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VA Employees Threatened To Sign Deering Petition

VA employees say they were threatened into signing the Dr. Darren Deering petition to VA leadership. The petition supports keeping Deering despite his role in the wait list.

Whistleblower Jared Kinnaman, a vocational counselor, came forward about the unethical practice to support a Phoenix VA insider, “It’s an absolute shocker that that would happen within our system. I can’t believe that they would allow that to happen.”

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What Kinnaman is talking about was the petition pushed by Chief of Social Work David Jacobson. “I’ve had a couple of employees come up to me and say that they felt threatened by the petitions,” he said.

Jacobson sent an email to other employees pushing signing of the petition supporting Dr. Deering that essentially thumbs its nose at VA leadership’s decision to remove the doctor. VA leadership said it needed Deering gone in order to move past the criminal wait list that was uncovered at its facility in 2014. Dr. Deering stood by former facility director Sharon Helman when the duo told the American public that nothing was going on.

Some veteran signed the petition with the name they think it deserves and commented on it. For example, my favorite was “Youmust B. Shittingme”. Luckily, the note from Jacobson included his contact information including his cell in case people wanted to reach out to him about the petition. (see below for cell)

COMMENT ON IT: Dr. Darren Deering Petition


Jacobson wrote:

“I am considering sending an email to Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson to express my support for Dr. Deering. I have not drafted one yet and feedback would be appreciated for the wording or any comments you think should be included such as examples of how he supported you. I would like to word it in a way that is positive and shows our support for him. Those of you who would be comfortable adding your name to it, please let me know and I will include you in my email. I will send a draft to those interested in being included before sending so that you would know exactly what is being expressed.“

SEE IT: Full Petition Email From David Jacobson

Other leadership at the facility called Deering their “rock” at the facility. He is credited with holding the facility together during the period of the scandal and its subsequent refusal to adopt new accountability methods.

Is Dr. Deering the kind of “rock” you want at your VA?

There is a silver lining here. I am concerned that Phoenix VA executives are willfully ignorant about what veterans want in Phoenix. They seem in complete denial.

You see, I am concerned that Phoenix VA executives are willfully ignorant about what veterans want in Phoenix. They seem in complete denial.

So I want you to have an opportunity to call Jacobson directly to let him know what you think about his petition and the attached email.

Here is David Jacobson’s contact information. I am sure he would appreciate knowing what you think about the petition:

David Jacobson, LCSW
Chief of Social Work
Integrated Ethics Program Officer
Phoenix VA Health Care System
(602) 277-5551 ext. 7680
Cell 480-399-4796
Fax: (602) 222-2654

Do you think Deering should keep his job?

Jacobson would love to hear from you. To give some context, Jacobson is the head of the social work department that let suicidal veterans walk out of the facility without care. He is also linked to the harassment and attempted termination of whistleblower Brandon Coleman.

Sound like the kind of leader we should support? Do you think his petition supporting Deering and his subsequent endorsement is something you have an opinion about?

Give Jacobson a call to let him know what you think about the Darren Deering petition.


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  1. Phxemployee, you are a coward and I’d bet my bottom dollar you are not a veteran. If you have something to say, say it, but use your real name. Just as everyone here is not afraid to use their real names you should not be afraid to use yours, either.

    Your comments are not worth the time it takes to read them. They mean nothing because you are a coward who can write whatever you want and hide behind your fake name.

  2. 03/25/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    Happy Easter–Hope the Holidays are good, I heard that the VA Secretary is coming to your State this month.

    Been busy catching up on Income—making F-16 Radar components and AR 15 Components at two different jobs—it all happened when Senator McCain had to sign for his letter in Washington on 02/04/2016—started work the next week 70 Hours from a dead stop for years.

    Phoenix can play games—-Stanton, the Mayor, never responded in writing about the 293 dead veterans at the Phoenix VA, only my back wall was bashed in by the City of Phoenix Waste Removal—but they did not take mine—just gave me a hole. The Chief of Police was much more cooperative and gave me numbers to get my wall fixed—and stated this is a Federal Matter about the 293 dead veterans.

    As the old Management Returns after their long Paid Vacation—what did you expect, “Change”!

    Even the CVA organization is beating around the bush of Treason.

    This is not a Leadership or Management problem, as Dan Caldwell/CVA called it in his opinion statement recently this month [03/23/16], this is Treason.

    Until we Americans clamp down on the Government—all kinds of crimes will go on that will make headlines.

    Just like the Voter Fiasco in Maricopa County [Phoenix] this past Tuesday. Americans saw a giant hole in the system [6 million population and only 60 polling locations—the government error by figuring all the legal residents had fled the county since the Great Recession of 2008/Mortgage Banker Fiasco].

    What does it take for Americans to see the Giant holes in the Argument that it is just incompetent leadership/management and that these actions are intentional gross wanton actions to deliver deadly blown to the populations of veterans during War [7 conflicts].

    I am sure the March Madness is not over—you will have a couple more Easter Eggs by the time the hunt is over.


    Don Karg

    1. “After The Perfect Storm” #JohnnyComeLately – When Karg wrote “Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki — throws the entire enterprise into question. Are the best and brightest really this dull?” (Gerson, M., Washington Post, 2014). I was inclined to think back to the day in 1992 when after filing 3 claims for damages, and then subsequent civil suits, claiming that the City of Long Beach, Ca (C-17 builders), the Long Beach Police Department, and the Long Beach School District had knowingly, with the intent to do grave bodily injury with malice, under color of authority, conspired to deprive me of my civil rights sent in a 12 year old nephew of a school principal, (Dr. Barbara Brown) to attack me on my job.

      PTSD, years of fake workers compensation claims, questionable DD-214’s and no “official records” to be found at Air Force Headquarters, school vandalism funds being redirected for use other than what legislation intended. In California I was a homeless criminal according to the Long Beach Police Department and Elliott Dixon retired DA. But in another State now Masters Degree, Suma Cum Laude, Research fellow in medicine!

      It takes “a lot of nerve” for those men like Karg, who ran against Pastor, and flagged La Raza, and fought again corruption years earlier in Torrence, California, as he watched his good friend and coworker Karl Halter be starved to death by Hughes Aircraft and BOA, only to step forward into the belly of the beast in Arizona. Brandon Coleman has also done just that… and I applaud the effort because I am now a health care professional heading for my “terminal” degree. I have just one last cautionary tale before I go, a lesson to be learned…

      We “whistle-blowers” that give up everything, including our lives sometimes to do what is ethical, moral, just, non-maleficence, beneficent, autonomous, put our very lives at risk daily. After 3 civil claims in California they did finally have “enough of me”, and at 3am in the morning, alone, sneaking to my home quietly I was silently approached but a leather clad, .45 wielding gunman who forced his weapon into the center of my forehead with a giant pathological smile on his face, “Me and my buddies don’t want you filing anymore lawsuits. what are you going to do?” badge number 615 said to me as I took my last breath, eyes closed, and opened them, scanning his police uniform for his name and number… “I’m leaving on a plane in about 4 hours and never coming back to California” I said. “That’s good!” the officer said with a smile, then backing away, gun pointed at my innocent, justice seeking head and getting into his black and white, Long Beach police cruiser…

      That was 24 years ago. I have changed, in California I was a homeless whistle-blower, living with my Dachshund in a backpack, but here in another state I’m a licensed, practitioner, even returning to California to save a life once in a while. So a word of caution to Karg, Brandon, Benjamin. If you think they don’t want you unconscious so they can cut you up into little pieces and dump you offshore into the gulf stream, their “own private playground, the Pacific Ocean, or put you and your fiances, and children on the street, living in cars, so they can drag you out and beat you to death for talking on your cell phone, or burn you at the steak in a log cabin in San Bernardino, then think again. Be careful, because the most criminal, evil that ever walked the face of this planet, and for all we know any planet ever, in this entire universe is watching you, waiting for you, planning for you, and hoping to get another shot at you just as soon as the dust clears!!! If you don’t get them they will get you?

  3. My name is Brandon Coleman. You can reach me at myshortbus4life (at)

    Unlike “Phxemploee”, I have no problem giving my name. My agenda is the truth. I have fought for that since I came forward in stating suicidal vets were eloping from the ER and that my personal HIPAA protected veteran medical records were being rifled through by my co workers. (It has been proven at this point that up to 10 suicidal vets eloped from the Phoenix VA ER and that my records have been wrongfully entered at least three different times (They not quite ready to admit to the 4th one yet because its a bigger deal).

    I think it’s great that Ben put this information out here just as Ashleigh Barry from 3tv, CBS 5 did because people tend to be real brave until there is something to lose. People tend to be real brave until its time to give their name. The post from the “Phxemployee” not only fails to give a name but also fails to mention that the said employee sent me a text stating “now veterans have taken pictures of all of our names and I have to be concerned for my safety and my children’s safety.” Well my advice if you were so worried in signing a petition that was offered on the internet for your family’s safety, than why would you sign it? Damn, I signed it as the Easter Bunny and I am so worried for the safety of the Easter Bunny’s kids at this point. Maybe the Easter Bunny should get police protection? Maybe the VA will come after me for impersonating an Easter Bunny? Good luck.

    This employee is actually saying they feel threatened by Ben’s readers. I however may invite them all over to my house for a BBQ and buy them a beer.

    I will write my name Brandon Coleman Phoenix VA Whistleblower, right here, right now and say that I do not support Deering. I think he is unethical. I do not support Jacobson who I feel is also unethical. Won’t bore your readers here with the details but their are hundreds of articles and videos if you google “Brandon Coleman Whistleblower” over the past 14 or so months to prove my points. (Ben has reported on many of them) I will not try to make up your readers minds for them either. They are all grown ass men and grown ass women who are allowed to have opinions even when they are different than yours Phxemployee.

    When you hide your name but are brave enough to state your opinion then in my book you are nothing more than clown shoes. Flopping around, making noise and taking up space. My family is safe because it is my job to keep them safe. My name is out here because I am not afraid of these corrupt administrators in Phoenix and will continue to fight them with everything I have.

    There are way too many whistleblowers within the Phoenix VA at this point coming forward. They all have their own media and congressional contacts. They are far more organized and protected than I ever was. Good luck stopping that train because it’s way bigger than me at this point. The days of this bs in Phoenix are coming to an end. My hope is the new director steps up and acknowledges ALL whistleblowers – even the ones who smack their gums but won’t put their name out there. F n clown shoes.

    Brandon Coleman
    Addiction Therapist

    1. Thank you Brandon for all you have done and continue to do in helping bring accountability to the VA and making the VA the best VA for Vets, survivors and Spouses. Maybe the next President will give you the honors you rightly earned as well as all the other quashed Whistleblowers at the VA.

    2. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do Brandon. As a vet who has fought stupidity at various VA hospitals for 25 years, I owe every whistle blower a huge thanks for the changes you guys are making.

      In addition, I don’t apologize in the slightest for taking screen shots of every name on that petition.

      If Phoenixemployee feels unsafe, imagine what veterans feel like ever time we go to the VA and put serious health issues in the hands of people like them who can so easily overlook the deaths of other veterans.
      At least 40 vets will no longer have the luxury of just feeling unsafe when going to the VA because the VA decided to overlook their need for timely medical care.

      Unsafe? Cry me a fuc*king river. You should have thought of that when veterans were trying to get care, and again when you looked the other way as those veterans were ignored, or again when you signed a petition to support an official involved in covering up pathetic care.

      You think the children of those vets who died feel unsafe now?

  4. I called the # I seriously doubt the Veterans Admistrarion is informed of how many of us consider him a bureau puppet and complete idiot,however I left the message?

  5. This e-mail doesn’t even mention the petition. I’d isnt see s link to the petition or a request for anyone to sign it. The petition was started by doctors. This e-mail mentions drafting a letter to Sec McDonald and clearly states that it hasn’t been written yet and soliciting feedback. I failed to see any threat or coercion in this email. If someone felt threatened by this benign email life must be he** for them. I agree that Jacobson shouldn’t have sent this email but it’s hardly a threat. Everyone thinks they know everything. What if Dr. Deering isn’t being fired for scheduling? Wveryone knows everything but no one was in the room when the crisis occurred. Would you feel different if Dr. Deering asked for funds to improve access to care and was told by senior leaders not to be “heroic” with access? Would you feel different if those same execs are going to triwest to coordinate veteran care? Would you feel different if you know they Phoenix wasn’t funded properly and everyone knew? What about the fact that Darren doesn’t even supervise the schedulers? What if VACO told Darren and Sharon what to say to the media? What about the acting director that signed a scheduling compliance memo in 2011…..oh he retired and got one of their cushy jobs at triwest too. What if Mrs. Amdur called Sloan and advocated for Darren as well? Will you run her out too. Maybe just maybe you don’t know everything. Employees support Darren because he’s been scapegoated. I was on the emails and in the room. The rest of you are just repeating what someone else told you. Unfortunately, others are using this email to forward their personal agenda against Jacobson and have no regard for the truth, veterans or true VA reform. Everyone has an agenda. This is irresponsible journalism. You are being played Ben.

    1. This comment lacks coherence and direction. If you know of opposing facts supporting Deering and Helman, then I suggest you post those along with your name for credibility. Otherwise, this comment serves as a red herring, which is a logical fallacy used to distract from the real issues.

      Further, your position incorrectly assumes this article was written as an example of “journalism” but it was not. This article was written for “activism” since I am encouraging readers to act — not just read. I guess I assumed my intent was rather clear when I suggested readers call the sponsor of the petition given the content and the video attached.

      These are different purposes and I do not always write wearing the “journalist” hat. That would be boring and less effective.

    2. This reads as VA rats knowing i’s time to jump the ship they have sunk but are belligerent to the end because the VA teats are still there. The rat nest is stirring.

      “Resistance IS Futile”. Light is being shone into the VA Black Hole and Veterans are just starting to see signs of distorted light coming out the rear orifice of sad Black Hole.

      Activism to make the VA held accountable and best VA it can be for Veterans and Survivors, and Spouses. Nothing less!!

      1. namnibor,
        after having one top employee after another step in on my husband’s case and then disappear into the woodwork our congressman has the names of two top ones Sloan Gibson put on it. He isn’t letting them go.
        This past Monday he caught Indianapolis VBA Director Michael Stephens playing a game with evidence from the file and it made Gibson’s guys look stupid. Luckily, the congressman had us put the evidence in thru his office and he has confirmation from Stephens he got it. Ignored it, shredded it, used it for his gerbil cage floor?
        But, they were given another copy and told no more excuses. They are past due to get back to the congressman with an answer. I have seen quite the change in this congressman. Going from they couldn’t do this much shit to one person to they are shitting on me too.
        Now, only two explanations make sense. Either the VA elite think they are above congressman on the House VA committee or they know the gig is about up and don’t care.
        We know someone went into Cincinnati, Salt Lake City and Indianapolis with Special Agent titles and dug thru files and asked staff a lot of questions. Who were they?

    3. If Deering is as innocent as the wind driven snow, what specific actions did he take during his 11 years as a VA employee, and 4 years as Chief of Staff?

      You were in the emails and in the room. Why not enlighten us rubes?

      Why is it lower ranking whistle blowers had to step forward since the wait scandal?

      What would Dr. Foote say about Deerings tenure?

      Why is it officials such as Deering are always innocent of wrong doing, but whistle blowers are guilty of something and must be fired?

      If Deering was unaware of what was going on since he became CoS, then he’s incompetent.

      It doesn’t matter whether Jacobson mentioned the petition or just writing on the bathroom wall. Asking employees to support his letter borders on coercion, and if it was not coercion, it would be the first time I ever heard of a VA employee not being vindictive.

    4. @Phxemployee:

      These five questions are burning;

      1.) hasn’t been written yet.” – WTF OVER! Didn’t you watch the video? OK, asswipe, how the fuck did the local news station get a copy of it?

      2.) “wasn’t fired for scheduling” – Then, IF he’s such a ‘good guy’, fucker, WHY the hell isn’t he out there yelling and screaming about all the egregious acts committed by all the other asswipes? And, as you say, “…he was told what to say…”, WTF OVER – is he that much of a COWARD? That’s what cowards do. They won’t stand tall when their being told to lie. So, evidently he’s a COWARD AND A LIAR! Some real hero y’all have, and want reinstated!

      3.) “…wasn’t funded properly…” – this goes back to #2, asswipe! Like I’ve written, y’all have, (and are a bunch of), a COWARD(S( AND LIAR(S), y’all want reinstated! If he, as well as the rest of you pukes, knew that. Then become a “Whistleblower” and “tell the truth”, you punkass coward!

      4.) “…scapegoated…” HOW” and in what fucking way is he being “…scapegoated…”!
      You already said, “…he was being told what to say…” – therefore, the ‘term’ is IRRELEVANT! He should have said to anyone who was telling him to lie the following; “OK, I’ll say that!” Then, when it’s his turn to “testify”, TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH!
      As it is, he’s a COWARD AND LIAR!

      5.) “…wanting true VA reform…” – if that were true. Read my previous remarks asswipe!!!

      And lastly this is for you!
      Your nothing more than a funking punk. If you really know “WTF IS GOING ON THERE” – then get your happyass on down to the news media and “spill the beans” on the corruption – “waste, fraud and abuse” that IS VA!
      Until then, and only until then, you will receive ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FROM ANYONE, Understood!

  6. Did I call it? Or did I call it about what it might look like if some employees signed this stupid petition while others did not.

    Add the unethical coecion to the list of charges he is being fired for.

    1. Yes you did! Keep those screenshots of petition and all, just in case. As we know, the VA has an uncanny ability to fling BS among the best primates at the zoo like a boomerang and may comeback to haunt again this time next year. 🙂

      Still quite pissed about the Veteran’s Suicide and Blackout as if it never happened.

      1. Finally, an article found on Veteran’s Suicide. “””””””

      2. Same here. I guess I was damn naive to think other media would pick it up.
        As for the screen shots, all those have been sent to Ben In a PDF file that is easily readable.
        …and likely includes Phoenix employees signature.

  7. Many thanks to the “MAN”, Jared Kinnaman, who came forward to “Whistleblow” on this stupid idea!
    Three people get fired! One is Deering. He wants his job back because ?????
    Don’t count on it.

    I’ve mentioned this before. The (lowly) schedulers had to have been “trained” on “how” to “manipulate the wait times on the computers!”
    If one looks at the “WHO”, it had to have been someone(s) in upper management. As to the “WHY”, it had to have been for the “BONUSES!”
    If one looks at this in a ‘common sense’ format. The “conclusion made’ is simple.
    We now have all six “premises” in place. The “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How” questions have all been answered!
    This can be used at ALL VA’s nationwide.
    It is in my opinion, the people in Washington have not done their jobs in taking care of the business at hand. All they have to do is give immunity to the schedulers. In exchange to who showed them how to commit this crime. Then fire the people who mandated it!
    Simple, you would think, right. Of course, we’re dealing with a corrupt government agency!

    1. P.S.
      My wife just sent this to me. Y’all should google and watch the video.

      It’s from “Infowars dot com”
      “Video: The Assassination of Donald Trump”

      March 25, 2016 / by Dr. Rich Swier

      An informative article and video to say the least!

    2. P.P.S.
      Here’s another one (video) y’all should check out.
      It’s from “InfoWars Daily News” titled;
      “Pretending Islam Is A Religion Of Peace Doesn’t Work”
      by Patrick Mankin
      March 2016

      Here’s a quote;
      “Warning – This video will assault you with the truth!”

      Check it out. One thing I find interesting is the amount of attacks and people murdered isn’t in quite adding up to what our current administration, and the main stream media, is letting out!

    3. P.S. again.
      Here’s an article from “BreitBart”
      “Thousands Pledge To Get Arrested In D.C. Protests Next Month”
      by Aaron Klein
      24 Mar. 2016

      This is backed by Soros!
      Plus the AFL/CIO is going to want their members to attend this “alleged peaceful rally” or “protest”!
      Read and “become better informed!”

    4. I agree…a HUGE thanks to Kinnamon for exposing this BS.
      From the wording of Jacobsons email, I’m sure he would say there was no coercion involved whatsoever…that he just wanted to give concerned employees a voice.

      This should, SHOULD be a wake-up to other supervisors that if you want to push crap like this on your staff that it will come back to vote you.

  8. Thank you Whistleblower, Jared Kinnaman for coming forward with that VA Kryptonite called Accountability.
    Seems the Phoenix, VAMC needs to be shaken AND stirred to get the belligerent resistant infection to let it’s claws loose of Veterans and other VA Employees.

    VA Whistleblowers, we Veterans have your six!!!!! Thanks and keep it up! People’s lives depend upon it.

  9. Adding some “antlers” to Deering would have had a profound effect on this story.
    The employees at these facilities, definetly need to be called out on their rationale on this behavior.
    Seems to me, that they are corroborating with each other to protect themselves and all veterans should do the same with any transaction at VA. Fuck Bob, Sloan and every last fuckbucket who engage in this behavior. Oh yeah and fuck the VA OIG!

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