ICE Chong Hwan Kim

ICE May Deport Detained Iraq War Veteran

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is evaluating whether to deport an Iraq War veteran after a string of legal troubles.

Since April, Iraq War veteran Chong Hwan Kim has been held in a detention facility in Tacoma pending evaluation of his immigration status when he was 5 years old. Almost 37 years ago, Kim’s family immigrated from South Korea, legally.

Many years later, Kim joined the Army National Guard and served in the Iraq War where he was exposed to horrific realities of war, like so many other soldiers.

He subsequently suffered from PTSD and since found himself in a string of conflict with law enforcement for legal violations including attempted arson, in 2016.

Earlier this year, ICE reviewed the arrest and conviction record of Kim and learned of his 2016 felony conviction. It then detained Kim pending review of his immigration case without mention of his Iraq War service.

“He deserves better,” said Perry Gastineau, who served alongside Kim in Iraq.

Gastineau said both men, like many there, saw horrific things, and that Kim suffered from PTSD. He said the PTSD contributed to Kim’s criminal record.

Since the 2016 conviction, Gastineau said Kim had done his best to turn his life around.

“He had kind of worked around it to be on a better path, or so I thought. So, I mean, it’s really sad to see something from the past come up and bite him when he was trying to do better,” he said.

ICE Statement About Kim

On Friday, Rose M. Riley from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Seattle Field Office refused to confirm any details concerning Kim’s detention. He did send the following statement about the case that omits mention of Kim’s veteran status:

Chong Hwan Kim is a South Korean national who was taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) April 5 after it was determined he has a prior felony conviction in Multnomah County for attempt to commit arson in the first degree, among other charges. Mr. Kim remains in ICE detention at this time while his immigration case undergoes review by the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the Department of Justice agency which administers the nation’s immigration courts.

U.S. Navy veteran Jordan Meyers, who met Kim through a local PTSD support group, said the logic behind ICE’s detention does not hold water.

“If you’re willing to sacrifice your life potentially, if you’re willing to write that blank check, payable up to and including your life to the United States of America, I feel like you’ve earned the right to live in the United States of America,” Meyers said.

What do you think of this detention and potential deportation of an Iraq War veteran with PTSD who already paid his debt to society for his crimes?

What will be important to watch is how many immigration attorneys come to the aid of this LEGAL immigrant who is also a veteran versus the numerous attorneys flocking to represent ILLEGAL immigrants right now.


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  1. I still have my VI BETA CRAPPA POSTER. Has Frank Zappa taking a crappa. Keep it in my room, some people get offended. Woke, I am working on it. FYI, I did request all of the VA complaint against this quack Dr. Told advocate I am filing charges.

    1. @Jo3n – – -Good for you! Please keep us posted on how that goes. You are a valuable (and valued) member of this community – – – I will be looking at the term “Woke” myself. Never used it, but may want to incorporate into my vocabulary . . .

      Proud of you, Jo3n! And a personal question: Am I correct in thinking that your “Handle” is derived from an old Navy Rating?

  2. On the zappa video he mentions targeted diseases….GNOME PROJECT COMES TO MIND

  3. Cj said it. Seymore Klearly reported it, and I feel helpless. God Bless the Veterans…. 91Veteran, remember, when you do report; I only wish that Veterans really had an avenue to be heard.

    1. Jo3n,

      Never ever feel helpless. Feel “Woke”!

      If you check the term they say it is of African American slag word. But personally I have used it as far back as my pre-teen years. Long before the internet and all the slang dictionaries on it.

      “Alabama 3 – Woke Up This Morning – YouTube”

      Woke is a state of being that leaves you better able to control things in your own life.

      1. Seymore…I have also used WOKE since I was a kid…I guess that goes along with everything else being BS

        (29) Proof The Music Industry Is Fake, Everybody Using Autotune & LipSyncing – YouTube


  4. In further digging into the Judicial administrators and their actions in Hwan Kim Chong’s charges, convictions and sentencings. I found some very disturbing information about the judges and the Prosecutors involvement with the Veterans Administration right from the beginning of Chong’s case.

    A January of 2014 article in The Oregonian titled “Special court for military veterans planned for Multnomah County”, states that the judges, prosecutor and the Veterans Administration had been working on the court for over a year. All of Chong’s charges and Sentences are directly connected to the program that was not authorized in 2013.

    The program and programs like it all around the country are now bringing in Millions of dollars in grants to State Court Systems, Prosecutors Offices, Public Defenders Offices and the Veterans Administration Facilities connected to each of the programs.

    Also for the Veterans Administration it grantees full control over research subjects lives when they have been sentenced in these courts. If you don’t take your meds or do not follow the VA’s Program you can then be drop from the program and resentenced without ever having even been processed through a civilian court. Never given the opportunity of a Jury Trial of your peers. It is a clear further erosion of Veterans civil rights.

    It is my opinion that Hwan Kim Chong is a victim and not a defendant and should not be Deported.


    “Special court for Military veterans planned for Multnoham County”, January 11 2014.

    1. So. As I said earlier, a solution in search of a problem, with large amounts of money for those involved, and a veterans rights being the last thing on anyone’s mind.

      1. You are right 91Veteran,

        Also need to point out that with the money controlled by the VA going to everyone involved. The VA will be controlling the hiring of the special prosecutors assigned to the program, the special judges assigned and the special public defender assigned. In other words the VA will be a source of income permantely at each of the state offices involved with employees at each of the offices controlling our lives.

        Almost forgot the additional special probation officers and no doubt the soon to come special inpatient treatment centers. Like the current one in Hot Springs South Dakota.

    2. @Seymore Klearly: Seymore, thank you for digging into this, I find it is unbelievable the extent of the corruption, and complete control, this agency known as the VA, is involved in. This poor Veteran should be left alone, and should also receive the help that was promised, when he signed his life away, to the king.

      Captain Beyond

      What was my arm worth
      When they took it away ?
      In the spirited rush that set up
      Armistice day
      Where did they push them, fella ?
      Where and which way ?
      Did it stop the mad charge that
      The enemy made?
      Or is it with my brother
      Is it with my brother
      In a mean, endless grave ?
      Tell me
      Tell me
      Where do I go to find it?
      What had my arm gained
      In the balance of things?
      Are there still birds a-flying
      In a brushing of wings?
      Or do they still see the skies,
      Still see the skies as a terrible thing?
      And spoiling all them singing, babe
      And smashing up their wings?
      Wish I could go with them, brother
      Brother of all things
      It’s only a stub of the original thing
      And it was there when I signed up
      And I saluted my king!
      Where, tell me
      Where do I go to find it?
      What was…

    3. On the ethics of the prosecutor’s office that handled Chong’s case.

      When a prosecutor decides he is going to circumvent the will of the people who elected a Judge by preventing an elected judge from hearing criminal proceedings. Solely because he dose not want the judge to rule against him in court it is an unethical action.

      “DA says judge isn’t ‘fair and impartial,’ steers criminal cases away from her”


      Also on the ethics of the Veterans Administration in this matter. The Portland’s VA Medical Center employs a program coordinator for the Veterans Justice Outreach Program who co-owns a business named BelKat Solutions, LLC. Needless to say that BelKat is making big money off this bullshit Veterans court scam. The ethical thing for the VA to do is fire her, arrest her, then prosecute her and every one connected to this scam.

      1. @Seymore Klearly: Man this makes my blood just boil!!!!!!! It should be legal, I repeat, LEGAL to hunt these SOB’S down and hang them from the nearest tree. Always some connection when you follow the money, and I am so tired of it always being at the expense of Veterans.

      2. Hell, even if you take Veterans out of the equation, these are the same assholes that could give a fuck all, who they hurt in the private sector as well. It’s all about their pocket books. VA, Big business, Big pharma, Big oil, Big fucking assholes!!

      3. @Seymore Kleary – – – My words could NEVER express the gratitude that I feel for your looking into this matter as deeply as you have.

        The only other person (other than Chong Hwan Kim) whom I could think of that would be more appreciative of your findings would be Jason A Phebus in Portland, OR  – – – who is a fellow veteran and coordinator of Chong’s Go Fund Me page.

        I can’t ask because I believe that I have already imposed enough this weekend . . .

        During my active duty tenure, I witnessed guys receiving medals for doing far less than what you have done.

        Thank You Sir.

        Disgruntled Veteran
        1973 – 1976 USMC
        1978 – 1993 USN
        Wounded Warrior
        Honolulu, Hawaii

  5. @cj – – – I haven’t seen any postings by Ex va. Have you heard from him?

    @James Clement – – – I hope that you and yours are doing fine, and not smothered by all the claptrap and twaddle that has been going on lately. How bout that nutty firebug, did you folks ever get that twit removed? With someone like that, and their life-threatening illegal behavior, its a wonder someone hasn’t tweaked her up a bit.

    @Crazy elf, after a bit of research, I’ve found the answer to the Pharmacy Technician question. And, Federal Law is involved, big time. Sorry, I can’t get into the details as of yet. After finding the answer, I can tell you that this may be a VERY big problem that may be occurring in VA Pharmacy’s. And, after I kept pushing my argument due to what I have discovered, which the VA doesn’t want to recognize, because they are putting a their spin into the mix. I don’t know all of my options yet. Will update if I can get my argument to become fruitful and stick like crazy glue.

    To All- You’d think that after all these decades of the VA being in the business of pain, PTSD, and rehabilitation, that the VA would have a better handle on these medical issues, and to treat Veterans in a proper and respected manner. As a Research Biologist, and with much thought and experience with the VA, there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that I can recommend anyone to be admitted to or get services from the VA.

    But like me and for the time being, if you have no other choice but to only receive services from the VA, I completely understand. And for some reason, the VA’s quality control of ANY type of supply from the VA’s Pharmacy, most likely has been effected by the method of “procuring products by the lowest cost to reduce expenses, no matter if the Pharmacy receives complaints about the items or not.”

    I cringe in my spirit when the only option, that is suggested in the comments, is to take a Veteran to the VA. I realize that there may be no other choice at first (like me) until things change. But dealing with this agency is NOT good for ones psychological health (and many of you know exactly what I’m talking about – – -> like when stress, a clusterfuck, or a covfefe, causes a new rant, which then can lead into a rage).

    And, the VA is very well aware of how these distressing incidents occur. Clean the VA up. It isn’t as hard to do as some has previously mentioned. One way or the other, there has to be a starting point with everything. You can’t get away from it. One of the best methods to use, and I use it often, is the diving plan. Plan your dive, dive your plan. Simple. I know that there will be kinks down the road when following through on a set plan. But then you just readjust, change your plan, and go back at it.

    Like President Trump jabs up China, to intervene with North Korea, we need to do the same with anyone that has influence, and to embarrass the VA by trying to bring public scrutiny against them. We can’t do it alone. In the past and still today, the VA has beaten down singular Veterans who have tried and those that succeeded, to do this in good faith.

    It is my hope, that what ever any of you folks are currently going through, that this too shall be removed from your life or for those in whom you love and care about. God bless y’all, and hopefully one day, someone will be given the authority, where they can have an impact in reforming and reorganizing the VA, and to make a difference that especially affects Veterans in a positive way. We’re well over do in having the VA overhauled. Keep that flame of change burning, and no matter what don’t give into these types of people.

    Next week or so, I should find out updated information on my situation with the VA. The more that they do their dirty work, makes me more determined to help Veterans in my own way. If I find out what works as I deal with the VA, I SURELY, with no hesitation, post my findings, results, and conclusions.

    I know that we all, in some way or another, contribute to change things in the second largest budgeted Federal Agency, the VA.

    I’m ready to set off some fireworks, M80’s, cherry bombs, MMJ bongs, etc.. Neighbors will most likely be calling the Poe-Poes. – – – Nutter.

      1. @cj – – – I was wondering how Ex is doing. Still on the Wire? Check main box. This week or next, things may be kicked up a lot more than one notch. Other things have happened. Can’t go into much detail. – – – Nutter.

  6. Seymore Klearly has run down a number of records pertinent to this kid’s case, then connected a few dots to arrive at the truth of this situation. 91Veteran asks some really good questions WRT the Deep State’s intentions.

    I asked Seymore “Knowing everything that you know now – – – Were this man’s fate strictly up to you, what would happen to him? ” Perhaps, a bit unfairly – – – as I did not share MY thoughts. Here they are:

    This young veteran grew up from small kid time in our country. He served our country, and like a lot of us who have seen war – – – he was negatively changed by it. He is not using his PTSD as an excuse for his behavior – – – but clearly the signs of PTSD causing irrational thoughts/behaviors in his life are there.

    Quite obviously, he needs treatment. Hopefully he will get what he needs.

    Were his fate strictly up to me, this is what i would do:

    1. STOP deportation proceedings IMMEDIATELY.

    2. Get him the psychological treatment he needs. He will still have to deal with his criminal charges, but will do so as the AMERICAN that he is. We do not deport AMERICAN VETERANS simply because they are an “inconvenience” to the US Government – – – or a thorn in one of our Politico’s side who is looking to conduct “Social Experiments”.

    3. The US Government will be required to acknowledge him as the AMERICAN he is, then treat him accordingly.

    Possibly further jail time may be warranted in this case – – – but DEPORTATION should be COMPLETELY off the table.

    It is most interesting to me how the government is making a mountain out of a molehill with this. Far more serious cases out there for them to place a higher priority on. . .

    1. I here ya JC and agree deportation should be stopped until an independent, thorough review takes place.

      Even then, if his parents were here legally, which they were, I would be strongly leaning against deportation.

      If you look through some immigration law, it is similar to VA law. Confusing, complicated and designed to employ lawyers or activist groups. I would bet his parents likely never knew they had to take additional steps for him to become a citizen. Then again, perhaps he knew when he joined the military, or any of a number of other problems. Without more detail, it’s hard to say why they decided to deport him, and not someone like Obama’s aunt living in public housing.

      I still would like more detail on the attempted arson charge, and the possession of an explosive device charge. When you look at what he was charged with, and what he was convicted of, it really does look like a prosecutor piling on to insure a conviction on something.

      I’m also curious if he was even aware of possible deporworkers.if he was convicted of a felony. Did he not know, and some public defender convinced him to plead to a lesser charge?

      I cannot believe the conviction was that strong to begin with if he was convicted recently and not in prison still. His sentence is likely completed if they are moving to deport since there are many other illegals in US prisons, and I don’t believe they deport until their sentence is complete.

      Regardless. Think of how fucked up our imigration is when this guy can face deportation, when at the same time H1-B visas are given out like candy to those taking jobs from US workers. Like at the VA.

      1. @James Clement @91Veteran – – – Yep, if Immigration Law is like the VA, you know its messed up. Did you folks ever read how Lawyers came to be? It quite interesting.

        Talk about a tight bunch that when they can make laws to serve themselves, they will. Back in the early 90’s, I set up a home office for dual purposes; Utility Bill Auditing and Paralegal Services.

        I had the support of many for Paralegal Services, but the State Attorney General, that was another story. I received a call from the AG, he told me that if I started a Paralegal Business, that he would kick me up on the docket when going to court. Other Attorneys in my area got wind of what I planned to do. They called the AG’s Office and complained.

        We worked on the home office for over a month. I even had a PC Supplier give me a deal when we purchased three (386’s). Remember those CPU’s. We even had a modern telephone system.

        I installed the board. The board itself was $1000. That was a lot of money back then, especially for a part-time college student who filled his gut with Ramen (Saimen) noodle with veggies, avocados, papaya, mango, and sea food (the raw kind; black a’ama crab, tuna (ahi) , mussels).

      2. @91Veteran – – – You bring up a good point when you correlate Immigration Law to VA Law. Both are (your words) confusing, complicated and designed to employ lawyers or activist groups.

        I completely agree. Let me use your point as a springboard to dive into some deep water . . .

        When ANY citizen of our country goes before a court, “Ignorance of the Law is NO excuse” is the underlying presumption. Therefore, no matter how major or minor the crime – – – you can (most often are) be penalized for not knowing what you do not know.

        Many of us were raised by our parents to “do the right thing”. Which means that a lot of us do not murder our fellow citizens, rob the local bank, etc. It is a moral code ingrained into us from small kid time. And within the construct of that code, a lot of us live our entire lives without being charged by society with criminal behavior. Does that make us model citizens? No. It simply means that we did not go out of our way to cause trouble for society at large, or were fortunate enough to not get caught when we broke some minor rule.

        Yet, our laws have become so complex that I daresay – – – each of us, no matter how attentive to their personal behavior – – – breaks at least one law every so often, and probably does not even realize that they are doing so. Why? Because we are not all lawyers, judges, nor students of the law . . .

        And THAT is a major problem within our nation. We have Tax Laws on the books that even Tax Attorneys cannot understand. We have criminal laws on the books that some Criminal Attorneys cannot understand.

        These laws are constantly being updated and revised – – – which leads to confusion and uncertainty among the general populace. It also allows our politicos to duck being held accountable for their actions.

        At some point, this nation needs to get off this madness train – – – and get back to simpler laws that EVERYONE can understand, without requiring millions of specialists to explain, interpret, and enforce them.

        A good start would be the return of Civics Classes in our schools . . . teach the kids what is expected of them in society from day one, and you will have a lot less criminals as adults . . .

        Whoops! Forgot where I was going with the rest of this. I am sure you get the idea, though.

        Peace, Brother!

      3. JC, my reasons for saying immigration law is a confusing, complicated mess are personal.

        My wife and I adopted our daughter from overseas when she was 13 months old. She is 19 now. I did not recall anything we had to do further for her to be considered a US citizen other than lots of paperwork when we first came home.

        I did some searching, and what law is followed depends on which country they came from, but even then, the law has changed over the years, so from what I read, I would have no clue.

        I am sure the law is different for this veteran, but just as complicated a mess.

      4. I sure hope you don’t have to do anything further 91, all this stuff is crazy, even with this Veteran, WTF? His parents are LEGAL, I honestly don’t get what the issue is. Sounds to me like someone is trying to say when he reached a certain age, no matter that his parents followed immigration laws and are indeed legal, that there is some other requirement that was placed upon a 5 year old? How in the hell?

      5. The only thing I can guess at CJ is that his parents may have been here legally as permanent resident green card holders, and may have never become citizens.

        This guy grows up also as a permanent resident green card holder and never became a citizen.

        Nothing else makes sense.

      6. @91Veteran: Then I revert to my original post, he signed the dotted line, wore the uniform, and was in battle for this country, In my mind, that makes him every bit an American as I am. That being said, and what Seymore has been posting about this young man, and your question as to if there is an ulterior motive, since as you said, surely there are more egregious cases then this.

        I don’t trust the people who have, and continue to, fuck my life over, further than I can throw the planet Pluto.
        Something isn’t right in this case.

      7. @91Veteran – – – ” what law is followed depends on which country they came from, but even then, the law has changed over the years, so from what I read, I would have no clue. I am sure the law is different for this veteran, but just as complicated a mess.”

        I knew you would understand. Thanks for sparking my brain. Precisely the point I wanted to make – – – It is not one clear procedure that all can understand. You come from Japan? Procedure A. Germany? Procedure B. Phillipines? Procedure C plus first 3 items from A AND last four from B. And on and on.

        It needs to be more easily understandable for all folks that want to immigrate to these shores. Plus it would be a good subject for most Americans to have a good working knowledge of.

        Personal experience always seems to be the best teacher. Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself as well. Good of you and Mrs. 91 to reach out to give a child a good home they might otherwise not have had.

      8. James Clement………Personal experience always seems to be the best teacher…..A better statement has never been said

      9. Well, call me CRAZY but I will always (until proven bullshit) believe a veteran’s story as relates to their life. My own experience with my government has taught me many things, that had someone else told me twenty years ago – – – I would probably not have believed. Learned a wee bit since then.

        Guys like you, Windguy, Seymore Klearly, 91Veteran, CorpsmanUp!, Jo3n, cj, ANutterVet, Namnibor and a few others who escape my mind ATM are guys that have helped to show me that I am NOT alone in my dealings with the Evil Empire.

        Helps to keep me breathing . . .

      10. James …..Yea, it kind of helps to know your not the only one that’s getting fucked…Now I know, it’s there M.O..LOL…….I don’t let it bother me anymore….I’m never mad at anyone I just express my opinion that’s all it is… At least I got half of my brain back, being off of damn pills…LOL…BUT NEVER GIVE UP ON THE FIGHT

      11. Happy U.N.-Dependence Day! – Governmental Services Corporation Watch

        The American Sovereignty Experiment only lasted 7 years until King George “won.” In December 1800, the United States of America was first incorporated. It had several iterations before it went bankrupt under President Lincoln, the First Temple Crown BAR Attorney to ever be president. He was apparently murdered for issuing his own debt called Greenbacks. JFK was also apparently murdered for going against the City of London Debt as Money Franchise as well.

    2. Some veterans don’t know they have ptsd and just wonder why they are doing things they do.

      It does not help when the va denies veterans their disability, without a service connected disability, no treatment !

      Employees enjoy the bonus money to much, to care about others !

      1. @James Gallegos – – – Yes Sir. You are might correct. In my own case, I was VERY fortunate. Only went undiagnosed for about two years. Was given some very questionable treatment, but managed to stay out of jail. And got enough space to (partially) find my own way (partly) back. Still trying to make it the rest of the way. . .

        Were it not for the grace of the Universe – – – I could very easily be Chong Hwan Kim.

        Any one of us Veterans could.

  7. I know that Sur Vato 13, Mexican gangs, wear their life in ink. It’s not that difficult to tell. They are the largest gang in North America. Getting rid of them should be a priority. They are responsible for most of the illegal drugs coming in. They trade for guns, and take those out. Book em President.

  8. I’ve lost count of endless news stories about people who not only came here illegally, but committed crimes that range from DUIs, rapes, sexual assault, drugs, etc. Oh, and even “if” they get deported, come back again and again. At no time those people reform. THOSE type of people need to be nailed to the wall – not a veteran who has PTSD.

    But yes, guaranteed no VA and/or pro-bono attorneys will be jumping at the opportunity to represent a veteran. Shoot, to liberals and democrats, a veteran would be a traitor to them and their cause. They only live to weaken our military and turn our military to a social experiment for so-called underrepresented groups in our society (i.e. women, transgender, etc.).

    I pray someone steps in and does the right thing. Where’s Shulkin now with his proposal to provide veterans ‘rehabilitation’ and ‘recovery’ instead of disability payments????!!!!

    1. ThisVet2017, with everything that has happened politically over the past 20 or so years, the cynic in me wonders if this vet is a setup.

      Are there those in the deep state looking for guys like this vet to deport so people would be outraged garnering sympathy for other illegal aliens? Are they looking to set a precedent or overturn some law?

      Given the facts so far, I still don’t have a solid opinion that this guy should be deported given his service, but it would not surprise me if this guy was sought out as a way to set a precedent for only illegals convicted of murder to be deported.

      Why else would they go after him when there are still many thousands of more serious cases to get?

      1. @91Veteran: 91, what you said makes an awful lot of sense. What you, Seymore, elf, and others bring to bear, is a perspective, that would never have crossed my mind otherwise. Thanks again for keeping me on my toes.

        Damn rat infested government !!!!! Always something with these bastards.

      2. Cj, I may be way off base, but with the crap we’ve seen in government just in the past 10 years, it would not surprise me.

        It’s like the lawyers setting up shop in airports after the travel ban went into effect. A solution in search of a problem.

  9. Buzz Aldrin Applauds As Trump Signs Space Council Executive Order …ASTRO-NOT is more like a drunk twitching for his bottle…LOL…outer space is only in your head..he took a trip and never left the launch pad..DRUGS..LOL
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    Yea, to think I used to be-lie-ve all that BS too …..Just research it real good

  10. Arrest Record: Description, Statute, Level, Date

    Burglary in the First Degree 164.225 Felony Class A 01/09/2013
    Theft in the First Degree 164.055 Felony Class C 01/09/2013
    Robbery in the Third Degree 164.395 Felony Class C 03/11/2013
    Assault in the Fourth Degree 163.160(2) Misdemeanor Class A 03/11/2013
    Attempt to Commit a Class A Felony 161.405(2)(b) Felony Class B 02/11/2016
    Attempt to Commit a Class C/Unclassified Felony 161.405(2)(d) Misdemeanor Class A 02/14/2016
    Unlawful Possession of a Destructive Device 166.382 Felony Class C 02/14/2016
    Harassment 166.065(3) Misdemeanor Class B 02/11/2016

    Conviction Record

    07/30/2013 Plea
    Robbery in the Third Degree Guilty
    Sentenced to 3 years’ Probation

    07/30/2013 Plea
    Burglary in the First Degree Guilty
    Sentenced to 3 years’ Probation
    Sentence include restitution to Victim of $500 and additional restitution of $2,682.39

    07/01/2016 Plea
    Attempt to Commit a Class A Felony Guilty
    Attempt to Commit a Class C/Unclassified Felony Guilty
    Sentenced to 12 months County Jail
    Comment by the Court: Defendant may be released early for in-patient treatment.
    Remand Time Served Additional Probation Sentence to 3 years’ Probation

    Source: Oregon Judicial Department on Line Search at: “”
    Case Numbers 130331489, 16CR08560, 130331309

    Name on Case: Chong, Hwan Kim

    1. In all honesty. After reviewing the Oregon laws involved and the manner in how he was charged in 2013. It seems that he may have been repo-ing a car and the DA stacked charges against him on. With the $500 restitution to the Victim was likely to cover the Victims deductible from his insurance company. The additional restitution of $2,682.39 was order to be paid to State Farm Insurance.

      The 2016 Charges may be as a result of burning the stolen car back in 2013. The additional charges coming after court action against him for failing to pay the restitution just prior to the 2016 charges being paid.

      1. Sorry the “just prior to the 2016 charges being paid.” Should read just prior to the 2016 charges being filed.

      2. @See Most Klearly – – – BOOM! As usual, your persistence and “curiosity bug” infestation leads to the uncovering of the truth.

        Knowing everything that you know now – – – Were this man’s fate strictly up to you, what would happen to him?

    2. Fine, now find out if the va denied him treatment when he needed it the most. !

      There are hundreds of veterans that were refused treatment and have had trouble with the law, to the fault of the va.

      Va loves to use this against veterans. !

      Could be a possible threat !

      I was arrested too, due to the va refusing treatment to a soildier that was shot in the head. !

      Only after hiring a lawyer like Ben, did I get treated and have not had been in trouble ever since. !

      Look me up and I will tell you if it actually happened. !

      Better yet look up each employee and post it. !

  11. “Soldier For Life”, he is first a Soldier …a disabled vet. He wasn’t trying for any HANDOUTs or to steal any thing if he joined without being forced, if fact, he was probably assured that like many other throughout US history he would be assured citizenship if he joined. With or without war. If he suffers PTSD, classify him as a vet with a SCD needing treatment. He needs to get out of confinement to get the treatment he needs for his SCD.

  12. (OFF TOPIC) On the usage of the word S-N-O-W-F-L-A-K-E.

    Though snow has long been a feature of the natural world in some climes at some times, current available evidence of the word snowflake dates it only to the early 18th century. Flakes and crystals of snow existed long before then, of course, but they were known by such charming words as flother and flaw and flaucht.

    Those words fell out of use while snowflake settled into the lexicon with its hushed and lovely literal meaning. In recent times, though, the word has been causing a ruckus. It’s developed a new and decidedly less pleasant use as a disparaging term for a person who is seen as overly sensitive and fragile. In the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. elections it was lobbed especially fiercely by those on the right side of the political spectrum at those on the left. And the snowball fight has continued since.

    There were glimmers of this use in the decade and a half that preceded that election, but the meaning at first was a bit softer, referring mostly to millennials who were allegedly too convinced of their own status as special and unique people to be able (or bothered) to handle the normal trials and travails of regular adult life.

    That use very likely has its genesis in Chuck Palahniuk’s 1996 cult-favorite book Fight Club, in which a member of the anti-consumerist Project Mayhem tells the other members:

    “You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everyone, and we are all part of the same compost pile.”

    In the 1999 movie adaptation the lines go like this:

    “Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not the beautiful or unique snowflake. You are the same decaying organic matter as everything else. We are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. We are all part of the same compost heap.”

    Palahniuk was hardly the first person to use the metaphor. It’s the stuff of self-help books and inspirational posters and elementary school assurances. The imagery before negation is lovely; we are each unique snowflakes, each worth treasuring because each is uniquely beautiful. Palahniuk’s denial of the individual’s snowflake status struck a chord.

    It’s not the first time snowflake has veered from the natural world to the world of slang. In the 1970s snowflake was a disparaging term for a white man or for a black man who was seen as acting white. It was also used as a slang term for cocaine. But before either of those it was used for a time with a very particular political meaning.

    In Missouri in the early 1860s, a “Snowflake” was a person who was opposed to the abolition of slavery—the implication of the name being that such people valued white people over black people. The Snowflakes hoped slavery would survive the country’s civil war, and were contrasted with two other groups. The Claybanks (whose name came from the colorless color of the local terrestrial clay) wanted a gradual transition out of slavery for slaves, with eventual freedom accompanied by compensation to slave owners; the Charcoals—who were also called Brown Radicals—wanted immediate emancipation and for black people to be able to enlist in the armed forces.

    The available evidence suggests that this particular use of snowflake never moved much beyond the borders of Missouri or the era.

    What remains to be seen is whether or not the recent use of snowflake will be similarly short-lived. We’re betting the use isn’t as unique as that.

    Source: Merriam-Webster.

    1. @James Clement: Whoa there buddy, are you saying I’ve been getting “flaucht” every winter? OMG, history really does repeat itself. I feel so…………………………………………dirty now, all those years getting “flaucht” upon.

      1. @cj – – – Guess I am. All I can say is GUILTY AS CHARGED. Shoot me at sunrise.

        Seriously though. It has always amazed me how American English “morphs” over the years. My wife uses the term “Snowflake” quite a bit to describe certain folks around our condo complex – – – and I cannot remember a day for the last year that I have not others use it on the street.

        I personally never actually – – – only inferred – – – knew the meaning of the word. As a high school dropout who later got his GED – – – I became infected with the “curiosity bug”. So I decided to look this up after reading Robert Hadley’s comment about “The term originated in Germany. Germany soliders would stand near ovens and as ash fell from they would say ‘little snowflakes’ .”

        Thought I would share what I had found with the group. None of us here should ever be too old to learn. And I find it interesting.

        Since American English DOES morph – – – if I am real nice to mama today, wonder if I might get flauchted tonight? Been a while . . .

      2. @Janes Clement: Always a good read “real history” no matter the written word, or events. Truth and humor, always a good match, can never have too much of either.

      3. @James Clement: LOL, Whatcha talkin about Willis?

        Oh Hell no, I was complementing you. I would never come near you with sharp object, I know better!!!!

      4. @cj – – – LMFAO !!! I knew what you meant. What you typed though, gave me a hell of a good chuckle. No worries. With my Peripheral Neuropathy – – – I sometime mis-strike keys as well.

        Most times, it does not alter the post to where folks cannot understand what I intended to say. But every once in a while . . .

        This one was FUNNY.

      5. And with that, I’m going to exit stage right.

        Later Gators -!¡¡!- have a great day.

    2. @James Clement – – – Yep, snowflake has different meanings through the times. I mentioned that in an earlier post, but James Clement put it to rest. DONE! Lets move on.

      1. By stating “an earlier post,” I meant back when we had a good and tempered discussion about this very same thing; definition(s) and usage of the term referred to as snowflake.

      2. @ANutterVet – – – I believe you. How much earlier, (Chuckle) ??? Don’t remember. How far back in Big Ben’s articles do I need to go to find and re-read it? Best guess. TBI is an interesting mistress for sure.

        Used to follow and save all the e-mails from this site – – – but in less than 6 months that archive grew to 40+ Gigabytes as you folks can really POUND THEM OUT, LOL !!!

        So I quit, cause I need the space for other things . . .

        Happy 4th Nutter, you Kolohe Veteran you !!!

      3. @James Clement – – – Don’t know for sure. CJ may know. It was a heated discussion. If I recall correctly, I believe that Lem was stating the same about the Germans using snowflake. Dag nab, I wish I could remember. If I remember, I’ll drop you a post. PTSD has escalated. I had this all under control before. VA BS – – – Nutter.

      4. @ANutterVet – – – Sorry to hear about the PTSD escalation. Don’t worry about the other thing. Maybe I missed it, or maybe I just forgot. TBI is an interesting mistress. Take care of your PTSD.

      5. You are so right about tbi, it’s sort of scary. I hate it when my kid’s say dad do you remember such and such and I can’t. !

        Will the va ever understand. !

  13. I read today where HIG capital, bought NCI INFORMATION SYSTEM. HGI has mucho money investigated in BIG PHARM. NCI has access to many Government agencies and many military bases around the United States. Just don’t sound right

  14. Sounds like he’s one of many Veterans who goes through his life after the losses with a big Fuck it, or what’s the use.. I’ve known too many. Throw him in jail, rehab, and get VA involved. We don’t deport our own.

    1. @Jo3n – – – Precisely. Bravo Zulu. He may not be an Angel once everything about this story shakes loose. But he is ONE OF US. We deport him today, and in five years we will be deporting any veteran who is deemed a criminal by the government. For the convenience of the government.

      THAT would be a very bad road for this nation to begin to travel. Best it is nipped in the bud now.

  15. ID 10 Tango control measure

    Grab an MRE Heater.
    A lighter.
    An 1/8th oz. Tabasco Sause.
    1/4 cup water.
    Mix T sause and water.
    Cut MRE heater bag 3 inches from the top, add water/t sause to 3in bag and SEAL with lighter.
    CAREFULLY set the 3 inch bag inside of the other portion of the MRE heater bag.
    SEAL with lighter.

    Holding the sealed edge, toss into any area with people you don’t want there.

  16. He served, treat him as a citizen. VA could’ve dropped the ball. And, if VA did, I’m not surprised, not the first time. Don’t forget, if VA drops the ball, its still your problem, and in the VA’s mind, its your fault. But if not, like I said, treat him as a citizen. Got to go to court, no pass go, no collect $200. And, talk to the judge. But, when the Federalies are looking for the numbers, you’ll be counted.

  17. I dunno. After reading Ben’s article and the linked article, there are still too many unanswered questions for an opinion on e way or the other.

    Both articles say his parents emigrated here legally when he was 5. Is there a requirement that such a person would have to take other steps to become a legal citizen once he turned 18? If so, did he take them?

    I had believed for years the military had a fast track program for non-US citizens to become US citizens if they served in the US military. I recall serving with a Korean who passed his citizenship test while on Active Duty in the late 1980’s. Has something changed?

    Neither article states when his period of service was in Iraq. He was convicted in 2016, but if his period of service was 2005, then is PTSD being used as an excuse? Those he served with him corroborate his experience, so it is doubtful, but more details on his service and his PTSD would help. Anyone who has gone to the VA could certainly see him being turned away for help with all kinds of bullshit excuses, but how does PTSD cause one to commit arson? Or attempt it anyway. And what is attempted arson anyway? Having a campfire in an unauthorized area and some prosecutor going nuts over it?

    Regardless of any of it, I think ICE has many more illegal aliens that brought a load of dope over the border last week that they could go after.

    Such as the 3 losers who tased and raped a mother in Georgia.


    1. @91Veteran- “[…but how does PTSD cause one to commit arson? Or attempt it anyway. And what is attempted arson anyway? Having a campfire in an unauthorized area and some prosecutor going nuts over it?…]”

      Attempted Arson: To think about starting a fire bad enough to cause one to wet their jammies. I also realize this is first time in my life to type that word ‘jammies’. However, my fingers are not on fire. Yet.

      1. Nam, I still wonder if it was the prosecutor who wet his jammies, but that depends on the full story. His list of charges is certainly long, and spans multiple court cases, so it’s not like all those charges were plead down to one conviction on attempted arson.

        Given it’s Portland, was he a part of a riot somewhere?

  18. @All: Folks, I have to apologise, I think I started this shit slinging cluster fuck, with my first post. Let me try to get it back on the correct rails.

    We were asked: What do you think of this detention and potential deportation of an Iraq War veteran with PTSD who already paid his debt to society for his crimes

    The facts are:

    His family immigrated here LEGALLY, when he was five years old.
    That would make him an American citizen. End of debate, as far as legal/illegal goes.

    As for my comments about illegals, and wanting my damn government to enforce the damn law? That still stands, but has no place in this discussion, for that, I apologise. It wasn’t my intention to highjack this thread.

    I am tired, in a great deal of physical pain, and bid you all a great night, before I say something else I probably shouldn’t say.

    Later Gators -!¡¡!-

    1. @Namnibor – – – Fortunately, I have the GOOD sprouts from Brussels steaming in my vegetable cooker today. Using the Birds-Eye’s – – – rather than the Vaughn brand.

    1. Jo3n ….that’s a good story….I think that’s all it was, A story..LOL

  19. We are all from somewhere else. . After retiring in 2004 ( enlisted 1966) I went back to university . In 2012 received PhD in American history. Present day immigrants are far better then those in the past. Two generations now and full integration. In past it took three just learn English. Italians three generations, Germany’s three and Irish had the worst time, gangs ruled there communities and were hated. Last place to integrate schools were Irish area in South Boston. That wasn’t till 1979!
    After age 60 one can go to a state university free, try it. I had do it apron retirement or would never been done.

    1. I disagree….. Italians three generations..well I am first generation born here, and i can speak Italian, and Slovenian, every one of my brothers and sister are college educated and we didn’t have a special class like they do nowadays for the kids that can’t speak English…..It’s the parent’s fault for that ….I’m the only black sheep.
      ….. state university free…so you can regurgitate something that got regurgitated to them and on and on and on. By the way what’s it doing for you nowadays..can you use it in every day Life… no thanks I would rather live and learn as I need to..and I can still use what I have learned every day…..And I’m not arguing I’m just stating my facts …And yes my parent’s both got their citizenship

    2. Robert Hadley, oldmarine is right.

      and plenty of us do not believe in what is being taught in schools. all of them. pre k – university. it’s all one big fat lie.

      just like your story about the ashes from the ovens and the german soldiers. not one photograph has ever been authenticated to show any gassings or gas chambers. no gas chambers proven fact.

      enough BS propaganda. enough lies.

    3. @Robert Hadley:
      “In 2012 received PhD in American history.” <———–Thinks "snowflake" is in some history book somewhere, and refers to the flesh of burning Jews. Nice libtard talking point exposed for the hoax it is. Don't forget to add an "a" between received, and PhD.

      "In past it took three just learn English." <——————————-Is that the English you learned at the University?

      "I had do it apron retirement or would never been done." <——Lot's of us wear an apron, some damn fine cooks on this blog. Remember, you have to warm up the over, before you put in the meat.

      Let's get this correct, you have a problem with the term "snowflake" have no clue it has NOTHING to do with Nazi's, is in ZERO history books. You have no problem, demeaning other nationalities. One hell of a university you attended, sure glad you attended free, because personally, I would have demanded my money back, with a cracker jack edumacation like that.

      Here comes Suzy Snowflake
      Dressed in a snow-white gown
      Tap, tap, tappin' at your windowpane
      To tell you she's in town

      1. I will correct myself for you. warm up the oven, not “over”

        See? even I make mistakes, and I never attended a university.

        hmmmm,, wonder if that mistake was really a mistake? What ya think RH?

  20. He has been here since he was 5 years old. How come he didnt ever apply to becone a citizen?

  21. @Ricky Vaughn, So just immigrants of color? I’m going make a guess… you are White. What happened to all are created equal? Especially true with the Veterans I know. Are you a Veteran? If so, bet you aren’t a war Veteran.

  22. No mercy for any illegals of any color at this point.

    Pay the fees, do the paperwork, be a responsible adult and good citizen and 99/100 of these people would not be in the positions they are in now.

    ALL IMMIGRATION needs to stop for 30 years. in 1965 our government betrayed us. The phrases, “Somali communities in Maine and Minnesota” should not exist.

    All you Oathkeepers are nothing but weak willed Boomers. A constitution is nothing but a piece of paper, THE PEOPLE are what makes a NATION.

    1. Ricky Vaughn – – – Get some reading comprehension, Dumb Fuck. You can not expect a five year old child to know whether his immigration paperwork is correct or not. The father was a LEGAL IMMIGRANT. The son is a Combat Veteran who is quite clearly suffering from major PTSD due his service.

      And that remark about color? Garbage. No human being on earth ever has – – – and probably never will get to choose the color of their skin pre-birth. So to hold something against someone that they were given no choice about is JUST PLAIN S-T-U-P-I-D.

      As was your comment.

      1. @Bill – – – Sorry about your “Tokyo Rose”. I was at MCAS Futema ’74 – ’75. I am painfully aware that AO and AP were stored all over the island. Camp Hansen, Camp Schwab, Kadena, Futema – – – ALL had it stored at those facilities.

        The Japanese and Ryukyuan people are STILL dealing with the mess today.

        Our government which preaches honesty seems to be somewhat lacking in it. Sad and shameful.

        Prayers for you and your Rose.

    2. @Ricky – – – Dam Ricky, since you don’t know the difference between Mercy and Vetting, I’ll make this short. Ok . . .

      So above is what you’re full of dam the difference from the many kind that served. Get it? If it were, these families would most likely, be forced by your family, to pay a sort of back alley fee to enter the US, and then take 50% of their pay, so that you can have pseudo-Mercy, -Love, -Compassion, while you go to the other Countries, and in your thinking, to enjoy the lacked laws and civil protection of the local citizens, and then take advantage of them as well.

      Trace your roots and head on back to your own. And puleese, take advantage of the GI Bill and get edumacated. Your way of base, way of base. PEACE MOTHER FUCKER – – – Nutter.

      1. Ricky, you get people to be amped up. The bead is on you. My first sentence should’ve been structured in way, to state that Righteous Ricky Rocks so much, that they clang of loud noises as he marches to his own beat . . . you Dirty White Boy. With your attitude and character, you kind of fit in a group that has the believe system that’re supreme, and better than those of toned colors. Ignorant, down right ignorant. VA type, fits snugly in mold. What branch accepted you?

    3. Ricky Vaugne,

      Firstly, you’re an idiot. Secondly, you’re an idiot. Thirdly, you’re an idiot.

      Once you experience combat, especially one you did not start personally, you change, whether you like it or not, and mostly for the worse, whether you can disguise it and appear “normal” good for you, but when, and not if it catches you off guard, and you were not warned that it was going to change you for the worse, you’re screwed.

      The government knows this, and they also know that it is very expensive to treat, and it is incurable, but manageable and treatable with a cocktail of VA experimental generic pills. You’ll be a dysfunctional zombie on meds, but manageable through treatment. If left undiagnosed and untreated, you will find yourself occasionally swamped with adrenaline, testosterone and the resulting troubles that follow in the worst places that you should not be behaving that way.

      Then of course, some “idiot” will say you are responsible for your actions and will be held accountable to the full extent of the law; in other words, blame the victim.

      What this veteran needs is treatment, and not punishment, even if the treatment is gotten in a penitentiary for his and the communities safety, which there is no current treatment being done in any penitentiary.

      Prisons are planned and built according to the statistics of the number of high school dropouts. The same can be said about the number of combat veterans, but nothing is said about it because who would send their child to come back as a mental casualty, guaranteed. That would be unpatriotic, which is why the filthy rich, affluent, political, and powerful get deferments for their children attending ivy league universities. Read the writing on the wall, smell the coffee, this has been going on for centuries.

      Case in point: during the civil war of 1861 to 1865, no ball player in any of the ivy league universities served, on either side. Apparently, sports is still more important today as it was then, but today we also include rappers.

      As to the immigration issue, while in boot camp, a white southern racist once told me to go back to where I came from, I told him that my people have been in what is now called San Diego County and all the way south to Ensenada, Mexico, known as the Kuumiay Nation for over 30,000 years. He then said “so you’re a native American Indian?”, I responded with no because prior to that idiot who got lost and mistakenly took the coast of Mexico as India back in 1492, the only Indians were in India, and Amerigo, who was a portuguese mapmaker named north and south America after himself. So no, I do not consider myself a native American Indian, but a native people of the Kuumiyay Nation. Six months later we arrive in Danang, VietNam with a welcoming committee of green communist tracer rounds coming up from the surrounding jungle canopy. By this time we were pretty good close friends as far as fellow Marines go. As our plane was canting to be a 90 degree turn, I could see he was shitting bricks, but as Marines go, he said “We’re here to fight for America!” He sounded like Lyndon Baines Johnson, even with that long southern drawl accent. I retorted his comment with “We’re going to save those people down there, all of them, even if we have to kill them.” I then looked at him and said “Don’t you wish you could go back to where you came from?” I could clearly and vividly remember his words of half a year ago before he even knew me. By this time he was sweating profusely, and the planes air conditioning was working fine, still. He looked at me and responded with a “yes, yes man.” I then responded right back to him and said “I mean Europe, where you came from, you illegal immigrant.” We both started busting out laughing because we knew death was imminently close by and the sarcasm and sick humor was rampant and all around. He was lucky, he bought the farm the first week, I had to endure 13 months of hell followed by 45 years of silent torment. With what I know now, I would have traded places with him 46 years ago. So you see Mr. idiot, survivor’s guilt was not a recognized mental illness in the DSM manual, so it did not exist and I would have been labeled a malingering faker. So, in essence, who should get deported, and who should get treatment? Asshole! Enya Ha!

      1. Francisco Briseno …..Very well explained ..BROTHER….And I liked the idiot, idiot, idiot, part too LOL

      2. @Francisco Briseno – – – Couldn’t of said it better. Even if I stopped taking my pain medication. Because I’d go straight into withdrawal. Now, how can I make fun out of my own situation that the VA has contributed too? It sick humor, and personally, I’m at the point, that I don’t care about how much embarrassment that I cause the VA. Their shit needs to be dumbed, and not in my household. Come get me, and now I’ll actually see how much whiter your face become whiter.

        Fucking Veterans Court is contaminated by the VA. If VA has problems doing what they’re supposed to do, how’re they going to work in the legal system? What a crock of shit. VA, stop taking advantage of Veterans.

      3. There we go again. Grammar mistakes caused by medication (its really age, but I don’t want to admit it).

  23. @cj, Namnibor, OldMarine, crazy elf, I agree with you guys. The most important issues here are that he served in the U.S. Military, fought for our country, and his parents came here legally over 30 years ago. The VA should step up to the plate to transition him from being held after ICE gets their evaluating or investigating completed directly to the VA for treatment. The VA does have specific Social Workers in these employment positions to transition veterans in the last 6 months of prison, jail, or being held wherever to the VA. The VA has programs set up for this. At least the VA where I am located does this or they have in the past few years. I have been out of the VA for over a year so I am not sure about how they are handling veterans with issues with the legal system. Yes, I am paying close attention to how these attorneys handle the IRAQ War Veteran –Mr. Kim.

  24. Thank you the post. I have been reading that the proposed Va Health care bill includes eliminating veterans from 100 percent unemployability. It seems to me that this is a trade off for veterans choice. The more on choice the more veterans hospitals they can close. That’s just my opinion.If this bill goes through it will effect many older veterans such as myself. To me this is not taking care of all veterans. What is your opinion on this, and what do you know about this bill?

    1. I am hoping those of us in the system will be grandfathered in, i know this does not help those not in the syem but it gives us tine to overturnexmd the baboons very bad idea.

      This money will be earmarked for billonaires i am just wondering how much more america will ride o. The vetetans back.

      We dix not start these fucking wars but as a community we sure are paying more than our fair share for them.

      Lets deport trump for high crimes and misdemeanors

  25. What we have here is a situation in which the US Government does not seem to know the difference between its ASS AND A HOLE IN THE GROUND.

    Mr. Kim’s father LEGALLY immigrated to the United States bringing his five year old son with him. Now that five year old son has grown up in America, served in her Armed Forces, and done his tour in Iraq. He is now in some serious legal trouble, and may be deported because the government fucked up their own paperwork nearly thirty years ago. This kid has been an American his whole life.

    What a stupid fucking system of government we have – – – that would allow this HORSE FUCKERY.

    Here is his Go Fund Me page. I will be contributing what I can. “”

  26. Kim is certainly no angel. His current arrest records for crimes connected to his current detention can be found at the following link. This does not include his full criminal record.


    1. He must have a drug problem with all those robberies…….As for the MANUFAC DEST DEVICE who doesn’t like to make shit goes BOOM…. LOL……I would still stand behind him only because he’s a VET and it’s not to late to change….

      1. @ OLMARINE

        The old cuckold boomer cries out in rage for the rights of a Korean as he ignores his white grandchildren and spends his children’s inheritance on an RV to travel a garbage nations his kin will inherit – that he ruined.

        Get your priorities straight old man.

      2. And I would have done the same for you ASSHOLE..And I don’t have any children or inheritance,..So your physic abilities and your crystal ball are both worthless ..So trash that career and go back to your mommies basement and play your video games….or go suck the stem end of a goats bladder, dick head
        and don’t worry I’m not mad at you little BOY, You want to talk shit so can I

      3. Ricky Vaughn ….I forgot you mentioned RV’S …Yea I did that for about 6 years in a freightliner ,peterbuilt and a kenworth, And fuck, the crazy part of it is, they paid me for it, GO FIGURE

    2. @Seymore Klearly – – – Seymore, I see what you showing, here’s what I’m interested in. If Kim’s full criminal record can be tracked back to his Military Experience. I don’t have the time to do research when my time is full. I hope Kim’s troubles can be targeted to his time served. Even though he was active duty, this would be a plus for those with more questions. For me, Kim is legal. A Country will never be able to give back as much as we have given, not ONE!

      POTUS, numbers and stats are not going to have your name engraved. It will be your heart, in how you deal with legal situations when they are, or close to the grey area, especially if it’s on the fence. And Kim’s, well, since I don’t have all the information, he still isn’t on the fence. He’s a citizen. Treat him like a citizen, and if the VA failed him in a way that affected his Behavioral Health, then hold them accountable.

      Dam it. This is simple. But please my great potus, keep making your cartoons.

      Dems want control of the Net more that POTUS mad the cartoon. Flip floppers too. All the same, different names. Like a boy and a girl. Except that they got together and created a Hillary. Oh no . . . don’t laugh with me, she’s trying to come back. We’ll see, hope not.

    3. I don’t know who decided it was a good idea to go to the media about his possible deportation and try to claim it was only for attempted arson, but he has several other serious felonies on his record that are worse than attempted arson. Downplaying or ignoring those other crimes is stupid since it is an easily found public record, as you were able to show.

      1. I stand corrected. He had other serious felony CHARGES. The link doesn’t say whether he was convicted of those.

      2. From there being only one arrest date it is likely that all of the charges are from the same incident and the DA was stacking charges to force a guilty plea for reducing the charges.

        But there is a mention of criminal and traffic charges else where but just unable to find them.

        He enter our country at the age of 5 from South Korea. It would have been hard for him to adjust in school. But clearly he overcame it and enlisted. If he had serious felonies on his record before the service they would not have let him join.

  27. Illegals Taking Over Our Country smfh, When most of you indirectly support Illegal Immigration by eating or supporting Allllll of those Resturants you go and eat at and Alllll of those Cleaning, Landscaping, Construction, Businesses that HIRE Illegals and come out to some of your Homes and You Just Scream at the Government. When its Clearly the Businesses Who Don’t Give a Fuck and Some of you Have Hired in the Past (hypocrites). You See Democrats Want the Votes, Repubs Want the Cheap Labor can’t have both but their Getting it since Ole Ronnie Reagan Opened Up the Flood Gates in the 80s. Id Say send the Guy to Treatment Court if they have it or get him some kind of help thru the VA or some organization there’s enough of those Bastards Collecting Checks in the Name of Free-dum.

    1. @MK: Hey dipshit, I grow my own damn food, don’t eat at restaurants, and do all of my own building, landscaping, and fucking cleaning. Don’t be including me in your ” most of you”, you don’t know fuck all about me, you pretentious asshole. See what it’s like when someone makes assumptions? Or are you really a pretentious asshole? Inquiring minds wanna know.

      By the way MK, please post your voting record, so I can properly place your share of the blame, for fucking this country up. Also to ass-certain your “Snowflakedness” level. Since you have chosen this route, post your nationality, and that of all family members. Your not the only one who can be a pretentious asshole…..

      Or you can simply fuck off!

      1. DAMN Cj I was going to say the same thing but decided to skip it… I grow my own damn food, don’t eat at restaurants, and do all of my own building, landscaping, and fucking cleaning. Don’t be including me in your ” most of you”, you don’t know fuck all about me…..can also include plumbing and electrical,welding car repair, lawnmower repair….and a half ass gunsmith…LOL

      2. @OLDMARINE: Lmaooo same here! OMG, your my doppelganger from another mother!

        Later Gators – !¡¡!-

      3. I married an immigrant 40.5 yesrs ago. A beautiful young lady i still refer to as my tokyo rose. Btw she is legal, but who cares at this point as our government and monsanto poisened her oh so many many years ago with AO. She gave me 2 beautiful intelligent daughters she raised okinawian style.

        Most men only can dream of having a woman like mine who allowed me to marry her and spend her life with.

        Please pray for us as she is slipping way from just a little more each day.

        Btw the shrink tells me yhat my ptsd has been triggered daily for the last 7 months because of her various deadly illnesses. I have no idea how i can continue with out her. Maybe i can be included in the daily 22 list after i loose her. God damnit i hate those fucking who did this to my bride.

      4. Immigrants, America is a nation of immigrants. The American Indian is the only true American and they were slaughtered and called savages. Savages, better look at history and see who the savages really were.

        These people are crazy and better understand that this country would not be No 1, without immigrants.

        Someone is full of Beans and spewing the after effects.

        Live is hard enough without having people thinking they are better that someone else. Don’t ever take your own life, a person might miss something great if they do this, tomorrow may bring something special and I’m sure your wife would want you to wittiness it.

        The real God is the answer, give him a try. Miracles happen everyday, were just to busy to notice !

      5. @james gallegos: James, I do not come from immigrants!!!!
        I just happen to really, really, like Italian food…..
        Okay, I lied !
        No, I really do like Italian food.
        Wait, what?

      6. Do you know what a snowflake is? The term originated in Germany. Germany soliders would stand near ovens and as ash fell from they would say ‘little snowflakes’ . If you had finished 7 th grade you know this.

      7. @Robert Hadley: If you had a fucking brain snowflake, you would realize just about everyone, except you, who did manage to finish the 7th grade I see, knows your little snowflake story has been proven false. Like to try again 7th grader snowflake fucker? Do a little googling, before posting your bull shit.

        Fucking useless libtards!

      8. Unfortunately confusing, many words are given different meanings per the time period, or era, or when snowflakes are in office, and when they get beat during an election.

      9. @ANutterVet,@James Clement: How are you guys? haven’t really talked with either of you in a while now.
        I know, I have a mean streak in me today, it’s personal, the reasons why.

      10. @Bill – – – I’m sorry my Brother for what your wife has to go through, and the unbearable pain that you, and your children are going through. I too am married to a Okinawan – Japanese. I know exactly what you mean, great support base. My second marriage, couldn’t have kids though, wished.

        I’m going through my own battle, only with an identity (VA), that shouldn’t be causing the things that they are causing. I will do what you ask.

        Bill, when I was able to get outside of my residence, my wife and I would visit the elderly. Does your wife respond to anything? Does she know that you or the girls are around? I ask because there is one thing that we found, and that is this, my wife and I would rub their heads, around the temples, and forehead. If your wife is able to express in any manner, you should see a little sign of relieve from rubbing her.

        I didn’t believe this when my wife first told me about this. The first time I seen someone respond, and she couldn’t even recognize anyone, talk, or anything, but when you rubbed her head, you could see and feel that she was more relaxed.

        During this time Bill, and I know its hard, be strong for daughters. Or, they may have to be strong for you. Depends on family dynamics. Take care of yourself too. – – – Nutter.

      11. @ANutterVet,@James Clement,@Bill: Nutter, Bill originally posted his story maybe a few months ago, he went into great detail then, left me speechless, so sorry for what he and his wife are enduring. I wish it wasn’t so. Bill is one hell of a guy, and has one amazing, lovely wife. Bless them both.

    2. MK what don’t you understand about ….Kim’s family immigrated from South Korea, legally…..the ones your talking about are illegal..And Yea I catch your drift on the other shit but they are not veterans…

      1. You said that straight “OLDMARINE!”
        “MK” must be one of those nasty
        “Radical Lib-turd Demoncrap asswipes” running around loose!

      2. Crazy elf …..I guess he missed a sale from a illegal …LOL…And buys and sells Chinese junk.

        i do alot of marketing and research on or in the internet marketing area, also promote and sell products in that industry.

      3. @cj All areas of in-laws, classmates, colleagues, or a associate or acquaintance that saves him money for some sort of product(s) or service(s).

        @OLDMARINE Who is Mark Swagerty . . . can’t remember seeing the name, but then again, can’t remember.

      4. ANutterVet …To the left of every one’s name like MK there’s a box that pops up sometimes, and that was written in there and it gave his full name.

      5. Yes my wife is alert somedays she is very slow mentally somedays not so much.

        A small update we were told she also has an auto immune decease unknown type.

        We were also told after you had 36 daily radiation treatments and wearing a chemo pump for 6 weeks she will need surgery to remove the tumor, but because og her very week heart there is a high probability she may die from or doing the surgery.

        I am sorry for dumping my problems on here.

        Thank you all for pitting up eith me.

      6. BILL ..they told me my mother had a weak heart when she was in hospice, they had her all pumped up on morphine, when they have a will to live, just watch that heart keep going, Don’t give up hope and stay strong..BROTHER

      7. @Bill: Bill, nonsense! Your not dumping anything, you just keep posting whatever you want to post. I read every word, and appreciate you taking the time to keep us updated.

      8. Sometimes we have to get things off our chest. You can say what ever u want. !

        Were here for anyone, veterans care about others, that’s why we are veterans.

        It’s never easy to see someone you love hurting and we veterans are trying to help other veterans and their family.

        Sometimes, we can only say a prayer and keep them in our ❤ !

      9. @Bill – – – We stand by our own. Keep posting whenever you want to or feel the need. Stay strong. We’re holding you folks up in prayer.

    3. MK, I agreed with your post up until the ignorant comment about Ronald Reagan.

      Go back and read the legislation he signed. Yes, he granted amnesty to many illegal aliens that he should not have, but it was in compromise with traitorous Democrats like that drunken Kennedy that included caps on immigration.

      Caps that Kennedy and other worthless Democrats insured never happened.

  28. I DO NOT like illegals taking over my country, and I DO want my country to FOLLOW THE LAW and remove ALL illegals. That being said, I have also always believed, that if you sign the dotted line, put on the uniform, and fight for this country, then you have EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE CALLED AND AMERICAN. Therefore I am in complete agreement with Jorgan Meyers.

    “If you’re willing to sacrifice your life potentially, if you’re willing to write that blank check, payable up to and including your life to the United States of America, I feel like you’ve earned the right to live in the United States of America,” Meyers said.

    As much as we would like to toss every single criminal out of the country, maybe to some deserted island surrounded by hungry sharks, or, perhaps, hungry hungry hippos? Just a thought, It isn’t how we operate. Let the man get the help he deserves, do his time, and let him be.

    Hey!!! Don’t you yell at me, it’s MY opinion.

    1. I agree to what “cj” said!
      That’s my opinion, as well. So don’t yell at me either!

      1. Cj….And I also agree with Cj ….and you can yell at me all you want…

    2. I agree with CJ as well Now, back to the incredibly inconvenient Summer cold from hell I awoke to at 02:33 today…mixed with allergies…not fun. Or…snot fun. 🙂

      1. No, but thanks for asking. I’m resting, maintaining fluid intake, and only thing that could remotely make this worse is a side order of explosive diarrhea and vomiting as seen in South Park episodes. 🙂

        Fortunately, I already had my Infectious Disease Spec. appointment scheduled for the 5th first thing in morning. My private PCP was fired by me when I absolutely needed to reschedule an appointment for 2nd time and each time was my father’s dying and my father’s funeral…the damn Dr. KNEW what I was going through but sent a letter stating if I miss ANY future appointment, even by rescheduling, I would be banished from their care!!! WTF?
        Mind you, I do NOT have a history of blowing-off Dr. appointments…he’s just being passive-aggressive and I need to find a new PCP….but with my very specialized chronic health issues, the infectious disease clinic can help me out properly without fear of retaliation.
        People can really suck canal water.

    3. I agree. He wrote the check with the amount left blank. He served in the Army, his butt was on the line. He has earned the right to be an American. I believe in strict enforcement of our laws regarding illegals. But, when they are allowed to serve, they earn their right to be here.
      Look at the number of Mexicans who have served honorably, got in minor trouble, were deported back to Mexico, and now can’t get the medical help they earned. A true disgrace!

    4. I agree as well. I’m a bit confused as to how he is “illegal” when his parents were here legally. At any rate, he of all people, should be allowed to stay! WTHeck?

  29. What the strap?

    (Story behind word ‘strap’ is long. Basically the va caregiver program told me I don’t qualify for help anymore but they’d provide straps for me to get out of bed, off the couch, and off the chair at my kitchen table.
    So, now instead of saying fuck or shit…it’s strap)

      1. Ben, so many veterans suffering from ptsd and refused treatment will have this happen ( problems with the law. )

        The va uses these problems with the law against the veterans and are considered disruptive or labeled as a possible risk to va employees.

        If the va would quit calling veterans fakers and adjudicated their claims and treat veterans, this problem would drop by a lot.

        They treat American veterans the same as this guy. ! They can not ship us off to another country, so they just punish them using the disruptive committee. !

        Treat veterans and a lot of problems would go away. !

        If the va could find a way to exile veterans, they would. !

        Something is going to happen in biblical proportions, some one said God is acting through Donald Trump. !

        Who’s. God. !

        Toooooo funnnny. !!!!!!

      2. Somewhere.
        Doesn’t matter though. None of the big six, no lawyers, or anyone that I can get ahold of are willing FIGHT the VA. I get told to just leave it alone.

      3. of course they said that, its not them that it effects ! get copies of your records, assemble them, look up regulations on the computer and write a letter will all evidence and send it to Secretary Shulkin, the white house, senate committee on veterans affairs and you senator.

        To many people state they did not know this was happening. Veterans must stop listening to people who don’t care and must leave a paper trail.

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