Dent's Funeral Home Veterans Tomb Stones

Massive Pile Of Veteran Tombstones Uncovered At Abandoned Funeral Home

Augusta, GA – A massive pile of tombstones for deceased veterans was found scattered in a dump pile outside an abandoned funeral home.

Under old blankets and trash, deputies clearing the area for safety uncovered 150 grave markers dedicated to service members. It is believed the markers belonged to deceased veterans but are not physically located where the bodies may be buried.

“Actually one of our deputies was working with the Land Bank,” Marshal Ramone Lamkin said. “We have some potential investors coming into Richmond County and we always go with them to look at the property and make sure it’s safe for them to go in.”

Locally known as the “Dent’s” funeral home, locals believe the home was a low-cost provider of funeral services to the VA medical center in the area. The Dent’s funeral home was in the news years ago for failing to embalm a man’s body.

The District Attorney and Richmond County Coroner were contacted by Marshal Lampkin to address the mess.

“To know that their grave hasn’t been marked for all these years, I think that’s a real disservice to them and what they’ve done for us,” DA Natalie Paine said.

“I’m upset, this is not fair. It’s not fair to these veterans,” said Coroner Mark Bowen.

Here is the rest of the story on the Dent funeral home situation.

Investigators learned the funeral home was operating without a license and retaining the ashes of loved ones rather than turning them over the respective family.

Former workers at the facility were contacted about the story by News 12. It was reported that the markers were spelled wrong or had other errors. Rather than sending the markers back, the facility’s staff stored them at the facility.

So, we either have a small waste scandal or the facility did not follow through in preparing veterans for their final resting place.

It seemed like an odd enough story brought to me by one of my readers, and I thought you’d appreciate hearing about it.

I’m curious if any of you know of something similar? I recall Hines VA Hospital having an issue a few years back where veterans’ bodies were allowed to rot rather than being timely entombed.

We had a loved one pass a couple of years ago who was cremated. I could see a situation where cremated veterans never had their graves marked but instead had their ashes laid elsewhere to save money.

Hopefully, that is not the case here.

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  1. People in our nation want socialized medicine, if the VA is this screwed up, can you image what the nation medical system would be like.

    1. The va acts asa last chance for last in their class non matching medical resident to a hospital program, a govt welfare works program where no risk of malpractice and they get to learn on we non-human test subjects at the umbrella corporation.

  2. 1) Veteran goes to urgent care, told eligible, and likely will mandate Veteran follows-up with VA PCP (VA hack high on PCP).
    2) Veteran told at VA setting-up follow-up on something ‘urgent’, “soonest available appointment is in 9 months, we can send you home with a specially va contracted do-it-yourself gravestone engraving kit, sparing no expense, and you will ensure your grave is properly marked while you wait on that urgent care follow-up, and by the way, we’re not paying urgent care so have fun with that. See you in 9 months one way or another, if the latter, please mail-in only at your expense, your completed gravestone marker.
    Any gravestones incomplete or w errors will line your patient advocates new driveway.”
    3) wait for it….

    1. Hey, nam,
      What I’ve been thinking of having my wife do is: take a small amount of my ashes to my vha clinic and sprinkle them somewhere where they’re not seen. That way I can haunt those ASSHOLES every day!

      1. That place to instruct your wife to sprinkle ashes unseen would be the patient advocate office, pick any plant or sprinkle them on the out to lunch be right back sight; the cobwebs will hold the ashes.

    2. AAANNNNNNDDDDD . . . Your VA Burial will be Gratis. Courtesy of Dent’s Funeral Home!

  3. VA just sent the New and Improved Book for the June 6 2019 unfailing, oops I mean the unveiling of the new Privite Care Choice Program.
    Anyone who says the Choice Program works either worker for the VA or their family members work for the VA.
    It was meant to be a slush fund in the very beginning. You either go outside knowing you will have to pay all or if your old enough you can submit your claim to Medicare. Medicare part A only pays 80% on hospital bill. You are responsible for the rest. Part B is for the Doctors, Co-pays etc. Prescription is Part C.
    The VA works with your Social Security and Medicare. They can dip into your Medicare part B and C. Keep an eye on it. I sent Trump a Website to let him know 2018. So maybe he has changed that. Or maybe it was for those who are not 100%. Either way Vets were being screwed either way.
    Everytime just about when I email Trump the VA calls my phone to talk to my husband.
    I asked for Trump administration to call me on several occasions to get the full story, Becaus when the VA calls they cook the books. They tell their beautiful rendition of the story.
    This again happened to us yesterday.
    I am tired of the VA treating our Veteran worse than the Trespassers at our border.

    1. Katterkat,
      Don’t you remember. Obama gave all that choice program monies, or “Slush Fund”, to the illegal aliens trespassing into our country AND to the Muslim he was bringing in!
      That was reported by numerous sources!

    2. KatterKat – – – Good Info! Thanks for the Heads Up. I have not as yet had a chance to read over that material in detail yet. Plan to do so this weekend.

      But I have sure seen a lot of PR FLUFF on how great the VA THINKS the new program is going to be.

      My question is: For whom?

      1. Jim,
        For further information on this NEW Program, which is supposed to allow vets to use outside healthcare in emergencies, read the “fluff pieces” I gave through the “military dot com” website. They are above in this comment section!
        These ingrates in the VA really think vets are stupid!

  4. Anybody remember the ‘Wait List’ scandal? What went around is probably coming around again, courtesy of our ‘old friend’ Curt “I’m Cashin’ In” Cashour.


    Place your Bets, Ladies and Gents.

    1. Jim,
      Definitely looks like the VA schedulers are up to their dirty tricks again!

      Here’s what happened to me with schedulers at the Deltona VHA clinic.
      My original PCP, Dr. Pilapa, wanted to see me within three (3) months after my Dec 20th 2018 appointment. Because she was “concerned” over some of the results of my lab work. Plus, she believed I did NOT have the flu. She remarked it was something else!
      The conversation with the front desk schedulers went like this:
      The schedulers said “The first appointment available won’t be until May.” The second scheduler said ” there are plenty of open spots in Feb. And March.” The First scheduler said those are for new patients.” The second scheduler said “just stick them in any way.” The first one said “I can’t.” Then the second one scooted her chair over and said “March is completely open and April too.” The firdt scheduler responded saying “she’s on vacation sometime in March and didnt know the date as of yet and asked not to have appointments written in until she knows for sure.” Second Scheduler responded saying “then give them Feb 28 at 10:30.” The first scheduler said okay thats your appointment but it may change because she may need to go sooner.”

      So, as you can see, the schedulers make up stories to screw over the patients.
      Final result, after the schedulers made and broke appointments multiple times, I finally was seen by an alleged healthcare professional on May 3rd, 2019!

      1. I hear you, Elf. And yeah, the schedulers in Honolulu used to do the same to me. I ‘m keeping my eyes open – – – but so far, the medical side here in armadillo country seems to be working out pretty well for me. I’ll be talking to the VBA shortly – – – then I should have a much clearer picture. I’ve either gotten real lucky, or perhaps it is that PRF in my record that indicates they are concerned that I will become involved in a ‘high profile incident’. I am still researching that – – – but that is what the flag indicates.

        As a point of General Principle – – – Seems to me that if the drifty (Is she your PCP, or smoking PCP???) bitch was going on vacation but did not know what dates she was hoping to take her vacation for, then she probably should not be allowed to take vacation.

        Hell, any time I wanted to go on leave when on active duty – – – the first thing they wanted to know was what dates I would be gone from/to. Then came the where, contact info, etc.

        These little incompetent, overpaid, lying little pussies at the VA have ZERO idea as to how good they have things. The Universe forbid that they should have a job where they had to produce real results. They would be unable to keep it.

      2. Crazy Elf, the situation is so nonchalant and the VA employees as in many of them just say and do whatever. For example the VA employee or scheduler will say the physician is on vacation; but, yet, one of my friend veterans would have just had the appointment with the physician the day before in the afternoon. I tell you what the physician would have had to have a rocket tied to his ass to him out of town that fast. ??
        D-DAY…another family member who served…my grandmother’s brother who is my great uncle served during World War II. He is still living and doing well.
        He is 94 years old. I spent some time with him November and December 2018. My main point of having included my family members who have served and who are still serving in my written posts in Ben’s blog was to present that only one of all my family members who have served in the military have had their care in the VA. In other words, all are still alive and kicking except my younger uncle who went to the VA for his care. So Benjamin, what does this say? as in the recent author who wrote the article mocking veterans being allowed private sector healthcare should research his information more thorough before passing judgements. Best

  5. I just received this article:

    “Afghanistan vet awarded for Burn pit exposure!”
    Dated: JUNE 1, 2019

    Link to original post
    This article states:

    “The VA doesn’t automatically assume service connection when veterans seek benefits for illnesses they contend were caused by exposure to military burn pits. Advocates are urging Congress to pass legislation which would do that. The VA maintains that more research is needed and, in the meantime, considers applications like Antioho’s on a case-by-case basis. It rejected 80 percent of the 12,378 burn pit disability claims filed between June 2007 and last March 31, according to VA statistics. *”””*

    Antioho’s gioblastoma brain cancer , after two denials, was granted.

  6. 06/04/2019

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    This event at Dent’s Undertaking Establishment at 930 D’Antignac St., Augusta, GA 30901,
    has been going on for years/decades.

    This is not isolated too just the state of Georgia but this lack of management has expanded to the surrounding states.

    When one reviews the tomb stones stacks and their dates [Vietnam and WWII Veterans], this crime has been going on for decades [since the 1970s or 50 years or a half century—or maybe before—“1888 founded by the Dent family”].

    The state [The Georgia State Board of Funeral Services] had closed this company down in 2009; and the state covered up the whole fiasco back then [poor quality of work, lost bodies, lost ashes, poor management, etc…]. November 23, 2009—“AUGUSTA—A bankruptcy trustee says the bankruptcy case for Frank Griffin and Dent’s Undertaking Establishment is coming to a close; there is no money for prepaid funeral arrangements and the historic property is possibly headed towards foreclosure.”

    How did this “establishment” reopened and run? How was this shame operated under the watchful eyes of the local Media and the Government? Where were the elected officials?

    “AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) — The owner of Dent’s Undertaking Establishment Thomasina Ketch’s autopsy shows she died from an ongoing medical condition, Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen said.
    He said the manner of death will be deemed natural. News 12 at 6 o’clock/ June 8, 2014” “Bowen says Ketch’s body was found days before authorities were called.” Posted: Mon 5:20 PM, Jun 09, 2014

    What went on for Five (5) years at the Funeral Home, the Police Departments, the Government Offices, and the Tax offices, etc.? This is when the Media was in hypersensitized by the 2014 National Embarrassment cause by the Phoenix VA Hospital. Did Ketch’s guilty catch up with her?

    There is much more to this story, much more troublesome compared to the Hacienda Health Center in Phoenix.


    Don Karg

  7. Regrettably, this has happened before but one needs to look at every headstone/grave marker and the actual grave before any fingers are pointed or claims of criminal action are made. A marker may not be installed because there is an error on the marker – name misspelled, wrong dates, incorrect war data, etc. A new marker is suppose to be ordered and the old marker is suppose to be disposed thereof. A marker may also not be installed if the family ends up putting a private marker on the grave. The old marker is suppose to be destroyed. A headstone may be ordered and the family may discover that the cemetery will not accept an upright marker. A flat marker is suppose to be ordered and the upright marker should be destroyed. A marker may also be replaced if there is a second body buried at the gravesite – depending on the area of the country, the additional information should be engraved on the back of the marker. However, the marker may have aged or there may be defects in the marker such that the additional information may not be inscribed. The removed marker should be destroyed and a new marker, with information on the front and back, should be installed.

    These markers could be from a section of a cemetery where there was a replacement project. This means that new markers are ordered and installed, and the old markers are taken up and, again, they are suppose to be destroyed. Also, the markers could be from graves where there was a disinterment. The headstone is suppose to follow the body (at no cost to the government) but if the body is re-interred in a government facility, a new headstone will be ordered and the old marker is suppose to be destroyed.

    There is another possibility of why these markers exist – they could have been ordered but the family may not have paid the funeral home or cemetery the quoted fees. As such, the marker may be held until the bills are paid.

    Notwithstanding, if a marker is not in use or has been replaced, the marker is suppose to be destroyed. The marker is suppose to be broken up so that personal information cannot be determined. The residual stone can be used in other locations of a federal cemetery but there are restrictions. The residual stone is not suppose to be used in private cemeteries and it is unclear what exactly is suppose to be done with the residual stone. With respect to bronze markers, it could be that they can be sent to a smelter for destruction. The marker is not suppose to be turned with the writing facing the ground and used as a stepping stone or some other function.

    1. Elmer,
      Your last paragraph explains it all. Why were these “markers” left in a garbage pile? If they had false info, they should have been destroyed – properly!
      Even if they didn’t have false info, WHY were they left in a garbage pile?
      Is that customary for a funeral home to treat veterans with distaste – especially in the “occasional political anti-war and anti-military climate” we’ve been subjected to in the past 10+ years?
      Could that be the reason?

      1. I would not go as far as saying that it was anti-war or anti-military. I bet if you dig deeper, it could come down to money, a lack of supervision of employees, a lack of oversight by local authorities, and no follow-up by next-of-kin. To flip the situation, there are hundreds of thousands of headstones sent out each year for the marking of veterans’ graves. Do you want the VA to send out an individual or teams of individuals to check cemeteries to ensure graves have been marked with recently sent markers? Where is the money going to come from – unfortunately, if you did fund such a program, money would be taken from the medical side of the house (which needs every penny).

  8. This is another article from *””* on that bullshit of being allowed to use outside healthcare. Read the whole article by googling the “title” – y’all will understand WHY I say it’s all BULLSHIT! You notice the author write “ELIGIBLE VETERANS”!
    “VA Will Soon Let You Go to Civilian Urgent Care Doctors”

    29 May 2019
    *””* | By Jim Absher

    “Got a sore throat or a sprained ankle and don’t want to go to a Department of Veterans Affairs hospital? Got sick at 8:00 on a Friday night and don’t want to wait until Monday to see a VA doctor? A new VA program may be for you.”

    “Starting June 6, 2019, the VA will offer medical care to eligible veterans at selected civilian urgent care facilities nationwide.”

    “This is an expansion of the VA’s Mission Act, which itself was an expansion of the Veterans Choice Act. The Choice Act was passed in 2014 as the result of highly publicized problems with veterans not being able to get appointments at VA hospitals in a timely ——–”

    As I’ve said. To read the full article, google the title! Then y’all will understand WHY I say BULLSHIT!

    1. I can already smell the falling circular pattern of VA Crow Shit (VACS) from the circular runaround occurs when VA doesn’t pay local urgent cares and they go after Veterans again for payment, ruin credit and drive more to an early death. That VACS is deadly shit.

      1. namnibor,
        Did you receive a letter about this shit last month?
        The only letter I received was how the VA is partnering with the IRS to find out if vets are committing fraud!
        I received absolutely nothing about this crap.
        I agree with you. I can see the writing on the wall. Where veterans will be charged even AFTER they were given the green light to go outside!!!!!

      2. namnibor,
        Did you hear or know about this?

        “Major VA Change Info Coming to Your Mailbox”

        Dated: 30 May 2019
        “” | By Amy Bushatz

        “Have you checked your mailbox lately……”!!!!!!

    2. Jim Absher the author of the article is clueless. He needs a taste. Such a ignormanus mocker.

  9. I remember the Dent Funeral Home stories. Pretty grizzly if I recall. That begs the question of why law enforcement didn’t find these markers five years ago? Oh, wait, Been told us. They wanted to see if the property was safe for some good old boy to buy it. Follow the money me bitches. Always follow the money.

  10. This is from Judicial Watch:
    “Guess What The Government Is Wasting Billions On?”
    By Judicial Watch – Jun 4, 2019

    The federal government wastes tens of billions of dollars on all sorts of “fragmented, overlapping or duplicative” programs in areas ranging from healthcare to defense, the production of U.S. currency and disaster response.

    It is a perpetual government-wide epidemic that has long fleeced American taxpayers, according to a report issued this month by the nonpartisan investigative arm of Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The watchdog has published similar documents in the past eight years listing more than 300 areas of waste yet the hemorrhaging continues because Congress or executive branch agencies have failed to act.

    In the latest probe, the GAO identifies 98 new areas—in addition to hundreds that have been ignored—of fragmentation, overlap or duplication that must be addressed to help curb the waste. Fragmentation refers to circumstances in which more than one federal agency is involved in the same broad area of national need and service delivery can be improved. Overlap occurs when multiple agencies or programs have similar goals, engage in similar activities or strategies to achieve them or target similar beneficiaries.

    Duplication exists when two or more agencies or programs are engaged in the same activities or provide the same services to the same beneficiaries. “GAO estimates that tens of billions of additional dollars could be saved should Congress and executive branch agencies fully address the remaining 396 open actions, including the new ones identified in 2019,” the new report states. “Addressing the remaining actions could lead to other benefits as well, such as increased public safety, better homeland and national security, and more effective delivery of services.”

    Here are some examples of new waste identified in the report, which also includes ongoing problems from previous investigations: The Department of Energy (DOE) could save “billions of dollars by developing a program-wide strategy to improve decision-making on cleaning up radioactive and hazardous waste.”

    The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services could save hundreds of millions of dollars simply by improving how it identifies and targets risk in overseeing Medicaid spending and by avoiding overpaying for clinical lab tests. The Department of Defense (DOD) could save millions of dollars a year by expanding its use of intergovernmental support agreements to obtain support services that include waste management.

    The U.S. Mint could “reduce the cost of coin production by millions of dollars annually” and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) could save tens of millions of dollars a year by more efficiently combating “tax fraud and noncompliance.”

    The list of agencies that fragment, overlap or duplicate goes on and on with practically every key federal agency appearing as an offender. Among them are the departments of Veterans Affairs (VA), Labor (DOL), Homeland Security (DHS), State, Agriculture (USDA) and Commerce as well as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    The report does point out that actions taken by Congress and executive branch agencies have resulted in hundreds of billions of dollars in “financial benefits.” Are American taxpayers supposed to pat lawmakers and federal government managers on the back for doing their job? The waste is a result of poor management and never should have occurred in the first place. A lengthy and costly federal audit should not have been required to correct the problem.

    There appears to be no end in sight to the spending crisis. Every year the GAO finds more and more violations. Investigators reveal they have directed 797 cost-saving actions to executive branch agencies in the last eight years and 106 actions to Congress.

    The federal agencies, including DOD, Health and Human Services and DHS, have addressed just over half of the problems. Congress has a worse track record, failing to take action in 56% of the cases documented in past federal audits.

    The GAO warns that “the federal government continues to face an unsustainable long-term fiscal path caused by an imbalance between federal revenue and spending” and that opportunities exist in a number of areas to improve the situation. Now elected officials and public servants must do their job.

    Share this:

    This is exactly why, or at least part of why, we have a $22 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT hanging around our necks. When are the tens of millions of taxpayers going to say – ENOUGH ALREADY!

  11. Here’s something else I’m pissed off at the VA about.
    When a healthcare provider is called a “DOCTOR” and they aren’t a doctor. My PCP has been called a doctor by the incompetent schedulers out in the front area. Yet, she just admitted a few hours ago, during a telephone conversation, that she’s an “nurse practitioner”!
    This is also unacceptable!

    I also learned TODAY, during this conversation, that my kidney “desease”, after my lab work, was at 31% on 20 December, 2018. It’s now 37%.
    NOTHING was discussed during the Dec. appointment with my previous provider at VA about this. IF it had been, my wife would have started me on a strict diet in Dec. and, not wait until this past weekend.
    Plus, the civilian hospital, “Fish Memorial”, said I had a “UTI” and my kidneys were fine. That was during my hospitalization from Nov 28 to Nov 30th 2018!

    There’s more to this. Which is going to come out into the sunlight. We’re going to make complaints about the lack of healthcare I’m receiving at VHA!

    1. Take Magnesium daily (1000 mg or more) for your kidneys. Cranberry juice to help prevent bladder infections. You need Cipro or another antibiotic to clear the current bladder infection. Ask your Dr/NP about what I said. Don’t just take the word of a keyboard warrior on anything. Just an FYI, all NP work under the supervision of an MD. They are helping to fill the gap of MD’s in this country and NO I am not a NP:)

  12. Ben, You asked if anyone knows of a similar situation and the answer is Yes. Last month the NRTODAY newspaper in Roseburg Oregon did several articles about 28 veterans whose cremated remains were forgotten on a shelf (for as many as 44 years) at ‘Wilson’s Chapel of the Roses’.

    You can read these articles about the matter at NRTODAY.COM

    1. Mike,
      Whenever you mention an article, please “copy” then “paste” it on here. After you “paste” it. Put (“)quotation marks(“) like this around the url or “http”! That way, we can actually go right to it and read it OR watch the video.

      1. Here is the article mike Berns was referencing:


  13. Reminds me of a local graveyard. We were placing the grave markers on them for Memorial Day and I noticed a grave that clearly said that it was a VFW Ladies Aux (usually meaning the wife or daughter of a Veteran) and she died in 2011 and to this day STILL does not have anything but the metal grave marker placed on her grave. You would think that someone would have placed a marker there…but noooo. This is just sad as while they may not have put on the uniform, they still served at the homefront.

  14. Veterans such as i what i read I would email your Senators or Representative contract the Veteran Affairs Committee your belief how to improve Veterans Health Care no excuse or go the website called Veteran fixing the VA explain your on your belief.

    1. Arnold,

      Post the URL of the website you are talking about here. Be sure to post it inside of quotation marks so it does not go into a moderation queue.

  15. Again, as always….veterans admistration: killing American veterans for profit! Where will this abuse and disrespect of those who who gavev everything lead? Is this not a sign of all government entities? Failure.

  16. Here’s an article on *””* this morning. Either Wilkie’s living in an alternate universe OR he’s completely ignorant to what’s occurring out here in the real world:

    Then, in the article it claims there will be “glitches”! Can’t have it both ways.
    As a matter of fact. My Optometrist’s Secretary said I could use the choice program for outside healthcare! Only problem is, she doesn’t know HOW the system works. The physician is supposed to contact the choice program first. Then the veteran is contacted, etc., etc., etc.!
    So, in my humble opinion, Wilkie is a fucking idiot!

    1. Wilkie is no different than the vast majority of the critters running the asylum. Over schooled, Under educated.

    2. could not agree with you more. The right hand at the VA does not have a clue what the left hand does. Bigger problem yet, most of the VA employees have no idea which is their right and /or left hand. I have been going through this bullshit for the past 3 years getting all sorts of reasons and excuses.

      1. sunvale,
        I understand exactly what your saying. Just today I had a bad experience with a vha idiot.
        She claimed it was VA policy to not give me my healthcare/”progress notes”/records.
        I educated her hard. Telling her those are my records. I filled out the “FOIA” and demand they be given me now.

        Bottom line, within an hour, a young man at the front desk, pulled up the requested documents and handed them to me.
        Maybe it could have been because the wife and talked kinda loud about what is transpiring at the va recently. You know.
        The Washington Post article!
        The current GAO report! Etc., Etc., Etc.!

  17. As I read this article and remembering the article “namnibor” wrote about – I’m of the opinion – like “Nexdeceptus” – I’d better stop here!

  18. Killing us veterans isn’t good enough anymore. Now their taking it passed our graves. I better stop here.

    1. Nexdeceptus has a good point. Which begs the question: Have any of these Law Enforcement types run the names of the veterans on those tombstones against a database of those drawing financial benefits from the VBA, etc?

      Scams, Scams, Everywhere. Might make for an interesting follow-up article.

    2. I’m sorry ☹️ too here of This my father a us,vet and The other services was the Navy, I want to make sure any vet they’re spouses get A well deserved burial, fiance they need to survive, kick out The old ones in charge and not doing anything

  19. Another example of the contracted lamprey with their suckers on Veteran cookie jar. It was only say 6 or 7 years ago Veteran grave-markers were found at a VA employees home and paved garage/driveway with them if my memory is correct and I think it was Georgia as well.

    These bastards squeeze the embalming fluid to last drop of the Veteran cookie jar, where they’re buried, nobody knows.

    1. This article made me overfill the VA’s porcelain suggestion tubing this morning.

    2. You memory probably serves you correctly. Had a ‘Just Off Da’ Jet’ veteran tell me a quite similar story as to what you just mentioned, standing outside Spark Matsunaga back in 2014 or so. Telling me how glad he was to be away from Georgia and BTW, did I know where he could rent an apartment for $800 or less a month?

      I told him for $800 a month, he would not even be able to rent a room at the YMCA, and Welcome to the Land of the Sharks. When he asked about the price of food – – – one fella told him that he would not be drinking much milk once he saw the prices at Safeway, Times, etc.

      Saw him once after that about three months later. He was getting ready to head back to the East Coast. Said Hawaii was way worse than Georgia . . .

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