VocRehab Facebook Group

The original and largest Facebook group dedicated to veterans interested in VocRehab just hit 15,000 members early this morning.

The group, Disabled Veterans – Chapter 31 VocRehab, is the original and largest group on Facebook dedicated to exposing truths concerning the benefit.

I founded it in 2009 after fielding hundreds of emails from veterans economically injured by VA employees knowing providing false information to veterans about their benefits. Since then, we have built up not only the largest group on the subject but also boast the largest number of disabled veterans turned attorneys who are also members of the group.

That is right. We have lots of members in the group who are attorneys and some are also accredited agents.

But something happened last September that was truly spectacular.

Over the past 10 months, the group has grown by 50 percent!

I will say it a different way. That is 50 percent growth in ten months after the group had already been around for almost 8 years with moderate growth.

Why the sudden growth?

Big And Sudden Changes

A few things happened around that time.

One of our admins quit the group to start her own Facebook group due to concerns about my zealous PRO-VETERAN position where I also take on VA in a direct and assertive manner.

Basically, I take a “scortched earth,” “take no prisoners” approach when my clients and readers run into problems with VA where someone inside VA is lying.

Some folks think this means I am ANTI-VA, which is not accurate. Instead, I am pro-veteran 100%, and if a VA employee gets in the way, I take issue with it in a direct and sudden manner.

Let’s face it, some VA employees actively lie to veterans. I do not like these people and aggressively seek to expose them. My former admin quit because of my views and how openly I shared them in the group.

To each their own, I suppose.

Despite the loss of admin support and sudden competition on Facebook, the group still grew. So what else happened?

In October, I redesigned this website, which highlighted the group more prominently on the homepage and article pages.

Likely, this is the primary reason for the membership increase coupled with me changing the group from being “open” to “closed.”

No Voyeurs Allowed + Website Exposure = Massive Growth.

About DisabledVeterans.org

So, the Facebook group is also the support group on social media for my investigative journalism where I investigate and expose fraud, waste, and abuse committed by federal employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The website is solely funded by readers who purchase the VocRehab Survival Guide I wrote while in law school that helps veterans access the benefits the right way the first time around rather than having to deal with lengthy appeals.

LEARN MORE: VocRehab Survival Guide

Over the past five years, the guide’s advice and instruction has helped thousands of veterans win benefits for law school, medical school, dental school, and countless other expensive training paths.

The proceeds from the book fund my work as a journalist where I exposed scandals like the traumatic brain injury scandal in 2015. Then, through NBC, I exposed that VA was using unqualified doctors to examine veterans with traumatic brain injury.

The report and resultant investigation conducted by AJ Lagoe at NBC exposed a nationwide scandal that affected almost 25,000 veterans. Shameful.

But that investigation could not have happened without reader support of this website and our Facebook group.

WATCH: NBC Finds VA Using Unqualified Doctors, Affects Almost 25,000 Vets

Background On VocRehab Facebook Group

The Facebook group was pivotal in exposing this behavior through CBS Evening News with Katie Couric in 2010. Former director Ruth Fanning agreed to be interviewed on the subjected, which also resulted in some reforms regarding training.

WATCH: CBS Investigation Into VocRehab (may not work with Chrome)

To give some context, circa 2010, few if any veteran organizations knew much about how VocRehab worked and even fewer veterans were fully aware of the programs regulations and policies governing the program.

Instead of being armed with the truth, many veterans were left to wonder if the VocRehab counselor they met with was being truthful or if they were getting shortchanged.

My Personal VocRehab Experience

Personally, I was repeatedly short-changed by VocRehab, which is why I created the group. Numerous counselors misled me about private school education and graduate level training. This included counselors telling me VocRehab “won’t pay for law school.” Or, others telling me self-employment services are only for the most severely disabled veterans.

Both claims are totally untrue, but that did not stop highly paid counselors from feeding me a line of BS, and I was not alone.

I fought back and was approved for an undergrad at Northwestern University (high cost) and was later approved for a law degree at the University of Minnesota (high cost). And, even later, VocRehab approved funding to help start up my law firm.

They literally paid to help me help veterans sue the Department of Veterans Affairs. Beautiful, right?

Some Lies VocRehab Still Tells Veterans

Since then, the VocRehab Facebook group has been a pivotal resource for veterans that allows members to share stories and experiences to increase awareness about program benefits and problems. This sharing helps blow through the BS.

Sadly, some of the problems plaguing the program in 2009 still plague the program in 2017. VocRehab counselors still mislead veterans about what the program can do for them. And, they still withhold information about available benefits.

READ: Biggest Lies VocRehab Tells Veterans

Some counselors even misstate the law or facts to reverse engineer denials. It is a real shame, but our VocRehab Facebook group has persisted and is gradually forcing change one new member at the time.

Anyway, that is my story and the story of our 15,000 member Facebook group taking on VocRehab and helping veterans maximize their benefits.

I am proud of the group the dent it has made in the bureaucracy for the betterment of veterans. We are by no means the largest group on Facebook, but we are the largest in this niche, and that is something special.

Please follow the link below and check it out.

GO THERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/VocRehab/

James Clement

Congratulations Ben, on your Big Growth in such a short time!

Too old for your group, but I am glad that it exists for the younger veterans.

Wishing you and the younger vets continued success.


All good, Benjamin. We need to keep the heat on and even turn it way-up, as it’s looking like the AFGE is amassing it’s asses in proposed privatization of air traffic controllers…HA HA HA….am praying little Cox will have a verbal tantrum that will cause entire AFGE herd to be banished.

Convinced our task in cleaning the VA up is dependent on the ousting the AFGE and any federal union from VA.

James Clement
@Namnibor – – – There are a LOT of Veterans that are slowly becoming convinced that the AFGE Union has to go. And that NO unions should be allowed in ANY governmental workplace. Or as my Friend and Personal Physician, the good Dr. Disgruntled Veteran says – – – HERE is a prescription that is pretty much guaranteed to cure what is ailing MANY of our nations veterans: FIX THE DAMN BROKEN VA: 1. Recognize the problems inherent in the… Read more »
James Clement
Also, I did purchase your Voc Rehab Survival Guide. I mentioned a few months back that I wanted to contribute financially to the good work that you are doing. Even though Voc Rehab is of zero use to me now – – – I find value in your website. So I do need to contribute from time to time, as I am financially able. Any way (for the future) for me to give a “gift subscription” to one f the… Read more »




Actually 2 Admins quit on the same day, and neither started a new FB page. One was asked to help Admin on a new page that was started by a previous member of this group, which she briefly helped out with on a very limited basis. Neither quit due to your ‘Pro-Veteran’ position, but quit because their goal was to help veterans successfully navigate the Chapter 31 system, and occasionally help them with other claim problems. Neither one wanted to… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

Hey Cassie,

Why don’t you head on down to your local VFW and play a song on the juke box. There is one that I can recommend for you personally. It’s called “There’s a tear in my Beer”.

Congratulations Ben!

You have been doing excellent work and are continuing to do so.

Were you even a member of the page when this happened? We are all allowed our opinions based upon our experiences, and merely stating an opinion that you disagree with doesn’t mean that it is ‘whining’, as you are implying. I feel that there is no need to demean others. Ben can be proud of his accomplishments without doing that. BTW: How would you even know that there is a jukebox at your local VFW unless you have been there?… Read more »
Lawyer 2

Can you be any more narcissistic?!! Lmao. Yes Veterans who don’t have money! I would love to charge you money to provide you things you can find in the regulations. I don’t give a shit what you say you do.. you are a crook. Make the VA great again? Your motto.


Asshole: Ever stop to think that not every Veteran has the faculties physically or mentally to scour the VA regs. and Benjamin is helping them, and not a high on the hog corporate attorney rate either?

Oh, pretty rich for someone named “Lawyer 2” to be pointing the narcissistic stick and calling another attorney a ‘crook’. Rich shit there.

@Namnibor – – – I’m sorry man, as soon as I read in start off reply saying, “asshole’- I knew something was up. Oh, yeah, I see it now, that shit is a flying. In an argument, the attorney has to win, or eat face. Go figures. @Lawyer 2 – – – I haven’t meant a VSO yet who could without reserve, that would solidly stand by a BENEFICIARY (Veteran). BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) shouldn’t have to pay any monies to get… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

Hey Lawyer 2,

Why don’t you take your VSO bullshit chatter back over to your VSO sites?

You also might want to follow the advice I gave Cassie, you useless fuck.


Oops, something going on over here (or is that hear?). It could be a VSO Reseller. Their out there in the mist of them there critter eating left over poop cannon residuals.

Hey Lawyer II – you seem to be pretty full of yourself. Speaking for myself, I could plow through two feet of power project finance documents and find sleazy lawyer games. I used to coach $500/hr lawyers on technology so they could wordsmith warranties, service agreements, serial defects and liquidated damages. And I’d still catch their fuck ups. I got caught up in a 3 year USPTO patent case, and had to teach those dickweeds too. Now, picture very capable… Read more »

Typo – Citation VII – 12 passenger twin jet.

The term “BAR” is an acronym for British Accredited Registry These snakes are in fact working for the Crown of England. And that is why the gold fringed flags are in the courtrooms. It signifies admiralty jurisdiction* [maritime law], which is another way of saying British jurisdiction [England is a maritime nation]. When you cross the bar in a courtroom, you are entering a British colonial forum. There are over 30 grievances listed against the King of England in the… Read more »

Yup – barrister – as in bar. Wig and robe wearing snobby mofos. These guys can make Wall Street Bankster Lawyers seem downright pleasant. UK solicitors – think “Better Call Saul”..


Warning: The swamp gas is particularly vile and of course volatile and explosive at the moment. Cabbage?

Don Miller

The truth about the page is that anyone who doesn’t agree with everything Ben says hook, line and sinker gets booted. It is much less a venue of help for veterans than a business venture to promote Ben’s guide. Sad really because I was a long time supporter and refused to see what other’s told me but I guess you live and learn.

Seymore Klearly
So Don Miller, Which VSO do you work for? AMVETS or American Legion. You might want to watch the comment sections coming up. We will be talking about the bogus number of members each claims and just how much the Gaming industry is making off your, so called, charitable gambling. Also covered will be a lot about the bogus scam you all are running with Savers and other for profit thrift stores. Not only do you all shit on Veterans… Read more »
Seymore Klearly

Oh and Don Miller,

We will be discussing the Veteran suicide rate and how it is tied to the VSO greed and so called Charitable Gambling.

@Seymore Klearly , @Don Miller – – – I’d like to hear more about the suicide rate and issue. Is there something that we BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) been told? Are the VSO’s hiding something? I’d like to know. Why? I don’t know who to trust. And, it seems like many BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) on Ben’s blog have been stung in one way or another. I’d like to hear more on how the VSO’s works in the best interests of all BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans).… Read more »
Crazy elf
Hey, Seymore, I knew it had to happen. We’ve been lucky, for a short time, not having to put up with TROLLS. Just had to happen today. Just WHEN President Trump has decided to “privatise the Air Traffic Controllers”. Which has lots of asswipes in the AFGE. I wonder how they’re gonna feel when the shit rolls downhill towards the Veterans Administration!? “President David Little Cox-sucker” is going to have a cardiac arrest because President Trump won’t put up with… Read more »
James Clement
@Crazy Elf – – – I think you may have really hit on something valid here. Partner the VA with the DOD, and shortly thereafter Healthcare Records will be classified as TOP SECRET/NOFORN/LIMDIS/FUCKED UP VETERANS WILL NEVER GET YOUR BENEFITS NOW documents. Back in the eighties as a Watch Supervisor at the CincPacFlt Command Center, I saw quite a few Admiral’s Golf Scorecards marked SECRET NOFORN. Golf scores as a National Security Issue. Imagine that! Crappy as some of those… Read more »
James Clement
@Don Miller – – – “The truth about the page is that anyone who doesn’t agree with everything Ben says hook, line and sinker gets booted. It is much less a venue of help for veterans than a business venture to promote Ben’s guide” B – U – L – L – S – H – I – T !!! I do not Facebook anymore. Recently dropped off it due to it becoming too time intrusive, and the fact that… Read more »

“[…So, take your “Ben is out for himself” argument, and go enjoy a sand suppository. You have earned it.]”


James Clement

@Namnibor – – – See what I mean about the Pro Bono help? Even extends into my use of language. When I first joined you folks late September – early October 2016, I would have just told Don Miller to “Go pack sand up his ass”. Not anymore. And I have learned a few “first amendment practical tactics” that will be interesting to use in dealing with my VA folks.

Hope this finds you, and your Cat doing well.

Crazy elf
Hey, namnibor Guess you watched the videos I put on earlier today. Interesting ain’t they?! If you noticed in video #2 Shulkin has already “picked the computer company” to help (?) VA get medical records tied to the DOD! Yet, during his “Q & A” after his “speech”, he’s unsure of the cost! $4 billion was mentioned, as was his “…wanting taxpayers…” to know he’s being ‘thrifty’ with our money! In my opinion, the Air Traffic Controllers, are only the… Read more »
Crazy elf

Don’t feed, don’t feed, don’t feed,
namnibor, don’t feed!



.’.’;!…..;;;…;….;;..;…;;;;…..popping popcorn….:..::…

Ex va

@namnibor, ROFL!!!!

Sepp Dietrich

i tried to view the voc rehab page. need a facebook account. why use (((facebook)))??? to cut those of us who don’t believe in surveillance out? such a shame.

Crazy elf

I do believe the “Facebook page” is for those Vets wanting information on “Voc Rehab”. Where this website is for veterans and nonveterans to “voice our concerns” over the “WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND HOW” the Veterans Administration fucks over veterans!

At least that’s my opinion!

Crazy elf

I forgot to put the “WHY” VA fucks over veterans!


@Sepp Dietrich – – – Like CZ’s that’s my understanding as well.

Crazy elf

Hey, namnibor,
Here’s the article over “Shithead Shulkin’s” company he picked today.
From: “KMBC 9 NEWS”
“Kansas City – Based CERNER Wins VA Contract”
Updated: 2:12 PM CDT June 5, 2017
by KMBC 9 News Staff.

This article will inform you to “click” “…to read the entire news release from the VA.”


Yep, Benjamin and all, I have tons to add on this Vocational Rehabilitation topic, your previous news article about the medications, and the doctoring of records. And too, I still need to comment on the VA Optometry topic. Got to get off my phone to type though because of the length of my message.


Until I get going on all this on my laptop, I currently say to you, Benjamin, “I Salute You for the Outstanding Service and Commitment to the Veterans.” I will return later. Your Facebook Voc Rehab is awesome. At least there is one tool in place to assist the veterans with the TRUTH.

Seymore Klearly

Oh and Ben,

You are going to need to update the button on the right side of the page that currently says “Join our 10K Facebook Group”.

Ben, I appreciate that you allow opinions that aren’t in line with yours to be posted. As for my comment, yes, I believe that one did quit because of the change in the banner, but another quit as well. Afterthought: I’m pretty sure that previous Admin over the past several years looked at the FB pages of all who were requesting to be added to the group, and only added those with something military or VA related on their personal… Read more »
Crazy elf
Here’s something from “Wikipedia” on the “CERNER” company “Shithead Shulkin” picked for our healthcare and computer systems. Check out the names of the three top dogs – 1.) Neal Patterson (Chairman & CEO) 2.) Cliff Illig (Vice Chairman) And #3.) Mr.Zane BURKE (President) Isn’t person #3 a familiar name? Once y’all have googled the company, Look at the “long list of Controversies” attached to it. Most of the controversies occurred during the Obama Administration time period! Seems “Shithead Shulkin” is,… Read more »
Ex va

Proud and happy for you Ben. Thank you for the hard work you have done and continue to do. God Bless you and the other Facebook members and site bloggers.

Besides reading the articles published by Ben, and then after reading the comments to Ben’s articles, I can’t see why the FBI doesn’t perform a thorough count of Controlled Substances (CS’s) when they (CS’s) are moved from one location to another, or when the Controlled Substances are moved from the VA Pharmacy, then the VA Pharmacy delivers the Controlled Substances to the individual BENEFICIARY (Veteran). For investigative testing purposes, all that needs to be done is to following one batch… Read more »
@Ben, I loved this site. I am also too old for rehab. What you’re doing every day is rehab, at least it was for me. I learned more in the past year about my Veterans Affairs than in the past 45 years. Seymore, ANutterVet, Dennis, and some newer members; I am terrible at names. Now, lawyer#2. He chose the right number, just not sure he’s even real. I will always read every post, and comment. I even learned Morse code.… Read more »

I also think that name is befitting of “Lawyer #2”. Growing-up, the polite words for shit and vomit were #2 and regurgitate, respectively.


That’s good to hear Ben I start reading your stuff on the va’s a few years ago I see millions wasted good to see good out there

Off topic The neurosurgeon from the VA called me twice today under the guise of I was supposed to “have more information about myself from Wisconsin for him”. What he actually did was called and harassed me and after I called him on his bs story he said repeatedly told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. That all the Neuro research I’ve done is bs and I don’t know anything…then he tried to hang up but must… Read more »

LP…they don’t like people that educate themselves, it would put them out of their holiness…I research even more when i talk to one of those turds….but watch what he puts in your file about the conversation it will be totally different

I’m trying to get a class action lawsuit going but not even Ben will contact me back to start…same shit over and over. Those who can, dont. Those who know, silent. Fucking American gov and Corp all about…fuck you doctors that don’t heal. Fuck you lawyers that don’t do anything for others. But, especially fuck those who put on the masks of helpers in the community and online that don’t actually Do anyone any good. FUCK YOU. Old Marine, your… Read more »

I hear ya…here is the link to the guy that was on here…..”https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/79705-tx-roger-taylor-4553367.html”…….

Thanks. These neurosurgeons keep ONLY showing me the spinal cord…never the a single view of the nerve roots. No matter how much I try to get them to comment on it or show me the images, they just don’t. You know what that means? THEY ARE FUCKING HIDING IT! They tell me there is a “minor” problem with a disc. Then tell me there isnt any other reason for me to be in pain or have these symptoms. HEY, FUCK… Read more »

mine was minor also, but that’s all it take’s…I don’t know what you have for insurance, but I would go to a outside doctor and don’t tell them anything about the V.A. and if he can’t see anything, go to another one. sooner or latter you will find someone that knows what the fuck he is looking at


Hey lawyer 2nd grade, and Don Miller……………..

..\…………….. /……..\………………/
Right here!!!!!!!!!

Ex va

@cj, ROFL!!! Thank you!!!


@Ex va: You know, not many people earn the “Double Nutter butter fingers”
So these two assholes should bend over, turn their heads sideways and give a big cough.

Ex va

@cj, yes, it is a prestigious award given to a few. LMAO!!!!


@Ex va: Ex, I am back over on the drug theft page.

Ex va

@cj, ok thanks. See ya there!

And to you dumb ass edumacated script writing ass wipes of the legal opiate pain medication distribution network , it was you in all of your faults for prescribing these medications to BENEFICIARY’s (Veterans) in the first place, and was found to over prescribe Controlled Substances even compared to today’s pharmacological prescriptions for treating acute and chronic aliments and pain. After many decades of managing and reducing pain, and then compounded with PTSD symptoms, the VA Pain Management and Behavioral… Read more »


I wasn’t going to comment on this post of Ben’s because I planned on going off the grid for a few days, but I thought I would see what Ben’s post was about and check out a couple comments. For those commenters bitching and whining about whatever web site Ben sets up and operates, know this: YOU have the ability to go set up your own damn site if you can do it better. YOU can go write your own… Read more »
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