Veterans Fear VA Gun Rights Policy

Anti-Gun Rights

Veterans are still fearful of harmful gun rights policies if they seek mental health care for PTSD after serving in combat to defend the rights of all Americans.

Breitbart picked up on the growing concern of veterans considering treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. Over the past few years, the Department of Veterans Affairs has assumed the power to restrict a veteran’s right to own firearms if they are deemed unable to manage their finances. VA apparently correlates financial incompetence with restricting the 2nd Amendment rights of disabled veterans.

Veterans are not alone. The Social Security Administration has a similar program for disabled Americans who are financially incompetent. The problematic element of the process is that the American is deemed financially incompetent and presumed unable to safely manage a firearm without a trial.


Confusing the issue is that financial incompetence is not the same as being legally incompetent. An “incompetent” person should not sign agreements to purchase things or enter into contracts without adequate representation. There is a legal process a family must follow in order to deem someone legally incompetent that includes a court hearing with evidence. That is the usual process for most Americans.

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However, for disabled veterans, VA is able to serve as the judge, jury and executioner all in one. This relationship has many veterans avoiding valuable mental healthcare due a reasonable fear they will have their rights restricted.

One issue I find concerning is the lack of an evidentiary basis showing people deemed financially incompetent are unable to safely handle a firearm. How are some of these standards defined or documented?

To help readers attack the issues, I wanted to post at least a couple legal articles about the troubled fiduciary program and its flawed approach to revoke constitutional rights of disabled veterans.


One legal note published in Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly had this to say about the process:

“The process by which the VA adds veterans to the gun ban list is highly unusual and illegal for one simple reason: the VA overreports veterans to the list. Once it determines that a veteran requires a fiduciary to administer benefit payments, the VA automatically reports that veteran to the gun ban list, consequently denying his or her right to possess and own firearms. The VA attempts to justify its actions by relying on a single federal regulation, 38 C.F.R. § 3.353, which grants limited authority to determine incompetence in the context of financial incompetence—i.e., whether or not the veteran can adequately administer benefit payments. The regulation’s core purpose is limited to appointing a fiduciary for financial purposes and is not designed to deny the right to possess or own firearms. Yet, the VA irrationally assumes that a veteran who cannot properly manage VA payments is a danger to public safety and is incapable of adequately managing a firearm, thereby justifying adding the veteran’s name to the gun ban list. Not only is the VA intentionally misinterpreting and misapplying existing federal firearm restrictions, it is unconstitutionally applying these federal laws to veterans merely because they cannot manage VA benefits. Thus, without proper legal authority and without affording due process of law, the VA subjects veterans to a broad sweeping firearm ban. Throughout Supreme Court jurisprudence there does not exist a case on point that allows firearm restrictions to be employed based upon a financial incompetence standard. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the Supreme Court holding that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right, the constitutionality of the VA’s conduct is suspect and worthy of analysis.”

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If you are researching the subject, you can start by reading through legal articles on the subject to help you understand the errors within the assumption of authority. Below is another article from a legal journal at Duke Law that addresses the program from different angle.

RELATED: Duke Law – Combating Privatization: Modifying The Veterans Administration Fiduciary Program To Protect Incompetent Veterans


The American Legion has spoken against the push to erode rights of veterans without additional processes to ensure constitutional rights are protected and only taken away following due process. About tighter gun controls, Legion National Commander Dale Barnett said:

“The American Legion strongly believes that treatment for PTSD or depression by itself, which a number of wartime veterans experience, should not be the sole factor in denying a veteran the right to purchase a firearm.”

Barnett continued:

“Barring some additional circumstances that would indicate that a veteran represents a dangerous threat, veterans should not have to forfeit their Second Amendment rights. Veterans have fought to protect the constitutional rights of all Americans. The American Legion believes that the rights of these heroes deserve protection.”

The move to suppress rights guaranteed and protected by the same people who later lose those rights after protecting the country certainly seems like a questionable move. I am glad to see at least one veteran organization taking a stand on the subject.

Perhaps our country could do better by at least presenting the case before a judge? Should financially incompetent veterans lose their rights like felons? Why is it that our country provides greater protections for the rights of criminals than disabled veterans? When will Congress lose their right to buy firearms?


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  1. The other soldier who was beaten (Robin Castro) soldier who was knifed (Stafford aka Vulture) I resubmitted that reproofed statement to Army CID, (Vancouver, WA) in 2002, the day after experiencing a night terror! Yes,
    I still remember most of the perpetrators, by name all the way back to August/September/October 1974. It’s funny, I wasn’t able to make change for a dollar when they had me on their Snake Oil medicine! I apologize, but this is ameliorative for me.

  2. Over twenty-years of heartache! When I started to fight against the VA’s decision to administratively remove my Second Amendment rights, no civil legal representative would come to my aid, I served 17yrs, 8 months without a blemish in my records. (RQ) Did they ever once consider that fact? Heck, I really enjoyed being a soldier in the world’s finest Army. I even captained the 3rd Place winner of the 1980 FORSCOM Combat Pistol Match, held at Ft Ord, CA. I was an Infantry Platoon Sergeant as an SGT/E5 and received an Annual Evaluation as a Platoon Leader, It was because I was the best man to do the job! HOO-RAH and ARR-RAH!
    Note The near fatal assault I sustained due to Racial Motives, is where they left me for dead and caused my PTSD. I turned in my statement to the 1SG, results, 3 Chap 10, and at least 12 others that stayed, in the unit, causing me and others to live in terror, 2 soldiers came to my aid and were subsequently Court Martialed. My 1SG told me he would take care of the matter, I wasn’t allowed to testify as he scheduled me to be on a detail. They later attacked another soldier, same MO, held down, and beat his head with a rolled steel bunk adapter, they left him for dead also. That is what I meant by my comment “living in shame!” 43 years later! The night they got me, they knifed/disfigured another soldier one flight up (open bays!)

  3. Final diagnoses were osteophytes, in cervical spine pressing on the spinal cord (vertebrae x-three) and generalized Dystonia which is treated with an implanted Intrathecal Baclofen Pump.
    Prognosis, Quadriplegia with major spasticity, and constant severe headache.
    The Veterans Administration failed to diagnose me properly, all requests for an MRI were turned down flat. I was given a multitude of mental diagnosis, from Major Depression, Paranoid Schizophrenic, Schizo-Affective Disorder, and more. Never prescribe antidepressants or antipsychotics for someone that may have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. I kept trying to tell them, that it was physical, no one would listen. They took away my gun rights for incompetency when they were the ones that were incompetent! I’d laugh if it weren’t so sad! You can’t argue with the VA, especially if they rubber stamp Mental Issues on your records!

  4. I have been shafted by the VA, as they arbitrarily placed me on their list of “Mental Defectives!” Even with a signed letter of my VA provider, that stated that I was not incapable of handling my own affairs. I was woefully misdiagnosed by both the US Army and the Veterans Administration. I live in shame after sustaining a TBI from Racially motivated attack and then several SCI’s from a subsequent motor vehicle accident. All well before suitable diagnostic equipment became available. While seeking medical treatment on active duty for physical injury, which medical personnel gave up on, I was referred to the Mental Health Clinic, who in turn put me on antidepressants, that left me confused and dazed. They continually raised the potency, leaving me quite F/up! The problem was physical, not mental, no room left to explain all to you here! Please, contact me with a larger field of entry to continue with factual information!

  5. How come no Veteran never ever one check out the Concerned Veterans for America their email address is to tell me please what do they think of what they doing fo Veterans please reply back. ……Thanks Semper Fi

  6. Concerned Veterans for America their email address is check them Veterans it may help you out with Veterans Healthcare issues. …..SEMPER FI do not surrender.

  7. KirkR, namnibor, and Crazy Elf

    From the comments; if 99.3% of new NICS reports are from VA at 152,225, think of the potential black hole money. From $1334.71 a month for 70% low to $3166.95 for 100% high what could that 4% a month average out too?

    Add in kickback arrangements with providers of veterans services for incompetent declared and it adds up. In fact, it makes BaghdadBobMcDonald’s slush fund from the 5 star Paris hotel look like mice droppings.

    1. A simple analogy based upon 25 Veterans receiving 100% Svc. Connected Disability Comp. that are deemed as “incompetent by VA and appointed a Fiduciary”, and that Fiduciary receiving 4% of each of those 25 Vet’s Comp. Pay= a Fiduciary making what -1- 100% Disabled Veteran could be receiving. That of course is using the high number, but you are correct, it adds-up and I wonder how many friends of VA Employees are being used from Director Michael at Indy VAMC/RO for all those vets and is there a documented regulation that prohibits -1- single fiduciary from having “too many”, whatever number that might be determined?

  8. You want corruption! Use FOIA. It is simple and you can fax the request. Obtain from the Internet the contact for Roseburg
    Oregon VHA, and call to get the FOIA fax number. Ask for this:

    Investigative Report#: 2013-01-28-1210-0483
    Date/Time of Offense: 8/3/2012, 1700 PM

    This report never got past the Chief Of Staff, VARHCS. This report has yet to hit the media. Police asked me not to make it public for fear of spoiling an investigation, but it has been long enough. There it is. A report, 13 pages long, documenting too many felonies to count, yet the VHA just buried it. Ask for it. This is a hot tip.

    1. Can you send this directly to Benjamin Krause via email to ensure he gets this and can reply to you personally, as well as Trump’s email pipeline he has set-up for Veterans (do not have the Trump one handy at the moment but here’s Ben’s:) remove quotations fore and after email. “”[email protected]””

      1. I have called/informed DEA, FBI, OIG, and Oregon State Police, the detective whom said he had never encountered a criminal case of this magnitude and said he was forwarding to Oregon Attorney General for guidance. Understand that officially this report is tagged non criminal. All those agencies can’t seem to break that. Unless VHA makes official request to investigate, it appears as if those agencies hands are tied. Mine and yours are not. get the report.

      2. Dennis Parker I read what you type your a Marine I am also ….but my belief you should contact the Veterans Senate Committee then you start from their that way you can know what who you shoud be chopping at just bring your best tools with you because fighting they are a committee that has a shell very hard to break down the only solutions us Veterans have to be at a Congress Leaders…….so remember Dennis Parker and other Veterans do not surrender. …Semper Fi.

      3. @namnibor & Dennis

        Mr. Trumps email is;

        veterans@donaldtrump dot com

        remove the spaces.

        Here’s a couple more for y’all; (remove spaces & put a “period” where I’ve put the word “dot”!)

        Mholfeld @ wkmg dot com

        Jsharp @ AL dot com

        This one is from “military dot com”! I believe this journalist might be interested in a “juicy story” about a VA medical center.

        bryant dot jordan@ military dot com

        I hope this helps!

      4. Please trust me that I am aggressively pursuing this issue. I am but one Marine and Oregon Army National Guardsman, inactive. I will scan after coffee and post, but I would call upon you to take action once you confirm authenticity. I have given in excess of 20 interviews and several while recovering from a Harley accident that shattered my body. I just started walking again without crutches. Marines don’t feel pain, but I’m told it really hurt…. Semper Fi

      5. I started blogging for therapy. I will post the scan there by day’s end today. Links are there too for the newspaper stories. They aren’t pretty, I warn you that the stories can be triggers, and in advance those stories are graphic and ugly. I am certainly the topic, but I am no hero. I don’t care. I had to come forward. pancakespoons dot com. No Regrets! Semper Fi

      6. I tried that web address, it says it does not work. Searches show a domain name registered, but the site does not come up.

      7. @Dennis-

        I cannot get that web address to come up, and tried dot org and other derivatives, only to have a craving for Bob Evans now. LOL Can you place an actual web link and place quotations in front and end of it so it will post here for us all? Thanks.

      8. The web address does work eventually. It looked like some domain servers weren’t quite updated yet.

      9. I have heard of them, but I have not read enough detail to know if they are a good organization or not.

      10. I have posted my copy of the VA report that VHA went after me for taking to the Oregon State Police. My blog is posted in this thread. I can fill in every redacted name.

        Notice how the doc in the report was so arrogant that she gave police permission to search her stuff, and her purse had a secure prescription firm in it! That is for morphine!!! Crime by itself.

      11. Dennis, thank you for this. I will check them out when I get home.

        I also have two lengthy comments to make, one on HealthNet and the other on what transpired today with HealthNet/Choice.

      12. “” is my wordpress blog. I just copied and pasted into the quotes. I think you need the full address. I will upload the report to there soon, but a FOIA is super simple. State your name, that it is FOIA, exactly what you want, your mailing address and contact phone. Sign it and mail or fax it. Call Roseburg Oregon VA and they will give you the FAX. They may refuse future requests for this. They refuse all my FOIA requests now.

    2. @Dennis
      I’ve sent an email off to Ben. In “subject” I’ve stated the “Investigation Report number”!
      I thought if Ben saw that, and a few details in the comments section, he might come on today’s blog and read your “problem”!
      ” Illegal Drug Distribution” IS A CRIME! Why the DEA isn’t wanting to get involved is baffling, to say the least.

      1. To be clear, I informed DEA of the report number and they confirmed receipt of info. no call to them.
        OIG was informed via their site, I also interviewed with Oregon State Police forwarded it to the Oregon AG.
        The OSP detective stated,”We have never seen a crime of this magnitude.” Nobody knows what to do.

      2. OIG hotline is not worth veterans time. They do nothing ! They will send you a letter.we have to pick and chose which complaint to investigate. You case is closed don’t contact us again.

        Guess who signed it !

        No body left blank

      3. @Dennis

        Trust me! Once a “report of Criminal Drug Trafficking” has been reported to a DEA official. You will get a reply of receipt. Yet, once it’s in their hands, you’ll never know any more!
        Reason, if the evidence you’ve reported is deemed “factual”, no more communications will be between you and them.
        At least, not until you might be subpoenaed to court to testify!
        At least this is the way I’ve been informed about these situations!

        I would still email as many people (investigative journalists) as possible! The more people see your evidence, the better! They might be able to “light a fire” under the VA scumbags asses for trying to “hide the crimes”!

    3. Dennis, do you have that report in electronic format? If not, can you scan it in such that it can be emailed?

    4. Read the very last paragraph in the report I posted a link to. I cannot fathom the very last entry on page 12 of that report. “…all evidence in this case was destroyed in my presence by (VA employee).”

      I can’t understand why? Can anyone with law enforcement savvy tell me why they destroyed all evidence?

      1. Well, clearly, someone in the VA decided their thorough investigation and harsh measures taken against them was enough.
        I doubt either of them even got a short, paid vacation.

        I thought it interesting though that after being read their Miranda rights, they were offered union representation…and a lawyer if they wanted.

        I doubt you would have been quickly offered either if you were busted with the medicine.

        Not knowing much about the various medications found, I am not seeing how bad this is, with the exception of one shown as a controlled substance.

        The investigation should have included a review of medical records to try determine how many pills were prescribed to veterans, how many may have been turned in, and whether either of the two were using them for themselves or acting as their own pharmacy and handing them out to others.

        From what I could tell, these two, or at least one of them, collected old medicine from veterans. Is that the case? I am wondering if they excused this by suggesting they don’t have a clear policy on disposing of old medicine.

      2. Remember this was written by VA. Read past the whitewash.

        It is highly illegal to do what they did. It also indicates a MUCH wider involvement when you read carefully.

        If police had found this same condition happening at my non-VA clinic, all personnel involved would have been led out in handcuffs.

      3. I don’t disagree, but wonder if the FBI decided it wasn’t a big enough crime for them to get involved, if the VA told them they would handle it, etc.

        I am surprised the DEA didn’t get more involved.

        Do you know if anything happened to those involved?

      4. The lady who denied it was suicide prevention social worker who had worked there two weeks when she gave this vet the wrong dosage of a mental health drug in the street, and I ended up committed to the MH ward for a week to stabilize.

        A FOIA to Roseburg asking for the disposition will tell the tale for you. They have refused to fill my further requests. Good Luck.

      5. Also mind blowing if you read it was the doctor giving the police permission to search her handbag after they said they weren’t going to!

        I asked anither VA doc what that pad was they found in her purse, and why police would note it, and She said “we only use that for opiates. It’s always locked up.” Psychiatrists in VA don’t Rx opiates.

    5. Hey Dennis,

      Thank You for sharing.

      The first thing that jumped out at me when reading the report was that you did an amazing job and most certainly did the right thing.

      The second was that you were on a reduced dosage of the drug first mentioned. Which is the maximum prescribed dosage for anyone who is on other medication that can seriously increase the chances of some very serious side effects when combined.

      Not only was this person who gave you the meds breaking the law to get the meds to you but it appears she was putting your life at serious risk covertly.

      Also I noted after checking your local media outlets that there is a strange relationship between the local swat unit and the VA clinic in your area. A relationship where the local swat teams are using the new clinic for “periodic training” exercises. Using weapons and dressing in camouflage.


      Are they actively trying to trigger PTSD in vets out there?

      I certainly hope that you have access to other health care and are no longer using the VA services.

      1. Swat.that’s just plain crazy. Who authorized them from the VA to do this.

        Those people should be fired.veterans going there are in real danger. Seems this would or should be reported to the news.

        It needs to brought up and seen nationaly.this is not good for it a small community?

      2. There is much more than posted to this tale. OIG reported already about one vet confirmed suicide after being targeted like me as s threat. He refused to be escorted to suicide prevention by police, like me, but unlike me he was successful in taking his own life over it. I only got down to GAF 5. For days on end without sleep. They also forged a pain contract into my record that I never signed that sent me 180 mg day morphine from a doc I never met. Legal?

      3. I’m sorry for that veteran and his family. You and I know this is happening way too often.

        That’s why I will never stop trying to being to the forefront the illegal disruptive committee.

        Employees are encouraged to report any veteran to the disruptive committee. They have labeled veterans with PTSD.they do and use our disabilities against us.

        They throw around PTSD as a disease and must be aridicated at all costs.

        Funny how I was able to finish my tour of duty.joined the guard as a medic.worked 24 years if federal service.received superior performance awards.suggestion awards. Recognized by the VA in their magizine as a hero.for saving a guys life.

        And as soon as I had to take a medical retirement and becoming 100 percent disabled.a former coworker who did not like me for personal reasons.

        Was able to report me to the disruptive committee.stating I would come into the clinic At least twice a month and become disruptive.

        And the employee was not required to provide proof of the disruptive behavior.all hearsay.

        You and I know.if someone.anyone would do this.there would be a paper trail to prove it happened.

        Nope.not one incident was noted in writing. I told higher management and the disruptive committee.that it was a lie.

        And I wanted the proof.nope. your guilty and they called the OIG office.whom they said told the VA to punish me. No evidence !

        They called the FBI.who called me and I told him they were lieing. Well you understand where their coming disrupts the other veterans.

        The manager who reported me for disruptive behavior.called my local police department and told them I wanted to kill them !

        There were never any report’s of me making threats. Nothing !

        Every inquiry was sent to the employee making the accusation and she was able to reply herself !

        Except one time.the director at the Denver vamc.replied to senator Bennett’s office and replied.

        Due to the disruptive reporting of James.NOTHING was done.

        His records were never coded for disruptive behavior and his records were never red flagged ! And no investigation was ever completed !

        Lie.lie.lie. McDonald’s office lieing stating twice.the employee you are speaking about and reported you as being disruptive. No longer works for the VA. Lie.lie.lie.

        The fact is the employee us still working and McDonald’s office could care less.if an employee falsely accused a veteran of disruptive behavior.

        All of their actions are against the law! False reporting.publishing me without evidence.threatening me with arrest.federal charges and banishment from all VA care.

        Lieing to a senators office.lieing to the DAV.covering it up. Took all my civil and constitutional rights away.

        I know I’m not the only one this has happened too.

        What their doing goes against everything our justice department stands for.

        Innocent.until proven guilty and a lawyer will be provided if you can’t afford one.

        All of that is thrown out the window and the veterans are left out in the cold.

        Again they can accuse you.try you and punish you and every right given to taken away from veterans.

        The VA employees must be held accountable and veterans given the same rights as criminals.

        They won’t do this.because they would loose almost every case.

        They have no business acting as being the justice department.

        If this is not stopped.veterans will continue taking their own lives.because no one will fight for them.

        Disband the illegal disruptive committee ! NOW !

        Enough is enough and people wonder why veterans are ? !

  9. Hey Stuart Steinberg, or do you prefer Vetstorm?

    Have you ever considered using that one trick pony website to do some good for Veterans?

    Not the EOD website where ya’all sell mouse pads, key chains, belt buckles, and other little trinket and ask for donations. The Website I am talking about is the NVRA one where you have a blog. Clearly your blogs articles are not meant to bite the VA hand that feeds you.

    Since you seem to like to go out trolling you might want to look into some of the problems some of the Veterans who worked closely with EOD are having. Like the problems handlers are having with the Tactical Explosion Detection Dog program. After all you would be able to help Veterans and you wouldn’t even have to say anything bad about the VA.

    Great place to start:





    1. Good job calling that TROLL out, Kirk R. I suspected as much and you stated it short and simple and complete. That’s a self-preservation troll. Only really concerned about his “private practice” and doing just enough of what he considers “pro bono work” to claim it as a business “charity” on his taxes. LOL!

  10. This isn’t just limited to IF you can manage finances. I got three consecutive letters asking me if how many free gun locks I needed for my guns. Since when does VA ever give out something “just because”
    Also the Social Security brands your file with possible risk. Saw that at my SS hearing. Kept proof of all.

    1. I also was NOT deemed incapable.
      This country needs to improve mental health care and avoid/address psych medication homicidal side effects not witchhunt Veterans!

  11. We go off to defend them and come home with seen and unseen wounds , when we come back they see us as monsters. All the time they just go about there live’s like little puppy’s. Some day the price for there Freedom will come due and they will have to get off there butts and pay the bill. then you will see them wine and cry how hard it is, no more hiding behind the freedom;s someone secured for them.

    1. Costopo of the United state’s government.they are out of control And need to be put in their place.

      They attack veterans on so many fronts. They are to care for veterans.but do anything they can to make it nearly impossible for veterans to get their disability and medical care.

      If and when the veterans succeed in obtaining their disability.the VA proceeds to the next step !

      Every six months send the veterans a need to complete a new comp and pensions examination. For the same disability.

      I know veterans who worry all the time about this tatic.they don’t know if they can buy needed transportation or try and buy a home.because they fear.their disability will be decreased or taken away.

      Since the VA is in disrepair shut it down and start new or keep it shut down and have veterans go to any doctor or hospital.

      If they need to keep the regional office for disability claims.get rid of all current employees and make new regulations and laws that insure veterans are given the benefit of the doubt.when it’s not clear that the veterans deserve their disability.

      Laws that will hold the employee and the department accountable when it is found they falsely deny a veterans disability.punishable by fines and jail time.

      And if it’s found that the regional office hid or destroyed the veterans records.that veterans will be paid back pay from when they were discharged.

      Or from when the veterans first applied. Stop all bonous.

      1. I agree with you my friend except about keeping th VA for administering disability. I am CERTAIN that an more confidence in VA s wasted.

        Why not simply task the SSDI judge with awarding VA benefits according to current standards. My VA comp was awarded simultaneously with SSDI and though the two process complemented each other, the redundancy in going through two behemoth agencies to obtain earned benefits is no longer viable or necessary.

        Vindictive VA personnel can keep a vet tied up for decades to get bennies. SSDI has no reason to either deny or grant benefits based on whether a VA employee is pissed off or not. The SSDI judge is impartial and woks do The People. VA work for their own goals.

        We don’t need VA and keeping so many vets in limbo. Every screwed over vet ends up tying up seven people trying to undo the harm.

        They create more harm to our vets than they have EVER provided. It is time to end the experiment started by Abraham Lincoln, and restore full citizenship rights to our veterans. The VA must cease.

      2. The Colorado Springs Gazette had a very good editorial yesterday about dissolving the VA, selling off all hospitals, giving vets private care and folding all their operations into other agencies that have shown more competence in doing their mission.

        I suggest all search it out and read it.

      3. Have to start somewhere.the VA had to start somewhere.starting anew is what needs to happen.even if it means closing all VA facilities.

      4. The police chief at Roseburg VA says that the VA police are struggling to be separated from operational control of VA. I have an investigative report done by that chief that confirms in his own words that a conspiracy to divert drugs that involved drugs given to me from another vet should have resulted in a $200,000 fije and a $250,000 fine for the counselor who delivered the ill it drugs to me on the street outside of the VHA property.

        That same report also shows a conspiracy to possess, posess with intent to distribute, distribution, and a litany of drugs they found in the internal investigation. I posess that internal investigation. My therapist said she was stunned they released it under FOIA. Since the press reported on them, Roseburg no longer acknowledges either Privacy Act requests, or FOIA requests from me at the direction of the DBC.

        I called our local FBI office with the 13 page investigative report that documented too many crimes to recollect. Signed confessions included.

        The FBI said if OIG doesn’t refer the case, they won’t cannot legally action. I don’t understand why drug trafficking off of VHA property needs OIG to take action. This makes no sense.

        The Roseburg Policeman who wrote the report quit, but just before called to tell me the Chief of Staff wasn’t forwarding the criminal activity to anyone – and because I went to police with the report they upgraded my Cat One PRF to include police escort at all times – even in the bathroom, because I went to police with that report.

        The Chief of Staff called me at home, he said, ” If you even open your mouth hole in campus I will have armed guards short you off” he was talking about the drug report. I was forbidden from bringing the topic up under threat of police action! Is this America???

        The newspaper reported this so they changed the Cat One flag to a Cat Two PRF, which is placed by the disruptive. Committee and informs all docs to report all communications from me to the DBC. The chairman of that DBC was reported on about me for aggregious misconduct, yet one day after the report printed he concocted a Cat Two Disruptive Behavior a Flag and the Chairman f the DBC now has to approve every visit and they require to extra people in the room. As reported in the paper I have never threatened anyone. They did this because I went to police with a drug crime that involves multiple VHA doctors and administrative people who are jacking veterans drugs to redistribute. There is no VHA references to a Cat a Two a Disruptive Behagioyr flag that cannot be appealed and collects Intel for the DBC about all of my coms with my doctors. I am not making this up. These guys are dirty.

        The VHA police are in a jam – they know the illegal nature of conduct swirling around them but their authority to report it stops at the VA Chief Of Staff and it isn’t in the Chief Of Staff’s financial (bonus) best interest to pass along these reports.

        Their own internal report shows MASSIVE dug diversion with three pages of drugs they turned up in stashes in the clinic including Controlled substances Act drugs. If ANY of us vets were caught with just one of these it would be ten year potential sentence. Caught with 3 typed pages of drugs? Life in jail.

        Yet that report can’t do anything. It sits in my desk, and he the Chief of Staff isn’t dong anything with it. Just trying to shut me up.The local TV wants me to do a sound bite about it, but FBI cannot legally act unless the Chief takes action. He won’t. The crimes will go unpunished.

        The VA is so fundamentally broken it can’t be fixed. All the people inVlved in the illegal drug scheme here Eugene got off without a problem. No prosecution.

        Just me placed on permanent a CAT 2 Disruptive Behavior flag because I went to the police and press. All medical care for me now has to be approved by the DBC and per the DBC must include two extra technician present against my consent! How can they do this???

        I called the FBI office and them I possessed the report showing drug distribution on the corner of 7th and Pearl Streets in Eugene. They informed me that FBI cannot take action against VHA people unless OIG asks them to. Period. End of story.

        Something is horribly wrong when a citizen with rock solid proof of multiple felony crimes can’t cause police involvement in a known crime! Forwarded a tip to DEA, but why won’t FBI investigate?

        The checks and balances are broken. This agency no longer weighs the Constitution when deciding their course and even demonstrates contempt for those of us who stood to protect it.

        I already obtained a Circuit Court Order prohibiting VHA from further “molestation” of me. VHA response in a letter about the Restraining Order was to place the first Cat One PRF on me. And they stated flatly it was because of the Restraining Order that the Judge issued against their people. They punished me for the court order that ordered them to stop molesting me.

        How many thousands of us are there that have been so targeted? How can our country work when VHA gives the middle finger to the Circuit a Court and flagrantly violated the court order. The court can’t touch them for it. FBI can’t touch them. Congress can’t touch them. Even Bob can’t touch them. They are untouchable.

        This must cease.

      5. You want to give the media a sound bite, invite them to your house or any other place to view that report, then after viewing and confirming it, invite them to listen in to your phone call to the FBI reporting that kind of drug distribution off VA grounds, with the FBI telling you they have no jurisdiction without the OIG.
        Then after that call, invite them to listen in on a call to the DEA reporting the same thing.
        If the media doesn’t care to pursue the issue, start contacting national media like those 3 guys listed in that Indy investigation, those at USA Today, Washington Examiner or with the Daily Caller. I believe the last two would be VERY interested in seeing that report.
        National media sometimes are more willing to report on issues than local reporters who are all wrapped up in local politics.

  12. As pointed out by Joshua Flynn Brown in his article published in the Hastings Law Quarterly at the link above in Ben’s article.

    The 2013 report R42987 written by the Congressional Research Service showed that in 2012 there were 153,298 names on the
    National Instant Criminal Background Check System Gun Ban List.

    Also pointed out in the report is that in 2012, 99.3% of the names on the Gun Ban List were placed there by the Veterans Administration.

    So in essence in 2012, alone, there were 152,225 Veterans who names were put on a list to prevent them from receiving the same rights provided to everyone including criminals.

    That’s right even criminals and terrorist can receive background checks on possible gun purchases but not a Veteran who’s name was placed on the list by the VA.

    The same VA that has proven to not only to be vindictive and retaliatory towards Veterans and whistle blowers but the same organization that has repeatedly proven to have criminals running the organization.

  13. Veterans worry about a gun control but worry more on Veterans Healthcare about changing the Laws of Veterans Medical Centers if you want hear my beliefs asked me please …Semper Fi.

      1. crazy elf Called your Congressman or Congresswoman Veterans should be able to go to Cosmetics Dentiistry plus should be able if a Veteran don’t have enough money to pay for Medical Doctor the Veterans Medical Centers Should be able put on payment plan accordingly to the Veterans Income please telled your Veterans Friends that remember us Veterans is our Backbone of the United States. ……SEMPER FI

  14. Another breaking story on National News to look up folks: “Veteran’s Futile Call to VA Prompts Congress Members to Act ”


    1. @namnibor
      I googled that article. You did notice somethings getting done BECAUSE that guy was a representatives aid!
      We’ve been trying to get this “loop- d- loop” of trying to make an appointment for how long now!
      This proves our point.

      “It’s not what you know! It’s WHO YOU KNOW!

      1. @crazyelf-

        Yes INDEED! My question now is: How many Vets before this tried getting help through same channels and were heard on deaf ears? Not trying to be an a$$, but ALL these politicians are so self-absorbed, that it has to personally affect them somehow before action is taken…sad. Glad you caught the same vibe of “who you know”, as I did there. Sad, but true.
        Where was this congressman’s cries for justice in other areas of scandal with the VA over say, last 4 years?

      2. The veteran will be treated with kid gloves and then will be used as a poster child of how well they are doing.

        This should be continued to be brought to the forefront by every elected official.not just once.

        The VA is run the same way.if an employee knows someone in a higher management position.that employee will be inbolded and will not have to worry about getting in trouble.

        I hope he does not forget about the other veterans who are being mistreated.

      3. crazy elf how come you don’t answer me about How you believe that Veterans Healthcare need to change the Law of Veterans Healthcare if you don’t know telled me i will tell so please answer me .

      4. @Arnold Cabral
        All of us on here have mentioned many ways on HOW VA SHOULD be fixed.
        The problem exists because the Leaders don’t want to fix it.
        Read as many articles, here and elsewhere, which will give you an idea on how you want VA to be fixed.
        I, myself, would like VA to have one big audit by an outside firm. When they find criminal acts being committed against veterans, arrest those responsible!
        Healthcare should be where every vet has the choice to use VA or civilian contractors!
        Those are just a few of my thoughts!

      5. The VA as a service agency is broken beyond repair. The union, and all of the AFL/CIO slow down, work stop tactics that absolutely nobody can get fingered for is in full play.

        When their union leader said “I am going to kick Bobs ass” what he was saying is that key union employees would make damn sure nothing works. Ever. This is boiler plate, top shelf, ancient union tactic.

        There is nothing anyone, not even Obama, can do about it. As long as the Department of Veterans Affairs issues a single paycheck to anyone, America will never be free of their tyranny.

        VA is broken, and veterans have been betrayed.

        VA must cease existing, or we simply choose to allow it to continue harming our fellows. We The People must act. Not congress. They can’t fix it.

        We The People must stop sending VA our money. Period. If not, this will continue until Amerca dies. It is our choice.

      6. Hello Soldiers (Veterans ) I called Veterans Affairs the 1-800- 827-1000 asked for Benefits For Veterans Department and I told them my belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare and hear this they said bug your Congress plus if you called your DAV HEADQUARTERS TELL THEM YOUR BELIEFS THEY SUPPOSE HELP YOU ADVOCATE YOUR CONCERNS ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS HOW TO IMPROVE VETERANS HEALTHCARE ESPECIALLY YOU ARE A MEMBER. ….THAT GOES FOR VFW, AMVENTS, and AMERICAN LEGION MEMBERS. …..PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD EVEN TELL BEN KRAUSE WHAT I TYPE……SEMPER FI THANKS NEVER SURRENDER.

      7. I’m a United States Marine, breathing. I do not surrender.

        No Fear.
        No Shame.
        They call it PTSD. I call it watching my ass. They say Peace time troops with PTSD might kill with a gun, when in fact it was the gun that kept them alive when foreign men were trying to kill them. We asked them to go, and they did.

        Take away from a PTSD survivor, their means at hand that once was the only thing that saved their lives in combat is like taking away the right arm. It wounds the veteran. It brands them. It makes them worth less than a man who didn’t need his weapon to live. It is a cruelty that no veteran deserves. Not like this.

        I’m not a worthless vet. I am a US Marine. I am Oregon Army National Guard, inactive. I am 100% sc PTSD. I have held these men in my arms while we tried in group to figure out just where the exit sign is. We just can’t seem to find it. God, VA, don’t take away what isn’t your business to take! Not from these men. This is unforgivable, open overt harm done to heroes. This must cease.

        The VA Union president is welcome to visit my house and unleash his wrath on me, instead of Bob. Yep, he sure is invited. I’ll put coffee on.

        It might take a while.

      8. I’m really concerned for our veterans who were deployed over and over. They will be very vulnerable to the VAs disruptive committee and over prescribing of drugs to manage their ptsd.

        Many of these veterans.will not seek treatment right away.for what ever reason and when they finely decide to’s because they need help.

        They may become upset.with many of the questions the VA asks are you suicidal or homicidal.

        Not I’m glad you came in for treatment and we will do everything we can to help you In your hour of need.

        We understand you are not feeling well and we will treat you for any and all concerns you may have.

        Insurance.don’t worry about insurance.if you have not been evaluated or have a claim pending.we have people right here.that will help you with your claim.

        Our main concern right now is you !

        But too often the exact opposite is done. Ok sit down.what is your you have any insurance. No ok well have to Bill you or you can go to the county for treatment.

        Veteran.what do you mean. I just returned from the middle east and I’m suffering flash backs.nightmares.

        Employee.are you service connected are you receiving disability payments.if not you don’t qualify for treatment at this can come back after you get insurance or after you prove your disabled by the regional office.

        Dam it.I told you I just returned from the middle east and I need treatment now.not tomarrow. If I don’t get help today I’m going to write my congressmen.

        Employee.oh ok I’ll be right back.

        Veteran.why are the police here for !
        Well sir your disruptive and your a threat to us or you could when you get insurance come back and we will make an appointment for you sometime down the road and next time don’t threaten us or you will be arrested and we will file federal charges against you and were will banish you from all VA care.

        And your stupid congressmen can’t do anything about it. Do you you have a nice day.anything else I can help you with.

    2. Great Post Namnibor,

      Well it could be credible but to me it seems like a publicity stunt. We all know that every congressman and every senator has known about the problem for quite some time.

      Also we know that the congressman has other insurance and is not likely to be relying on VA HealthCare.

  15. Oh Great! Now their attempting to push our combat vets to go postal. That’s all this is, it is manipulative programming to get someone to go nuts like we’ve seen in the civilian/public sector nearly daily if not weekly. Wow, didn’t think they could stoop this low. 🙁

  16. I want to also add that the National Rifle Assoc. wants to hear from any veteran who has been denied his 2nd Amendment rights from being declared mentally incompetent by the VA. The NRA wants to hear from you. They want to hear your story. Contact them at NRA-ILA. Tell them about it!

  17. Just want to throw in my two cents worth right now. Men! Be careful when the subject of firearms comes up with these counselors at the VA. Some of them are liberal minded gun haters who would salivate at the chance to screw over some PTSD veteran to get his 2nd Amendment rights taken away from him. Don’t believe they won’t tell a lie to do that to you neither. When they ask you about guns. Tell him or her that it’s none of their business, and never discuss anything about your finances with any of them! Another thing to keep in mind about these people is; what transpires in face to face meetings with them isn’t always what they write down on their damn paperwork!

    1. Your right.veterans need to get copies of every visit. Even when the veterans see the error.the VA will not change it.

      The VA will tell the veterans to write down what’s wrong and they will file it.

      Problem veterans have two records.medical and administrative. Administrative record never gets looked at and that’s where your response goes.

      If your lucky

  18. THIS Is EXACTLY what we`ve come to expect. I (Feel it in my bones) The V.A. Will soon refuse a Veteran Care if they “Smoke”.
    These Flanking maneuvers to chip away at your rights that OUR Friends died defending are so close to Communism, We`re heading to China`s Bill of rights. Of which they have NONE.

    At 17 yrs old This Government handed me a Full Auto M-16 A-1 Rifle, with all the Ammo I could carry. Now, Before or After I buy a gun. I have to pay $300 total in Texas.(First time) Get tested, Pass a Background check. & Carry a card that no one ever looks at. for the God given Right of Self Defense. Freedom is not free.

    It`s going to come to the point that if Your Nephew is suffering from PTSD, You`ll (Be Forced) to have a Gun safe (AND) Must have prior warning that he`s coming for a visit, (Or STOP Him at the door) “Hold on Billy, I`ve got to check before I let you in Son” To give you time to lock everything up. OR
    If YOU Or Your wife is being treated for ANY Mental illness of ANY Degree, You wont be able to have guns in the house. They`ve (the Govt) has (already) got it to the point that if you loan Grandma a .38 so she can live at her home. You FIRST have to put her thru a Background check. Or You`re BOTH Felons.

    All the Chickenshi$ Flanking moves are used to not only CONTROL the masses. But to Disarm them as well. This is no coincidence This is a WELL Thought out Plan. A Government Mission. They (ARE) GOING TO ACHIEVE
    In China, They say “Don`t steal, or Well cut your hands off” Here, Americans we get the Sneak Attack, A little here, Little there, Nawing away like a rat at the edges of the Constitution until one day there wont be one. It`s already basically Just an old piece of paper. With Scalia dead, (Possibly killed) They`re coming after your Guns. A Full Frontal Assault. Justice Scalia, Was a true “Judge” He Ruled by the Oath to defend the Constitution. “LAW”

    The WORST Part of all of this is OUR Willingness to ALLOW it to continue.
    “We the People”? Where? Who? (MY) Friends died for NOTHING. Because “I” did`nt STAND OPPOSED to TYRANNY.
    So I deserve what I get. When is enough, Enough? Ever?
    NOW The “Patriot Act”?? (Thanks George!) is being “tweeked” to fit KING HUSSEIN OBAMA`S Plan to Finish America off. BUT FIRST, He has to get the guns. Taking them off the Criminals is not a Priority, He wants YOURS.

    “Freedom” gets expensive. The Question is are YOU STILL Willing to die for your Country? If so, Then you`re now a “Domestic Terrorist” or, A III %er.

    1. I raised my right hand at 17. My husband is a 100% SC disabled career Ranger and Green Beret some very specialized training, JFK, Farm, ROK Ranger School . He promised himself he would never kill another living thing when he took the uniform off. He doesn’t hunt, he doesn’t fish.
      We used to talk about how bad off this country would be if SS, VA ,etc checks ever stopped coming. Now I am almost finished with an international degree in gemology. Good anywhere in the world. I picked it for a reason.

      I am still holding out hope for Trump and 25% of GS-13 and above jumping ship election night. Shovel ready jobs for vets right there.

      1. Robin Mitchell
        Here’s an idea. You and your husband go to a “Trump Rally”! Make sure your both up close! Dress you and your husband with your military dress uniforms, if possible!
        Reason, I’ve heard Trump helps vets fast! By having his people contact the reps personally! Basically telling them to get off the pot and do something! Usually this gets the ball rolling quicker!

        God Bless you and your husband! Your both in our prayers!

        Crazy elf and my wife, Katterkat!

      2. Robin your story touched me so much when I wrote to the Clintons.I told them about how veterans such as yourselves being denied because of being a ranger and can’t answer their questions because of their oath to our country.

        Also told them on how the VA is making veterans complete comp and pensions examinations over and over.veterans can’t plan anything.because they don’t know from month to month If their disability will be decreased or taken away.

        God bless you are not forgotten !

      3. Crazy Elf: my school is 3 blocks from Trump Tower. I visited it a couple of weeks ago and I am dropping off a file next week,

        I hope he reads it. Quite the eye opener on how Michael Stephens and crew with the direct and confirmed oversight of Under Secretary Sloan Gibson is treating my husband.j

  19. The PHX VA, fills Vets medical records w/ lies, and fictitious notes, then fires a letter that the target Vet must surrender his arms on a complete hoax! This can be proven, contact for details…

    1. Please contact Ben. Tell him your story!
      BTW, it’s not just Phoenix doing this to vets. It’s occuring nationwide!

      1. Right on this site there’s the small envelope icon above the little finger of the cool hand logo on left side of screen on a computer. No smart phone here. Do not see the point. Just another tracking device.

  20. I just got my letter from the va stating that they have found me to be incompetent to managemy va benefits since my wife handles our finances. The money goes into her account and always has. All the bills come out of her account since day one as she was the only one working when we met.
    I sent letters from my Dr stating clearly that i can manage my finances to both the va and the fiduciary hub and we’ll see if they still come out to conduct an interview or whatever they call it.
    Oh and of course, because my wife handles the finances, they say I’m unable to have anything to do with guns or munitions.

    Next they say that because a veteran has their bills on auto pay they’re incompetent.

    1. Brother, get your name on the account quickly!
      This way you can inform VA you BOTH handle the money!

      1. I just don’t get why it matters who pays the bills. My credit score is nearly a 700 which isn’t excellent but I pay may bills obviously.
        They just don’t like me cause I send them love letters sometimes that are colorful but brutally honest about what they’re doing to myself and my family.

        This is my first time posting ANYPLACE but I’ve read these things for so long I feel like I know all of you regulars.

      2. Ben has put a lot of work into this site and many veterans have visited and posted comments.

        Some are from hateful VA employees.who just don’t get it or could care less.they more than likely are some of the ones hurting veterans and are now pissed off because veterans are fighting back.

        They think their above the law.

        So if your here to help veterans.then welcome.

      3. I certainly hope you come back. Its always good for veterans to hear from other veterans that have first hand experience with the ways the VA tries to play games. Give me the unvarnished facts from veterans who live it rather than some bureacrat blowing smoke trying to polish a turd.

        I’m a little cranky because not only did I call Choice for the 7th time and gotten excuses, but I’m sitting at the VA after an ortho appointment. Something changed because that clinic is now cleaned up, the office no longer looks like a garage sale and there are new clerks.
        They did my blood pressure twice because the first was rather high after the check-in clerk asked for my insurance card to scan in. That was her first question. I told her I refused to provide that since I was there for a service connected condition, and the VA has already billed my insurance almost $7,000.00. I expected to be denied the appointment, but she typed a few things and check me in.
        I’m sure I will be getting some threatening hate letter.

    2. Send them your credit report (all 3 bureaus if you can). See if you can get a supporting statement from one of your regular doctors. If your name is on a lease or mortgage send that in also. Have your wife make a statement in support that you are indeed competent to handle the bills. Do you have credit cards in your or both names? If so send in the statements. The C & P examiner did this to you probaably because you told him/her that your wife handles the bills. It is stupid, but these proposals are often overturned if you fight them.

      1. Veterans could win a lot of injustics.but veterans have no forum to fight back.
        If we could take them to court.things would settle down pretty quickly.

        Many VA employees know what their doing is wrong.could care less.who’s going to stop them our elected officials.there out to lunch.

        While the cat’s away the mice will play. VA employees will continue hurting veterans.until they see with their own eyes.someone put in jail.

        I think Donald trump should run this’s ripe for the taking.

        What’s the worst that could happen a few million killed or a revolution.

        Maybe Americans will then speak out.

      2. I’ve sent the Dr’s letter as well as the original exam docs to both the va and the fiduciary hub. Just waiting to see what happens next.

        They also reduced my rating on my back from 40% to 20% even though the medical records sent in clearly state that my conditions “have worsened since the original c & p and are likely to continue to get worse not better”

        The reduction didn’t change my overall 100% because they had to increase my groin injury to 60% from 40% so they think I’m unreasonable to fight it. I think they play with the numbers to prevent awarding P&T and keep harassing and threatening the benefits it took nearly a decade to get awarded. But that’s just me.

        Thanks for all of your comments and advice.

      3. It’s not just you ! That’s standard practice.I’m 100 percent p&t and applied for disability for a tbi.I did not know I had.

        Denied.when I asked regional office why.I was told why do you need it service connected for.your already total disabled !

        Stupid response.because if I’m not service connected and something should happen to me because of the tbi and my wife files a claim.she would be told sorry.but your husband was not service connected for that condition !

        How else are they going to get their yearly bonus. !

        Thousands of Veterans are being treated this way and our elected officials are letting them get away with it.

    3. Yesterday in response to the article I wrote this comment:
      A veteran loses his Second Amendment rights to possess a firearm if he files a disability claim for a mental disorder (including PTStD) and in the award of benefits it is stated he is incompetent to handle his own affairs. It is mostly reserved for those found to be 70 to 100% disabled. (The VA awards by degree of social and occupational impairment from zero to 100%). Not all veterans so rated are considered to be unable to handle their own affairs and thus are not prohibited from owning and possessing firearms. If the award letter of disability does propose a fiduciary, the veteran has a short time in which to appeal the decision (within the VA). If the veteran doesn’t appeal or loses an appeal he is then reported to the FBI under the Brady Act. He also can not answer no on question 11 (f) on the NICS 4473 form that partially states: .”…which includes a determination by a court, board, commission, or other lawful authority (the VA is considered the lawful authority) that you are a danger to yourself or to others or are incompetent to manage your own affairs.”

      There are several serious issues which arise from this policy. The first is that it takes only a mention by a doctor that the veteran is unable to handle his affairs by a passing comment in a C & P (disability) exam. The veteran may say something as simple as my wife handles the bills. The fact is many wives handle the family finances and the veteran may be totally capable if the wife wasn’t present. Never-the-less a GS-11 employee then makes the decision to include incompetence with the award.

      The second issue, which I touched on in the previous paragraph. Two people, one a doctor who has seen the veteran only once in his lifetime and a nameless, faceless government bureaucrat have this power. There is no due process. It violates veteran’s (and now Social Security recipient’s) rights under the Second, Fourth, Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

      To demonstrate how foolish, and how much the government thinks you may be a danger, they will not report you to the FBI, if you choose not to accept the awarded benefits. Also, veterans who are diagnosed as having suicidal or homicidal ideation, may still be granted benefits and are not subject to having a fiduciary appointed.

      If a veteran threatens (the key word) either to harm himself or others, he may be involuntarily committed by his regular or other VA doctor. In that case, he would be ineligible under current guidelines as he could not answer no on the NICS form 4473 question 11 (f).

      Simply by seeking treatment, unless the veteran is a true danger to himself or others, will not lead to the termination of his Second Amendment rights. However, these type of headlines do lead to fewer veterans seeking the help they need and deserve.

      A veteran should be entitled to due process in a court of law and not an administrative adjudication which denies him of Constitutional rights – just as all American citizens.

      1. @Dan F
        “Due Process” is the main “Constitutional Right” NOT afforded veterans within VA!
        Rep. Trey Gowdy explained that, in no uncertain terms, when he questioned a DHS Representative late last year! She was allegedly a “professional advocate” for DHS. Yet, she couldn’t answer many pertinent questions as to WHY American Citizens were on a “No Fly List!”
        I believe this also is relevant for what’s occuring to senior citizens and veterans nationwide!
        “Due Process” is one of the most basic fundamental rights afforded Americans. Why VA is NOT affording veterans this “fundamental right” is unfathomable!
        In my opinion, all VA, or government officials and employees ARE required to take an “Oath of Office”! This Oath states they are mandated by federal law to “Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, both foreign and domestic!”
        How many have broken that Oath? How many should be charged with criminal intent? How many should be sitting in prison right now?

        As many on here have said. Follow the money trail. Only then will many be charged with federal crimes!

      2. Elf.they are doing their oath and they have made us veterans the enemy.if we all died off they would not even notice or care.

        They would go to our graves and try something.did we tell you could had an appointment we made for you a year ago.

        Were taking your burial benefits away.

  21. I think that when the US government entered into a contractual agreement with a labor union that granted union members immunity from consequences of wrongdoing, we gave them permission to do this.

    What’s your problem man? Read the VA recruitment website. We, The People, sign a contract promising protection from the consequences of any wrong doing by the people that We The People hire.

    Why can’t you get it? They are foreign dignitaries, in status, so why can’t you understand or appreciate their dignitary status? Until you jerks appreciate our VA dignitaries, just expect them to keep kicking veterans asses, kicking leadership asses, and just ass stuff in general. The VA OIG just has too many balls in the air right now to deal with disrespect for the staff.

    Seem per Fi

  22. Graves and Rubens should have had Fiduciaries Appointed to manage their affairs and take all guns and animals with sharp pointy teeth away…you know, for the ‘protection of society’….see how ridiculous that sounds? Same with the VA vilifying Vets by somehow automatically associating PTSD or TBI or anything else with somehow not able to own or operate a firearm safely or legally?!!

    BULL $HIT~! What’s next? VA building Mosques for the very terrorists or I mean “refugees”, since after all, a few Billion of VA $$$$ is going towards Syrian Refugees from the VA’s allocation of $$$???~!


  23. To all,
    Here’s the article to google;

    25% Of Federal Employees May Quit If Trump Wins

    by Douglas Ernst of

    Great article to read!

    1. 25% well it’s a start.if Donald should win and if he visits VA facilities.he should drive up in a big prison bus and say all aboard.

      And weed out the good employees and pay them for the inconvenience and leave the rest there.

      Charge: Being disruptive and your you get the same representation as you gave the veterans (NONE)

      Seriously.the VA.thinks they are the government.not anyone else matters. They make their own laws and seems our elected officials are ok with that.

      The VA does not care.start over !

      Their are plenty of unemployed veterans and fellow Americans that need a job.

      See how they like it.being homeless.people treating them like criminals.take away any disability payments.but first make them go to comp and pensions examinations monthly.

      If they complain.boom disruptive committee here you come and veterans will be the judges.

      Tables need to be turned !

  24. @91Veteran
    That “incident” with the vet in Idaho, two or three VA representatives did TRY to confiscate the vets weapons. They went to his home. Then were stopped by two state reps and two top law enforcement officials.
    I know this is fact because my wife has family near where it happened.

    Also, there’s a poll taken recently. Where many, don’t remember the total number, government employees were asked if Mr. Trump was elected – Would they quit? According to the poll, 25% (GS-13 and above) said “YES!”
    In my opinion, I say good ridence! I have a feeling those that answered yes, were probably believing they would be fired anyway.
    I think I put the article on fridays blog.

    Today’s blog is a prime example of the egregious (illegal) over-reach VA upper management believes they can get away with. Just as Gibson tried doing with the MSPB recently!
    I also believe Gibson is working his way toward becoming the NEW Secretary of VA! There’s way to much negative news coming out. It can’t go on too much longer before the people, taxpayers AND veterans, DEMAND change! Getting rid of the bad characters is going to be a monumental task, no matter who takes control of VA!

    Lastly; TROLL ALERT!

  25. This is a topic that has been percolating for awhile, but doesn’t seem to get much coverage. Thanks for posting on this Ben.
    I started hearing about this almost 2 years ago when a veteran in California was reported to have lost his guns due to this. Since then, there were reports then about Obama directing the VA to do this, and reports last year of him directing other federal agencies like Social Security that dispense earned benefits to do this. Congress made some loud comments about not doing this for Social Security recipients, but not much more was reported in them taking more concrete action.
    There is also a report of a Navy veteran in Idaho that was sent a letter stating the VA would inspect his house and confiscate any guns. The VA admitted sending the letter, but claimed they have no jurisdiction to confiscate guns. Luckily he had some politicians and the local sheriff stand up for him. That is true that the VA does not have jurisdiction since they have the FBI do it. That article stated the VA provides data on incompetent veterans monthly to the FBI on encrypted disks for addition to their NCIS database.
    The problem with all of this is the sneaky way the VA determines a veteran incompetent. I have experienced first hand how an intake nurse will ask lots of questions, and slip in an innocuous question about who pays the bills in your household. If you state that your wife handles the checkbook or pays the bills, then they determine you are incompetent financially, appoint you a fiduciary and report you as incompetent to the FBI.
    That this is happening to veterans without judicial review is an absolute disgrace. That the fiduciary program is so screwed up with those appointed stealing money from veterans compounds that disgrace.
    All of it comes down to Congress getting their shit together and acting like they still represent voters.
    Finally, this is nothing more than a blatant gun grab and is clear because there is no other concern for the veteran other than restricting gun ownership. If the VA declared a veteran incompetent, are they providing other services to insure their well being? Why not confiscate any pointy objects in the home as well? Or make sure their heat and water are working? Or their smoke detector batteries are good?
    Why not expand this program to anyone receiving any benefit from a state or federal agency? Receive food stamps or an EBT card? Get reported and have your home invaded for an inspection and confiscation of guns. Receive a military retirement pension? Same thing. Receive a tax refund? Better make sure they are competent to handle that money.

  26. Doc tried this with me since I was diagnosed with PTSD about 3 years ago. He asked me if I had any guns in my house and I told him it was none of his damn business. I do my own cooking, I pay my own bills, I do my own laundry and grocery shopping, I visit my elderly mother every day to check on her since she has a heart problem,I make my own doctors appointments and keep them and I go to the dentist every six months no matter if I need to or not. I told him I know what he is trying to do and if he continues I will ruin him as I will report him to the Medical Board and have his ass charged. I then looked him in his fat doughy face and asked him “does that answer your question? You keep doing some stupid things like this and one of these days someone is going to punch you right in your fat face for being such a stupid asshole and it isnt going to be me.”

    Not surprisingly, he didnt last long at that VA hospital and he “retired” for health reasons and I got a doctor that I can work with and I respect. And no he does not ask any kinds of stupid questions like this.

    1. Note: Because we know that access to lethal means is the most (potentially)modifiable risk factor for suicide, NOT asking such a question of a mental health patient would be “stupid” of a practitioner. And likely, cause for a case of malpractice. No need to be so defensive about it.

      1. No need to be so defensive about flippantly losing Constitutional rights?
        You may want to rethink that bullshit comment.

      2. The doctor asked a clinically appropriate question in order to gather information about risk factors for suicide in their patient. No one lost any rights.

      3. Sure. Never mind the numerous examples of veterans having their rights abuses. What’s one more?

      4. That’s bull.flagging a veteran because he had thought about suicide and they find out their flagged.

        No wonder the VA employees are getting away with hurting veterans and they committ suicide.

        VA cares only about the pay check and doing anything they can to punish veterans.

        Hell all most everyone has had that thought sometime in their live and they are not Red flagged.

        I bet you have fun hurting veterans and injoy your yearly bonus for doing it.

      5. Your full of shit.what you guys are doing is not helping the veterans.your labeling them.

        Causing more problems for the veterans.why can’t veterans flag employees.

        You are a storm.destructive and other veterans are paying the price.

      1. I sure smell Troll. Whatever variety, a Troll all the same. Your rather insensitive and lackadaisical attitude about 2nd Amendment Rights being abused by the VA comes across as smug and a perfect case-in-point of the many things wrong with this police state we are becoming.

    2. Clinically indicated inquires for purposes of patient care are not violations of one’s 2nd amendment right. If the doc had come to the home and taken guns, or threatened to, then I could agree with you.

      1. @vetstorm
        If you had read my comment and 91Veteran’s comment CORRECTLY. You would see where VA upper management DID go to a couple of veterans homes.
        The one in Idaho was the most recent incident which can be found!
        If not for two State Representatives, (one from Washington State and the other from Idaho), two elected law enforcement officers AND many friends of the Navy Vet, his weapons WOULD HAVE BEEN CONFISCATED by VA upper management with no recourse or “redress of grievances” (violating at least three Constitutional Rights) given to him through Congress!

        Now enough is enough! The Constitution and Bill of Rights give every citizen certain rights. VA does it’s best to over ride and break every “man made law” it choses! Many veterans have NO redress of grievances set down by our Constitution!
        Just because you feel VA can ask any damn thing they want, is Rediculous in many ways.
        People on here have dealt with VA on many levels. Their healthcare and administrative paperwork is abysmal!
        A majority of VA employees don’t give a rats ass about veterans. The ones that do – usually end up quitting. Or they become whistleblowers, we all know what happens to them! Or, the ones that care, yet NEVER SPEAK UP when they see egregious acts against veterans are COWARDS! They let these acts go unpunished!
        I’ve read too much for too damn long to sit back and be quiet. No longer will I be passive!
        My wife and I make complaints known!
        That’s all I’ve got to say for now!

    3. VA=Low salary and endless bureaucracy. Just like when I was in service. Where do I sign up? lol

      I’m in private practice.

      1. Nice to see you come here to snark at a few veterans after you have figured out how to avoid their game.

    4. I value my time and effort and expect to be paid accordingly. Pro bono work is dispensed on an as needed basis, as my time allows. No guilt here.

      I do agree with the prevailing sentiment that VA need to be revamped and is source of needless frustrations.

      1. So, perhaps in other words, you do just enough pro bono work to place it on your taxes? Good thing you are seething with empathy & compassion. (sarcasm intended)

        Now, I need to feed my cat, no trolls.

      2. Empathy and business practices are not mutually exclusive. A private practice IS a (small) business, however. And I try not to run my business like the government does. Or else I wouldn’t have one anymore.

  27. This just in from the VA Center For Miss Information (CFMI). For immediate release, The VA has issued a BOUNTY FOR ARMED INCOMPETENT DISABLED VETERANS, these individuals are considered armed, dangerous and don”t know how much there monthly benefit is. Approach with caution, they might ask you to buy them a cup of coffee………..Don’t you just love the VA???

  28. Many ways the VA is harming veterans. Researching disruptive committee !

    The VA has a regulation.if a veteran should go to mental health and if the VA employee asks are you or have you though about committing suicide and they answer yes.

    These veterans have their records Red a possible danger to themselves or others.

    Employees don’t care why the Flag is placed into the chart and we all know when a Flag is placed.

    Those veterans will be treated like a criminal and are being placed at risk of running afoul and are being set up for the next step.the disruptive committee and punishment.

    If veterans can’t seek mental health and have to worry anything they say can be used against them and they can do nothing about it.

    Just because the VA makes does not make them legal and some of these regulations are hurting veterans.

    Veterans are in real danger and this is so stupid and their actions are hurting veterans and veterans learn about these tactics and will not trust their provider in fear of retaliation for being ill.

    The disruptive committee is illegal.they are not in the judiciary business and they need to stop this practice.

  29. Ben, you missed a big point….follow the money.
    Indianapolis VBA Director Michael Stephens tried this on my husband thru a VES doctor.
    VES owner George Turek is a big Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke supporter. Beto is the guy who is putting in legislation to limit veterans in the appeals process.

    Stephens handles fiduciary “services” for 14 states mainly east of the Mississippi. If a vet is consider incompetent (and you can get that way by a doctor checking box 27 on form 21-2680) and do not have someone he can approve to be your fiduciary for free one of his will gladly do it for 4% of your va check.
    Sweet. Members of congress can’t find out who he is appointing as fiduciaries. The VA’s own IG found it rife with stealing from vets.

    Former drug interdiction guys…the kind who followed narco money as a career came back and said Mikey could be pocketing millions over this scam and with literally no oversight.

    He could be appointing his wife’s cousin Al as fiduciary and steering vets to service providers with kickback agreements and congress would have no idea.

    1. Thanks Robin, an excellent point. Its all about the money, and veterans with TBI or PTSD,sometimes don’t take the time to do the research on what forms they`re filling out.
      And don`t have dependants or spouses like yourself keen enough to know when they`re being hoodwinked.

      1. Thank you. I sent Ben an email over the weekend that is very shocking on how they are still abusing my husband.

        Google VBA Michael Stephens+Fiduciary abuse or a variation and some interesting articles come up including local news and Sen Coats calling for him and other top Indy VBA execs to be fired.

    2. What’s interesting is I know for a FACT I have been reading about the Indy VA Fiduciary Scandal on a solid low simmer as far as news goes for at LEAST three years to my knowledge and that very well could be much longer but I am surprised this has not been made HUGE VA Scandal news because if a Fiduciary receives 4% of say 25 Veteran’s Disability Comp rated at 100%, that -1- Fiduciary is making per month, skimming off 25 Veterans, and making what -1- 100% Disabled Vet could and should be receiving instead.
      Correct me if wrong, but these VA Appointed Fiduciaries can have 100’s of Vets under their 4%, right?
      This is so wrong on so many levels! If it’s that bad at the Indy VA VISN then it must be widespread. It’s the -1- thing the VA does effectively and that’s systemic problems.

  30. Hey all: Go and read a very informative article on the daily caller dot com and the article name is “INTERACTIVE: Take A Ride On VA’s Bad-Bosses Merry-Go-Round”

    This will make your stomach sick seeing how much $$ the VA spends in shuffling BAD employees around like a Rubik’s Cube. Amazing. And the VA has the audacity to appoint Fiduciaries and take away Vet’s 2nd Amendment Rights!!! The VA needs an outside Fiduciary. An Accounting Enema!

    Remove the quotations each end:


    1. @namnibor
      I’ve sent a copy of this article to a few friends and of course one of our news stations here! I hope they can put something on tv!
      Great article.
      This could be why Gibson is doing a “back track” on that “Weiss Case”! You know, “acting” like he’s a “Little Napoleon” character!
      I can see, maybe, the “writing on the wall” for McDonald having to step down in short order!
      This article really does show the incompetence of McDonald, Gibson and ALL the other D.C. Dinosaurs (Career Politicians)!

    2. I read that last night. To get an idea of the scope of that mismanagement, readers need to know that article only covered hospital directors which I am sure was a big enough task for the author alone.
      Now, take into account all deputy directors or any employee GS 13 and above, and you see millions of dollars wasted because the VA refuses to fire these slugs.

  31. I remember putting an article on here late last year. Where a vet in Idaho “received a letter from VA”. Stating VA representatives were coming to his home. They were, without “warrent” or “law enforcement”, going to “remove any and all weapons from his home”! The “reason” VA gave was because VA was going to appoint a fiduciary. (His wife did the check book) Thereby eliminating the vets “rights under the 2nd Amendment!”
    When “word” of this spread around his community. MANY people (friends and supporters) came to “support” him at his home. Among them were Two State Representatives (Idaho & Washington), Chief of Police of the vets city and the TOP SHERIFF of his county.
    On the day in question, two or three VA representatives showed up. They were stopped out on the sidewalk. Denied access passed that point. Told to turn around and leave. One of the VA reps talked with the Sheriff and the State rep.
    When all was said and done. The vet was NOT given a fiduciary AND NO weapons were confiscated!
    VA was made, in this instance, to “see the errors of their ways!”

    How many times will this administration try their damnest to take weapons away from “Law Abiding Citizen”? We need to stand tall and demand our representatives do something about it?! This administration is trying to “erase our Constitution and Bill of Rights”! This potus,(notice ‘lower case letters’), has continually been in violation of his authority under the very Constitution he “claims” to be an authority on! The Supreme Court has ruled against him over twenty times in his 7+ years in office.
    When will it cease?

    1. Let us not forget the Veterans of this war (Afghanistan), which has been raging for 15+ years, ARE concidered “TERRORISTS” under this administration.

      Let us not forget this C.I.C. has sent troops to Syria and Iraq to wage war. Without going through Congress.

      Let us not forget this administration has taken $2.5 billion away from the VA, that we know of, and is using it to “aid and and give comfort” to the refugees from Syria and other countries! Which may, or may not, be “ENEMIES of our country!”

      Let us not forget this administration is wanting “open border pollicies” to allow all immigrants to enter! Without being properly “vetted” or processed correctly. These immigrants are being told to NOT show up for their court dates!

      Let us not forget there are now a few cities in America, where “Sharia Law” IS being practiced!

      Let us not forget, there are cities where the citizens are being told to NOT enter certain areas by local law enforcement to ensure their safety.

      Let us not forget, the border patrol has been “ordered” by this administration to “NOT” do their duties in apprehending the massive influx of illegal immigrants on our Southern Borders.

      Let us not forget California’s Govenor has “signed into law allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote!” Democrats are hell bent on keeping their seats!

      There’s a great deal of illegal acts being committed against all American Citizens. Again, when will it cease?

  32. I recall in my final C&P Exam, this VA Psych Assistant was talking to me in a smaller conference room, trying to get me to agree verbally with him that “what I went through may not have been as bad as I *imagined* it and trying to downplay things as if they were completely healable and resolvable and THEN he asked if I handled all my finances, paid my own bills and such.
    I told him that I have always taken care of my finances, being single, and that the process of applying/waiting for Social Security and the VA Disability Claims all but made me a pebble’s toss away from homelessness and told this VA guy that I had to go through all my savings to survive and not be officially homeless over the course of applying and waiting for a few years on both my Social Security and VA Disability Claims. I also recall telling him that I could not imagine ANY Vet not coming out in a financial woes of a mess while going through this laborious process.
    In the end, I was not appointed a fiduciary but the very process and length of time filing VA Claim or Social Security Claim can make *anyone* be in financial dire straits, even with a modest savings, of which I had gone through just marginally staying alive through those years of waiting.
    I am of the belief that this situation Vets are placed in is easily used against them when the system itself pretty much places you in their sites for their scandal-plagued Fiduciary Program, of which, I have read some really bad things where VA Appointed Fiduciaries are ripping off Vets left and right and still occurs this day…taking a Vets 2nd Amendment Rights away on top of that is completely unwarranted, let alone if they based it solely on a PTSD diagnosis.
    My point is that the process itself is enough for a Vet to be financially decimated and thus later determined a given Vet is not responsible…a real Catch 20/20 the VA created.

    1. My husband knew better than VBA Director Stephens how much the cable bill was. Stephens said his wife pays it.

      Maybe Stephens needs a fiduciary?

      He had a near 800 credit score until VISN20 Chief of Staff Dr. Cynthia Joe stiffed doctors for his care to the THOUSANDS!

      Sounds a lot like CHOICE. Never happened to me under CHAMPVA they always paid the bill. Probably why the VA won’t give it to ALL veterans.

      The voters are catching onto the VA. Even non-vets. Woe to any politician that tries to say he fixed it when he did nothing but talk.

      1. @Robin Mitchell
        Everytime I find something and or anything about VA’s nationwide. I put it on Facebook and Twitter. If it doesn’t get on. I’ve got friends who get it on!
        Do you do the same?
        I’ve sent the new article namnibor gave this morning to a few friends and of course the news medias here in Florida. Because it looks like Florida has become a “hot bed” of corruption of VA employees being sent here!
        We had an article come out yesterday where Florida is the worst state getting incompetent VA employees!
        I’d say the whole VA in the U.S.A. is corrupt!

      2. @Crazy Elf Yes, I do. I comment on VA articles across the country in my own name. I have two FB pages. Desk Commandos of the VA and BaghdadBobMcDonald

        Anyone is free to post articles to either. One fellow vet who was personally screwed by the Indy VBA posts a lot.

  33. I actually had one of these cases. The VA declared my client incompetent to handle his finances because he didn’t want to. His wife had been handling them since the early 1970s when he returned to Vietnam–he was a LRRP–for, I think, his fourth tour. At some point, some VA douchebag asked him how much his monthly benefit was and he did not know. So, they threatened to report him to ATF&E. I demanded a hearing and I had previously submitted a lengthy memo, basically outlining the constitutional problems that are noted in the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly, particularly about the Second Amendment being a fundamental right. When we got to the hearing, the hearing officer came in and sat down. He looked at us and, I swear, said, “I have no fucking idea why we’re here.” Turns out it was his last few days before retiring and he felt this was a really wrong thing and he did not care what anyone higher up might have thought. When we got the decision, it was short and sweet–there was nothing wrong with a vet not wanting to handle his finances and not knowing what his monthly check was, particularly since there was not a shred of evidence that he had ever wasted or misused his money, wasn’t on drugs and was not an alcoholic. A veteran is not incompetent because he or she does not handle their own finances, with no evidence showing waste or misuse.

    1. How much money did it cost him in legal fees to have someone say he didn’t have to know how much his monthly check was???????????? I don’t know about the rest of you, when I was in Vietnam I didn’t pay bills didn’t have a clue of how much money was in my account, my wife handled the money I concentrated on staying alive. Send these jerk offs into the jungle for 6 months and ask them how much their monthly check is, or how much is in their checking account or if the bills are paid on time and by whom.

      Using this outlandish example to prove incompetence I would say pretty much includes a third of the armed forces. Holy bat shit, the free world is being protected by a bunch of gun carrying incompetents……..

      1. @Hondo,
        Yea, and these “gun toting taxpayer paid liberal career politician maximum armed security protected asswipes” are wanting to “Disarm America!”

        “We the People” should demand ALL politicians receive ABSOLUTELY NO ARMED SECURITY DETAIL BE AVAILABLE OR HIRED BY THEM – WHATSOEVER!!
        I guarantee their “Stance” on removing the “2nd Amendment” would change – IMMEDIATELY!

      2. Hey elf,
        I wonder how many of these political animals have armed INCOMPETENT VETS as security guards and don’t know it?????????? Maybe that’s a question on the security detail job application, do you know how much your monthly check is? YES NO check one………….

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