Veterans Affairs Defrauds 34,000 Combat Veterans

combat veterans

Benjamin KrauseA whistleblower recently revealed Veterans Affairs is defrauding 34,000 combat veterans out of healthcare across the nation and the agency is doing nothing to fix it.

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At a Congressional hearing, Atlanta based VA program specialist Scott Davis revealed that tens of thousands of returning Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans lost healthcare eligibility recently. The eligibility was lost because the agency is applying incorrect processing requirements and letting the applications for healthcare expire.

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Davis believes the size of the scandal shows it is too big to be accidental. “This is not an accident, not when you get to those numbers.” He continued, “The VA, again, intentionally has artificial barriers to reduce the number of people who can use the system.”

I have been saying this for years; VA is a huge insurance company for the DOD and America’s wars overseas. The agency used to be called the Bureau of War Risk Insurance for God’s sake. So, why should we be surprised when the not-so-veteran-friendly agency screws a few tens of thousands of veterans out of healthcare?

The catch in this case is that VA is not required to verify the income of combat veterans when they apply for VA benefits within five years of discharge. However, VA is doing it anyway for 34,000 veterans causing delays in the application due to a lack of income information that is not required.

So why are they requiring the additional documentation? Why are they continuing this obstruction strategy after having the fraud exposed?

Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-GA, sent a letter claiming 18,000 veterans returning from the Middle East are waiting to learn the fate of their applications that are only hung up due to the income-processing component. The Senator indicated another 16,000 combat veterans lost their claim for health care because VA ignored the applications for five or more years while waiting for unnecessary information.

Davis provided Congress with documents indicating VA may actively discourage veterans from supplying needed documentation to create an artificial backlog and blame the veterans for it.

Here is what this means. If what Davis says is true, and I suspect it is, VA leadership is aware on some level that combat veterans are being knowingly screwed out of healthcare benefits and is not stopping the roadblocks from harming our heroes. To knowingly trick people out of something they are entitled to is committing a fraud against that person.

The House Committee on Veterans Affairs has vowed to investigate, but how can the Committee do anything? In the face of greater scrutiny, scandal after scandal has surfaced where VA employees actively defraud veterans of benefits.

Why is there no justice or action? Is there a silver bullet for us? Since when did committing a fraud on behalf of the government become business as usual.


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  1. Frank P. Calderon

    I overlooked an additional comment to my former message, where I called for trying
    members of the Veteran Affair’s fraud under the Rico Act, because under the Act a number of people are subject to be tried under that Act because where two or more individuals gather together to conspire against someone, whether it be for a good or criminal act it becomes a conspiracy thereby subject under the Rico Act.

  2. They wont the V.A. to go away and they wont the veterans to be stand in line with all the other scumbags of Obama care.

  3. I think we veterans should all get together and run some covert ops on the VA management infrastructure.

    Let them know their lives can be affected as well.

    1. We can have a peaceful march in DC with permits acquired from VSO’s. In 1930’s vets and their family marched the military kicked them out of “Hooverville”. We are at a part of history again and in 1936 Adjusted Compensation Payment Act passed by Congress after veto from FDR. Another wave like the bubble before the can was kicked down the road. The VA computers are old and the system should be fixed while vets get bailoutl/bonus. Maybe if politicians didn’t get paid until it was fixed,it would be fixed!! Fire the Board of Veterans Appeals for these are breaking laws by not paying claims. Delay,deny,die needs to pay vets in backlogs!!

  4. Ben, you end your article here by asking if there is a silver bullet to end the VA abuse. Yes, there is. I have said it here several times, and by now, Ben, I know you know what it is, but for some reason you are too intimidated to say it yourself. Listen, when I was being falsely arrested by the VA at a VA clinic recently I made it a point to do a citizens arrest of a VA contracted private security guard. I had to use that as a bargaining chip to get the charges dropped against me, which took weeks, so I did drop the charges against him. The VA police officer who set me up and falsely arrested me did not make a good name for himself as a result of my Congressman having no choice but come down like Hell on the VA over their power abusing stunt. The point, we sure as Hell do have a silver bullet to use on these worthless shits, it is called citizens arrest. All we have to do is stand firm and by doing it by the thousands and NOT dropping the charges, we will have far greater strenth in numbers than they do. Veterans are arrested every hour of every day, all day long, every single day of the year at one VA facility or another, and 99% of the time it is on some half-baked trumped up charge, usually based on failure of the VA to provide medical care or some other earned benefit. They cook up BS charges, we can do the same back to them, but make it real, because as Ben says in this article, they truly are breaking the law, such as committing fraud. They know 99% of all vets are afraid to really stand up to them and too intimidated to arrest them. But, know this, since you are most likely in that category, you have to look yourself in the mirror and face the truth that you are explioiting those 1% of us that stand up to their tyranny. Your oath of military `office` did not expire, it never does. You raised your right hand and swore to protect and defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Anyone with the balls here to even discuss mass arrests of these fuckers…

    1. I am certain that most readers are aware of my belief that Communist elements exist within VA that are attempting to grind the agency to a halt. If you did not know that before, you do now. Bruce, you have been repeatedly victimized by this system. Documentation is key to expose this including and most importantly video of these experiences. Moving forward, I hope veterans are more aggressive with VA and lawfully record experiences with VA professionals. As the database builds, we will have opportunities for legal action that are so well documented that the criminal actors will need to find new jobs.

      1. Ben, I held in both military branches that I served in High Security Clearances. I do believe anyone can record outside any VA building. Because,
        1.) It’s in the open air. There are no signs stating restrictive areas.
        2.) As long as someone knows you’re recording and doesn’t object, or stays quiet, keep recording. I was informed by law enforcement of this….
        3.) Ask your medical professionals (I use this term loosely) if it’s ok to record. The reason you give, is simple, you don’t want to forget any instructions given. If they refuse, keep asking. Take up their time. Pressure them. Don’t stop until you get permission.

        Ben, did you look up the article of the “demonstration” in Detroit today ? I wish more employees nationwide had their fortitude….

  5. McDonald is personally running this scam just like the dozens of other scams that have turned the VA into the ultimate third-world country ripoff agency. When everyone was drinking McD´s KOOL-AID from the start of his nomination process I was saying he would gut the VA like he did Colgate and Xerox. Long before he tripped himself up with his lies about being Special Forces the first thing I noticed was he topped off in rank at Captain. Even then, from the start, before nomination, he had bio´s placed online and was telling Congress and the whole world he was akin to a combat vet or he at least implied it. No wonder he sets up this scam to screw real and recent returning combat vets out of their health care benefits. So far he has been able to talk his way out of everything then follow that up for the past few months in silent game mode. Ben´s site here has fairly shown gross disrespect and disdain for him by this week putting photoshop Mickey Mourse ears on him — and that is not so funny because he actually has set up a multi-million dollar VA contract with Disney and you can bet your VA abused ass that comes with the ultimate personal life-time perks for him and his family. So, while Old McD is cruising on Disney cruise lines, and getting a full body massage at the Disneyland Hotel and Spa Resort while staying in the Presidential suite, we can all continue on as his loyal subjects like we pretty much have. The only thing he ever told the truth about was his intent to run the VA like he ran Colgate. Unfortunately, I was one of the very few that bothered to find out before his landslide victory nomination confirmation that he ran Colgate into the ground and nearly destroyed the entire corporation. He is a peculiar mixture of corporate raider and pirate thief, that lied his way into office and has no intention of ever leaving.

    1. Yes, and I had explained his “hasty departure from P&G”.
      I said to all I was raised in Butler, County. Which is just west of Hamilton, County. That’s where Cincinnati, Ohio is located. The original factory is located just east of the Butler County line on River Rd.
      If y’all know people up there. Ask them what they think of P&G. You’ll be surprised at the negative responses. Or maybe you wont.
      I told of the letter, dated in 2013, posted on line about him which caused his departure. I don’t think I was believed.
      That’s all I got to say for today….

  6. The Va works like this: The top manager at a hospital, for example, tells the subordinate ” here is how we take care of this… us good old boys here have been cutting out big chunks of veterans for decades doing it this way. Nobody says a thing – it’ll be years before any investigative procedure discovers this, and we will appear to be doing our jobs in the meantime. Now you tell your management to continue it this way, down on through the line. Never mind about the House Committee of VA or anybody else. This is the way we do things and nobody will do anything. That’s the way its always been, and always will be. Now go do.”
    Again, the new name for the VA shoud be “The on and on and on……”

  7. What more need is there to look for more evidence, before any action is taken? when the article itself is self explanatory,” V.A. defrauds 34,000 combat veterans,” any one that has that evidence and is able to read it and does nothing about it in government, becomes an accessory to this criminal act, and should be tried under thew Rico Act because THAT IS AIDING AND ABETTING!!! the criminal element.

    That’s precisely what I think.

  8. Breaking news in Detroit.
    From (WWJ)
    “Detroit VA Hospital ‘Like A Third World Country’ Claim Protesting Workers”

    “A group of about 100 workers and supporters protested outside the hospital on Wednesday.”

    They talk about “abuse and neglect of patients.”
    There’s even a difference of opinions between “management” and the “local union (933)”. A

    According to the article, the union has tried to help the workers. But it seems to no avail. They have said management has been hostile. (REALLY, VA “MANAGEMENT” BEING HOSTILE TOWARD A UNION?)
    The union, I hope, has documentation backing up what the employees have alleged.

    Hey, y’all. Ya gotta Google this article from Detroit.

    Also, from Channel 9 local news in Orlando, Florida @ 4:35 pm est. The ” veterans committee” and VA HAS NOT REACHED AN AGREEMENT YET.

    1. Ok, IF the VA has a partial shutdown. Don’t y’all think the workers would come out of the woodwork against management? I believe they would. They would also, I believe, support ALL the veterans protesting the closures. I also believe many civilians (taxpaying civilians) would come out of the woodwork. Wondering where the hell their BILLIONS of taxdollars went from Oct. 1, 2014 until May or June 2015!

      That’s my opinion folks!!!!!!!

  9. Ben, not sure what happened to my comment, but a heads up about VA workers protesting in Detroit about probationary employees being fired arbitrarily. Its on the Detroit CBS local web site.

  10. Heads up Ben. Story on Detroit CBS local about protesting VA workers. Probationary workers being fired on a whim…like I said yesterday.

      1. Thanks namnibor, I haven’t figured out how to do that all the way yet.

        I know the area that VA is located in. It’s primarily African-American. I wonder if persons such as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Obama will get involved? They seem to get involved when something like this happens to “their own”!

        You do realize this “protest” occurred just one day AFTER Bob McDonald and Obama made their speeches at the VFW National Convention. They praised the VA. Every time they ended a sentence, everyone clapped! What a crock of sh!t.
        With all the negative press (fraud, waste and abuse to name just a few) about what’s going on in Washington, (VA, DOD, F35 fiasco, etc., etc., etc). It’s amazing some people haven’t gone over the edge!!!

    1. Yep Yep. See, now VA can say, “SEE WE ARE FIRING PEOPLE!!!!”
      According to news on the web, VA got their blood money!
      But, if one digs deeper, VA hasn’t got their money, yet.

      I sure do wish our news media would wait until something is confirmed before making statements.
      I see this occuring more and more. They jump the gun CONSTANTLY!!!!#

      91veteran, and everyone else also, please keep an eye and ear out. We, in Florida, haven’t heard anything since noon channel 9 news. At that time, VA was going to shutdown..,.
      Now, I don’t know what to believe!!! Maybe thats what our government and VA wants us to do……….
      I hope my August appointment is still on. My eye appointment, which I just made, isn’t until November. That was the earliest I could get.

      1. If it shuts down and you cannot keep your appointment, call Channel 9 and other media, tell them you are going to your Congresmans office to find out how you can get care, and ask them to cover it.

      2. What I am a bit confused about is these “VA Probationary Employees”, and the claims being made, because I am not quite sure these employees actually UNDERSTAND what the Very *definition* of “Probationary Employee”…it’s an entire YEAR and in that year, the VA can terminate at any given time…not until AFTER the “Probationary Period Completed” is that VA Employee actually *vested in and with all protections of the Union*, so I have no doubt Veterans are getting hit and miss crap care there at that Detroit VAMC, am not quite sure if these “Probationary Employees” really understand their status and I hate to sound crass but to me, it seems they are more self-serving and only using Veteran Scenarios at their VAMC to gain public attention…to perhaps ‘amplify’ the *social injustice*…well, if that is all and true, then WHY didn’t these SAME employees speak-up about gross abuse and care of Veterans until their jobs were actually axed?
        I am asking if anyone knows if they went through the VAOIG or whatever rabbit hole one has to traverse as a VA Whistleblower?

  11. It’s rotten more each day. Still waiting on my 100% unemployable to be settled. Currently at 90% it only been waiting since early 2014 when I submitted the NOD because the VA said evidence submitted was after the the deadline date. I send everything to the intake scanning places certified. I have received a couple letters back from them saying I haven’t responded to their request. But strange how I get a certified receipt card signed on both occasion. The NOD is based on something which goes back to 1982 when in. The VA said they scheduled me for a appointment just after I got released from active duty in 2003. Any case I no longer have a big chunk of my colon, no gall bladder, and had a Gastric Bypass. I have vowed will continue to fight the VA along with Mr. Ben Krause. This is the only thing that keep them accountable by writing the letters and getting on line. Send evidence revelant to your case or a friends or fellow vet case to your local congressmen or woman!!!!!

    1. My wife “TWITTERS” all of them plus her friends. The friends re-tweet to all of them as well. They, and my wife tweets From the President to the lowest representative.

      I think they all have been put under extreme pressure NOT to give VA permission to use any monies from other sources……

  12. My common theme on these threads is that the VA can’t be trusted to police itself. Let’s face it. We all know what needs to be done. “Accountability” is just a catch-word for the VA — and for most politicians.

    WHEN people start getting fired, things will get better.

    WHEN people start being prosecuted, the VA might actually work like it’s supposed to.

    The problem is that the bureaucracy at the VA has become so big it’s bulletproof. “Too big to fail,” in other words.

    WHEN a veteran calls his/her congressman and hears that (s)he has no say in the way the VA conducts business, this is an outrage.

    WHEN a veteran complains to the OIG and is told his/her concern might or might not be investigated, this is an outrage.

    The Democrats are beholden to the labor unions (such as the AFGE); so they’re unlikely to demand any real accountability.

    The Republicans are too scared of the political blowback if they take on the unions; so they’re unlikely to demand any real change.

    I respect Ben, and I appreciate his devotion to this cause. If we (as aware veterans) do take a stand, though, what exactly does this entail? We had the American public fired up last year, and then some quick eyewash legislation (which did little more than add several billion bucks to the VA budget) appeased the gnat-like attention span of the American public who are now FAR more concerned with glaringly vital issues such as Caitlin Jenner and gay marriage.

    For my stand to be effective, I have to find something to put in the water that will raise the American public’s IQ by an average of 20 points overnight.

    1. No matter what you put in the ‘water’, you know that “you can’t fix stupid”, right?!

      With an Agency as huge as the VA, how exactly is a “reset” performed? You certainly cannot expect to trickle-in new employees as you replace the old thieves, and not expect the old thieves to teach the new employees the way to the slippery slope…it’s almost as it it’s going to take a Ronald Reagan type of Mass Firing and give jobs to younger, and ALWAYS give veterans of any age, preference for these very VA jobs…and that goes for Dr.’s as well.
      One of my civilian Specialists was an USAF Dr. and retired and has been in private practice just as many decades and when war broke out and VA was advertising, he thought he could help Veteran out, even if meant taking a pay cut…he told me the VA told his he was…wait for it…OVER-QUALIFIED! Yes, that’s a true tale!

  13. Hello O’bama(government)care. AO victims of the Vietnam era know where most of us rate.

    1. Decades of non- care from lying (I hate to say doctor’s) when referring to some of the supposed to be some of the best! The doctors and PA’s including VSO’s and NSO’s that constantly screw veterans with their lame last in their medical class or knee pad veteran’s service officer is and has been for me and thousand’s of my fellow veterans a disaster. The Martinez, California if not the entire Northern California VA Health Care System should fire ALL the medical people who constantly screw the veteran but they won’t turn down that bonus or doughnut. I always wondered why they even keep record’s of doctor appointments? They never write their lame ass comments but, will write your reaction to the insulting comment’s they make. I have some of my records and it is deplorable to me I actually trusted these last in their class pieces of dung! I always wondered why all VA personnel carry around tubes of KY Gel…

  14. Trump is the ONLY leader in America calling for everyone to be fired at the VA who are complicit in the mass campaign to hurt military veterans.Trump also setup a toll-free hotline and email for veterans to contact in order to make complaints against the VA. From these complaints, Trump will formulate a business plan to rid the VA of all its corruption and malfeasance once he is elected President of the United States.The hotline is 855-VETS-352 and email is [email protected].

  15. It’s the same old VA as always. Still up to their dirty little tricks. Nothing changes with them!

  16. I hate to think this, but I believe much of this is done with the full knowledge of both parties in Congress. I believe there are those who always look at the bottom line and want to use that money elsewhere. Over many years, there have been many issues that affect a few people, and Congress moves like someone lit their ass on fire. The problems with the VA have gone on longer than 50 years, and Congress acts as if they are outraged for the press, but they move like they really don’t want to know the answer.
    Can you imagine how outraged they would be and how fast they would move if 40 people were systematically denied welfare? If 100 people we’re denied Social Security? Look at the outcry over possibly holding “Sanctuary cities” accountable.

    Thanks for following this up Ben.

  17. The answer to all of the VA problems is very simple, they are “Not for profit” and have no incentive to treat the Veterans as customers. They have a captive audience and treat us as such. They don’t have to answer for losses when customers do not return. I am a Veteran and in my lifetime have worked for city, and federal institutions, including the VA.

    I have seen soooooo much waste that it sickens me. The waste comes in several situations. Labor, materials,and “end of year money,” The end of year money is where they tell everyone to use it or lose it. They first inform their friends and allies in departments that they are frienly with, The same departments gets the lions share every year.

    I have seen the money spent on items that they have no use for except to assure that the money will be there next year.
    Whatever is left over may be spent by other departments that have very few days to spend the money. The departments that are not privy to the amount of money left over are only given a few days and therefore must rush to order what they can quickly.

    The ordering process in the govt. is not easy or quick, so they spend it fast as possible and sometimes can’t get what they need due to time restrictions. Here is an example; It took me over two years to get a phillips screwdriver, a socket set and a sledge hammer. These are items that i used daily, but I was not considered a priority even though my job was overtaxed and understaffed.

    I quit asking for my screwdriver, sledge and socket set after about six months of hearing “we don’t have funds”. I asked about all of the large TVs that were going into offices and they said that they were not TVs. They are “Training Monitors.”

    The “Training Monitors” always had TV shows going all day and I was puzzled, but “mine is not the reason why…”
    I also saw brand new expensive materials tossed in the trash because “it’s too much paperwork to return them.”
    I saw fuel disappear and was told to cover it up or “life could get rough around here” after I asked for the police to get involved to investigate.

    Those of you that have worked for the govt. know what I’m talking about; those of you that have not will probably think I am making it up. Unfortunately I am not. I happen to be one of the minority that actually cares about the taxpayers, the truth, waste and honor. It’s a tough place to work if you care, and if you care too much, it’s downright miserable. It changes you and causes stress and misery unless you conform to the standard thought process.

    Everyone that goes to work for the govt. is told to “slow down” or “it will be here tomorrow” or “that’s just the way it is” etc, etc.
    A new employee usually is astounded and surprised at this new lifestyle where you get paid the same whether standing around and BSing all day or bust your a.. all day. All the while watching those around you get bonuses for being the teacher’s pet.

    I will same some of the more juicy stuff for another day, but if you think I’m a complainer, you are wrong. I hate hearing complainers and whiners when it’s not warranted, and in the govt. setting you hear a lot of it. The people that work the least complain the most.
    I love to focus on work, not turmoil, but they will not permit that as you are surrounded by negative people. Ask around to anyone you know that works for city, county, state, or federal govt.
    I did not have time to edit and may have made some spelling mistrakes:) , but I can assure you that I am telling the truth. I know you are thinking whistleblower right now, been there done that. No more whistling for me, I should have listened to those that have tried it before. It only brought me more grief.

    1. I HAD worked for the government (once “local” and “federal”) and what you’ve stated is true. As a matter of fact. If, and when, tools, or other implements are purchased, some of the employees (from lowly workers to some in high management) take them home.
      I have seen the “if it’s not spent, we will lose next years allocations” mentality. This is especially true within the five military branches. I think all on here can relate to that.
      So, in closing, I hope Miller’s committee “Shuts the VA down!” And, makes not only McDonald, but Gibson also, SQUIRM IN THEIR SEATS TODAY!!!!!

  18. Thank You – President Reagan-For creating the D.E.A.. I have a lot of B.S. to get my pain Medication.I served 72-76 in the a mechanic.We are the guys that kicked a$$ in keeping every mechanical vehicle,(Aircraft to K-Loaders) working for our specific mission.

  19. Not sure why the VA has to do this – if they *really* wanted this info they could get it by cross matching data with the IRS.

    1. From mine and many other’s experiences, the VA and Social Security will not regularly share information. I know because I was doing both claims at same time in a period of years literally at death’s door, doing it all myself, and learned to have not only original for myself, but -2- certified original copies made, one for VA and other to Soc Sec, (SSDI), because the VA supposedly used a completely different/incompatible system to what Soc Sec had been using for a long time.
      So, I REALLY did have to play “middle man” because two Gov’t. Agencies would not communicate…it was maddening, so I shared this with the very possibility that whatever the IRS uses, probably or could be another issue
      Why would not the VA, DOD, and Soc Sec be using same or very similar systems that are geared to the Code/Regs and elegantly just work?

      There was absolutely no reason for Vets to even be restricted to that 5 years.

      Worse…I know of **MANY** activated National Guard and were sent to current wars and they were always PULLED BACK to States and off “Active Duty Status” within weeks and yes, a few cases, just DAYS from the *required* 24 Months of consecutive Active Duty in order to qualify for full VA benefits….that’s so not fair! That was under pres. Bush and first few years I know of Obama, probably still going on.
      Just to save a buck…but yet, claim to have SO MANY more Vets needing their care…and reason no more $$$. This makes no sense.

      Every one of those 36,000…AND the larger number they are not telling about or are just not adding those numbers in…every one of them should be able to have that 5 year period start all over…only and only, when then VA actually starts seeing the Veteran, rather than cooking the books while the Vet rots for 5 years or more?

      This is really insane?! Do not watch a lot of cable news but I am yet today to hear/see anything about the VA, Sec. McDonald, current scandals…American’s attention span is as long as 14 characters or less I guess these days…talk about willingly dumbing-down of the Nation.

      Took Pres. Obama FIVE DAYS under public pressure to place all USA Flags HALF STAFF for Vets/Sailor killed in Tennessee…what’s up with that disrespect to veterans? He and his whole family were in S. Carolina the very next DAY.


      1. Namnibor, I don’t fault National Guard or Reserve troops being deployed and qualifying for VA medical care if they were injured or wounded during their deployment. I recall the Reserve unit in Saudi whose barracks was hit by a Scud missile. I don’t recall how long that unit had been in country, but there were 27 killed and 98 wounded. I would hate to see them not get medical care. Now, if you are talking someone who deployed to Germany for a few weeks and came home with the flu, that’s something completely different.

  20. I know a Veteran in Indiana that had to fight tooth and nail to get through this “eligibility requirement the VA fabricated”, as my buddy KNEW he had the “five years” to use said VAMC benefits but he as well as I suspect MANY MORE Veterans than what this report today depicts, are being strangled by VA RED TAPE.
    He actually has been using social workers outside of the VA because he’s in middle of divorce, child custody issues, and now he just got into some sort of Public Housing through the VA in some way, but that even sounded “fishy” because the VA claims he can only work a few hours through whatever program is associated with this Public Housing through VA, and for some reason IF he gets custody of his second son, he may LOSE his Housing as the VA is telling him it’s only for he and only -1- son, and if he works over the max hours will lose it, and a bunch of other red tape. He still is being told he does not qualify for VA Health Care because of that “5 year rule” and they actually disqualified him through VA income verification in past 5 years based on when he was attending college and the financial aid FOR COLLEGE was considered INCOME that made him supposedly NOT qualified for VA Healthcare.
    I thought to share this but one Veteran in a totally different State that’s been affected by the VA’s own misinterpretation of the Regulations and Rules, which makes me think that the ONLY thing “Standardized at the VA” is working damn hard at making sure Veterans do NOT get the care they need.
    I know he is at this point even hesitant to use the VAMC even if he DID qualify because apparently the Indy VAMC is one big train-wreck and incredibly adversarial to where it triggers his own PTSD even approaching it’s parking lot.

    Very interested in knowing what will be asked today by Rep. Miller and other Congressional Members on Committee when Sec. McDonald is drilled before them about the “Deficit that he supposedly HAD NO IDEA OF”…also wondering how all these veterans that have been denied falsely their very short-term medical benefits (thanks Pres. Bush for that crappy Medical for short term), as well as the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY that Sec. McDonald PROMISED from the VA under his Command!!!
    Not feeling that transparency nor that “Change I Can believe In”.

    I just wonder out of these 36,000 Veterans denied medical/mental treatment are now unfortunately possibly among the “VA Suicide Statistics” or are actually HOMELESS because of the tangled red tape the VA INVENTED???

    Lastly, anyone else pi$$ed that it took FIVE DAYS for our President to FINALLY agree to order all flags at HALF STAFF for the Military/Veterans killed in Tennessee? From what I have read, the President was petitioned by MANY Veteran Groups, FAMILIES, et al, and it seems Pres. Obama ONLY did it because of PUBLIC OUTCRY…not so much because it was the right thing to do.

    1. namnibor, as I’ve said. I don’t believe VA has 9 million vets on the books, which would warrant VA to receive the amount they ask for each fiscal year. I believe VA has, again, “cooked the books”! I believe today McDonald is going to have to answer questions he truly doesn’t have answers to.
      We on this site, and many other sites, have not only been informed of the “waste, abuse, money mismanagement, illegal activities, illegal contracting, illegal bonuses etc., etc., etc. That the American Taxpayers have FINALLY reached a breaking point. They, VA, have awaken the American Citizenry from a hibernation……,,and the results are NOT what they wanted…
      It’s not only the federal agencies causing this outrage. It’s also the “Local and State Agencies” which have come under fire as well. For instance, have you heard, here in the Orange County, Orlando, Florida and the Seminole County “Homeless Veterans Aid Program” (to find and house homeless veterans) was shut down yesterday. Because the monies that was to come from VA “never” showed up! It was on our local news stations. From what I read, many are angry and upset at all involved.
      Again, read my comments below. I would like VA to shut down their hospitals and clinics. I’d like them to furlough the workers and do a hiring freeze. Just think of the “firestorm” that would cause. As Ben asked, where’s our “Silver Bullet”? If our reps in Washington are smart, they will let VA shutdown. That will be our Silver Bullet….
      We can then show all of VA for what they are——

  21. And let’s not forget VA has turned away veterans from health care by saying “Sorry, we’re not taking any new patients!”
    Remember the video from a vet up around the Atlanta, Georgia area recently?

  22. Let’s see here, if I have this right?!
    “34,000 combat veterans” don’t have health care. Because VA sat on them due to an eligibility clause.
    VA also “claims” they have had an increase over the past few years of veterans using VA for health care.
    VA “claims”, if what I read from another ‘blog’. VA can’t keep up with the influx due to “[poor] money management”! Or, as someone once said, VA “… doesn’t have enough money to meet [their] obligations…” to veterans.
    I also remember something, actually MANY somethings, about VA destoying records, altering records, not removing veterans from the system who have passed away and many other FUBAR’s that VA has done for decades.
    When Ol McDonald goes in front of “…Miller’s committee on the departments fiscal emergency.” today. I would hope our lawmakers will see through the lies? I truly, for one, would like to have VA “close some operations between now and September 30”.
    Some out there are asking, What the hell is crazy elf saying? Let me explain. We can’t, and haven’t been able so far, to completely get our messages across to our lawmakers and the public.
    VA says there are 9 million of us. I don’t believe there’s that many. We know how VA lies to get taxpayers money. If there are in reality only 5 or say 6 million of us. I’d bet, a great percentage has “records” proving some form of false information in them.
    That being said, if VA were to shut the doors on some of the hospitals and clinics. We could all converge and call the local media and show our records that has fraudulent documentation in them. I know I could. Think about what would happen. The VA management would have no place to hide. They would then have to do something. If it was against us, then the American Public, I believe, would stand with us. Why? Because if y’all look at what’s taking place today. The American People ARE PI$$ED. They see what’s going on with their taxdollars, and I believe they don’t just want justice— THEY WANT A RECKONING!!

    1. I’m curious how many of those 36000 are included in any number used in budget requests to Congress. I’m curious how many dead vets from suicide or the VA killing them are still carried and used for budget requests.
      Remember those visuals of combat boots lined up showing how many may have died in combat in X conflict? Or flags planted showing the same?
      Imagine a float in every Independence Day, Veterans Day or Memorial Day parade with tiny caskets showing how many thousands have died from suicide or VA malpractice or inaction. A Daddy Warbucks figure sitting at the head of the float could be a nice visual of a VA bureaucrat or lazy Congressman.

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