VA Million Veteran Program Personalis

VA Million Veteran Program Pimped Out To Another Genomic Testing Firm

The Department of Veterans Affairs just awarded another contract to Personalis to test and analyze veteran genomic data from the VA Million Veteran Program.

Personalis was awarded its sixth contract to conduct sequencing and analysis and a second contract for clinical analysis of patient samples. The same company is also studying the genetics of veterans from the Million Veteran Program (MVP).

The newest contract is to provide clinical cancer genomic testing and analysis for the VA’s Precision Oncology Program (POP). Personalis will perform these services through its ACE CancerPlus™ Test. That test combines DNA and RNA analysis to provide physicians with clinical interpretation of genetic alterations of medical importance in 181 genes.

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What Personalis Will Do

According to a Personalis press release:

The ACE CancerPlus Test uses Personalis’ patented Accuracy and Content Enhanced (ACE) Technology platform to provide high accuracy, clinical-grade next-generation sequencing and analysis, to identify base substitutions, insertions/deletions (indels), copy number alterations (CNAs) and gene fusions. This provides comprehensive and detailed genomic profiling of solid tumors for the identification of potential treatment and clinical trial options for VA Healthcare System patients.

Since 2011, VA began building the largest and most valuable genomic databases in the world. It has since paid contractors big bucks to conduct research that can be later sold to private industry like Mayo Clinic and Kaiser at top dollar.

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CEO John West On The VA Million Veteran Program Deal

“It is a great privilege working with the VA to ensure that our veterans have access to the latest cancer therapies based on their tumor’s unique genetic makeup. We look forward to expanding the test to more VA sites, as well as to supporting new indications,” said Dr. Richard Chen, MD, CSO at Personalis.

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John West, President and CEO of Personalis said: “We are extremely pleased to continue our relationship with the VA and support the VA’s leadership using genomics to improve veterans’ medical care. Through this VA partnership Personalis has further optimized its platform for difficult-to-sequence FFPE samples, which has resulted in improved sequencing performance for VA customers as well as for customers of its ACE ImmunoID platform.”

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How Will VA Really Use This With All Its Bad Doctors?

This all sounds great for any organization committed to properly serving its patients. But VA is certainly not one of those organizations. Just recently, VA was caught intentionally covering up for its bad doctors and nurses at the expense of veteran safety. Take this news on top of its decade-long cover-up of illegal wait lists resulting in the death of hundreds of veterans, and one has to wonder precisely how America will ever trust the agency again.

So who are these impressive programs like the one from Personalis truly intended to serve? Certainly not veterans, but instead billing out the program on the back of veteran sentiment to justify the high costs of research.

Personalis sounds like a great company. I wish we could say the same for VA these days.


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  1. VA knowingly hires quacks.

  2. “Strap in, the new highlights report from the VA Inspector General is a doozy”
    By Jonathan Kaupanger
    December 1, 2017

    “Blackmail, criminal sodomy and sexual abuse of an incapable victim. And that’s just page one of the September highlights of investigative work from the VA’s Office of Inspector General. Let’s take a quick look, shall we?”


    1. A former VA vendor is pleading guilty to blackmail. Beginning in April 2014, the vendor took a little over $125,000 for unnecessary maintenance work. The vendor then gave $39,000 in kickbacks to a former St. Louis VA supervisor and about $20,000 to his step-father, who was a VA employee at the time. So far the estimated loss to the VA is almost at half a million dollars. This investigation is ongoing.

    2. A VAMC physician assistant (PA) from Kansas was convicted of aggravated criminal sodomy, aggravated sexual battery and sexual battery for sexually assaulting patients while performing physical exams. The PA admitted to over-prescribing narcotics and administering unnecessary and excessive genital exams on multiple male patients. The defendant had served as a primary care provider for 750 to 1,000 patients during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    3. A veteran was sentenced to 100 months incarceration, lifetime probation and mandatory participation in a sex offender and drug treatment program after pleading guilty to sexual abuse of an incapable victim. Both the victim and defendant were inpatients at the Lexington, Kentucky VAMC. The defendant waited until the victim received sleeping medication, then went into her room and sexually assaulted her on several occasions.

  3. “VA to offer unproven hyperbaric oxygen therapy to vets with PTSD”
    Published: November 30, 2017

    “WASHINGTON — The Department of Veterans Affairs announced this week that it would begin offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy to some veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, despite a lack of evidence that it works or being approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a treatment for PTSD.

    The VA conceded it was an “off-label” use of the treatment, which uses pressurized hyperbaric chambers to send higher oxygen levels to patients.”


    1. if nothing else, he will achieve an enormous erection without Viagra. I want some of that!

  4. One form the Wilkes-Barre VAMC Brothel leadership training program in the anything goes world of the VA.

    “W-B man accused of pimping ex at VA hospital”
    James Halpin / Published: December 2, 2017

    “PLAINS TWP. — A Wilkes-Barre man is accused of pimping out his ex-girlfriend at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center because she owed him money, according to police.”


  5. “State trooper murder suspect had history of psychological problems”
    By: Staff
    Posted: Nov 29 2017

    “Medical records attached to the Iraq War veteran’s criminal court records also show a history of psychological issues, including PTSD and paranoid schizophrenia, leading up to those arrests.

    In September 2014, just a year after Black ended his army service, records from Veterans Affairs show his mother called the VA for help with her son, who she reported “Has a gun and uses threatening language toward her and her family.”

    “a suicide prevention coordinator contacted Black who told them, “that crooked police wants to harass me.”

    In March 2015, it all came to a head during an incident with a Smith County Sheriff’s deputy.


  6. “Third case of Legionnaires reported at Quincy veterans home”
    By The Associated Press
    Posted Nov 29, 2017

    “QUINCY — A third person has contracted Legionnaires’ disease at a western Illinois veterans home where two other cases were identified last month, state officials said.

    The Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Illinois Department of Public Health on Tuesday reported the latest case at the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, where a 2015 outbreak of the disease killed 12 people and sickened more than 50 others.”


    1. Quincy Veteran’s Home needs to be vacated of all Veterans and a series of bunker-buster cluster of bombs taking-out the infestation of contamination…it’s important to leave the hacks killing Vets inside when this takes place for highest efficacy. Repeat as necessary.

  7. “Veterans hospital reduces methadone use after patient dies”
    The Associated Press
    December 01, 2017

    “GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — A Veterans Affairs Department hospital in Colorado says it has drastically reduced its active methadone prescriptions and has taken other steps after the death of a patient who had been written a prescription for the drug.”

    “Investigators said the doctor who prescribed methadone didn’t follow all VA procedures. Sweeney said he couldn’t say whether the doctor faced any repercussions. He didn’t know whether the doctor still worked at the hospital.”


    1. So the VA gives a prescription, and because the quack they hired didn’t follow procedures, they are reducing the same prescription for all others, even though no autopsy was done to determine cause of death.
      And all this happened in 2014, but investigators conclusions are just being reported now, 3 years later. How many vets did the quack treat while the investigators were speeding to the scene?
      And that lying fuck Paul Sweeney can’t say whether the doctor even works there any more?
      Sweeney wears two hats here. One as the spokesman for Grand Junction, and one as the head of the Patient Advocates.

      Once again, we see who Sweeney is advocating for.

      There is no local news of this, yet it is reported in a Macon, GA newspaper.

      And this was going on during the time the American Legion was kissing VA ass by holding supposed town halls about Saving Our System.

      1. God, I really hate the VA more every day…and I really want to be proud of our VA. Sweeney proves here that the Patient Advocates are not only adversarial, but in collusion with protecting the fellow AFGE minions, also proving the Patient Advocate systemic mess is an oxymoron as it’s NOT there for we Veterans at all. Rat bastards!

      2. If you really think about this situation nam, its something that was going on 3 years ago. According to his statements, Sweeney didn’t bother doing much checking at all with the patient advocate flunkies under him to even find out any detail about this in three years time, including whether this quack is still treating vets, or whether any vets may have complained to his flunkies.
        How friggin clueless must one be that he doesn’t know if 1 quack out of a couple hundred is still taking up space here? I mean, its not like he is tracking 1 doctor out of several hundred like at a much larger VA. I doubt Grand Junction has 50 actual treating physicians here.

        One would think for just some bullshit safety sake, he would have tried to figure that out in 3 years.

        He was simply far too busy covering the VAs ass by offering lame excuses as head of press relations…which a competent one might try to anticipate questions from the press such as whether any doctor implicated in the death of a veteran is still at the same hospital 3 years later.

        There have been 3 patient advocates here at Grand Junction that I know of since 2013. Not 3 one right after another, but 3 at the same time. Sweeney, who you can see is a nitwit, but is in charge of the other 2 idiots. 1 who is known as a liar to congressional aides, and a 3rd who excused not doing her job for weeks because she said her office furniture was being rearranged. She has since moved on to some other job. Likely promoted.

  8. “#VAFail – You Did It Too!—The Dueling Arrest Records That Kept VA Employees From Getting Fired ”
    By Bentley Hensel
    Concerned Veterans for America
    December 1, 2017

    “When Elizabeth Rivera was put on indefinite suspension from her job at a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital in Puerto Rico, she had a foolproof argument to convince her boss to reinstate her: “You were arrested too and you weren’t suspended.” According to a recent report, Rivera was placed on suspension in 2015 after being…”


  9. “Man sentenced for running over Veterans Affairs officer”
    Associated Press
    Nov. 30, 2017

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — Federal prosecutors say an Alabama man who ran over a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs police officer has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.


  10. First Approach EA/ Worksite Wellness a veteran own business is overlooked, ignored. We developed a great option for employed veterans. Shameful VA.

  11. and not a single political whore raised and eye brow and questioned it. Or worse, not a single Veteran send a questioning letter to his or her political representative?

    1. Many Veterans have indeed tried repeatedly contacting their respective congress critter, and to almost have to come to logical conclusion even the Congressional Veteran Committees…simply are a ruse and nobody gives a damn but the huge slush fun Veterans provide these greedy bastards on the backs of Veterans. They do not care except to use us to get elected or reelected erectional stage-props…like each VSO is. All whores on the V.A. Titanic poop deck. Rant out.

    1. agreed! i once donated a TINY sample of DNA and I tell you it was over 20 years that it cost me $$$ every single month to support the research!!! that was a HUGE mistake to trust my DNA to that particular research project. To make it worse the sample got big, started asking for its own money, and told me to go to hell on a daily basis when it got over 12 years old. It threw horrible tantrums at times as well when asking for additional funding and getting a “no”… kind of like VA.

  12. *****Breaking News*****
    Gary Abe and Linda Hamburger Helper Halliday is no longer employed by OIG for discriminatory practices.
    I knew there was a GOD ! The GOD Damn OIG is a joke and so is CIGIE.
    They are covering up a lot of shit in that office.
    Look under OIG reports for 11/30/2017

    1. “CorpsmanUp”,
      This day, 1 Dec 2017, Shulkin was spreading it thick on WDBO, Channel 96.5 FM,
      He’s claiming the VA is going to be “…closing down unused buildings…” and “…make it easier for veterans to use ‘outside’ healthcare…” and something to do with “TRICARE”!
      Although I didn’t catch the whole interview. From what I did catch, it looks like Ben might be correct on him “privatizing VA!”

      Wonder how the AFGE, VA employees and VSO’s are going to respond to this?

      1. They want to use TriCare si that the duty to assist is farther away from the veteran. If they do privatize, that 3 party should be sworn in under the same oath and statue as a condition of the contract. Legislation can be written easily to detail TriCare duty.

  13. My father and uncles, who all served, told me when I went into service, never volunteer for anything. I have stayed true to that advice from my days in basic till this day. The advice has served me well .

    When the VA first announced this program, there were many guys on board and full speed ahead. I recall saying the VA will find a way to farm this out. I also questioned the anonymity they promised. Look how good they are at keeping medical records private.

    From what I know, they never got the million they were looking for. So, shouldn’t the program have been shut down since the data base they were looking to achieve didn’t materialize?

    1. ” never volunteer for anything ”
      I volunteered for every thing that came up, What ever sounded like shit duty ended up being A damn good time for me….LOL… But nothing medical….

  14. Ben,

    I actually wish to support at least one aspect of this plan to gather massive DNA information from veterans. I am going to be honest here – it won’t be easy to pursuade many of my veteran brothers and sisters to do this but I have to try. It is for the good of the country to drop my predjudice and support DNA research on a massive scale. I have a plan that one million of us can volunteer for to help VA;

    What VA needs in order to get a REALLY good glimpse into our DNA as veterans is a sufficient sample of DNA. So we each (one million of us) have to make a commitment first to send a LARGE sample of DNA laden material in case some gets misplaced or put on “back log”.

    The next step is to choose for yourself just what DNA material to send VA for this study. Something easy to gather that you don’t need anymore is best for a sample. I for one suggest you keep the sample size smaller than a shoebox and secure the box with twine and USPS approved tape. Mark it: “Urgent! Medically Perishable Parcel” and drop it off at your supporting VSO who can fast track it for us to VA leadership for DNA analysis. Remember to support their efforts on our behalf.

    I encourage my veteran brothers and sisters to lend a hand and get their butts in gear instead of of just fighting VA – HELP THEM and send VA as much DNA material as you can spare. It’s probably best if you send your contribution sealed in a zip lock baggie for freshness.

    For the record,
    This should put to rest the rumors that I only engage in criticism of VA and do not want to be a part of the solution. This just isn’t true and I am on my way right now to produce a loaf of DNA right now for my own contribution to VA DNA research. It is better to give, than receive.

    Semper Fi

    1. Dennis, I’m with you on this, but only if I can personally deliver my samples on a quarterly basis.
      Using a catapult.

      1. 91Veteran

        For quarterly contributions please route those through your congressman’s office. Dividing stuff up like that in government is technical stuff and they speak the language.

      2. If its going to those worthless fucks, then mine is going in a “Candygram for Mongo” style rather than a catapult.

      3. Given the VA’s lack of ability to maintain proper records. Do you think that it might be beneficial to send multiple samples to All concerned with the VA?

    2. Am thinking your Oregonian Poop Canons might save a lot of shoeboxes from neglectful eyes of the VA, safe some trees, and it seems the poop canons could supply them a stead, err, stream of all the data they can handle?!?

    3. To clarify, can the DNA sample be provided in a shoebox or condom?
      Uniformity and consistency is key with participating in this critical program.
      One wouldn’t wish to be rejected for providing the wrong material. Perhaps I can provide both, to insure a positive DNA profile?

      1. I would suggest that lady veterans use shoeboxes and men use condoms for whatever sample material they choose. It seems a more practical approach than a one size fits all solution.

      2. Kinda risky nam. Next thing you know the AFGE signs those little bastards up and their air dropping donuts instead of samples.

      3. Wherever there’s a commando, somewhere under a UV Light a skid mark may be found. DNA is funny that way.

    4. Dennis:

      I laughed until I cried; You are indeed a funny guy, and I agree with you that we need to support this gathering of “DNA”, and so it will make legal each of us sending a bag of shit to Vermont Avenue, N.W. Washington D.C.
      Semper Fi

    5. I will do my UTMOST to support giving my DNA to the Honolulu VA. If they will provide me with a 23 to 35 year old female Filipina nurse who has not yet turned herself into an AFGE engorged fat tuna beast, and an 8 x 10 “treatment room” with which to deposit it – – – I will endeavor to deliver the freshest, creamiest DNA to that nurse is as possible for a Marine/Sailor of my generation to manufacture.

      All I require is the VA’s cooperation, and use of a room for a two hour appointment. I will use my own injector as I know I have properly sterilized it. To ensure the samples are delivered properly with zero mishap, I will of course – – – be injecting this nurse at multiple points of entry.

      1. They just have to promise to be discrete, safe, ddf, and available for right NOW, and it will blend right in with the established Craigslist DNA exchange system already in place and used by millions…

  15. these jokesters get funnier by the day with their hoaxes. personalis. yes, gonna fuse yer genes for ya. you gonna get new cutting edge personality from personalis. designed for your very own tumor’s genetic profile. bwahahahaha.

  16. Did you Veterans know they want Senator John McCain be the new name for the Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

      1. I heard Hollyweird is going to make a new movie based on the old 1950’s Sky King Television series.

        “From out of the clear blue of the western sky comes Matchstick McCain” will be the familiar opening to Hollyweird’s premier aviation movie.

        Operating from his Flying Crown Ranch in Arizona, Matchstick McCain, his daughter Sydney and their Cessna 310 airplane “Songbird” will be constantly involved in one heroic adventure after another . . .

        The first adventure is to be entitled: “USS Forrestal: Zippo afloat in the Gulf of Tonkin”, and will feature LOTS of fireworks as well as Naval political intrigue and nepotism.

        Should be in theaters by March 2018.

      2. Underwritten & Produced by Mayo Clinic: Providing top notch ring-knocker medical care anytime the VA attempts to & fails. The VA cares about…Mayo…hold the pickles.

  17. What makes a veterans tumor unique as described in the article? Is it unique from the general population?

    Why is it after all of the cash that has been shoveled at contractors for this research, we have not heard of periodic progress reports or published research? One would think to keep this gravy train going, they would be bragging about all the successes they are discovering to help vets.

    Unless that is not the intention at all.

    Regarding the bad doctors and the garbage data going into this project, I get the sense that there is so much information they can get, that the bad data gets lost in the noise. I get the sense that a veterans DNA is included in this study regardless of whether the vet volunteers, particularly if the vet has a specific disease they are targeting. Having an accurate DNA profile on a vet with a tumor they are interested in, along with periodic updates of that vets DNA as the tumor progresses would help wash out the bad data, and would be very valuable.

    On the other hand, how competent does one have to be to draw blood?

    Is this project the reason why the VA threatens vets about staying current in the VA system?

    If it were not valuable to the general population, say if a specific treatment for a specific, common cancer is found, they would be focussing on diseases that are found at a much higher rate in vets.

    Vets are the last thing on the minds of those involved with this scam…except other than being a stable source of data. No. Whatever a company can develop a treatment for and make the most money on selling to the general public is the focus.

  18. Ring-Knocker Veterans such as John McCain are the winners with Personalis’ dipping into the Million Veteran Program…it allows the good competent Dr.’s at Mayo Clinic to properly work on likes of insane John McCain…not so much the rest of us grunts or anyone NOT a ring-knocker…meanwhile, as a Vet, if you have cancer, the VA either will delay diagnosis or simply not tell a Vet or tell a Vet they do not have a way to treat it within VHA, but yet you need to be a ring-knocker top hop over to Mayo Clinic to benefit from the VA vampires and the MVP. Fuck Off, VA!

    1. Unfortunately you have to insist that they give you tests or allow you to go outside for the tests. Unfortunately the Va has been flooded by Physician Assistants and Nurse Practioners not doctors so you need to look out for yourselves, You must be persistent.

  19. “Trust the VA?” WTF OVER!
    I’ve never trusted the VA, and ain’t gonna start now!
    Haven’t really got much to say about this bullshit. Except, how much is this company going to screw the taxpayers?

  20. Test the employees for fuckboy traits and declare they are not fit for duty . A grounds for immediate appeal under Section 12 , line E paragraph 5 of UFBA (The Uniformed Fuckboy Act of 1976) and SRPCA (Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane Act of 1980 ) covers law enforcement of the OIG …….coo ,coo, Come on Flash!

    1. Semper fi, enjoyed your humor:
      The VA does not have the rigth to use your DNA unless you give them specific permission. A letter to this Personalis will request if you are indeed on their list and if they deny you that information, you can get a court order to have them release any information they have retained and they will be liable to you for using your info without your permission. Salute every corpsman.

  21. Just want to correct the record. From a Personalis Press Release it is clear that Personalis as had access to not only the DNA from the Veterans who Volunteered for the Million Veterans program but have also had access to Veterans DNA who are non-volunteers since at least March 11, 2013.


    1. Personalis Awarded Contract from VA Million Veteran Program – Whole Genome Sequencing and Data Analysis for Over 1,000 Individuals

      Menlo Park, CA – March 11, 2013 –The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded its first contract for whole genome DNA sequencing and data analysis to Personalis, Inc., of Menlo Park, CA. The contract will utilize samples from several VA sources, including from the Million Veteran Program (MVP).

  22. (VA’s Precision Oncology Program (POP). Personalis will perform these services through its ACE CancerPlus™ Test.)

    I’d like to POP, in the ACE alright…

    1. 1. Don’t trust the VA with your DNA. I did not do this. They will use your DNA genetic materials against you. If you are from a warrior family like I am (third generation veteran +), then the VA will use your genetic material (s) against you.

      2. To say, that you had a pre-existing injury (genetic illness) even after your A1 status. And thus deny your claims, and entitled benefits! Even after you had already served, and “knowingly” been injured in service, and earned your honorable discharge (s).
      Hell, they (VA mental health psychopaths) are doing this now. The VA psychologists and VA psychiatrists are attempting this in every case (screening vets to see if mommy and daddy beat you or played with your pee-pee), even after you have 1, 2, and 3 honorable discharge (s). So why would you trust the VA psychopaths with your DNA.

      3. With your DNA, the VA psychopaths will try to set the re-set button (After your honorable discharges), and try to say you were never an A1. And that you came into service all f*cked-up, because mommy and daddy had genetic personality disorder(s) or genetically bad genes!
      *But it was hard to pull this sh*t on me because my entire family, all the males were A1s, and earned honorable discharges.

      4. Dont give the VA your DNA. Then these corrupt VA psychopaths will then show the DRO judge (decision review officers) your DNA. And create some bull sh*T C and P bogus “False Narrative” to say your genetic materials (YOU gave them), and use your DNA to say you were f*cked-up way before the service…

      1. VA OHIO NEPOTISM/VA PEDOPHILA RING, all good advice, do not trust the VA with ANY information they will use it against the is FACT. Thank you for reminding us all.

      1. Tread carefully 91Veteran, apparently, there are several 1000 formerly male Veterans that ‘POP’ may apply in either a smear or non-smear way.

      2. I guess I assumed if they transitioned in such a major say they would transition the vowel to be complete.

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