medical disability examination

VA Awards Medical Disability Examinations Contracts For $6.8 Billion

medical disability examination

VA announced the award of $6.8 billion for VA disability compensation and pension medical disability examinations for the next 12 months with 4 extensions.

Five government contractors were selected to perform examinations for VA’s compensation and pension program. The contract arrangement is intended to help fight any wait list for medical disability examinations. The $6.8 billion is the ceiling for a twelve-month contract with 4 twelve month extensions.

VA made a press release about this yesterday, but I found another from last spring that gave an interesting background on the medical disability examination contracts.


VA Acting Under Secretary Thomas Murphy said the following about these contracts last spring:

“This will be a major accomplishment for Veterans going forward, not only for the efficiencies and additional oversight, but VA can now maximize the capacity of inherent capability and leverage the contract expertise and capacity as needed. The goal will be to reduce the veteran’s wait times for examinations as much as possible thereby providing faster claims decisions and enhancing Veterans’ experience in a positive way.”

On Monday, VA Secretary Bob McDonald said, “This is good news for Veterans who are waiting for VA to determine whether a condition can be considered service-connected.”

McDonald continued, “For these Veterans, we want the process to be smoother – from beginning to end.  When we announced the MyVA initiative in 2014 to improve Veterans’ experience with VA, that meant looking at every process and every product.  These awards represent a way for us to improve a significant process for Veterans.”


According to the more interesting spring press release:

“The contracts make up a $6.8 billion enterprise-wide Medical Disability Examination Program under Public Law 104-275, and represent a major step forward in improving the disability examination experience for Veterans.

“A unique feature of this multi-contract award will see the consolidation of the contracts under a single program management initiative, with representation in the central management group from both the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). To date, contracts for medical examinations have been managed by both administrations with varying degrees of efficiency and delivery time of exam reports, which are critical to Veterans’ disability determinations supporting their compensation and pension claim.

“The new program management and delivery process will also continue to ensure broad national and international coverage of medical examination requirements to meet Veterans’ needs world-wide. “

According to the press release yesterday, the contracts were awarded to the following firms that provide VA disability medical examinations:

  • VetFed Resources, Inc., 2034 Eisenhower Ave., Ste 270, Alexandria, VA – Large Business
  • Veterans Evaluation Services, Inc., 3000 Richmond Avenue, Ste 540, Houston, TX – Large Business
  • QTC Medical Services, Inc, 21700 Copley Drive, Ste 200, Diamond Bar, CA – Large Business
  • Logistics Health, Inc., La Crosse, WI
  • Medical Support Los Angeles, A Medical Corporation, Pasadena, CA

VA states the contracts are being awarded for a period of 12 months with four, 12-month options, with an aggregate ceiling of $6.8 billion. The contract will be managed by VA’s Strategic Acquisition Center based in Frederick, MD.

Apparently, due to the cross-over nature of the contract, the contract itself will be managed by VA’s Strategic Acquisition Center based in Frederick, MD.


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  1. VES at is responsible for the majority of the C & P exams. For example you have a neck mid back and lumbar spine problem they send you to a General Practioner Doctor for an exam. The Doctor does not have your service medical record or any treatment / diagnostic records on hand to review or to understand your condition when you arrive. You better have your records with you and be very knowledgeable about what he is looking for during the exam. Otherwise VA denies the claim due to incomplete medical examination information.

  2. Big contracts to too few contractors. Gives VA impetus on cutting disability compensation too much control. When I received my SSDI examinations from SS examiners they were in small clinics and were fair. Times have probably changed since the early 1990s. Nothing but huge medical care corporations in existence now. small clinics have faded away. So has good health care.

    1. Agree. As long as government lays down the guidelines and stays out of running insurance I think we would be better off. If someone hasn’t insurance then do what the airlines do and have then purchase the insurance for however long, just like flight insurance.

  3. Interesting about one of the medical examin contractors QTC also dose medical exams for Social Security this could raise some issues.

  4. Yeeeesh. Comments are more and more bizarre. This is no place for any rational
    Common sense.

  5. Missed this one until the comments showed up in my inbox.

    Justanobserver is obviously decrying the ability to save a few thousandths of a mil in his taxes by quack writing C & Ps. He doesn’t like the contract where a veteran may get as fairly treated as a contract Social Security physician who concludes unemployability for SSI or SSDI for the same conditions he denies are disabling.

  6. And here’s another hit that will be thrown your way, Mr 91Veteran, in case you didnt know.

    VA Contracting has now afforded $6.8 billion dollars to these so called ‘evaluation’ companies (QTC, VES, MES, etc). And the complaints are already pouring in! Examined in a storage room? Hardly. But forced to drive excessive distances? Yes. Lack of appropriate records to review? Yes. Are they out to use nurse practitioners and less than truly qualified and experienced C+P providers? The answer is clear… YES. Why? They want to keep the $$. They have proven this so easily. Yes, you will be going to chiropractors and other allied health folks who have no C+P training, and they certainly dont have many years of seasoned skill within the VA disability system (the key is responding to regional offices and their questions and affording rock solid responses, based on current medical literature (and NOT ‘ The comments going to regional offices so far are more bizarre than you could ever imagine. Common sense is not occurring, when medical opinions are asked. Many of us have perfected the wording and verbage RO’s required, to incldue BVA and COVA and remand folks. Yet now, all that work will be put aside, as the responses these offices will get will be wierd… hence, stretching out the claims process longer than it ever was.

    Yes, it is clear these new providers will not give a hoot in hell about your claimed issues, nor will these companies they work for. Why? Its just the $$ they seek. In the end, many will have to return to seasoned providers at VAMC’s across the country, in order to have a qualified, experienced C+P examiner evaluate a medical condition.

    Our suggestions are this. If you get a call or letter from people like VES, DEMAND to go to your local VAMC for an exam. Why? Your C+P provider is THE best clinician to evaluate a claim, quickly and efficiently. Everyone will see this occur very soon, now that all contractors will be clamoring for their share of the pie, come 3/31/17.

    1. Justanobserver, In more than 25 years of going to the VA, and at least 7 C&P exams required by the VA, I have had a single 1 that was thorough by an examiner that was not only observant, but compassionate.

      That exam was only provided after a previous C&P exam resulted in a denial because of the incompetence of the examiner. The examination was conducted in Appleton, WI.

      She not only reviewed my record while I was present, but she asked quite a number of questions, made measurements, etc.

      Every C&P exam I have ever had never lasted more than 20 minutes. Hers was well over an hour.

      It was only because of her competence that I was service connected for that condition, and was able to get medical care when needed from the VA. The alternative was paying for surgery and physical therapy out of my own pocket whenever I needed it because of the deteriorating condition.

      Or maybe I was just greedy looking for a handout so my family wouldn’t suffer the financial loss of paying for medical care from service connected injuries.

  7. Its your kind of responses, sir, that make no sense. When my colleagues and I perform these exams, we do so from an unbiased, very objective viewpoint, despite some of them being either comical or bizarre (usually at the beckoning or advice of those who dont know any better, or are angry). However, most soon to be discharged servicemembers and vets who are seen are genuine and sincere.

    YOUR bias is clear… ‘lazy, fat, smoking drunk’… ya gotta chuckle. Not everyone falls into that category. C’mon…use common sense and open your mind.

    If folks dont get medical care for their disabilities, then you are truly confused. C+P examinations DO NOT provide medical care. I thought someone of your knowledge would realize that. They only provide evaluations and possible service connections. If someone needs actual healthcare, then they need to applly for care, or see their physicians. C+P is not health care,. It is disability. People seek MONETARY benefits. That;s what C+P is. It is nothing else. If you are under the impression that C+P visits are health care, then you are truly mistaken and misguided. If vets dont get care for their disabilities, then they need to be guided to where they can. Clear and simple.

    Everyone exposed to X will NOT necessarily have a Y reaction. Where you got that from is unknown. Actually, we get very high ratings from vets and service officers, as our visits are truly detailed and complete. Yes, we even use a goniometer.

    Vets we see are not ‘pissed off’ at the end of our exams. They actually go home with educated comments and results. They are always given time to ask questions. They are essentially walked thru the building, if they need help and guidance to other departments. What happens, many times, is this… they are usually ‘pissed’ when they get a ratings result some months later, and are mad because they didnt get the monies some fool told them they were going to get. Simple. Who do ya blame? Smile.

    1. Justanobserver, I’m curious where you do C&P exams, because what you describe never occurs in any VA I know of.

      The last C&P I had was after a knee replacement. Nobody walked the halls with me. I found the quack on my own. He did ask a couple of questions, but failed to conduct a thorough exam including measuring range of motion.

      Hell he didn’t even review my medical record, as I could tell when I read his notes.

      I am a little shocked that your reading comprehension is so poor. I truly do not believe it is worth the effort to explain things to you further.

      I will explain though what I meant by getting medical care. If a veteran has a C&P exam for an injury incurred in service to this nation, and that injury is determined to be service connected, the VA is required to provide medical care for that injury for as long as that veteran needs it.

      If that veteran has a C&P exam with a quack and that injury is NOT service connected, then the veteran can be denied medical care for that injury.

      You sound as if you buy into the game that the VA likes to play when they constantly refer to veterans disability pay while ignoring or downplaying the disabling medical condition.

      This gives many ignorant people the idea that veterans are greedy, simply looking for a handout, rather than the veteran actually wanting medical care for their service connected medical conditions.

      I would have gladly traded any disability compensation for having my health back, particularly during the years my children were growing up. That did not happen.

      Now, disability compensation and medical care from the VA are governed by laws that congress has passed, not what veterans decide. If you have a problem with what veterans are provided for injuries from their service, I suggest you take it up with congress.

      …and work on your reading comprehension.

    2. Your statements are subjective, not objective. Show me one redacted examination that you have done that fully reports the objective tests you were presented with. Show me one examination you have done that indicates that you took the time to review the patient’s record completely or that you wrote a history as reported and observed in the record instead of a history designed to support your opinion the patient should be denied compensation for his injuries.

      You are a quack when it comes to compensation examinations. And I wouldn’t want to see you for any condition because you make to quick of an assessment, ignoring objective facts and writing progress notes to cover your ass from mal practice suits.

  8. Oh folks… its amazing how much misinformation is out there. The ability to create bad, misleading information seems to snowball so quickly. And to throw gas on the fire by those who know even less, is not an accomplishment, by any means. As one who has been a close observer of the VA C+P system (examiner AND adjudicator observations) for 20 years, the comments made above many times are not of any reality basis. Here’s why.

    I have been performing C+P examinations for 20 years. Yes, as a medical provider. Not a PA, not as a nurse practitioner. I have seen tremendous changes in this system over time. The system, overall, has been overly generous to veterans, in most cases. In fact, the generosity borders on insanity, at times. In fact, if someone were to truly investigate this system and the folks who use it, it would be embarrassing to Americans as a whole…why? MONEY. GREED. LAZINESS. The benefits system goes above and beyond, in most cases, but there’s far too many who say “I am here to get what I deserve”. Hence, this system pays out benefits so many can avoid working, avoid employability, and foster further lack of self responsibility. In iother words, this system will pay you to get sick, and pay you even more to get ‘sicker’, all the while having everyone blame the VA for their ills. In actuality, as Americans, we are a lazy group. We prefer convenience and being labeled as ‘disabled’… its the status quo. Yet many dont want to hear that ugly fact. In fact, many comments are made where “why should I try to work when big government will pay me NOT to work”? That is SO American. Sad state of affairs, but again, the status quo.

    This is not to say most former servicemembers dont deserve to be compensated for injuries incurred while serving. HELL YES. They deserve the best. They risked their lives for our country as a whole. But sadly, there are those out there who wish to screw it to the max to see ‘what can I get out of it’. They have these so called ‘representatives’ (many of whom have PTSD and other anger issues, who should BNOT be in the positions of giving out erroneous medical advice, based on their anger), and attorneys who are smart and know how to manipulate a system that is in place (ie., appeal everything for years to come, knowing that a possible payout in the future will get them a larger chunk of the 20% they get, and their EACHA fees (sp). Again, sad. Yet the veteran waits patiently, thinking that these folks are working FOR them, when in actuality, they many times are stretching out cases for many years, in the hopes of ‘getting more’. As Americans, we are not satisfied… “My knee should be worth at least a 50% disability, not the 40% VA says’. And sleep apnea due to service? We all hope this insanity will end, as military service DOES NOT CAUSE sleep apnea. a 50% disability because you use CPAP? This is criminal. People get sleep apnea because it occurs in the general population, or, you eat and drink to excess and gain morbid obesity amounts of weight, then blame it on your service days. VERY SAD. Military service does not cause sleep apnea. Yet the laws state if it was incurred in service, you might get compensated. FOR REAL? Your says in the Army caused your sleep apnea? C’mon folks… lets be real about this. And here’s another calamity… Agent Orange causing heart disease. INCREDIBLE. Yes, some studies show an increased incidence of heart disease in some vets who returned from RVN. SO, if AO caused heart disease, directly, then every vet who stepped foot in RVN should have heart disease…right? Not so. And, to make it worse, this system and its users avoid discussing the classical risk factors that cause heart disease in Americans, which is also criminal. Diet, lifestyle, cholesterol, family history, smoking, diabetes, HTN, lack of exercise are all risk factors for developing heart disease. Yet those issues are avoided completely when our generous government doles out millions of dollars. In fact, one gentleman we saw had EVERY risk factor for developing heart disease (Framingham study proven), and he defied his providers in trying to improve himself, y smoking more,. cholesterol out of control, and other risky behaviors. Yet when asked what he thought caused his heart disease, his response was (incredibly) “Thank god they found out it was Agent Orange!”. If this isnt insanity and beyond, then what the hell. And this individual was paid over 100,000 for this calamity, so he could continue his course of self extinguishing. SAD SAD SAD.

    1. Justanobserver, you may have a point in some of what you write, but the rest of your comment makes clear that you bring this attitude into every examination you have for vets.
      It truly is sad that veterans that have disabilities may or may not get medical care based on an examination by someone who automatically expects the next vet walking in to be some fat, lazy, smoking drunk who just wants to scam the system.

      I have noticed that attitude permeates the VA and it truly does result in veterans getting substandard care.

      I will finish with telling you that it truly is a scary thought to know someone in your position believes every one exposed to X will have Y reaction.

      I would have thought medical knowledge would have advanced to the point of realizing not everyone reacts exactly the same to an exposure or medicine.

      “Gee, those last 4 veterans took NSAIDS for whatever crap they said they had, why can’t you”? “Oh, allergic reaction? Well, take it anyway since those last 4 don’t react, neither should you.”

      I bet you also wonder why some veterans are rather pissed off by the time they are done with your “examination”.

    2. All I ever wanted was quality care for my injury incurred in-service. When I first went to the VA 20+ years ago, I thought I would get quality care. I did not. I got to wait for 14 hours for a bottle of Motrin. I keep the bottle for posterity. Over the years, lost work opportunity while I am sitting at the VA has cost me jobs and probably tens of thousands of dollars. I have had my prime earnings years stolen from me by the VA, yet I have always tried to work. If the VA gave vets the care they needed, there would not be the wait list problems, et cetera. The VA creates a fishbowl of medical experiment volunteers by giving them just enough disability to barely live on because it is CHEAPER THAN GIVING VETS PROPER CARE. I can’t believe a healthcare provider/evaluator would make such claims. I am sure there is abuse of the system. It does not come close to the overall failure of the VA to provide proper care to vets that gave it all for their country. FUCK YOU!

    3. Just, you are so unjust. You are obviously one of the physicians that has seen themselves as guardian’s of the treasury and writes reports based on the observation you make when the patient walks through the exam room door. You ignore objective tests in favor of your subjective judgement. And there are too many of you who didn’t go and see everyone as one of Romne’s 47%. You haven’t studied Chapter 3 & 4 of 38 CFR and never knew your responsibility as a C&P examiner nor do you realize the diminished capacity incurred by so many veterans. You are smart enough that you would be able to be substantially employed with many of the conditions that you see in your exam room. You have no idea that a mental category III person with a bum knee has lost many avenues to employment.

      I entered the service as a mental category I. Now I’m a mental category II only because I have retained verbal skills. You have know idea how temporal lobe seizures affect my employability even when controlled so there are no complex partial seizures on the lack of resistance to stress.

      And yes there is one of you for every 3 examiners in my record and the adjudicators take your examination in every case. You have no idea what my objective physical limitations from injury to my back compound the drop in mental and adaptability diminishment. You have no idea as to how to take the body systems as a whole in your examination determination as required.

      You are one of those who should be fired for incompetence in your position or at least not allowed to do C&P examinations.

  9. @ Craig Files
    I hear your frustration.

    After I read Ben’s blog, which historically makes sense, I scan the comments. While its true that many of the commenters have a far right lean and often don’t make any sense, don’t interpret the veracity of those comments as a barometer of Ben’s contribution and advocacy of disabled vets. It is weird to read how politics skewers a person’s perspective. Discussing the righteousness on ones political party is as stupid as discussing the righteousness of your religion.

    I, like you, think that the commenters who dominate this site often go off the rails —- but you have to admit —-It can be entertaining!! and sometimes informative. Also the commenters statements gives you an idea why Donald Trump supporters are willing to overlook his serial draft dodging in the 60’s, his bigotry dating back to the 60’s, his lies, his greed, his scams and his overall dishonesty ………….for the most part many of us have been manipulated by politicians and anything sounds better than the same old politics ….. unfortunately, the Repubs have Trump instead of Kasich, Rubio, Bush or perhaps any of the others, because they were actually Republicans. Trump is NOT a Republican. I think there are a lot of Republicans, including President H.W. Bush who will hold their nose and vote for Hillary because they surely see that Trump is NOT a man they would want their grandchildren to emulate.

    I would suggest that you stay on the site because the blog itself is worth the insulting language you endure.

    By the way, what the fuck is a troll?

    1. The title of this website makes reference to a “Square Deal”. This is a phrase referring to a public safety net to opportunities for the poor program most related to LBJ; a Democrat. This websites title is a form of “Phishing” or at least inviting poor suckers like me into your vortex of right wing bull-shite. I can’t believe a lawyer is not aware of this. It is a purposeful marketing trick as well.

  10. Nam, looks like they had a crazy night on here! Pretty bad when Ben has to come on and defend himself! I hope he blocks that troll!!!

    1. Donna, yeah, am thinking the VA Genomics Labs had a feral experiment escape the slab down in the lab. Only 40 days until Halloween. Testing the perimeter and parameters of our collective patience. We made the first mistake and fed the troll after midnight 🙂

      1. So funny! He needs to be locked back up in his cage. That person was totally unaware of what any of us have been and is going through with all this crooked VA crap! Could make someone reading this session spiral into a full blown PSTD attack! Thank goodness today is a new day!!

  11. One more thing, I haven’t heard from red turtle . His commentary is always appreciated . I do hope he’s okay . I am thinking about moving to Roseburg Oregon near my sister . I think red turtle would be a good person to know . I’m done .

  12. Hey Ben , you think maybe we can have one day of political talk and perhaps stay off the rest of the week . This is my favorite site I enjoy each and every comment I read even Craig’s . I truly respect all that Ben and Ron and others have done to open my mind to what’s really going on in the VA . I do agree though, that we need to be more focused on VA issues . This election just brings out the worst in all of us, my PTSD is going wild . I admit I need help , and on this site is the only place I found it . I respect every veteran . Good night y’all .

      1. Craig Files asked “Could someone please recommend a site that actually helps vets.”

        I know an Excellent site for Veterans. You can find it at “”

        The owner of the site has done some truly amazing things to help 10s of thousands of Veterans. His actions, and the help he has received from a number of real news organizations, has brought about major changes at the VA.

        I am sure most real Veterans have seen or heard of his work. Several note worthy examples.


        Veterans Choice and the Crow Fly’s rule.

        It was Ben who’s fight for his client who had stage 4 cancer that led to the change in that Law.


        “Jon Stewart Nails It On Veterans Choice Card”
        at: “”

        “New VA rules after KARE 11 investigation”
        at: “”


        Veterans Administration Falsifying Doctors credentials

        “Veterans Affairs Caught Falsifying Doctors’ Certifications”
        at: “”

        “Medical credentials questioned at VA hospitals”
        At: “”


        Unqualified Doctors performing Comp and Pension exams at the VA. The VA TBI scandal.

        “Do Not Miss Your Chance For A New VA TBI Examination”
        at: “”

        “Scope Of VA TBI Scandal Exposed In TV Special”
        at: “”


        Oh and Craig I guess I was wrong. Ben’s work has not just helped 10s of thousands of Veterans. He has helped Millions of Veterans.

  13. Craig Files,

    My “Service Number”, when I joined the military, started with “RA”! Others, who were drafted started with “US”!
    Which one were you? Hell, for some reason you haven’t even given any indication you ever served! Until you wear the uniform, don’t try to dictate your misguided drival to us who have served. And especially to those who served in a war zone!

    *IF*, and I do mean *IF* you were ever in the military. You’d understand how veterans react to what’s happening in today’s war torn society that the Democrats started.

    As far as LBJ goes, you really don’t want to go there buddy!
    He’s on record/recording for saying the following, QUOTE; ” I’ll get those n*gg*rs to vote Democrat for the next 200 years!” UNQUOTE! Some really good example to follow, huh, Craig?!

    Here’s another little piece of “Historical Fact” you’ve decided you don’t want to divulge. One week, that’s right – 7 days, prior to JFK’s assassination, his televized speach included a part where, he was going to divulge certain facts about the “Illuminati”! You know, the “elite globalists” who want to “Rule the World!”
    Just as certain individuals today want. I don’t think I have to say HER name, do I Craig?!

    I’m getting pretty sick and tired of people, TROLLS, coming on here and spreading their bull shit. Especially when they’re ignorant on current and past historical affairs and facts!

    Politics plays a large part in what happens in everyday life, especially today. This is playing out on a large scale in our society today.

    At no time in our history, have American Citizens been more aware at what’s at stake. This election is either going to save this “REPUBLIC” or, it’s going to destroy our “REPUBLIC”! BTW, Craig, if your unaware, the United States of America is NOT a “democratic society’! We are a “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!” Big difference!

    The choices we have to make are dire!
    Right now, what is at stake is the Supreme Court!
    I don’t know about y’all. But I like the idea of a “Second Amendment”! It keeps, and binds, the Constitution and Bill of Rights together. It wasn’t written to protect hunting and fishing!

    It was written to protect our “FREEDOMS from TYRANNY!” Read all of it Craig, then maybe you’ll get a better idea of how real Veterans, and Patriots, minds work!

      1. @ Craig Files. I own this website. I voted for Bernie Sanders this election cycle, but I am an independent voter. So it is not owned by a Republican, as you falsely assert.

        The news on this website is generally bipartisan in nature. As for me, I am an award winning veterans rights activist and attorney who has repeatedly provided testimony to lawmakers about VA and to the press while also exposing numerous scandals.

        My readers are both Democrats and Republicans. Beyond this, I am not clear what your issue is other than that some of my readers do not agree with you. There are many other websites out there with readers you may feel more of a kinship with. I encourage you to go there, perhaps Huffington Post or MSNBC.

        This website is not about sparing the feelings of various political hacks at the expense of veterans, and I could care less whether someone claims to be a Dem or Rep. They are both working against the middle anyway, and I trust neither party. Regards.

      2. Your website viewers tonight at least provide no useful information. All I was looking for was a decent resource. Not that it is right, but a lot can often be said of the company one keeps. Even on this website. The title implies a neutral position or none at all and I sign on to these kinds of cheap wise-cracks and worse. Like it or not, it diminishes your credibility. You are an intelligent man and must realize that. I must presume you lean that way and that should be more clearly represented in the title. I want to support your efforts but I can’t if this is all your blog provides.

      3. I said your readers tonight. But cheap shot piling on I’ve experienced before on this site. I can’t say I’ve seen anything but Republican ideology on your website. I have passed on what I believe is good info to The VA IS LYING website. It may or may not be helpful. Thanks for responding personally.

      4. If you only see “Republican” ideology on this website, then you are not looking very hard. When Ron came up with the “VA Is Lying” title, do you want to know who the first person was he called about it? Ron called me. I also talked with Ron about crowdfunding dissent billboards to get the word out in 2015 before anyone else knew that was a reality.

        My guess is you are unaware of what I do and what this website is for. I publish veteran-centric news on this website. Readers and supporters comment on that news however they want. I only step in when there are instances of clear abuse. Otherwise, I encourage a thick skin.

        Anyway, here are just a couple examples of articles that cover Republican cuts to benefits, etc.

      5. My skin is plenty thick. Judging by the speed in which the bloggers tonight piled on, I would suggest that it is they whom should not build the kitchen here.

      6. Not a troll if your website is truly neutral. Change your website title otherwise. I look for as close to neutral info I can get and your page title implies neutrality. It is the ” Oops I couldn’t tell the websites leaning due to the title” version of phishing.

      7. You use interesting words like “phishing” but then use the term incorrectly. You also said the veterans who comment on this website are “bloggers” but they are actually “commenters” on my blog. My blog is not politically dependent. Some of my readers are conservative. Others like Ron Nesler are very far left. I invite all views so long as they articulate points that make sense. You are a person who throws out aspersions. It’s bizarre.

        Instead, I suggest you go find some resources and maybe post them here to support a topic within any post. There are many posts that discuss topics across the board.

      8. You give yourself away by admitting to your bloggers calling me a troll. That implies you lean their way and your page is biased…possibly to the extreme.

      9. You keep suggesting Ben and others here are biased and demand something completely neutral as you define it.

        That shows how truly ignorant you are.

        I defy you to provide names of web sites, books, magazines, politicians or anything else that is truly neutral.
        I doubt you can provide a single one because no matter what the topic is, there will be bias of some kind, and to think otherwise is ignorant.

        Most adults come to recognize that bias and either are mature enough to filter it out, or foment a valid argument against it. You don’t appear to be able to recognize bias, or have not matured enough to be able to handle it when you see something you disagree with.

        Suggesting others are unintelligent or uneducated because their views are different than yours is a very childish way of dealing with those opposite views.

        Shutting it out or trying to force a change does not ever make it go away.

        I suspect when you were told Unicorns and mermaids were not real it was quite a traumatic event for you and you have never recovered.

      10. If you get to the true nuts and bolts of the issue. What kind of progress have you made with updating the VA Disability percentage calculations? Like everyone else for 22 years, not much.

      11. @Craig. Hmm, so I voted for Bernie but I “lean” Republican? I would be curious to hear that argument.

        You mention you are seeking a “decent resource” but fail to expound on that vague and specious assertion. Resource for what? Obviously not benefits, so what’s the resource?

        You then attack the readers with the implicit position that I should control their speech rather then let them speak freely about the corrupt and sinister government that surrounds us… ? Sounds like you are more of a totalitarian bully than a person pursuing true liberalism ie freedom.

        While I did vote for Bernie, your comments sound a lot like those of an HRC supporter. You know, the type of Dem who wants to control others rather than have a dialogue. Typical of the filth who stole the election from Bernie. So long, bud. MSNBC might be a better fit.

      12. “Sounds like you are more of a totalitarian bully than a person pursuing true liberalism ie freedom.”

        Now that’s a little extreme. Your right of course. Your bloggers are still juvenile. . I was planning to buy your DVD but I just can’t now. Guilt by association I guess. You assume incorrectly when you presume I am not looking for benefits. I have pursued just that for 22 years and thought you might have something new.

        Your bloggers are still juvenile and discredit your website.

      13. Your use of language here is tragically imprecise, and you assert I am selling things like a DVD? I sell no DVD, and I have no idea what you are talking about. Apparently you do not know, either.

        I am the “blogger”. My readers who comment are “commenters”. That seems rather straight forward, but I am happy to help you parse out the issues such as correctly labeling the nouns that seem obvious.

        If you are unable to see beyond some of their statements with which you disagree, and you, therefore forego the only book on VA VocRehab and other free resources, I think it says more about you than me. You place ideology ahead of your own best interests. Good for you. And for your opinion and $2.25 cents, you can get a crappy cup of coffee from Starbucks.

        I publish resources for veterans including a book that I sell that I wrote… like all other authors on Amazon or anywhere else. God forbid someone other than VA employees or wealthy national service organization leaders try to earn a living helping veterans with actionable information?! At least the living I earn is honest and veterans actually see a cognizable benefit like getting law school, medical school, or their small business paid for. Seems like the $20 may be worth if for those folks.

        But you, Mister “Craig Files”, you can please continue to throw stones from your glass tower based on polarizing ideologies. I assume that your strategy will get you about as far as you’ve already progressed in your 22-year fight for benefits. Good luck plugging along on your own.

      14. That’s just it… I haven’t seen anyone make progress with the VA in 22 years. Small victories here and there; but for the most part nothing. You are not the seller of the Voc. Rehab kit? If not, I apologize.

      15. You are selling something from this site. Then the neutral title of your website is a form of phishing. Maybe for some it is a fortunate accident. For me is not.

      16. I hate to bring your world crashing down, but Amazon and EBay are sites that sell things, and those evil bastards allow the public to comment!

        I suspect you would find all kinds of biased comments in their reviews.

  14. Troll Alert! Let loose the hounds and make sure they are Republican or Independent hounds that ONLY seek-out Democratic Trolls. Trollspecific. 🙂

    1. ^Intended sarcasm on stereotyping…as if ALL Disabled Vets were of a specific political party! Well, the VSO’s and the VA definitely swing the Democrat way strongly…Union…AFGE…just about any other Union. Trolls must have a Union now.

      1. Thanks for the unnecessary validation. I know I am correct ad trying to help. if this site expects to sell that resource material, you might want to be more inclusive. I only give my politics on a site like this is when it goes unnecessarily extreme in either direction.

      2. Everyone here needs to open themselves up to a more nuanced approach to resolve these problems. Calling names childishly and bullying in return solves nothing.

    2. Disabled vet just trying to help. If the admins of this group allow overt political stumping this ceases be a legitimate resource. This is not a blog. It is a .org that should be more responsible. You should change the name. This is not objective behavior. Are you only going to sell that $20.00 “maybe we can help you but probably not” book to just Republicans? Your comments are trite and juvenile. At least produce a little good information. Assuming all veterans share your views is a huge mistake and at the very least a misrepresentation of a significant percentage of veterans views.

      P.S.S. Seymour Klearly is a ridiculous screen name for issues of this gravity. you should be embarrassed .

      1. @ Craig, you are making ad hominem attacks against the readers here and against the quality of my resources without reading them. I am not clear why, but I ask that you stop doing it if you want to stick around.

      2. That is your call. I am trying to help. I am not buying anything or seeking counsel from anyone that thinks your readers just disagree with me. The title of your website is neutral yet clearly leans in a direction. This invites conflict and is in a small way phishing similar to that of misspelled words in an internet search box. I might add you are threatening my 1st amendment rights here on your website. You are the censor here. YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO RUN OFF ANYONE. I want to work with you, but your pile on bloggers prevent me from taking you or anything on this site seriously. I come to you via ” THE VA IS LYING WEBSITE to which I have donated. I have even included this site as part of my Facebook page for almost 2 years. I had to remove you.

      3. You seriously have some grand delusions about the internet, web sites and your own importance on each.

        After numerous whining comments about changing speech you don’t like and demands to conform to your delusions, you threaten and cajole the owner of the site that he has lost some kind of sale to you, and you had to remove his site from your FB page.

        You are a troll that likely never served a day in the military.

        Jayzuz I’ve never seen so much butthurt from someone over comments on a web site, and then to suggest your free speech rights are infringed because other veterans are not changing their free speech to make you more comfortable?

        I can’t speak for Ben, but as one who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, your suggestion that anyone here would violate your rights under the same is the height of ignorance and is offensive.

        You are in for a very long life of disappointment and misery if you think you can just demand others change to ease your butthurt.

    1. Had to do some running around getting parts. But as soon as I smell that rancid smell I put a cookie in his trax.

      1. You need to change your website name. There are many Democrat veterans and you must know that. Using a title as generic as DisabledVeterans.Org. invites this. Admins must approve and therefore qualifies this site as propaganda Very disappointed. I thought I’d found good reliable unbiased resource material.

      2. So, not only do veterans commenting here have to change their comments to avoid harming your delicate sensibilities, but the web site owner must now change the web site name.
        Pehaps peoplesdaily dot org?
        WorkersUnited dot edu?

        Any other demands?

        You are SO helpful!

      3. My sensitivities are not close to bothered. Your comments are both childish and confrontational. Are you going to threaten to run away from home next if I don’t validate your juvenile tripe?

      4. Assumption that I put you in any bubble indicates that you are the one that puts veterans in the bubble of being all Republicans that agree with you. Cleary there is no room for dissent on this website and that completely destroys the credibility of this website. “Dissent is Patriotic” and sometimes actually helps. You at best have blinders on and at worst qualify as extremist and ill-educated propaganda.

        Seymour Klearly is still a not clever and idiotic screen name. Allowing that level of boorish tripe also discredits you.

  15. Hey there Craig, you don’t think war is political? Who knows better than a Veteran? We may be wrong, or we may be right, but we sure as hell have the right to have a voice.

      1. You could start your own forum Craig.

        You could call it Craigs Safe Space.

        I don’t agree with every comment ever made here, but veterans can comment as much as they want and I can reply as much as I want.

        As long as our gracious host allows it.

        Put up a web site Craig and you can dictate the rules however you want.

      2. Assumption that I put you in any bubble indicates that you are the one that puts veterans in the bubble of being all Republicans that agree with you. Cleary there is no room for dissent on this website and that completely destroys the credibility of this website. “Dissent is Patriotic” and sometimes actually helps. You at best have blinders on and at worst qualify as extremist and ill-educated propaganda.

        Seymour Klearly is still a not clever and idiotic screen name. Allowing that level of boorish tripe also discredits you.

      3. @CraigFiles- Very mature of you to generalize and stereotype all Vets into your little bubbled existence and reality. I have done political community organizing, for a few years in the past and can tell you the political affiliation of Veterans, Disabled or not, is as varied as the Nation.

        Not all Disabled Veterans eat rotten cabbage either. 🙂

  16. I can’t believe objective admins of this website will allow the cheap shots and inappropriate political content to remain on this site. I see very, very little of the political shite on here as the least bit helpful to disabled veterans. ( ..of all political affiliations ).

    1. “I can’t believe objective admins of this website will allow the cheap shots and inappropriate political content to remain on this site.”

      Just like a Democrat, blame the owner of the website for allowing us to politicize the truth!
      Evidently, you can’t handle the truth about what’s going on, ie; massive corruption within ALL our government agencies. The VA is only one entity out of many committing egregious illegal acts against ALL of us! These criminal acts, by some of these agencies, are being played out in our Congressional Committees right now!

      Don’t you think, *IF* we could stop all the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse. It would make our country a great nation again!?
      That being said, it’s going to take both parties to completely overhaul this FUBAR we’ve gotten ourselves into.
      Until we work together, it ain’t ever going to happen!

      1. Veterans who swore an oath to our Constitution ARE helping other vets when they point out those who crap all over it.

  17. I wish this election was over. I’m extremely tired of having to listen to crooked politicians saying how crooked each other is. Both lie. Both have too many secrets. I’m amazed that anyone believes a word that rolls off their tongue. I’m going to vote, but I’ll most likely be in the booth before I decide. Good luck y’all.

  18. You discredit yourself when you politicize this with an anti-Obama title. I know you care but you accomplish little when you lose (or never had) objectivity. I have eaten much crow as a Democrat but persist. I have learned to acknowledge the ” political sucker punch ” when I see it and your title is just that. You know some of this is 70 years old and spans many presidents. I want to support your efforts?????

    1. That’s rich. Your entire comment is whining about Obama being in the title of a blog post rather than the content of the post.

      Put on your big girl panties and think about this for a minute.

      The VA under Obama’s tenure has seen scandal after scandal, with two of the biggest ones being veterans dying while waiting for medical care, and 20-22 or more veterans committing suicide every day.

      And you snivel about Preezy Boyfriends name in a blog title?

      A blog about the VA ignoring once again their scandals while Pissing away billions more?

      Grow up FFS!

      1. There are still tens of thousands of unresolved veteran claims that have gone unacknowledged for up to 70 years. NOONE and NO ORGANIZATION has succeeded to any really tangible results; this organization included. This organization might have gotten close…but for the most part you get nothing but multitudes of politicians and other veterans groups blowing smoke up your asses. All veterans of all affiliations must work together or we will only experience decades more of the same. You can’t afford to run off anyone. My support remains tenuous.

      2. Well, not speaking for others, but I consider myself fairly warned that your support is tenuous and this entire issue may collapse without it.
        You should realize your support is not worth much when you refuse to allow the buffoon in charge to be called out for his policies over the past 8 years that has caused this mess.
        For a community organizer, you would think he would be able to organize an agency with proper policies designed to assist those for whom the agency was created.

        Yes, the mess predates his choom days, but I’ve never seen the VA as dysfunctional and corrupt from top to bottom as it is today, and since he wants the perks of the office, he needs to take the blame as well.

        You can argue Congress has oversight responsibility and responsibility for their budget, but ultimately it is Obama and his DOJ that are overseeing the daily corruption while thumbing their noses at any legislation passed by Congress.

      3. You need to change the name clearly stating a political bias. As for now, you are clearly phishing for people to whom you may spread your propaganda. You are looking to further victimize disabled vets and that is evil.

      4. You should feel lucky that someone from the other side of the fence can agree with you in even the smallest way. Like I said before, THIS WEBITE/ENTIRE ISSUE WOULD BE WISE NOT TO RUN OFF ANYONE. Otherwise, divide and conquer takes the day and we are a very fractured vocal minority.

      5. So, to prevent “running off anyone”, only comments you agree with are allowed, otherwise shut up?

        Go piss up a rope.

    2. Craig Files,

      I was actually quoting a “partial statement” made by ‘Seymore Klearly’ earlier today.

      In your response to me, you state you’ve had to eat a lot of crow. If that be the case, WHY do you stay with a “party” that continues to: endorse slavery, division amoung the races, bankrupt our economy, rules and regulations which stifle our businesses, government/civilian agencies (VA comes to mind immediately) which personnel commit crimes, criminals being set free from prisons just so they can vote Democrat.
      I could write more egregious acts committed by and against the United States citizens by Democrats. But, I think you get the point!

      I agree this “dumbing down” of America has been going on since Lincoln. Oh, wait, I know, your going to say, “Wait, Lincoln was a Republican!”
      True, yet his VP was a Democrat! Why do you think it took a Civil War, where tens of thousands of men died, to free the slaves? Because the Democrats held the south. Today its the reverse! That’s why Obama has to use his “Executive Orders” to expand on his agenda!

      Today we see more division between the races. More antagonism by a POTUS who wants us divided.
      It’s been “in your face corruption” only since the Clinton’s “reign of terror and petulance”! Obama is the final straw of an attempted capitulation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, IF we allow it to continue.

      By ” politicizing” everything is the Democrat way of life.
      Right now we have a chance to become a “Sovereign Nation”, again. If the Democrats regain power, that will never happen.
      Right now, the only thing the Democrats can do is “sling insults” at Republicans.

      That being said, and as President Reagan once said, QUOTE: “Is that all you have, insults?” “Why not let’s talk about how we fix what the Democratic Party has broken for over a century!”

      Have a nice day!

      1. Right back at you—post-Voting Rights Act by LBJ. Democrats lean to the I was 30 years ago. That explains my eating crow comment. Democrats have definitely had their warts. I accept he hypocrisy of the past and remain true to the ideal…so call me a fool. The South remained poor after the Civil War… the other reason for remaining a Democrat. That explains my populism. I believe in access to healthcare and education to everyone. Education and healthcare are just as important to National Security as any military spending policy and actually go further to make the USA a more competitive nation.

        P.S. Johnson #1, Lincoln’s VP was extremely racist and did nothing to help re-build The South.

      2. So sorry someone pissed in your flakes today. But why come on here specifically to agitate everyone else? Perhaps you need to go pet a sentient being. Cat? Dog? Any fish in your bubbled existence?

      3. Pardon me! I/ thought it said disabled veterans website. Are you telling everyone here is a Obama/Hillary hater. You should really change the website name then. I use the web as a resource tool. I was hoping to find something useful here.

    3. Hey Fruit Files, I mean Craig Files,

      Go Fuck Yourself.

      Take your pro Hillary bullshit somewhere else. Given you are not even a Veteran. How dare you come on this site an waste our time.

      1. You are trying to help?

        Us poor uneducated, unintelligent rubes?

        You have a strange way of “helping” when your intent is to silence any opinion you disagree with.

        You are such a precious snowflake!

      2. My intention was to get good reliable information; not all this not at all clever political obnoxiousness. I as a single individual am misrepresented by your website. I am certain there are many more and I now believe your lack of objectivity misrepresents many veterans…that is why YOU SHOULD CHANGE THE NAME. You have been informed there is at least one vet you misrepresent and I can’t trust your information or the resources you sell.

      3. Do you truly believe the bullshit that comes out your mouth?
        Or in this case, from your fingers?

        I assume you are male given the name you are using. Do you spend hours complaining on a WWE web site that they don’t represent you?

        You may want to look up Summers Eve or Massengill and see if either have a comment section. You would be more comfortable at a site like that.

        I don’t own this site.

      4. You really need to change your website name and I can’t believe you are not helping any veterans. At least not Democrat veterans. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

      5. You need to quit whining and set up your own site as I said.

        You were the one coming here and berating the host of this site for wording in his post title, in your first comment.

        You are the one constantly demanding others temper their comments to your liking.

        …and not a SINGLE comment by you appears to help vets.

      6. You need to change the name. Anyone of intelligence can deduce that a significant percentage of vets are Democrats. That leads me to believe you are inviting this conflict where you all can enjoy piling on. That is not anywhere close to being an objective or productive dialogue. Screen names like “Crazy Elf” and “Seymour “Klearly” are just silly and sophomoric; further diminishing your credibility.

      7. …as if any veteran has to prove credibility to you.

        You have said more than once you came here for a resource, yet you have not asked a single question pertaining to veterans.

  19. Seymore, I just read an article where Minnesota residents on Medicare are having leans put on their properties. It has something to do with Obamacare.


    Also, here’s a great article w/video, (8 minutes long) where hunters, gun enthusiasts, fishermen/women and others are “stumping for Trump!”

    It’s from NEWSMAX, of all places. Written by Mark Swanson, wed., 21 Sept 2016.

    “Sean Hannity Stumps For Trump in New Promotional Video”

    Check it out! Really a great video!

    1. Seymore, “…by the time Obama leaves office, if he leaves!”

      I believe Obama will try to stay in office. His “agenda” isn’t complete yet. I believe he’s going to try to destroy our country from within!
      It’s been his “agenda” from the beginning, PERIOD! So far, he’s been doing a bang up job of it!

      The people who run the DNC are panicking over Hillary dumping, or tanking, in the polls.
      They’ve already had emergency meetings, last week, on wanting to replace her. Or, in the news sources wordage, “Dump her!” There’s also reports out where Slick Willie has contacted attorneys to stop “the Dump”!
      I’ve also read an article where Soros and the Rockefeller’s are beginning to believe Hillary is becoming “…a liability!” With everything coming out about her, and especially that corrupt foundation, it’s a wonder she’s still in the race!

      A video has surfaced of a young, Saul Alinski like, Obama in Kenya “slamming America and White People!”

      The courts won’t stop him. Most Reps, in our Congress, have absolutely no fucking balls! So, they won’t stop him. His “over reach” is well documented. His distain of America, our values, Christianity and more, comes out when he speaks in front of the United Nations and other countries. He actually had the audacity to claim America “…is not a land of Christians!”
      I believe even our militaries are starting to wake up. They see the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse within our government.
      Does anyone actually believe the majority of our military would “fire upon its own citizenry?”

      There’s enough evidence to verify everything.

  20. What the hell happened? I keep reading about the same thing. Over and over again. More money for the VA, more waiting for the Veterans. Why do we need billion dollar corporations to decide whether a Veteran has what a Dr. says we have. I have had 2 c&p hearings, and neither took more than a minute or two. Of the billions allotted, how much of the money is for Veterans? Is there a cap on their bonuses? The VA needs an overhaul, and an oversight committee made up of Veterans, with enough power to hold all VA employees accountable. Wishful thinking. Ben, the VA isn’t working. Taxpayers are getting f—-d. What to do, what to do….

  21. I agree with James. Whether it takes 3 years, 5,10 or 25 years.Without your records you are nowhere in the VA system. I speak from experience. i am sure so many other veterans ask. What the hell happened?

  22. Hey y’all, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, or worse, (at VA), depending on your outlook!
    From “” on Sept 20, 2016.

    “Democratic Lawmakers Ask Dept. of Veterans Affairs to Cover Sex-Change Surgery”

    by Eric Scheiner

    Now these Dumbocrats want this shit!

    On “Fox News” last night,

    “The Sean Hannity 9/20/16-
    Judge Jeanine Believes That Trump Will Win”

    Although the Utube video is titled this way. There’s much more to it.
    It’s 38:34 minutes long. Check it out! You’ll be pleased, I’m sure!

    1. That one Army guy that I think got caught aiding the enemy or sharing secrets (something), is having taxpayer $$$ to have sex change and I remember the article gave $$$ figures for each Veteran, incl. hormone and all the following-up care in the many Millions…per Veteran wanting to go G.I. Joe to Jane or Jane to Joe or anything in between. That same article (will try to find it) stated that all Military Branches will now perform sex changes and they said there’s a few thousand of Active Duty Military wanting sex changes…WHO KNEW?? I am not trying to be funny nor closed-minded here but HOW THE HELL would the military cause you to want to change your sex, thus Service Connected?

      It’s a crapload of $$$$….meanwhile the VA cannot even get Suicide Prevention right…and guess what? There’s an INCREDIBLY high rate of suicides/attempted with those going through that process Just how will the VA address that little shortfall?
      I would not trust the VA to operate on Hydroceles the size of baseballs…definitely would not trust military/VA medical doing a sex change…WTF? Well, the VA is at least full of the body parts in question so they have a good starting reference point. 🙂

      1. I think that Army Vet is in Leavenworth…and will receive a sex change there but could be mistaken on localities.

        If any Vets may want to look into a job in law enforcement, today: “Violence-plagued Chicago plans to hire nearly 1,000 more cops over next two years”


      2. namnibor,
        The article I referenced clearly stated the VA has a “non-sex change rule”, or law, at this time.
        These Dumocraps want “it” changed. No pun intended.

      3. Elf, what I was implying is the Dem’s are basing their want of the VA to now to sex changes because the Active Military just recently, indeed approved something for reassignment procedures and that means they will be Veterans at one point after the Service. Correct me if wrong, but I do know the VA does not currently, but that is how that Active Duty Army-now in Leavenworth is getting his sex change. Will have to dig and do some searches.
        Anyway, why should the VA take on sex changes when they cannot even properly evaluate claims by themselves?

      4. Namnibor,

        They are putting all of these stories out there to cover-up what is happening and also using it to make Veterans look like a bunch of degenerate jane want-a-bee.

        In the mean time they are spending major money on dropping bombs in the middle East like there is no tomorrow.

      5. Oh and all of the money they are spending on the American Foreign Legion of ISIS. Obama’s private army.

        We provide them weapons, Humvees, Air-support, anti tank weapons, Man pad missiles, advanced training on the equipment and I am sure by the time Obama leaves office, if he leaves, they will have a supply of Nukes from Turkey.

  23. This is so disappointing that our money is being spent again on sub-contracting the VA’s work out to people that are in bed w/VA management. I wonder if any Vet owned Corporations were approached with this billion $$ contracts?? I have first hand experience w/QTC recently, my vet went for blood work, EKG, Chest X-rays and then visit with the doctor , they examined him and sent the paperwork off to another QTC in a different state for a final conclusion, the man called me to say they never received the Chest X-ray results, nor the EKG and I had to do the leg work to get copies of this instead of them working with the various diagnostic facilities that QTC contracts with! I faxed over the paper work after tracking it all down, he said now he can finalize his decision and has to send the packet back to the original physician that examined him so they can sign off on the QTC exam and THEN now the packet gets sent to the VA for a final review! If you ask me, subbing this out to these companies for med exams is now going to take 3 times longer before the Vet can get their disability ratings!

    1. Donna you said ” subbing this out to these companies for med exams is now going to take 3 times longer before the Vet can get their disability ratings!”

      That is the real reason why they are doing it. What use to take 10 to 20 years will take more than the life expectancy of the Veteran.

      1. Seymore, EXACTLY!!!! And trust me, my vet is old! I just can’t believe that this kind of crap does not get more media coverage. If the people out there really knew the shenanigans that goes on at the VA I would hope there would be more outrage at the disrespect our service men and woman receive!!

      2. Every body is being negatively affected by our current administration.

        They are killing off seniors in nursing homes and people who fell for the Obama Care bullshit are finding out the full cost of his program.

        In Minnesota people who were put on Medicaid are now having leans put on any property they own.

  24. The VA can hire an Army of people to do claims, But whos going to see if the VA will give them all the needed information to conduct the C&P, Veterans records have been shreded, Lost, Burnt or thrown away.

    Who hired these people Diana Rubins or Graves, Why have these people in VBA, its been proven they can not do their job, They tell the employees how to deny veterans claims and tells their employees, Go ahead and laugh, We will see who has the last Laugh !

    Someone needs to obtain all the rules and regulation these adjudicators are given to determine if the veteran qualifies and who trained them ?

  25. Without even reading the article yet, does anyone see the disconnect here?

    Why is it when veterans want outside medical care, the AFGE, VA flunkies and those who benefit from the status quo claim that veterans benefit from specialized care providers that understand veterans.

    But when it comes to C&P examinations that will dictate whether that veteran will even get care, an outside private contractor is deemed acceptable?


    1. SSA does disability exams all of the time and are much more likely to report accurately than VA examiners. They have no pressure to curtail entitlements from the Military Industrial Complex because they are not in direct competition with that portion of the National Budget. No disconnect at all here. A disability is a disability whether from a military war or a gang war. A bomb or a MVA.

      The lobbyists aren’t dogging the SSA examiners or their superiors. They have always been private sector examiners. SSA claims are held up in the administration side not by incomplete reporting from the examiner’s side. Ask any veteran who has both SSDI and VA compensation. Same injury will get you SSDI but not 100% TDIU from the VA. Figure that out?

      1. I can assure you from my own ordeal lasting a few years with SSA and at same time filing my own VA Disability Claim, that the outsourced company called Disability Determination Services were incredibly inept. Denied 3x and was at death’s door …but YET, I saw over and over people approved for SSDI simply because they were fat. Yes, fat. And still eating while in waiting rooms. No thyroid problem. FAT. But yet, here I had a mixed-bag of equal provable Service-Connected Disabilities and Non-Service Disabilities. With all my misgivings with the SSDI process, after being told I would then have to wait for 3+ ,more years for a SSA Admn. Judge to even shed light on my case, it took my Senator going to bat for me. He intervened with the Judge and got my files on his desk and I was approved within 3 months.
        The VA of course, is not going to award % for Non-Service Conditions towards a Service Connection, so when LEM said ask any Vet that’s gone through this, it’s all true except it’s not the slick as warm poo on an Alabama Summer day cake walk with SSA as LEM stated.
        The M.D.’s that SSA send you to are contracted places and you are like cattle…and they definitely examine cattle more thoroughly (farm boy here)…just wanted to set the record that SSA outsourced Examiners are *not* a template of excellence. SSA may be efficient but there’s A LOT of waste and VERY LARGE waist sizes…going to a SSA Examiner’s office is like going to a Walmart, crackbabies and all 🙂

      2. Wanted to add that I mentioned my experience with such subcontracted claim examiners with SSA because of the environment a person is placed in and not exactly ‘safe’, I wonder if the VHA put ANY thought in how any given PTSD Veteran may react in such a meat grinder? I know I did not fare well. I obviously survived but the entire experience only made my anxiety and depression worse…it really, really sucked canal water.

      3. I agree with your point about competing for a budget. I witnessed it first hand when I came back from the Gulf.
        Any soldier that was injured was removed from Active Duty as fast as possible. There were numerous examples of this and it allowed the DOD to transfer injured soldiers off their budget and on to the VA budget.

        Or the public budget at large if the VA was dragging their feet.

  26. You do have to admit that the VA is sure pulling a fast move here by the claims process and privatizing the Doctors who rule on Claims.

    I imagine it is going to take many years for Us Veterans to figure this one out.

    I mean what they are doing here is an insurance companies move to deny legitimate claims in areas like workman’s comp. They are hiring selected companies to produce bogus exam findings.

    Now a Veteran will have to fight twice as hard to establish a claim. The Veteran will also now have to pay the price of getting not just one Medical Opinion but two just to stand a chance at establishing their claim.

    Another slick and sickening move by Robbie McDonald’s VA to do an end run around the laws supporting Veterans. While putting even more pirated money into the hands of his bosses at the New York Bank of Mellon.

    1. It will make the whole process like fighting an insurance company without an attorney. Just doesn’t work period.

      1. @Seymore Klearly

        You understand the “what for” for the contract ……. now the VA has a ‘disinterested 3rd party’ who judges the validity of a veteran’s claim. It will take a long time to figure out the new reality. If the VA could choose the C&P doc, why wouldn’t the existing law NOT allow the veteran to choose and hire (at the VA’s expense) a doc to do the exam? Probably a lot cheaper than the VA ‘subbing’ out the work to a 3rd party who then has to hustle up enough docs to do the exams the way the VA wants them done….. in the end, it is simply a new way to delay and deny.

    2. I’m for putting the Doctor’s that rule on disability compensation out of the VA. And the doctor’s that do C&P examinations. Just not these contractors who are in the pockets of the Military Industrial Complex which is the base of the problem in the first place. Their lobbyists competing for that share of the Federal Budget.

  27. If y’all are still wondering,

    The crimes committed against veterans and taxpayers, by Filipove, Rubins, Graves, Hickey and others, are NOT out of the spotlight YET.
    Here’s a brand new article from “The Daily Caller News Foundation”, dated: 09/21/2016, by Luke Rosiak!

    “By Paying Off One Corrupt Manager, VA Protected Others From Discipline”

    We all know, or suspect, Graves, Rubins and others got away with many criminal acts committed against veterans and taxpayers!
    It also looks like Hickey wasn’t as “pure” as many thought! One can see, by reading this article, “WHY” Hickey resigned!
    This article shows more information within VA’s corrupt system than most knew took place!

    I hope more articles are written by more authors. To bring more ‘dirt’ out into the light!

  28. Benjamin: Nice “Bad VA Art” today. However, I would suggest that the VA Examiners first practice on fruits and vegetables **then** teddy bears, onto Veterans. Practice, practice, makes perfect! 🙂 Oh, what the hell do these outsourced examiners know about VA Title 38 or Military Veterans and our experience?

    I wonder if the VA is also going to utilize these companies across USA for the TBI Re-Examinations and Jolly is just where the VA Meat Grinder’s Master Shredder lives?

    I am just not understanding how there will not be some personal bias always still leaning to the BVA, not giving Veterans “the benefit of doubt”. Hope to be wrong.

    Also, if indeed true that Candyman Houlihan has vested interest with the one company, I would think that would be a “conflict of interest” as in a “conflict of confidence of Veterans”, seeing how he played Frankenstein at the VA??! Candyman must have his head so far up people of influence’s asses that he can only brown.

  29. These will be more rush jobs like the one I was given in June of 2015 by unqualified PAs and a contract neurobehavioral psychologist. For those who are going to have a new exam make sure it is done in a “working situation”. Refuse one on a Monday after a week end of rest. (usual scheduling to catch you at your best)

    The one I had in 1985 was done properly. Different times of the day, while I was on the job, over a 7 week period. And it was done by a VA neurobehavioral psychologist at a VA clinic in down town LA. That was before the “cutting of entitlement” binge had time to get fully initiated and such psychologists that went by the book were replaced.

  30. Two things;

    1.) Will VBA’s stop the practice of paying adjudicators to “deny” veterans claims?
    Until that occurs, long waits for compensation will continue!

    2.) To hire “qualified healthcare professionals” is a ‘common sense’ approach to better serve veterans!
    Since when has VA ever used common sense?
    Plus, didn’t it come out the VA can’t find qualified physicians, because they know too much bad shit is happening at VA. And, the great & good physicians don’t like being lumped in with incompetent people!

    Seymore Klearly, noticed something on this issue yesterday, ie; “Logistics Health Inc., La Crosse, Wi.”
    Is this the “business” the “Candyman” started? If so, I believe there might be some form of ‘nepotism’, by way of ‘cronyism’, over this particular contract!
    I believe Seymore found “the Candyman” was “well connected to some politicians” up in Wisconsin.
    I receive news articles from Wisconsin almost daily. One aspect I’ve noticed is Wisconsin has some really bad politicians. Who are beholden to a lot of special interest groups! Until that is rectified by their voters, the same shit will continue.

    Oh, “mary” your comment is great. To bad more civilian/taxpayers don’t come onto this site!

    1. I subscribe to “Wisconsin Watchdog”. It has some great “conservative” reporting! Check it out!

    2. Hey Elf,

      I have been trying to confirm the Candyman’s involvement but as yet have not been able to confirm it.

      But on a brighter note his organization seems to be lacking in being accepted by insurance companies. Also they have recently started a new service.

      The webpages for Counseling Associates llc state the new service is offered by the CandyMan. The page offers “the New Psychiatric Services” offered exclusively by the CandyMan.

      His selling point of the new service is:

      No bills, insurance forms, or hassle…Simply pay at the time of service, Fee Schedule: Full Psychiatric Evaluation (60 minutes) 250.00, Medication Management (30 minutes) 125.00, Medication Management (15 minutes) 62.50

      I guess his medication management programs are his specialty. Must be more for opiates at the 30 minutes for $125. The 15 minute medication management program must be just your basic prescription refill for $62.

      I note that currently they only have some forms of Blue Cross that they are able to accept.

      Oh and jso3 is very correct on her statement “To me, all this is doing is rewarding cronyism with VA dollars, look closely at stock ownership on these corporations.”

      Basically Health Net and Lockheed Martin are the big winners on this bogus contract.


      •Logistics Health, Inc., La Crosse, WI

      LHI was founded by Donald J. Weber in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1999. Weber formed the company to address critical military medical readiness concerns, beginning with mass immunization of Service members against anthrax. As the program model produced healthy results, the company and government worked together to explore the facilitation of other health services through on-location event services. LHI is an Optum Company.

      LHI is a subsidiary of OptumHealth Holdings, Inc., part of the UnitedHealth Group (UHG) family of businesses. Of course we all know that Health Net is also a wholly owned subsidiary of United Health Group.

      So they have the experience of bring all the dysfunction which Health Net brought to the Veterans Choice program to the process of disability exams for Veterans Benefits.


      •QTC Medical Services, Inc

      QTC, a Lockheed Martin Company

      Has all the experience it takes to milk those bucks out any government contract. They have share a long history of milking the bucks.

      Being Lockheed Martin is “Jeff Miller’s biggest and primary constituent”.

      For example here is one report from back in 2008 produced by VA Office of Inspector General.

      Titled: “Audit of QTC Medical Services, Inc.’s Settlement Offer for Overcharges under Contract V101(93)P-2099”

      At: “”

      Basically they stole more than $6 Million and got caught but the VA was nice enough to only make them pay back about half of that.


      As for the other three companies getting contracts more on them later.

  31. IBM Watson Super Computer should be instead fed ALL the Title 38 Reg.’s and related decisions and then let’s see IBM Watson do the job the VA is entirely incompetent to do instead of feeding the war profiteering subcontractors, of which, I am betting have vested interest by VA Upper Management as in stock or shared ownership or even nepotism. How did the VA come to settle on these companies spread across USA? Was there a Public Bid Notice? Wouldn’t it be actually cheaper to fire incompetence and HIRE competent M.D.’s and Examiners instead of an outside contractor because it will be continually sacrificed taxpayer $$$ and the VA will quickly become dependent on these subcontractors with the VA becoming even more lazy than they already are…if that could even be achievable!

  32. Dear American Taxpayer, You are once again Santa for the Fat Cats. Not your fault, you are so busy bustin butt to provide the money while they are deciding which pocket to stuff it in.


      1. +Reuben Castro Acosta: THIS is so true I heard it multiple times in 2014 , P.A.’s were wondering why the REAL doctors were quitting. WHY WOULD YOU QUITE , easy job,benefits, AND THEY CANNOT FIRE YOU. paid holidays off . I heard this a lot while P.A.’s were being DR’s. THEY gave me a DR. that i had for a year and a half before i saw HER. By the spelling of the last name I thought she was a male american DR.. SUPRISE , SUPRISE I had been seeing her for damn near 2 years.. walking around like an assistant before I came in one day, and raised hell, told em I wasn’t leaving till I saw him. SHE IS a good md. and I need to go back and get the dates correct.BUT from memory from back in the 90’s V.A. MANAGEMENT OUGHT TO BE INVESTIGATED AND DROP If any of us did the stuff they do every day we would be locked up!! THE HAMMER ON THE BAD ONE’S the printing didn’t come out right but too bad i’m stopping. HAVE A GOOD DAY AND A BETTER TOMORROW SMMMMIIIIITTTYYYYYYYYYYYYY say’s so.

      2. Finally, this is productive. Something similar happened to me 2 days ago. A nurse stated to claim she was a new doctor but caught herself with me and told me she was a Nurse assisting my primary doctor.

  33. Billions more wasted because VA evades providing competent C&P process and exams. QTC has a record of bogus exams already. The 6.8 Billion should be used to hire competent MD’s. The current system is filled with incompetence as reflected in the appeals rate.

    To me, all this is doing is rewarding cronyism with VA dollars, look closely at stock ownership on these corporations.

    1. I agree, nothing more than cronyism locked in before the election, much like Veterans Choice.

      I see no comment about veterans clamoring for a C&P exam. I see plenty that are waiting on a regional office to make a decision.
      I see no comment about standardization of exams, or why many VA doctors refuse to fill out VA Disability Questionaires that MIGHT being some standardization.
      The only thing I see standardized about a claim is the rubber stamp denial almost every veteran sees the first time a claim is submitted.

      I also see this as a way to evade Title 38 and a veterans right to an examination by a specialist.

  34. I have had a number of exams by incompetent doctors. One told me he was no longer licensed to practice medicine and here he is examining me in a dirty storage room. The entire process was a total Joke..I thought…I wonder how much money they get for this…wow

      1. Assumption that I put you in any bubble indicates that you are the one that puts veterans in the bubble of being all Republicans that agree with you. Cleary there is no room for dissent on this website and that completely destroys the credibility of this website. “Dissent is Patriotic” and sometimes actually helps. You at best have blinders on and at worst qualify as extremist and ill-educated propaganda.

        Seymour Klearly is still a not clever and idiotic screen name. Allowing that level of boorish tripe also discredits you. Sadly, I thought I’d found an objective and useful resource to help veterans here.

    1. Hi John F Thompson Jr Attorney,

      I hope you don’t mind my attaching this comment answering a question asked by a person who, is clearly not a Veteran, who has been trolling this site.

      I choose your comment to respond to so people who read the comments will see this near the beginning of the comment section and disregard his trolling statements.

      Thank You


      Further down in the comment section Craig Files has asked “Could someone please recommend a site that actually helps vets.”

      I know an Excellent site for Veterans. You can find it at “”

      The owner of the site has done some truly amazing things to help 10s of thousands of Veterans. His actions, and the help he has received from a number of real news organizations, has brought about major changes at the VA.

      I am sure most real Veterans have seen or heard of his work. Several note worthy examples.


      Veterans Choice and the Crow Fly’s rule.

      It was Ben who’s fight for his client who had stage 4 cancer that led to the change in that Law.


      “Jon Stewart Nails It On Veterans Choice Card”
      at: “”

      “New VA rules after KARE 11 investigation”
      at: “”


      Veterans Administration Falsifying Doctors credentials

      “Veterans Affairs Caught Falsifying Doctors’ Certifications”
      at: “”

      “Medical credentials questioned at VA hospitals”
      At: “”


      Unqualified Doctors performing Comp and Pension exams at the VA. The VA TBI scandal.

      “Do Not Miss Your Chance For A New VA TBI Examination”
      at: “”

      “Scope Of VA TBI Scandal Exposed In TV Special”
      at: “”


      Oh and Craig I guess I was wrong. Ben’s work has not just helped 10s of thousands of Veterans. He has helped Millions of Veterans.

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