, 2018

    “When a trucker suddenly pulled off the road, no one expected THIS…..”

    By: Kylie Handler.

    You gotta read this article, I’m not going to spoil the outcome———-!

  8. I really don’t like saying this, only …… While Obutthead was in office, tearing down the military, Biden was right beside him ALL THE DAMN WAY!
    And, only NOW he wants to come out of the darkness, after reading proof, to believe this is WHY his son – a veteran – may have died!
    Will wonders never cease!

    I’m sorry IF my opinion/comment upsets anyone. That’s just too fuckin bad!

    1. You do raise a question Crazy Elf, why would Biden believe what he reads in a book rather than listen to his son or thousands of other vets?

      It’s not like Burn Pit exposure was not ever mentioned before his reading the book.

  9. 1991, Desert Storm was the most toxic war America has ever fought. Inoculations that were not FDA approved were given to forward troops with orders not to discuss said injections or you would be court-martialed (ooops, guess I’m fucked). Nerve gas from bombing runs over spread the AO and beyond. Smoke from oil well fires made the day into night. Particulates in the sand in eastern Iraq, with residual chemical and bio weapons from the Iran war filled the air. The infamous destruction of nerve gas at Khamisiyah Iraq that blanketed thousands of US troops. The wonderful PB (pre-nerve agent antidote) pills we were ordered to ingest. Last but not least, burn pits that forward troops used to destroy everything that we did not need before we moved forward. The list goes on. So now, Ostrich ( bury my head in the sand) Joe Biden thinks his brave sons death was “service connected”? Hey Ostrich Joe, where the fuck have you been all those years serving the senate, and as VP? Gulf War veterans have begged for health care and compensation. FUCK YOU, and God bless your son.


    1. Perhaps if Biden had shown concern for Gulf War vets while he was in the Senate, his son might not have been exposed and end up dead.

      1. It’s easier for career politicians to kick the can down the road. That is until it comes full circle and bites them in the ass. Now we are supposed to have sympathy for Ostrich Joe…..

  10. “Missed opportunity by Biden?” Am thinking some heavy denial psychological crap was going on because it hit him hard enough to not run for POTUS and he was being prompted to do so but he insisted and even publically stated he was more than mourning and processing.
    However, if Biden is still some sort of “Cancer Czar”, even if by his own proclamation on a carry-on the torch from Obama dubbing him so, the opportunity is still there to do the right thing…it ALWAYS is.

    Choosing to *DO* the right thing, well, that’s obviously literally knocking at heaven’s door and maybe it’s simply too close to home?

    Why was NFL pro Pat Tillman’s death and highly suspect of ‘friendly fire’ swept so casually under the rug and never reopened again? War Profiteering Contractors want these wars a permanent USA fixture and at 17+ years and still going, I’d say they are pretty good at keeping those lids on all the cans of worms out there because those worms come with gravy… 😀

    1. Imagine if Admiral Zumwalt had pushed harder for proper care for his son when his son died of Agent Orange related disease?

      I doubt the VA would be hiring Agent Orange deniers like Murphy in high policy making positions.

  11. “VA to Begin Paying Up to 800,000 Non-VA Emergency Claims”
    Tom Philpott, Military dot Com |11 Jan 2018

    “Military Update: The Department of Veterans Affairs published a revised rule Jan. 9 that allows payment of hundreds of thousands of pending claims for private sector emergency care that veterans’ other health insurance covered in part but not in full.

    Some pending claims for non-VA emergency care were filed as far as back as 2010 and were kept alive by appeal. In some cases, individual reimbursements owed will total tens of thousands of dollars, for example for emergency heart surgery or other complex procedures not covered well by alternative health plans.

    The revised rule says it won’t allow retroactive reimbursements for non-VA emergency care claim decisions that became final before April 8, 2016, the day VA lost a landmark federal court fight with Air Force veteran Richard W. Staab. One of Staab’s lawyers maintains that guidance is wrong.

    Staab faced roughly $48,000 in unpaid private hospital bills after emergency heart surgery in December 2010. At the time VA had told Staab, and any other veteran forced to use outside emergency care, that the department would have covered the cost of such care if he they had had no other health insurance.

    But Staab was eligible for Medicare, and because Medicare paid a portion of his emergency care cost, VA under long-standing regulations, had no obligation to cover remaining private sector emergency costs.

    Staab’s attorneys argued that VA, when it revised regulations in 2012, ignored the clear intent of a statute passed in 2009 to correct VA’s convoluted interpretation of its payment obligations for outside emergency care.

    Staab won a few lower court decisions, which VA appealed. Final victory came in a unanimous decision by a three-judge panel on the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in April 2016.

    The appellate court said VA had ignored the “plain language” of the 2009 law requiring “VA to reimburse a veteran for that portion of expenses not covered by a health plan contract.”

    For more than a year VA pondered another appeal. But VA Secretary David Shulkin last June accepted defeat and said the regulation would be revised to comply with the court’s decision.

    One reason for the long delay was money. VA had estimated if the Staab decision were allowed to stand, it would have to pay almost $2 billion on pending claims and more than $10 billion for a tidal wave of private sector emergency care claims expected over just the next decade.”

    Full article at: “”

    1. Recall Ben’s earlier column on the VA determining whether a reasonable person would know whether an emergency was actually an emergency?

      How the hell would emergency heart surgery not be an emergency?

  12. Deception and opportunism are culprits. Opportunism dilutes the data like Agent Orange and the burn pits. And the VA deliberately uses the dilution deceptively. Same with combat veteran suicides. The VA diluted the Vietnam data base by including all of the war’s veterans including those who never set foot in Vietnam. Harder to do now that most service members are also front line combatants with military contractors doing the logistics and no draft to bloat the numbers in the service.

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