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Benjamin KrauseA recently released IAVA survey upends questionable claims made following a similar evaluation released by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) survey highlights the impact of the disability compensation wait list. It also highlights growing dissatisfaction with VA health care. The latter claim upends a recent assertion from VA that veterans prefer VA health care versus non-VA health care.

SEE IT: IAVA Survey – The Wait We Carry

The difference between the two claims is that IAVA gathered actual claims from veterans while the VA claim relied on a bait and switch to justify gutting the Veterans Choice Card program. Politics as usual for VA health care?

You see, VA craftily claimed veterans prefer VA health care by citing how few veterans were using Veteran Choice Card program after just three months. Of course, using the program is near impossible for most veterans who find VA health care unacceptable.

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So can VA honestly tell America veterans largely prefer VA health care just because few veterans use Veterans Choice?

It would be like saying most poor Americans like being poor because the majority of them live at or below the poverty level. This would be a stupid claim, and almost as stupid as claiming lack of using Veterans Choice means veterans love VA health care. The fact of poor Americans being poor certainly does not show they prefer being poor.

Once we blew the doors off the Veterans Choice deception, VA was forced to answer tough questions. Does this freakishly deceptive position VA tried to trick America with shock anyone anymore?

According to IAVA’s survey of 2,025 American veterans, only half of the veterans said VA health care at least “acceptable.” This paints a different picture than the high 90 score (however they came up with that number, I do not know) claimed by the agency just after the Phoenix wait list scandal surfaced a year ago.

Can you believe the difference? Who do you think is closer to accurate? I think the IAVA survey is closer to my own experience. What about you?

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The great thing about the website is you can drill down into what veterans say in your state. This allows veterans, journalists and politicians an opportunity to drill down further into the data VHA previously held under lock and key.

Take a look at Texas. Approximately 15% of those surveyed stated the condition of VA health care is unacceptable while another 45% said it was minimally acceptable. Since when was minimal standards for veterans considered okay?

Source: http://www.thewaitwecarry.org/

Justin Baker
My wife and child get care on demand, thanks to CHAMPVA, while I get my annual exam canceled without notice because my VA doc went on vacation. I waited 6 weeks for that one, and that was a reschedule because they kept scheduling my intakes for care as 30 minute appointments rather than 60 minutes like they are supposed to. I have been trying to get properly established with my Central Texas VA clinic since October 2014 and I am… Read more »
Jim Starowicz
The, Poser, patriots{?} continue using us Veterans, as political and merchandising tools, especially so called conservative, extremism instead, ideologies, as if they really care: “Conservatives Continue Blocking Military Veterans’ Access to Medical Marijuana” Conservative Think, American Enterprise Institute, Tanks Own: “Sally Satel Still Selling Care for PTSD Veterans is Waste of Money”. Long Time, Vietnam, Veterans Nemesis and Denier Giving long time, Veterans nemesis Sally, from the Conservative Think Tank ‘American Enterprise Institute’, another big smile! Giving Conservatives their talking… Read more »
Was there *ever* an official release of how and where the VA obtained their not only slanted numbers but how after the ink is barely dry on said Choice Cards, some yet even mailed, only 3 months after program implemented? Why does the VA use TWO outside contractors for this program, which adds not only confusion, but further delays? They use -1- Contractor to print AND mail the Choice Cards, and a -#2- Contractor in which you have to call… Read more »
Engineered to fail? Yes it was. A contractor protecting your private information provided by the VA? Who would know? Who would inform a veteran if their private information was misused or lost? This is similar to the VA providing my personal information to a private contractor to discover whether I had private health insurance, then billing them within days of having surgery for a service connected condition, then fighting the VA for months to reverse that mistake. I have yet… Read more »
Jim Starowicz
“Why in 2009 were we still using paper?” VA Assistant Secretary Tommy Sowers “When we came in, there was no plan to change that; we’ve been operating on a six month wait for over a decade.” 27 March 2013 Theodore Roosevelt, “A man who is good enough to shed his blood for the country is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.” 1903 Chris Hayes : “If you can run a deficit to go to war, you can… Read more »
Ronald Nesler
I have VA healthy care because I am a 100 SC vet. I fear the third rate practitioners and staff at VA and the money grubbing managers who lie and cover up. And even when I get fee base care, private providers don’t want to accept VA payment, because they don’t trust VA either. My wife gets CHAMPVA health insurance, she is happy as a clam, is welcome ANYWHERE as a patient and loves CHAMPVA. Why can’t Vets have CHAMPVA… Read more »
Promenade Press
Yes Ronald I find that funny too. My wife gets great care from CHAMPVA and I am stuck at the VA Slaughter house being butchered and neglected. They butchered me on one Agent Orange cancer operation. Neglected to find a nodule in my lung on another type of Agent Orange cancer (paid for my own civilian doctor who found it), refused to provide treatment for the lung problem cause the VA doctor flatly said that Agent Orange does not cause… Read more »

How does one prove or establish that he cannot get into see a doctor within the 30 days so he can then go to an outside doctor? Next question, does this include outside doctors to perform different procedures that the Veteran is suppose to have?

Irene Padilla
IF you look at the union that represents the DOD/VA, then you’ll get an idea of why there is so much incompetence. Employees from both don’t get an incentive to do good for vet’s. Incompetence is encouraged to cut corners for both employers. Both federal employers with AFGE signed the contractual agreement. THE less skilled or easily indoctrinated.will all but guarantee incompetence. This occured at the medical facilities I was employed at while at Kaiser This is all about money… Read more »

I’ve learned using Vets choice program is nearly impossible, like ice skating uphill. If VA would just give up this ridiculous dysfunctional healthcare system, and insure 100% private care, pay comp claims as promised….. Veterans would be much happier and so would the taxpayers. As usual, uncle sam and congress won’t listen to vets and are always in some form of costly denial. Sadly the biggest cost is to us Vets.

Prior to receiving care from nearby doctors or hospitals, you must apply to the VA for specific care from a specific facility on specific date and time. Who pays if they don’t call back with approval in time for your appointment? It is useless as now organized. It seems to be constructed to fail. Why not make it possible to use any Medicare approved facility and pay them at Medicare rates? It is sickening to face the government regulations when… Read more »
Irene Padilla
FYI. VistA is your electronics medical records which started with the Kaiser Permanente Federation Group(their printout pic plan to get the money from D.C.) with the DOD. The planner David M. Lawrence who started at kaiser 1986. Look up David Lawrence cia….an Interesting look at his idea of medicine & who’s he’s on BOARD & other connections. He was on the board of the UCLA Regents with Richard Blum,Feinstein’s hubby, among other corporate boards including connections with AON, KPMG.. Blum… Read more »

Every Vet I have spoken with would prefer care outside of the VA’s “High Risk” medicine.


Amen brother…I barley survived the va this year

Veterans Choice card was another failed promise that was full of fluff, but nothing else. I never received a card; I know of so many others who have not received a card either? This was a scheme to get the public off the VA and Congress wants to look as if they are doing some thing to improve the VA. I was not satisfied with my claim process, it was a huge let down. The funny thing was that originally… Read more »
I agree about the card. I would use it if I was able to. Love it when the dr office calls right when you are walking out for your appointment amd cancel. Then tell you we will call to reschedule and a week passes with nothing. The big thing is the 40 miles. Need to include specialty clinics that the local office don’t have. I need orthopedic care and haveto drive 2 and a half hours to get care, but… Read more »

Anyone else see this on stripes dot com? “Cordial No More: Lawmakers Unhappy With VA’s McDonald” April 4, 2015

Anyone want to bet McDonald will be working for Disney within next year?


Correction: That article is from today, MAY 4, 2015. Do not know what I was thinking putting April date down.

Interesting. Seems Miller has found out veterans are fed up with the lack of hard-nosed oversight. I hope he puts the screws to McDonald and gets the documents he and Johnson want on both Philly and Tomah. There is no excuse for stonewalling, and no excuse for the IG to withhold documents wanted for oversight. As for that VA spokes hack, care for veterans was politicized long ago. The IG withholding documents is politicization. Refusing to cooperate with elected bodies… Read more »
U.S.M.C. Veterine in Montana (Me),waited for 5 months to see a primary phys 60 miles trip 1 way received a notice 3 days before appt. to be 30 minutes early…showed up 1 hr early and they said cancelled…that appt was last december, now I have appt in mid. June (1 year to get to see a VA Dr.) maybe cancel before I travel 120 miles would not stress me out as much, on the other hand there’s an Emergency Room…2.5… Read more »
If an affected veteran, know one, spouse or offspring add your statement in comment area too! All 18+ can sign! Our government needs to do its job and take care of the veterans as prescribed by law, Abe Lincoln and DOD regulations. Will you sign this petition? Click below to review many comments and decide, ~ 4,340+ have. http://signon.org/sign/equality-wrt-vet-dioxin Agent Orange and other Dioxin toxins. SIGN, Pass along to others too (family, friends and your email list), post link to… Read more »
Reuben Castro Acosta



I am terrified to have any one at the VA to treat me. Therefore I do not go.

I pray I live long enough for medicare and real doctors