WHISTLEBLOWER: VA Doctors Scheming Against Veterans

VA Doctors

Benjamin KrauseOne VA employee is leveling huge allegations against Phoenix VA doctors who are apparently scheming against veterans to reduce appointments and workload.

The whistleblower’s name is Kuauhtemoc Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a former Army infantry officer who was repeatedly ignored by the Phoenix VA administration and finally reported the program to Congress and the media.


According to the Rodriguez, doctors at Phoenix VA medical center are blocking off open time slots to prevent veterans from scheduling appointments. This scheme is allegedly engaged in to keep the respective doctors’ workloads lighter than normal. The scheme is acutely problematic within the mental health division of the facility.

Rodriquez manages the scheduling staff, but his staff is unable to unblock large time slots that doctors block off without explanation. Veterans unable to access the doctors due to the scheme are then forced onto the electronic waitlist.

The Daily Caller explained the scheme as follows:

“Rodriguez noted psychotherapy physicians are putting a hold on large time slots and refusing to let staff unblock them, even though some veterans have languished for over 400 days waiting to see a psychotherapist. This process lets some doctors have between three to five hours of free time every single day by blocking off the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 1 to 4 p.m., according to emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.”

Rodriquez also points out that the high cancelation rate of 33% increases the amount of down time each doctor engaged in the scheme achieves:

“This process of blocking clinics to not see patients and then coupled with a high cancelled by clinic percentage for the providers can be interpreted as a gaming of scheduling for those areas in my opinion.”

How long will the Phoenix VA leadership be allowed to sink that Titanic? I thought they were already at the bottom, but apparently the failures, negligence and fraud is continuing.

Source: https://dailycaller.com/2016/03/09/phoenix-physicians-manipulating-scheduling-system/#ixzz42XiRMesS

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  1. BTW: Everyone is entitled to the G.I. Bill, DUMB ass, as long as they were honorably separated, which I was. What you call “medical treatment,” was actually endless waits for even critical procedures which were delivered with huge hostility and disrespect, and amounted to nothing less than ongoing and repeated failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, and medical malpractice! An example of this was my 1999 neck injury. I was scheduled for a January 2000 MRI, which I did’nt receive until until August of 2002, even though the injury occurred in December of 1999! By the time they diagnosed me, I had permanent calcification in my spinal column, and scoliosis.

  2. You are a piece of SHIT! You stil, have’nt identified yourself, and are apparently engaging in illegal tracking and monitoring of a citizen who has done NOTHING wrong, and violated zero laws in a society that has tried to defeat males in thousands of ways. and succeeded in MANY! Why do you think that men’s rights sites like MGTOW are by FAR the fastest growing on earth!? We have absolutely swamped the National Organization Of Women (a jewish sponsored hate group used to hate on men and drive a wedge between men and women) in education, brains, success, AND money! You better HOPE I don’t find out who you are, ASSHOLE! I will own you in court, you pervert! How is it that you believe that I received millions of dollars in benefits, ASSHOLE!? What I received was 40 years of waiting for service connected disability compensation that was repeatedly and illegally denied! You are the kind that waits expectantly at glory holes and frequents prostitutes, you piece of shit! I have NEVER done those things! I don’t know who you are, but you are breaking the law when you surveil innocent Americans who have broken ZERO laws, and should not be suspected of ANYTHING! Since WHEN did I become so important that the government feels an overwhelming need to spy on and LIE about me!? The Jungle Room And Safari Room were nondescript Long Beach bars that I was in a total of five or six times each while working for an attorney. Very sad that you are SOOO lacking and inferior in EVERY way that the best you can do in life is to try to live vicariously through me by illegally investigating things that are NONE of your business, like my sex life and businesses I have patronized! Is this the kind of “man” your parents raised, you Stalinist KGB reject! Suggestion: Why don’t you just blow your brains out, you huge waste of oxygen!

  3. rick lipary: 24 hour surveillance report out of long beach,calif. dated 1979 have you chain smoking & drinking coffee during the day at a restaurant[ the Copper Penny 600 block e ocean blvd] then drinking & SMOKING all night in dive bars in downtown long beach[Jungle Room&Safari Room-200 block long beach blvd].Another monitor report shows that since your separation from the US ARMY in 1972 you have received millions of dollars in benefits from the VA in the form of educational benefits,medical care and disability compensation.Despite of this you rant & rave against the VA benefits programs & medical care benefits.Recent monitoring of your online internet activity show filth ridden gutter language rants & raves on numerous web sites & that you are a frequent visitor to web sites for sex perverts.

  4. I see a Nurse Practitioner from Tomah VAMC who is working just 2.5 miles away from the Candy Mans new office and who is also connected to Winona State, where the Candy Mans new business is also connected, wrote an Opinion piece attacking Ryan Honl for speaking out for Veterans.


    “Tomah VA Nurse Writes Opinion Piece Attacking Noted Whistleblower”

    “Read more: “https://dailycaller.com/2016/03/11/tomah-va-nurse-writes-opinion-piece-attacking-noted-whistleblower/””

    Does anyone honestly believe the Candy Man isn’t still addicting Veterans for Research purposes at the VA? That he isn’t still pumping full of opiates and getting paid to do it by the VA?

    1. One more questions: How many VA employees like PAs and NAs that prescribe opiates are currently listing the Candy Man as the prescribing authority on any opiate prescriptions they write?

      1. @Melvin
        I read that article from “The Daily Caller News Foundation” over that asswipe “VA Nurse Kevin Schaller”, who by the way earns “…a six figure salary”!
        No wonder he wants to defend, albeit wrongly, the Tomah VAMC!
        The article isn’t, in my opinion, very flattering toward him as well.
        I believe this “slug” should be, at the least, put on administration leave, (without pay), for a lengthy period! Possibly even fired for “criminally attacking a Whistleblower” which is now illegal!
        Mr. Ryan H. (West Point Graduate) IS a hero for coming forward and bringing into the light the egregious acts committed against veterans at Tomah!

      2. Hey Elf,

        I fully agree with you!

        Also I want to point out that Marine Corps veteran Jason Simcakoski’s death wasn’t the Candy Mans murder by Tramadol.

        Read a prior paper titled: “Serotonin syndrome resulting from coadministration of tramadol, venlafaxine, and mirtazapine” published by the Candy Man.


        He murdered him because the Marine Veterans family was on the way to the hospital and they were very upset and going to get the Veteran out of there.

      3. Sorry that First Sentence above should read:

        “Also I want to point out that Marine Corps veteran Jason Simcakoski’s death wasn’t the time the Candy Man murder a Veteran using Tramadol.”

      4. Just to add to my statements above I would like to point out that Jason had been talking to the FBI regarding what was ongoing at Tomah shortly before he was murdered.

        Read: “Senate committee asking if FBI missed the call in veteran’s death at VA”


      5. @Melvin
        Seems the FBI & DOJ are too freaking busy to do their jobs!
        Murdering a vet seems to be “business as usual with VA employees!”
        And now this asswipe “AKA” the “Candy Man” is back in business to destroy other people’s lives, along with veterans!
        Maybe, someday he will be brought before a “Higher Court”. Where the punishment will be harsher than even he could imagine!

      6. @Melvin
        There’s a “related article” within the one on, “…if FBI missed the call in veterans death at VA”, you should read;
        “Related: Baldwin aide Breaks Silence, alleges senator engaged in cover-up”

        In my opinion, a “cover-up” WAS being perpetrated by a government official, or possibly many officials, over the deaths of veterans at Tomah VAMC! Yet, no one has been arrested, charged, tried and convicted – YET!

      7. “Bomb-sniffing dog discovers 2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland”


  5. I see a Nurse Practitioner from Tomah VAMC who is working just 2.5 miles away from the Candy Mans new office and who is also connected to Winona State, where the Candy Mans new business is also connected, wrote an Opinion piece attacking Ryan Honl for speaking out for Veterans.


    “Tomah VA Nurse Writes Opinion Piece Attacking Noted Whistleblower”

    “Read more: https://dailycaller.com/2016/03/11/tomah-va-nurse-writes-opinion-piece-attacking-noted-whistleblower/

    Does anyone honestly believe the Candy Man isn’t still addicting Veterans for Research purposes at the VA? That he isn’t still pumping full of opiates and getting paid to do it by the VA?

  6. The “new” system is covering up the malpractice and wrongdoing to establish an image of an “improved” VA, however the Veteran’s health and care is compromised in the “coverup” and they are dying and having surgeries and other treatments by u qualified doctors and given diagnosis and other greatments by doctors new to the system.

    The challenges we face as Veterans has nothing to do with “Rodriquez” and we got to stop trying to find heroes and get help to dying Veterans.

    The most disgusting part of this help being offered by other veterans is that don’t know the systemic problems which plague our system.

    Great blog, but in my opinion lacks the depth of knowledge needed to impact the root causes of our problems.

    1. Really Kathy,

      ” but in my opinion lacks the depth of knowledge needed to impact the root causes of our problems.”

      How many years have you suffered with your disability caused by the care received from VA Healthcare?

      Seems you do not have the knowledge or experience of most of us here. Just had to be blunt with criticism from a VA Hack. My knowledge and experience goes back 15 years since they ruined my life.

      1. Thank You Melvin. I couldn’t find the words to rebuke Cathy.
        My screwed up body and mind by VA goes back to at least 1982 – what 34 + years.
        For some reason some who come on here, don’t really understand the VA corruption!

      2. Thank You Retired Nurse

        The garbage they are pulling to elevate their status and enrich their pockets at the VA is causing some serious suffering harm and deaths of Veterans. While they go to parties at events like the link below to learn how further corrupt the VA health Care System.


        All on the backs of Veterans.

      3. Thank You Elf for backing me on this.

        In 1999, I fell into the VA HealthCare Trap after a minor accident and I trusted them to repair a tendon that had been damaged in the tip of my right thumb. I came out of the surgery and they told me that they had made a mistake and that they had started the surgery by cutting tendons in my wrist.

        They took away my ability to work just so they had a healthy body to use in more medical research and drug testing. When I didn’t go for it they pulled their PSY BullShit.

      4. Melvin, have you had problems getting documentation of the new illness or injury that you underwent as a result of your VA med care? It took me 22 years to get a C&P exam, even though I paid for numerous outside professional sessions, where they would write up what I’d been through and that I was credible and they were worried about that doctor still being turned loose on future veteran patients. And I’ve been screwing with them for 29 yrs and 8 months since this happened to me, and it cost me the ability to have my own children. But I’m interested in what you are undergoing. I know it impacts you and your family terribly. Grace and peace to you.

    2. Cathy, I appreciate your including the mention of malpractice early on in your Comment. I’d like for us to find a manner of keeping in touch with each other. Malpractice and intentional tort on the part of a VA doctor ruined my life, no kidding.


    1. James, a little levity here. When I eyeballed your comment, the first thing I saw was “BU” and I braced myself, thinking you were going to say “BUNK” and be a denier of the foibles in the system. I cannot stand it that the taxpayers have no idea what’s being done in their name. I am not going to bother you with details, but there is something medically that I need, I had a consult for it in 1993 and in the past 3-4 years I’ve had two more, they’ve been denied. I’ve been bothering US-H Dr. David Shulkin’s office since November, more denials. What I’m asking for is purely HUMANE, considering what the VA has verifiably done to me, and I would like for a VA clerk to be sent out and poll 8-10 people on the street, tell them what I’m not being given and briefly identify what category of illness I’ve suffered thanks to the VA, and ASK THEM AS TAXPAYERS whether I should be getting what I need, on their behalf. Take care.

  8. The V.A. F&$#%K me over so bad in there so called mental health scam I never got another appointment from them so I just left the whole system. I guess they think because you have mental health concerns that you do not have physical concerns. I have both and i am not being treated for either. No one at the V.A. has called me. The V.A. is run by the president and I think there end game is to put the American veteran in the same position as the other socialist countries where you wait in line like all the others. Just in America it will be with this crap of a health care that they have forced on us. FORCED ON US!!. BE NOT DECEIVED ABOUT THE TIMES YOU LIVE IN. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL EXCEPT IF YOU ARE A VET.

  9. Hey Robin and anyone following what is going on at Indianapolis VAMC.




    1. One poster here said the PT guy Monday said they were coming from SLC VA. This may be who is at Indy:

      SALT LAKE CITY — Authorities are investigating a large-scale drug theft at the Salt Lake Veterans Affairs Hospital.

      “Clearly, we regret that this diversion occurred,” spokeswoman Jill Atwood said in a statement Wednesday.

      Atwood said officials at the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs health care system “immediately” notified federal officials about “irregularities in prescription distribution” when they noticed.

      Drug Enforcement Agency officials are now investigating, along with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, according to Atwood.

      A pharmacy supervisor is suspected of stealing more than 24,000 painkillers and 25 vials of testosterone over five years

      1. It was my PT guy who told me investigators were in SLC,,and they were coming to Grand Junction next.
        There was some other guy in the PT clinic questioning the clinic staff according to a checklist. It was mundane things like where their MSDS sheets were, where some other typical thing was, etc. My PT guy said they were getting ready for some inspection. He said the guys were at SLC investigating and coming here next.

        I never knew until now they were investigating a drug theft.

      2. 91 veteran

        I have heard some very intense stuff coming out of Indy this week. I am still trying to get confirmation on it.

        If half of it is true it is not a normal site visit going on.

      3. I have another PT appointment this afternoon. I’ll ask him how the inspection is going.

  10. Here’s three articles from “Military dot com”.
    “VA Concedes It Had No Role in Developing Hepatitis ‘Miracle Drug'”.
    11 Mar. | by Bryant Jordan

    “Senate Aims to Fix ‘Broken’ VA Choice Program”

    This article was originally from Stars and Stripes. by Travis J. Tritten

    “Pentagon to Announce Approval of Women-in-Combat Plans: Sources”
    by Hope Hodge Seck

    Check them out!

    1. P.S.
      I wanted to add something to #2.
      Since Congress can’t fix anything about VA! Why not give the Senate a shot at it.
      We’ll see what these “do nothings” can accomplish!
      Their just as inept as Congress and all the committees combined!

      As far as #3 goes. Looks like the DOD is getting closer to letting women fight in wars. And their still talking about “The Draft”! Just wait until a BUNCH of angry women get pissed off at VA for f&&king over them!
      I’d sure hate (like) to see a bunch of Directors and other VA employees start to cower behind their desks. When these Combat Female Veterans demand proper healthcare!
      Maybe they’ll make a movie like “Article 99”! Remember that one?

      1. The Senate and The House of Representatives is Congress, you can’t have one without the other. So by suggesting that the Senate try to fix the problems with the VA does not remove the process from Congress, it just shifts things to one of the two houses that make up Congress as a whole.

      2. @Lighning546
        Yes, your correct. The two “houses” make up the Congress.
        I was just trying to get it across that the Senate is just as corrupt!
        There will be nothing accomplished by letting anyone “try”!
        In my opinion, VA needs, as namnibor has often said, a “complete enema!”

  11. How about being 18 years in PTSD for MST. The VA is suddenly trying to dump her, saying that even at 20 years, she can still be reduced if herC&P exam says Return for Future Review. She goes to counseling, doesn’t work outside the home, and continues to suffer flashbacks, nightmares, etc. the VA expects her to go to a VA facility for her counseling appts. Which triggers an anxiety attack every time. So it doesn’t help her. She’s my best friend….it hurts to see her suffer….

    1. I was told by both lawyers and even VA’s own corrupt DRO that would have loved to lower my husband’s rating that after 20 years the only way to lower a rating is because of fraud.

      You theoretically grow a new leg and if you didn’t cheat at growing that leg your rating is yours.

  12. If you know anyone who was harmed by PHX /VA mental health between 2009-Present, and Viet Nam era pleze contact Retired Nurse. 602-793-9151.

  13. “Wounded Marine Careers Foundation”

    “Couple sentenced for embezzling money meant for wounded veterans”


    Given a nice light slap on the wrist and told not to get caught doing it next time

  14. Hey Dan F You posted a question on another article hope no ones minds if I answer it here.

    The following links show that it is a very reasonable to assume the high rate of Veterans suicide is connected to studies being done by the VA intentionally. Also that The Candy Man is part of the studies and will continue to be part of the studies.

    Considering the Candy Man has setup practice in the city of La Crosse Wi a border town with the state of Minnesota and the calls put in by the news service reporting the Candy Mans new business are all forwarded to Winona MN.

    Winona is a small border town of about 27,000 that just expanded it University of MN nursing program into offices at Rochester MN a Metropolitan area with a population of over 110,000 and very heavily connected to the Veterans Administrations Research Programs at the VAMC Minneapolis. The expansion of the program came at the same time the Candy Man was forced from his job at Tomah.

    This enables the Candy Man to continue his portion of the research by overmedicating Veterans to see if they suicide. Although the VA are likely forced to use the Choice program referrals and telemedicine to provide the Candy Man with Veterans to use in the ongoing studies.

    The Reasons they use border towns is so that if a Veteran goes outside the system and starts to get real proper care. The VA then assigns a social worker who’s job is to get the Veteran to believe the VA cares and that he will not only start receiving proper care but will be helping other Veterans by seeing a problem is corrected and also the, so called, Social worker then involves the Veteran with the VA Claim system for more abuse.

    Where the Social Worker then sets up and appointment and puts the vet in touch with the Regional counsel who walk the Vet through filling an informal claim and sending it to their office. The Regional counselor then pulls all of the Veterans medical records and sends a letter to the Vet asking to forward any documentation you have supporting the claim. After the Regional Counselor receives all of the med records they then Scrub your medical records and transfers the claim to the other state for the so called good of the Veteran. With the file Scrubbed their are no records to support the claim and it is denied.

    While the Veteran is going through the bad medical care and the illegal claim handling the Social Worker also getting the Veteran involved with VA Psy Services who work hard to discredit the veteran and try to have the Veteran then commit suicide.

    “Fired Tomah psychiatrist setting up practice in La Crosse”

    “Gangeness leads WSU’s Rochester expansion”

    “Pain. 2016 Jan 5. [Epub ahead of print] Opioid dose and risk of suicide.”

    “JAMA. 2011 Apr 6;305(13):1315-21. doi: 10.1001/jama.2011.370.”
    “Association between opioid prescribing patterns and opioid overdose-related deaths.”

    “Pain. 2010 Dec;151(3):625-32. doi: 10.1016/j.pain.2010.08.002.
    “Clinical characteristics of veterans prescribed high doses of opioid medications for chronic non-cancer pain”

    “High opioid doses could be marker for suicide risk ; February 3, 2016”

    Also just want to point out to every one that Indi is heavily involved with this research mentioned above and that the current acting director there is a former Chief of phama at Cincinnati.

    Also that Dr. Temeck’s attorney is and experienced RICO prosecutor.

  15. Gee, and I thought the new director was going to solve all those problems.
    Congress could easily prove this, or the IG. Get a printout of the schedule, match it with the schedule for doctors and compare it to the work they did on those days.
    It would prevent the doctor from claiming their administrative workload is too high to keep up with, and they need all that extra time to update patient notes.
    Where the hell is McCain in all this? Can’t figure out how to squeeze campaign donations from this mess?

    1. Brother, go to yesterdays blog on Miller. I responded to namnibor on my knowledge on McCain and Kerry!

      1. @Melvin, namnibor, 91Veteran and everyone else.

        I also wanted to say, IF McCain and Kerry had allowed all documents of POW’s to be released. It would have shown where McCain had “Collaborated with the enemy!”
        During the committee meetings, it came out where McCain AND Kerry were responsible for setting up the “75 year rule” (disallowing the release of the POW/MIA records.)
        Think about it. An Admiral’s son giving no less than “32+ propaganda films to the enemy.” According to other POW’s, “Songbird McCain” was giving the enemy, in violation of the UCMJ, info on future air strikes, admitting (falsely) we were “targeting hospitals and schools”, etc., etc.!
        There’s more. Yet, can y’all see where this was heading? McCain’s political career would have been over. Just like when, after the North Vietnamese found out who he was, and offered to “send him back!”
        He had to refuse. Why? Because IF he had taken the “deal”, his “life as he knows it now” would have been OVER!
        [there are Utube videos confirming all of this]

        As far as all the “bought and paid for politicians in Washington” go. My thoughts are, they all need to take a long walk off that proverbial short peer!

        In my opinion, I really don’t see VA being “brought to task” over anything. Until someone decides enough is enough! Until someone with balls starts arresting the criminals. It will be “business as usual” in all branches of government!
        Until “Whistleblowers” are taken seriously with information of wrongdoings. Nothing will change. These “politicians” keep saying things like, “That’s Unacceptable!” or “I misspoke!” or “I made a mistake!” When will they grow a pair?
        As many of my friends say, “Politicians are the best money can buy!”

  16. So there will be an IG report which will concludet the complainant’s allegations were not substantiated. We will learn the whistle blower has a behavioral problem and has been terminated.

    Nickie the Gimp is taking 5 to 1 odds on this happening.

    1. I doubt it even gets to the IG level unless it is forced somehow.

      I fully expect to hear how every doctor there was using that extra time working their little rat fingers to the bone trying to do their best to provide quality care to veterans.

      1. @91veteran–thanks, I am still laughing from your comment:

        Those “little rat fingers working to the bone…”, might be as fantastical as the VA OIG guy masturbating in an all glass conference room…never know what they are or not doing in their offices behind locked doors.

        You could not make this stuff up. The next season of “American Horror Story” should be called, “American Horror Story: The VA Hospital”. All characters are played by their true demonic selves and current positions. 🙂

      2. I’m trying hard to not be so cranky in describing what I think of the lazy f&%ks that are pulling this scam, and what might result from it.
        And the f%×*kin VA wonders why veterans are committing suicide.

        On top of that, I am trying to help the widow of a veteran friend of mine. Wells Fargo is threatening foreclosure on a loan he took out years ago before he died. Her name was not on the loan, and it should have been cleared when he died. They refuse to provide details of the loan to her, and recently sent two letters to her…addressed to her deceased husband about an inquiry from his wife.
        Her teenage daughter opened the letter.

      3. As to the friend you are trying to help. If these were not mortgages, or home equity loans, the bank cannot take foreclosure action. If the wife is on the deed to the property, and was at the time of the loan, they also cannot take foreclosure action. (All parties to the deed must be on these type of loans).

        If this was any other type of loan (personal, credit card, auto), they could sue the estate if the statute of limitations has not expired. In most states these loans, although never totally off the books, the lender cannot sue once the statute of limitations has expired (most states it is four years from default – you can google what it is in your state. If it is one of these type of loans, the bank should be sent a letter to cease and desist. In it you would write the borrower is deceased (provide copy of death certificate) and that without denying or affirming the debt they are to cease all communication either through electronic, telephone or written means. You send the letter to the bank’s home office certified, return receipt requested.

      4. Thanks Dan. I passed that info on to her. I believe she said it was a personal line of credit. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo refuses to provide her any details on the loan.
        When her husband died, she continued to pay off the loan. She didn’t know any better. Then they started returning her payments. Then told her some balloon payment of $17K was due.

        Her husband died in the home after withering away from cancer at about 45 years old from his service in the Gulf War. Her kids watched his flag draped body be removed from the house.
        …Then Wells Fargo sends letters addressed to her husband…

      5. 91Veteran,

        On the Widow you are trying to help a possible resource is that most states and counties now have access to the documents and the ability to search for those documents online.

        It is truly a great resource at times. To find out if they do have that resource available just search the name of the county with the statement “Official Records”.

        A great example of what you can find is say your are looking for info on the F)%#k former chief of Ortho Surgery at Cincinnati Richard Freiberg. Fro an inside source I new to look in Palm Beach County Florida so I just Googled “Palm Beach county official Records” and found the link to this page : “https://www.mypalmbeachclerk.com/officialrecords/search.aspx”

        Scrolled down the page and accepted there terms of conditions and then do a name search and find out what a deceptive corrupt bastard he is.

        Also on Richard Freiberg people should note how he is basically a employee of a drug company. Some of his research is not listed on PubMed because it goes against using one of the drug he was researching on Veterans at Cincinnati so he published them overseas an example is :

        C. J. Glueck, R. A. Freiberg, and P. Wang, “Treatment of osteonecrosis of the hip and knee with enoxaparin,” in Osteonecrosis, K. H. Koh, Ed., pp. 241–247, Springer, Berlin, Germany, 2014.


  17. Hey “Robin Mitchell”,,

    Have you heard anything more on the Indianapolis VAMC?

    I know you stated that you heard something was going you said “Multiple people have told me suits with credentials are there.”

    With that bogus flu alert locking down the VAMC and all of its satellites. They are now only allowing 2 members of immediate family to visit and they are requiring that visitors, not only, prove their identity with IDs but also the Veterans they are visiting have to confirm in advance of a visit that the person is immediate family.

    So no lawyers, press, veterans advocates or any none VA investigative personal are being allowed in.

    It has to be something big and something very bad for Veterans.

    Please post if you have heard anything more.

    1. Part of the cat is out of the bag. Ben has two letters that I emailed him. If he wipes the personal stuff he can post them. This came about right after those letters. I seem to think they might be related.

      One is to Sloan Gibson and one is to the O&I House VA committee and Gibson knew in his letter what the congressman was asking for.

      Who is there I do not know. But, several people have told me that a pre-inspection person showing up on Friday for a Monday inspection is odd.

      And, if it was in PT right by the Poly Trauma Rehab Clinic then that clinic would be one they would be looking for some specific info in. And, I don’t want anyone to think THEY broke the law. They treated my husband wonderfully.

      And, this involves TBI and SMC T. Or, why I think they are low balling TBI percentages.

  18. From my experience dont walk but run away from va medical and mental health….non english spealking middle eastern quacks.

    The va should be renamed to We dont care R Us.

    I will NEVER set foot in another VA facility.

  19. Here’s another little scheme VA uses.
    When a vet wants an appointment. A VA scheduler offers 6:30 am.
    The vet says, “I can’t make it here that early.”
    So, now the scheduler can say the vet refused that offer.
    Do y’all see the problem? The “doors” to just about every VAMC doesn’t open until 8 am! And/Or NO physician or VA employees are there that early!
    How do y’all think about this?!

    1. Reminds me of the OKC VA in the early 90s. Schedule 40-50 guys for a Chest Med appointment. All at 8am.

  20. You simply can’t trust ANYONE at ANY V.A. hospital or clinic, doctors OR nurses! A bitch nurse at the Sioux Falls V.A. Hospital tried to get me to level with her on substance issues, so I told her the truth, which is that I don’t smoke or take ANY street drugs, and that all I do is drink two or three beers a day. The slut entered in my records that I need alcohol follow up! People, it is two or three beers a day, NOT two or three six packs! When you have outlived your wife and family, and your roommate is now in a nursing home, why WOULD’NT you self medicate!? I don’t chase bitches, because they are’nt fit to wipe my ASS after a bowel movement! You can’t see V.A. counselors, psychiatrists, or psychologists, because they are corrupt, and have been trained to give veterans false mental labels as an excuse to strip us of our Second Amendment rights!

    1. rick your full of it.i know for a fact you drank & smoked like a bum out on the street in bars and clubs in long beach,calif.also that you did drugs.also that you don’t like to work and that you spent a lifetime demanding the VA compensate you for your life style issues and your lack of a work ethic.

      1. This lying mother fucker^^^^ is nothing but a pos that wanks over his 1977 Saturday Night Fever John Travolta underwear poster! Note that the jew boy does’ nt identify himself, probably because he loafs (err, I mean WORKS) at a V.A. hospital or clinic! That would MAKE anyone ashamed and guilty as HELL! If this pos were’nt such a fucking LOSER, he would identify himself, and have it out with me! He is also a fucking liar about my work ethic! Despite serious Vietnam physical and emotional issues and disabilities, I worked for 44 fucking years, until the government told me I could have my V.A. benefits or a job, but not both! I also attended U.C.L.A., and graduated from Californis State University-Long Beach! Whoever wrote this slanderous, libelous, and defamatory garbage about me is a monumental failure, and a piece of PIG diarrhea!

      2. FTR: My accounts are in the six figures, and I have a high five figures retirement! I can probably buy and sell your WEAK ass hundreds of times over!

    2. excuse me i apologize that must have been another Rick Lipary who looks like an Italian gigolo and speaks with a heavy British accent drinking and smoking in downtown Long Beach Calif. restaurants and bars circa 1979 thru 1999.

      1. Fake British accent!? You DO have the wrong Lipary, you piece of GARBAGE! You don’t even have the testicles or ovaries to IDENTIFY your worthless self! Since tonight is Academy Awards night, have YOU ever voted for the Oscars, because I HAVE, and MY vote was a REAL vote with the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences that really counted, not a fan vote! Have you ever worked in television or movies, or as a professional writer? I am just wondering, because I have done ALL that, in addition to a radio editorial on KNX 1070 news radio that was heard by hundreds of thousands of people. You are weak, stupid, and gutless when you don’t even identify yourself!!

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