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Is VA, HHS Partnership Sign Agency To Take On TriWest Fraud Allegations?

VA just announced its partnership with HHS to use advanced fraud detection software to combat false claims and regain billions in fraudulent payments.

In the past month, reports surfaced that TriWest and other vendors had overbilled VA by almost $100 million for non-VA medical appointments. Such a system to combat false claims from contractors is a great thing. But are vendors the only focus of the new fraud tools or will the agency also use those tools to begin investigating veterans?

It is a yellow flag we need to consider.

According to Secretary David Shulkin, the HHS Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) “to share data, data analytics tools and best practices for identifying and preventing fraud, waste and abuse.”

“CMS is sharing lessons learned and expertise to support VA to identify waste and fraud and eliminate these abuses of the public trust,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma in a statement. “Using state-of-the-art data analytics, CMS is partnering with VA to better detect and prevent wrongdoing in its programs.”

The announcement follows a recent RFI for fraud detection tools released by the agency to improve its fraud detection capabilities.

Fraud Investigation Announcement

The VA press announcement reads:

This newest partnership enhances ongoing efforts between the country’s two largest public-private health-care payment organizations to help America’s Veterans by leveraging the gains made by CMS.  

“The VA-HHS alliance represents the latest example of VA’s commitment to find partners to assist with identifying new and innovative ways to seek out fraud, waste and abuse and ensure every tax dollar given to VA supports Veterans,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “This effort marks another step toward achieving President Trump’s 10-point plan to reform the VA by collaborating with our federal partners to improve VA’s ability to investigate fraud and wrongdoing in VA programs.” 

CMS continues to focus on reducing and eliminating fraud, waste and abuse in Medicare, and in 2010, it established the Center for Program Integrity to help with this work. CMS estimates that its program integrity activities saved Medicare operations $17 billion in fiscal 2015. Other HHS combined efforts — including law enforcement — contributed to greater program savings. 

VA plans to capitalize on the advancements in analytics CMS has made by concentrating on its use of advanced technology, statistics and data analytics to improve fraud detection and prevention efforts. Additionally, in November 2017, VA invited industry experts to provide information on the latest commercial sector tools and techniques to enhance VA’s fraud detection capabilities. In April, VA will invite these industry experts to demonstrate their capabilities for detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse and recovering improper payments. 

“We have a special obligation to keep America’s promise to those who have served our country and ensure that Veterans receive high-quality and accessible health care,” said CMS Administrator Seema Verma. “CMS is sharing lessons learned and expertise to support VA to identify waste and fraud and eliminate these abuses of the public trust. Using state-of-the-art data analytics, CMS is partnering with VA to better detect and prevent wrongdoing in its programs.” 

By using CMS’ successes in its program integrity protocols, VA will be able to close existing gaps in its own claims payment process. 

Cutting back on fraud is great so long as it is focused on those with proven histories of committing fraud or at least taking advantage of lax auditing systems. But will the buck stop with contractors or will the agency use those tools to engaged in witch hunts against individual veterans, too?

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There appears to be nothing to worry about yet, but the language in the press release seemed vague enough to apply to everyone seeking benefits payments, not just contractors being paid through Veterans Choice like TriWest.

Witch Hunt History

Here is why I am concerned anytime I see an article like this come across the newswire.

From 2003-2005, VA engaged in a witch hunt following anti-veteran biases and belief that the agency was giving away benefits too easily and therefore fraud was likely.

Specifically, they were addressing PTSD following liberalization of agency regulations controlling receipt of those benefits. The argument went at the time that veterans must be defrauding the agency on a regular basis because it is so easy to get the benefits.

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Who would not commit fraud with easy money?

The problem with the anti-veteran biased witch hunt that resulted was that it was based on much suspicion and little fact. Following an IG investigation, the agency concluded that out of 2,000+ veterans investigated, only 12 instances where found where a veteran was suspected of receiving the benefits through fraudulent means.

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The other problem with the witch hunt is the agency turned the lives upside down of many veterans who really had PTSD, cut off their benefits and services, which then led to some veterans committing suicide.

We may now witness a veiled renewal of the same move only using lax enforcement of Privacy Act protections to allow data sharing and research between VA and the Department of Homeland Security (HHS).

While the point of the announcement was merely to announce the new partnership, veterans need to be aware the agency has the tools to evaluate individual fraud and in the wrong hands, an agency witch hunt could easily be around the corner.

The good rule of thumb here is to speak plainly about how you feel. Avoid making statements on Facebook that may not accurately represent the extent of your disabilities. Be aware Big Brother is watching and anything you say that can be misconstrued might be used against you.

Now, this yellow alert is not an endorsement of fraudulent behavior by any company or group, much less disabled veterans. It is a caution to be mindful of your surroundings and to ensure you are always accurately conveying the extent or impact of your disabilities.

That aside, I truly hope VA uses they partnership to combat fraudulent claims from government contractors that are milking the agency for hundreds of millions each year. That is money that should go back to veterans to provide the services we need.

Let’s hope this is the only purpose of this partnership.

What is your experience, if any, with false fraud allegations or targeting of certain disabled veterans by agency employees?

Source: https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=3999

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  1. So far Dr Shulkin has seemed to have a hidden agenda behind everything. There have been too many crimes still going on. Too many criminals getting passes and/or promotions. I haven’t heard the suicide count for 2017. Still not enough professionals. If the VA is going to investigate me, I’ll most likely come out ahead.

  2. Very interesting article. The problems are many. Will this program lead to action against those in the VA or elsewhere when fraud is detected? Will it lead to correcting mistakes made by VA that lead to the appearance of fraud? This whole press release sounds as if the VA is full of stellar performing saints that don’t screw up leaving a veteran holding the bag.

    The language at the end says, “close existing gaps in its own CLAIMS payment process.”

    In my opinion, that pertains to benefits payments for claims made by veterans, as well as claims presented by contractors for payment.

    Another question is, will the VA claim fraud when their system detects fraud after multiple requests for payment from a Choice provider are made? Will they claim fraud on the provider with the vet being left on the hook with creditors in the end?

    I agree the VA needs to focus on fraud, but it needs to be all fraud, not just what looks good for the VA. Let’s focus on bonus fraud by VA managers. Let’s focus on contract fraud where contracts are let, and what was promised is not delivered. Let’s focus on employment fraud where VA employees are too stupid to perform the jobs they are in…starting with the person overseeing construction at Aurora.

    My experience with fraud in the VA is the fraud they conduct against veterans when providing sloppy C&P exams resulting in a denied or lowballed claim. Or using a General Practitioner for a C&P exam when a specialist is required. Or providing an exam by unqualified hacks like TBI vets. Or fraud where vets claims are denied without ever reviewing medical records. Or fraud in home care that is ignored or denied regardless of a vets medical condition. Or fraud where a vets disabilities are suddenly reviewed after many years and the disability is reduced or eliminated, without regard to whether that vets leg grew back.

    Just once it would be nice to see the VA focus on the true problem rather than jumping over gold bullion to save pennies.

  3. Good news. The OIG sent me a message about my complaint of criminal retaliation by VA Roseburg. They explained that their office receives far more complaints than they can process so they will not investigate Roseburg.

    The good news is that my complaints of senior malfeasance, intimidation, and deceptions IS being forwarded according to VA OIG. They are forwarding it to the facility which the complaint was made….

    I bet the senior staff, accused of gross malfeasance by me, will do,the right thing now that OIG has forwarded my concerns, right?

    We could try this on a national level too to save money. When a police agency has too many cases of contract murder to get to in a timely manner, we could just do the OIG thing – forward the complant to the hitman for review…

    1. @Dennis- Just in-case, plan a ‘welcome mat’ for potential DBC thugs:

      1) electrify a spongy wet doormat
      2) electrify doorknob
      3) connecting circuit will be DBC bag of flesh
      4) flak vest not included
      5) beware of poking the angry beast with a hot poker unless you are wearing asbestos bodysuit.

      1. @Oldmarine,

        Lolz, I bet you a thousand dollars that your words above are exactly and precisely what VA OIG says about American veterans at the old water cooler.

        I am 100% crazy but even I expected nothing out of an OIG who took all fielded complaints from young women that VA OIG senior official in Washington D.C. was mastrubating in public over the young women, and forwarded those complaints to,that same senior official – the man in charge of VA OIG!

        Think about it! If whackng off in public during “official time” for the benefit of young women school teachers didn’t get the VA to move its ass then why on Earth would they give a fuck about a broken down crazy Marine? I expected nothing. It was a shot across the bow and one more ripple. Ripple can become waves and the paper trail grows ever longer. At some distant future every single document may well be reviewed, at least in my fantasies. My legal theory is that without even denied documents available at some point in the future there is no case. When OIG said they were forwarding the concerns to ViSN 20 for review they tipped me off.

        In six months I will FOIA that document and any related docs too. Who knows what they will do but history shows they will retaliate with vengence. FOIA has already served to get two providers fired via that drug distribution scam I posted about. You just have to look for the angles and the unexpected but you do not have to set them up at all.

        VA provides all the corruption needed so you don’t have to make shit up. Let me tell you what my next FoIA will ask for and why.

        When you do a FOIA it is recommended that you psecify the reasons for it if it is complex. The “reasons” serve to narrow the search. I will FOIA this; return all documents pertaining to my care that show either the xpenditures (multiple ambulance rides to and from Roseburg for mental health treatment following med termination), cost of non-VA emergency care (one week as an emergency admitance in the non VA mental ward following termination of local mental health care via DBC order), and all records documenting the hours spent on care, DBC committee disissions and actions, and all other documents showing time and money spent on this Marine.

        My second FOIA will be extra simple: All documents or records indicating the documented time spent in actual therapy. I will ask for total time used in conjunction with ALL medically indicated treatment.

        All I ask for is proper meds. If they return the items I will compute the total cost to date of each hour of actual clinical time as a function of how many hours an actual VA provider spent with me vs. total expenditure of man hours and money. As a heads up last I checked my total office visits added up to about six hours max. Most are thirty minutes.

        Any guesses how much money VA has spent vs. how many hours of face to face doctor time? My bet is that each hour computed like this has cost America about $2000 per hour. That is a low estimate because each ambulance ride to Roseburg cost over $3000 for the round trip. The emergency admittance for mental health care and the drug to stabilize was paid for by VA because it was determined that DBC ordered no local care therefore emergency care if ordered was paid for. That week I spent stabilizing while the prescritpion started again cost the American taxpayer in excess of $34,000. All I wanted was the pills that helped stabilize I got from VA as a result of the hospitalization cost the US $34,000 JUST for the bed I slept in for a week. Now fast forward three years and I still am not getting the prescriptions medically indicated anymore.

        Yep. $2000 per hour paid in return for a VA visit is very much a low ball figure.

      2. You would think those cost numbers would be setting off sirens with the VAs fraud detection system.

    2. Have you tried sending your story to those investigative journalists at Fox News? Breitbart? You’d think those fine patriots would be more than willing to take on … ahh nevermind.

    3. Dennis, if you have not yet called the WH hotline again, now would be a good time to do so to update them on this latest information.

      The IG office should be shut down with the employees banned permanently from federal employment and prosecuted. I have never encountered a more worthless bunch of fucking lazy bureaucrats who ignore serious issues, then thump their chests over crap they are forced to look at.

      How the hell can they not investigate such thorough retaliation and lawlessness?

      On the bright side, this refusal by those assholes to do their jobs will make a nice update to the web site your press friend is putting up.

      1. Lolz, then in their email about not investgating they said that to follow up on the rejected complaint and said, please call this number. It was the number of VISN 20 up in Washington State. I just called. They had no idea what OIG was talking about. They said, if we got any complaint back from OIG about Roseburg (or any VAMC) that they just forward it to the senior staff of the facility to see if action should be taken.

        I explained to her that it was the senior staff that the complaint waa about and that it was a retaliation complaint. I said can you tell me what you think the senior staff is going to do when you send them an OIG complaint made by me and against them personally? LOLZ!

        Guess what the reply was? “All roads lead back to the original facility.” meaning that irregardless of who you speak to about senior staff at a VA facility, it is the senior staff who always ends up fielding the question. Pretty nice gig for an agency charged with massive senior staff corruption.

        OR is it the other way around? Is it the very fact that we task a human with being sole judge of their own actions that predetermines the person will become corrupt?

      2. Isn’t that special Dennis? It is exactly this kind of non-stop B.S., that pisses us all off. The more egregious an act, the less of a response is given. You have all the documentation needed to prove your case, and then some. Yet the agency entrusted as the watchdog, is too busy doing nothing, to take your case…….interesting!!! The swamp is too swamped, like Italy is too Italian. Makes perfect sense, when your a useless, lazy ass, inept piece of shit. The only time the VA-OIG does anything, is when they are engaged in harassing whistle blowers.

        These asshats Directors have committed murder, and have gotten away with it, over and over again. I am not telling anyone anything they don’t already know. Prosecute? hell no, give em a raise and a new location to fuck over. Business as usual.

        I can go on for hours but won’t. I hope one day, you will get justice, you deserve nothing less.

  4. For many of the frauds to work the medical fraudster has to partner with a recipient. Medicare and Medicaid are the biggest because all the fraudster has to do is pick up a homeless person and qualify him. With TriWest and HealthNet those would be mostly homeless veterans or veterans that feel they have been abused by the compensation system.

    So, yes, expect some of that 4% to be picked up by the software and also expect half of those picked up wrongly accused. It is the system. There are better ways but no one wants to go there.

  5. Off topic – but …. Carved from change.org (hey – leave my wife alone…). VA assholes at it again.

    When Jordan Leitsch enlisted in the Marine Corps, he had no orthopedic issues. After his service, Jordan learned he had developed a knee issue traced to a rare condition caused by repetitive stress during strenuous leg activity. Jordan had surgery to correct the issue, but post-surgery complications led to an above-the-knee amputation in late 2017.

    Adapting to life with one leg, he’s struggling to provide for his family. He’s received no disability income. The VA has denied his disability claim – declaring that his condition was hereditary and congenital. They don’t believe that Jordan’s countless 200+ mile treks with 90-pound rucksacks constitutes the kind of unusual and strenuous leg activity that can result in the kind of condition that Jordan developed.

    Jordan disagrees, and continues to fight to support his family the way he once trained Marines to fight for their country. And now he needs your support to win.

    1. There is VA’s pretext for the Million veteran program. It is to identify the cogenital markers to deny claims. See the scheme?
      What it sounds like is what happened with that Marine without knowing his history, is that it is common for troops, after repetitive marches, drills and stress on the lower extremities is mineral depletion and stress on the lower arteries, namely the popiteal artery, in which there could be a high risk factor ,post military of claudication from many sources and with VA incompetent providers, they definitely wont perfiem the correct testing to detect the problem.

      1. Slippery slope for the VA too. If congenital defect, why did military accept enlistment. My neighbor – Nam era Zoomie – is getting some comp due to ticker issues. Murmur showed in his enlistment records.

  6. In answer to Ben’s headline question, no, they won’t find shit. It’s all for show until the next douche-bag who doesn’t care gets elected. Nobody gets a bonus for finding out how fucked up their departments are.

  7. Here is a copy and paste of the instructions of the brand spanking new scheduling directive VHA Directive 1230. In the appendix L it explains to the technician how to use the software so that never again will we be engaged in scheduling and illegal malpractice like “blind scheduling” again by VA. The plan is FOOLPROOF!

    What is blind scheduling? It was the VA tactic of overbooking vets but not informing them they has been scheduled. Then when the vet did not show up it shows as a “appointment not kept” entry and lo and behold even Roseburg Oregon achieves 96% success rate in serving vets within 30 days – no show appointments count toward that statisticof success just like ones that do show.

    Now POTUS has nipped it in the bud!!! Here is now the instructions a user of the notorious Vista software is now instructed to do:

    “Start Time For Auto Rebook: Auto-Rebook Prohibited: Enter 16 to prevent Auto- Rebooking

    Max # Days For Auto Rebook: Enter 1 to prevent Auto-Rebooking”

    We are spending BILLIONS on IT software yet in order to stop a VA employee from performing the now illegal act of “blind scheduling” VA has determine that their trusted AFGE employees will remember to enter 16, then in the next screen the number 1. ANY other number is prohibited by law BUT we rely on VA to promise they will enter 16, then 1, and that will nip this problem right in the bud!

    Why is this plan foolproof? Becasue the fools in our executive branch, legsilative branch, and judicial branch aren’t standing over the chick playing candy crush punching in whatever damn numbers she wants. Imhave a plan by golly but it is highly technical and only my experience as a coder with three quarters of a million lines of computer code under his belt over decade so be prepared for this kind of technical explanation:

    I suggest we program the system to not accept any input at all into those fields. Since only ONE possible number combination is legal to enter my suggestion instead of training the multitudes to input number combo that we ask IT to remove the option to enter illegal numbers. Admittedly this is a bold departure fro VA policy but there might be a way…

    Try to follow because it gets more technical – we could ghost out those fields as a selection at all. Perhaps we could negotiate with Apple and purchase technology that ghosts out input boxes or menu items when they do not apply only maybe instead of gray we could ghost them in red or something. Why red? Because most sharpies used anymore are red and when the employee attempts to write on the screen directly into that field it would be nearly invisible. Sorry for the tech talk but it had to be explained, right?

  8. “belief that the agency was giving away benefits too easily and therefore fraud was likely”

    So that’s why they LIE on my medical info, More like fraud on their part, And yes I can prove it…
    Fuck you VA

  9. All the VA requires to root-out any and ALL fraud, waste, & abuse is a massive shipment of funhouse mirrors to all VHA facilities…then they shall see themselves as every Veteran views the fraudulent fatties. Done.

    1. However, what will really happen in the real-world and the VA? The VA will get those printing presses rolling for the very best glossy Veteran Medicare Fraud Warning Posters….sparing absolutely no expense, and will be on walls soon right next to the salvo of travel pay fraud warning posters.

      However, NOTHING will be done about the VA double-dip-billing of Vets with Medicare. Wait for it…


      2. Do you mean that “Save Our VA” DAV or Legion with funny hats and their snouts all the way up the VA’s ass, while not helping Vets? That VSO troupe or tripe?! 😀 😀

      3. DAV member? Not me, I quit them all, no dues, no memberships, no more donations, etc. I also backed of doing my own little ministry or volunteer work long ago due to big agencies like the United Way and other special interest groups to politics ruining it all or wanting to control every bit of it, or what or who we were supposed to concentrate on for the sake of PC-ness or appease some activist out there.

        I tried or contacted every group out there… and all refused to help or wanted to get involved. Faux News and their lies of contacting them for help a few years back, or to contact the Concerned Veterans group didn’t pan out and PeteHegseth is a fraud in my book. But he got a job on Faux News. All of them. Some cited not wanting to get involved in local politics to their hands being tied, to claiming the many issues were not their area of expertise or out of their league. Others were just concerned with their branch of military service and blah blah. Actually all it did was to create more waste of time for me, and more BS to deal with on the local level for one reason or the other.

        All that, plus some things I posted on here about how the town and some vet group was helping the homeless vets or with problems. Which is more BS and never got a call back from those people camping out for a week in the weather in tents and taking donations from passers-by. And to be told yet more lies and statistics that don’t add up or can be verified. But hell sure can break loose on me after talking to some of those people. Or some of the women involved who later is seen wearing pink vagina hats and going to a “Equality of Women’s march” who some declared would not march for vets, but take care of their own. Not guys or people like me dealing with some issues. Guess I also need to start wearing pink vagina hats to fit in (not happening). Including female vets: Guess that shows where
        they/some stand on a variety of issues they may support or selective on who they support or care about..

      4. Speaking of Pink
        VA’s National PTSD Brain Bank Collaborates With PINK Concussions Group: Women Veterans Urged to Donate Brains for Research January 24, 2018 10:06 AM

        U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

      5. lol. Yeah, something like that. Sad when they have kids doing the same thing but media won’t show that on TV, or show some of their disgusting signs even the young girls were showing. Some really pathetic and telling. I.E., one young gal about ten yrs old holding a sign… “fear this pu__y.”

        Oh forgot another goody while being driven around town for my surgeries. And why the health care system here is chock full of activist, man haters and veteran haters to those who support and cover-up for the VA and their nasty contractors.

        Down from one clinic was a few passing out fliers to support Antifa and united workers unions including health care and town unions. In the hospital a kid was reading a magazine she gave me to keep put out by the SPJL (Southern Poverty Justice League) who helped put vets on the domestic terrorist list and in league with the Fed Gov to fight against “hate,” hate speech,” hate crimes, etc. and want to turn us into the likes of Canada or Europe where a mere word or question can send us to prison.

        Her and mother said it was the same magazine they got from parent teacher meetings and around college and school campuses locally.

        The magazine is “Teaching Tolerance” By the SPLC. More like teaching globalism, hate for borders, hate for people like me, hate for patriots, full scale activism from grade school kiddies to health care, on all levels, everywhere. Pure ol’ brain-washing and social engineering. This crap is being taught and this material is in our schools. I walked to another lounge and waiting area… there it was again… in the hospital… more in a clinic. I thought okay, my questions were answered, again, as to why all the activism and hate towards me over the VA, all the unions combined, health care workers cliques, the college crowd, after being told at the VA we’d never find health care in Indiana again if we kept criticizing the VA or left their care and demands (orders).


        The networks of corruption, retaliation, militant unrestrained harassment towards people like me, and vets, total disregard, all the connecting dots, agencies, VA, lying media, lying VSOs, are very clear.

        Have a good day. I gotta see if Amazon is selling men’s sizes of
        those pizza, taco, or pink vagina hats. Gee, I wanna be cool and fit in
        too. lol

      6. We DO have the fact to thank that they do not wear kilts. Would not be a pretty site/sight.

      7. Armold,
        Have you ever seen the website “DAVReform.org”?
        It’s a breakdown of how the DAV has, since around 1996 [I believe], turned on its own members! From my understanding, Ben helped set up the website.

        Since then;
        MANY “chapters” were closed, through nefarious activities by state departments. Then sold to private businesses or other non-profits which ensured its members, and disabled veterans, would NOT be helped in their local communities! Members were told this never occurred. Yet there is evidence to the contrary!

        “treasuries” were plundered to bolster the national and state treasuries, members were told this never occurred. Yet, there’s evidence to the contrary!

        These are but two evidence based “claims” against the Disabled American Veterans nonprofit organization.
        I know them to be true! Because I witnessed it first hand!
        There are numerous recordings of egregious acts by top officials of the DAV! One recording occurred just there years ago [2015], I believe at a National Convention.
        There’s others as well!
        Please be advised, this, and other damaging, information is out there circulating among members of many VSO’s (Veteran Organizations) knowing the truth!

      8. DAV may help some but think about it – they help by convincing members in essence to walk away.

        Every time I contacted ANY VSO about the overt harassment by the notorious DBC committee let me tell you that they always said the same general two things:
        “1) In our experience it is nearly always the veteran that shoulders most of the blame,
        2) We suggest you ask for a transfer to a different VAMC. We have found that our member with PTSD who cannot find acceptable treatment at their local VAMC are often awarded travel pay to go to a distant clinic. (then they keep going almost like a sales pitch) That can mean an extra $50 in your pocket because they pay 42 cents a mile! We suggest asking for a switch to a different VAMC in your case and remember to request travel pay.”

        I kept the text of his advice and it is nearly out of the same script. VSOs may be giving advice about just how to beneift financially from VA malfeasance and this means an extra $50 for their members who figure out how to work this. This is what VSOs are – they become part of the corruption by advising a work around for justice that just ny the way, wink, wink, nod, nod, can net a member some extra green – if they just walk away from the injustice and forget it.

        To you this may sound like a great way for a VSO to operate. To me it is an organization thatbhas become VERY good at tapping into monies never intended to be tapped into. This my friend is how the corruption spreads so very deep – agents like the VSO show vets a way to milk the cow which in laymens terms is a payoff. VSOs under a veil of molification and concession ar asvising ways to work around justice with the benefit of some extra green.

        VSOs are not the corruption but without ANY doubt at all they feed it and it feeds them.

  10. Ben, when I worked at VA the OIG tried to have me prosecuted by false allegations that I was a threat. The HHS did an investigate which showed that the special agent Chris Algeiri used a buddy to look me up in the CAPRI system. They were disappointed that I was not in there. They use this as jurisdictional control over veterans. HHS did absolutely nothing about it when I proved that the agent lied to the Delaware DOJ regarding the allegations against me. Jennifer Welsh DOJ attorney in Delaware made false representations in a federal court. I can prove all of it, because these idiots fail to cross reference, who said what.
    Accepting VA jurisdiction is done at your own risk.
    Don’t want to deal with their fuckery? , Challenge jurisdiction, at the offset , if they assert some nonsense.

    1. For those who do not know what CAPRI stands for:
      Functionality of CAPRI. The Compensation and Pension Record Interchange (CAPRI) is an automated information system that provides authorized users read-only access to Veterans’ medical records that Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities create and maintain.

  11. The VA being given the task of attempting to detect fraud is like asking a known serial rapist to root out sexual harasment in the workplace.

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