Ashland University GI Bill

Regulators Stop Ashford University From Accepting GI Bill Vets, For Now

Ashford University announced this week that it will no longer accept veterans using the Post-9/11 GI Bill under an agreement to temporarily suspend such enrollment.

The decision was made after a lengthy and ongoing dispute between Ashford University and the Department of Veterans Affairs due to its physical location in the state of Iowa. The state moved to revoke Ashford University of its status to accept GI Bill veterans due to a decision to close its physical location in Iowa. Acceptance of GI Bill monies is a state-based eligibility determination, and veterans using GI Bill will likely need to find an alternative way to finance their degree until Ashford University sorts out its legal woes.

Before this decision, Ashford University decided to move to Arizona to bypass the problem faced in Iowa. VA initially approved the move but subsequently revoked its approval. Veterans make up 10% of student enrollment and 7% of the revenue at Ashford University, a California based institution.

Backstory On University Enrollment Problems

What we are seeing with the Ashford story is a cross between paternalism from Congress and state legislators to rein in for-profit colleges and the colleges themselves trying to stay alive despite slumping enrollments.

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Enrollments at many brick and mortar universities are also slumping due to perceived lack of value and lower odds of professional advancement after taking on tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and grants.

The job market has waned. Universities, both for-profit and nonprofit, are lower than in the past or have failed to grow fast enough to cover capital expenditures required to keep facilities updated or maintained.

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Americans have also wised up to for-profit university degrees lacking perceived market value as traditional university degrees when competing in the open job market. Some veterans have no doubt benefited from their for-profit educations but many have not.

Background On Ashford University

According to Inside Higher Ed:

Ashford’s latest dilemma traces back to the 2005 purchase by its owner, Bridgepoint Education, of a struggling religious college in Iowa.

When it bought the Iowa campus of the Franciscan University of the Prairies, the California-based Bridgepoint also got the university’s regional accreditation, then with the Higher Learning Commission. Bridgepoint used the campus anchor and accreditation to create Ashford.

[After substantial growth up to 90,000 students], Ashford drew the ire of consumer groups and Democrats in the U.S. Congress, who claimed the physical campus was merely a prop for the fast-growing online university. That criticism led to a crackdown on for-profits’ attempts to buy small colleges and their accreditation.

After a failed first attempt, Ashford in 2013 received approval to move its regional accreditation to the WASC Senior College and University Commission, which accredits colleges based in California, where most of Ashford’s operations are located.

Like most for-profits with a national footprint, the university lately has struggled with slumping enrollment, having dipped to roughly 49,000 students in June.

Last year the university announced it would close its physical campus in Iowa and only offer online programs. Yet while Ashford’s presence shrank in the Midwest, it still enrolls a small number of students at its physical location in Clinton, Iowa. Ashford is teaching out these in-person programs, with plans to offer classes through next June.

The university also runs an online center and other administrative functions in Clinton. Some of its 150 employees in Iowa work with veteran students and administer their educational benefits, the university said. And Ashford plans to keep those operations in Iowa past next June.

“Since 2013, in every move we have made regarding our operations in Iowa and California — from moving to a new accrediting body to transitioning our locations and seeking approval for a teach-out plan for our students in Iowa — we did thorough due diligence and consulted with appropriate authorities in the Iowa State Approving Agency and the federal Department of Veterans Affairs,” Vickie Schray, senior vice president of regulatory affairs and public policy at Bridgepoint Education, said in a written statement. “Throughout those discussions, we were given no reason to believe that these changes would jeopardize our approval to provide education benefits to our veterans.”

Possible VA Voc Rehab Impact

This move may also impact veterans using Ashford University through VA Voc Rehab, a program for disabled veterans to gain training and experience through higher education and vocational training to gain suitable employment. The program uses five training and employment tracks to help veterans reach their occupational goal or objectives

While there is no mention of Voc Rehab in the article, it stands to reason Voc Rehab veterans may run into problems enrolling for courses. Those veterans attending Ashford University should reach out to their Voc Rehab Counselor right away.

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Ashford University Deceptive Practices

The GI Bill issue is just the latest in a list of problems faced by Ashford and its parent company Bridgeport Education. Just last year, Bridgeport revealed it was being investigated by the Department of Justice.

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The reason?

Bridgeport allegedly used illegal student lending practices. Two months after acknowledging the investigation, Bridgeport was ordered to forgive $23 million in student loans and pay $8 million in penalties through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

According to Consumerist, a consumer watchdog website:

According to the CFPB consent order [PDF], starting in 2009 Bridgepoint offered private loans to prospective students to help cover the cost of tuition not paid by federal loans.

An investigation by the Bureau found that Bridgepoint reps weren’t forthright with information about these loans. Alleged bad practices included giving students incorrect information about their monthly repayment amount.

In some cases, the CFPB found that students were told that previous borrowers normally paid off loans with monthly payments of as little as $25.

As a result, students at Bridgepoint were deceived into taking out loans without knowing the true cost, and were obligated to make payments greater than what they were promised, the Bureau alleges in its complaint.

Before the consent order, Bridgeport also acknowledged it was being investigated by DOJ for violation of the so-called “90/10 Rule” that keeps for-profit colleges from getting over 90% of its operating revenue from federal student aid.

This rule was abused by many for-profit universities where predatory recruiters targeted veterans with psychologically abusive tactics to pressure vets into using the GI Bill funds at the university. Often, those tactics swindled funds from veterans while not resulting in valuable degrees but instead no remaining GI Bill benefits or mountains of debt.

$1M Gift For Military Veterans Resource Center

Meanwhile, another university with a similar name, Ashland University, just received a massive gift from a trustee to focus on helping veterans. Perhaps this shows that when you do things right for veterans, it comes back to you?

Deborah Liebert Karl donated $1 million as a gift to the university to create a Military Veterans Resource Center in memory of her father, Jack Liebert, a WWII and Korean War Navy veteran.

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“My father fought for our country’s freedom. We should never forget the sacrifices that our military have made for our country. The Military Veterans Resource Center will demonstrate our pride and thankfulness for their service,” she said. “I envision the center to be a dedicated facility that will help assimilate veteran students to Ashland University and the community.”

Perhaps it’s time for-profit colleges take note of what it means to do right by the students they are supposed to serve rather than the shareholders pushing profits at all cost?


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  1. Hey Elf,

    “FBI Informant: Russian Briefcase of Uranium One Bribe Money Caught On Video”


    1. Seymore,
      Been keeping my ears and eyes open on this for some time now.
      According to Sean Hannity, the “informant”, Mr. William Campbell, is set to testify tomorrow (monday)!
      Commenters are hoping he doesn’t get “Arkancided” by the Clinton Crime Family!

      I also have a sneaky suspicion, when he does testify, there’s gonna be a lot of crying and screaming in the Halls of Congress! There’s way too many elected and appointed officials involved in this illegal act against America!
      One thing I do wish they’d discuss, which is part of the scam, is the theft of lands from ranchers and farmers by the Bureau of Land Managements in many states!
      There’s an attorney fighting for the Bundy’s out west. His name is highly respected by LOTS of people – Mr. Larry Klayman! He’s the one who started “Judicial Watch” and now runs “Freedom Watch”
      If you get a chance, watch some of his utube videos!

  2. Vets Tv

    Transgender Drill Instructor | Kill, Die, Laugh Episode 2


  3. To my Brothers and Sisters,
    Check out this “Friday night dump” from Shulkin’s VA:
    From: “abc NEWS”

    “VA’s quiet plan to widen private care with TRICARE stirs ire”

    By Hope Yen, Associated Press
    November 17, 2017 @ 5:57 PM ST

    See what the VSO’s, and some Democrats, are saying. Especially Nancy Pelosi!

    1. Elf if you look up in the comments to comment number 93928 where I pointed out that in fact the move is to bring Tricare down to the level of the VA telehealth system.

      Look at why they are considering merging Tricare and Veterans Choice.

      “Most of the DOD’s telehealth services are concentrated at 7 facilities, GAO says”
      by Evan Sweeney | Nov 15, 2017

      “Under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017—passed last December—the DOD must expand the use of telehealth by June 23, 2018.”

      “The agency could also see a boost in telehealth usage through Tricare members, which accounted for just 27% of all telehealth encounters in 2016, according to the GAO.”

      1. Federal Legislation: HR 2725 – Telehealth in TRICARE and VA
        Bill Number: HR 2725
        Sponsor: Rep. Peters (D-CA)

        Summary: To expand the use of telehealth under the TRICARE program in the Department of Veterans Affairs, and for other purposes. See CCHP’s factsheet on HR 2725 for a full analysis.

        Status: 6/30/15 Referred to House Subcommittee on Health

      2. Note the sponsor of the bill is Scott Peters (D-CA) right next door to Pelosi and a democrat with Pelosi being the current leader of the Dems.

      3. Basically they are filling the swamp with bullshit about raising Veterans up to receive the same medical care as people who rely on Tricare. But what the end game is to bring the people in Tricare down to the level of care provided by the VA through Telehealth.

      4. “House Passes VA Telehealth Bill”
        Ken Terry
        November 09, 2017
        “The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill that would allow the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) doctors to treat patients remotely across state lines, using telehealth technology. A similar measure is pending in the Senate.

        Last month, the VA proposed a new regulation that would accomplish the same goal. However, Congressional action is required to authorize the department to issue that regulation. A 30-day comment period on the VA proposal recently expired, but no final rule has been released yet.

        The House bill, the Veterans E-Health and Telemedicine Support Act of 2017, was introduced last April by Reps. Glenn Thompson (R-PA) and Julia Brownley (D-CA).”

      5. You will note the new Teleheath bill was two congresspersons one is another California Democrat Julia Brownley(D-CA). The other Glenn Thompson (R-PA) who represents the district where the Thomas Jefferson University, a for Profit University, is located in Pennsylvania.

        The Wilmington VAMC, located in the state of Delaware, is in partnership with the Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in its Mental Health education program at the VAMC. Being in the state of Delaware and the standards for Medical licenses being one of the lowest in the country which is that you can be licensed as a medical professional, with full privileges, while enrolled in a training program.

      6. Wilmington VAMC is also the parent of the ATLANTIC COUNTY CBOC in Northfield, NJ where all Veterans receiving Mental Health care were seen via the VA telemedicine platform with med students licensed by the state of Delaware at the VAMC Wilmington. Even though the students would be breaking the laws of New Jersey.

      7. Seymore,
        I hadn’t been on till just awhile ago. Didn’t see ALL the articles you, and others, had put on.

        Yea, Just one more fuck-up by “Shithead Shulkin”! Only ones who lose are we veterans!

  4. “Video shows nurses laughing as dying WWII vet calls for help @ nursing home”, and this is a Sava Senior Care Facility, making me automatically wonder what kind of deadly contract the VA has with Sava:

    The only thing that surprised me that this was not AT a VAMC, because those laughing nurses were probably even too shitty for the VA to hire them. Rat Bastards!

    1. “Extended Deposition | Nurse changes story after seeing video of vet who died at nursing home”


      This is painful to watch so please be warned.

      1. “Nursing Staff Laughs as WW2 Veteran Dies in Pain.”


  5. “Dentist pays $15,000 bill for military veteran’s dental work”
    Posted: Nov 17 2017


    The dental work came to a grand total of $15,000, and Harmon would need help from the Veterans Administration to pay for the procedures.

    Instead of waiting months for the paperwork to go through the VA, Dr. Nguyen wanted to help him immediately and cease his pain. So, he took care of the bill and went to work.

    “When he heard me say that I couldn’t pay the bill, he came in, and he was like, ‘Don’t charge him anything.’” said Harmon as he broke into tears.

    For Dr. Nguyen, it was the least he could do.

    “All veterans are heroes,” said Dr. Nguyen. “They give up so much for this country, and whatever I can do just to help him out a little bit, it’s all worth it to me.”

    1. Seymore
      That is nice story about Dr. Nguyen. Wish we had more like him. The VA isnt taking care of the former soldier’s and veteran’s teeth. Dental care is so important to the overall care and maintenance of the entire body. Likewise the VA fails “miserably” in this area of health care also for our veterans. It is true they do give up a lot for our country. The amount of loses a vet absorbs can not even be calculated numerically, nor can any monetary value been placed on his/her sacrifices. And the wounds are mostly invisible, hidden from the public. While other play ignorant to their suffering. While some of those who had never served are absolutely clueless…

  6. “Denver VA botched wait list”
    Nov 16, 2017


    “DENVER — A watchdog arm of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs said Thursday that the agency’s Denver-area hospital violated policy by keeping improper wait lists to track veterans’ mental health care.

    Investigators with the VA Office of Inspector General confirmed a whistleblower’s claim that staff kept unauthorized lists instead of using the department’s official wait list system. That made it impossible to know if veterans who needed referrals for group therapy and other mental health care were getting timely assistance, according to the report.”

    1. “The internal investigation also criticized record-keeping in PTSD cases at the VA’s facility in Colorado Springs. Patients there often went longer than the department’s stated goals of getting an initial consult within a week and treatment within 30 days, investigators found. In one case, a veteran killed himself 13 days after contacting the clinic, which was supposed to see him within a week.”

      1. “Investigators said the unofficial lists did not always identify the veteran or requested date of care, and they could not determine how many veterans were waiting to receive help and for how long, even with the help of staff at the facilities.

        “As a result, facility and mental health managers did not have access to accurate wait time data to help make informed staffing decisions and did not have assurance that all requests for care were adequately addressed,” the report said.”

      2. Requested date of care….Is just word play…………
        Patient to appointment clerk I need a appointment to see the Doc The clerk says why we have at the ear·li·est JULY…AUG…And SEPT of 2018 any day and any time ……WOW HE’LL GET HIS REQUESTED DATE……ANOTHER SATISFIED CUSTOMER….FU VA..LOL

  7. “Supervisors, Veterans Affairs consider security system”
    Nov 14, 2017


    “After a recent security breach at Page County Veterans Affairs, supervisors met with Veterans Affair Administrator Rod Riley and commission member Ron Gibson about installing a security system at the building at 615 NW Road in Shenandoah.

    Riley and Gibson said it appears someone attempted to acquire confidential files within the building during normal office hours as that portion of the office was unattended.

    Gibson and Riley expressed their concern if attempts were made to break in the building at night. The two provided estimates on a camera security system to monitor the entire office. The system would be effective during the overnight hours.”

  8. “Defenders Debrief: Veteran says cancer went undiagnosed by VA”
    By Ellie Holmes – News Producer , Dillon Collier – Investigative Reporter
    Posted: 11:31 AM, November 13, 2017


    “A San Antonio veteran went to Veterans Affairs hospitals three times while having difficulty swallowing, but doctors instead focused on his past drug use.

    It took retired Army specialist Ken Gould going to a civilian hospital for doctors to get his diagnosis right: esophageal cancer.”

  9. “Former Whitman police sergeant gets prison time for embezzling from veterans, tax fraud”
    By Patriot Ledger staff, Posted Nov 14, 2017


    “Former Whitman police sergeant was sentenced to four years in prison and must pay restitution of $252,992 to the Veterans Administration and $826,865 to the IRS.

    BOSTON – A former Whitman police sergeant who pleaded guilty to embezzling benefit funds from disabled veterans and tax fraud was sentenced to 48 months in federal prison Tuesday”

    1. “Court documents say Pearson was a VA-appointed fiduciary for eight disabled veterans from 2007 to 2012. A fiduciary manages benefits on behalf of veterans who are entitled to payments but unable to manage their own affairs.

      Pearson used his position as a fiduciary to embezzle more than $250,000 in VA-issued benefit money from the accounts of several veterans.”

      1. Whitman selectmen fired Pearson from the police department in 2001 after a series of hearings on alleged misconduct. Pearson was accused of bringing a stripper with him to a policing class he taught at Massasoit Community College in Brockton. He was also accused of filing false police reports, sexual harassment, improper arrests and records violations.

    2. 48 Months is not nearly enough for that asshole and there’s a very special place in hell for this asshole and other VA Tripe just like him screwing Vets via the fiduciary program…this asshole is only one of a legion of crooks doing this and have good info that a good # of VSO’s get that extra $$ for being VA appointed fiduciaries…funny hat and a fatter wallet the more Veteran $$$ you mismanage. One last thought: I hope Satan himself is his personal bubba.

  10. “Investigation finds corruption, intimidation at Temple VA campus ”
    By Jeremy Schwartz – American-Statesman Staff
    Friday, November 17, 2017


    “The complaints, made by veterans undergoing drug and alcohol treatment as they tried to get their lives back on track, alleged the unit’s boss— who was in charge of the grounds crew at the motor pool — had regularly subjected them to verbal abuse and tirades.

    Other complaints hinted at possible crimes; VA equipment like lawnmowers and expensive tools regularly disappeared. Veterans said assignments sometimes took them off the sprawling VA campus in Temple and to the homes of high-ranking VA officials, where they said they were ordered to work.

    1. The American-Statesman obtained a preliminary, unsigned version of the board’s report. It found that some VA supervisors had stolen equipment from the agency and benefited personally from the labor of veterans in the vocational training program. Current and former veterans in the program testified that they had been told to build fences, repair sprinkler systems and perform other landscaping work at the homes of certain supervisors and their family members.

      And in a finding that has sparked a wider VA inquiry, the investigators said they had uncovered a complex scheme at the motor pool to secretly profit from VA purchase orders. The board concluded employees at the motor pool had funneled business to a small Killeen firm that investigators said made at least $400,000 by padding purchases with 30 percent surcharges.

      1. In all, the report found, more than $1.3 million was “funneled through” the business, Whitetail Industrial Parts and Service, in recent years.

    2. Nothing like using Veterans undergoing drug and alcohol treatment as Slave Labor. One question comes to mind is how many of the Veterans had been sentenced to the facility through the Bell County Veterans treatment court??

  11. “Owner of welding school accused of defrauding Department of Veterans Affairs”
    Posted 4:29 pm, November 13, 2017, by Margaret Kavanagh

    HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – The owner of a welding training school is accused of running a scheme to deceive the Department of Veterans, according to court documents.
    A Suffolk man, Kent Chillous, pleaded guilty of conspiring to defraud the Department of Veterans Affairs. The 55-year-old is accused of working with the owners of the Hampton Roads Skills Center, a welding training school in Newport News.
    Records state Chillous is a veteran who utilized his Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits at the school from June 2016-July 2017. It’s alleged that he “did not receive instruction or attend courses and did receive instruction or attend courses and did receive a monthly housing stipend from the VA.”

  12. “Couple gets six months in jail for keeping dead body in home”

    “The couple kept the body of 71-year-old Robert L. Harris, a Vietnam War veteran, inside their home at 4210 Fourth St. SE in Warwick Township for several months to steal money from Harris’ Social Security and Veterans Administration accounts.”

  13. “They’re Spending Billions to Chip Our Brains”



    “Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs”


    1. I have seen that one…

      Moral judgments can be altered … by magnets

      By disrupting brain activity in a particular region, neuroscientists can sway people’s views of moral situations.

      Anne Trafton, MIT News Office
      March 30, 2010

  14. “Documents Confirm: Mass Vaccination Is Covert Medical Experimentation And Population Reduction” Primarily the anthrax vaccine.


    Although the ARMY has been required to take blood samples of all members of service being deployed. The only research those blood samples have been used for was research involving the anthrax vaccine. All of the research is contained in unpublished studies.

    1. From a report recently being delisted from the web written by Dr. Meryl Nass regarding the anthrax vaccine. The report is still available at the cached location at: “”””

      “vaccines drew the same conclusion: “Further research should be carried out on the short and long term safety effects of available vaccines and if possible their effectiveness.” However, the IOM committee overlooked several studies that linked anthrax vaccine to GWS.”

  15. Medical POLICE STATE: FDA approves “Big Brother” digital sensor that tracks your compliance with psychiatric medications

    Thursday, November 16, 2017 by: Ethan Huff

    Branded under the name of “MyCite,” these chips are already being used in Abilify aripiprazole tablets for schizophrenia. Those who suffer chronic manic episodes are being instructed to wear special patches on their arms that communicate with the chips as they make their way through patients’ bodies. Information is then transmitted via the patches to the patients’ smartphones, which can be monitored by doctors or pharmacists.
    Now take your med’s like a good little Zombie
    It’s all about con-trol, Don’t take any Med’s NO PROBLEM We’ll just put it in your FOOD

    1. As much as I can control it by my own choices and awareness, I will not allow my body to become integrated via digital means unless it was an artificial limb, et al, but not essentially an RFID Digital Barcode for tracking cattle…or nonhuman test subjects…fuck that…what’s to say they do not have a spontaneous combustion mode that only the DBC or Patient Advocates have the launch codes for? Yep, call me paranoid but I have got along just fine thus far without any extra bugs up my ass.

      1. They sure push that shit on people weather they like it or not they give us no say…
        “I DO NOT CONSENT”

  16. “Veterans Day indictment for former Veterans Affairs employee”
    By Eric White FEDERALNEWSCAST November 10, 2017

    “•A former Veterans Affairs employee faces a Veterans Day indictment for stealing money from veterans. An upper Marlboro, Maryland, man is charged with four counts of wire fraud, and one count of bribery. Russell Ware allegedly wired $21,000 from disability benefits accounts to his own bank account and 46,000 to a friend in Mississippi. She sent Ware kickbacks using Walmart-to-Walmart transfers. The friend Jacqueline Crawford, pleaded guilty in February to theft of government property.


  17. “VA officer exposed to opioid while investigating veteran’s death”
    by Steve Beynon, Tuesday, November 14th 2017

    A security officer with the Veterans Administration hospital in Cincinnati had to be revived with Narcan after coming into contact with an opioid Tuesday morning, according to a spokeswoman for the Cincinnati Police Department.

    The Cincinnati VA Public Affairs Office said the officer may have been exposed while investigating the death of a veteran at the VA Medical Center.”

  18. “VA Mulls Merging Health System With Pentagon, Vet Groups Balk”

    The move would amount to a merger of the VA’s Choice and the military’s TRICARE private health care programs, Democrats say.

    By Associated Press, Patch National Staff | Nov 17, 2017


    1. “WASHINGTON, DC — The Department of Veterans Affairs is looking into merging its health system with the Pentagon’s as it tries to expand private health care. But veterans groups said they weren’t consulted on the cost-saving measure, which they said could threaten the viability of VA hospitals and clinics.

      The plan could be a “game-changer,” VA spokesman Curt Cashour said, and would “provide better care for veterans at a lower cost to taxpayers.””

      “The proposal was developed without Congress’s input and would amount to a merger of the VA’s Choice and the military’s TRICARE private health care programs”

      1. Don’t jump for joy yet!!

        Look at why they are considering merging Tricare and Veterans Choice.

        “Most of the DOD’s telehealth services are concentrated at 7 facilities, GAO says”
        by Evan Sweeney | Nov 15, 2017

        “Under the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017—passed last December—the DOD must expand the use of telehealth by June 23, 2018.”

        “The agency could also see a boost in telehealth usage through Tricare members, which accounted for just 27% of all telehealth encounters in 2016, according to the GAO. In July, the DOD revised Tricare policies to allow beneficiaries to receive telehealth care in their homes.”

      2. In other words it would be a very bad thing for people receiving Tricare and would bring their level of care down to the level of care being provided by the VA via Telehealth.

  19. Completely Batshit Crazy Off-Topic involving our fine Naval pilots just having fun:
    “‘Graphic: Navy admits to being involved in obscene skydrawings spotted in Okanogan Co.”
    “[…Viewers contacted the station after watching a plane draw what appeared to be crude depictions of a penis in the sky in Okanogan County, which borders Canada….]”

      1. Arnold: I am currently having the last 6 real teeth I have extracted and finally get fitting upper dentures and full bottom dentures…all out of my pocket savings and I have had to save for a while to do this and Medicare rarely pays anything dental and although I am 100% Svc. Connected Disabled Veteran, I do not use the VA because they have almost killed me a couple times and my health conditions are such that I would pose a serious risk to other Vets in a VA dental clinic with the hacks working there not cleaning things properly…so, yes, Aspen Dental showed me that option of G4/5 implants and guess what? I cannot afford the price of a luxury car to have a perfect mouth, option 2 was price of a modest truck, my option was under $4200. and that was with a 20% coupon.
        FYI- I have eaten out of a blender far too long…just getting by, and I have not been able to chew a steak for 11 years and am looking forward… dental goop and all.
        “Sometimes you can’t always get what you want”.

  20. Curiosity seeing Veterans chatting about Universities now I can see their isn’t one Veteran Medical Centers has one a Cosmetic Dentist Dentist know how to put G4 implants plus their isn’t one has contact with the Veteran Affairs Administration

  21. I see the commenting section has changed.


    This action is nothing more than a protection racket for traditional, politically connected brick and mortar schools started under Obama who refuse to reform themselves.

    Rather than improve their own universities to attract students, they are eliminating the competition where a veteran might get more value and better job prospects. These universities raised tuition according to how much free money was shoveled at students by Obama, then added worthless required classes taught by raving leftists. Rather than reform, students are going to where they can find value. It used to be that veterans could go to a trade school, learn a trade, get a job and make a good living doing that if they chose. How many of those schools will still exist after an expensive university offering worthless degrees and no job prospects get them shut down?

    1. I always thought the ITT Tech Schools were a good value but even they got themselves into a little bankruptcy situation and surprised everyone and all doors were locked, earlier this year I believe or late last year. Trade/Apprenticeships were once protected by unions and then subcontracted and then USA employees found themselves training their replacements that won the Visa Lotto and Disney was and still is, notorious for doing this to USA workers whom have specialized training…sorry, touch subject with me, then I see slugs of life working for great $ and benefits at the VA where a houseplant could do just a good of a job and take less O2 and be beneficial…in a mood.

      1. I went to the live it and learn it university ,I tried a Tech School on outboard motor repair when I lived in FLA and had a boat also,
        The only thing I heard from the teacher was he was number 1 in his class when he went to school other than that he didn’t teach me shit and it was a night course so I worked a full time job, Needless to say i lasted 3 weeks I just bought a book and got more out of it…..Now a days even a car repair manual is worthless you get to the point of what you actually want to know and it says seek a professional, WTF…So I go on u-tube plenty of info there…..Fuck a so called school,Brainwashing is all you get

      2. namnibor, you just hit on the worst immigration policy ever, ie: “The Visa Lottery!”
        For example: “Does everyone know the definition of a Lottery?”

        “It’s where one, OR possibly a few, win. And everyone else LOSES!”

        [That seems to be the way many corporations run today!]

  22. Just as the debacle with VA healthcare, the Vets have to endure the problem Congress creates and than have to wait out while the Political Whores sort things out. In the interim vets suffer medical maladies and a snag in the academics.
    Never re elect anyone

    1. On this issue Peter, those political whores are careful not to cause problems with other politicians who might have financial interests in these schools.

      Selling education is a big business…often as big or bigger than many other industries, but it flies under the radar because of the high brow notion of educating the stupid.

      Many of these self righteous universities have endowments in the billions, but they act like street beggars when it comes to gouging students or getting public money.

  23. Why is it the State of Arizona is where almost all colleges of questionable accreditation at best, ultimately move to for legal reasons? JUST MAYBE that AZ loophole should be investigated as well. The again, since Phoenix VAMC is still ground zero for wait lists and Veterans dying waiting for care makes me a tad jaded towards that scorpion-infested state.

    1. Well, namnibor, my brother. We all know, [hint, hint], who’s up around the Phoenix Arizona area. Possibly, helping in the “flaxing” of monies from the Veterans Administration to educate veterans!
      I won’t say a name, his initials are “John “songbird” McCain!” You know, the guy who hasn’t helped anyone but himself since he got out of puberty!

  24. Is there any way to investigate how universities and colleges entice its students to take classes NOT relevant to what’s needed for a specific degree?
    I believe universities and colleges, in order for [veteran] students to receive a degree, must take additional classes, possibly not needed, in order for the [veteran] student to spend more time, thereby having VA’s GI Bill pay additional costs!

    Years ago, when attending two different universities, I was concerned about certain classes possibly not being required for a specific degree in the “Social Studies” field! When I questioned it, No answers were given! I was basically told to “go to class and shut up!”
    I believe this “practice” at “for profit”, and possibly at “non-profit”, universities and colleges exists in order to allow them to gain access to more taxpayers monies!

    With ALL scams permeating throughout our government and in the private sector, it would not be unreasonable to assume such practices exist!

      1. I think there’s still a bunch of green feathers clogging Ben’s server from one of his ‘Bad VA Art” photos that had to be changed yesterday.

      2. And I figured some needed much more explanation than others so you would understand.
        Didn’t want to leave you out mk.

      3. Hey MK aka the pedophile pimp “mark Swagarty”

        I see that one of your group has been arrested convicted and sentenced to 9 years. Not sure of what to call it one of your Bros, Sisters or She-He-Its-ters. Maybe you can clarifiy that for us normal Veterans.

        “Transgender Stolen Valor Goes To Court And Fights Her Accusations”


        Guess the old saying what happens in Vegas isn’t always true huh?

      4. Sorry that should read was sentenced to between 9-20 Years for charges including Stolen Valor.

      5. MK,

        You super predators really know your ways around the laws don’t you.

        After all your She-He-Its-ter (Kelsie Hoover) got a job in an elementary school. Hoover also fraudulently obtained employment as a certified counselor with a local non-profit organization that assists children exposed to trauma.

        The things you pedophiles will do to get around children. You peds are really getting into those non-profits as a way of gain credentials.


      6. Oh, and Mark,

        I am truly Looking forward to Stolen Valor’s up coming expose on You and your associates at 22Warriors Foundation.

      7. Do me a favor Mark,

        When they come around to you and ask for your ID give a big smile and look into the camera and wave and say “Thank You Seymore”.

      8. Although Ben is the ultimate professional, he also may have to limit our FucktheVA, FuckAfge posts. I am pretty sure he has to chuckle from time to time at our posts especially like yesterday’s trolls.
        I think he should add ringtones to this blog, like when there is a troll, the theme song to Jaws plays.

      9. . . . or a Fat Tuna Beast VA Nurse screams in orgasmic delight having just collected more bonus money. THAT’d be a sound for the books . . . or the Internet Hall Of (F) (SH) (BL)ame . . .

      10. Oh yea Ben Krause, and Chris Attig.
        I know a thing or two about a thing are 2. Going to big 10 univ had its perks, working in the college setting, keeping journals & being a prof & seeing things. And being from a military family, 3rd generation Army opens your mind up. Everybody”GREEN” huh? So the Army teaches us…
        I am not right about everything. Ex-gal might say I am wrong about everything. But I do have some experiences & understanding when it comes to VA employees
        Who are screwing me at the VA now, VA Akron Ohio Waterloo Road, and Louis Stoke Wade Park VA Cleveland Ohio
        1. Eric Canna Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA
        2. Pamela Sue Sherer Non Veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA waterloo road
        3. Peter M. Barach VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Non Veteran Jewish/Catholic C and P exam “Hatchet Man”…
        I never thought twice in my life about withholding things because a person different. But dont discriminate against me as an injured vet and a disabled former soldier VA in Ohio…

    1. Universities claim those worthless classes supposedly make for a more well rounded student.

      Its bullshit. They make them mandatory, otherwise students would never take them. They become a jobs program for someone they call a professor who would not make it in real life.

      With a son in the University of Wisconsin, it is infuriating how much I pay in tuition, book fees and various other scams, only to hear he is required to take some of these worthless classes. It is even more infuriating when he goes to a class pertinent to his field of study, but rather than learning that subject, the professor constantly spends the entire class time on a deranged political rant.

      What the hell does politics, global warming or how great communism is have to do with an English class?

      There is a reason the UW has banned students from recording in their class rooms. Its because of the batshit crazy professors.

      1. I experienced that up @ Cleveland State Univ., where they claimed because it was an “urban school” it was mandatory to take a gaggle of AfriAmerican Urban and Writing across curriculum and African Art History…mandatory, while a batshit crazy professor of grass huts demeans you as a paying student that you dare ask questions…I felt it was demeaning, and a money-maker for batshit crazy no way of using their degrees anywhere else to siphon $$$ off students…all in the batshit crazy name of…~~~diversity~~~…that BS contributed highly to me dropping out and my nerves going more haywire…I’m all about learning new things but when you FORCE me, a paying tuition, double major AND double minor student to take an additional 4 classes to appease some batshit crazy urban studies professor’s seat warmer…it raises the hair on my back feeling outright used…by the way, that professor called ALL history as we non-African Americans as HIS-Tory…over and over, called it all lies..rant out

      2. Sorry for rant^…that batshit crazy professor makes me foam at the mouth every time I think of how many times he flat-out never showed-up or was an hour late…to a 2.5 hour workshop mind you, almost daily as if it were normal thing…but…if you were one of us mandatory students attending and late…grass hut was on fire.

      3. My son encounters that all the time. He drives about 30 miles one way to attend class, only to find out the professor cancels 5 minutes before class starts, or just doesn’t bother to show up at all.
        Last year some female femi-Nazi professor was screaming at him in a hallway after class simply because he asked a question in class.
        As for any class like African history, I have no problem with taking classes like that as long as they are factual. Far too often they are nothing more than indoctrination of opinion and lies told to make someone feel good. Or bad depending on the intent of the professor.

      4. The same assholes social networking to get in and work at the VA Hospitals to get those great jobs, benefits, mal-practice fees paid for, and that are f*cking the injured veterans and disabled former soldiers: non veteran staff, Non veteran catholics, and non veteran jews are the same assholes taking the salary jobs at your local community colleges (federal grant money, and state funds), state jobs, and federal jobs and social networking to get in to get the low grade tenure positions at Universities.

        It is like a work mafia (mob) or a pedophilia ring at salary employers. Go fuck yourself VA Employees and VA Hospital. U.S. Army 88-90, 90-96, and after 9/11 03-05. Grad PSU, and the Univ of Maryland. Sociologist.

    2. Look on the east coast moving west at the “Community Colleges”, whos getting tenure at those small community colleges, that are federally funded and state funded? Now at the Universities, being a prof (tenured) is a little more competitive and based on publishing, research & some politics. Go ahead do a self study. Work among them. And then tell me what the demographics are! Then look at the “cesspool of medocre”, that is working and employeed at the VA hospitals. Who are screwing the injured vets and disabled former soldiers. Look at them. Who are they? Those employees that had social networked to get into the VA and get those great paying jobs, promotions, benefits, and mal practice fee paid for. Can’t fire them, huh?

      Now look at the Employees around you at the VA. Those same VA employees that are patient mobbing, and patient blacklisting injured vets & disabled former soldiers out of their VA benefits & Claims. Who are they? Not employees, that could be self employeed.

    3. Strange, hiring experts in the mental health fields & private docs from the private sector & each & everyone of those professionals explains your injury, what happen to your brain. Showing you in medical lit, med research & in the DSM exactly what you have. How the injury in service happened. How the injury changed you FOREVER. How the injury destroyed your life, stealing the people you loved away, destroying the jobs you enjoyed. Laying waste to every aspect of your life. While being injured the VA denied me care for years. Lying & lying & denying a good citizen & Vet care. Withholding my MSR medical service records. It is interesting how these GateKeepers would lie at the VA hospitals in Ohio1. Pamela Sue ShererCatholic non Veteran Akron Ohio VA waterloo rd 2. Eric Canna Non veteran Catholic Akron Ohio VA 3. Peter M. Barach Non Veteran Draft dodger 70-73 Jewish/catholic C and P Exam “Hatched Man”. VA Wade Park Cleveland Ohio Thanx VA!!!

    4. I went to a community college and was able to skip algebra 2 and take psychology statistics. I did it since statistics was required to get the degree and algebra 2 was the prerequisite. I’m not proficient in algebra enough to pass that class easily. So I passed statistics and that was it. The next year the college made a new rule that you have to take the prerequisite. If I had been forced to take the prerequisite I would have had to take an emotional semester or 6 months. Now I just read the other day people are wanting to get a new rule in place for students to be able to not take the algebra 2 class prerequisite because they believe it’s keeping minorities who aren’t good at math from getting a college degree. The stupidity is they don’t want to do away with the prerequisite requirements being forced on students. They want to create a new set of requirements for certain college degrees at the community college level. Yes, they enforced the prerequisite just to screw people over.

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