Wilkie Issues Brief Statement On George H W Bush Passing

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert Wilkie issued the following brief statement after news of President George H. W. Bush passed away Friday:

All of America’s veterans are saddened by the passing of President George H. W. Bush. His courage in combat was special even during the war in the Pacific, where our forces demonstrated some of the highest levels of valor and heroism in our history. When holding the highest offices in our country, he never forgot those who wore the uniform. The Department of Veterans Affairs sends its thoughts and prayers to the Bush family in remembrance of this extraordinary American.

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  1. Good Gracious! Is SecVA really that naïve as to say “All of America’s veterans are saddened by the passing of President George H. W. Bush”?

    Mr. Secretary, I feel absolutely nothing emotionally with regard to his passing. A non-event in my life. We are all going to die one day.

    You speak for me? Not hardly, and guaranteed that you most likely would NOT want to speak to, or with me. I detest VA Politicians such as yourself.

  2. Any man who presumes to speak on my behalf without my consent should have his tongue removed from his pie depository.

    So far I’ve not seen wilkie do anything about the corruption and lawlessness in the va. I am neither impressed or satisfied that he is the man for the job.

    Stick a grunt in that spot. This officer uppity class bullshit has gone too far.

  3. What gives Sec Wilkie the right to speak for all Veterans? EX POTUS BUSH, was no Saint. PTBE, his clean air act, created cancerous waters. God Bless his soul.

  4. Extraordinary person.

    How about making the VA an extraordinary Goobermint Agency in benefits and healthcare.

    VA is disgusting with so.many honorable and those Veterans being shafted with unresolved or mis-directed OTH discharges.

    And those where their DD214 reflects something of the Veteran in which their not. And where an easy fix can be implemented for the DD214 in error.

    Wtf up Willie Wonking Wilkie. You get notified of whats posted on this site.

    Geezoo, you’ve got a hell of a lot to work on by whats in this post. Get busy or get out, and move along, and outta the wsy.

    With that being said, keeo your incompetent staph, Fed PoPo, VA Security away from my door, phone, wife and K9.

    It is I whom determines the damn contact not VA staph. Get it?

  5. “All of America’s veterans are saddened by the passing of President George H. W. Bush.”
    Speak for yourself Wilkie, He was a piece of garbage.
    Look this up on Covert Geopolitics.

    In Memoriam: George H. Scherff Jr. aka George HW Bush Sr.

    1. His father was dealing with ze Chermanz during Herr Hitler’s rise to power. Reagan’s (GHW Bush’s) October Surprise along with Iran Contra games, and don’t forget the state of perpetual war we are now in that started with that phony Kuwait/Iraq nonsense, not to mention how cozy he was with the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia and, and and. Can you say NWO puppet master? I haven’t been able to gin up any tears.

      1. 12/03/2018

        Dear Windguy,

        There are many examples of the bad to express.

        Many times it is inappropriate to express them at sensitive times [when the guy is still in the box].

        For example talking politics in Bars, Work, Church, Schools, or at Home—then the question is when will you speak out about politics?

        The way they got it rigged up is never!

        So Windguy do the research and stick it to them every chance you got!

        Start with Prescott Buch October 20th, 1942 —Congress shuts down Bush’s banking scheme with Chancellor Hitler; and do not forget the Bankers and the Oil Companies along the way; The Enterprise in the Basement of the White House; and the selling out of the C-17 to China in 1991 [1998 Cox Report], etc., etc…

        Enjoy the research,


        Don Karg

    2. OM, my instant thoughts too. I am beyond tired of idiots speaking for me. That and trying to make heroes or idols out of all the evil doers out there then sealing some of their files and dealings with anti-American types to hide truth. There is a long list of them and supposed to be leaders and such in lying history books. That’s the name of the game though. Bombard the kiddies and sheep with propaganda, lies, and re-written history. It’s all never ending. No public out-cry for truth, ethics, etc.

      Wilkie is turning out to be just another DC suit, cheerleader, and narcissist.

      Pity I cant’ do to him and his family like I do some local liars and corrupt. Piss on their graves, curse them, and leave a pork chop bone behind.

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