Tomah VA Dentist

VA Dentist ‘Purposeful’ Acts Put 592 Vets At Risk For HIV, Hepatitis

Tomah VA Dentist

Tomah VA shattered anti-transparency expectations when it admitted that “purposeful” acts by a VA dentist put 592 veterans at risk for HIV and hepatitis.

This week, Tomah VA admitted a VA dentist reused drill bits without properly sterilizing them while working on almost 600 veterans at the medical center.

VA policy requires disposing of the bits after each use, but the dentist knowingly placed veterans lives at risk by reusing the drill bits without proper sterilization, anyway.

“This was a purposeful act by a dentist who knew better,” said Tomah VA director Victoria Braham. “We’re trying to be transparent… taking extreme measures” to inform veterans affected.

The agency is now informing veterans at risk and allowing them to get screenings for HIV and hepatitis in the event they were infected. VA promised that those infected will receive necessary care and treatment without charge by the agency.

Though, I cannot imagine any infected veteran would want care from VA ever again. Would you want to get treatment from Tomah VA after this incident?

The news comes on the heels of the 18-month investigation into illegal opiate treatment practices at the facility.

Like those victims of the opiate scandal, veterans infected with HIV or hepatitis could have grounds for a medical malpractice claim against Tomah VA.

Not Its First Dental Rodeo

This is not the first rodeo for VA regarding a dentist cutting corners and possibly infecting hundreds of veterans with HIV and hepatitis.

In 2010, veterans treated by dentists at John Cochran VA Medical Center in St. Louis received letters informing them of possible infection of HIV and hepatitis.

There, over 1,800 veterans were put at risk of infection due to unclean practices a the clinic. Dental clinicians refused to use hygienic machines to sterilize equipment. Instead, they were handwashing to tools in violation of VA protocol.

RELATED: Hospital May Have Infected 1,800 Veterans With HIV

VA medical centers across the country have experienced repeated problems from similar sterilization failures usually linked back to cost-saving measures that put our lives at risk.

What Happened With Tomah VA Dentist

The dentist was hired in October 2015. Over the next year, he saw 592 veterans at the facility. Only 54 of those patients received crowns or bridges, two procedures implicated in the drill bit scandal.

Around October 21, 2016, a dental assistant filled in for the dentist’s normal assistant. The replacement reported the repugnant behavior that violated hygienic standards and policies.

The agency immediately investigated and decided to address the issue publicly this week. It plans an outreach to help veterans possibly infected.

Tomah VA Takes Unprecedented Steps

Despite the dark nature of this issue, the swift attempt to get out ahead of it and notify veterans affected through the press is promising. In past scandals, Tomah VA leadership attempted to brush scandals under the rug.

But that is not the only unusual act here worth noting.

Braham also indicated VA contacted the dental licensing board in Texas, where the dentist is licensed, to report the matter. And, the agency also contacted state and federal prosecutors because the intentional acts may be criminal.

The dentist’s review board hearing for disciplinary action is scheduled for December 5.


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  1. I’ve spoken to 5 people in the Tomah VA system and have yet to be able to get the AIDS and hepatitis tests. Now they’re not doing them at Tomah and are trying to work out a contract with out of state clinics. This is typical VA BS. Let’s just bounce the veteran around until we’re done playing some more games.

  2. I am surprised nobody has commented on the Veteran who jumped from a third floor window at VAMC Tomah.

    1. I did. He jumped because he’s being tossed out of the VA homeless shelter in the dead of winter. The VA said he’s just having Christmas blues. No, he’s homeless and is being put back into a homeless situation as the VA contract to care for him, and all the other homeless veterans at Tomah, ends next month. They’re all being forced out in sub-zero weather.

  3. For anyone who is looking for more information on the dentist involved named Thomas Schiller more info is available in the comment section of todays article for December 8th titled “USA TODAY Publishes Secret VA Health Care Quality List”.

    It also covers information on the current cover-up that is ongoing with what happened at Tomah.

    All Veterans who use VA health care need to read it. It is important!


  4. Some of the people on here who disagree just to disagree, or are V.A. toadies parroting the V.A. script piss me off so much, that I sometimes make typos and other mistakes. I don’t know how to edit here, so hopefully, those people who have read my posts know that these are just simply errors of haste and typos.

    1. No problem Rick we all do it and we all feel the same about the trolls.

      I will be posting major news about Thomas Schiller some time today.

      This guy is a real scum bag that needs to go to prison for life.

      What happened at Tomah is only the tip of the iceberg involving this fake doctor and fake dentist.

      Oh and Schiller I know you are watching these post get ready for that knock on the door with a warrant you are going to prison.

      1. I know seven states so far, that will be setting their sights on you, that isn’t including what the Feds will want to do with you ass.

  5. a thought that may be useful.

    1. Well, according to you Bob, everything is peachy. My, aren’t you a mixed-bag of contradictions!

    2. Bob, that does sound reasonable…looking for answers, but that suggests one first must acknowledge there is a problem or a question.
      Without acknowledging the problems, why seek any answers? And what good would they be when found?

  6. @Bob- So, in your mind it’s fully acceptable to just leave a patient infested with maggots and Sepsis for 21 days and not help and just left to die? I DO NOT THINK SO.

    I am thinking you may be the type that has to be personally affected or infected for it to matter one bit. Satan is waiting for you.

    1. “Hells Bells”- by AC/DC is befitting.

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      Ow, ow, ow, ow’

    2. How did we go from Dentistry to Maggots and sepsis. two different issues and I never said any thing about the Maggot issue

    1. Rick. I AM NOT A TROLL. I AM NOT OR HAVE NOT BEEN EMPLOYED BY THE VA. I am, as I have posted, a ?%+ disabled veteran.

      Furthermore, I do not know Bob. But to degrade Bob like you just did, without citing any logical reasoning which justified you to do so, leaves me to wonder just who is “a compromise and ignorant individual. ”

      I came on this site in an attempt to read and learn. However, if an individual posts something that does not, in any way, conform to your way of thinking, they are immediately labeled as not being worthy to walk on the same piece of earth that you do.

      Therefore, and as I have said, I came on here to read and learn. “I have read – I learned – it would be an absolute waste of my time to contribute anything else, knowing there is no open, logical dialogue, where one can debate the ongoing issues.”

      You have a nice life, Rick.

      1. You bud Bob is waiting.. Hope you two have at east a queen, so you experiment! It is’nt just ME, dumb ass! It is almost everyone on here who has read the totality of Bob’s post, and KNOW he is a maggot plant from the other sixe! To genuinely disagree when there could be supportable and reasonable opposition, and to do so intelligently is one thing. To disagree with the other side when the facts and documentation totally support their narrative is something else entirely! To do so for benefits, promotions, fame, or to troll for attention, makes it 10 times worse!

  7. What all of you knowledgeable people fail to understand is the the VA is not the one at fault here.
    The dentist was practicing the procedure he would do while in private civilian practice. He was not following a more stringent policy that the VA employs to protect veterans. The VA safety mewasure exceed the civilian protocol for dental instrument.

    For all of you who keep calling for the VA to be shut down my advise is to be careful what you wish for. While VA does have problems shutting it down will not solve a darn thing. can anyone imagine the chaotic mess that would occur by dumping 4 million vets into an already overloaded civilian health care system.

    1. In your zeal to defend the VA, you refuse to comprehend the problem, or are being outright misleading about it.

      I can think of no private practice of medicine of any kind where it is acceptable to reuse any kind of medical tool or device without it being properly sterilized first. Guidelines that have been developed over many years.

      Guidelines that the VA has ignored repeatedly at several hospitals, not just this one. Guidelines for dentistry and colonoscopies in particular.

      You may choose to ignore the filthy practices at many VAs, but don’t fault other veterans who don’t want to take that risk.

    2. @Bob- What the VA practices is only fully expected as standard practice in Haiti and other Third World Countries and in the private practice of medical in civilian world it’s called ACCOUNTABILITY kept in-check by MALPRACTICE INSURANCE and LAWSUITS.
      When we Veterans are labeled as NON-HUMAN RESEARCH SUBJECTS you know something HUGE is awry.

      Bob, I truly am embarrassed at the level of chosen arrogant ignorance you express and to frank, it’s unbecoming as a Veteran or VSO or whatever you are being paid to disseminate. WTF?

    3. “can anyone imagine the chaotic mess that would occur by dumping 4 million vets into an already overloaded civilian health care system. . . .

      YES, I can. I use the civilian medical profession AND the VA’s Choice program. I use Medicare and a secondary insurance within the civilian sector. Either way, both systems are already broken. The major problem is one where, regardless of which system you use, you are only going to receive 15 minutes of any Doctors time. if you require any follow up appointments, you usually wait one to two months. More if you require a specialist.

      The civilian medical sector is overburdened with patients. Toss in veterans and it further complicates things.

      I have had numerous civilian Doctors tell me “this is not the medical profession I was trained for.” They have told me, their hands are tied when dealing with Choice Program veterans because they are not allowed to write any prescriptions or make any referrals until the VA authorizes it.

      Using Medicare/secondary insurance, Doctors are required under Federal law to follow different guidelines. This only compounds their frustrations because again, they can’t provide proper treatment.

      Where I live, a lot of civilian Doctors absolutely refuse to treat Choice Program veterans. So dumping 4 million veterans into a system like this will create the most chaotic, medical nightmare that will probably result in many honest physicians to simply walk away from the profession they use to love.

    4. Bob…”Solutions” are not wanted by the masses or the long list of corrupt agencies to the many profiteering industries, unions to the activist our stinking far left winging American hating colleges are pushing out. Medical colleges included. That includes the filth contractors and ‘Public Relations” companies that the government, towns, cities, and the rest hire to make everything look good, but rots inside.

      91Vet says it clearly too, but we are enemies of many when we even dare mention problems, or try to get all those ‘above us’ to admit there actually are severe issues to be acknowledged and then dealt with appropriately. I don’t know how it is elsewhere geographically but in Indiana human deaths, the countless layers of corruption, the threats, retaliation from many, making some of our lives intolerable to cover-up the many issues… are okay. The communist, media, unions, and activist have their own agendas. So it seems some trolls or those without any real life experience, with not much depth, with dealing with real life issues like the above, or caring about what some others have to deal with is also “okay.” Let’s keep bitching cause nothing will change because attitudes and compassion for others will not, nor will cognitive dissonance, or turning heads, or refusing to see how easily we are being dismissed or ignored, no solutions wanted.
      To be continued…

      1. How would you like to go through a new pain clinic orientation to be told.. you veterans are too stupid to know your own bodies and needs. Are criminals or will be. That the VA, Indiana’s medical colleges and others control our lives, all health care in the state, and if we leave the VA will never get health care here again? To forget everything we have been told by doctors in our sixty some years of life, civy or VA in the past and to start a new process all over again only approved by the professionally trained at the VA? (“We are the best.”) That we are too stupid to get pain meds in the mail, duh? They may be stolen but it’s our fault? That the VA and college crowd is there to “protect us from ourselves.” (!?) That we are too stupid to research medical topics and issues on our own. OH, and ” to vote Democrat and for Hillary to see real changes in the VA and better care.” Are YOU kidding me?

        Told: That we are not to use civy care or the choice cards for any reason. That includes broken bones, heart attacks, etc. We were told to drive hundreds of miles to the Indy VA for treatment, per new contract we were told we would be “forced to sign.” Just the opposite of what we see in media and other VA reports.

        Over two hours of that shit. So I dare anyone serious about investigating this I would happily agree to a lie detector test during a full out investigation of Indiana’s VA and civilian health care predatory mafias with all associations and others included. But politics and corruption will forbid this. Or is it the typical response.. ie… don’t like our global village or progressive town/state… move….. ‘townie cracker.” Hell, cheerleaders, lets really show how all those “oath takers” and professionals really are like and do in our new America. “Do no harm” means nothing.

        Want more, Bob? How would you like to live in a corrupt college town where you can’t attend town meetings? Where no-one dares mention long standing deep-seated corruption that protects all those “professionals” and quacks out there? Including the vet groups to VA care along with all the various forms of retaliation and censoring.

        Being disabled, how would you like a town come against you so much that you have to travel about half a block or three hundred feet to put your trash out for pick-up since they won’t pick it up in front of your house any longer. Oh, and by the way, your street sign is down, the city road is now “YOUR Easement road” to take care of.

        How about the towns not allowing you to sell your own property to “dirty businesses” they don’t want here, so I could move out of this hell hole of communist traitors and sheep.

        Disappearing files and communications from our so-called “private messaging” on Healthy E vet crap. Or the many lies and crap in our files.

        How about going through a bankruptcy being told and with letters stating our disability is exempt from it, but not here. Go through the idiot process here only to be told to file a Chap 13 or lose everything. Just more lies and contractions in the grand USA, and nobody seems to give a damn. Of course all those professionals just want more money so nothing more can be done but just to profit from it all.

        How about having insurance dropped only to have to search for new and at higher prices just for not bowing down to the elite, or for filing bankruptcy. Because we veterans and poor people are more apt to commit arson or crime to profit or gain from it all.

        All that and the laughter too? Get real. If I were POTUS or some governor, vet group, or investigator, I’d jump on this crap with personal visits to the VA and to speak to the abused and threatened vets to see what the hell is going on and to demand change, or I’d camp out there until change did occur, period. State by state, town to town, college town to stinking college town. NO excuses, no drug war profiteering/police state crap, no more threats, no war crime crap like “collective punishment” for all the sheep or vets, no more games, no more United Nation’s globalist crap, period. Is this the ‘golden years” crap we see on TV all the time, or are we seeing the last gasp of air for decency and truth in this “new transformed America.” Well, for some of us out here life really sucks and it’s all by design and targeted retaliation from various sources. And all this, and things mentioned out here are mere drops in the bucket compared to the many real life issues we deal with. But then again, who really gives a shit for others in our new America? We better be special, be animals, or illegals or corrupt/connected to get any compassion or concern today. Veterans killing themselves to get some attention on issues sure didn’t work either. What will, Bob, and to all other VA cheer leaders and corrupt media and government over-lords out there. Actions speak louder than words and all I see and hear is BS, no actions.

      2. “When you’re up to your neck in alligators, you forget that you started out draining the swamp.”

        I heard something like that when stationed in the south. Around a bunch of ‘gators.’

      3. Before signing off and making a needed move. IF anyone reading this forum attended the stupid “New Pain Clinic Orientations” at the phony Roudebush VA hospital in Indianapolis circa August 10 or so in 2015 contact me or let Ben know. I will pay for the info passing along fees to try to connect with others who had to endure such an event, then have it dismissed or buried. Then to know their threats were made true in the efforts to find some any decent local care which is now impossible with a VA brand in my files and letters of complaints to state officials and others over all the corruption, lies, and cover-ups. Thanks!

        Yes, I can give Ben my info to pass along so as not to put others in any danger. So the activist and haters can only have my info, not others, for safety concerns. Just the best I can do to try to connect with others while keeping them safe and not associated with the likes of myself. LOL A evil crusader whiner.

    5. Yo Bob…
      You respond as if you are an employee of the DVA!

      Look…even though the VA has made great strides in caring for us, there is STILL a lot that has to be changed.

      I believe that the VA healthcare system should be SHUT DOWN. VA healthcare is nothing but “Socialized Medicine”.
      The DVA should consider allowing ALL Veterans the same healthcare that is afforded to Social Security recipients…in the form of Medicare!
      S/C Veterans should be afforded free outside medical treatment for their conditions. Anything NOT S/C should require the same/slightly more fees as it would be at VA facilities.

      I would GUARANTEE that HALF of all claims would NOT require an appeal, if Veterans had competent doctors examining them! A lot of these bogus C&P ‘quacks’ cannot diagnose a hangnail!

      On the flip side of the coin, there are lousy doctors in Private Practice. However, your chances of prevailing in a Medical Malpractice suit are far greater, than attempting to file a FTCA case against the DVA for the same malpractice.
      Filing an “1151” claim is a total waste of time. It’s as if you’re asking a head fox, to pursue legal action against another fox for killing chickens in a hen house! You may as well lay farts in the wind.

      The Bottom Line…
      Don’t fend for the VA, especially if you don’t deal with them on a frequent basis. Like I said, they have made great strides, but a lot STILL has to be done!

    6. Bob, obviously you’re one of the pieces of crap providers at Tomah. Go to hell.

  8. Palindromic Bob, the fart sniffing V.A. worshiper! You are WAY off the mark, Bob, and you can tell that to your shit eating V.A. handlers! You must be a V.A. “baby,” which is a sad, pathetic, uneducated, and broke ass vet who has never had money for private care. I HAVE money, and I have used V.A. AND private care. Private care is a thousand times better! They are respectful, FAST, and competent! You are a compromised mouthpiece for the V.A,. FOOL!

  9. In answer =to your question(comment) would anyone want to get care at VA Tomah.
    My answer ids YES. I have been treated at this facility ince 1984 and have never been given poor or less than quality care by the staff.
    Lets quit bitching and moaning and look at the positive aspects of VSA care. the civilian side also, has troubles.

    1. Yeah, lets quit bitching about the VA.

      What’s a few dead vets here and there, as long as it’s not us, right Bob?

      Are you so fucking selfish that as long as you get care acceptable to you that you don’t give a shit whether other vets are killed by the VA? Or infected with serious diseases?

      You disgust me more than this dentist, because YOU insure other vets continue to receive poor medical care by your selfish attitude.

    2. @Bob- How is it in your world with your head in the sand eyes wide shut? Just because YOU receive great care then YOU immediately think we should just SUCK IT UP? Was that by chance lunchtime at the VA when you posted? Where’s your empathy for your fellow Brothers and Sisters and all future Veterans? Oh…as long as YOU are okay, then the entire world is peachy, right? Self-absorbed much in your little world? WTF?

    3. Bob you said “Lets quit bitching and moaning and look at the positive aspects of VSA care. the civilian side also, has troubles.”

      VSO talking point, spoken like a true VSO representative that is not being seen at any VA facility for his health care.

      Shut the VA down!!!

  10. I had mentioned a few years back, how I “No longer trust the doctors employed by the DVA.” and the doctor who I had mentioned this to, had documented my statement, ALSO including “…that’s something he has to get over.”.
    I guess THIS article supports my statement and I continue to not trust these incompetent quacks!

    Also be aware, that these dirtbags will document EVERYTHING you say, that could be used against you as a negative when applying for compensation.
    Case in Point:
    I have a proven spinal and hip disability. I require surgery for my ailments, also extensive physical therapy.
    I had mentioned to my PCP, that I do trim my shrubs. I cannot afford to pay someone to do it.
    I also mentioned that I can only trim so much, before my back gives out, then, I have to take meds and relax for a few days before continuing.
    The bastard documented: “The Veteran claims that ‘he trims his shrubs.'” and THAT’S all he wrote.
    In short, that I can perform manual labor tasks and/or I am not disabled enough to be considered as TDIU.
    I DID in fact mention that I trim SEVERAL of my shrubs, but I am “out for the count afterwards.”

    Are we to have an attorney present now, when sitting in a doctors office? Is the incomplete documenting of a Veterans statement, considered as LIBEL being that adjudicators/rating specialists are reviewing these notes as Truthful and an accurate assessment of a Veterans condition?

    I was diagnosed in the past, as having Spina Bifida. Almost every jagoff C&P examiner who I’ve seen, has duplicated this stupid ass prognosis!!!
    I don’t have SB! X-ray and MRIs’ show I don’t have S/B.

    The point is…If I DID HAVE Spina Bifida, this would be considered as ‘pre-existing’ AND not considered as a Service Connection; thus does NOT warrant any sort of rating for any other ailments that may result from such a condition.(eg: athritis, stenosis, etc.)

    Then, people wonder WHY I don’t trust the VA for medical treatment?!

    1. The point is, What if every C&P examiner is correct and there are X-ray reports from multiple providers, including hospitals where treatment was given, that somehow failed to appear at the time of an exam or appeal. If a veteran has never filed for or asked to be considered for TDIU, your point is mute. The only people who push TDIU are the VSO’s. It makes their numbers look good. JAGOFF!

      1. What was your reasoning for closing your comment with “JAGOFF”? You don’t know me well enough to call me such, nor do you have a clue as to what I am doing to ensure that my case law will help millions of other Vets.
        Doctors at a lot of the ‘clinics’ and hospitals are substandard…NOT ALL, but a large number.
        A lot of them are opining on conditions that they have no business doing.
        As I addressed, C&P examiners should NOT be rendering medical opinions on complex conditions, if they have NO FORMAL EDUCATION in any particular field.
        MOST C&P examiners are General Practitioners.
        Apparently, you are ignorant to the fact, that OUTSIDE of the DVA umbrella, it is recommended that you see your Primary Care Physician, and be REFERRED to a specialist. This is so you aren’t seeing the wrong doctor AND the PCP cannot accurately deduce what is wrong.
        So WHY is it that a C&P “General Practitioner”, can deduce what is wrong, w/o possessing the formal education?
        Furthermore, BVA ALJ’s recommended that C&P exams be conducted by “Specialists” in a particular field, so that an accurate assessment is determined.
        Believe it or not, I am attempting to expose this, as I believe this is in part, the reason why there is such a backlog in Veterans claims.
        But then again and according to you, I am a JAGOFF!
        It may also interest you to know, that I determined to expose corrupt lawyers, who are coercing Veterans to file fraudulent claims, which I hope you are aware is a Federal Crime and is a punishable offense.
        But, I won’t get far with that, because, in your eyes, I’m a JAGOFF!

        Are you employed by the DVA? From your direct response and (what appears to be) attack, I would bet that you are…in which case, that makes you a JAGOFF!

    2. Bruce M? This new PCP is a dangerous, costly invention by the predatory medical institutions. Growing up and well into the 80s our “Family Physicians” or General physicians/surgeons could just about do it all until it came to heart transplants or something like brain surgery or special surgical procedures, tying nerves back together, etc., until today. And seeing these so-called specialist today don’t mean they are special, know it all, or will treat us humanely. But they sure can charge us out the wazoo for their high dollar care and long waiting room foolishness. Besides that….. those so-called “specialist” are some that ruined me in various ways to begin with. Only to have others in the industry protect them with their medical boards corrupt protectionism and ignoring of the issues.

      Why waste money seeing a very constrained PCP that can’t prescribe simple pain meds, compounded skin lotions, and etc., but by some stupid laws or clinic rules have to pass us along to other more costly so-called specialist to play more games, re-do tests, sign more stupid forms, and on it goes. It’s all about the money, not health care or proper, ‘do no harm health-care.”

      We see a PCP, get X-rays, sent to specialist, more X-rays because they don’t want to depend on lowly PCP MD and must do their own by clinic or hospital rules, and on and on it goes, again and again and again.

      Then we are piece-healed out. One visit for a shoulder, another for the others shoulder, another MD quack for one foot, another for the other foot… and it’s all BS and by design, expensive, complicated, confusing all by design. But we aren’t supposed to be concerned or wonder why their nasty life ruining and over the top expensive rates and costs ruin us or make us suffer while they say “sorry” it’s the rules now.

      I was told by a VA MD before they left to get the hell away from the VA and could not treat me by VA standards and rules or prescription orders. Said to find a good geriatric doctor that could handle all my issues instead of being put through a huge very painful and costly run-around. Fat chance of that in my state. Getting us feeling better, out of debt, out of reoccurring debt, out of pain, listening to our needs, respecting us, and doing what works for us, as individuals, not as all one in this socialist crap, or collective punishments… is not in their medical training today. Just pretending to be concerned, pats on the back with hidden knives, smiling all the way to the bank.

      Why see specialist when some I have encountered couldn’t tell me what low or high blood sugar was or is, think glucose tabs are dope, why they put in the wrong sized joint implants, to many other stupid things. So there is no guarantee on anything today in the grand ol’ USA. It’s just a game and one that many should not have been allowed to get their licenses but quality, concern, integrity, or ability is not their objectives.

      My dogs aren’t treated this way. The only specialist they needed was for cataracts, period. Or if they needed something like radiation treatments or something. So I must disagree with your positive assessments of any PCP stuff. Been there, done that, paid the price, in pain over it, bought the hat, will die suffering because of them, still paying for it.

      If we are free in America, we should have a variety of choices. But we are not free in this country to do much at all really. I’d rather go back to the old standards and flush these new ways of profiteering and ruination. Give me a GPMD/general surgeon over goofy PCPs who can be anyone playing MD. Triaging us out to the highest bidder or partner in their hospital clinics or some other clique.

  11. What I find amusing is the new dentist, who happens to be a personable individual, was hired to assist the chief of the dental clinic, who was busy as the Chief of Staff of the hospital…..the position previously held by Dr. Hoilihan…the candy man.

  12. I saw this dentist at Tomah. He drilled on a molar and filled it. I have yet to see a letter or receive a phone call.

    1. I haven’t received any letter yet. Did receive a call from Tomah, VA to call my provider. I returned the call to provider who wasn’t in at the time and the receptionist didn’t know why they had me call. Nothing was on her screen and would have him call back. Still waiting on return call.

      1. Trying to get the test as the dentist in question drilled on me. I called my provider and was pushed off into the triage nurse line. I was told triage has to talk to me to verify that dentist treated me. Guess the letter and my medical records aren’t good enough. Then was told someone will call me back within 4 days to get me to the next step for testing.

  13. I’m going to lighten up the atmosphere a little this morning. With a “banjo breakdown” performed by a few masters of that ‘stringed instrument’!
    From: “Nekrophiliac” (no not the one y’all are thinking about! Get your heads out of the gutter, please.)

    “Steve Martin & Earl Scruggs Foggy Mountain Breakdown”

    (03:55 minutes long)
    Lester Flatts is also in the group.
    Y’all remember “Scruggs and Flatt”, from performing the “Beverly Hillbillies Theme song”!
    Posted online May 16, 2006 – quote: “The Best Instrumental Bluegrass Song Ever Done!!!”
    Once y’all have listened, scroll down for more!

    1. Nice reminder to take a pause for the cause at times. Especially after rough nights.
      Yep, good stuff. Bill Monroe, Allison Krause, etc.

  14. To all.
    Here’s a few videos from Utube. There’s many links to verify everything.

    For y’all who are interested in the vote tally,
    1) from “End Times”

    “Current vote tally in Pa after reviewing a few more counties’ sites today”

    Dec. 2, 2016 | (06:49 minutes)
    Trump actually gained votes!
    There’s a few additional stories.

    2) from: “The Plain Truth”

    “5 minute speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News”

    “What if” our country was reverted back to when (“FAT”) King George was our dictator?
    “What if” Obama decided to declare himself ‘dictator’, as Julius Caesar, King Louis XIV, Hitler, Mussolini and many others have done?

    3) from: “Trump News” via “Fox News”

    “News Alert, Donald Trump Latest News Today 12/2/16”

    namnibor, y’all will be surprised to learn the Tomah VA was exposed on National News yesterday. The news anchor exposes the egregious acts by that dentist at about the 8:45 minute mark. It’s a short piece, about 25 seconds, but at least it got out.
    I still believe President Elect Trump is still deliberating over HOW he will proceed over correcting the VA. His “appointee” will have to be able to deal with the AFGE. I believe he, Trump, will renegotiate the union rules. That will be, or should be, his first strategy!
    For all you “nay sayers”, it took Reagan over 8 weeks to pick his first appointee. Give President Elect Trump time. Right now he’s ahead of schedule.
    He’s already saved thousands of jobs, “Ford” and “Carrier” respectfully, and he’s not even been sworn in!


    28 U.S.C. § 2680(a)(1982). One of the most litigated exceptions concerns discretionary functions on the part of government officials. See id. This section exempts from liability the exercise or failure to exercise a “discretionary function or duty on the part of a federal agency or an employee of the Government, whether or not the discretion involved be abused.”

    And, good luck trying to find out if this dentist was a contractor or an employees because those records are confidential and the VA will lie to you or your lawyer.

    YOU CAN FILE A Title 38 U.S.C. 1151 Claim which is same as VA compensation claim from military service, which is used for damages caused by VA employees.

    1. I’d surmise from all the complaining I heard from this dentist of the shitty assignments he was given in the military, he’s a VA employee. None-the-less, given the history of the shitty military assignments, he was probably a shitty dentist in the military as well. By the way, his regular assistant at Tomah, who didn’t report anything, was normally the chief dentist’s assistant.

  16. @Seymore & namnibor,
    Check out this video from “The Alex Jones Show” dated: 2 Dec. 2016.
    “Congress Authorizes “Ministry of Truth” Powers for State Department”

    It’s really something!

  17. Off-Topic but concerning to those that served:

    Bowe Bergdahl, whom is you remember, Obama traded this deserter whom was captured by our sworn enemy, the Taliban for -5- Taliban captured pukes….well, Bergdahl has officially reached-out to Obama for a complete Pardon before he leaves the White House because get this—Bergdahl is afraid of the big bad President-Elect Trump since his trial begins in April, 2017 and Trump had made the comment that Bergdahl should have been executed and that America was not to EVER negotiate with terrorists.

    Boo Hoo Bergdahl….even the war deserters are very special butthurt snowflakes. Meanwhile, Bergdahl has been receiving the very best care…much better care than we military Veterans receive from the VA.

    Boo Hoo, poo on you Bergdahl!!! In my opinion he should never been traded for 5 terrorists at all and if POTUS decides to grant him the pardon, that will be the equiv. of the POTUS leaving a shit in the Whitehouse toilets and not flushing when leaving. Rant Out.

    1. Wait for it, namnibor. Obama will probably outdo Clinton on giving out pardons, before leaving office. I think Bill did something like 400 in his last 3 or 4 months.
      Maybe Obama’s trying to do more in less time!?!??

      1. He has already exceeded many presidents combined at commuting sentences and releasing early, including many convicted of serious offenses.
        Pardoning Bergdahl would be one last chance for that putz to stick it to the military.

    2. I have been saying for the last couple years that the effete gangster (his Nitti’s do the knee capping) planned to open all of the monkey cages before he/she left (in his/her case) orifice! I won’t get into demographics, because I’m not looking for WW3, but those POS that regularly vote for scum like Barry to gain free shit are responsible for this entire national nightmare!

  18. I’ve only posted one other time on here, but am a regular reader of all

    Nothing any VA Doctor or Dentist does, when it comes to violating the rights of veterans, surprises me. Sad to say, nothing really shocks me.

    Part of the article about the Dentist states this: This is not the first rodeo for VA regarding a dentist cutting corners . .

    It has been over 26 years since the VA authorized me to seek care through the services of a local, civilian Dentist. In one respect I am fortunate that the VA authorized me to seek care through the civilian sector. I have, for many years, been rated 100+% and have been paid under the SMC rating. My monthly VA pay is well over $7,000.00.

    During the 26 years the VA has given me treatment with a civilian Dentist, it has not been a satisfying experience. I receive authorization for treatment, start receiving it and then the VA informs the Dentist that the system is broke. Treatment stops. I then begin the long fight to have my dental work continued.

    I have worn a “flipper” (temporary partial upper plate) for years, as my dental work proceeded. This flipper, made of some metal, did wear down, leaving two sharp pieces to protruding into my gum line, causing a serious infection.

    The VA notified me that is was my fault. I was chewing the wrong way. More teeth pulled, work again haulted. More time passes.

    Am sent to numerous Dentist for work. Due to the VA’s delayed payment to numerous dentists, work is stopped and I am told the Dentists’ do not want to continue treating me. Additionally, numerous Dentists refuse to continue with treatment because of a huge burden with the paperwork and long delays in seeking approval for needed dental work.

    My mouth became so infected and I was forced to swallow this poison which could, and has created problems with some of my organs. Complained to the Chief of Dental about this. He informed me, via a phone conversation that I recorded, “quit bitching about it and swallow the son-of-abitch.” He is no longer working within the VA System.

    New Chief of Dental at the White City Oregon VA Domicillary has reapeadely lied to me, more times than I can remember. Currently, my entire gum line/mouth IS infected and I have been informed that the VA system is still broke.

    During these 26 years of TOTAL VA CONTROL, I have paid over $3000.00+ that the VA has refused to pay, fully understanding that civilian medical personnel have to accept whatever money the VA pays as payment in full. All that I have paid is money the VA REFUSED TO PAY THAT FALLS WITHIN THEIR PAYMENT SCHEDULE. This I have done in order to keep a good repoure with the local Dentist.

    So, the fight continues with the SYSTEM. However, I do not see anything positive coming out of this ongoing battle. I do have upper and lower partial plates but I can no longer wear them do to the infection and other dental problems problems.

    Having been inducted to the VA’s DBC, for which I am very proud of, I may beef up my attempts to take down this Chief of Dental because he has proven, beyond any doubt, to committing Medical (Dental) Malpractice.

    One of my biggest problems, which I found out the 26th of October, after taking an ambulance ride to our CIVILIAN hospital, where I was told I have cancer of my right Kidney and my liver is messed up with something. Therefore I can no longer have dental work performed until I find out just how serious these two conditions are. Having served in Nam from 1965-1969, running night patrols and being sprayed with the Orange rain, I know two of my patrol team have died of cancer from AO, so I will wait and see if this is a type of cancer that is related to AO exposure.

    We are born, we live and we die. However, my battle with the VA will continue until I no longer can.

    Dental problems within the radical VA system seems to be an ongoing issue regardless of where their clinics or hospitals are located. I have fought this system for other veterans and myself, over the last 29 years. I will continue to do so.

    You guys are posting really good information and I look forward to each and every new post. Keep up the good work.

    1. Excuse me for not being PC. “You guys and GALS – Men & Wonen” are posting really good information. . .

  19. namnibor,
    The wife and I don’t really Watch the MSN any longer. We go to websites that not only report the truth, they back up their reports with other news medias.
    For example; “Wisconsin Watchdog” is neither liberal nor conservative. They report facts as to what happened. Nothing more, nothing less!
    They ask questions. They leave the viewer/reader asking questions.
    If you’ve gone onto Utube, they give videos from many venues. Each video, by a person or group, gives “links” to research what’s being said. This way every article can be verified.
    It takes time. But the wife and I feel it’s worth it!
    Try it, you’ll enjoy it!

  20. Right now on ABC World News Tonight, I now see coverage about Veterans but NOT about Vets possibly being affected and infected with infectious diseases because of yet another VA lackey Dr.; No, they have a full story about…Veterans at the N.Dak. Pipeline protest. WTF? WTF??

    I watch all flavors of news in order to get a full-spread in a critical thinking kind of way. I am so sick of the press and mainstream media here in the USA. WTF?

  21. I guess the story about the dentist could be what broke the camels back , but I truly doubt it . A lot of questions come up . Was he on watch , has he tried to kill himself before , I didn’t even know you could open those third story windows . Truly sad , that we Veterans who have been in a war, are having to battle for our lives each and every time we have to deal with the VA. I know I’m more than tired of the battle. How do we know he wasn’t pushed? I don’t believe anything that comes from the mouths of the VA. Especially that VA. My prayers go out to his family.

    1. Very sad news, again.

      I agree. They just keep making excuses and passing the buck instead of giving true reports. No doubt they’d ensure his files be filled with comments about him being a loonie instead of taking responsibility and accountable for such incidents.

      The VA stopping actual physical meeting groups to help many get through the holiday seasons sure don’t help matters, or haven’t around my area.

      1. The VA absolutely does not get that Telemedicine may well be a great and *convenient* thing, but it is in no way to administer Psych or treatment of PTSD and the ending or serious dwindling in offerings for *proper* Group Therapy at the VA simply further isolates those that very well would benefit from knowing they are not alone in feeling the way they do.

        I really am not sure if the VA will ever get it right. But hell, if you’re a refugee here in the USA you have better care than any Veteran could hope for.
        What’s wrong with this picture?

        Meanwhile locally, some professor at The Ohio State Univ. made a statement about the butcher knife attacker, making the damn attacker out to be a poor cuddly wuddly *victim*. Still yet to see a list of those attacked other than a professor that was attacked as well, whom is reserving judgment for the now dead attacker…politics at liberal colleges is full of swamp water as well. Obama’s snowflake agenda.

      2. I had to shut the TV off and go lay back down after hearing some talking head on the news discussing the issue with some idiot about us ‘should see the world through the eyes of the attacker and immigrants living in the USA today.”

        Then to think I live in a town full of these “liberal” fascist liars and fools. I doubt the oceans are big enough to properly “drain the swamps” that infect our lives. The sharks would want to grow gills and move inland to get away from them all.

      3. Give it a few weeks. In addition to leftists wanting us to see things through the eyes of a radical Islamic terrorist, whistle blowers, IG investigations and good government watchdogs will be fashionable again.

    2. @Jo3n,
      We may find out the “Why” that veteran jumped!
      He’s being given great medical care at a civilian hospital. From what the article says, he’s in stable condition.
      Let’s hope someone asks him the “WHY”!
      IF it was because of that reprobate dentist, then we’ll know for sure.
      IF he “was pushed”, then we will know some of the employees at Tomah are out right murderers!
      IF it was because of the Christmas Season –
      Many questions little answers!

    3. He jumped because he was living in the VA contracted homeless shelter and they’re being forced out, in the dead of winter. The contract to care for them has ended.

  22. Ben’s article from today made it onto “WBDO” 96.5 FM about a half hour ago.
    It was short and sweet. About 20-30 seconds long. The “alt-right” news reporter didn’t leave anything out.

    Now, I just received this from “Wisconsin Watchdog”! Another scandal in the making.
    “Veteran jumps out of third-floor window at Tomah VA Hospital.”
    by: M.D. Kittle / Dec. 2, 2016 / News / no comments
    It’s “part 36 of 35 in the series “Tomah VA Scandal”

    The administration is trying to blame the Christmas Time of Year for the veteran jumping. There’s a VA employee who wants to be “anonymous” who quite doesn’t believe it! It happened on Wednesday, 30 November, when the story broke about that dentist.
    What’s y’all’s thoughts?

  23. The VA is a failure. We on here, and other sites, know this to be true.
    Here’s another video on how corrupt the current administration is to those who question authority. No matter which state one lives in, questioning any authorities will sometimes lead to dire consequences. As it did for Mrs. Catherine Engalbrecht. She, and her husband, were both targeted by MULTIPLE government agencies for speaking out against voting irregularities in 2008 or 2009! Watch what she says in front of the committee on reform! Trey Gowdy is on the committee. I wonder what was going through his mind, as he listened to this ladies dire warning for all Americans!?
    google ——–

    “Everyone Should See This Womans Epic Testimony”

    (On Utube)
    Published on December 1, 2016 – “epic speech”. (07:11 minutes)
    From: ‘Amicus Humani’

    1. Wow! Yeah I’m up again.
      I’d like to have a fly on the wall during the committee’s private meetings and discussions.

      Since my youth all I ever heard about local and state politics was to “never rock the boat, never.” We here are, have been, known for corruption, being “Sin City” and not over prostitution like they claim. We have been called “Little Chicago” or “Chi-town.” Obviously for the corruption and so on. Suffice it to say it would be one very long multiple rants on here to mention all I have gone through dealing with corruption while wearing many hats and doing things locally. And what takes the cake is now knowing just how corrupt, evil, anti-American, this town and state is comprised of and offices filled with the corrupt and self-serving. So what this woman has gone through would be kinda normal for this area especially for conservatives or patriots. That is why it is so difficult to even get someone to discuss serious issues with here. It’s a bit dangerous to do it openly like in some phony town meeting or something.

      At least she made it some-what to the top dogs to be heard. I never could. The corrupts resources of retaliation and pay-back is boundless for sure. Leaving us peons with zero hopes for change or safety zones like the powder puffs have on their campus’ or college towns they own. Especially when we are forced to live under a government, local, state, and feds, who simply don’t care and allow the locals to run rampant over our lives, even to our deaths which they’d smile about.

      I enjoy the info and news I get here!

  24. Guess I will just keep the 3 good teeth I have. That’s right, I am scared. @Marlyn: You are in our prayers… along with the others, ALL OF THE VETERANS, who have been, and are still being treated badly by the VA. This is the kind of stuff that sets me off. PTSD is difficult enough without having all these reasons to get angrier. I have come to believe that there is no reason to save the VA. I don’t believe any of us will ever know how much damage the VA has inflicted on Veterans. Personally, I have found 2 dead Veterans, at their house, here in Alabama. Both were victims of VA Dr’s. Officially, they died of pneumonia. In truth, the combination of alprazolam and methadone. Not just pain pills, like the VA is taking away from most people who suffer chronic pain. Personally, I will deal with the pain, but I hate the VA.

  25. Marlyn, I hope your holiday’s are filled with hope and joy with your family. It is hard to understand the lack of professionalism and conscience demonstrated by this dentist. A VA dentist hopefully no more. The good people on this blog have given you some very helpful information for use on your path to good health.

  26. In Ben’s ‘Bad VA Art’ today, notice the ‘patient’ is not wearing the industry-standard eye-protection that every civilian/private dental clinic would use today?
    That eye-protection is there for multiple reasons and one of which is to protect one’s eyes from minute splashes of blood/fluids from neighboring dental chairs.
    Now, I realize this is more than likely a model and staged photo but it definitely got that part correct and what’s not seen out of the camera’s eye would be the VA Dentist also not wearing a mask. Perfect scenario for cross-contamination, a private practice dentist’s malpractice nightmare.

  27. The steps at the end show a glimmer of hope, which isn’t worth much if a veteran is infected.
    Why did this happen? It happened simply because the VA has operated at all levels without accountability for a very long time. How long was the St. Louis dentist removed? Were they removed? Did they suffer any consequences whatsoever? If not, that is why this happened. Again.

    How about the assistant? Did he/she suffer any consequences? If not, then this will happen again.

    Nothing is better for good practices than knowing there will be consequences if you screw up, or if you witness a screw-up and don’t report it.

    But I’m curious. If someone infected with HIV knowingly infects another, they are often prosecuted. Why should this be any different?

    I don’t buy the cost cutting excuse Ben. Not at the VA, unless some higher clinic manager or director forced the cost cutting measures. I can’t see a VA dentist paying themselves to sterilize their tools.

  28. I was told I was being sent to ear Nose and Throat specialist. I got to the appointment and discovered the VA has a new meaning for the word specialist….It was a practical nurse… when iam told I am being sent to a specialist I ask some questions…Like is this person an MD. When I am to no a practucal nurse i tell them to get with when they rustle up an MD.

    You have to look out for yourself in this meat grinder ir your screewed.

    I only hope to survice the VA fir 4 more years until I am old enough for medicare and REAL doctors and not the imported re-treads we get stuck with

  29. I was informed by a poster out here that the Indianapolis VA Roudebush hospital dentist had a “citation” against him, or the clinic. I have tried getting more information about this to only be ignored and put on a state medical board watch and ignore list apparently for daring to complain about the medical cabals in Indiana. No luck just the the usual run-around from every board or agency, politicians, media, vet group, I have contacted so far. I am still going to contact the “Georgia group’ later on too that listed their info out here as well.

    Was recently told by a top Legion person to go outside my county since the locals are so ignorant and corrupt, totally incompetent. But they have connections and in position because of family ties and politicians. To hell with veteran’s needs. They just have to make everything here look rosy and perfect.

    Over a year ago the dentist clinic there told me I could not use the 40 mile rule for dentistry. So I had to travel there to have my teeth pulled and ready for bottom dentures. It’s all been pure hell since. It took months for the swelling to go down to get the final results. Even after being told after the follow up visit that all was well, when it was not. “Contact us if you have problems.” Yeah, right. Like hell I will.

    They broke my inner jaw leaving a large sliver from my jaws mid-line to the jaw joint. Shards of bone have been working out since, Have had several surgeries from local oral surgeons and dentist and still have a inner jaw bone sticking through inside. And still can’t wear the ‘special made” dentures to try and help cover the protruding bone. Still doesn’t work or fit.

    The dentist here refused to do a follow up X-ray of the damage and refused to say ‘the inner jaw has been broken.’ The the hassle and refusal of one oral surgeon to release my medical file, and when he did it was NOT the file I seen in his office and he only stated something along the line of usual bridge reduction for dentures. That is all, period. It took me months and contacting the attorney general, medical boards, etc., to get one simple file. Commerce state agencies et all refuse to get involved and just ignored my letters and request. A huge total cover-up, okay, conspiracy, to support and protect the medical cabal fascist, the corrupt, and the VA that has ruined this state.

    It’s all just corrupt bull shit here after another and is draining. Now I am a major hermit and refuse to trust anything or anyone around here, especially any of the medical scum in Vigo County, or local so-called medical professionals. Especially when all the corruption seems to be state sanctioned as I have said before and Indiana censors and puts out a false image of this state and how the college towns are here.

    The VA didn’t protect my jaw when I informed them of my chronic TMJ issues, neck problems, migraines, only for them to dive in and do there thing leaving me a mess. Then to deal with the new pain clinic and their crap telling us that those disorders to broken bones are not chronic pain issues good enough for pain meds, unless of course, we signed contracts to allow them to force us on anti-depressants and whatever they decided we needed, not by our past records or side effects. Finally one pain clinic MD called and said I needed to be on pain meds but the new Pakistani MD refused it because she said the va told her she MUST cut the amount of her patients on pain meds, regardless of issues, just cut. Plus her love of tormenting us and playing her god-like games and more run around. I have mentioned most of it out here before, so I’ll let that dead horse(s) lay for now.

    Now for a while I have been dealing with swollen glands (Preauricular, Parotid, Submandibular, glands.) in my jaw area too along with the rest of the normal crap and dental work. I researched what I have been told on the phone about this stuff and will deal with it on my own. Especially since the quacks report such a disorder can mean different things and some things they know nothing about, ie viral or bacterial strains etc. One being dirty surgical procedures that would take time to finally appear.

    Civilian care here is no better. I refuse to play games or wait in some quacks office for over six hours for pain meds. I can’t do it let alone sit in normal chairs or couches. Ridiculous. Or go see a list of other doctors and clinics just to pass the money game around when I have already done all the necessary testing. Or be told by a primary their clinic or state law forbids them from giving pain meds now. So what’s the use of seeing a “practice” that refuses to help with mal-practice or pain issues. Other than just to say “sorry.”

    Personally I am totally done playing the Indiana, VA, political, media, cover-up and protect game then making us look like whining ignorant fools by merely repeating what we have been told, or reporting on our treatment by others …. full circle. I get sick like now, as usual, compounded issues, I can crawl in bed, suffer it out, live or die, I don’t give a shit anymore. I know one thing. I am going to bitch and call out the corruption until I die, regardless of any groups of people or activist I may piss off. There is no grey area when dealing with this stuff or treating veterans like crap. I would gladly wait in line, do without, to see that combat troops get the care they need since I was NOT a deployed GI to a combat area. My battles were state-side. Simple. But to sit and watch others go through this without a whimper is beyond sad and pathetic. This country, medical care, ad infinitum, is totally FUBAR

    Terre Haute or Indiana will not like what I am having put on my tombstone either.

    As usual my thoughts and prayers for all out there suffering and having to deal with out “new America.” The “Transformed.”

  30. TO ALL VETS JUST GO BACK TO YOUR JACK DANIELS @ COLD BREWS FAKE RANGER BOB MCDUCK GOTS IT ALL UNER HIS CONTRAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!L

  31. From: “The Horn News”

    “VA threatens to trash Christmas Tree”

    December 2, 2016 | 28 comments

    A quote from the article:
    “There are no government rules that forbid celebrating Christmas in the workplace – only crazed left-wing managers trying to push their anti-Christian agenda who go to far, as may have been the case here.”
    It was at the Philadelphia VHA this took place. They said the Christmas Tree would be tossed into the garbage.
    If y’all remember, Philadelphia was a liberal left-wing nut house for Hillary Clinton. They lost.
    So, to all those involved in this scandal, I say; “Suck It Up, Buttercup, Y’all Lost! Now Get Over Yourself!”

    1. Those exact same liberal snowflakes would bend over backwards to install a Muslim prayer room or even go as far as to repurpose a church into a mosque.

      I liked the statement Pres. Elect Trump made before winning where he said, “We’re going to have the words ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of the liberal elimination of the word ‘Christmas’…”. (paraphrased)

      I don’t remember the date of article in Stars & Stripes but it was within last year and half or so where it said the VA was getting rid of some prayer chapels in the VAMC’s due to some liberal snowflake idea. What guts me about this is the fact that even if a given Veteran is NOT a religious kind of person, when you are facing death or grueling procedures/recovery, you would be amazed how “handy” that “faith” comes into play and quite often it’s all a Vet has but the VA would rather place prayer rooms for their employees whom have a great majority of….Muslims. Bastards.

    2. VA the scruge of Christmas. Coal for every veteran. Thanks VA. What you going to do now. Hang a veteran from the cross upside down.

      Merry Christmas to you too.?

  32. This person knew what he/she was doing and just did not care about how it may harm the veterans. I am above the law, what you going to do ? I have my friends who will go to the ends of the earth to protect me.

    After all they call me Doctor or Doc, Hell my patients would never know the difference !
    You want to know WHAT, You really want to know why ? Well here it is ! I PLEAD THE FIFTH, Now what !

    HA HA you veterans cant do anything about it and no one else can either.

    1. Someone seems to think we can do something about this. Commercial on TV this morning from attorney Hupy and Abraham says to go get the shot and call us afterward. You can bet that’s exactly what I’ll do.

  33. Just a passing thought,

    but those of you that know the Tomah area, how many residents would be displaced within 15 miles of the Tomah facility if a 5 kiloton nominal yield tactical nuclear warhead was detonated on top of the flagpole on the Tomah campus? Preferably from inside the rectum of that dentist who is tied to the top of the flagpole?

    Would it be more than Tomah kills in a ten year period? It might be a break even deal.

    1. I hope hey give the next Sec. VA access to non sterilized tactical nukes. Drain the swamp would proceed much more quickly.

      1. It would be more befitting to toss that VA dentist into a cement mixer truck then toss-in a box of his very own unsterilized dental tools and maybe some dull scalpels then turn on the cement mixer slowly, giving every affected Veteran a turn at the lever just to let all at Tomah VAMC be on notice we are not going to tolerate Hungry, Hungry Hippos any more.
        Maybe do it one more time with no other than Candyman. Tomah and the entire VA requires a massive enema!
        Rant Out.

    2. FYI when I go to Tomah, the waiting rooms are empty and the offices and halls are filled with workers. I’m 100 percent disabled and do not feel welcome there….really, that place is nothing more than the number one employer for the city of Tomah…..probably followed by Ocean Spray cranberries

      1. The VA makes thousands of veterans unwelcome, how dare we get sick or ask them for help and interrupt their Hungry hippo games. What do you want, I would like to be seen by a doctor, well we only make appointments so you will have to come back.

        But I was shot in the head, do you have it in writing, no they said my records were destroyed in the saint louis fire, Well then you cant be seen, But I was discharged after the fire, so my records could not have been in the fire.

        Are you getting smart with us, We know your kind, your one of those disruptive veterans, you better leave now or we will report you to our disruptive behavior committee and they will punish you for talking back.

        What are you talking about all I said is my records could not have been destroyed in the fire, There you go you just called us a liar about your records, that’s good enough for us, now if you don’t leave right now, were going to call the police.

        But I was shot in the head, oh yea prove it !

        Dam veterans always trying to get over, he said he was shot in the head and cant prove it. Ok buddy leave now or you will be shot in the head by us, then you can be seen for 10 minutes, until the Police arrive to arrest you for making false allegation’s about you being shot in the head. And trying to get us employees in trouble, the VA does not make errors so leave !

        No they don’t care about the veteran or they would have helped

  34. @namnibor,
    Thanks for the info on the “two tests” required to see if a person has HepC or HIV!
    I recently had blood work done at my small clinic. They outsource the lab. If the second test takes two weeks, then there could be a chance I might, or might not, have – correct?
    I think I’ll take a closer look at my blood work paperwork.

    In case y’all haven’t seen the “Cincinnati Trump/Pence Thank You Rally” from last night. Google the following;

    “Full Event President Elect Donald Trump Rally in Cincinnati, Oh. 12/1/16”

    It’s long, 1 hr. 48 min.
    It’s up to everyone who helped Mr. Trump win the election, to stand for what America is all about! Like he’s stated, he’s “… only the messenger…”! We can not allow the left to take away what we fought so hard to achieve! His “message” is clear. The fight isn’t over yet!
    I say; Hold on to the faith and the cause!

    And if y’all want a good laugh. Google this;

    “Hillary the Hypocrite”

    w/video from MSNBC (you know, that “Fake News Outlet”. Only they finally came out and ended up destroying Hillary Rotten Clinton!)
    Quote, “News Anchor Can’t Stop Laughing at the Ludicrous Left’s Statement!”
    I wonder how long that News Anchor will be with MSNBC after his outbreak on air?

    1. P.S.
      The article w/video, “Hillary the Hypocrite”, is from “Patriotic Viral News”

    2. Here’s that youtube link. I think Joe Scarborough’s hair dye is seeping into his gray matter, making him also look like a male cover model on a ‘Just For Men’ hair dye box cover. 🙂


    3. Crazy elf- The two-test component is just the HIV one. The second test is much more sensitive down to the micro millions whereas the first test just checks for the body’s antibody response to an HIV exposure. Do note that you could come in contact with HIV in say a VA Dental Lab or VA medical operation through unsanitary procedures and it may not show-up for *several months to years* depending on the strain. (some strains are more virulent and resistant that others).

      Hep B & C are each one test and follow-up tests for next year or two to be safe. The VA more than likely will take the cheapest and most negligent method, reason free testing is paramount to do. I do not trust these bastards with a sick hamster.

  35. This reminds me of a Movie that I watched called the “Dentist,” he were very twisted and pulled out all the patients teeth thinking that they all had cavities, after pulling out all there teeth he would place a metal object in there mouth and sew there lips together and hide them in the Dentist office. How unprofessional can they get.

  36. 5 will get you 10 this prick will get promoted to chief of dental safety standards.

    Or better yet he will be in charge of you stab them I will slab them.

    DISGUSTING and unfortunetly all to common that really does not surprise me anymore.

  37. It doesn’t say in the story but: Is this dentist still working for the VA? Was he/she fired? Transfered? Allowed to retire?

    1. He is still working at the facility at this time but is no longer seeing or working with patients.

  38. First, @Marlyn, I believe your going to receive many thoughts and prayers from today going forward!
    As Ben said, you and others may have Legal grounds in your favor. I suggest going for it. Make them pay.
    In all my years of going to VA, there’s one thing I’ve noticed. The VA likes to apologize by handing out money! For some reason, they just can’t bring themselves to admit wrongdoings! This is your chance to make them beg for mercy! I hope you do it……..

    @Seymore and namnibor,
    I remember something about a dentist, from Dayton Ohio also. But wasn’t there a similar incident in South Carolina?
    I know the few incidents concerning the “non-sterilization” of the colonoscopy machines here in the south.
    But, I also seem to remember about a dentist down south doing the same thing.
    Maybe Ben had a blog on it some time ago????

    1. P.S.
      I also agree the (possible) reason this came out so soon, is because of a new President Elect Trump!
      Does anyone believe for one minute that the ‘upper crust’ at Tomah would throw one of their own under the bus? Especially on purpose?

    2. These incidents at the VA are on a wider scale than most realize. The VA Meat Grinder keeps it contained for most part.

  39. My thoughts of compassion go out to all Veterans potentially affected by this idiot. Benjamin mentioned the 2010 St. Louis VAMC having similar situation but I was also on a mass mailing from 2008 timeframe from the Dayton VAMC Dental Clinic for the exact same thing *and* that facility also was not properly using the autoclave to sanitize colonoscopy/endoscopy equipment, which affected closer to 10,000 Vets and these events go on and on across the USA. These idiots simply do not care.

    The fact Tomah is so quick to make this “transparent” and report to State/Federal agencies and Boards certainly shows signs of something called “Scared Snowflake Disorder”. (SSD) Scared Snowflake Disorder is brought on by the presence of that alien thing called accountability or the name Donald Trump.

    My foray with improperly sterilized and everything done by books medical procedures actually goes back to my 8 years in USAF. A common thing called Appendicitis and an emergency Appendectomy made me gravely ill while on convalescence/medical leave immediately after procedure. Spent entire time in a local hospital in farming community I grew-up in. Due to this mix-up, in my case, non-screened blood transfusion and/or unsterile surgical environment landed me with lifelong gaggle of infectious disease. I still love the USAF and I know mistakes can happen but gross negligence is another thing completely and I do not wish my conditions I live with on anyone.
    Mistakes indeed can happen but when mistakes are made but the practice continues onward, that’s negligence.
    The VA System does negligence with a cadence across the USA. You cannot convince me that no other VA dentist or anyone working in that clinic for all that time until reported did not know this dentist was defiant to proper sterilization and sanitary procedures. I am betting they even joked about it amongst each other in their break room.
    I am thinking that number of close to 600 Veterans affected is much larger than what’s being reported.

    Veterans: Know you can get free HIV and Hep testing at your local Dept. of Health of your state/city. Yesterday happened to be World AIDS Day. Go figure. If I can help with any other resources/info on this matter I have unfortunately become pretty well-versed about, feel free to contact me.

    1. Note:
      A proper HIV test has -2- components. The first test is a “Rapid Test”, which should never be solely relied upon and along with that comes the second lab test from same initial draw of blood, which indeed takes a within a few weeks as a “Confirmation Test”. It’s not uncommon for the initial Rapid Test to come back negative but the Confirmation Test to say positive.
      It’s also been common practice to have these tests repeated at 6 month intervals for next year or two because HIV has many strains of resistance, meaning some strains will cause immune system compromise (HIV+) sooner and other strains may take years.
      I am posting this because I fear the VA will do only the Rapid Test and not properly follow-up.
      We are talking about VA idiots.
      Here is the link for AIDS Resource Center Wisconsin, in which you can have completely free and anonymous HIV testing, hope this helps.

      Here’s the link for Wisconsin/Madison/Dane County Dept of Public Health and info on free HIV/HEP B/C testing and info about such things. It really behooves Veterans to get an independent testing outside the VA, incase the VA simply needed a new “batch” of infected Veterans to test brand new HIV drugs on in a Dr. ShiNazi kind of way…would not put anything past these maniacs:

      1. Note that this process and the waiting for results and the future years of waiting to be cleared through future testing incurs *much* anxiety and if you already deal with PTSD or a component of it, this can be a very draining emotionally ordeal. The places I linked to are safe places from the VA and also offer free counseling. Use it and document everything.

  40. I am wondering if there were HIV/ Hepatitis research studies they needed nonhuman (veteran) subjects for.

    1. Or they were running low on patients and thought they would create some long term ones. or maybe they wanted to push more of the Hep C direct acting Virals.

  41. Has anyone checked the morgue to see if any of the dental bridges had been salvaged from non-human subjects for use in the non-human dental patients? This might be a study….

  42. Did the unit that dispensed drill bits think that they had somehow multiplied inside the locker? I mean, if they are thrown away every time, should that have not meant that over 500 drill bits accumulated and not one single manager noticed?

    I have an accumulation of about 200 drill bits and they fill cans and stuff. How do you not notice an extra 500 dental drill bits???

      1. VA employees use those unused surplus of tongue dispensers to play that stacking game called ‘Jenga”.
        VA Mental Health uses the used tongue dispensers to have Veterans make wooden crafts with glued-on and painted macaroni pasta shells.

    1. I’ve been wondering the same. How could that be missed, unless his assistant was falsifying documents.

  43. Even if the review board finds wrongdoing or criminal acts with this dentist the vamc still decides if they accept the findings or not. This dentist may never have to answer to any of these acts and abuses. He most likely will get transferred to another va medical center. There is so many layers to this and more individuals that would have known something was wrong with this dentist. And that is the huge problem in reporting criminal acts at a medical center. Alot of the supervisors, managers and administrators would rather hide these criminal acts then report them. And attack the individuals who are reporting the wrongdoing. This Dentist was seeing 1 to 2 veterans a day in his clinic. That is not efficient care or effective care if he deliberately makes Veterans wait longer to get dental work done. Or he makes them to wait hours on him to come in the office because he doesn’t come in on time or takes a long lunch or is in alot of so called important meetings. Where did the dental bits go that he did not use? A fund control clerk would have noticed drills where not being used. I am sorry for the Veterans and their families who may have to suffer the consequences of this disgusting dentist. I hope Tomahawk va does all the right things for these individuals and their families. I hope the best for the Veterans and their families.

  44. I am one of the 592 and I’m going to have my test done at a outside clinic. May have to pay out of pocket. But can’t wait 2 to 3 weeks for results from Tomah. And beside I don’t trust them do do my lab work and tell me I’m ok and latter find out they swept it under the Rug and. Then latter tell me I got it somewhere else.
    Lost my trust In Tomah VA. ??

    1. @ Marlyn, so sorry to hear this news. I will be praying for your health and safety for you and your family. They betray your trust and they act like it is no big deal. Just sorry to hear this news. Take care.

    2. Hoping for the best for you and all the others Marlyn. If you care to share the name of the dentist I am sure we all can find out more about the dentist then post it here.

      None of you should have to go through this.

      Really hoping for the best possible outcome for everyone. Except the dentist and the assistant.

    3. @Marlyn- See my posts below with links for free testing in your area. My prayers go out to you and yours. Hope info provided helps and please share it.

    4. His name is Tom Schiller from Dallas. Texas. Guess he had some issues in Texas. But the VA still hired him in Tomah. Wisconsin. Thanks to this person I am in fear of hugging and holding my grandchildren on Christmas Eve. ? It’s always been a tradition to have our children and grandchildren over on Christmas Eve for dinner and watching everyone open there gifts. This is why I have to be tested now. I can’t trust the VA no longer to wait two to three weeks. ?Marry Christmas everyone. And don’t let the VA ruin yours.? God Bless you all and let’s keep fighting to get our VA back to the Veterans. It’s our VA and must fight to get it back to us.

      1. I do hope you know that at least with HIV, you cannot give that to anyone by simply hugging and would say the same with Hep B & C unless of course you were symptomatic and considered contagious, but these infectious diseases can take some time if you have been exposed, to seroconvert and be considered positive.

        Please hug your children at Christmas. Also, take the time to look at those links I posted and get further info and free testing.

      2. Thank you for sharing his name Marlyn.

        I want to point out that there is a blazing red flag that jumps out as soon as I started looking into this piece of garbage.

        His linkedin profile list only one skill that he is willing to share and that is “Clinical Research”. I will be taking a very hard look at this researcher and will post more latter today or early evening.

        His linkedin account is currently at “”

      3. Marlyn,

        Several important questions I would like to ask you at this time.

        1.) Did this Dentist who is known to be a Clinical Researcher, doing dentistry at Tomah, ever ask you to sign an informed consent form?

        2.) Also have you ever signed an informed consent form for any care at Tomah or any other VA facility?

      4. What difference does it make if we sign anything. Criminal activities does not cover wrongdoing of any employee who knowingly harm’s veterans.

        This guy and people whom don’t report such activities is just as guilty as the person doing the wrongdoing.

        Are you trying to defend this person or person’s that harm veteran’s. And VA employees have hurt veteran’s everyday. Why because they think they can

      5. I hope the best for you, Marilyn. Thank you for posting this medically educated piece of garbage’s name. Given the way things work – – – it may prove useful to me in future. Have the Merriest Christmas you can under the circumstances.

      6. I can find no ratings or reviews for DDS Tom Schiller from Dallas, though he is listed. It could be helpful if people took the time to fill the online reviews out.
        Be well.

      7. Those reviews online can easily be ‘scrubbed’, and I have no doubt that the VA is not above the fray to do just that.

      8. Marlyn,

        I want to thank again for providing Mr. Tom Schiller name. I have been able to find what I believe to be some important information on Mr. Schiller, but will need to confirm it on Monday by calling a number of state licensing boards before posting.

        What I can tell you at this time is he does have a license in the state of Texas as a Dentist. A link is provided below to view the information from the state of Texas.

        Also I can state that although Tomah is saying they are being transparent they are not. A link is provided below that leads to the Tomah VAMC webpages that shows that they in fact updated their providers list and removed Mr. Schiller name on Nov. 9th, 2016.

        It is also clear that information regarding Mr. Schiller has been basically scrubbed from the internet.

        I wish I could say more at this time but have not been able to confirm the information that I have found. So let’s just say if I am right Mr. Schiller will be facing State and Federal charges in multiple states that extend beyond Wisconsin and Texas and also involving numerous other VAMCs. But not for work in the field of Dentistry.

      9. Marlyn,

        I want to thank again for providing Mr. Tom Schiller name. I have been able to find what I believe to be some important information on Mr. Schiller, but will need to confirm it on Monday by calling a number of state licensing boards before posting.

        What I can tell you at this time is he does have a license in the state of Texas as a Dentist. A link is provided below to view the information from the state of Texas.

        Also I can state that although Tomah is saying they are being transparent they are not. A link is provided below that leads to the Tomah VAMC webpages that shows that they in fact updated their providers list and removed Mr. Schiller name on Nov. 9th, 2016.

        It is also clear that information regarding Mr. Schiller has been basically scrubbed from the internet.

        I wish I could say more at this time but have not been able to confirm the information that I have found. So let’s just say if I am right Mr. Schiller will be facing State and Federal charges in multiple states that extend beyond Wisconsin and Texas and also involving numerous other VAMCs. But not for work in the field of Dentistry.

        Texas State Board of Dentistry Link: Note also that his birthdate and the date he received his license means that he was 38 years old when he became a dentist.


        Tomah VAMC Webpage link. Once their click on the Blue S to show all names of provides with the last name starting with an S. Note at the bottom of the page the last time they updated the page is Nov. 9 2016. His name has been removed.


      10. Interesting. The VA has obviously been changing their VA provider listings, and helpfully points to some worthless “” web site that is so pathetic it doesn’t list a Dentist by the name posted.
        The Tomah listing is interesting in that it doesn’t provide a listing of any dentists at Tomah.
        Schiller is listed on vitals dot com as a General Dentist at Tomah.
        His profile on ucomparehealthcare dot com claims he has 38 years of experience, so if true, he should have been very familiar with the need for sterilized equipment.

        But, good find. He’s listed on several public sites, but not on the VAs own web site.

      11. Hey 91Veteran,

        I agree about that “”.

        But what can you really expect out of Shulkin site.

        You have to remember, Dr. David J. Shulkin Under Secretary for Health for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Who’s VA bio reads “As an entrepreneur, Dr. Shulkin founded and served as the Chairman and CEO of DoctorQuality one of the first consumer-oriented sources of information for quality and safety in healthcare.”

        It is like a fake news site for veterans about their health care providers.

        Also I will be posting the information I found on Thomas Schiller later today early evening. When I noticed the VA has been deleting more records of Thomas Schiller employment at other VAMCs after I posted the post above yours. They were busy even on a Saturday trying to hide the information.

        For the person that is deleting the records thank you. I did make Xps copies of all the records and will be emailing them to Ben and a number of friendly news outlets. When people get caught white washing things it really makes it look very bad for VA.

      12. When are we going to stand up against Tomah? I was a patient of Hoilihans, couldn’t get care after that for a chronic pain condition, then the old Veterans Choice bills rolled in and I sported a 21k bill, next is all the medical private facilities in my area denying veterans with Veterans Choice any care, now this. THIS ALL HAPPENED IN A 2 YEAR TIME FRAME. They need to stop putting us through this BS and give us 100 percent disabled veterans private medical and dental insurance and shut the damn Tomah VA DOWN!

      13. After the Chelsea Manhattan bombing the family’s First American Fried Chicken restaurant in Elizabeth, N.J. exploded (no pun intended) with reviews that have now been “Cleaned up” but the words were out there & anyone interested was after-warned instead of being forewarned. If only half of the 592 vets would have written about this dentist before a scrub could happen well maybe just maybe that would cause someone of importance to take a close look at this center but no, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center 500 E Veterans St, Tomah, WI still has a 5 star rating by 7 reviews. With the fear of being Red Flagged very real – get yourself an alias so you won’t be identified & retaliated against.

      14. Marlyn

        In the comment section of Ben’s article I posted addistional information on Thomas Schiller everything below this statement is part of the comments I made. I hope you find this useful.

        From comment section on Ben’s artcle “USA TODAY Publishes Secret VA Health Care Quality List”, By Benjamin Krause, JD – December 8, 2016

        Personally, I think that any information that is released by the Veterans Administration hold the same value of as the fecal matter removed via Colonic Irrigation at Abundant Health, 1278 Indiana St Unit 200, San Francisco, CA 94107; phone (415) 573-6579. Dr. Thomas Lee Schiller’s business out in California.

        The office he maintains to keep his Doctors license in California. Here on this site he is better known as the subject of Ben’s article “VA Dentist ‘Purposeful’ Acts Put 592 Vets At Risk For HIV, Hepatitis”, or DDS Thomas Lee Schiller. Also, known as Dr. Thomas David Schiller at VAMC Fayetteville in Arkansas, and at VAMC Muskogee in Oklahoma.

        He is just one of those putrefied pieces of fecal matter that has been clinging to the insides of the VA for many years.

        For any attorney who is currently looking for his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow contact:

        CPA Frank R. Peck
        Republic Bank
        401 W. MAIN SUITE 400
        NORMAN OK 73069


        Crazy elf December 8, 2016 at 11:43 am

        Didn’t Schiller quit a few days ago, to keep from being prosecuted?
        Do you think he’ll transfer to another VHA? If so, how will we know where (until it’s too late)?
        Since Schiller provided false information, can’t he be held accountable in those states?

        Seymore Klearly December 8, 2016 at 12:01 pm

        Not sure Elf, But I do know that his license in Arizona near the VAMC Phoenix states that providing false information is a felony and can result in a prison term of 30 years. Not sure of how many years he could get for providing the false information in Utah but I am sure it is similar.






        There are more but not all will be able to link.

        Seymore Klearly December 8, 2016 at 2:04 pm

        Elf as for his pooping back up in the VA whack a mole system of no-accountability it seems very likely based on his recent history.

        Using the Wayback Machine resource at the internet archives we can follow his tracks via his Oklahoma license that lead to him being at Tomah.

        1.) Schiller’s Oklahoma License that was updated July 26, 2013 shows Schiller maintaining an office located on the campus at St. Francis Hospital – Broken Arrow. It also shows that he has hospital privileges at several other locations and accepts a broad range of insurances. This is while he is also working at the VAMC Muskogee in Oklahoma.


        2.) An up date to his Oklahoma license on November 22, 2013 shows that Schiller lost privileges at all hospitals except the one where his office is located. It also shows that he lost his office on the campus of that hospital.


        3.) Then after he was hired by the VA as a Dentist in Tomah during October 2015 his Oklahoma License was updated on 11/2/2015 ” to what it is now. Stating that he is working for the VA but not at Tomah instead they show him working at
        Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks in Fayetteville AR

        Even thought he is listed as working at the VA in Arkansas on the license he was hired as a Dentist in Tomah. The VA helped hide his location at Tomah.


        Also note the VA even took the step of listing him as employed at the VAMC in Arkansas.



        I would like to point out that when Ben posted his article titled “VA Dentist ‘Purposeful’ Acts Put 592 Vets At Risk For HIV, Hepatitis” I checked the dental employees for Tomah and only two were listed and Schiller was not listed.

        Then after his name was posted by another poster I began looking into him and made a post in the comment section for Ben’s article and that he had a history with the VA. After I posted that the listing showing him employed at the VAMC in Arkansas was removed during the late night Friday or early morning Saturday.

        But after another post stating:

        “Also I will be posting the information I found on Thomas Schiller later today early evening. When I noticed the VA has been deleting more records of Thomas Schiller employment at other VAMCs after I posted the post above yours. They were busy even on a Saturday trying to hide the information.

        For the person that is deleting the records thank you. I did make Xps copies of all the records and will be emailing them to Ben and a number of friendly news outlets. When people get caught white washing things it really makes it look very bad for VA.”

        The posting for his employment at the VAMC in Arkansas was restored with in hours after that post.

        Also a bad review from DocSpot rating system about what happed to force the move of Schiller out of Oklahoma.

        The review was posted by Concerned Sister on 3/27/2015 It reads as follows:

        “This Doctor did an elective procedure on my sister called an ERCP. She walked in for the procedure in a hospital that he wasn’t affiliated with instead of the hospital he used. Sources say he scheduled the procedure at a hospital that didn’t know him because he did a procedure he shouldn’t have done. She ended up in the hospital for 39 days and fighting for her life still today. She is loosing her kidney and may have to have her pancreas removed. The place he is affiliated with has asked him to leave and now he works for the VA. If anybody can read this please think twice before having this doctor operate on you.”


  45. This change of “Transparency at Tomah” is no doubt (hopefully) due to the Trump Avalanche rolling down the mountain towards them. From everything I have read over the years, Tomah is/has been one of the more troubled facilities within the VA system.

    Whenever I have a bad day with the VA in Honolulu – – – I just remind myself that the WORST day in Honolulu is most likely better than the BEST day in Tomah . . .

    1. Change in transparancy??? THEY GOT CAUGHT only after over five hundred patients and THEN only because a new person nearly fo itted when they saw what was happening!

      This is not transparancy – this is a criminal organization who is tossing just one under the bus hoping the others make the get away. A crime like this cannot be carried out without multiple persons being aware AND covering.

      It is insanity to believe after all these decades of stories identical to this one to now believe that the VA gives a shit about anyone or anything – they hold human life in contempt, congress in contempt, Courts in contempt, and America in contempt. There is no greater unnecessary threat to the lives of American vets within our borders than VA healthcare.

      This sudden forthcoming of concern ny Tomah VA had nothing to do with Trump – they got caught and this is damage control. So long as VA is allowed to conduct medical practice, our veterans, their families, and America will suffer witthout need.

      1. Sorry, Dennis. Was using “very mild” sarcasm to express distrust (with VA) and hope (for future). Well aware that VA is most unaccountable, self-serving entity within U.S. Government.

        When I posted that last night, was just about to get to sleep for my two to three hours before I begin battle with my night demons. Did not want to take time for a lengthy diatribe.

        Agree with everything you posted, and Thank You for the much needed laughter you gave me yesterday with “calling the game”.

        All I am saying is that some facilities are better than others. I never said that ANY of them were good. I know better than that.

        Jim Clement

      2. In some respects I disagree. If the Tomah director simply removed him from practice, I would agree, but she appears to be worried about the fallout. Not only did she take the extra steps of reporting it to outside licensing authorities, but they are investigating the aide who had not reported what he was doing.
        This also seems to be a much more thorough investigation than previous whitewashes. I read somewhere that the dentist had appropriately used all the right tools during his orientation, which suggests they investigated his training records, and likely spoke to whoever did the training.

        I cannot believe this would have happened as it did if Hillary had been elected. I think there would have been a good chance of whitewashing business as usual.
        Its also interesting that they took action based on the report from the assistant, rather than retaliating against the assistant.

        I am not defending the VA in any way, but pointing out how their actions differ after the election.

        Which makes me wonder…can we now expect a hospital director to report to a state licensing board every time a provider screws up? If not, why not?

  46. This POS ought to marry the weird “psychologist” we were talking about a couple days ago. He could pull your teeth without anesthesia, (The Marathon Man) and she could chuckle and ask you how it feels!

      1. They are M.D.’s qnd PhD’s, and they are supposed to have advanced knowledge of the human brain, but they CLEARLY don’t! “Get over it” Simply does’nt cut it! The brain is a largely involuntary organ, and thought, images, and sounds intrude against our will. When the Russian rock with 110 pounds of high explosives went off only 60 feet from the place I was standing in Vietnam 45 years ago, the noise left me mostly deaf in both ears for about a week, and caused permanent hearing loss in my left ear. Now my brain sees EVERY noise as a threat to my life, and magnify’s the sound many times, and I have total noise aversion. How do you “just get over that!?”

      2. @Rick- The VA Psych Dr.’s would place you in a room filled with electric popcorn machines with microphones and speakers, in “A Clockwork Orange” kind of way and call it ‘Exposure Therapy”. (they would eat the popcorn while you writhe in agony)

    1. For anyone who is looking for more information on the dentist involved named Thomas Schiller more info is available in the comment section of todays article for December 8th titled “USA TODAY Publishes Secret VA Health Care Quality List”.

      It also covers information on the current cover-up that is ongoing with what happened at Tomah.

      All Veterans who use VA health care need to read it.


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