VA Budget 2020

Trump Pumps More Money Into VA Budget, ‘Biggest Ever’

The Trump Administration proposed a 10 percent budget increase for the Department of Veterans Affairs to a record $220 billion.

The budget proposal included $123.2 billion for mandatory spending and $97 billion for discretionary spending. The amount eclipses the proposed increase last year that came in at $199 billion. For some perspective, in 2016, the budget proposed was $167 billion.

Prior to this announcement, the VA Secretary Robert Wilkie expected it to be the biggest ever. He obviously was on the inside track with that one.

Wilkie said the budget request will “ensure that the nation’s veterans receive high-quality health care and timely access to benefits and services.”

“This is a significant increase in VA funding and demonstrates the administration’s commitment to supporting our veterans,” he said.

Around $8.9 billion is allocated to implement the new VA Mission Act broken down:

  • $5.5 billion for continued care of Choice population
  • $2.9 billion for expanded access for care, based on average drive time and wait time standards, and expanded transplant care
  • $271 million for Urgent Care
  • $150 million to expand Caregivers

The budget proposal allocates $1.6 billion allocated to modernize electronic health records so that VA’s health records system can communicate with the new DOD health records system. Some analysts give over 90 percent odds the modernization will fail just like numerous previous attempts.

On a small note, the budget increase will include $22 million to the failed Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection (OAWP).

This office was one of the biggest letdowns of the Trump Administration in relation to accountability that failed to hold senior leaders accountability while facilitating spying and retaliation against low-level employees.

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  1. MAGA more like FVOA ( Fuck Veterans Over Again) this political bullshit our so called president is trying to pass off as him doing something for all of us. Lies lies and more lies. It took me 2 years to get hearing devices because of his bullshit lies. I just had a third surgery on my shoulder from military related injuries and now I’m having trouble getting Physical therapy closer than 100 miles one way because of his so called wanting to help us veterans. I am ashamed to say he is The President of Our country. He has never served nor has any of his family ever served on the Us Military. Fucking ashamed. I Hope all these people that voted for him see what hes doing. Let’s see he took military funding for a fucking wall ought a bunch of repercussion for it so let make a so called good gesture BULLSHIT. More like let’s just pocket the higher ups of the VA system MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN MY ASS. He is nothing but a conniving fucking rat of society that bought his way into the presidency. He was able to pull the wool over the eyes of true war heroes. When I say war heroes I mean all of us that have served, currently surving, and this who are in boot camp getting ready to be the future of our outstanding military history. I have no respect for a man that can say he feels like he is in the military all because he feels the stress of being a leader of the best country in the world. And as for allowing his whole entire family hold the positions in the White House what kind of bullshit is that. Trump cant hide any more people are starting to open their eyes and see the snake in the grass that he is. And everyone should come together to get him and that piece of shit family of his out of office…

    Signed pissed off veteran

  2. When they gonna make that Choice Program start payin these private sector medical facilities?!?!?!

  3. I have only had one good experience with the VA medical system. All that money for WHAT?

    1. To pay Rand Corp to use that -1- good VA experience vets may have and spin it into a never ending gobstopper message of World Class Medicine, and as long as Rand says it, it’s belived by Congress critters and….even dumber American public—“All for the Vets”, then back to that pimple on aKardashian ass.

      1. VSO’s use their chummy funny hatter codependent relationship w VA to perpetuate this world ass medicine lie, keeping their feeding troughs heaping….but, “All for the Vets”.

  4. Directly To The Point!!!

    This means more money for VA employee bonuses and even less for the Veteran’s health and vocational rehabilitation…


  5. I’m not sure where the money goes. I’m positive it never adds up. AND, as usual, VA always appears to be focusing on the wrong things. We’ll most likely lose the free coffee.

  6. Had to read every comment posted today to find the best comment and the one that is most applicable to current threats to veterans on this forum.

    Brad’s comment should be highlighted and moved to the top as Brad spoke to the perpetual threat to cut TDIU.

    Lest Congress forgets, each congressman should be receiving our emails about our concerns regarding GAO and CBO TDIU cut recommendations frequently and eternally, right?

  7. With such a record budget for the V.A. there should never be any talk of terminating TDIU or ANY such benefits for our veterans. Better to END ALL FOREIGN AID first. Thank you.

  8. While a proposal to increasing the budget of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs has an appearance of being necessary, and at the same time providing that “warm and fuzzy” feeling for our glorious politicians and the so many others in our society who still stumble around with rose-colored glasses, such an increase is NOT going to address a better administration of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). It will only scratch the surface to identify all of the present-day administrative errors in the VA systems, along with a glance toward the continuing unmet health-care needs of Veterans.

    It is the administration of the VA, along with VA employees who are often NON-Veterans, and who have a past that simply identifies their graduating from High School or College and little else, that causes infuriation and disdain by may Veterans — including me.

    I’ve been across the pond myself, (voluntarily), several times. I did my time. No regrets. Proud of it. I’m proud to have been offered the opportunity to serve with other military services, too, and to meet the many Veterans these many decades later. Still, I loathe the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) system and their holier-than-thou attitude and adherence to mundane processes.

    If the VA is to have an appreciable change: Scrap it. It is NOT too costly to provide every Veteran a health-care card without co-pay or any other financial restraints. If this grand country of ours, (and I love it), continues to financially support corrupt and failing regimes overseas through funding from our citizens; then we’ll always have these so-called “budgets” and “proposed budgets” for our own. Have you ever heard of a “proposed budget” to keep us involved in the needless and useless meddling in the governments of other countries? Of course not. The reason: The financial disclosure would be mind-boggling, at best, and result in American anarchy at best.

    So bring all of our troops home from those numerous “failed” governments, because those governments could care less about our well-intended democracy thought processes. We’d save billions, annually, and the so-called “budgets” for the VA and many other American institutions would no longer be an issue. It’s all about the money, and continuing doing what you’re doing in our present-day Government, and curiously everyone knows it.

    Always remember: If you keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep on getting what you’re getting.

  9. Does anyone think $150 million to expand caregivers is anywhere near sufficient? Although Ben’s numbers don’t give a base for VAMC care givers, I’ll bet it is less than 1% of the billions which is obviously insufficient to get quality caregivers throughout. The spending is on nice people who say nice things at lower salaried positions and not on getting quality PCs and Specialists. This will do nothing to supplant the need.

  10. From the text of the article:

    “Wilkie said the budget request will “ensure that the nation’s veterans receive high-quality health care and timely access to benefits and services.””

    I say BULLSHIT!!!!!

    They are going to divide it amongst themselves at the end of the fiscal year as always.

    Seriously, $93 billion for discretionary expenditures?! Sounds likes most of them will get really nice furniture right after they just spent $50 billion on the same.

    Make me president and they will lose their bonuses right away and have to turn back in any monies not used – correctly. Severe prison times for crimes at – Ft Leavenworth, KS. Tell the guards they murdered Veterans and let them have their way with them.

  11. I would like to see full accountability of every penny spent, we all know how they waste millions. I don’t see how anyone will be able to turn this around and use it against Trump. But I m sure someone will try to dress it ugly somehow. But the facts are that Money talks and bull crap walks, so we all know the the man is for the veterans. Now they need to trim back some of the waste at same time, hire some specialist, and people who understand Science, and military life style better. and maybe some people who can make sure people are working, and not sitting around doing nothing all day and creating backlogs.

    1. Timothy Lee Coffey,
      The VA upper crust have gone way past “wasting millions” – they now have proved they waste billions! Look at the Aurora VHA! They were a billion over budget last year or the year before!

  12. …think I can get that surgery now?
    Can my wife be “let into” the caregiver club again?


  13. “…$97 BILLION FOR DISCRETIONARY SPENDING…” WTF OVER! I can see it all now. There’s going to be a lot of new millionaires, or a few billionaires, floating around the halls of the VA.
    Throwing more taxpayers monies at this corrupt government subsidized agency is not the answer. It needs to be completely overhauled and given an enema! The crap that goes on in many, if not all, VA’s + VHA’s nationwide is abhorrent.
    How about this solution –
    Have everyone in all walks of government – from local to federal – be forced into using the VA single-payer/socialist/progressive/liberal/democrat/healthcare or as veterans like to call it -“DEATHCARE SYSTEM”!

    1. They’ll be hard at work creating today’s problems for tomorrow’s cash grab. It’s creating a problem for an expected outcome=$

  14. More money translates to bigger bonuses, pricier artwork, high-end office furniture, new feeding troughs for the piggies and more Taj-Mahal VA facilities. Soon all VA buildings will be looking better than Trump Tower.
    Thanks Donald……..


      1. JAT the VA trolls/staffers/cheerleaders/Trump train conductors are coming out today. Must be a trolling feeding frenzy start for spring. Is that crap all you people have to offer to a discussion?

        Ben’s blog shows some important things.
        1.) most of the people in this country are lost, don’t care, complacent, dis-concerned about serious issues, an enemy, etc. The public doesn’t care much for anything but Hollyweird or foreigners before us that were supposed to be 1, 2, and third. Not oil, more wars, more US styled globalism or running other nations along with lying allies.

        2.) most are still playing the two party game while the masters in control never change but benefit. The country is probably totally flushed for good. That with global readership and known well at the top… none really care or step forward to help people.

        3.) Laws passed are a joke. All we get from DC regardless of party is lip-service and propaganda, lies. To if not careful Voc Rehab and other so-called benefits and promises are or can be more of a circus, abused, to mis-leading veterans from a degree they really want instead to being ushered into some social services programs to become social workers to appease the globalist or sanitary engineers.

        James March 12, 2019 at 11:41 am

        “Unless you are an American native you are a imigrant.”
        Total open border, trollish, college kiddy, globalist BS.

  15. “$22 million to the failed Office of Accountability and Whistleblower Protection (OAWP).”

    Insanity. Doing the same things over and over again expecting new, different, or better results, or some positive change. Throwing more money or handing out all those high dollar grants around for whatever is not going to help with anything. I wanna know if it actually helps care givers enough or not. How is big money going to OAWP (or to the VA) going to provide aid and security, employment, life-time protections for any whistle-blowers (and their family members/generationally)? Come on, retaliation and those narcissist, sociopaths, psychos, bruised egos, the corrupt, never forget and have countless very deep alliances in high places. Plus dealing with all the corrupt, lying, two-faced authorities, VSOs, officials, unions, media, bureaucrats, etc. The more claims of change are made the more things remain the same or worsen. Rosie hit the nail on the head. More serious issues, serious timely ones continue unaddressed/ignored.

    Break, had to change browsers again.

    Why I will remain public and out-spoken. Once in the shit with those people there is no getting out of it. If a community and state (on up) can get by with what has happened to this “piss ant on an elephants butt” throwing more money for the elephant’s use and desires will change much if anything at all. ‘Piss ant’ signing off. G-day.

  16. Veterans who is on how many email their Senators or Representative contact the Veterans Affairs Committee belief i bet one or twice no excuse even try to Benjamin Krause friends…..Semper Fi Don’t Surrender i am your Capital.

  17. Damn, they’re going to outgrow their widescreen ass accommodating industrial tensil strength chairs at the VA, better buy new wider circumference chairs with that cash grab and fly’s waters for all Veterans with their service # monogrammed so each visit each Vet can do their part in cleaning the sesspool.

      1. *RAND Corp. recommends Veterans *not* utilize their soon to be issued VA fly swatters if you should feel inclined to go to a real hospital emergency room.
        Not only will VA not pay your bill, but no liability for property damage from VA fly swatters off VA property.

    1. After the bullshit I had to put up with over the VHA’s incompetence – over my needing immediate healthcare service & having to use my medicare – from this moment on, I will use my private healthcare and medicare and only use VHA’s healthcare once a year for minor shit and prescriptions (when needed)!


      1. I was informed that I could not just use the VA on a yearly basis or check-ups. It had to be on a constant basis and driving hundreds of miles for day long waits and ten minute office visit. To keep the meds going I had to see them at least every six months or as demanded by some clinic.

        An aside for Congress and others using the VA or stopping their golden special health care benefits? Seems to me the locals are against that move. Most drink the kool-aid that those at the top, the elite, are more deserving than us low-life vets or peasants. Hell, even the locals didn’t care when our politicians, connected unions, families, now have their own private care clinics unlike the rest of us down here. Said to save tax dollars having such special separate health care. Same as the college kiddies and others now have their own special clinics and care givers. So much for equality and all that special social status stuff.

        Plus. Illegals and those poor phony immigrants are flooding in here. Getting it all for free or under-cover. The same elites, the prominent mafias, cliques, politicians, hating on me and others, ignoring veteran issues, are setting foreigners up with free everything, interest free business loans, homes, luxury vehicles, home furnishings, health care, the works. Vets and those considered to be enemies of the town and state get…. zero, but head-aches and problems. Ask why? “Oh we are helping them share their culture, we need more diversity.” Well why not the same for homeless vets here? Many others dealing with so much pain they are considering offing themselves. “Crickets.”

        I have to share molecules and air with all these freaks in control? Pity we have no real media.

  18. Did anyone actually read the 2020 Budget Proposal?
    Yes, I mean the whole thing, not just the cherry picked issue that concerns one’s single interest. No magic dust has been proposed that actually fixes anything wrong with VA/VHA/VBA rather, throwing more money at it just greases the cogs to create more crap to fail while abandoning veteran’s most pressing needs.
    If anybody reading the 2020 Budget Proposal will use the gray matter between their ears, they will realize that POTUS is actually pandering for his votes. Not much in that budget is actually for the best interest of ALL of the people or the entire good of the country.

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