HHS Top Slot

White House Denies VA Sec Shulkin Candidacy For HHS Top Slot

HHS Top SlotDespite Wall Street Journal’s article that VA secretary David Shulkin interviewed for the top slot at Health and Human Services, the White House says it just ain’t so.

Last Friday, the Wall Street Journal made an usual announcement.

That announcement was that Shulkin allegedly interviewed for the top slot at HHS by the White House and that he “made his case.” He was reportedly a top contender for the position.

But by Wednesday, the White House denounced the story. The new official story is Shulkin did not interview for the position and “was never under consideration for the position.”

So what is the truth? Does it matter?

It seems unlikely Shulkin would be considered for that top slot given he is under investigation for improperly using taxpayer funds for official trips similar to what former HHS secretary Tom Price allegedly committed.

Source: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/white-house-vas-shulkin-not-a-candidate-for-hhs-secretary/

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  1. Off Topic but On Course – Running Rampant – Agencies Lack Consistent Disciplinary Guidelines, Can’t Handle Their Peeps (Employees)


    Unfruitful and problematic problems occur in Agencies. – – – Nutter.

  2. Ben,

    Just a webiste suggestion; in addition to the options of thumbs up and thumbs down can you offer also an upward extended middle finger? They could tally up over time and we could be awarded “rank” according to the number of middle finger votes?


    …offer a middle finger vote as an in app purchase option? My idea. Cut me in for some of that cheese brother if it goes down, word?

    1. In lieu of potential offensive middle finger rating on app, RAND would suggest taking ‘thumbs-down’ a few levels signified by uncooked chickens in a VA bedpan, with Five Uncooked Chickens King Expression Displayed, (F.U.C.K.E.D.). 🙂

      1. And, may we please have the descriptive options of multiple colors, in showing the length of time, per the rotting and fouled chicks in the bedpan of lukewarm broth? Or, how about different sized vaporous clouds per expression of time length of the lingering stench? Or, something like dat. Inquiring minds would like to know; being any VA Leadership or their Regulars (or Non-Regulars, depending on how you call you it), that would like to know how the “POSSIBLE” New Rating Features would be used for emotional expressions. Understand? Input? Good / Bad? Indifferent? Go fuck off? Fucking stay on and keep posting? Go get help? Sorry, we’re out of help. Standby, for nothing? Mov’n on now . . . – – – Nutter.

  3. Let me pose a PURELY hypothetical and enormously long single sentence question here;

    If you knew a vet who had been unjustly placed on the DBC list at VA who decided to become ordained in the Universal Life Church ministry online (free and five minutes) JUST because as a legally ordained minister he would then have to be addressed as “Reverend” by VA staff and in VA letters, would you think poorly of him?

    Just use the thumbs up or down to vote on this hypothetical person…

    1. I went to that sight DENNIS even Lady Gaga…Richard Branson ..Conan O’Brien…Paul McCartney…are all ordained ministers..WTF.. must be some type of loophole to make money
      The reverend Oldmarine just doesn’t sound right..LOL.. I saved the link just in case I change my mind

    2. “Universal Life” is contrary to VA Mission Statement and is a conflict of much piggy interest to include the term ‘Life’ in conjunction with ‘Universal’, let alone term ‘ordained’. RAND reports that each & every VA Disruptive Behavior Committee have also been ‘ordained’ to stomp-out ‘Universal Life’ and all related ‘Choices’ made by Veterans.
      AFGE Reports that ‘Universal Life’ is how long each SES’er gets to serve and pay dues to the almighty union…communion melba toast extra. At not time shall any SES’er serve ‘Universal Life’ when caught committing fraud, waste, & abuse or killing Veterans. A-m-e-n–ities. 🙂

    3. Dennis, a vet becoming a Reverend would be as minimal as blinking your eyes compared to the elaborate scams concocted by the VA to screw veterans.

      1. I wonder how many VSO’s also have a funny hat as an ordained minister hack just to they can claim their other income as tax-exempt to the church of Ordained Illiterate Nefarious Kind, (OINK).

  4. Off Topic – – – This has never failed; that in a gathering, there will always be at least one “jerk” that will stand out from the bunch, either by actions or by their mouth. A group will pay, if a “jerk” was amongst them in boot camp. Especially during the “end time” of boot when mistakes are less-tolerated. Did you have one, maybe two in boot as well? – – – Nutter.

  5. Do you know how to get multitudes of vets to voluntarily cease VA healthcare? A great many of us qualify for SSDI and VHA healtcare. The reason we choose VHA despite loathing and disgust is simple: the prescriptions are free.

    The SSDI deductsble is a pitance. I could care less about having to pony up a few bucks for a real doctor in a real clinic. It is the potential of paying for the prescription drugs which are hideously expensive every single month. So we trapse into the foreign lands of VA and expose ourselves to innordinate risk for care at a VA facility because the bottom line is at stake.

    I am all the way off prescriptions because I just cannot stomach the incompetance of theses vindictive morons so my choice was made. They drove me out throught their DBC committee which (let’s face it) has the sole function of driving away vets. However there are millions more who go simply because of ghe drug benefit.

    Why not simply change the law? Not to hold them accountable because that doesn’t work. I mean that if you qualify for VHA drugs why not simoly change the SSDI card to show VHA drug benefits and allow vets to obtain the drugs through community channels instead of clogging up the system simply because the routes of drug delivery are outdated? Think about it; We have an entire army of VA folks who struggle and fail daily to provide on time delivery of medication. This army exists seperately from a VAST nationwide and highly successful distribution system known as “local pharmacies”. These pharmacies that currently exist are they are accountable, safe, and cost effective. The ones that weren’t went the way of the Rambler automobile.

    How can maintaining an entire workforce, complete with lifetime pensions, JUST to get drugs to veterans seperate and apart from the rest of America possibly be more cost effective, safer, or more efficient than say Walmart pharmacy? It cannot. Folks always make day to day decisions based on self interest. Given the choice of avoiding VA this would certainly be the opted for choice by most who had the option.

  6. -~~GURGLE~~- That is the sound of Satan’s asshole calling all you troll race-baiters back to dingleberry position on Satan’s asshole….~~GURGLE~~

    1. Are you O.D.ing on prescription drugs , or what ? You sure aren’t very bright and certainly have no clue as to what you are rambling on about. If you want to talk trash, seek out an argument with those of whom shares your DNA background, fool !

      1. Hey dumb fuck, this is what I said, “I like Hawaiian Beef Jerky. Thank you many.” Take your racist ass somewhere else. No trash talk with me, other beads will be marking on yourself by your own doing. Your the one whom speak VOLUMES about your intellectuality. And, its not only me picking it up, others are too. You’re the one that’s not too fucking bright. Plus, if you’re claiming to be all for the Vets, then fucking demonstrate it by what you write. BTW, to the VA, a Vet is a Vet, no favorites for skin colors with this damn group of Hippo’s. Plus, you should post comments of such on another site for proper noticing for the purpose of manipulations. – – -Nutter.

      2. Grow up and go out and pick some cotton boy ! It never ceases to amaze me how you boys keep on displaying your DNA Pool and how you probably didn’t function past the 4th or 5th. grade level. You have no volume and you need to allow yourself to think for yourself instead of allowing the Lib. Media do that for you. Go suck an egg or pick some cotton, flunky boy !

      3. @Asel – – – We call your kind an unsymmetrical double helix. Genotype skewed, revealing phenotypical negative aspects. Oh my, can we schedule you an appointment with a saw boning and lifting master?

        Just stop this utter nonsense boy. Your age, knowledge, wisdom, and challenging gene pool has definitely been unmasked, isolated, and identified.

        You have a lot of energy. Focus on beating the doors down for better health care and claims services for Veterans. This is what this site is about. Racial shit belongs elsewhere, unless Veterans are rioting all over against each other.

        We don’t need division on this site. We’re all Veterans needing better VA services; health and claims. I’m sure not missing something here. Take heed. – – – Nutter.

      4. Asel aka Mark, MK

        When I finish posting more info on the money laundering and name the names of those evolved. Followed by me sending emails to each and every law enforcement agency involved and emails to each and everyone involved with the scam and tell them why you got them highlighted and turned in.

        Will you be answering your phone? Will you be answering each time someone knocks on your door?

        You will have some of the sickest most corrupt pieces of shit on the planet wanting a piece of you. You might want to buy some life insurance. From what I see there is a lot of money that has been laundered through your organization and you can take credit for running your mouth and pissing off the wrong person.

      5. Off course you Vegas baby rapiers need a little heat after Steven Paddock. May be one of his victims family members might even come looking at you.

        Stephen Paddock Vegas Shooter and money launderer.



      6. I see the second link to my prior post has stopped working. To access it you will need to go to the State of Carolina’s Sex Offenders Data base and do a “name search” for Stephen Paddock.


        It will show a picture of Stephen Paddock matching the one above and also list the his status as an adult predator with numerous convictions for Child Molesting in multiple states. Also it has a list of some of the aliases he had used in the past.

      7. Oh, and one more question! Is it true that Harry Reid is involved with your organization?

      8. Seymore,
        Since you brought up Harry Reids’ name.
        Did you know that Reid was involved in the “BLM (Bureau of Land Management) massive land thefts” of ranchers and farmers to gain access to the natural resources located on their properties, ie: Uranium! Which is now only being reported on by “Right Wing News Outlets!”
        It seems the “other news outlets”; ie: CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS etc., are too busy reporting on the superfluous bullshit! Instead of the “Uranium One Deal”, which put ALL Americans safety at risk!

      9. BLM takes land in the name of preservation but the fact is further down the road they sell the mineral rights to one of their crook friends and get a nice kickback

      10. Yea, and one should blame “Obutthead and Hit-LIAR-y” for using “Teddy” Roosevelt’s law on that!

  7. USA TODAY…a fellow Vet getting screwed: “Student debt forgiven, but wounded vet gets $62K tax bill” “https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/student-debt-forgiven-but-wounded-vet-gets-dollar62k-tax-bill/ar-AAtMGUY?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=ientp”

    “BATH TOWNSHIP, Mich. — The federal government forgave wounded veteran Will Milzarski’s sizable student debt but, in an ironic twist…]”

  8. Another Swamp Burp and pardoned congress critter in heat again, there’s theft, underage sex, child porn, tax evasion…just the type the VA loves to have in upper SES leadership after the USA gets him deported from Africa where he was caught again…corruption from 1990’s to present and a Clinton Pardonee: “https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-mel-reynolds-indicted-20150626-story.html”

  9. Another whistleblower bites the dust!!! Whistleblower retaliation continues despite the VA Accountability Act of 2017, say it isn’t so….


    Another day in the world of the VA – Delay, deny, hope you die and if that doesn’t work, the VA will kill you with below 3rd-world standard medical care!!!

    1. Nothing changes at the VA and they’re so used to irresponsible policies that violate vets safety. Again, rights of some vets are elevated while they earned rights of other vets are based on race of which disqualified them for equal health care, and their VA services. The Life of a ‘ Whistleblower” makes it the best way he know s how. WHat happened to all of those promises made to our vets during campaigning ?

      1. If your saying that race has something to do with healthcare at the VA your full of shit It’s shitty healthcare for everyone.
        And campaign promises what do you expect from a politician they are all full of SHIT

      2. You’re just plain ignorant and mislead. We have the right to speak out against racial injustice, and you pathetic boys can kiss off !

      3. WHy do childish boys such as yourself waste vets time by displaying your inferior DNA pool ? You need to seek some kind of feedback from your like minded family members. Try the vines in the jungle !

    2. THird WOrld is right and what ever happened to all of those great promises that our wonderful Born AGain politicians made just before elections to vets ? Once in, to hell with us. Don’t like the truth, eat shit and die !

  10. “Homeless Vet Rushes To Save Victim Of Horrific Car Crash”
    Scott O’Reilly – October 20, 2017


    1. The VA’s Disruptive Behavior Committee will now ensure that *if* that Hero Homeless Vet received any kind of Disability Comp., that it will be taken away for being more mobile than originally reported…wait for it…ratty fat bastards!

      1. If you check out the article the Veteran did what he was trained to do with the intent of preserving life.

        For that they write the article and list his heroic actions but then also the author not only points out the Veterans homelessness but also does a criminal background check and publishes that in the article.

        It is like the author wanted to smear the Veteran for doing the right thing.

      2. It’s in the air, Seymore Klearly. I just in last week have had a new snowflake neighbor move-in next door and this week he made a comment about how tacky American Flag decals are on car bumper stickers. Guess what? My car is the ONLY one with American Flag and a USAF decal on rear…these are the same types that will taunt you for using microwave ovens as they slink back to their living space and shoot heroin and stroke their beards. WTF?!

      3. Forgot to add: new neighbor has this sentiment of angst towards USA and Military and way he talks, would be a victim of friendly fire in a duress situation…just saying…some people are just dicks.

      4. WHat happened to Trump stopping all of the abuse in that swamp ? The beat goes on while BLM gains ground and white vets lose ! That swamp is in need of draining, but until then, I will not be voting.

      5. Hillary lost get over it Asel!

        Oh, and take your racist ass somewhere else we are Veterans here and color does not matter.

      6. Asel,

        Or should I call your Mark? The same Mark Swagerty who is part of the pedophile ring in Vegas that has been trolling this site. They are a sham Veterans Charity used for money laundering. They call themselves the 22 Warriors Foundation.

        They also are running scams of Facebook.

        There about us page is stored by the internet Archives at:


      7. Board member of the 22 Warriors Foundation, Bill Emmel Claims to be: US Army Retired, Board President / Executive Director, Founder of 22 Warriors Foundation

        Also known as Bill Emmel dishonorably discharged for predatory sex offences and pedophilia while stationed in Japan. Victims 15 and 13 years old. Currently employed as a debt collector!

        Alabama filing at: “https://app.alea.gov/Community/wfSexOffenderFlyer.aspx?ID=4764ceca-2392-41e3-b9f9-0abb811b1ea9&x=a008ae93-32fa-4d99-b42f-d290b8e057cb”

        Texas filing at: “https://records.txdps.state.tx.us/SexOffenderRegistry/Search/Rapsheet/Index?sid=08775352&x=f7abe63a-c2c9-4513-b1ce-2685b251be47”

      8. William Lance Emmel – Registered Sex Offender


        Statute UCMJ ARTICLE 134 INDECENT ACTS WITH A CHILD Victim Age 13, Disposition Date 01/24/2008
        Statute UCMJ ARTICLE 134 INDECENT ACTS WITH A CHILD Victim Age 15, Disposition Date 01/24/2008

      9. Board member of the 22 Warriors Foundation, Mark Swagerty claims to be US Army Retired, Director of VA Benefits Education and Assistance Program 22 Warriors Foundation.

        A jury convicted Swagerty of causing, inducing, persuading, or encouraging L.F., a person under the age of 16, to become a prostitute (“pandering”), and attempting to derive support from the earnings of a prostitute (“attempted pimping”). People v. Swagerty, No. C064210, 2011 WL 4017527, at *1 (Cal. Ct. App. Sept. 12, 2011).


        Victims age 14 years old

      10. Board member of the 22 Warriors Foundation Tyrone Sterling claims to be US Army Retired and a Board Member at the 22 Warriors Foundation.

        Numerous for predatory sex offenses including rape and statutory rape in numerus states. A few of the links are listed below.

        Arkansas Sex Offenders filing: “https://www.ark.org/offender-search/index.php?do:getById=1&id=5925755&x=62c674c7-a8f3-4fa5-bc87-77d114cd1ffe”

        Georgia Sex Offenders filing: “https://state.sor.gbi.ga.gov/sort_public/OffenderDetails.aspx?ID=19042&uid=B7FD5796-C2D8-43F5-9142-2C08115599FF&x=fc538bf9-e63d-48fc-a64d-d259aa41bb8c”

        Arrested for Outstanding Warrants Ridgeland Police Department February 2013

      11. Oh, another state listing the Feds are unaware of for Tyrone Sterling board member of the 22 Warriors Foundation.

        “RAPE BY FORCE OR FEAR” in California.

      12. A nighty night blanket party with bars of soap wrapped in socks, slapping on the skinster. Ouch. – – – Nutter.

      13. Please do, bring em oh so hungry. Like those fat hungry, hungry, hippo nurses that’re heavy foot’n through the hallways of the VA. Dirty rotten skanky bitches. I get tired of all this damn bullshit, and then to read the many stories of suffering Veterans. IAM (In A Mood). One day, payback will meet these basturds when they least expect it. – – – Nutter.

      14. If it is all that bad for you reading about truth, I suggest that you just whack yourself in the head real good. Your mama just might find you and help !

      15. I certainly can relate to what your’re saying ! WHat happened to making it easier for VA Personnel to get fired? IS that just another interesting lie to make politicians look good, or what? We need action !

      16. Hey, Nutter,
        Don’t forget the “GI Shower with Wire Brush and Lye Soap” to “go along” with the “blanket party”!

      17. Hey elf, your surprises would cause more distress. More mess too. Give’m a choice? – – – Nutter.

      18. I can certainly go on about Asel’s, (a.k.a. Mark, MK …) and the other unlisted so called board members. But got to leave some work for the real investigators. Right Mark and Dustin!

        If any one is interested in donating to this pedophile ring profiting off Veterans Suicides, Guide Star Organization list them at:


        Showing an address of: 22 Warriors Foundation, 2232 S. Nellis Blvd. Ste. G3 #230, Las Vegas, NV 89104 USA

        Which is also an address matching “Mail Boxes Etc.”, 2232 S. Nellis Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89104 USA

      19. Fortunately Clark County Nevada does have an alternate address for the founder and director of this “pedophile ring / money laundering operation”.

        At: 4551 East Baltimore Avenue, Las Vegas Nevada 89104


        Someone should really remind William Emmel that failing to register as a Sex Offender in the state of Nevada is a Felony. Given he hasn’t registered and is required to do so for life as part of his sentences.

      20. Are you just plain dizzy and easily mislead, or what? I have no interest what-so-ever in Hillary or any damned vet groups referred to as any type of warrior. My interest lie within civil rights , or ” Whistleblowing” and what happens to vets involved while our worthless politicians sit back and make matters worse. WHen you are quick to jump to conclusions, you are making matters much worse. Get your records straight first and hit on someone else.

      21. Get your facts straight first ! My name is Asel and I have no connections to anything pertainingg to Hillary. My interest lie within vets earned rights and abuse and mismanagement at a VA Hospital. If that doesn’t make any sense to you, you need to wallow in another pool of shit !

      22. Tell your trash to someone who gives a big rats hiney ! You are a dumb lib. full of crap that doesn’t give orders to anyone ! Wallow in your own trash for a change !

      23. Seymore,
        I’ve put it on here before, here it is again.
        “The two most hated groups in America, ARE Veterans and Christians!”

      24. Triple the special hate if one is a Veteran, that is a Christian, and then even lives a life as a Christian. There is a HUGE difference in behaviors. And, I’m sure that you’ve seen this before during your lifetime. Plus, those that keep repeating the delusion, and thinking that no one else has detected them on their bullshit radar. Am I the only one who has witnessed this? – – – Nutter.

  11. VA back at it trying to defeat the ethics laws again!! This time under a cloak of VA darkness. That evil new General Council has devised to protect his income form Phoenix University through his non-profit.

    “VA seeks ‘narrow’ exemption to for-profit college ethics law”
    By HOPE YEN | Associated Press | Published: October 17, 2017


    1. From the article:

      “On Tuesday, the VA said it had no plans to publish a new proposal and would direct department leaders to issue more narrow waivers. The VA has estimated that thousands of department employees who took classes or taught at for-profit colleges could be exempted.

      Some veterans groups and ethics experts said they still had questions about VA’s latest plan, pointing to what they say is a requirement in the law for public hearings to be held when issuing waivers. The VA said the law is ambiguous and that it was reviewing whether or not hearings would be needed.

      “We are still concerned,” said Carrie Wofford, president of Veterans Education Success, a group that focuses on fraud and abuse of student veterans.”

  12. “Waco VA rolls out video conferencing for triage patients”
    Jillian Angeline, KCEN 6:02 PM. CDT October 20, 2017


    “Here’s how it works: veterans can call 1-800-423-2111 and press ‘5’. The nurse will email the veteran a link and then they can get into the virtual room where they can see and chat with a nurse about their concern.

    “Then we make our decision based on that, what we want to do with that patient,” Patterson said. “Do you need to go to the emergency room? Do you need to get an appointment to see your private physician? And what time frame we’re going to do that in.”

    1. No Doubt, the VA will then be able to charge taxpayers, your private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid anywhere between $5,000 to $11,000 per call.

      1. Could you imagine waiting online for a nurse to pick up so you can video chat to see if you need to go to the ER?

        Me neither, but I bet the VA will very quickly declare this a success, and it will quickly morph into being the only way for a vet to “be seen” by the ER.

        …and without that video record, your bill for a private ER visit will be denied.

      2. The VA will spare no expense and purchase studio quality microphone headsets or Bluetooth, but that’s pushing it unless linked to color-changing lobby walls, and with these audiophile headsets Vets calling will get to hear or unfortunately see via video the engorged purple team member’s gurgles and even munching audio blasts from their intestinal pasts. By time Vet gets to speak to the beasty hack the Vet may have already set themselves on fire just as the subliminal messages directed… Wait for it…

      3. Of Course those Veterans who don’t have private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid which the VA can bill will be waiting several months for that Email with the link to a virtual exam room.

  13. “VA seeking donations for health care facilities”
    By NIKKI WENTLING | STARS AND STRIPES Published: October 20, 2017


    “WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs is soliciting donors such as nonprofits to provide funds to construct, expand or renovate VA health care facilities.

    The agency posted a request on the Federal Business Opportunities website Thursday for information from nonprofits, corporations or individual donors wanting to help with one of hundreds of possible capital projects.

    The VA is allowed to accept outside donations for health care facilities under a pilot program approved last year by Congress and signed by former President Barack Obama.”

    1. These freken none profit organizations scams are way out of control and by donating to the VA their cut of your scam. You to can become a VA approved charity free to launder and scam money on the backs of Veterans.

      1. Good point. Imagine how much money can be laundered through such a scam. Some well-connected swamp rat can claim on his taxes he donated $100,000 for a new closet somewhere, and as long as his buddy in the VA provides the right paperwork, then the IRS would agree.

        But then, I’m suuuuure the VA will have very good accounting for all the money funneled through this program. Or at least claimed to be run through the program.

      2. Charities have ALWAYS served as a back conduit for cash lolz. There are a thousand scams inside a thousand scams regarding “charities” that make this possible.

        uh, oh…. a PTSD thought just slipped in –

        There is a SIMPLE way to determine if any given human activity attracts corruption and those so corrupted by asking a simple yes or no question;

        Does the activity involve the transfer of cash?

        “Yes”, and the activity is shot through with wolves in sheeps clothing, is dangerous to be part of, and most certainly diverts cash into places normally not spoken of.

        “No”, and it probably isn’t something very many humans even engage in…

  14. “Man commits suicide at Phoenix VA”
    By ASSOCIATED PRESS Published: October 20, 2017


    “PHOENIX — A 33-year-old man took his own life at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs medical center. The VA says the man fatally shot himself outside the Carl T. Hayden VA Medical Center on Friday morning.”

    1. “The VA says about 20 veterans die by suicide each day”.

      About. Each day.

      As if they just don’t give a shit how many are piling up.

      1. I see a pattern. A year or so ago the VA stepped-down the then number of 22 Veteran suicides a day to 21….now we are at 20…next year will be the teens but yet, Vets seem to be dying faster than the general population while the fatty ratty rats keep packing the lard.

      2. I’m suggesting that although Veteran suicide is NOT getting any better, the VA is using that boil a frog slowly in a pan of water and he will not notice until too late…the VA is trying to sweep the notion of Veteran Suicide under the perception as it getting better to make that nasty embarrassing paradox go away…we are the frogs.

  15. I’ll be seeing Mr. Shulkin on Tuesday the 24th of October about the Use of Agent Orange on Guam for the Agent Orange Family and Veterans of Guam and the Blue Water Navy Awareness group with Commander John Wells of the Military-Advocacy Group and another gentleman from Operation Stand Together. Wish us luck! Semper Fidelis!

    1. Is Shilkin on Team Lion? Damn! I am on Team Gazelle! I knew I should have picked a carnivore if I wanted the good doctors. I realize you want to see the doctor about chemical exposure, but he most certainly will ask with a grin, “When did you last have your prostate checked?” … as he is putting on rubber gloves….

      Be wary and keep your face towards the man…

      1. Official VA Prostate Exam gloves are painstakingly coated with the highest grit garnet sandpaper abrasive agents. These gloves also look suspiciously like Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ gloves, but red. Spared absolutely no expense.

  16. Hey Nutter,

    Did you get your flu shot this Year?

    “Veterans Given Ineffective Flu Shots At San Diego VA”
    By Southern California Patch (Patch Staff) – Updated Oct 20, 2017

    “The federal agency estimated that 1,525 veterans and 313 employees may have received the compromised vaccine, officials said.”

    1. Seymore,
      Did you see where even President Trump is refusing to get the “flu shot”?
      “President Trump News Today”
      “Published on October 17, 2017”
      (05:51 minutes long)
      “Breaking News Today 10/18/17, Trump Just Issued URGENT Warning To All Americans, Trump News Today”

  17. “How many VA doctors are there? No one really knows, GAO report says”
    by Joanne Finnegan | Oct 20, 2017


    “Veterans Health Administration: Better Data and Evaluation Could Help Improve Physician Staffing, Recruitment, and Retention Strategies”
    GAO-18-124: Published: Oct 19, 2017

    “Does the Veterans Health Administration have enough doctors to keep up with veterans’ growing health care needs? It can’t be sure.”

    1. No doubt counting the Doctors working at the VA is a difficult task since many of them should not even be allowed to work as veterinarian. Yet they still have them seeing Veterans. Why else does the VA hide them and their names on any count sheet. Surely it would just be a matter of checking payroll to see how many Doctors are collecting pay.

      “Editorial: ‘Dangerous’ doctors have no place within the VA”
      NorthJersey Published 5:15 p.m. ET Oct. 11, 2017


      1. Well, SK, I can just see the conversation on why it would be such a mess for them to count a doctor.

        Ok, we are here to count how many doctors we have working for us. Questions?

        Uh, yeah, who is a doctor? Does that mean a doctor doctor? Like down at the local hospital? Or a doctor who we license?

        Do our doctors need to know how to speaky da engliss?

        Right? And what about nurses we have playing doctor. Do we count them?

        Yeah, and what about a student doing surgery, do we say they are doctors too? Or does that depend on which year of med school they’ve completed?

        Well, our definition of a doctor depends on how it will benefit us the most. If we need more money for hiring doctors then we only count those licensed such that they could work in a civilian hospital. If we need more research funding, we only count those associated with a university. If I want a bigger bonus and that vet keeps whining about getting an appointment, we will count anyone in a white coat as a doctor just to shut them up.

        New policy after this meeting: All VA employees, janitors, librarians, even those Interior Designers are to be issued white coats as their duty uniform.

        Great! Lets do lunch!

      2. It has to be the pay level at a civilized hospital because what hospital with any good reputation would hire a VA DOc? It is said that most VA doctors can’t get a job at at a regular hospital ! We know why !

  18. It’s all about the color of a vets skin anyways, and the rest of us are left on our own to take whatever is thrown our way. Crumbs !!!! It’s the same with government job hiring policies when you’re the wrong color, you need not apply !

    1. @Asel – – – That’s right, I was wondering when someone was going to bring this issue up. This white boy has the same damn problem(s). I’m going to look for someone that does house calls for skin darkening. – – – Nutter.

  19. Here is how secretary shulkin will get away with it. The president and other do this so why should I not use it. Or it was not me, it was the ethics committee who authorized the travel.

    So unless you fire the president and all the others, knock it off dummies.

  20. Is it possible Shulkin was considered for HHS? Yes.
    Is it possible Shulkin was interviewed? Yes.
    Is it possible the WH is spinning this given Shulkins travel spending? Yes.

    Its just as possible none of this happened and some deep state hack leaked a bullshit story to make the WH look incompetent for considering Shulkin even while he’s under investigation.

    That last is the most likely given the anonymous source, and given the timing between Price resigning and Shulkins waste being reported.

    Given the WSJ ties to Fusion GPS and the phony dossier, and given their cheerleading on illegal immigration, I would believe a friggin turnip over the WSJ.

  21. Out from “military.com/daily news” via the “Boston Herald” | By Antonio Planas.
    Dated: 19 Oct 2017
    “Politicians Share Outrage Over Vet’s Death at VA Hospital”

    Seems a nurse was more preoccupied “…with playing video games…”, rather than check on her patients! So, a Vietnam Veteran DIED on her watch!
    Now, “…she was suspended without pay…”. While the DOJ and FBI investigates it!
    Even Rep. Elizabeth Warren “…is outraged and demanding answers…” from @SecVA!
    Isn’t that quaint! (Sarcasm placed here!)

    Although this is a sad turn of events. These are the kinds of reports needing to be put right in front of We the People!
    This is what I’ve been saying. “We the People”, everyone, especially the ones on the left, need to see what transpires within the halls of the VA! How the VA is corrupt to such a degree, it will take a majority of the people to “bring them to heal!”
    Thats my opinion!

      1. namnibor,
        You can bet the AFGE will be coming out from the shadows to protect her! Wait and you will see it happening!

  22. Here is the problem any head of VA faces;

    Let’s assume a human exists that can break a union. Then he finds a way to gain 100% compliance by his workforce of all laws and regulations. Then he goes on to fiscal genius and with a newly compliant VA staff he fully funds ever single item needed to truly provide a healthcare product that exceeds standards outside VA.

    THEN he reforms VBA and the backlog of hundreds of thousands of vets is brought into the fold and better every vet still alive that was wrongfully denied services is now awarded them.

    Look what this mythological being has done! Some reports put the number of vets avoiding VA care out of fear/disgust/revulsion/common sense, as high as 50%. ALL those folks would flood in and likely would be more hurt because of waiting sometimes decads for treatment and would require much more time than typical. Plus with VBA cleared of the so called “backlog” of human beings being denied care and benefits, hundreds of thousands of deserving new vets would also flock to the world class care. To top it all off they would be saving vets lives and making them live longer instead of killing them off. Remember, each live veteran patient is a financial liability to the agency which is an exact reversal from patients in the private sector.

    The situation becomes a paradox. The better off you are at accomplishing the mission, the more likely things will break down. THIS IS A KEY AND CORE reason our federal government should never be offering services available on the open market. Many have asked, “How can VA be fixed?”

    The only way to fix VA is to alter human genetics so each individual no longer acts in their own self interest as a rule. If the question is, “How do we fix the problem then?”

    The answer is to terminate the social and politcal experiment called “VA”. It was a good idea until it wasn’t and it wasn’t EVER a good idea.

    1. The VA views the wise words you wrote Dennis, as likely as not to be found tattooed on the hairy backs of a Pacific Northwest Sasquatch and furthermore, all that positive stuff is considered mission creep.

      1. It is spoken that it was the Sasquatch that brought cannabis to Oregon shores long ago. It sounds like urban legend but just take a stroll through the downtown section of cannabis free Eugene Oregon down near Voodoo Donuts. It is a 24 hour a day donut shop that makes pie sized donuts (and use toppings like fruit loops on maple syrup) and it is situated right next to an iron statue of seated Ken Kesey reading to little iron children… not making this up now.

        Just ponder for ONE LITTLE minute exactly which novel Kesey would be reading to the iron children in Eugene Oregon’s Kesey Square who are enthralled with him and his book…cukooo, cukooo, cukoo.

        So my brother when hanging out down there the typical crowd nearly 24hours a day could easily conceal a great many Sasquatch… and after all those donuts are HUGE!….not so much of an urban legend after all, is it?

      2. Actually, I am a Sasquatch that’s been in therapy for decades because I was repeatedly abducted by aliens and the probing continues at the VA…

      3. I hear that the VA is starting a new campaign of protest in your area using its political branch the AFGE. They claim that they have been losing patients, ever since the Administrators of the Veterans Choice Programs started using a new contractor to do Colonoscopies.

        Apparently, Roto Rooter cleans their equipment after each use. So the VA is seeing fewer new patients for HIV, Hep A,B,C.

        So the VA is going to have the AFGE protest to go back to the old way where all their anal probing was done by Aliens with J1 Visas or little green men wearing Army fatigues.

      4. No worries about me SK. I live at ground zero of wandering folks who are expert at identifying and passing along communication about aliens, CIA, aliens inside CIA, and the shadow organization that controls all of them in full sunlight. Mostly they hang out near the downtown Starbucks just a few blocks down from the methdone clinic and the Standard gas station.. (Starbucks here has public potties, but Standard doesn’t).

        I know all about that which is so secret and cleverly disguised among us that absolutely no human has ever even seen them! They are that good… they live in places that no human eyes have ever seen or hands have touched (just like VA rules and regulations). Just don’t maintain eye contact longer than you need to with the folks in the know. It might tip off the aliens, ok?

      5. Probing is out of vogue here in Oregon. Times change I guess. Now they call it a “tax audit” but to me this confuses the intentions.

      6. Would a donut that large be sufficient life preserver for VA Sec. Shulkin when utilized in large numbers when the golden parachute pops? (Fruit Loops withstanding…) 🙂

    2. Good thoughts Dennis but as someone who knows many of these people, unless corrupt organized criminals in management are first rooted out and replaced the rotten examples of employees will never be replaced, good employees will not be attracted, good employees will be victimized, and everything repeats. The fish rots from the head is a cliche, but valid.

    3. Did you know the VA has a national center just to count beans?

      Do a search on percentage of veterans in America and you can find their VA web site.

      You can dig through their attempts to make numbers look pretty, and find there are 20,783,556 veterans in America as of 2016.

      Their latest statistics for how many vets get care at the VA are from 2014.

      From 2014, there were 1,599,196 Cat 1 vets who received care at the VA.

      They list Categories of vets 1 through 7A, 7C, and have Categories 8A through 8G, for a total of 14 Categories of vets.

      If you counted only Cat 1, 2 and 3 vets, there would be less than 3 million.

      As of 2014, there were only 5,857,690 vets of over 20 million across all categories that went to the VA…or around 25%.

      That percentage has not changed much since the early 1990s when I first heard Senator Jay Rockefeller, chair of the Senate VA committee mention it was at 26%.

      1. Thanks! That 25% speaks volumes. Want to bet the VA gets $$$ allocated on vastly larger #’s of nonhuman test subjects, regardless of category? This tells me that the VA should rightly always have a 75% OVERHEAD/SURPLUS and that CHOICE is a sham because it’s never should have been necessary if the engorged fat ass purple teams would serve vets and the USA instead of their rat master. In a mood. Where’s that cat at with my vaporizer…my turn! Ah…better now, even better now.

      2. What’s interesting about that spreadsheet from their web site is that there are 340,000 non vets also getting care at the VA. One must assume those may be family members of vets who qualify.

        I would have expected a higher number given the number of Category 1 vets.

        I was also shocked to see 2 Categories for Cat 7, and 6 categories for Category 8 vets.

        If I recall correctly, Bill Clinton opened the doors with Cat 7. Vets who served, but had no disability and did not meet the income threshold. He never requested the funding for them, so it became a mess for Bush to clean up. I had never heard of Category 8 vets, let alone 6 different groups of Category 8.

      3. I wonder if those ‘Category 8′ Vets are where Obama wanted to allow imported political butthurt refugees? Remember the suggestion of allowing them to come to the VA as a thought of POTUS at the time? It came during same thoughts of “Bad Paper Discharge Vets’ being allowed VA healthcare…wonder if that’s why there’s so many subcategories of Cat. 7/8? So convoluted by design, it’s the ideal place for a gov’t/ slush fund and brackish backwaters of the deep D.C. Swamp.

      4. I agree nam, convoluted by design.

        I recall when Category 7 was added. There was all kinds of hell raised over that because of the lack of funding.

        Now, even that Category 7 definition seems different than it was years ago, with 6 subcategories for 8 that we heard nothing about.

        I cannot believe the VSOs were not aware of this.

  23. So Dr. Shulkin PhD is deemed unfit by his superiors to head up an agency that provides “services” for “humans” and “health”?


    1. VA Sec Shulkin is the Nonhuman, Health, & Services (NHS) headcheese….easily confused with that ‘Human’ services, but are polar opposite in one of the most diabolical schemes to make $$$ while stepping on backs of Veterans with ice cleats on…all with a fucking smile because…The VA Cares with a cyanide sneer…

  24. And on to Privatization. Since the mid 80’s the quality of care at VA hospitals has deteriorated. Gone is the day when you could get an MRI in a week. Gone is the day when a colonoscopy scheduling took less than a month. Gone is the walk in MH clinic and almost all walk ins. And all to beat the drum for privatization because Health NET and TRI CARE want those 10s of billions of dollar contracts.

    1. And now veterans can’t wait for privatized care which ain’t any better but at least they do it with better smiles and less conflict because their jobs aren’t under the gun.

  25. Elf

    The Internal Revenue Service is considered to be a Bureau of the Department of the Treasury; however, like the Federal Reserve, it is not part of the Federal Government (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I.; Public Law 94-564; Senate Report 94-1148, pg. 5967; Reorganization Plan No. 26; Public Law 102-391), and in fact was incorporated in Delaware in 1933. It is pointed out that all official Federal Government mail is sent postage-free because of the franking privilege, however, the IRS has to pay their own postage, which indicates that they are not a government entity.

    Did You Know the IRS and the Fed are Private Corporations


    1. Oldmarine,
      Yes, I was aware the IRS is not a government agency. As is the VA is NOT a government agency!
      In my comment, it’s only stating the “New IRS Scandal”, where Koskinin has come under fire from a committee!
      IF you can find the video, where a “Congressman” [is caught] “yelling at” Koskinin and another IRS official recently, it’s definitely worth the viewing!
      Even though Congress has NO judicial powers to have anyone arrested, tried and or convicted, that’s up to the DOJ. It’s still early in these proceedings to say what “may or may not occur in the future!”
      In the case of the VA. I have an opinion there’s more going on behind the scenes than what most Americans are aware of! The current “illegalities” of the VA is being brought out more and more by some “left leaning news outlets!”
      These outlets have, for some time, refused to report on the VA’s illegal activities. So, WHY NOW are they becoming involved.
      In my opinion, it’s to discredit President Trump!
      At the same time, it discredits those in the VA!
      Isn’t this what we veterans want? To let ALL of America see the corruption, waste, fraud and abuse which IS VA?
      The more people who know, the better it is for us!

      1. ANutterVet,
        The VA is a civilian agency which operates with “government subsidies”!
        Meaning the taxpayers pay the bills, while those that work there are civilian in nature.
        Read “Oldmarine’s” comment. It explains it!

  26. Could it be the “White House” is more informed about how VA is screwing up veterans healthcare and administrative procedures than we know about?
    This “new revelation” of Shulkin acting like Tom Price, ie; using taxpayers monies for vacation, may have been the final catalyst. Which brought attention to VA’s massive amounts of corruption, waste, fraud and abuse to the forefront!
    For Shulkin to deny claims of corruption would now be considered false. He’s been with the VA for quite some time.
    With these new revelations of: “New IRS Scandal”, New “Uranium One Deal Scandal”, New “Hillary Clinton Email Scandal”, New “2,800 Huma Abadin Email Scandal”, etc., etc., etc.!
    So, WHY should VA be exempt from being targeted by the FBI and/or DOJ for ALL the scandals it’s being exposed on!?????!!!!!
    We’ve seen, recently, more articles coming out on “left leaning news outlets”! IF your a taxpayer, and want more accurate accountability with how your tax dollars are being spent, even IF you never served, wouldn’t it make sense you’d want to see justice served?!
    For decades, the government’s leadership has allowed scandal after scandal after scandal after scandal continue! When has anyone heard of the perpetrators being charged? The lower ranking people get charged. What about the people who brokered the deals, and made off with millions, IF NOT billions, of taxpayers monies? When are they going to be charged with a crime?
    Think about this. The “foundation of a building” (The lower ranking people) continue to be charged. The “main structure” loses the “foundation” as more are brought up on charges. When the “foundation” loses all its structural integrity, what happens to the upper structure? It collapses!
    In my opinion, since President Trump took office, and with all of these “new scandals” coming out, the foundation is crumbling and the main structure is folding in on itself!
    Although President Lincoln said: “A house divided cannot stand!” That “phrase” can be altered to say: “A house with a crumbling foundation, must, and will fall!”

    That’s my opinion, on this Friday morning.

    1. I agree. Shulkin has been in the VA Swamp long enough prior to current position to know where the bodies are buried. Problem is, they are saving the bodies for Halloween trick or treat hungry, hungry hippos. One big collective swamp gas blurt. I do not believe the VA, which naturally means I have no reason to believe the VA Sec. or really even the White House at this time. Also, the Wall St. Journal is Butthurt Snowflake Central…’MAD MAGAZINE’ has much better articles and sticks to the sardonic truth. Our gov’t., not so much.

      Rant Out for this Friday. (I actually think Shulkin WAS a contender but his GID SYNDROME will not allow failure in public light….)

      1. The VA Swamp remains full of Swamp Things and is overflowing. Why hang on to Obama left over appointees while too many vets suffer while hear hear more and more promises that are never kept. That means votes for our dear public officials, but vets are in need !

    2. Crazy Elf, your comment reminded me of something.

      Imagine how stupid it would be for Trump to nominate Shulkin to HHS.

      With all of the scandals you mentioned, the media is doing everything they can to deflect any attention from scandals affecting the left, and trying to keep the focus on any scandal they perceive Trump to be involved in.

      Hell most of the media refuse to report on Bill and Hillary selling uranium with the OK of Holder, Lynch, Comey and Meuller.

      Shulkins nomination would have required Senate confirmation. If Trump were stupid and nominated him, then his confirmation would have been a circus looking at his travel spending, and the left would have used everything they could to smear Trump with Shulkin.

      That’s why I believe this never happened, and its a buffoonish attempt by some hack to smear them anyway.

      Again, Price resigned, and a few days later Shulkins travel was reported. I can’t see the WH moving that fast to interview Shulkin for HHS in the time between Price resigning and Shulkins travel being reported on.

      1. 91Veteran,
        I agree wholeheartedly. Have you noticed the growing number of leftist news outlets starting to “go after” President Trump’s nominees. In a way, I hope they continue. Especially when it comes to the VA! Because every time they blast the VA, it’s a win/win situation for veterans!
        In my opinion, the whistleblowers should start targeting these leftist news outlets with ALL the illegal activities committed by VA employees. Especially the upper management and SES’rs who commit felonies against veterans and taxpayers!
        And, kinda ~”imply”~ Shulkin HAD TO HAVE KNOWN!
        It’s ALL in how one “words the complaint vs how one receives the complaint!”

      2. Crazy Elf, I don’t have any problem with the leftist media going after swamp rats that have burrowed into Trumps administration, I just wish we had an objective media that would go after both sides.

        When they don’t, we end up with holdovers like Shulkin, and a world that is a hell of a lot more dangerous with deals like Hillary selling Uranium to Russia.

      3. 91Veteran,
        I agree 100% with you!
        I would also like a news media which would be balanced and fair. Only, since we don’t have that – YET, let’s use it to our advantage!
        They seem to be full of Pride! What I mean by that is, they think they’ve snookered the American People into believing anything they say.
        Well, “Pride is a weakness!” “We just have to learn how to use it to our advantage!” (I’m using a quote from “The Patriot” movie here!)
        IF we can get more negative articles out about Shulkin’s VA, how do you think he’ll react? I’m thinking, not too good! There needs to be more pressure put on VA! And, It needs to come from MANY OUTLETS!

      4. I honestly believe Shulkin doesn’t give a damn about anything other than staying under the radar long enough to weasel his way onto a few corporate boards somewhere.

      5. Yes, I’m noticing the leftest media on the attack (like 60 Minutes recent story on the DEA), but I believe it needs to be said.

        While I voted for Trump, I’m sadly disappointed. I don’t see any change. I am not sure if Trump played us to get our votes or he has no choice but to work with the swamp creatures instead of erradicating them.

        Look at this recent article, where the VA kills another veteran “https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/10/19/veteran-died-as-a-nurses-aide-played-video-games/777”

        All these laws Trump signed are a joke to the VA. They know they will never be held accountable. If they did, this incident wouldn’t have happened.

        Past administrations (Bush and Obama) also made promises and signed this/that, then walked away and never looked back or cared to see enforcement. Trump is doing the same….a lot of talk, signing this or that and no real change at all.

        I’m very disappointed…and I voted for him.

      6. TaB, I have said before about how the media plays games in DC. Typically it’s a blood sport for them for the first 6 months of a Republican administration. After scoring some blood, they tend to settle down.

        With Trump, that blood sport will continue throughout his administration, because attacks against him or his administration takes energy to defend against them. The more energy used in defending against these attacks are less energy he can use at swamp draining. The media wants the attacks, Democrats certainly want the attacks, the swamp wants the attacks, and there are plenty of Republicans that want the attacks because he is an outsider.

        The other problem Trump has is not knowing who his allies might be. We saw that with him allowing swamp rats into his White House, and then the daily leaks started. After he got rid of Priebus and Bannon, many of those leaks slowed down. Who know’s how many in his administration have been named to run various federal agencies that are camouflaged swamp rats. I believe Price was one, and Shulkin is another.

        I too am disappointed in the slow pace of things changing, and I sure as hell have been calling it out when I can, but Trump is one man.

        I am not making excuses for him, but imagine how much could be getting done if he had Congress on his side helping him clean up the swamp. Instead of helping, they are either helping attack him, or just watching him twist in the wind as the media chases Russian ghosts.

        Look at how much effort has gone into defending against lies told about his phone call to the widow of the soldier killed in Niger.

    3. Well, folks these are old scandals that were already there. It has taken awhile for Judicial Watch to get the evidence with financial records with following the money trail, even to start process to remove gag orders that the Obama administration DOJ slapped on an informant who had submitted a lawsuit regarding the URANIUM One deal, this informant had been threatened, Mueller, McCabe, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Clintons, etc. So much damn corruption during the Obama administration that we are on the edge of a failed state. Hopefully, the Senate Judiciary Committee with Senator Chuck Grassley can hold some people accountable by applying the rule of law. AG Jeff Sessions is stalling. Special Counsel needs to be appointed to investigate the Clintons and all who are involved with Fast and Furious, Clinton Emails, Uranium One, Bengazhi, IRS commissioner Lois Learner and current IRS commissioner needs to be gone. The whole Obama administration needs to be investigated. What has happened is President Trump is he is standing up to the individuals who are involved from the mainstream media to the establishment types to all who are involved. President Trump is holding up a mirror to the American people of all this crap. CIRCA Investigative Journalists like John Solomon and others along with Judicial Watch have all been doing a hell of a job with bringing this corruption to the forefront. But, everyone finally, we may have an administration who can root out the sess pool. By Trump getting elected, hopefully we may be saved by a saving grace. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, all bets would have been off as she has already sold us out to the Russians. And, too, Obama with Senator Bob Corker and Senator Mitch McConnell sold us out to IRAN. So folks our ethical members of the Congress and the Senate are few and far between. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, we would already been passed a failed state all courtesy of George Soros who is about to break his neck to overthrow this country. As for Secretary David Shulkin, who knows?? I really do not know anymore. Have a good weekend folks.

      1. “Angela”,
        Have you noticed that it wasn’t until after Russia physically received our “enriched uranium” that North Korea was able to expand its nuclear program and weapons!?
        Or, am I stretching things a little too far!?

      2. Crazy Elf, I believe that may be a stretch because the NorKs have always been a client of the Chinese.

        No. If you want to look at where their Nukes originated, you have to look no further than Bill Clinton and that nitwit SecState of his, Madelaine Albright.

        Billy didn’t want foreign distractions, so he and Albright completely capitulated to whatever the NorKs were offering. To this day, I can still picture the news article I read about the deal they made with the NorKs. Their army was starving and it was heading into winter. Clinton and Albright decided in exchange for the NorKs playing nice, the US would give them 2 nuke reactors, supposedly for energy production, along with 500,000 tons if fuel oil and food aid.

        Of course, Clinton, Albright and their supporters in the media played up how much that food and fuel aid would help the starving, cold civilians over there.

        The NorKs got right to work on their nuke weapons, and the food aid went to their army.

        You can still find many news articles on line describing their lunacy.

        …and Obama did the same damn thing with the crazy mullahs, minus the food and fuel aid.

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