Diana Rubens Open House

Diana ‘Dirty D’ Rubens To Sell House For Profit After $288k Relocation Fraud

President Donald Trump is allowing discredited Philadelphia RO director Diana Rubens (aka Dirty D) to retire at the end of this month rather than fire her for defrauding taxpayers.

In the two-tiered Accountability system, where high-level employees are allowed to retire after being caught in fraud schemes while low-level employees are fired for missing a quote, Diana Rubens will be retiring at the end of this month.

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Some of you may recall Dirty D orchestrated her own demotion without a commensurate pay decrease while also arranging for her receipt of a moving incentive to the tune of $288,000, an incentive she was not eligible for because she orchestrated her own move. In case you forgot, I included this old clip of Rubens pleading the 5th during before Congress.

Rubens Pleads The 5th (2015)

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Rubens was not fired at the time, and she has since not been fired despite being linked not just to that fraud scheme but countless acts of reprisal and disappearing 96 boxes of veterans’ records. She also rebuffed critique of her staffs’ comparison of veterans to Oscar the Grouch and ensured Lucy Filipov was not fired for forcing her employees to pay for a fortune teller at Filipov’s house.

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Oh, and she arranged for her own girlfriend to receive a GS-14 job so she can live wherever Rubens moves.

Now that Rubens is retiring, she is also selling her dream house for a small profit, increasing the price from $589,000 to $599,000.

Fantastic deal for Rubens, taxpayers and veterans, not so much.

Luckily, the caste system VA uses for justice will not result in a firing despite the recent IG report that confirmed agency fraud involving the boxes of missing veterans’ records and falsification of records to support propped up performance numbers.

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Any readers interested in checking out Rubens’ home should feel free to attend the open house scheduled this Saturday at 1 to 3 PM. It is located at 724 Beechwood Dr, Havertown, PA 19083.

SEE IT: Diana Rubens House On Realtor.com

Dirty D just listed the home 28 days ago, which is pretty interesting timing given her announcement to suddenly depart VA without a replacement director at the Philadelphia RO. Perhaps it was in anticipation of the report that just came out that blasted VA for falsifying its backlog of appeals?

REPORT: IG Review Of Disability Claims Backlog Statistics

How comical would it be if some 96 boxes of shredded files showed up on her lawn alongside a broken shredder the morning of the open house?

Again, the perception and reality here is VA will not hold high-level officials accountable regardless of the fraud. Firing Diana Rubens was a slam dunk for Team Trump if they really wanted Accountability inside VA. That is what he sold voters during the election – that he would use the new law to go after high-level crooks inside the agency.

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The reality is nothing like the promise.

Folks like Diana Rubens and Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy are being allowed to retire with full benefits despite years of substantiated fraud, waste, and abuse. Veterans and taxpayers lose, and these fraudsters win.

Rubbing salt in the wound, what do you bet Murphy and Rubens both show up as lobbyists or contractors after retirement to cash in on all those favors?

Anyone working in the Accountability Office should feel embarrassed.

Diana Rubens Retirement Email

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  1. * “How comical would it be if some 96 boxes of shredded files showed up on her lawn alongside a broken shredder the morning of the open house?”

    That would be “one fine KARMA moment”, yes it would. Hahaha. I’d have to pull my phone & video.

    She should serve one year, in jail, for each VETERAN Health Record she lost. I’d glady pitch in to pay her jail cell rent for many years.

    I also like her ironic choice wording in I’m Retiring letter, such as, “How they deserve a leader with CONVICTION”…

    It’s coming girlfriend, just hold your horses.

    1. We know why she does it…. she’s gotten away with it for years, with absolutely ZERO oversight.

      My guess, she’s got a balls, personality wise, and/or has incriminating evidence on superior leadership types.
      No one questioned her without backlash, for years…the norm.

      Good ridden’s to The Bully.

  2. 09/14/2018

    Dear Benjamin Krause,

    It is a snow job from one end to the other end.

    These people will go down believing their line of crap.
    They see nothing wrong with their actions—-but on the other side of the coin; we cannot have anyone with questionable history running our court system.


    Don Karg

  3. The VA needs to fire more and more employees, but they don’t. Employees who do harm to veterans like, Stephanie Meeks, Bradley Hogue, and Fritz at the Casa Grande CBOC. Dishonorable mention to Richard Kumet, MSOBD. As long as the VA contuines to operate in its current fashion it will fail in its duty to assist veterans and promote only those who enjoy doing harm to society.
    Dismantle The VA.

  4. Meanwhile wilkie, being the fat fuck that he is, came out in opposition of the blue water guys.

    What a fucking fat retard

  5. The latest and greatest nepotism and cronyism scheme for VA managers is to get their relatives and friends hired thru schedule A hiring authority and bypass veteran preference.

  6. How a murderous doctor was allowed to keep killing patients
    By Larry Getlen, New York Post, September 8, 2018


  7. So donald Trump changed his your fired to your retired. Can anyone spell pardon.

    Mixed blessing, criminal gets away. Boxes of veteran’s will die by VA hands. Claim denied. All of your official Military records were destroyed or missing.

    It is now up to you to provide proof of you being harmed etc.

    Blessing that future veteran’s will not be a victim.

    How about Kimberly Graves. No word !

    Did she leave or is she going to stay and take orders from Rubins, shadowy figure !

    It would be nice if some of her employees would share their stories about what these 2 have done and Murphy.

    Good riddance.

    So, who had the last laugh ?. I say veteran’s ! What goes around comes around. Carma ! These people will be in the news being caught lying, if they work for the public sector.

    Hopefully they will have them arrested. Bad habits follow and hopefully will be their downfall.

    Can we all work together and contact attorneys to help veteran’s file class action lawsuit against the VA.

    With all of us working together we can help a lot of veteran’s.

    Maybe Ben can give us some clues on how to proceed.

  8. May the yeast of a thousand spores descend upon the sheets that her and her split tail friend share at night. Absolute scum of the Earth.

    1. Dennis hopefully we can find an attorney to help bring the Disruptive Committee to court in a class action lawsuit.

      U have some important paperwork. And a great story how the VA harmed you.

      One day Dennis, we maybe set free.

  9. The following article is a prime example of how Vietnam Veteran’s lives end due to the corruption of those in leadership at the VA. It also points out the agony which he and his family are forced to endure due to the VA’s corruption and policy of Delay, Deny Until They Die. A policy that remained firmly emplace while both Diana ‘Dirty D’ Rubens and Thomas Murphey are still profiting from their corruption of the VA.


    HE HAD BATTLED VA for benefits
    Vietnam veteran who’s battled for VA benefits gets a respectful sendoff

    “Former U.S. Army Staff Sgt. David King’s sendoff was filled with patriotic tributes and flag-waving escorts, even though the Vietnam veteran’s last months on Earth were marred by battles with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.”

    “Known to his friends as Dave, King was 68 when he died on July 27, a month after his family shared his struggle to get VA benefits during a session hosted by Rep. Rob Wittman, R–1st District.

    At that gathering, his wife stood before congressmen and VA representatives and described how she and her husband had tried to get help after his recent diagnosis with cancer.

    During his tenure in Vietnam, he was in an area where the pesticide Agent Orange was used heavily. He and his family assumed the chemical had caused the cancer, which had been found in his colon, liver, lung, lymph nodes and bones.

    But tests couldn’t prove where it originated because tissue samples taken by the VA during two biopsies were botched, Debra King said. By June, Dave King had become too weak to have another procedure.

    At the June meeting, Wittman and the VA representatives promised to give the Kings all the help they needed. The audience—which included many veterans who had served in the same conflict—applauded, and the Kings hoped their situation would change.”

    “Then, Dave King’s health deteriorated quickly. After his death, the VA did an autopsy to determine cause, but the family hasn’t gotten the results. His widow has been told by the VA that it can garnish the Social Security she gets, on behalf of her late husband, to cover medical bills from visits made to Mary Washington Hospital. The Kings said they got approval from the VA before going to the Fredericksburg hospital and did so only after Dave King developed sepsis, a potentially fatal infection.

    The Kings said they were told at Mary Washington that he got an infection because he was weakened from having too much chemotherapy.

    “Suffice to say, the past three months have been a nightmare,” said John King, Dave King’s brother, who lives in Arizona.”

    Full Article At: “https://www.fredericksburg.com/news/military/vietnam-veteran-who-s-battled-for-va-benefits-gets-a/article_79919be2-c89c-580f-9d66-6df6e62d4dba.html”

    1. There’s a very special place up Satan’s ass in hell for those bastards at the VA fucking with that family!

      In a MOOD today, maybe it’s the hurricane kicking-up the hair on my back…nope, there IS THAT, but it’s the VA up our collective asses!!!!!!!

  10. Experience makes it seem like there must have been a bonus for RO Directors to reduce disability compensation in their jurisdictions. Any way to find out, Ben?

  11. This is not corruption at the VA. The VA is not a rogue entity. Our government is letting this happen.

    My petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (in appeal of my whistleblower retaliation and employment termination at the VA) was denied.

    If the denial wasn’t a slap enough in the face, the fact that said denial (denial allegedly issued Sep 6, 2018) did not provide an opinion/narrative and was not even published on the court’s website shows that something stinks.

    The VA, on top of getting others to falsely accuse me of charges, denied my constitutional right to due process. The MSPB also violated my due process rights and the court went contrary to it’s own precedent in Ward, Stone and the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings in Loudermill – just to rubberstamp what the VA did to me.

    THIS is why the VA does what it does, because congress gives nothing but lip service and the courts look the other way.

    Sadly, Trump is giving a lot of lip service too and I must say I am disappointed in him and yes, I fell for the okiedoke and voted for him.

    I am going to continue to fight this, but really, my appellate rights are now literally maxed out.

    Sad how they do the little guy vs. the thugs (union losers and management types). Oh well, at least I have peace in my heart with God.

  12. “The Trumpster Crash” (done to ‘The Monster Mash’, getting Halloween mood…)


  13. Corruption knows no bounds at the Department of Veterans Affairs!
    This is proof positive there is no accountability in holding upper management responsible for their crimes. Especially when waste, fraud and abuse is so hilariously brought out into the open!

    @presidenttrump – when the hell are you going to keep your promises to the veterans of America?

    1. From: “military.com”
      Dated: 12 Sept 2018

      “Trump to Medal of Honor Recipients: US Respects Vets More Than Ever Before”

      Too bad VA can’t say the same!
      There’s more on “military.com” today. Stay tuned;

      1. From; “military.com”
        Dated: 12 Sept 2018

        “VA Evacuates Hundreds of Patients, Closes Hospitals as It Braces for Hurricane”

        Where is VA putting the vets?

      2. We will likely/unfortunately read about deceased Vets that took cover in VA parking garages or parking lot dumpsters because the VA just turned them loose in the storm just like the VA did this past ghastly cold winter and Vetws died exactly this way.

        Unfortunately, again, wait for it……….

        I suggest any Vet caught out in the elements of hurricane to take working field knowledge from Star Wars where he survived by cutting open a beast and crawling inside innards to ride it out…find an engorged purple team beast, repeat as required or use them as a flotation device like a dead manatee 😀 😀 😀

      3. From: “military.com”
        Y’all are gonna love this bullshit from VA —— especially if you’re a female disabled veteran!

        “VA Must Prove to Women Vets That They Belong”

        From: “Military.com”
        Dated; 12 Sep 2018
        By: “Joy Ilem”

        “Joy Ilem, a service-connected disabled veteran of the U.S. Army, is the national legislative director for Disabled American Veterans.”

        ‘Last month, a Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General report revealed that roughly 1,300 claims for military sexual trauma were incorrectly processed and denied, leaving veterans suffering from PTSD without the benefits they deserve.”

        “The VA has stated it will take the necessary steps — including thorough reviews and additional training — to rectify the situation regarding military sexual trauma claims. But these findings, disproportionately affecting women veterans, are symptoms of a larger cultural problem.”

        “The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is hopeful these reports will provide an opportunity for newly confirmed VA Secretary Robert Wilkie to make dramatic improvements in the department’s efforts to address the needs of women veterans. Wilkie, who received bipartisan praise for his work at the Defense Department to improve sexual-assault prevention efforts, could prove to be the right person at the right time to finally make the changes needed to usher in a culture that shows women their military service is valued and respected.”

        “As noted in the DAV’s new report, Women Veterans: The Journey Ahead, released today, women are the fastest-growing subpopulation of the military and veteran communities, representing more than 15 percent of active-duty military and 10 percent of veterans, but many still face significant barriers accessing VA services and benefits. Despite earnest efforts to improve the situation in recent years, longstanding administrative, budgetary and leadership shortcomings at the VA have hampered the department’s ability to consistently meet the needs of women veterans at all VA access points.”

        “Here are just a few stories that illustrate the challenges many women veterans still encounter:”

        “Shealynn Casserly, who spent four years recovering at Walter Reed after an IED blast in Afghanistan, was repeatedly asked if she had sustained her injuries from a fall. No one assumed she was a combat veteran.”
        “Sen. Tammy Duckworth, who became a double amputee when the helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Iraq, was told by her local VA it did not have authority to offer fertility services when her injuries prevented her from naturally conceiving a child.”
        “Brenda Reed was outfitted with a man’s oversized prosthetic foot following her amputation. When she requested a better fit, the VA prosthetist simply shaved off the heel and toes of her existing prosthesis.”
        “Significant changes and measurable progress have been achieved since publication of our previous report on women veterans in 2014. In fact, 22 of its 27 recommendations to improve federal programs and services for women veterans have been implemented, in whole or in part. But we have more to do, and Women Veterans: The Journey Ahead outlines 45 new recommendations as a roadmap forward.”

        “Many people are not aware that clinical studies have consistently shown that the VA — when properly funded and staffed — achieves far better health outcomes for women veterans than the private sector. In fact, the extensive research the VA has conducted over the past decade makes it uniquely suited to serve this group.”

        “Most women veterans using the VA have complex health care needs, many requiring its specialized services for mental health conditions related to sexual and combat trauma, prosthetics and substance use disorders. Women veterans are also at greater risk of suicide and homelessness than their non-veteran peers. With such complex needs and challenges, women veterans benefit greatly from the VA’s holistic and integrated approach to care, benefits and services.”

        “It’s critical to remember that women aren’t just small men. Women’s body proportions and hormonal makeup are different. The roles they play in society and with their families are not the same either. Women experience military service differently than men and have different post-deployment challenges and distinct health care needs. They also rightly expect VA health providers and benefit representatives to have expertise in women’s health and to be knowledgeable about their military service.”

        “How the VA provides care, handles claims and structures its programs and services sends a direct message about how women’s military service is valued. Unfortunately, the culture created by past actions and policies has left room for improvement.”

        “Moving forward, we can’t just tell women they belong in our military and veteran communities; we need to show them.”


        You May Also Like these titles;

        (“The department is also working to make sure disability checks go out if flooding disrupts the mail service.”)

        (“VA Secretary Robert Wilkie received a petition pushing for him to end the ban on gender reassignment surgery at the agency.”)

        Here’s the comment section!

        3654696119 hours ago
        I would have told the author to change two things about the article. First is the title, VA MUST PROVE TO WOMEN VETS THAT THEY BELONG. This language is typical of a liberal agenda implying guilt and affirmative action approaches to solve a problem as opposed to the fact that the VA is one big messed up organization at this time. The second is; cite some better examples. With the exception possibly of Duckworth, the other two come off small and weak.

        366558603654696117 hours ago
        Yes, the title could be misleading BUT why is it women have to prove themselves for better or satisfactory services while all our lawmakers seem to care more about is providing care for trans veterans. Which lawmaker is standing up for women veterans? I’ve heard Duckworth defends trans but (maybe I was sleepin) I haven’t heard her stand up for women veterans policies.

        365469613665586012 hours ago
        The title part was the toughest part to explain in my comment. As an editor, I would have told author to try and come up with a title such as WHY DO WOMEN VETS HAVE TO PROVE THEMSELVES TO VA? or something to that effect.

        Glenda Helvey20 hours ago
        Ive gotten good care from the Womens Vet Clinic, but when you venture outside that realm that is when its different. That is when you are treated sometimes like second class. Youve got those who religious belief that women are low-classed and here for them only and those who think their women are better than you because they didnt join the military. Had one tell us as a group his wife was better than us. Same as to approving claims. Two people have the same disability, but a woman’s is denied. They wont show the statistics.

        3695013320 hours ago
        Hey guess what, despite your examples I’ve received excellent help from the VA. I think you’re highlighting just a few instances of sloppy work. Kind of like a crybaby whiner!

  14. It’s disgraceful and very disrespectful to the Veterans this woman put these people through and now she can walk away like many in her position smelling like roses as if nothing happened, Trump should fire her ass and deny her benefits as well as fire her girlfriend and send her packing, if this isn’t abuse waste of taxpayer money and disrespect of Veterans benefits, shame on the VA and shame on Trump for allowing this woman to retire

  15. “[…Any readers interested in checking out Rubens’ home should feel free to attend the open house scheduled this Saturday at 1 to 3 PM. It is located at 724 Beechwood Dr, Havertown, PA 19083…]”

    I’m abstaining from depositing my pinched-off plop into the VA’s porcelain suggestion box and will try to hold all my chronic daily diarrhea til Saturday, only to visit Rubens’ open house to leave my thixotropic suggestions and hope it sticks.
    I invite all Vets with chronic diarrhea to visit Dirty Diarrhea Diana’s Open House to contribute. Perhaps we can mail-in our suggestions if travel-impaired? 😀 😀 😀

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