David Shulkin Trump VA Reforms

Will New Secretary Of Veterans Affairs Hold To Trump VA Reforms?

David Shulkin Trump VA Reforms
Photo from VA.gov

The Senate confirmed the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin with a unanimous vote despite loose adherence to Trump VA reforms.

After the confirmation hearing two weeks ago, there was little doubt Shulkin would receive the nod. In part, a President Barack Obama holdover was practically guaranteed by Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) and his push one year ago to keep former Secretary Bob McDonald at the helm.

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While keeping McDonald was untenable due to a strained relationship with President Donald Trump, Sen. Isakson more-or-less got his way in the end, as did traditional veteran organizations who wildly support Shulkin.

Previously, Shulkin was nominated in July 2015 to run Veterans Health Administration, and the relationships he developed after that point led to his sweeping confirmation yesterday.

Confirmation At Odds With Trump VA Reforms?

During the confirmation, Shulkin said he would lead a “major reform and transformation of the VA.” But previously, he said he would make no major changes to the agency while leading it.

He said he wants to primarily rely on VA services but plans to use private sources when necessary.

“There will be far greater accountability, dramatically improved access, responsiveness and expanded care options,” he said. “But the Department of Veterans Affairs will not be privatized under my watch.”

When asked about Veterans Choice, Shulkin seemed evasive, refusing to answer Sen. Jon Tester’s questions directly. He instead promised veterans needing urgent care, who could not get care, would be allowed to use non-VA care.

However, this version of Veterans Choice is already a requirement for emergency care, and VA presently pays for such non-VA care through the Fee Basis program like a normal insurance company.

About Veterans Choice, he ultimately did not commit to expanding the program to allow all veterans an opportunity to select who and where they receive health care.

But, during the campaign, President Trump promised to hire a reformer to change the agency to better focus on veterans.

His position included allowing veterans to have full choice of health care providers, even if that meant using non-VA care providers. Full choice does not seem to be on the table now.

Top 10 Trump VA Reforms Promised

During the campaign, Trump promised to implement the following ten reforms:

  1. Mr. Trump will appoint a VA Secretary whose sole purpose will be to serve veterans. The Obama Administration has continually placed D.C. bureaucrats’ needs above those of veterans, this will not happen under a Trump Administration.
  2. Mr. Trump will use the powers of the presidency to remove and discipline the federal employees and managers who have violated the public’s trust and failed to carry out the duties on behalf of our veterans.
  3. Mr. Trump will ask that Congress pass legislation that empowers the Secretary of the VA to discipline or terminate any employee who has jeopardized the health, safety or well-being of a veteran.
  4. Mr. Trump will create a commission to investigate all the fraud, cover-ups, and wrong-doing that has taken place in the VA, and present these findings to Congress for to spur legislative reform.
  5. Mr. Trump will protect and promote honest employees at the VA who highlight wrongdoing, and he will guarantee their jobs will be protected.
  6. Mr. Trump will create a private White House hotline, which will be active 24 hours a day answered by a real person. It will be devoted to answering veteran’s complaints of wrongdoing at the VA and ensure no complaints fall through the cracks.
  7. Mr. Trump will stop giving bonuses to any VA employees who are wasting money, and start rewarding employees who seek to improve the VA’s service, cut waste, and save lives.
  8. Mr. Trump will reform the visa system to ensure veterans are at the front of the line for health services, not the back.
  9. Mr. Trump will increase the number of mental health care professionals, and allow veterans’ to be able to seek mental health care outside of the VA.
  10. Mr. Trump will ensure every veteran has the choice to seek care at the VA or at a private service provider of their own choice. Under a Trump Administration, no veteran will die waiting for service. These days are over starting January 2017.

How Trump plans to reconcile the difference is unknown, but that is not the only promise the president made that seems to be forgotten now.

No Trump Phone For Vets?

Many of you may recall the president promised to create a direct phone line to the White House so veterans could address their concerns directly to him.

That phone was supposed to be created by January 31, 2017. There is no phone at this point, two weeks after the promised implementation.

I placed a press inquiry about the matter, but Trump’s team has failed to respond.

Think Shulkin will adhere to the Trump reform agenda or will he backpeddle?

Source: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2017/02/13/veterans-affairs-david-shulkin-senate-confirmation/97849136/

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  1. @Cj, I really don’t care about the phone, as long as it’s in the U.S., and I’m still in there. Like I Claudius, has a great act. Tough way to get the job done. God Bless the Veterans..

    1. @Jo3n: Back again testing my browser etc. I understand where your coming from. It is frustrating, veterans deserve better. It is terrible the way some veterans are not being taken care of properly, not being able to be seen in a timely manner, living too far away, and not being able to be seen closer, by a properly trained doctor, etc. The list goes on. ANutterVet couldn’t have said it any better. I feel the same way, when I go to my pcp at the va, I really don’t get the feeling like he even gives a shit that I am there. It’s almost like we don’t even exsist, that this entire va system is set up just to waste taxpayers money. There is a building, lots of people walking around, there are offices, and nurses, everything you would expect a hospital to have, but there is this very strange disconnect between doctors and patients. I think if I never went in again, not a single doctor would even notice. We have become insignificant to the va system, it is true, because that is exactly how I feel everytime I walk through those doors. This was setup to serve veterans, but it has become an institution to serve employee’s instead. They like us for one reason only, to practice on as guinee pigs. The confirmation hearings raised a big red flag for me when Shulkin was more concerned about money for bonuses and incentives, than he was about punishing or firing useless or corupt employees. All I heard from him was money money money.

      1. I TOTALLY AGREE CJ, the place is a total waste of money. my PCP doctor on a annual physical just wants to hold my nuts and makes me cough i guess to see if im still breathing..then goes over my meds i took 3 years ago what a joke. i have a pinched nerve in my neck and my back he could give a shit less then he tells me thats why i give you gabapentin they think its a cure all drug.. va system is set up just to waste taxpayers money and that is all

    2. @Jo3n: I really mean it this time. Goodnight hope you sleep well. God Bless you and all of Bens World.

      1. @ cj, hope you were able to fix your browser. I get kicked off the internet for some unknown reason. I don’t get it. Maybe my router isn’t working right.

  2. I’ve never noticed anything like this since Vietnam. I have family all over the West coast, and I can say, with some certainty, most of em gone or going nuts. This isn’t the norm. There’s people who I’ve known…forever, on both sides, still talking about the election. Our President is one of a kind. Hell, very few people will ever have his job, and God knows we pray for him. He needs to investigate a bit more, and not relying on people to follow through without making sure. He’s has himself in a lot of situations. He’s picking up a lot of baggage. Apparently he believes if he says the words, it’ll be done. Perhaps in his previous work, but this is the only job he should have.

    1. @Jo3n: Jo3n, there is so much corruption everywhere you look. For sure this is no easy job, I sure wouldn’t want it. I don’t think he says something and thinks it will happen. I do think he is smarter than that. I feel an undercurrent of sorts going on. I could be wrong, but I think his team is assesing how far the scum is intrenched, and how many scrubbing bubbles he needs. At least I hope this is what is occuring. Like I said, we will all know soon enough. I for one am not concerned by the installation of a phone. Can you imagine? you would never be able to do anything else…..that phone would never stop ringing…..and whats on the other side of the call? Nothing but complaining about little things, so the important things would all get lost in the shuffle. I would expect some type of commision to be formed in place of a phone. I know he said he would put one in, but really………honestly…….I just don’t see that ever happening.

      1. I should say, I hope he doesn’t install that phone……I picture that episode of The Andy Griffith Show……citizens arrest……..citizens arrest…….

  3. Another off topic comment. It would seem that the internet problems I have been having, were all due to ip masking. It looks like no matter what browser I use, if I also use the tor network, my browsers crash. To me this is disturbing. Why? because someone apparently is not llkeing the fact that I like my privacy.

    1. Ok I was wrong, browser problems continue……….to answer my own question……yep…..it’s paranoia…..

  4. @Ex va: Hey, Ex va, sorry I didn’t stay late lastnight, was just too tired to stay awake. Hope you had a good night sleep.

    1. @ cj, i am getting some rest. Finally the flu is letting up. How are you doing? I have noticed that someone keeps trying to mess with browser as well.. I don’t know what is up with this but i am having a hard time getting on this site and posting.

  5. I’ve been finding myself hoping and praying and wishing that the changes promised Veterans, by President Trump will materialize. Each and every day he does things that’s saying things differently. Shulkin just has to dicker around for a while, and I believe….. Trump will forget his promises. I’m sorry, but it looks like our President is out of his league. The vultures are circling. The path he’s on, is going to either destroy him or us. He’s got to pull himself together. I am beginning to feel sorry for the man. I’m hoping again, that Shulkin isn’t one of them vultures…., but I bet he is.

    1. One thing you have to realize is that this is the normal chaos that happens at the start of every Republican presidents administration.

      If you go back to when GW Bush was first elected, it started right away with him as well, until 911 happened.

      The left waited as long as they could, then came up with the 911 commission to continue attacking him.

      Only around 911 did the left pull back from trying to destroy him or members of his administration, simply because the left knew the public would be outraged.

      With Trump, the left will do everything possible to destroy or delegitamize his administration.

      Trumps problem right now is to get far enough along with his administration after weeding out the traitors including those calling themselves Republicans that are leaking things to destroy certain people so they can get their own people in.

      I firmly believe it was an insider who leaked BS against Flynn knowing the media would go after him.

      What is so bad about Flynn resigning is that it makes Trump looks weak for throwing a good man under the bus.

      Flynn did nothing wrong in not remembering what he said in all of the details of his phone call. Its like Scooter Libby being crucified for not remembering details many months before.

      That the left is screaming about violations of the Logan Act is pure bullshit given they have ignored so many very serious violations of that act by members of their own party.

      They ignore Kennedy’s letter to the Russians years ago asking them to help him defeat Reagan. They ignore Jawn eFing Cary talking to the North Vietnamese in the 1970s. They ignore Pelosi meeting Assad in Syria. They ignore Obama himself talking to world leaders in many countries prior to him first being elected in 2008.

      Yes, Flynn was a distraction, but a minor one that could have been fixed if the administration mentioned a few of the very real violations by the left.

      Again, I think Flynn was hated by several in the Pentagon and elsewhere, and the snakes Trump has in his inner circle took him out for their own selfish reasons.

      Trump needs to get a handle on those traitors.

      They certainly did not do Trump or the country any favors.

      1. So far President Trump has done more, in the time he has been in office, than any other President in my lifetime has, in the same amount of time. I am hoping that old school tactics are at play here, (keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer). As Crazy elf has said, he needs to know who is in his corner first.
        I think soon enough, we will all know which fan the shit will hit. Either we will be witness to one of the greatest Presidents ever, or it will be business as usuall. Time will tell. I think everyone has valid points, but I think it’s too early to judge.

        Completely off topic here……………..HAPPY VALENTINES LADIES.

  6. 91Veteran,
    I believe President Trump is no one’s fool. He knows what’s going on. Just like he’s playing the news medias, he’s playing the rest of Congress and other entities, ie: lobbyists, special interest groups, governors, mayors, police departments, etc. etc.. He’s got to find out who’s in his corner.
    Once that’s accomplished, it should be full steam ahead.
    Shulkin is but one spoke in a large corrupt wheel.
    As Angela has stated, he’s got a lot of shit on his plate right now.
    Let’s let him “Make America Safe” first. Then we can start hammering our “cause”! Our “cause is just!” We have laws on our side!

    1. I agree he’s got a lot on his plate Crazy Elf, but I also think it would be easy to set up a phone line.

      Unless he’s giving Shulkin a chance to fall on his face to he can shove him back at Isaakson knocking him off his stairmaster.

  7. Will Shulkin follow Trumps reform agenda? That remains to be seen. Mr. Stairmaster got mostly what he wanted in getting Shulkin along with other worthless hacks on the House and Senate VA Committees, as did the VSO’s, but it is going to be Trump that will be hammered by the media when the next scandal hits.

    The problem here is multiple. The media is focused on doing anything they can going after Trumps cabinet picks, and finally drew blood with Flynn. They will continue doing that until things settle down and the media decides there is not much more they can do.

    The other problem is the ability of the VA to squash news, like they did with the suicide in Albuquerque recently.

    At some point, there will be a big enough issue where the media will report on it, and they will be demanding answers from Trump, not Isaakson or some other flunky….but we will be forced to wait until there is a slow enough news day where the media will actually do something other than reporting on the Beyonce or protesters rioting.

    Or friendly media report on another issue like the TBI exams.

    To the question, I cannot see Trump’s reforms getting much traction against the greedy bastards that are stealing whatever is not nailed down UNTIL a scandal hits. Only at that point will Trump be forced to ignore Isaakson whining about bad news from the VA.

    The other problem is a media not willing to report on an issue if they are trying to cover for the union.

    1. They must hang a Twinkie above Isaacson’s stairmaster so the congress critter keeps moving and any bad VA news in the morning makes his staff have to affix that Twinkie even higher as he gets grumpy from bad outcomes with the Ding Dongs at the VA. The Twinkie Technic works for the pool at the gym as well because as long as you do not open the Twinkie, it will float as it’s pulled along in front of the congress critter with the lasso. Fun at the swamp.

    2. Too much blood flowing in the White House for anything to get done. I predict Trump is gone within Years. To bad. Something could have been done about the VA if he had just looked around at what his people were doing. KGB spy cell? Probably not but looks enough like it to keep it on the front burner as long or longer than Watergate was.

      Quit talking about the leaks and focus on what and who is leaking!

  8. @”cj”,
    Check this out from;
    From: “MLordandGod”
    via – “thedailysheeple.com”
    Dated; 14 Feb. 2017

    Hillary Threw Pizzagate Snark at Ex-Nat’l Sec Advisor Mike Flynn on Twitter. Message?”

    “Who, and Why, is really behind Flynn’s resigning?”
    Very interesting video, wouldn’t you say!

    1. @Crazy elf: I haven’t been able to get through an entire video. For some reason when I go to play it, my browser crashes. I have a desktop with windows installed on it. I will look into the two I didn’t get to watch tomorrow.

  9. My impression is there is an attempt to cut back on Choice not expand it. I’m borderline and being pressed to use a mobile clinic. No face to face care.

    1. Brother Lem, with respect, are you really surprised about no face-to-face meetings. As a patient, your PCP isn’t engaging with you any probing types of questioning, in order to humbly receive a Veteran’s feedback. Therefore, with VA medical care, there is NO patient-physician relationships or teamwork in order to properly treat a Veteran with his-her medical condition(s).

      Thanks Lem for posting your impression. I support and stand-by your conclusion. Just today, I started and then deleted statements in trying to express the same thing. I would like to add this final note; “With out face-to-face conversations with your VA medical providers, and a lack of a medical support team, don’t expect your condition(s) to improve to the maximum potential.”

      In conclusion, many Veterans are being subjected to dirty medical science and treatment modalities. Veterans are being taken advantage of. I support my country, but the VA’s problems have existed for decades. Whether a Democrat, Independent, or Republican, our elected officials know what the hell is going on in the VA Medical System.

      And, because most politicians aren’t standing up for Veterans [like consistently being interviewed by the press concerning the VA], don’t expect major changes to take place in an expedient manner, if not at all. It’s as simple as that. And, I hope that my assessment is wrong.

      1. It is more smoke and mirrors. Nothing changing for the better. Seems even the minor improvements in the last 8 months are reversing post actual election. we were better off while Trump was on the stump. GOP anti entitlement Congress is in charge. POTUS just beginning to find out, even with choice of appointees they are hamstrung by Congress. And changing the Party in control changes nothing as long as Wall Street controls Congress. Chase the money changer out for real change.

      2. If the GOP anti entitlement is in charge, then where are the changes? I haven’t heard of any Democrat(s) putting forth any suggestions in solving the VA’s issues at hand, which we all know has been going on for decades. And lets not forget, that the late ex-President Reagan, -Clinton, and -Obama all had a rough start in the beginning of their administration. Even though the liberal vultures are swirling, it is really still to early to tell what is going to happen. And, I hope that you’re wrong.

        My argument is, no matter what party or fraction that is in charge, put Veterans first.

      3. You didn’t get it. Anti entitlement is a call of the GOP. But both parties are owned by the money changers like Goldman Sachs. The VA accelerated its downturn during the Clinton Administration. And what the Clinton Administration did to it was unrecoverable with the circumstances of the addition of the Bush wars and the aging of the Vietnam and First Gulf War Veterans.

        Nothing has been put forth except promises by POTUS. And now the White House is in too much of a defensive mode to fight the money changers championed by SOH’s “tax reform” benefiting no one but the money changers.

        There is no one fighting for Veterans and especially not John McCain. Forget any change. The threat that caused some action from the campaign has been nullified by the appointment of Shulkin apparently. At least from where I sit as a patient of Cheyenne, WY, VA.

      4. Lem, I realize that no party is taking interest to pursue changes in the VA system. Democrats are the ones who have always cried out that they are more for the people. And, I agree, both sides have been sitting back, and doing nothing but talking shit. And, if we stay in a partisan mode, nothing will get done with the VA. I think we saying the same thing, but in different ways. No matter what party affiliation, no one is stepping forward and leading the cause of reforming and reorganizing the VA. NO ONE! No leadership in the Republican or Democratic Parties.

      5. You are right, Nutter. Michele Obama said she was going to front for veterans in an Obama Whitehouse during the 2008 campaign. Never heard a word from her once she was actually FLOTUS. The do nothing obstructionism is all just an act for our benefit actually benefitting the money changers like Goldman Sachs.

        Nothing will happen until we concentrate on voting incumbents out until more attention is paid to the vote than to the money, no matter which party. Changing administrations does nothing. We have to shake up the Congress.

      6. Lem, I hear what you’re saying. The real money changers, the people who let it happen, are those that are currently holding political positions in all levels of our Government. I have an extremely hard time trusting any of them. Especially, knowing that the VA has been having problems for decades. No one is taking the lead to solve the VA’s problems. Poor oversight, poor insight, poor management, poor health care for Veterans, and poor claims services for Veterans.

  10. Yes, it is me again folks. Here is my prayer. Dear God Please Bless Our Country. We really need his help.

  11. Wait!!!!!!………..I KNEW I saw that mug before:………….”https://www.oychicago.com/blog.aspx?id=25492&blogid=142″

  12. Ben asks if Shulkin will live up to Trump’s vision. The real question – with all due respect to Ben, is whether or not Congress and Trump get around to it. The answer will be no. Forget it. The election is over. Three years from now, they’ll borrow the flagpole they rammed up our collective asses, and attach a new flag for a wavy-festival during the elections. The next candidates will pat some cripple on the back, dish out some lovely yellow-ribbon fender magnets, don’t forget the flaggy lapel pins, and they’ll put on their pouty-sad-face and say something needs to be done for our brave saps – errr – veterans. Bend over boys, you’re about to get your flagpoles back. And, owing to VA healthcare standards, it’ll be someone else’s at that.

  13. I wonder why we’re not getting any feedback on today’s blog?
    Is there a problem for people not being able to comment?

    1. Well there are things that bother me so maybe now is the time to bring some up. Sort of a test comment but with some serious questions that got skipped in Shulkins confirmation hearing. I am thinking they avoided these really tough ones on purpose;

      Why is it called “Minute Rice” when it really takes five minutes?
      Why is a romantic time on the town with a woman called a “date” and not a “spend”?
      Why do they call the stuff “Kitty Litter” before it is used?
      Why do Quakers make oatmeal?
      Why do men stand up to pee?

      OK Shulkin, you’re up. Impress me with these tough answers…

  14. Is it just me..or could Shulkin pass for a Mafia Boss?? Like look at those deep set eyes, big nose. Put a mob hat on him with a cigar…and what have you got. LOL

    1. @Kat,

      Naaaa, no way, not a Mafia boss. He reminds me of a “chicken little” type. You know, the one in junior high or high school that was always “snitching on his classmates”! The kind of person being stuffed in the locker or being
      “de-pants” because he snitched on someone.
      I gotta feeling he’s NOT going to follow what President Trump wants. And, it probably won’t be long before he hears those two famous words –
      “YOUR FIRED!”

  15. “BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Got Exactly What He Needed To Save The VA!”

    Well, sorta. Not really, according to Gary Franci, of “Next News Network”, and Danny Gold, of “Liberty Gold”!
    There’s “Red Flags” galore on this “10 minute confirmation of David Shulkin!” That’s correct, it took the Senate only 10 minutes to confirm “Shithead Shulkin” on a “100 to 0 vote”!
    Plus, remember, he’s a holdover from the “Obamination administration”! Look at what’s happening in the Trump administration with holdovers of Obama! I’d name them, only it would take up too much space!
    Dated: Feb.14, 2017.
    (6:08 minutes long)

  16. Good Mourning Today a group of Colorado citizens will be delivering a petition to Senator Cory Gardner’s office.

    They have about 8000 signatures requesting he hold town meetings, Gardner is pulling a Trump move, stating that the citizens were professional ad gaiters and has ignored his constitutions. Garnder’s office will not answer the phone, leave a message. E-mail him and a Robot relies to each inquiry with the same message and thanks you and asks you to follow on facebook and then asks for donation.

    I was also wondering what you folks think about the Veterans going to South Dakota to help the tribes fight the pipe line. They want to be a Shield against the Police, FBI and the company thugs. Over 700 arrested and they have arrested Veterans before they reach South Dakota. They are using Military hardware against the Veterans and the people.

    Do you stand by those veterans, they feel this is Just to stand by the people.

    1. Those tribes in the Dakotas are not my tribe. Their fight is not my fight. Any tribe asking for charity of this kind is not worthy of it in the tradition that I am from. Where I come from men fight their own battles and reap the rewards and failures for themselves. This is the way of things.

      I will decline the invitation to sacrifice my life for dirt that another tribe claims belongs to them. Good luck.

  17. Shulkin missed his calling.

    He might be the best wiz bang all around great guy ever to place his hands into the guts of American veterans, but my proof is in the photo!

    I am older than I was when I was younger and that means that I have had uncountable hours in front of the Boob Tube. Theaters too. WITHOUT A SHRED OF DOUBT if the motion picture industry featured the photo you used of him today Ben, to promote their next installment of the great American classic “Devils Advocate, (1997)” it would likely exceed the profits even the VA rakes in just in the first week alone. With all due respect to Al Pacino, Shulkin is a natural – no make up or practice necessary! The research for the part is moot!

    Of course he would have to join the screen actors guild union, Actors For Good Entertainment (AFGE), or at least get a one movie waiver, but hey with the kind of dough a mug like that can bring in from the semi-morbid fatalistic crowd at the movies easily exceeds the benefits from that same crowd in VA, right? He is clearly already practiced at following a script and being a VA super executive already places his soul firmly in the right setting for the part!

    When did VA start recruiting such talent?

  18. Here’s a ‘brand new report’ out from the “Census Bureau”. Showing the “median wage earnings” of different ethnic groups in America.
    “End Times Prophecy”
    via: “Angry Patriot Movement”
    via: “Census Bureau”
    Feb. 14, 2017. (5:16 minutes long)

    “This Chart Shows The Brutal Truth About America’s ‘Horrible Treatment’ Of Immigrants”

    When you’ve watched the video, notice there is one “group” left off. They are the “African Americans”! Evidently they don’t make enough to even be placed on the “chart”!

    Also, here’s another ‘statistic’ left off. Veterans who are 100% service connected, receive approximately $3,100 per month, ($3,078.11/month), with spouse. This Totals approximately $37,200 per year.
    Which still puts us at, or below, the national average of the poverty level!
    So, when President Trump said illegal immigrants and/or refugees “…were being treated better than veterans…”, he wasn’t bullshiting anyone!

    “Shitty Shulkin”, an Obama holdover, will more likely than not, continue “McDipshit’s” reign of terror and power!
    Don’t expect anything to change under Shulkin’s direction!

    1. And, by the way, if y’all haven’t seen this before, maybe it’s time to refresh your memory.
      “High Impact Flix”
      May 9, 2016. (5:26 min)

      “The 5 minute Rant Every American Needs to Hear!”

      Fantastic video for all those who have NOT learned from history!!!!!!

  19. Shulkin’s joker smile in today’s “Bad VA Art” is somewhat disquieting. It’s a similar type of smile all the dinosaur VSO’s made while sitting behind him at the confirmation hearing, sitting there grimacing ear to ear like the piggy’s in that game Angry Birds.
    Will Shulkin utilize all the catapults at his disposal to knock out the corruption and fraud or are the piggy’s also still in control of those catapults?

    The AFGE Union needs to be divorced from entire VA with no visitation rights whatsoever. Nothing less.

    Where’s the “Beer Mogul” that was supposed to be Shullkin’s little helper? Or was that all frivolous wrapping paper or frosting on a turd?

    1. You beat me to the joker reference, (just needs a wig). Instead of a shot they should have shown him getting a colonoscopy, then maybe they would have given him a hysterectomy instead. We’ll get the same shit, just a different day. Moving on………….

      1. Yeah, and after a couple months see how Dr. Shulkin feels when he experiences the reception of the mass mailing of the VA stating they are deeply saddened that the Colonoscopy Equipment was not sanitized properly but no worries, we are working on a cure for a great price whenever we get around to identifying the new strain of HIV we just gave you…OOOPSY!
        Perspective is everything and I think he should experience in first person what Veterans experience, not a “stunt shot PR shot” with a joker’s smile.

        “The town needs an enema” — The Joker in the first Batman movie, Jack Nicholson.

      2. Maybe he is smiling that way because the off camera nurse is checking him for a hernia? He might be getting ready to turn his head and cough…

      3. Shit Shack Shulkin is already used to the coverups and poor patient outcomes. That is why he bailed from Beth Israel in New York. The same thing goes on at these private hospitals as well. “https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/05/27/nyregion/a-manhattan-hospital-that-once-took-everyone-will-take-far-fewer.html”

    2. Everyone, Secretary David Shulkin’s photo at the beginning of this article reminds me of DR. JEKYLL And MR. HYDE. Presents himself with a separate personality (appearing in the character of Mr. Hyde) into which JEKYLL’s evil impulses are channeled. Person alternately displaying opposing good and evil personalities. Displays the good personality in the confirmation hearing and once back in his position at the VA, then, the bad personality will take over. Benjamin, President Trump has so much on his plate with the Democrats, Liberals, and the left wing media trying to sabatoge and undermine the administration overall. SAD. With the left always fighting with the TRUMP administration, it is going to be hard to get much accomplished and this includes the VA. The left cares more about wallowing in the crap than supporting the Trump administration to lead this country back to prosperity. I will never understand why the Democrats and Liberals support anarchism and promote anarchists. If these so called anarchists believe that with resisting the Trump administration that they will be better off in the long run, they will soon get a rude awakening if our country collapses to Democratic crap. The people that will be better off will be less than a 1/2 percent in this country. In this 1/2 percent will be George Soros himself. So if unity does not come about, we will soon be eating out of dumpsters like Venezuela with our country being in World War III. So with Secretary David Shulkin, I believe it will be more of the same due to President Trump being consumed with dealing with the rest of the country.
      There is so much hypocrisy with the Liberals. These liberals love these illegals over the veterans. The companies and liberals forget where their Gold mines come from. The big CEOS of companies and liberals forget that if it weren’t for the men and women veterans fighting these wars, their GOLD mines would not exist. Secretary David Shulkin may have this same perspective as the Liberals and Democrats. So with all this being said, I believe the VA will not be the same but worse. I am not negative but a realist. I hope Secretary David Shulkin proves me wrong but I do not believe he will. I look for a collapse with the way the rest of this country is going. 🙁

      1. Leftist media, Democrats, Mr. Obama himself, Liberals trying to exploit the Trump administration and too, did not and do like General Mike Flynn. General Mike Flynn knows alot and too much info with including the facts on Bengazhi. I do not doubt that the situation with General Mike Flynn and the illegal leaks coming out of DC are part of the Obama holdovers. All trying to undermine and frame the Trump administration. Sad.
        I believe that our country with including the VA are in serious trouble with all this instability. We are in for a rough ride folks. 🙁

      2. Just as long as I still have plenty of toilet paper when camping I will be fine homeless. Without TP I run out of socks too quick.

      3. @Dennis – the way this country is going there will be nobody even working to even pay taxes. The only people left with the money will be the 1/2 percent like Soros. Congressman like Paul Ryan dragging their feet like always. Nobody in Congress realizes the sense of urgency with anything. They are slow as Christmas and trying to say they can only do one thing at a time. SAD. American citizens suffering in poverty with the Democrats – Liberals and elite Republicans wallowing in obstructive drama to undermine Trump administration. Heck, I am a broken record. Same shit, Different day.

      4. @Dennis – Maybe I can find me an isolated Island surrounded by an ocean for thousands of miles and use the leaves from the palm trees instead of toilet paper. I can live off coconuts. I love coconuts. Coconuts will supply me with food, juice to drink, plus with the coconut juice I can bathe with. Afterall, coconut juice or oil is healthy for my skin. There is always a positive to find somewhere. General Mike Flynn was and is against the Iran deal. Democrats etc did not like him as in this being one of their reasons for the dislike.

      5. Toilet Paper is something I always keep insane extras around because it will be worth more than gold leafing when the zombie apocalypse breaks-out or whatever, whenever the crap hits the fan.
        Although it just came to me in-pieces, literally, that I could sell the TP and use a dead for good zombie’s detached arm and skip TP in a real pinch.

        Most people also do not realize this but at the paper mills when making slurry pulp batches specifically for toilet paper they add a chemical to facilitate it’s quick breakdown in water. That same chemical when burned becomes deadly in a chem/warfare way.

        Moral of this odd tale is: When/if the VA Zombie Apocalypse breaks-out, because it will undoubtedly be a VA Lab that causes such a disaster, toilet paper is also a weapon or to make a bunch of useless cash or wipe my ass. Probably wipe my ass.
        Wiped Out.

  20. I think he ‘Trump,’ has been warned to srat away from the cash machine. After all he does not want to face the DBC.

    The DBC where freedom does to die.

  21. Do I believe “Shithead” Shulkin will “…adhere to the Trump agenda or backpedal…”?
    I think President Trump has much more on his plate right now, than to start draining the VA of bad characters.
    I believe he’s going to get America Safe FIRST! Then go after all those three & four letter agencies.
    He’s already having some agencies doing their jobs, ie: DOJ, FBI, ICE, BORDER PATROL, etc., etc., etc.!
    The VA, although is a cesspool of corruption, has already received their allotted taxpayers monies for the fiscal year, 2016-17.
    He could very well be waiting for Shulkin to not perform FOR veterans. Then give him those two little words he’s so proud of saying – “YOUR FIRED!”

    If you’ll notice, I don’t have to “go deep” looking up anything about paedophilia. It’s starting to come out on the Main Stream Medias.
    All the info I’ve put on here comes to me via the “Alt-right news medias”!
    Now, because of the massive arrests, the Main Stream Medias will have to report on it! Especially, since we’re going to hear “high profile person’s” names being mentioned.
    Get ready folks, the real bastards, those who’ve committed the worst atrocities, are getting ready to be popped real soon!

    1. @Crazy elf: By far the most disturbing link you posted yesterday was: “PizzaGate Pedophile Victim’s Mom Speaks Out In Exclusive Tell-All!” I am only about 1/3 way through that video. The reason I go “deep” in investigating this crap, is to familiarize myself with the way these people operate, the code words they use,how and where they get their victems etc. This way, when I read a hacked email, I know what I am looking at. So when people come out and say “ohhh it’s a vast right wing conspiracy” I know they are not only full of shit, but most likely part of the scum. I use to invetigate corporations, who really owned them, who was financing them, were they really just shell corps, were they set up just to sell stocks, and then file ch7. etc. It could take some time, days, to decide if a company was worth investing in, or to run the other way as fast as you can. It is a good skill set to apply to these scum bags as well. It’s not for everyone, as it is boring as all get go, but once in a while you come upon someting you wish you hadn’t. This is a world wide problem, no country is left behind. It is the MOST sickening, far reaching, politicaly protected, criminal enterprise I have ever seen, bar none. This is one arena, where I think the law should be forgotten for revenge killings. Instead of a governor legalizing this sick practice, he should be legalizing the beheading of said individuals. Ranting done, fuck pedophiles, their families that know what they are, and anyone who looks like them. Take them out, and their entire bloodline.

      I am having a hell of a time with the internet since yesterday, all 7 of my browsers keep crashing, I have to type into a text editor, then copy and paste it here, before it crashes again. I won’t be back online till I fix this issue.

      Thank you again Crazy elf.

    2. Crazy Elf, the one thing about this post that encourages me is the detail in Trumps reform plan. Typically a politician offers a lame plan to fix the wait times or reduce the backlog. Both a problems that have been a problem at VA for many years, and whenever a politician says they will fix them, you know it is a BS line because it will never get fixed.

      What encourages me about his plan is that you can see how detailed it is at fixing problems that have been in the VA for years…but are ALWAYS ignored.

      The disciplining or firing and investigating the fraud and cover-ups have been ignored for years. This is the first time I have ever seen a politician mentioning them as something that needs to be fixed at the VA.

  22. Is this a va bad art picture or a bad joke? What is so funny? Is this suppose to show us that the new sec. of va shulkin receives care from the va and everything is alright now. It doesn’t make me feel safer about va services or gives me hope that services will improve. Is this disney world where dreams do come true? It must be with the billion dollar smile in future contracts for taking this tough job of sec. of va. Oh, the hard work of lying one must do for keeping a position such as this.

    Where are the major transformations at? No access to trump directly sounds so similiar to no access to direct care at va clinics. Do you know what the problem is with choice for Veterans? The va get their hands on the funding and control what providers will provide services. The va needs to be out of the picture in caring for a Veterans health until massive reforms are accomplished. Words will not solve this problem only real work and real reforms.

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