VA Officials

Demotions Overturned For VA Officials Accused Of Scam

VA Officials

Benjamin KrauseFederal judges overturned demotion decisions for two senior VA officials accused of manipulating the agency’s promotion and hiring system for personal gain.

That is correct. Diana Rubens and Kim Graves had their demotions overturned, but not because they were innocent. Let me put what happened very simply. VA’s scheme of not holding good ole boys accountable finally bit them on the butt.

The demotions were overturned because VA refusal to punish Danny Pummill who was aware of the reassignment scheme. Pummill was promoted into Undersecretary Allison Hickey’s slot as head of Veterans Benefits Administration. I would hardly call a promotion into this position as being “punishment” and the failure to punish resulted in the reversal.

Pummill’s testimony under oath was deemed untrustworthy and lacking in credibility.

So this means we now have three employees all engaged in scheming behind the scene who now hold new jobs or additional cash as a result of the scheme. That’s what they call a win-win in VA land.

Rep. Tim Walz, D-Minn, called the decision “ridiculous” and said lawmakers need to continue pushing for “fundamental change.” But what would that fundamental change be that would encourage senior VA executives to follow the law?

These decisions send the wrong message to America and to federal employees. Basically, if your boss signs of on you doing unlawful things and only you get punished, then no one will get punished if you appeal.

Bravo VA, you just made your lack of accountability scheme totally bulletproof. DOJ will never bring charges against senior Federal employees and the agency will be unable to discipline so long as at least one similarly ranked party tot eh scam goes unpunished.



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  1. James, sorry if I did not make meaning clearer. I was acknowledging that after Vietnam others that served were also poisoned. Please forgive my nth pointing this out. I’m get pretty foggy in the brain after being up 12 or more hours. Hope this helps and thank you for pointing this out to me.

    Kindest regards

  2. I try to keep up,stay informed and stay involved. Right now I feel I must spend less energy and emotion on the filth at the VA Admin offices. When I continue to read of the criminal activity at the VA while I await a second appeal for aid and attendence creep through the system because i quit my job to care for my husband, I am beyond sicked, My husband is now on hospice care at home dying from the poisons sprayed on him in Vietnam. The VA continues to deny him full benefits while we struggle to survive.

    Daily I watch my beloved slip away from me into a cloud of drug induced confusion while we try to make life bearable in these, his last days. My anger, frustration and complete disgust of the criminals that continue to destroy families and lives is overwhelming now.

    For now I’llll focus my time on my husband as I watch him die a little everyday. I will take the time to bury my husbnand and grieve. When enough time has passed I will again focus my attention on the slime that has stolen so much from the men and women that have served this country.

    I want to pursue a class action suit that disallows the VA from putting everything under the agent orange umbrella. All of these chemicals used were different and all have a different effects on the organs in the bodies of those that served. I will never let this go. But for now I will spend what precious little time I have with my husband, a man who was proud to have served beside his brothers and sisters of the USMC as well as the other members of the U.S. Armed Services during the Vietnam conflict

    God keep you all, I will be back.

    Suzan Rhodes

    1. Speaking for my Desert Storm brothers and sisters who are also poisoned, we love you and your Marine.

      1. Thank you, my heart and prayers are with those who have served after Vietnam. And yes you were indeed poisoned and getting the same b.s. .
        God keep you

  3. It breaks my heart to see the agency I work for be in such a state. Fourteen years ago, I brought my education and 15 years of experience as a vocational rehabilitation counselor to a job that promised me a noble mission. I get to help service connected disabled veterans put their lives back together and become self reliant.

    The mission still stands and I love doing my job, every day for the vets I serve. The VA system has deep pockets for my veteran’s and I have never worked harder in my life.

    But as an employee, I am amazed by the political grandstanding on the backs of vets and those who work to serve them. Article 99 was a movie made years ago that brought about many changes in the VAMC. Employees of the VBA have worked mandatory overtime to try and bring the number of sitting claims down.

    It is a complex process of a basic workers compensation system that is done by insurance companies daily.

    But, the management, and I mean political appointees, infrastructure is never around long enough to chip away at the entrenched SES employees. That isn’t to say ALL of the middle managers, but enough so that the important stuff gets lost.

    Ill give you an example: VR&E had a wonderful, user friendly case management soft ware called cwinrs. Last week, in order to get cwinrs software on line with all of the other VA software it was ‘updated’ so it could work on WINDOWS 7!!!!
    Not 8 or 10, but 7. It can only be used in small font and impacts the entire desktop, so that EVERYTHING is now small font. Brutal when a good portion of the day is spent on the computer doing paperwork from the vet in front of you. And the browser is so old, I can’t even get some school websites up.

    Complaints fall on the ears of resigned, disheartened low managers, who are powerless against an out of touch Central Office in DC.

    When Bob McDonald started. I sent him a message: “Beware humiliating the midlife bureaucrat whose career is built on mediocrity. It may take them awhile, but they will park an arrow between your shoulderblades.”(James Lee Burke)

    I like Bob. I hope he sticks around long enough to make a difference that his predecessors lacked the skill and ability to do.

    1. I was blacklisted from VHA care for going to reporters were the a horrific story that took two back to back Sunday editions, Section E, to print the story. It named two people in particular for committing serial violations of civil rights, criminal coercion, multiple violations of HIPAA, and blatant overt retaliation for having obtained a restraining order which ordered a VHA employee to cease all contact or further attempts to interrupt my health care.

      After the article printed, VHA created a “Catagory 2 Disruptive Behavior Flag” placed by the DBC into my record with zero explanation why it is there. It now requires ALL non face to face contacts with me to be reported to one of the named (newspaper article) individuals that committed these acts! He is the Chairman of the DBC (Disruptive Behavior Committee), and now I have a flag in my record that
      I cannot appeal that says all my coms must be reported to the DBC no matter what they are, and all coms to me must be now approved by the Chairman of the DBC before
      I can be contacted PLUS they require now at least 2 extra clinicians be present for any doctor visit!!! AND THEY REFUSE TO SAY WHY! but the brand new flag was placed immediately after the second edition published which named the dirty DBC chairman (I recorded his phone calls to me. It makes me want to vomit listening to the creep. The reporter felt the same way).

      The agency is untouchable and not afraid of anyone. In the article they quoted a mid level manager taunting me about going to my Congressman, Defazio – he laughed a gut laugh and said aloud, “About you going to your congressman, let me tell you what that guy can do;NOTHING!”

      And he was right. There was so much corruption to report the paper is going to do a 3rd article. But it won’t matter.

      The Chairman of the DBC controls my healthcare now. A guy outed for official misconduct in retaliation put a flag in my record to make sure he knows everything I tell anyone at VHA, and he now controls all outgoing contacts to me from VHA. I have multiple entries in my record of frustrated nurses who cannot reach me because of this.

      I am 100% SC, vet, USMC, and Oregon Army National Guard. Honorably Discharged. No criminal record. No history of violence. Documented. My crime was I stood up for my rights and went to court. The VHA gave the middle finger to the Circuit Court judge who ordered them to stop the abuse.

      Is this America?

      1. This is America.but not all are Americans.they may have been born here Brown does not matter.many forget they owe their freedom to the very people their hurting and it don’t seem to bother them.

        The American citizens must serve at least two years And then they will change their tune.once it’s actually their ect or them that is seeking help.

        I think veterans would rather have quality of life.than having to live with what ever they have to deal with now.

        Were not even second class citizens.we are the forgotten ones.

        No service member will be left behind.only when they come home and become veterans.then it’s ok.

    2. If the VA would have stopped all bonues and spent that money on the system you would not be having such a hard time.

      What is time enough for Bob McDonald.he keeps changing his numbers on how many employees he’s fired and he’s letting go temporary employees.many are veterans.

      He ignores veterans when they write or call.his employees are running the show.I’ll bet he does not know about most of the complaints or tells his staff just deal with I have to do everything.

      So his staff does just with it their NOTHING make excuses.ignore the veterans there’s plenty more to carry on if some die.

  4. Bob McD is now busy on a tour explaining in sequence 1) all the great medical inventions that were actually invented at the VA over the years and this is why we need the VA to exist. To bring out the usefulness of the dept in contributing so much for all of us. 2)That he doesn’t need this job because he is loaded with many, many millions from his 33 years at P&G. That he ran P&G as it’s CEO (he only lasted 3 years as CEO – warned after each one that he has to produce some kind of results – any reults – that would please shareholders, and was canned after his 3rd year because he kept arguing he needs more time to do the job). 3) That he didn’t realize all the political “stuff” and didn’t expect congressmen to beat up on him so much (like every fucking day). He says he doesn’t need the “money” and doesn’t like politics — that he is NOT Political. But rather an excellent businessman trying to do “the Job”. 4) that Jeff Miller is very friendly to him when out in Colorado – away from Wash. DC. “Like two different people” he says, So he knows all the remarks are pretentious and that is how it is in D.C. But he is really doing a great job in all their minds. He’s cool. Yea, that’s the ticket.
    So that’s what he is doing in his last year as secretary. Building his legacy. Just as his boss is doing. Good Guy Bob.

    1. If Bob McDonald does not need the money.he should be kicking ass and taking names and firing people.

      He must want to get into Washington.why he’s not a leader.he a yes man.

      If he cared about the veterans.he would put a halt to the illegal disruptive committee and remove all veterans flags.not doing so makes him an accomplice.

      His office is aware of the problem.but lie to veterans and ignore those falsely accused.he is not running his office.others are and not telling him everything.they are being told.

      You have director’s.who do not do their jobs. They let the chief of staff or other manages tell them what to do.

      You have director’s that are food service manager’s.not business educated people.

      Uncle Bob sent me.said you owe him a favior.for hiring your brother.oh he’s your uncle too.we will make a good team.

      You know cousin Rob in Alabama is having a hard time getting promoted at his VA.something about sexual harassment.

      No problem.we will just make a training slot for him.we need good people like that.he can work for graves.she will take care of him. Or his wife.

      Tell’s in the bank.just keep it quite and remind him he owes me one.if you know what I mean. LOL

      Sad but all to true

  5. This is wrong on so many different levels…

    The known acts of self-dealing and self-enrichment perpetrated by Ms. Graves, Ms. Rubens, and a host of other officials that are detailed within the 61-page decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) leaves one wondering how in the hell can a simple process as holding three senior administrators accountable for their actions be so FUBAR’ed?

    The essential ethical conduct and related responsibilities expected from the officers, employees, agents, and staff of the VA are clearly delineated within Part 0 of Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

    Even when one sets aside (for the moment) the obvious violations of the agency’s oft-professed-to-ad-nauseam “I CARE” Core Values (i.e., Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence) and the agency’s equally-professed, oxymoronic Core Characteristics (i.e., “Trustworthy”, “Accessible”, “Quality”, “Innovative”, “Agile”, and “Integrated”) specified respectively at 38 CFR §0.601 and 38 CFR §0.602, there are several other apposite ethical standards that were violated.

    Pursuant to 38 CFR §0.735-2, the government-wide standards of ethical conduct and related responsibilities for all Federal employees delineated with 5 CFR Part 735 and Chapter XVI are applicable for all VA officers, employees, agents, and staff, e.g.:

    the basic obligation of Public Trust requiring Federal employees to put forth hones effort in the performance of their duties, see 5 CFR §2635.101(b)(5);

    the basic obligation of Public Trust requiring Federal employees to act impartially in the performance of their duties, see 5 CFR §2635.101(b)(8);

    the basic obligation of Public Trust requiring Federal employees to avoid any actions creating the appearance he/she is violating the law or ethical standards, see 5 CFR 2635.101(b)(14);

    the obligation for a Federal employee to conform his/her conduct in accordance with the provisions of 18 USC §1001, which in turn prohibits fraud or false statements in a Government matter, see 5 CFR §2635.901 and 5 CFR §2635.902(v); and,

    the obligation for a Federal employee from engaging in “infamous, dishonest, immoral, or notoriously disgraceful conduct, or other conduct that is prejudicial to the Government”, see 5 CFR §735.203.

    Given the foregoing standards, the mind boggles at the level of ineptitude and incompetence that must have been at work for the VA to FUBAR holding their own people accountable and responsible for their actions, especially since the VA is purportedly “so proficient” and “always accurate” in holding Veterans accountable for their “willful misdeeds” and “cunning schemes”, which is an assessment that I know that many a Veteran takes serious issue with (read yesterday article and comments for a general discourse of such disagreement).

    But what really pushes my button was reading how Deputy Secretary Gibson defended his decision to demote and reassign rather than fire Ms. Rubens and Ms. Graves, testifying “that there was no evidence” to support the notion that Ms. Rubens’ and Ms. Graves’ actions were “improper or contrary to law” and that the VA Office of Inspector General “could not identify any law, rule, or regulation that was violated”. And this comes from an official who supposedly knows the definition of the word, “accountability”?!?!

    There is no need to pass any new laws; just adhere to and uphold the current laws. In my opinion, the only thing that all Veterans want is for the VA to abide by the letter of the law in a CONSISTENT and TIMELY manner. Nothing more and nothing less. What is so hard about that?

    Excuse me for ranting about this but I could not help myself.

    1. Sloan Gibson actually asked or stated to Committee that he wanted the VA to be able to “redefine” what ‘accountability is for the VA’, which also boggles the mind because how can any person or agency redefine something they know absolutely nothing about in-practice?!
      This is maddening. Meanwhile, the VA will be sure to give the stern warnings of prosecution if you are claiming as much as a dollar more in travel pay as a Veteran.

      The VA has totally lost any semblance of the original mission statement and the train is off it’s tracks going 100 miles an hour while Sloan Gibson plays on the violin his ‘accountability song and dance’…come on! Do they actually believe most people will swallow this and move on to the next scandal or are they at a point where they have lost all dignity and integrity and simply no longer have the capacity to even care?

      1. The VA burns and “Sloan Gibson plays on the violin” I like that, good one on you NAM’……………..

  6. These two and others at the VA are responsible for a large number of Veterans suffering, and a large number of Veterans dying, while showing very little respect for the laws and rules protecting Veterans.

    Diana Rubens and Kim Graves, I sure would not want to be either of them. Nor would I want to be connected to them in any way shape or form. It’s like the VA just hung big targets around their necks and are going to have them killed off.

    Seems pretty clear they won their appeals by claiming others at the VA were also responsible but they were the only ones singled out. So It seems likely that it will be one of their co-workers that kills them. Then tries to make it look like a veteran did it.

    The VA will then come in and try and claim they need more money, special security, and a greater need for secrecy to protect SES employees.

    Neither one will live a day in 2017.

    Also it might explain why Robbie Mcdonald has been in hiding for so long on this one.

    1. They won’t be killed.but I’m hoping if and when they abuse their authority again The employees will blow the whistle.each and every time.

      They can’t win every time.employees will win if they don’t cave in.

  7. Well, we all knew when the first demotion was overturned that the second was inevitable, didn’t we?

    Here’s an idea. Rather than leaving the this in the hands of the VA, why didn’t the DOJ just do its freaking job? When you have corrupt bureaucrats making decisions for a corrupt agency about other corrupt bureaucrats, what are the chances you will get a decision that’s anything but corrupt?

    I guess it’s a good thing for these women that the Justice Department (a misnomer of ever I’ve heard one) is just as corrupt as their organization.

    1. Obama has had his DOJ actively involved in the whole ‘black lives matter’ thing and investigating police doing their jobs and wherever else Sharpton and Helms want policed, never mind other corrupt agencies. This DOJ is incredibly lazy under this POTUS.


    2. Actually the DOJ likely looked at this and decided there was not enough there to prosecute. They might be able to make a case for abuse or waste after forcing out those 2 directors, but they chose to punt it back to the VA. If you look at this huge mess, and the millions this has cost the VA, every single VA manager or employee involved in this should be fired. Rubens and Graves force those 2 out, then put themselves into the jobs without competition. They know relocation expenses are allowed, and they take maximum advantage possible including getting Pummill to sign off. This becomes known by what? A whistle blower? Complaint to the IG? Hickey resigns for unknown reasons. Did she push Pummill to sign off? Or did she resign because she refused to take the fall? It becomes political, so the VA punts it to the DOJ. The DOJ looks and finds they may have stretched policy or committed waste and abuse, but they figure the VA can clean up their own mess and punt it back to them. The VA, in their infinite wisdom, decide they can no longer hide behind the DOJ, so they try fire them, and screw that up. They then try demoting them, and screw that up as well because they know full well Pummill is involved, yet they ignore him.

      It is outrageous the amount of money wasted on this entire circus, and the VA is right back where we started. The $400k in moving expenses. Probably another $100k to move the other 2 directors. Salary of VA management involved in this. Salary of VA lawyers involved in this. Salary of DOJ and MPSB staff involved in this.
      Easily over $1 million wasted, and absolutely nothing has changed.

  8. The VA is not doing anyone any good by rewarding people who break the rules or laws.

    It a great motivational tool for our young learn it’s ok to do wrong.join us and you will be set for life as long as your corrupt and know how to keep your mouth shut.

    If you intend to to speak up about what you see is wrong don’t apply or we will fire you or make your life a living hell.

    The VA mission of caring for veterans.has been abandoned and a New mission has started.caring for higher management and screw everyone else.

    Get in our way and you will feel our wrath. Screw the veterans their just in our way of a bigger bonus.

  9. 02/02/2016

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    What power has been lost at the Judicial Branch of Government?

    Kimberly Graves, director of VBA’s St. Paul regional office,

    Republican Missouri Rep. Sam Graves

    And you wonder?


    Don Karg

  10. Exactly as I thought. Someone above those two had to sign off on this, and if the two thieves were going down, then they would spill dirt on who approved their scheme.
    Unfortunately, the VA decided to just look incompetent in not holding anyone accountable.
    This should have been a slam dunk for the VA, yet they screwed it up any way possible.
    This makes me think, if they can’t handle something this simple and clear cut, how can they properly handle a complex medical claim by a veteran, then give a decision on a claim that carries legal weight?

    On a side note to all, I forwarded a link to Ben about an article on the GAO opening an investigation into the disaster known as the Choice program. The news article was in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin. Hopefully Ben can write about this, or follow this through when the report is released.
    Veterans, this is your chance. I suggest looking in to this GAO investigation. I suggest helping them out. Write out your detailed experience in the Choice program, then sending your comments to the Senate Veterans Affairs committee and ask that your comments be included in the investigation. Isakson was named as one of the requesters of this investigation, but he was prodded into doing so by several other Congressmen and Senators.
    The Choice program, run by billions awarded to HealthNet and Triwest is interesting. Researching HealthNet financials and those on their Board of Directors shows one whose health companies have been sued repeatedly for not paying claims. HealthNet had been suspended by the government from doing business for Medicare for problems, but everything is OK now. One of their Directors is George Miller, Congressman who retired at the end of 2014. He has had close ties with Pelosi for years.
    I’m some respects, I get the impression the veterans Choice contract award is helping prop up California’s ObamaCare exchange which includes HealthNet.

  11. These people are criminals plain and simple. They are now above the law, some laws anyways. Meanwhile vets suffer. We as vets are in a contractual agreement with the federal government. We serve our country and get a dd214 and then the remainder of the contract is fullfilled by the federal government in the form of va benefits. In contract law no one party could possibly get away with this many contractual violations without court intervention by being sued. But the federal government is sovereign so you can’t sue it, it has to grant you permission first to be sued. Only three possibillities here…class action lawsuit in federal court, I mean vets vs the executive agency. Sue the individuals who caused the damages (much harder). Finally…and I hate to say it but if this is no longer a nation of laws but a nation of men, then organise an armed takeover as the constitution we all swore an oath to protect demands us to do. Of course that means getting our military fully on board and no longer taking orders from the commander and chief. Not a rebellion and not an insurection. We all already know the NSA is illegally evesdropping this site right now recording these posts why hide what we all know or thought about. The constitution does not allow rebellion or insurrection but there is that one provision. Face it we are all on the shit end of the stick getting sick or injured so those in power can stay in power without accountability. Private healthcare is not the answer…this has to be a coordinated effort by veterans for veterans and the active duty military. I say recall the troops we got emergencies here at home right now!!!

    The bible makes the right point…do not fear the ones you can see coming to kill you as they are open about their intent. But be on guard against the ones who have crept in and decieve you for they still want to kill you but hide their intent to do so. Be vigilant as they are already among you now.

    All this “intelligence” is now stored in Utah for review by the supercomputers and NSA personnel. Just remember as individuals we are helpless and have no voice. What would one hippy or colored accomplish to make change? Nothing.

  12. This problem rests with the Congress and Senate Veteran Affairs Committes who fail miserably at overhauling a broken wheel .

  13. Mr. Krause,

    I believe the VA is in what we call a National State of Emergency. The criminals from the top to the bottom have committed perjury, theft of over half a million dollars, ignored Congressional requests, hidden claims, destroyed claims, wrongfully denied Veterans benefits, allow a hidden wait list to allow Veterans to die, and now the two big criminals are being protected by the VA, the agency that found them guilty of grievous crimes, not petty crimes, full on guilty of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Veterans and the agency. Congress is not getting anything done through requests and the DOJ is guilty of not performing the requirements of their positions on many levels. We (Veterans) need to get the military to take over the VA. Completely!!! Start with this emergency. Have each VA facility taken over by the military and run by the military. ALL civilians that are not Veterans can move on to another Federal agency and Veterans working for the VA can stay as DOD personnel. The VA needs the military, or former customers of the VA to run the VA. Not military like McDonald, Hickey, or Shinseki, but military who want to help their fellow Veterans. The civilians who have never served like Rubens, Pummell, Murphy, Graves, and Gibson have been allowed to run the VA into the ground, some for over 25 years (Rubens). She represents every manager like her who in the end “does what it takes” for the VA managers to protect what they have done. She is not there for the Veterans. If we have a military person running the facilities and military or DOD Veterans working for the VA, we will save millions in bullshit overhead for criminals like Rubens and Graves to collect fat pay checks for criminal acts. I know many competent military personnel who possess ten times the ethics, competency, and professionalism that can do McDonald’s job on accident. Why do we continue to eat crow as Veterans? Are we that helpless and ignored? Or are we beat down, disabled, and just want to be left alone? At some point we all have to be tired of the lack of action and constant problems the managers create for us to get basic benefits, a timely doctors appoint, or our jobs protected by the Federal agencies tasked to do so but not.

    I know for a fact the MSPB has never worked as fast as they did for criminals like Rubens and Graves. I never took hundreds of thousands of dollars, or lied under oath (aka committed perjury), yet I was fired for being a whistleblower in 2014. My claim is still pending with the MSPB, EEOC SF, EEOC OFO and DOL OWCP. The entire legal system, like the attorneys for the VA (aka Susan Will) and the DOJ are not doing anything because they are most likely involved in the cover ups. They have a requirement to the people of the US to do their jobs per the law, yet they are not. The DOJ has to look into large thefts of money, yet passed on prosecuting Graves and Rubens. Why? What justification did they give to not do their jobs? The DOJ is looking into lead in water but not millions stolen from Veterans. No one is requiring that they get off their asses to enforce the law and stop this corruption, rather they are just like our President, grabbing a bucket of popcorn and pulling up a front seat watching Veterans die, claims get destroyed, and VA Executives do what they want without accountability. Are we tired yet?

    The Department of Veterans Affairs is in a National State of emergency. I am not sure what it will take to get Congress to do something substantial, but we have to try. Maybe we have to do something crazy to be heard. Maybe we have to have a large Veterans presence to be heard. Maybe we need to meet up in Washington DC on Veterans Day, November 11, 2016 to let the Nation know we have had enough.

    How many Veterans have had enough? How many Veterans are tired?

    I am definitely exhausted but not done!

    Semper FI,

    Anthony Silveria

    1. Well said. I have stated this before: I think the VA should serve as a transition from Active Duty Military *enlisted* to Civilian Life to the VA and all those ex-military’s (now Veterans) training in various fields, from all medical to administrative could be handled efficiently because of the integrity instilled from Active Duty.
      Have some form of UCMJ system as well.

      Send all the former VA SES Upper Management to work in the Prison System where they would fit right in.

      It seems like a rather elegant solution, IMO.

  14. In a perfect world all of the Nationally Chartered veterans organizations would send out one of their infamous surveys to their millions of members asking for a vote of no confidence of the Secretary of VA submitting it to the POTUS.

    Unfortunately for those millions of members, this isn’t a perfect world, these organizations are a bought and paid for by VA, and shit like this will continue to happen…………….

    The message from VA,, congress, POTUS and the media, be good soldiers, SUCK IT UP AND LIVE WITH IT……….Oh how I long for a perfect world…….

  15. I wonder, did Graves and Rubens know their criminal activities would be “reversed”?
    Why else would they “laugh” at the charges brought against them? Did they know, at the onset, these charges would be dismissed?
    We, here on this site, had more than “just a suspicion” that they would be found NOT GUILTY on everything!
    And that’s exactly what happened!

    There is so damn much corruption in our government, it’s pathetic! When will the American Public wake up and DEMAND accountability from all government agencies and officials!?

    1. “All the world is a stage”, and the VA may very-well do these type of things to instill even more intimidation to Veterans like many here and on other sites/blogs, using almost ‘PsyOps’ towards all that are demanding accountability.

      I just cannot think of any other reason why the VAOIG would first spend the time/resources investigating, then their outright TREASON and REFUSAL to appear before Congressional Committee, then to be made to appear and Plead The 5th and laugh about it, Hickey Resigning, the evidence clear as day, all connections needed to prosecute, then to drop it, reinstate, and promote.

      “All the world’s a stage”, and the VA is starring in “Comedy Of Errors”.

      I DO NOT GET IT, other than fact the VA is Dysfunction Junction.

      1. Meanwhile, I have a Veteran buddy that’s working very part time in a basement at a VAMC through a social work agency for Homeless Vets, and the VA is paying to send him to attend comprehensive classes on…wait for it….something called “Ethical Hacking”.

        Isn’t that just like the VA. Keep a Vet a pebble toss away from homelessness by not hiring them, keeping them at minimum wage and less than part time, BUT sensing him to learn to “Ethically Hack”…WTF?
        Wanted to mention this on yesterday’s topic, but here it is today.

      2. @crazyelf-

        I had never heard of this either. No longer really fully “trusting” this Veteran friend of mine because apparently the VA’s IT staff or some other department that does this kind of thing.
        “Ethical Hacking” sounds like the ideal oxymoronic word.

  16. The next pictures of this Graves and Rubens’ tag-team-of-deception saga I wish to see next on this blog are MUGSHOTS of incarceration.
    Following that, next pictures in this saga showing Graves/Rubens cleaning toilets in their assigned prison using the very cotton rag fiber dollar bills from their ill-gained landfall of ca$h.
    Yep, as ridiculous as the reality of this scheme they and the VA pulled-off, right?!

    I am still waiting for all the blank spaces of info to be filled-in regarding exactly what took place in former Undersecretary Allison Hickey’s resignation. Did she take the fall for McDonald or Sloan Gibson?
    Inquiring minds want to know…maybe she will write a biography and include this? Oh wait, am betting the VA had a hefty Non-Disclosure-Agreement all ready for her to sign or something along those lines.

    This is all very hard for my brain to even compute and process. All members of the Congressional VA Oversight Committees are equally culpable as well here in my opinion.

  17. I think that it is now obvious that DOJ or anyone else will do anything about the criminals at the VA we as veterans should all push for private health care and be done with it. I can’t even get certain medication in a timely manner any more. We can’t tar and feather them because I believe in due process like other law abiding citizens so this is slaps in the face over and over again.

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