Bedford VA Procurement Fraud

So Much For Accountability Act, VA Employee Who Lied To Investigators About Fraud Scheme To Enrich Brother Not Fired

Despite Trump’s Accountability Act, one VA employee who illegally steered $1 million in contracts to her brother was not fired after also lied to investigators.

In a letter to President Donald Trump, the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is calling for removal from any procurement of VA employee Heather Garneau-Harvey for “serious wrongdoing” in a “purchasing misconduct case” involving her father and brother.

OSC was concerned Heather was allowed to keep her job, only being demoted one pay grade, despite her roll in steering government purchases to her brother’s landscaping company and concealing her conduct in the procurement fraud scheme.

“By allowing an employee who engaged in this conduct to remain with the agency, the VA demonstrates a shocking degree of indifference to government ethical standards, procurement regulations, and public integrity,” Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner wrote to the President.

The initial complaints about the procurement fraud scheme surfaced in 2011 and were eventually substantiated. But Heather’s demotion was not effected until November 2017.

Post Accountability Act Letter To Trump

According to the OSC letter, dated January 25, 2018:

The landscaping scheme came to OSC from a persistent whistleblower who led investigators to nearly $1 million in improperly spent or documented purchases at the Bedford VA. The whistleblower disclosed suspicious, frequent, and significant purchase orders for landscaping materials, such as rock salt, mulch, and crushed stone, and that the majority of these orders were never delivered to the facility, despite payment. Ultimately, the VA largely substantiated the whistleblower’s allegations. The VA found that Dennis J. Garneau and his daughter, Heather Garneau-Harvey, as Bedford VA employees, steered snow removal and grounds keeping materials to a business owned by a family member, their son and brother. Ms. Garneau-Harvey denied knowledge of family ownership to criminal investigators. Emails later proved her knowledge.

Mr. Garneau directed the purchase of more than $200,000 for snow removal and grounds keeping materials from a company owned by his son. Ms. Garneau-Harvey was directly involved in purchase orders made to the company. Helping the financial interest of a family member is a violation of VA and government ethics regulations.

The VA also found that Mr. Garneau directed purchases of more than $750,000 in landscaping materials without appropriate verification of delivery, among other purchasing irregularities.

It was clearly a family affair, though Heather denied knowledge the company was owned by a family member. Investigators, however, found emails that showed Heather had knowledge that her brother owned the company.

She must have forgotten she sent those emails after filling out the VA Form ID-10-T, a common form agency employees fill out prior to engaging in illegal fraud schemes that they document in emails but later lie about.

OSC says helping the financial interest of a family member is a violation of agency and government ethics regulations.

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VA Comment On Procurement Fraud Scheme

According to the Washington Post:

Curt Cashour, press secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs, agreed that the disciplinary action highlighted in this report “is wholly inappropriate and isn’t anywhere close in proportion to the offense that necessitated it. Veterans deserve to know VA will hold employees accountable when the facts demonstrate they have failed to uphold the high standards taxpayers expect from us,” he said in an emailed statement.

“That didn’t happen here, and as a result we will be reinforcing with each and every VA facility leader the importance of ensuring disciplinary actions correspond appropriately with the misbehavior that warranted them,” Cashour said. “We are looking into the actions of the leaders who made the decision not to remove the employee in question and will take whatever action is appropriate after that review, which will be complete by close of business Feb. 9.”

Cashour told the WashPo the agency is evaluating options to recover the monies illegally paid to the vendor in question.

The attorney for the son who received the money, Dennis Garneau Jr warned one publication about its reporting on this family scandal. Attorney Richard Grundy stated, “I would ask that you use caution regarding any assertions or allegations with respect to my clients, in light of what the report you cite as the authority for your investigation actually is willing to state.”

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The Bedford VA and IG received numerous complaints about the family scheming to enrich themselves that went uninvestigated. Even after IG investigated and substantiated the worst of the allegations, they failed to demote Heather.

According to Lowell Sun:

[Kevin] Cornellier told hospital administrators about the improper purchases as early as 2011 and contacted the VA OIG at least four times regarding the Garneaus and Earth Creations, according to the OSC files.

In July 2014, the VA OIG received new fraud allegations against the Garneaus, including a whistleblower report that they had improperly disposed of a front-end loader. Within three weeks, the VA OIG determined the allegations were unsubstantiated, according to records obtained by The Sun through a public records request.

But a year later, a separate VA investigations team dispatched to the hospital determined that the pair had, in fact, improperly disposed of the tractor and had made suspicious purchases hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Despite a 2015 report from that investigations team detailing evidence that Garneau and Garneau-Harvey violated VA policy and ethics rules, the VA OIG stated that the case was still under investigation as late as December 2016 when The Sun requested records pertaining to Garneau. The VA OIG refused to release them.

Garneau-Harvey was not demoted until November 2017.

The OSC reopened the case in April 2017 at the same time it was investigating a whistleblower retaliation case stemming from articles published in The Sun.

In its report, the OSC credited whistleblower Cornellier for exposing the scheme and persisting despite hospital administrators and the OIG rejecting his claims.

Had it not been for the whistleblower retaliation investigation by OSC, the whole scam would have been brushed under the rug.

Take Action Against Procurement Fraud Scheme

Please be sure to share this article anywhere you can where President Trump’s public relations team boast about Accountability. Clearly, the brand of accountability sold to the American public is little more than window dressing.

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  1. Ben, I said I disagreed earlier about the accountability law, but agreed that the pressure needs to be kept on Trump to insure it is not just another law ignored by the VA.

    I believe we are starting to see accountability through the Office of Special Counsel, as shown by the investigations they have initiated long after the VA has tried to cover things up. Manchester is one of them. I believe Bedford is another where they are showing the VA can no longer take illegal action against a whistle blower, but in fact they are being forced to investigate issues they have previously tried to cover up.

    If you look at the OSC web page, 3 of the 5 cases they have highlighted today are on the VA alone. The OSC is supposed to oversee all federal agencies and how they comply with 4 specific laws, including whistle blower protection. In my opinion, it shows how badly corrupt the VA is when 3 out of the 5 cases highlighted are on one agency.
    If you look at how the VA reacted to their letter to the WH on Manchester, and how they are reacting to this thievery at Bedford, I get the impression someone has lit a fire under someone’s ass.

    Compare those cases to others such as Helman, Graves or others where the VA took action before the law was passed, and let them off or kept them on the job. Compare how the VA fired a whistle blower the day before the law was passed.

    In some of the OSC actions, particularly the one today, I see it making very clear that the VA IG is not doing their job and conducting proper investigations. I see this letter today as putting the VA IG on notice that they better start looking at things seriously, or they themselves might be looking for a job.

    I am not saying this is the end-all and we don’t have to be concerned about VA having no accountability, but I do see actions being taken by VA that suggest there are many who are aware they can no longer hide and make BS excuses. I see actions being taken by those worried about being fired themselves.

    It’s not a time to rest though as long as the IG thinks they can continue whitewashing investigations, or as long as VA management thinks they can continue ignoring, retaliating against and firing whistle blowers, or they continue moving the Paxton’s of the VA around the country instead of firing them. At some point, some upper VA manager is not going to like having to defend his job and explain why he allowed someone like Paxton to move to another VA.

  2. Those in charge of investigating and prosecuting those criminals and who frustrate those investigations and prosecutions ARE THEMSELVES GUILTY OF VIOLATIONS OF FEDERAL RICO STATUTES. Lock THEM up. They are also guilty of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. Drain the VA SWAMP and shoot the vile snakes and alligators while they are scurrying about on the now dry terrain. Hammer them.

  3. 10,000 letters to the FBI and the Inspector General DEMANDING PROSECUTION WILL HAVE AN EFFECT AND WILL PUT OUT IN PUBLIC THE CRIMINALS WHO COVERED FOR HER. If there is any legal stud out there he/she can get himself/herself appointed as a Private Attorney General/Prosecutor like the great Lawyer who wrote: “Fire in the Belly” He spoke at our law school graduation.
    Find that legal stud/studette and amass legal fees by contributing $2 each, I will volunteer my time to assist him. Semper Fi, GET THOSE RATS OUT AND GET A COURT ORDER TO KEEP LIL COCKS OUT OF THE FRAY. Thanks to BEN for his continued efforts to keep us advised.

  4. You can bet if illegals were being subjected to VA type of abuse, Pelosi and the rest of the crowd would be up in arms over it and calling on the FBI and justice Dept. to investigate and then you would see heads roll. But since it’s just us 2nd class citizens known as veterans we’re just goddamn immaterial!

    1. Sorry to have to break it to you Dennis but we don’t even rate as 2nd class citizens. To the VA we are just non-human research subjects.

      1. True. Some years back, a few times actually, I contacted the likes of the ACLU, local Human Relations clowns, etc. ACLU read me off a list and what their causes were. Veterans, White males, were not on the list. Then one woman tried to joke around and ask “You’re not pregnant are you?? That would put me on their list I guess.

        Then recently while trying to get checked into the hospital (civilian), and get Medicare to function, they asked me a question that just popped up on her admitting screen. If I am or ever been part of a VA experimental program. I said no. And she couldn’t answer a quick question as to why that would be asked. We were having issues with the computer systems and such claiming my social didn’t match my name and my name was wrong or spelled differently. Etc. What a mess.

        Seems the “refugees,” immigrants, or illegals flooding in here sure aren’t having the problems some of us do. With not a word about any of them being picked up or deported. Another big mess and pack of lies.

  5. A couple three comments. I apologize for the length.

    Again, I think this was a deliberate act to cover up much bigger problems at that VA or higher. Whether the IG ignored the whistle blower because that was the thing to do, or they ignored the whistle blower to cover things up, it doesn’t matter.

    The OSC needs to review this thoroughly before the VA quickly moves to fire her to cover their ass. I can see them doing this hoping the OSC will just go away.
    I disagree with you Ben about accountability which I will comment on separately, but agree on pressuring Trump about this not yet being the accountability we want.

    She lied to the IG. She steered contracts to relatives. She misused federal funds. She stole federal property. She misused her purchasing authority. Just lying to the IG should have been enough for the IG to crawl all over that hospital to investigate further. Rather than do that, or rather than fire her, they demoted her from GS12 to GS11.

    All of her actions should be easily proven by documentation, but the IG refused to look. How the hell do you get rid of a tractor and not have the records to prove where it went? The amount of money alone should have warranted a thorough IG investigation. IG reports on this though are hard to find, but other reports at the IG web site show they have had contract and purchasing problems at Beford dating back years.

    And yet, the IG NEVER attempted to get back that money?

    The reason why IG reports are hard to find is because the IG deliberately hides investigation results in other reports. They might have a certain assessment report on Bedford, which suggests the investigation was on other things, but within the report are sections on contract or purchasing problems that are worded such that it hides the true reason for the investigation.

    They demoted her believing that would shut people up and protect others. The OSC is forcing the VA to look at this issue again, which is why Cashour is now spouting his nonsense. He is still trying to protect others by throwing her under the bus. If she warranted something more than demotion, why did so many VA managers sign off on just a demotion?

    This theft didn’t just happen. Her LinkedIn profile shows she has been a Facility Planner at VA since 2001. I suspect she has been stealing for years. Zoominfo shows her work address as VA HQ. Maybe she got reassigned, or maybe Facility Planners are supervised from VA HQ which means there is no supervision.

    IG reports show the Police Chief at Bedford pleading guilty for kidnapping in 2014. IG reports show contract and purchase card problems back in 2006, and the Chief of Accounting not reviewing these purchase actions as they should.

    The theft and corruption has been going on for years. The iG knows it and still tried covering it up. The OSC is starting to expose that, but I hope they expose more by investigating deeper.

  6. You can clearly blame the (OIG)
    Medical Terminology: Penis minimus
    Scrotum Scratchalosis

  7. It was a tough decision for President Trump. After all, he is the family values president.

    Let he who hasn’t boned a porn queen after the birth of his fifth child from his third wife cast the first stone.

  8. Ever since the Accountability Act was initiated and signed, I knew that the VA leadership or those that had the authority to quell information, that there would be some that would do just that. This is how deep that the corruption is. It may not sound like a big deal, but it is. People talk, and then fine tune their internal illegal actions inside the VA, word spreads, and VA’s leadership are people too. If they can get away with it, it’s too tempting.

    This is another golden opportunity to use Social Media to blurt out this information. These are chances or openings for us to guide the spotlight onto the VA more than what it currently is. Remember, every time you use Social Media, you don’t know who’s going to read your posts about the VA. It could be the Media, Politicians, those that have the influence, authority, or the will to speak out even further per the corruption that is occurring in the VA.

    I know that many of you are hesitant about using Social Media, but again, then why do you think Ben is using these platforms? They are powerful tools that were used successfully by ex-POTUS Obumma during the Presidential Elections. I can’t force you to do anything that you’re not willing to do, but if you want to add your time, energies, emotions, and thoughts to help putting the pressure on to change the VA, then please don’t let these times pass through your time of readings, and therefore loose some pressurized influence that can have the effects to possibly start a lengthy process to fix that VA.

    The VA isn’t going to change quickly, it’s going to take time once the tide of change takes place. There’s going to be pockets of resistance, and I’ve seen this behavior in the past. Believe me, I know what I’m writing about.

    So the rest is up to us. Lets not loose these chances that can put pressure on the VA, to then start doing what their supposed to do in the first place; “to properly offer us the precision healthcare that Shulkin is so proudly to speak about.” Our gain is their loss in corrupted and illegal activities. Lets get this good party started. It’s up to you.

    1. ANutterVet,
      My wife has been posting everything Ben puts out all over the social media.
      She tells me it gets spread out further each day.
      Hope it works!

      1. @Crazy elf – What I do is to make sharp pinpointed statements in the “What’s on your mind?” section on Fb. Examples;

        Trump; VA leadership are ignoring your Accountability Act.

        Vets want to be able to pick their own Private Sector Doctors for healthcare. Why? Because Vets do it better.

        Alert: The VA has been full of corruption, crime, fraud, theft, and illegal activities for decades. Clean up the VA.

        Veterans lives matter too. Vets deserve technological breakthrough medical care services.

        You get the gist. To make it easy, I scan Ben’s articles and then create the statements. As you folks know, there’s plenty of info to make the statements up. Plus, I always post Ben’s articles too.

    2. Off-Topic but U.S. Gov’t. and Federal Pensions/Unions related and significant enough that I am going to have my brother soon help me set-up a very safe/private FB account…with much trepidation because I hate the idea of it completely because…I do not trust my own ‘filters’ of reaction/fight/flight, but we have to garner the exact same attention the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics creep of Dr. Larry Nassar has created…but with the VA.

      I am thinking if the can of worms were to be fully exposed at the VA, just the sexual assault portions with the VA and Vets will shadow but never diminish Larry Nassar’s around the world. I think Uncle Sam KNOWS this as well and reason the OIG/OSC/OIG are all fumbling idiots that make Barney Fife seem like a marksman with a zen personality.

      Rant Out. Still feel like shit today.

      “[…This problem is completely solvable. But you’re going to have to solve it for yourself. You can’t rely on the government to fix it.

      The First Circuit Court affirmed last week without a doubt that government promises aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on….]”-(VA/familiar?) <–notice 'Liar' is within 'Familiar'? 😀

      "An obscure court decision against a Rhode Island town's police officers and firefighters could be a warning sign for Social Security " (and Veterans)


      1. namnibor,
        That is a very correct statement about “…government contracts aren’t worth the paper they’re written on!”
        Look at the hundreds, if not thousands, of worthless “treaties” our government made with all, except for the Seminoles, Native American Tribes!

      2. Thought about that too. Indianapolis Star is bragging and taking credit for breaking the Nassar/Olympic story. They won’t touch or inquire about corruption, censoring, or the VA in their own state. Of course they won’t.

        Big difference between us evil vets, the “Women’s March,” the “METoo” movement and young females being fondled. Puppies and kitties too. We are not in any social justice warriors agenda list or things to see fixed..or march about. We cross the minds of the public and all those activist, media, etc., like farts in the high wind.

    3. There will be no change in the VA because the problem isn’t past, current, and/or future employees of the VA. Problem is people need to realize that the problem is the VA was never intended to be there for veterans.

      The VA, like other government entities, is just another shell where politicians and cronies can make bucks off of taxpayers’ dollars – under the guise of caring for veterans.

      I was just watching the Republicans BSing the public. They were talking how this budget needs to include spending to give our service members what we need for our sacrifices to protect, bla bla..

      Bullpoop!!! They just want more military spending to fill the pockets of contractors who charge us $100K for a pen that you can get in a Walmart for $1.00. I was in the military you know, all we got was shotty equipment and do your research, movies like War Dogs aren’t all fiction. They don’t properly vett the contractors and just throw money at them for defective supplies/support.

      I’m so upset…

      Next, there’s this military parade crap? How the heck is that to create national pride/awareness. Get off your lazy butts (President Trump and Congress) and do a surprise visit at the VA Accountability office and demand a report. Have a public rally/townhall and actually speak to us military and veterans alike and do something about all the poop that is going on!!!

      How is a parade gonna get people to respect our military when like duh, they can read stories about the VA and ambushes and figure out that if our LEADERSHIP doesn’t care about us, why should your average Jane/Joe?

    4. ANutterVet, I was going to post this in a separate comment, but here is as good as any, and its on point with yours.

      Social media is noticed because it goes public. Tweets are not only seen by those they are directed to, but anyone else who happens to see them. There are many instances where others will retweet, or instances where the media will pick up those tweets and include them in whatever story they are reporting…same with Facebook.

      I made a comment last night in a posting about my local VA where they mentioned certain training going on. It was a fairly minor 2 sentence comment. By 5am, the VA had posted a lengthy apology and said they would call today. Maybe it was because the local media that reported on this training was tagged in the post. By 830am they called, again apologizing. I explained some history and pointed out a few things they could improve on, and she shocked me by saying it would be done today. She then asked if I would participate in a group to help them identify other areas to improve on, and named some people in the group. She mentioned very specific issues, which suggests they are serious. I said I would, but explained what happened during a similar group last year, and said I won’t waste my time. I said if they want honest feedback I would be willing to help.

      The first meeting is in March.

      Again, I believe this is happening because Directors are not only see other directors reassigned, but they are seeing the OSC writing letters about the VA not dealing with poor directors. They are starting to see they might be held accountable.

      1. @91Veteran – You’re right people will retweet or share a Fb post. With Fb, see my comment above to Crazy elf, on how I make up short statements like you do, just little pinpointed blurbs. Then I post maybe 10-15 times a day, and I make my Fb post settings to be PUBLIC. In this way, not only do my Fb friends see my post, but everyone else on Fb sees them as well.

        And you’ll never know who sees them. And I don’t care who it is, as long as it does something to create positive movement. Just the other day, a Vet in Georgia told me that he kept on seeing my posts. Now he’s decided to run for Public Office and one of his Platforms is to change the VA. In my opinion Fb works to a degree of stirring things up, or to motivate or to confirm to others that are questioning themselves, that the VA needs to change.

      2. Locally I can see FB posts from other vets then they disappear along with other stuff. I was able to messenger one guy and it went through and said the same thing was happening to him and noticed it as well. Still having no luck at trying to start up some kind of coalition or group so locals can meet if they aren’t too afraid. That is one thing the local powers that be have done for years and on every forum that has existed here. To censor and attack anyone wanting to group-up that doesn’t agree with the official reports or whatever to keep all negativity or challengers totally silent.

  9. Truly a very beautiful “Bad VA Art” photo today, proving you can paint a turd rainbow colors and it’s still a turd full of skittles in the end.

  10. Of the three unwanted phone calls I got from the Eugene CBOC manager which earned him a restraining order I challenged him directly on the phone. I said out of complete ignorance, “This administration (Obama) will never tolerate you threatening a veteran like this.” Obama too had big plans for reform at VA.

    The CBOC managers rant at me over the phone is the answer for todays riddle. He said, “Let me tell you something pal, administrations come and go but WE will still be here!” He went on, “All we have to do is wait four or eight years and then these guys are OUT!”

    He was painting me an accurate picture of the culture at VA. They know full well that since the “rules” of accountability for them begins with an election and ends no later than 8 years later that they can simply play the game out until the new guys come in. What makes it worse obviously is that often the “new” guys coming in sort of hate the “old guys going out and vice versa.

    The culture at VA knows this and this alone, the transition to the brand new motto, brand new managers to clean it all up, and the brand new administration all add up to time on the clock and there is no “continuity of care” for the sick agency. Tick, tock, tick, tock, and a new face is on the wall and like the manager said, “All the rules change.” Now, if one low level manager has that attitude what are the odds that 99% of them do too?

    The riddle this conversation with the angry CBOC manager has left me with and I ponder often because it seems so hella important to figure out is this; “….but WE will still be here!” This was not a threat. .this was a man outraged at a citizen standing up to him and challleging authorities not granted to him. So he told me why my efforts to correct his behavior would ultimately fail. I hung up on him but still I think the answer lies in what he didn’t tell me that day;

    Who exactly is the “WE” that he was talking about? It sure wasn’t a reference to anyone who is elected to power but obviously IS a reference to somebody who holds it…

    1. Dennis,
      I had some VA asswipe say the very same thing to my wife! Seems like that’s a favorite saying from VA employees!

    2. Below is a summary of the VAOIG report 09-01123-196. This is a clue to who “WE” are in this context.

      “We substantiated that Ms. Jennifer S. Duncan, former Executive Assistant to the former Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology, Mr. Robert Howard, engaged in nepotism when she improperly advocated for the hiring and advancement of (redacted)
      within VA Office of Information and Technology (OI&T). We also substantiated that she abused her authority and engaged in prohibited personnel practices when she improperly hired an acquaintance and friend and at a rate above the minimum rate of pay.

      Further, we found that Ms. Duncan’s own position for the private gain of (redacted), the private gain of his (redacted) and his (redacted) above the minimum rate of pay. We further substantiated that (redacted) did not testify freely and honestly in matters relating to his employment and that he failed to properly discharge the duties of his position. Additionally, we substantiated that OI&T Managers improperly authorized academic degree funding for Ms. Duncan’s family and friends and for (redacted) ; that they improperly utilized the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP) and the Direct Hire Authority (DHA) to appoint Ms. Duncan’s family and friends; and that they were not fiscally responsible when they improperly administered awards., (redacted) misused her. We also substantiated that, (redacted) misused his position for when he advocated for their VA appointments and (redacted) (b)(6)”

      The answer to finding the corrupt people at VA is to simply look for all those with the name of “Redacted”. Then you find the core of who the “WE” is at VA.

    3. Dennis: This reminds me of a statement that a civilian (assistant director of a division at HQMC) made to the new incoming Marine Colonel Director: “Colonel I was here when you got here and I will be here when you leave in four years, so you would be well advised to do things MY WAY!” At some later time I told this 300 Lb goliath that I would throw him through the plate glass window and watch him bounce into the Potomac River. (He never bothered me again, but I knew I wasn’t going to make the Corps a career either)

    4. that swamp is permanent. The guy is right. Long after the admin is gone they will still be there. Not just the VA but all the rest of the admin that runs the show. Trump only knows what is being told him, if the support does not clue him in he will think all is well and nothing needs fixing.

  11. is anyone shocked that this sort of activity takes place? By sending thousands of letters to the White House with detailed complaints not a bunch of F this and eat that in the content will things happen. How about setting up a form that will get right to the source that we can fill out and send.

  12. Here’s a phone number to the “Sean Hannity Show”!
    Let him know you’d like to see a complete show on the massive corruption, waste, fraud and abuse that is going on in the VA.

    As sources, give Ben’s Website and any other websites you have. Plus, give current news articles. And, don’t forget to ask the station to read the “comments section”!
    The more he’s made aware, the better for vets!

    1. @Crazy elf, I called. Just leave your name, State, and say to do a show about VA’s massive corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse. 1, 2, 3 easy and done.

      1. ANutterVet,
        Yep, it’s that easy. We need everyone to call. “The squeaky wheel gets the grease!”
        Maybe if enough taxpayers AND veterans call, Sean Hannity might do a complete show on the Veterans Administration’s criminal activities!

    2. Spent a lot of money on long distance calls doing that and nothing happened. Did it when the Faux news attorney guy that used to be on there calling for vets to call Faux, and then more times. More again when the guy working there now was on promoting Concerned Veterans of America. Nothing, and nothing from CVA and the rest of them.

  13. Dear VA Secretary Shulkin and all upper-management shitheads & Cashour:

    RESIGN, now! You are absolutely no different than the shitheads that came before you, proving one turd always leads to another.

    Dear Pres. Trump: If this is accountability, then you and Rosie O’Donnell are absolutely no different and I know how much love you have for that tuna beast!
    I and many Veterans want to hear those infamous words of “You’re Fired” to ALL the shitheads at the VA, including the current head shithead!
    All for the Veterans!
    Done! (but instead, YOU want a…parade?)

    1. They need to shove hoses up the nurses and employees asses, then fill em up with helium, creating their own Macy’s Day parade.
      The Hindenberg Brigade !

    2. When Trumpster started his nepotism BS, adding his daughter or son-n-law to part of his administration, keeping all the hold-overs in high offices from the Obummer admin, Marxist Nicki Haley, keeping “deep state” scum in power positions, more concerns for Israel than us, more war, bullying the world, threats, and much more. Plus his adding scum like Pence and others from Indiana to his admin. I knew things would remain the same, or worse.

      Pence is well aware of our issues in his old rampantly corrupt state of Indiana and what is he doing? Nothing. Just like all others before and after him. It’s worse and IMHO no better than the shrubs, Clintoons, or King Obummer (or whatever it’s name really is). That includes the clowns he put control of things like Shulkin. It’s all lip service. Besides, why isn’t anyone doing much about all the censoring going on? Either locally or from the White House? Plus his lies about going all out to cease PC-ness. All BS. All major issues, or should be priorities are being ignored. With more and more distractions piled on.

      This kind of stuff is why Indiana is so damn corrupt and there won’t be any media breaking stories like this around here. Absolutely no whistle-blowers because of all the corruptions, connections, cliques, mafias the wealthy, etc. They will cover it all up or refuse to investigate anything of the sort. Media, VSOs, to politicians here all refuse to lift a finger to expose all the nepotism, jobbery, phony sealed contract picks, joke of a two party system, exploitation, preferential treatment, total lack of ethics or those so-called ‘Human Rights.” Indiana is, or must be, the most corrupt, protected, sewn-up, fascist, censored, mafia-like ruled state in the union. With most out around here laughing about it and thinking it’s all funny like those in media and local politics. It’s just an accepted way of life here. You can’t even get the majority of people to dare discuss such issues like this either.

      This story seems kinda incomplete too. In a small way it shows how the corruption and effects, benefits of position and corruption of it all flow. From the ass it begins with, then to the father, brother, possible lawyers or a wide array of activist and thugs, companies or suppliers involved, then possibly on to other employees then effecting their families, friends, possible unions, special interest groups, etc. That is how it flows locally and the state.

      With the VA in Indy throwing “orders” around like we are still active military, or their slaves, the stupid incompetent, ignoring non-functioning “chain of command,” “levels” to play with, to the massive networks of bullying. Otherwise known as the grand Hoosier pecking order in serfdom. Where everyone if honest will say they fear ‘upsetting the apple cart,’ or the old ‘you can’t fight the unions, corruption, or city hall here.’ That is a few of the accepted terms and attitudes ingrained at very young ages. This is just one story out of the fully accepted ones that get by with it all everywhere. She didn’t exactly get thrown under the bus either. She will be back up there with full pay in no time.

  14. The unsubstantiated OIG practice is just that. They cannot substantiate anything.
    You can clearly see that if you have employees with bodies shaped like a throwback 1976 relish bottle., the OIG would not be able to determine if they were shaped like a Helmans jar or a Ms Butterworth bottle.
    Either way, a fucked up silhouette is a fucked up silhouette,
    Fat asses!

    1. “Manatee-shaped relish bottles”. See that Geico insurance ad with the manatees in tank, each wearing large t-shirts with messages on them? Those were VA employee moonlighters making some extra dough…on their manatee sides. 😀

    2. CorpsmanUp,
      If y’all think Germany’s Nazi top military echelon lost the war, think again; The Nazis “SS” are alive and well at just about every VA in the world.

  15. Excellent article Ben!

    After a little digging into what is ongoing at the Bedford VA facility it is very clear that there is a much larger investigation needed at this VA facility.

    It needs a much larger investigation into Veterans deaths, who were patients at the facility and the cover-ups that reach as high as David Shulkin and the VAOIG Michael J. Missal the VA Attorney General participating in the cover-ups.

    No doubt Heather Garneau-Harvey was in a very unique position to have information regarding a series of Veterans deaths at the facility and cover-ups that followed. Clearly she was being rewarded for her silence on the subject. Given it will reach right into the Offices of David Shulkins and the VAIG.

    1. Some of the deaths and ill treatment of Veterans at the facility that have been covered up includes a veteran named Byron Earles who sought admission to the hospital because he was feeling suicidal.

      The mental health walk-in clinic turned him away because employees did not believe his account of a recent suicide attempt and suspected he was seeking shelter during the winter.

      Earles walked outside and attempted to kill himself.

      Also covered-up were three Veterans overdose deaths connected to the facility lax oversight and a rampant drug culture connected to the facility.

      Another death covered up was that of Bill Nutter, who died while the hospital aide who was supposed to be checking on him played a video game.

      1. Some of what the VA was Covering up.

        Headline associated with Bedford VA Facility:

        “Bedford VA counselor charged with selling veterans illegal drugs”

        “A Veterans Affairs employee who supervised veterans undergoing substance abuse treatment a VA medical facility, was arrested and chargedTuesday for allegedly selling cocaine to the patients he was responsible for supervising, according to federal officials.

        A Veterans Affairs employee who supervised veterans undergoing substance abuse treatment a VA medical facility, was arrested and chargedTuesday for allegedly selling cocaine to the patients he was responsible for supervising, according to federal officials.

        Patrick M. McNulty, 28, of North Billerica, was arrested Tuesday on a criminal complaint charging him with distributing cocaine at the VA Medical Center in Bedford.

        According to the affidavit, a VA patient came forward in November 2010 to complain that McNulty was selling cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy to patients. Among other things, the VA Medical Center in Bedford provides veterans with alcohol and drug abuse rehabilitation services. According to the affidavit, the patient agreed to cooperate in the investigation, and purchased cocaine from McNulty on three separate occasions in November and December 2010. Each of the sales allegedly took place at the VA Medical Center in Bedford.


        Oh but don’t worry McNulty only received a slap on the wrist for selling drugs to Veterans fighting addictions. Three months in a half way house.

        Sentence DOJ:

      2. I should have provided a link to the above. If you do a search on “bedford ma va police chief arrested” there are several news articles.

        I found out about him when looking at IG reports. The news articles are mainly from 2013 when he was arrested and 2014 when he plead guilty, but my point in mentioning it is that Bedford has been a shithole for a long time.

        Read this news article and ask yourself how good the VA is at hiring.


      3. Three months in a half way house. Should of been three months in a tiger cage! Which prisoner has only a tin cover over them with razor wire surrounding the enclosure. We had an RVN troop put in one when he shot our guard dog & he tried to blame it on a VC prisoner he was eatching over. Well that didnt sit well with me on guard duty & watched it. I ordered them to come forth or my M-60 would speak up. So held them at gun point until RVN MP came & took him away. My finger was on tne trigger the whole time. I did get to see him in the tiger cage for he was lucky for i always let my M60 speak for itself for our guard dog wAs ond of us! But i hestiztec! And i wonder to this day if i dic the right thing!

      4. OIG Office December 2017 Highlights.

        “Veteran Arrested for Drug Distribution at Bedford, Massachusetts, VAMC
        A veteran was arrested after an OIG and Drug Enforcement Administration investigation resulted in charges that the veteran and a co-conspirator were distributing crack cocaine from their apartments, located at the medical center, to veterans in VA substance abuse treatment. Further investigation identified the veterans’ crack cocaine source of supply as two known Boston, Massachusetts, gang members with significant criminal records. The veteran initially fled after a search warrant was executed at his apartment, and four other defendants were arrested. The other defendants were also charged with drug distribution.”

      5. This is becoming quite the trend at the VA from coast to coast. Almost like Candyman from Tomah never ever left. Maybe he didn’t? Wait for it…

      6. A nurse’s aide plays video games while a veteran dies at Bedford VA hospital
        By Andrea Estes Globe Staff October 17, 2017

        “Bill Nutter was very sick. Not only had he just lost his second leg to diabetes, but he also suffered from a condition that could cause his heart to stop beating without warning.

        But his daughter, Brigitte Darton, felt reassured because her mother had found a bed for the ailing Vietnam veteran and retired police detective at the Bedford VA Medical Center. He would be under the watchful eyes of the staff at a hospital ranked by the Veterans Administration as one of its best nationwide.

        So Darton went on a long-planned family vacation in July 2016, only to get a shocking call from her mother the next day. “Your father passed away,” Carol Nutter said. “He didn’t wake up.”

        A doctor eventually told Carol Nutter that a staff member on the night shift had failed to check on him hourly, as she should have.

        But that was not the full story: The aide, Patricia Waible, eventually admitted that she was playing video games on her computer and didn’t check on Nutter at all, according to someone with firsthand knowledge. And when a nurse discovered Nutter dead the next morning, the hospital’s internal report shows she announced it to her boss with a crude gesture signifying a slit throat.

        Now, the VA inspector general has launched a criminal investigation, working with the US attorney’s office and the FBI to identify systemic failings that may have led to Nutter’s death.

        And after the Globe contacted Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin’s office about the case on Sept. 22, the agency suspended Waible with pay from her job in the cafeteria where she had been transferred after Nutter’s death.”

        Full Article At:

      7. Shulkins role in the Whitewashing and making sure she didn’t pay for letting a Veteran died while playing Video games. Also successfully ending the bogus investigation promised. Retire the Game player with full benefits. No headlines here right Curt Cashcow.

        Only another dead Veterans due to Agent Orange Complications. Whose death could have been avoided if the VA could provide any kind of real health Care.

        Don’t forget letting “Pocahontas” getting her one second in a news article feigning concern for a Veteran in her district. Oh, the politics of VA whitewash.


        “VA nurse’s aide retires after death of patient
        Move is disclosed in top official’s visit”

        By Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff

        BEDFORD — The nurse’s aide who was allegedly playing games on her computer at the Bedford VA Medical Center when a Vietnam veteran went into cardiac arrest retired from the agency as officials were moving to fire her, Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said Saturday.

        The retirement of the aide, Patricia Waible, was effective Oct. 20, he said.

        Shulkin disclosed Waible’s retirement after touring the Bedford VA with US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey and several US House members from Massachusetts.

        He also revealed that the VA is working to demote the facility’s former director, Christine Croteau, who had been the subject of complaints about her leadership style and accused of creating a hostile work environment.

        Shulkin’s visit to the Bedford VA came after Globe Spotlight Team reports on deplorable conditions at the hospital, including one about William Nutter, 68, who died at the facility in July 2016.

        Although Nutter had a heart condition that required hourly monitoring, Waible never checked on him, the Globe reported. A nurse coming to work on the day shift found him unresponsive in his bed.

        “Bill Nutter was not a serial number on a file. He was a Vietnam veteran and Army reservist who spent decades serving this country, and he deserved the very best care the VA offers,’’ Warren said. “His tragic death is part of a string of ongoing problems that must be addressed. Conditions at Bedford need to improve, and they need to improve immediately.’’

        Warren and Markey have requested the VA’s Office of Inspector General to expedite its criminal investigation into Nutter’s death. Shulkin declined to comment on the probe, but said what happened to Nutter appears to be an isolated incident.

        Full Article At:

      8. Clearly, US Rep. Seth Moulton and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey do not give a rats ass about any Veterans in Massachusetts. Also no doubt in my mind they don’t give a shit about Veterans anywhere.

        How can they just turn their backs on Veterans in their state and let the VA bury this?

        What worthless Representatives in Washington Representing the state of Massachusetts. There for the photo op but no representation for Veterans. What wastes of Taxpayers dollars!

        From letting Veterans suffer and die to letting VA employees remain on the job after stealing a Million dollars from the VA, or letting a VA employee retire with full benefits after causing the death of a Vietnam Veteran suffering the affects of agent orange exposure.

        Worthless, Worthless politicians. Turning a blind eye to the problems at the VA while fighting tooth and nail to protect illegal immigrant.

        Sure they will show up for a photo op to help apply the VA Whitewash but do something for Veterans in their state no fricken way.

      9. I wonder where Croteau ended up.

        More often it looks like VA IG and Shulkin don’t get concerned at all with what is going on until there is a dead veteran.

        Even when there is a very long history of problems at VAMCs.

      10. This is second degree MURDER, folks, reckless disregard for the consequences of her actions. Put her in Prison, otherwise, murder will become a more common action by those in whom we put our trust. Rattle Shitty Shulkin’s cage BIG TIME. Why has she been getting paid and why hasn’t her license been revoked while she is being prosecuted, We are tired of the same old shit, shill kin.

      11. Just think if the Daughter of this murdered veteran had cut the throat of this nurse she would have walked under “Temporary Insanity”

      12. Turned away at Bedford VA hospital, a life lost

        Veteran’s suicide adds to questions about response, policies

        By Todd Feathers, Lowell sun dot com
        Updated: 01/01/2018

        “BEDFORD — Byron Wade Earles sat hunched over, his head resting in his hands, by Building 78 of the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital.

        The nurse who rushed out to help found him bleeding and despondent.

        “They wouldn’t admit me,” he told her, according to an account of the incident in Earles’ medical records. “They wouldn’t help me.”

        As the nurse spoke with him, Earles took out a knife and began to cut his throat.

        The 44-year-old Army veteran had arrived at the Bedford VA mental health walk-in clinic on Nov. 7, 2016 — days after being discharged from the Brockton VA — asking to be admitted to the hospital because he was thinking about hurting himself and others.

        The Bedford clinic turned him away, according to a portion of Earles’ medical records obtained by The Sun, because a mental health worker did not believe his account of a recent suicide attempt and suspected he wanted to escape the cold.

        Maureen Heard, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said Earles left of his own accord after a psychiatrist suggested he seek a homeless shelter. Hospital administrators declined an interview request, but Heard said several clinic policies changed as a result of the Earles incident.

        While Earles didn’t die that day — two VA police officers convinced him to drop the knife so the nurse could treat his wound — he did die by suicide two months later, on Jan. 6, after walking out of a counseling session at the Bedford hospital.

        His suicide attempt and death have raised further questions about the quality of care at a hospital that has had three directors in less than two years and is under scrutiny from the VA administration in Washington following several high profile patient deaths.

        “What seemed implausible to them, knowing his history, it really wasn’t,” said Paul Earles, Byron’s father, who lives in Arizona. The Sun mailed him portions of medical records that described why the clinic deemed his son’s account of a recent suicide attempt unbelievable and turned him away.

        “I find it difficult to understand that anyone talking to him, especially a trained professional, wouldn’t understand that,” said Paul Earles.

        Military background

        Military service runs deep in the Earles family.

        Paul Earles and his brother both served in the Army. Their father earned bronze stars flying for the Army Air Corps over Europe and two of their uncles also fought in World War II.

        Even so, Paul Earles was hesitant when his 17-year-old son decided to enlist; he wanted him to go to college instead. But Byron was adamant, and he began running seven or eight miles a day and doing hundreds of push-ups and sit-ups in preparation.

        After basic training, Earles deployed to the demilitarized zone in South Korea.

        He didn’t drink or smoke when he went into the Army, Paul Earles said, but by the time he discharged and returned to his native Arizona in 1992 he drank regularly.”

        Full Article At:

      13. Seymore,
        As far as I’m concerned, “Shithead Shulkin” should be arrested and tried for “accessory to commit ….!” Y’all fill in the blanks.
        Shulkin knows about EVERYTHING going on in the VA. His ass needs to be tared and feathered then run outta town on a rail!

      14. I am a lawyer and former Marine Officer and supposedly an Officer and a Gentleman, but it is now time to get serious with Shitty shulkin and all of the other incompetents and criminals in the VA, WITH NO MERCY, NO MERCY

    2. And that’s why these managers, supervisors, directors get a “pass”, because they are being paid off for doing the VA’s dirty deeds to us veterans.

      When will people stop playing this game of believing there is a separation between the VA and these cronies? The VA hates veterans and will hire and retain anyone who will do the VA’s bidding. Think of it as a pact with the devil.

    3. The Facility has had three directors in less than 2 years.

      What does the VA do?

      Fire any of them?

      No they decide to spread the poo around to help fertilize the VA’s SES employee garden. Throw on a little top soil from Heather Garneau-Harvey family run business, with a overwhelming coat of VA Whitewash from the VAIG’s office to help protect the crop of SESs poo-heads.

      Then Well-Ahh more VA SES shitheads popping up all throughout the totally dysfunctional VA Health Care System.

      Shut down these VA poo-head plantations and Fire Shulkin, Missal and Cashcow now!!!

      Let Veterans have a real choice in who provides their health care not this bogus BS they call the VA Health Care System.

    4. I agree Seymore, but I get the sense the OSC is pushing the IG to investigate more.

      It will be a worthless effort.

      The OSC needs to investigate on their own, but they may not yet be staffed for it. At least not at the level the IG is.

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