Sharon Helman

Sharon Helman Wins At Federal Circuit, Accountability Law Unconstitutional

Sharon Helman

Sharon Helman, the former Phoenix VA chief whose tenure was linked to the nationwide VA wait time scandal, won a major decision today in court.

Helman challenged provisions of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act that were used to uphold her termination in 2014. The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) previously declined a motion for a full panel review asserting the Act precluded as much. That decision was overturned today by the US Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit.

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The Act, and the subsequent law, 38 USC § 713(e), was created in part to help quickly terminate senior VA executives without standard due process protections those same employees relied on in the past. The Court held the law as written by Congress violated the Appointments Clause of the Constitution as it was applied to termination of Senior Executive Staff (SES) employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Helman’s win today means the section of the Act that precludes the review sought by Helman is unconstitutional, but the Court stopped short of invalidating the entire Act. Now, Helman’s case will be remanded to the MSPB for the review she sought before.

Background On Recent MSPB Decisions

The MSPB is the same review authority that reinstated Diana Rubens and Kim Graves at their previous positions as heads of Philadelphia RO and St. Paul RO, respectively.

The two previously worked in upper management within VA and orchestrated the removal of two subordinates to then assume the role of directorship. Such roles were deemed less demanding than their previous roles.

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The salt in the wound occurred when the Congress realized they did this without having their pay docked and while receiving a moving incentive reserved only for VA employees who are involuntarily moved for VA purposes.

When VA attempted to uphold punishment for the two that included a demotion and forced relocation, the MSPB concluded the punishments were in violation of the law. An MSPB review found that a higher-level authority above Rubens and Graves was linked to the scandal, and therefore the two could not be punished. That individual who was promoted was none other than Danny Pummill.

Pummill was promoted to acting Under Secretary for Benefits after Allison Hickey swiftly resigned. Hickey resigned in what appeared to be an attempt to evade answering to Congress as to why she approved the removal in the first place.

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Pummill reportedly resigned shortly after the MSPB penalized VA for an apparent good-ole-boys move to promote the male involved while penalizing lesser ranked female colleagues, all of whom were involved in the same musical chair scheme. That position is now held by acting Under Secretary for Benefits Thomas Murphy.

Murphy is a holdover from President Barack Obama and considered an Agent Orange denier following internal memos leaked to the press two years ago.

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The rub in cases like this is that VA, and more important the American Taxpayer, may be liable for the attorney fees after having the punishments reversed.

As for Helman, she was ultimately fired for failing to disclose numerous gifts from a government contractor that included trips for her family to Disney Land and a Beyoncé concert. Some of her actions also resulted in her being found guilty for criminal activities.

Fortunately for taxpayers, the Federal Circuit did not award fees this time around.

VA Press Release On Sharon Helman Ruling

Now that VA’s ability to quickly terminate as it supposedly desires has been officially rebuked by the courts, the agency will no doubt have to push for the new accountability measures presently circulating Capitol Hill.

VA even released the below press release following the ruling:

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Helman v. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) ruled that the expedited Senior Executive Service (SES) removal and appeals authority provided by the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 is unconstitutional.

As a result of this ruling, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) has been directed to review the administrative judge’s decision upholding VA’s November 2014 removal of the director of the Phoenix VA Healthcare System. The former director’s removal remains in effect at this time.

Commenting on the ruling, Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin said, “Today’s ruling underscores yet again the need for swift congressional action to afford the Secretary effective and defensible authority to take timely and meaningful action against VA employees whose conduct or performance undermines Veterans’ trust in VA care or services.

“We appreciate the House passing H.R. 1259, VA Accountability First Act of 2017 as a vital step toward providing the tools necessary to address misconduct while ensuring due process. Just as importantly, we look forward to the Senate taking up the legislation and helping to ensure passage as soon as possible.”

Is it just me, or are attempts at holding VA senior staff accountable under President Obama now looking eerily like President Donald Trump’s attempts at border security when it comes to court rejections?

Either way, this is probably not the last time we will be hearing about Sharon Helman.

Maybe she will get her old job back after numerous apparent attempts by VA OIG to whitewash the investigation in Phoenix VA and similarly situated facilities that defrauded veterans of needed healthcare to improve their performance numbers?


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  1. Check this out:

    “Statement by VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin on introduction of S. 1094, the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017
    05/12/2017 05:06 PM EDT

    Statement by VA Secretary Dr. David Shulkin on introduction of S. 1094, the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017

    I applaud Chairman Isakson, Senator Rubio and Ranking Member Tester for introducing S. 1094, the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017, among other co-sponsors. Together with similar House-passed legislation sponsored by House Veterans Affairs’ Chairman Phil Roe, I have increasing confidence Congress will provide me and future Secretaries the authority we need to hold our employees accountable and protect whistleblowers from retaliation. This bill is great news for Veterans and for the hardworking employees at VA.”

  2. @Ex va: Ex I will catch up with you tomorrow night. It has been a terrible day, and I really need sleep. God Bless you and your family. Goodnight.

  3. Only way this will potentially change if a million + vets march on DC and demand accountability until than all we can do is vent to each other and wait to die and get the $300 for burial

  4. @cj , @Ex va – – – Thanks Bro. I need to crash. Right side is sore, and feeling uncomfortable laying on side. Remember that’s how I post, laptop sits on chair next to the hospital bed. Plus, I could use a nice healthy poo. And, I have PT in the morning. Chat with you later. God bless you and your family, includes the 4 legged one as well. How is golden balls doing [it’s on of cj’s dogs folks, you sick minded peeps]? Later.

  5. @Ex va, @cj – – – Wife passed her class and clinicals. She received highest grades in both classes. And she was 25 – 40 years older than the other students. I love you Baby Doll. Good job. Now the real stuff starts; finding a half way decent job. Our state is super slow. Economy sucks. We’ve been working on supplement formulas and wife has been studying how QVC operates and accepts products. Busy, busy, getting dizzy.

    1. @ANutterVet: Excellent job Mrs Nutter. You go girl. Take that you youngsters. Teach you to mess with fine wine..

    2. @ANutterVet, awww, that is just fantastic your wife passing her classes and clinical. The highest grade too!!! Congratulations!!!! I wish her and you the best!! I hope she gets a great job and somewhere close to home!!!

  6. @Ex va – – – They are so full of it. That the VA refused to even request my medical information from the Doctor who performed my surgery. Assholes.

  7. @cj @Ex va – – – I have to hit the sack. Right side is sore from laying on side to type messages. cj I shared this with you in the past. You folks have a good night, and God bless you and your family. Good night Ben’s World, and all of our great Veterans, and their families as well. – – – Nutter

  8. @cj, @Ex va – – – Just to let you know, I’m not checking the box to receive email receipts when some one posts a comment. I have two email accounts set up in coordination. It takes to much time to receive notices. Then afterwards, I have to clean two email accounts from notices of comments.

  9. @Ex va – – – Neurontin is also used to treat nerve pain caused by shingles (herpes zoster). Common side effects of Neurontin include:

    •memory loss,
    •lack of coordination,
    •difficulty speaking,
    •viral infections,
    •double vision,
    •unusual eye movements, and
    •jerky movements.

    Other side effects of Neurontin include mood or behavior changes, depression, or anxiety.

    In adults with postherpetic neuralgia, Neurontin may be initiated on Day 1 as a single 300 mg dose, on Day 2 as 600 mg/day (300 mg two times a day), and on Day 3 as 900 mg/day (300 mg three times a day). The starting dose of Neurontin for epilepsy with partial onset seizures in patients 12 years of age and above is 300 mg three times a day. Neurontin may interact with hydrocodone, morphine, and naproxen. Tell your doctor all medications and supplements you use. Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using Neurontin; it is unknown if Neurontin will harm a fetus. Neurontin passes into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Breastfeeding while using Neurontin is not recommended.

    And the VA wanted me to go up to almost 3 gr/day. VA also will use medications for something that it is not FDA approved for. Then at the same time, VA will not pay for any medical treatment that is not FDA approved. Example; Laser Spine Institute [LSI]. First operation worked for me, 100%. VA would not pay for additional surgeries. So now what, I no get better. Again, fuck you VA.

    1. @ANutterVet, sorry meant to thank you for posting all that information for gabapentin. I appreciate it!

  10. @ANutterVet, is gabapentin have some bad side effects? I don’t think it is doing anything for me.

    1. I just googled gabapentin, i have those same side effects from other medications i take. How am i to know which on causes me the trouble.

      1. @Ex va – – – You have to stop one or the other to see if symptoms still occur. VA uses Gabapentin for many things. I think it may be one of the most prescribed meds that they give Veterans.

    2. Gabapentin gave me worse than usual nightmares.

      I stopped it after 4 days. When I told my PCP why, she said OK, and never mentioned it, or the reason for taking them again.

      Unless they have a wonder drug to throw at a problem, and Gabapentin is their latest, they dont want to hear it.

  11. @cj – – – I forgot about you with TBI. I recall that you said that you could reach for something at the grocery store, then the next second you forget what your doing, and why you’re reaching for said item. There has to some sort of tests. During my additional research, when I come across journals or research papers, I’ll send the link your way.

    @Ex va – – – Man, you need to get a script of that new medication called, “Reduce.” It reduces everything; age, pain, sore joints, etc.. Only razzing you, I know, I can’t stand how my condition hinders me from doing what I use to do or what I would like to do. Mostly, taking wife out; dinner, movies, ? That’s why we order Chinese take out, and watch movies.

    1. @ANutterVet, i know just getting out for a drive makes me happy. I wish they had that new medication “reduce” i would definitely get a script for that. Would love a life full of being normal and not all of this sickness stuff.

  12. @Ex va – – – I know, neuropathy is a strange creature, many types, many symptoms, and intensities can be from tingling to pain. I get these symptoms on and off. I deal with it as much as I can. As usual, VA likes to cut the scripts for Gabapentin, but I stopped taking that med a while back. They wanted me to take almost 3 grams of it. Working my way up to it. Then read up on it more, then I tapered down on it over a period of about 1 month.

    @cj – – – I have many of the same symptoms as you do. Especially the sensitive skin, flares up at night, feels like I can’t shut down, etc. Crazy.

    Sorry to say, the VA doesn’t believe much in supplementation, dumb fucks. So wife purchased GABA [amino acid- anxiety], Melatonin [sleep], Magnesium [relaxation], and 5 HTP [I forgot, but it helps me to sleep].

    I should be adding others like L-Tryptophan, but I can’t afford the monthly costs. Thank you VA for being late in helping me. I let you know over a year ago that I was having problems and that I needed help. But you did shit, you fucking waited. Then what happened to me, my condition worsened. The list can go on and on. VA, fuck you.

    1. Nutter, if they stopped all this union B.S., there would be plenty of money to take care of veterans. Of course the unions can’t allow that, and the government is more afraid of them then us. Cox was busy learning to be a nurse, while you guys were busy fighting a war. I think that asshole, is suffering from penni envy. He wishes he had one.

      1. @L – – – I hear you, VA wastes money all over the place. I’ve inform them all the time about scripts and medical supplies that don’t work. They don’t care. I wish that I could run my household where I could spend money, and if it didn’t work, well who cares, I’ll buy some more items that don’t work.

        OK, L, reveal yourself? Na, only joking, pay no attention to me, no one else does, not even my dog. LOL No kidding.

      2. LOL, I hate learning new tricks. Now I have figure out how to clear the ‘L’ out of the cache on this tablet, so I don’t do that again.

        Don’t wanna start this identity crap all over again. Geez.

      3. @cj, you are right with the union bs. Common sense just walks out the door when the union becomes involved in it.

      4. @cj – – – I had a feeling, Oh I had a feeling, yes I had a feeling that it was you. LOL

  13. I have been tested for neuropathy, they said it wasn’t that. Can’t tell how many tests have been done, still no answers. Since this is happening in the form of an attack, I am thinking a neurological event. TBI Dr. thinks some kind of mini seizures. I tend to agree.

    1. @cj, @ANutterVet, that is what my doctor says just about the same things. Related to my diseases and diagnosis/disorders. They are just the symptoms that flare up. Strange symptoms.

  14. @ANutterVet, you know what you are doing and can take care of yourself. You know more about your health than they do. I hope you start feeling better and get the help you need.

    My back flared up again. I have been trying to do more and walk more. I just over did it yesterday. I want to get back to where i was if it is possible.

  15. @ANutterVet, i have sore scalp too. Like i was hit in the head or something. That is so strange to have these symptoms.

  16. @Ex va – – – Hey Ex, I’m trying not to waste away. Been having major problems with cramps, bloating, abdomen distension, and flatulence. Spending a lot of monies on additional supplements; pre- and pro-biotics, some minerals, and amino acids. VA is no dam help at all. Had the same symptoms before. For me, they never review my dam records. Piss poor medical care. Dangerous to say the least.

    Anyway, how have you been? I read where you’re bouting with pain again. Watch you movements with your back the way that it is.

    @cj – – – Please read all sections that pertain to how sensory neuropathy can effect you skin. I have many of the same symptoms, but didn’t know what was happening. Especially touching my scalp, right temple, and ear. Sore and didn’t know why. – – – Nutter

  17. @ANutterVet: Nutter, thank you, a lot of that combined is a good description, replace pain with​ tingling sensation. How the hell are you?

  18. @cj – – – You wrote > cj May 11, 2017 at 1:26 am @Ex va: Have you ever been “over tired”? Like, up for days with no rest? Your not sleeping, you can’t shut down? Your entire sensory system gets overloaded? Even your damn hair can’t stand to be touched. That is the only way I can describe this. Worse part is over now, and I feel like I just worked 3 shifts. What the hell?

    Please read the information on these links;

    [1] What are the symptoms of peripheral nerve damage?

    Symptoms vary depending on whether motor, sensory, or autonomic nerves are damaged. Motor nerves control voluntary movement of muscles such as those used for walking, grasping things, or talking. Sensory nerves transmit information such as the feeling of a light touch or the pain from a cut. Autonomic nerves control organ activities that are regulated automatically such as breathing, digesting food, and heart and gland functions. Some neuropathies may affect all three types of nerves; others primarily affect one or two types. Doctors may use terms such as predominantly motor neuropathy, predominantly sensory neuropathy, sensory-motor neuropathy, or autonomic neuropathy to describe the types of nerves involved in an individual’s condition.

    Motor nerve damage is most commonly associated with muscle weakness. Other symptoms may include painful cramps and fasciculations (uncontrolled muscle twitching visible under the skin), muscle atrophy (severe shrinkage of muscle size), and decreased reflexes.

    Sensory nerve damage causes a variety of symptoms because sensory nerves have a broad range of functions. Larger sensory fibers enclosed in myelin register vibration, light touch, and position sense. Damage to large sensory fibers impairs touch, resulting in a general decrease in sensation. Since this is felt most in the hands and feet, people may feel as if they are wearing gloves and stockings even when they are not. This damage to larger sensory fibers may contribute to the loss of reflexes. Loss of position sense often makes people unable to coordinate complex movements like walking or fastening buttons, or to maintain their balance when their eyes are shut.

    Smaller sensory fibers without myelin sheaths transmit pain and temperature sensations. Damage to these fibers can interfere with the ability to feel pain or changes in temperature. People may fail to sense that they have been injured from a cut or that a wound is becoming infected. Others may not detect pain that warns of impending heart attack or other acute conditions. Loss of pain sensation is a particularly serious problem for people with diabetes, contributing to the high rate of lower limb amputations among this population.

    Neuropathic pain is a common, often difficult to control symptom of sensory nerve damage and can seriously affect emotional well-being and overall quality of life. Often worse at night, neuropathic pain seriously disrupts sleep and adds to the emotional burden of sensory nerve damage. Neuropathic pain can often be associated with an oversensitization of pain receptors in the skin, so that people feel severe pain (allodynia) from stimuli that are normally painless. For example, some may experience pain from bed sheets draped lightly over the body. Over many years, sensory neuropathy may lead to changes in the skin, hair, as well as to joint and bone damage. Unrecognized injuries due to poor sensation contribute to these changes, so it is important for people with neuropathy to inspect numb areas for injury or damage.

    Autonomic nerve damage symptoms are diverse since the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerves of the peripheral nervous system control nearly every organ in the body. Common symptoms of autonomic nerve damage include an inability to sweat normally, which may lead to heat intolerance; a loss of bladder control; and an inability to control muscles that expand or contract blood vessels to regulate blood pressure. A drop in blood pressure when a person moves suddenly from a seated to a standing position (a condition known as postural or orthostatic hypotension) may result in dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting. Irregular heartbeats may also occur.

    Gastrointestinal symptoms may accompany autonomic neuropathy. Malfunction of nerves controlling intestinal muscle contractions can lead to diarrhea, constipation, or incontinence. Many people also have problems eating or swallowing if autonomic nerves controlling these functions are affected. “”

    [2] “,51/”

    [3] “”

    The above links have excellent descriptions of symptoms. Hope this helps. Not everyone has the some combination(s) of symptoms.

    Also, I’m not totally sure, but when you were on Clonz, plus your pain med, this combo could of inhibited you from feeling the pain with your skin. Just a thought. – – – Nutter

    *Only for Informational Purposes.

  19. @lily, i believe these people are appointed by congress. They have special rights which i think is unconstitutional. How can their rights over take rights of Veterans lives?

    1. OK, so if Congress appoints someone to a job that person has special laws that need to be followed in regards to being fired? Laws that don’t apply to ordinary American citizens? I think that’s messed up. Who died and made federal employees God?

      1. @lily, i do not understand much about it. To me they are worse than they average citizen. It is almost like immunity to prosecution. I don’t get it except it is so corrupted and laws needs to be changed. Bad judges are hard to get rid of and they have one third power in this country.

      2. @lily: Exactly, the House and Senate are filled with self serving asswipes. They write laws to protect themselves, and their appointee’s, then oversee those protections. Like the fox guarding the henhouse. You and I are mere peasents.

    1. @cj, it gets aggravated and inflammation flares up if i do too much. I had a pt tell me if you have inflammation it just spreads because it gets into the bloodstream. It is hard to know if i do too much. If it starts hurting bad then i go rest.

      1. Not understanding the inflammation getting into the bloodstream. What does that mean?

      2. @,,Ex va: Ex I am having one of those attacks. Damn skin is hyper sensitive, can’t stand anything touching. Feet tickling, can hardly stand it.

      3. @cj, this physical therapist told me since my joints have bone erosion and inflammation it spreads throughout the whole body because it goes in the bloodstream when i move. Especially if you do too much physically or do anything it is in the cells. The disease sucks, no cure just treat symptoms, possible remission. Haven’t got their yet.

      4. @cj, do what you got to do to help yourself. Does warm water or heat help it any? I hate the pain in the feet i get neuro pain to with this and i hate it.

      5. @Ex va: There is no pain with these attacks. Cold helps, heat seems to make it worse.

      6. @cj, i can ignore a lot of pain like you do. Sometimes i get overrun with it. Meds don’t take it away just knocks it down a little. Heat helps me and the tens machine. Cold hurts sometimes.

      7. @Ex va: Have you ever been “over tired”? Like, up for days with no rest? Your not sleeping, you can’t shut down? Your entire sensory system gets overloaded? Even your damn hair can’t stand to be touched. That is the only way I can describe this. Worse part is over now, and I feel like I just worked 3 shifts. What the hell?

      8. @cj, just lost what i posted to you. Does the pain feel sore and achy like the flu? Does it feel almost like you exercised too much the muscles ache and you have sore spots on your head and they hurt to touch. It could be fibromyalgia or some neuro problem. If you are not resting while sleeping you can wake up in pain like this. I get this from insomnia, i don’t go thru the sleep cycles and the muscle pain is bad.

      9. @Ex va: That is a good description too, flu like. This comes in the form of an attack, as opposed to a steady type of event.

  20. Why can’t anyone fight a firing like this as saying it was unconstitutional? A Ex Virginia governor was prosecuted a few years ago by Lynch for accepting gifts.

    1. @Jo3n: It was never meant to be that way. I think I explained the change several times, to head off any confusion. Unfortunately, the opposite has occurred. So, cj it is. I may soon stop posting altogether. I can stay in touch with email. That way I won’t be taking up needless space on the blog.

      1. @cj, i hope you don’t stop posting altogether. Just take a break if you need to. On the weekends i take a break. I still try to read the articles and bloggers, but i try to make family time and friend time too.

  21. I kinda like the morse code version of cj, but I think it is too confusing for some posters. I guess I will just have to stick with cj instead of -.-. .—. Oh well, thems the breaks I guess.

    1. @cj, how is things going. I thought the Morse code was clever. I had to google it to see it was your initials. Today i had a bad pain day. Finally let up this evening. I hope you had a good appointment today.

      1. @Ex va: My appointment? I went to the wrong place, and had to reschedule. 2 hours wasted driving around.

      2. @cj, that sucks. I’ve done that before. Miscalculate the trip time when i go to St. Louis. I have also gone to the wrong places too. I have had people tell me the wrong directions to the office.

      3. @Ex va: I don’t know what to say. I just fucked up, nobody to blame but myself.
        Somewhere along the way, I should have double checked the location. I didn’t, so everyone’s​ time was wasted.

      4. @cj, shit happens.. Don’t be so hard on yourself. The traffic i can never depend on it and they are starting their construction again on the interstates. Today was another good sunny day i didn’t get out today. Down with the back i over did it yesterday.

  22. @ANutterVet, yeh. just so many ways the VA is anti Veteran. Where’s Assange when you need him? No matter what happens, I bet she walks away richer. Just all wrong… We don’t need education to know that.

  23. Helman does seem to have an unfair upper hand advantage; that medusa face turns anyone to stone, except her cohort in medusa abilities, Kim Graves. They really are made for each other and to think this ALL came about because too female dogs wanted to get laid and be closer to one another, leaving a path of stone-cold destruction in their paths, and getting away with it because they know where ALL the skeletons are in the packed closets at the VA.

    The only explanation that computes with my meager grey matter. (‘female dogs’….yes, I was being nice) 🙂

  24. If she won, perhaps she would get fees and???. Perhaps she’s guaranteed a win. Just don’t trust the upper management of Veterans affairs. Veterans Affairs, Veterans Affairs… Why do we have no voice?, in our own affairs? What the hell does, ” affairs ” mean? Ok, I ain’t edgecated..

    1. @Jo3n – – – I had the fantastic opportunity of taking a few graduate classes in Linguistics.

      You spelled Edgecated = I spell it, Edgemacated = Ed-gee-ma-kay-tid

      Although I could be wrong. Na, only razzing you. The reason your post grabbed my attention, is that when in college a group of us would spell words in different ways, and to make-up words by combining two or more words together like, Macadamia Nuts + Academia = Mac-Academia Nuts.

      Some students even had T-shirts made and sold them. We all needed extra monies to help pay the bills while going to school. I use to sell my class notes from the previous semester [$40, and they paid for the Xeroxing of my notes]. By the beginning of my 3rd year, I had a good catalog of class notes of the core classes in Biology. The reason that this was possible, is that I accumulated the notes from others, and I took my classes in reverse. I finished all my Biology core classes first, while others would follow the University’s Curriculum Program of classes.

      Don’t be hard on yourself for not being able to have gone to college or grasping English. Its the point that you’re making that matters most, but being, what I’ve heard some say, schooled [educated] is a plus as well. Especially when others can be critical of your English and grammar. – – – Nutter

  25. Why would a woman like her risk horrendous legal bills only on the slight possibility that an appeal MAYBE gets her the job back?

    Who the hell is funding this woman’s legal bill? Seems like a pretty big risk to me if she is risking all of her own dough on a long shot bid to get her seat back at VA….

    I would ask the magic 8 Ball but I lost it in my youth.

    1. Dennis, I was wondering that last night…who is picking up her tab.

      I’m curious if she might be fighting it so hard, regardless of cost, if the firing means her losing any pension or other benefits.

  26. Is her lawyers being paid out of the VA allotment? Please don’t tell me they are… Nothing but corruption. Ben has exposed so much corruption and what? It’s like Ben paints the Mona Lisa, and they spit on it. Too much corruption.

  27. The only thing that surprises me is that Schumer has not called for a special prosecutor … I mean isn’t that what he always does when people who should get fired do!!!

  28. Off topic (well – VA and Gubmint corruption seems to be a theme). I just got an email from My Health Vet – little meaningless stories about stroke, postpartum depression and Hep C. The article and link list factors leading to Hep C –

    Were born between 1945 and 1965
    Have ever used a needle to inject drugs, even if once and long ago
    Had a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992
    Are a health care worker who had blood exposure to mucous membranes or to non-intact skin, or a needle stick injury
    Were on long-term kidney dialysis
    Were born of a mother who had hepatitis C at the time
    Are a Vietnam-era Veteran

    Bottom of the list is Vietnam Vet… These Schwantzkopf mortarforkers still won’t admit that the pneumatic vaccine injectors were the cause of the Hep C spread among ‘Nam era veterans. More focus on sex, drugs and rock and roll, but still nothing about sera swapping when someone else’s bugs swirl back into the vial. A HS classmate of mine was among the first to do battle with the VA on this issue – 20 years ago. No IV drug use, monk-like existence – none of the other blame behaviors. He kept himself alive with supplements and clean living. (Sidebar: he cut a deer in half while riding his Harley – coma for six months. His Hep C went into remission while he was in the coma – go figure).

    These assholes have the audacity to brag about how many they have successfully treated with the new drug marketed by that little fucking criminal…

    There, I got my bitch-session therapy out of the way for the day. Thanks for letting me use the couch guys.

    1. @Windguy- Those same VA Assholes do not even have what the CDC deems as a high risk for Hep C as well and that’s if you are HIV+ or have been treated by a Dr. not using proper sterilization procedures and were ever notified to be tested and still have not come-up positive for either.

      These same VA Assholes like to claim that they are the largest researchers and providers for patients with HIV…total flat ass lie. You’re only more likely to die if you use the VA’s antiquated Infectious Disease and their 15-20 year behind Drug Formulary.

      My Hep B came directly from USAF either not testing my blood transfusion for a surgery or it was contaminated…it was the Red Cross that notified me by certified/registered mail on base…which explained why every 30 of those days on conv. leave I was shitting and vomiting and inside a local hometown hospital…then the USAF still did not find out what they infected me with until Red Cross said…ding…ding…we have a problem here. Pretty sure I got a grab-bag of infectious crap given to me just as an experiment…not joking….then there were those damn mobility air jet shot guns you just walked down a line and like Indy 500 pit crew changing tires, one after the other, never mind the splattered blood and reinfection/transmission…we ALL saw it, but said nothing because…because we were thinking of our service but not HOW we were going to be ‘serviced’ later by the VA….or followed-up by the DoD on nonhuman experimental test subjects….yeah, in a mood today.

      1. @Namnibor – – – You had a rough time while getting medical treatment from the VA; Microbial Dysbiosis [unbalanced digestive microbes- ratio of good and bad organisms], and Hep. What other medical \issues did the VA mess up with?

        Evidence/Experienced-Based Medicine [EBM] causes so many misdiagnoses, extended treatment times, and in many individuals, EBM can make matters worse. Where’s the balance?

      2. [EBM] with the VA always means, ‘Engorged Body Masses’ (all other Teams not Purple).

  29. I’m sorry Ben I seem not to understand what this means.

    Does this void president trump executive order allowing for all VA employees to be held accountable.

    So they still can not be fired or any action taken.?

  30. From: “ News”
    “VA Whistle-Blower’s Retaliation Claims Spur Action from Congress”

    9 May 2017
    Fox News | by Malia Zimmerman

    The article is about Dr. Klein of the Popular Bluff, Mo. “John J. Pershing VA!”
    He’s that VERY qualified physician who brought attention to many illegal activities by upper management of the Veterans affairs out there!
    Although a few representatives have gotten involved, it seems he’s still being retaliated against!
    That VHA needs to be drained of all of those reprobates asap!

  31. How can it be unconstitutional to fire someone for not doing their job? Now that’s Marxism Folks! More proof we are infested with totalitarian Marxist pigs!

    1. Very similarly, as in the past I have worked jobs where you had no choice but to pay dues to the union, and this one job freshly out of the military, I actually got reprimanded verbally then followed-up by a formal written reprimand…from the Union Steward….guess what for? I was being too efficient. What could be done in 3 hours was stretched across an 8 hour shift…sot as extreme at UPS unloading semi trucks, just the opposite, extreme amount of work with only 10 minute break allowed and if you had to crap, well be prepared to be reprimanded for impeding production by inconveniencing them with your bowels.
      What I am saying is, the unions, regardless of flavor, mandate how much work and how much play time/break time, and God forbid you pick up a broom when another union person that does that but only every other day…so you better just step around that pile of crushed glass from a 60″ television….because the union negotiated the rules down to never doing ANY MORE than is required….and even then, renegotiate to do even less.
      That’s also how USA lost a lot of competition in the world when the union workers at the auto plant actually made MORE $$$$ when they were striking…well, that became motivation to strike. It’s all infected with greed and lackadaisical human behavior behaving badly where corruption grows like black mold and is just as deadly.
      So, that’s how the legion of AFGE union attorneys can claim unconstitutional for firing Helman for not doing her job…union corruption 101.
      Rant Out.

  32. I don’t really understand how we got to the point where firing someone for doing a bad job is “unconstitutional”. Ben you may not be a dirt bag but I think lawyers have ruined this nation.

    1. Not so sure I agree. The lawyers do what they are paid to do which is to argue a point. There is no malice in earning a wage per se. We all need to put pie in the hole to make it all work, and we work to do that at myriad jobs in America. Except there is one grouping of people that take a slice of the pie without contribution to the work – labor unions. Labor unions historically employ lawyers but they also employ armed thugs historically and they employ mydriad ways not to argue the correctness of any given point, but rather put all their efforts into making the brotherhood stronger at the expense of employers.

      We The People are employers of the brotherhood known as the American Federation of Government Employees. A union by definition is a collective of humans in an adversarial role against employers, in this case the employer is We The People. The reason a union unravels a government is because they are ALSO part of We The People. The union in government has a direct hand in what happens on the employer side of the table. Unions have ALWAYS bribed and paid off government to further the ends of the brotherhood, but when we let them INTO the government then all bets are off – they simply win every time.

      We are witness in our fathers generation to what happens when a government allows servants of The People to formalize an adversarial brotherhood, and when we allow The Brotherhood to tend the money of The People then we have in America what we will all see on tommorows headlines. And the next days headlines. And the next.

      It is We The People who created the monster and only We The People can take it out. Nothing short of terminating VA as we know it will change anything and my proof is in the headlines past, present, and future.

      1. Very well stated, Dennis. What you wrote should be engraved on each and every poop canon’s steel exterior casing so when it’s finally all over, one of those surviving poop canons with that inscription of your words, can be placed in still-operable condition and placed at a high central point above Washington, D.C. for in the event we ever forget or feel the need to flick the switch one more time and let it rain. A bit like that last bullet that at least used to be within the USA Flag Pole’s top globe post, that symbolized in event of hostile takeover, that last bullet had yet to be utilized, as goes the hallowed poop canons that brought the mighty AFGE to their knees.

    2. In some respects, I don’t see this as a bad thing.

      Helmans firing was upheld, it’s just the legal authority they used was declared unconstitutional, which does not mean they cannot use existing authority to keep her fired.

      That existing authority likely costs a bit more and takes longer, so the VA will be wasting more money on trying to keep her fired.

      I would rather VA have airtight authority to fire these worthless hacks rather than letting them continue riding the merry go round, or possibly getting their job back with back pay.

      Congress needs to get serious about giving the VA better authority.

      What pisses me off about this is Helman violated the law in accepting gifts. That alone should uphold her firing, and she should be happy for that rather than being prosecuted for breaking the law.

      If the VA can’t manage to fire these hacks, then the DOJ should be telling her she either goes away quietly, or she gets prosecuted.

      I prefer she was prosecuted anyway so the remaining hacks think twice before breaking the law.

      The problem is the Democrats and the media have DC so tied up in other circus sideshows, the DOJ likely doesn’t have time for Helman.

      1. I was wondering since this happened before the new act was iniated to hold VA employees accountable.

        If they had to use the old system in place before the new act was iniated.

        What part was unconstitutional. ? Or loop hole.

        Why are any employees given any constitutional rights.

        The VA has denied and taken away all veterans civil Human And constitutional rights away .

        Who is defending veterans rights. How is it a veteran can be accused of wrong doing and can be punished and threatened with federal charges Arrest and banishment from all VA care and not be able to defend themselves.

        This is just crazy, the word must be given to all active duty and to those thinking about joining the military.

        You are here being advised, all though we appreciate you serving this country by putting your life on the line and may not come home.

        We are required to inform you that since your are willing to become a warrior. You are now considered a threat or possible threat to VA employees, by your willing ness to take another life.

        Or you could become a threat in the future, you are being advised if and when you need to use the department of veterans and once you apply.

        All of your human civil and constitutional rights are null and void. If you don’t like it !

        Tuff shit, it is not our fault you did not give your all. The only hero is a dead hero.

        You have been notified, so don’t bitch when we consider you a threat or could be a threat in the future.

        If you should speak, when not spoken to or authorized to speak we will take dispensary action and you will be punished and we will report you to the authorities and you will have federal charges Arrested and banishment from all VA care If you disagree.

        Oh yea we reserve the right to not tell you about the actions, nor are we required to prove anything.

        All VA employees have this authority to determine if you meet our unwritten rule.

    3. This shit started wehn the congress & aflcio bought into kaiser’s B.S back in the early 30’s and then “medical care” in the 50’s and like an deadly infection was spread to all things medical including the VA. When a CEO that spends his many years in SO.America & central American, God only knows doing what, going along with commie ideas, like single payer, which the goals ARE to be in charge of ALL single payer or universal healthcare, bringing in billions every year to do things unrelated to “medical care” like for one bringing in illegals from south of the border. Medical care no matter WHAT, changed after Kaiser was brought in the 50’s for outside of kaiser’s own industrial corporations and was then inserted in as THE EXPERT ON EVERYTHING BUT BUT DOING NOTHING as in real medical care but investing money ( to further it’s own commie fiefdom, to run it all) that it receives for the many ways to deny real causes and real treatment. Anyone who ran or is running kaiser ( all of it that is all on created on a false premise called managed care which is not medical care) plus those, (MANY inside state, federal & private ) who bought into it’s many psychobabble and false evidenced based medicines all to just profit by denial of real medical care OUGHT to be tried for treason because it was all intended to steal our money AND KILL OFF as many Americans as they can and that includes American and Veterans. The commies are running it along with their cohorts in crimes, the nazi’s and there are many here in the U.S. who who underminded the laws, turning everything inside out, that right is wrong and wrong is right, turning our legal system upside down to protect their own.
      Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren & those who really do want care for all have been lied to by the dems, the progressive part of the dems, unions & also corporations including global corporations that are doing business in this country. None of them are worth a bucket of spit and again, those who bought or buy into the “kasierized” way, all need to be charged with treason or in jail, period. ONE CHARGE OF TREASON only gets one, 7 years and up to a 20,000 fine. That law needs to be changed too!

  33. -.-. .— – – – Sure is unconscionable. But I do believe it. Maybe next election, I will put Putin on my ballot as a write-in candidate. Seems to me he is no more corrupt, and a whole lot more honest about it – – – than the vast majority of folks running our government.

    You still on with Mike? Building new drive either this weekend, or first day next week. Yes. Will be good to get away from Microsoft.

    1. @Disgruntled Veteran: Still on, sorry, didn’t see your post till this morning. Always fun building and installing a new system, good luck.

      1. @-.-. .— – – – Appreciate it very much. Sent e-mails but forgot you were currently limited to the tablet. Never worry about reasonable delays in replying, my friend. I get enough e-mail (meaningful conversations) from folks that sometimes it may take a week or slightly more for me to get my replies out – – – due my medical ailments.

        I will be glad to hear his take on the material I sent you.

  34. Bring out the Helman’s – – – You Bring out the best!

    Really? It would seem NOT in this case.

    Sharon Helman is walking, breathing proof that an “unjust law is NO law”. She embodies EVERYTHING that is wrong with our society.

    This country is long overdue for a new Constitution that befits our modern times, and puts some real teeth into our laws for every citizen from the POTUS on down to the homeless EQUALLY.

    This cunt that presided over one of the worst, most hurtful clusterfucks for our nations veterans at the VA in recent memory, now has the unmitigated gall to use the law – – – in order to attempt to get her job back?

    She “legally” killed many veterans through her “leadership”, yet now whines about how badly she was treated by the government? No sympathy from me when I read this worthless piece of human garbage has been gunned down by one of my fellow veterans.

    I shall instead, raise a toast to the veteran who administered the justice this cunt so richly deserves.

    1. @Disgruntled Veteran: Unbelievable right? I can’t even post a coherent comment. I try, then have to delete it, because it looks like I jumped off a cliff.
      This country is being run by the asylum.
      Did you find an os you like?

  35. How many decades more of this sort of bullshit will it take before folks stop being surprised? This is biz as usual is it not?

    The folks at VA are like herpes – they just never ever go away. This is not new for Gods sake! This shit has been going down on American soil since before my birth. This is the most corrupt government agency America has ever witnessed and this scumbag ho is just part of a LONG line of misfit and corrupt employees who openly give us all a big old bare ass while sucking up Americas resources.

    VA employees are the scum of the Earth and each and every one costs us far beyond the wages earned and the kickbacks received. This nasty woman is filthy and our courts determine even the filth has rights. Seemingly the only group that is excused from the protection of the courts are the vets that VA serves. You see, in order to secure our rights, we have to rely on people like this skank. She gets the courts – we get her.

    Like herpes.

  36. Her SES appointment makes her wrongdoing under the attorney general investigating authority? Because she is considered an SES it suppose to makes her more accountable. if they let her get away with these crimes then there is no accountability. MSRB is an administrative board with little if any prosecuting authority. They make recommendations and that is about it. She will most likely be transfered because they would have to go after so many other individuals. This is just sickening and disgusting. No justice.

  37. My name is Ryan and I was date raped by a Phoenix VHA psychiatrist during the height of the Phoenix VA scandal. For eight months the VA denied me a psychiatric medication that is used for sleep and also known as a date rape drug. I ended up dating a doctor named Dr. Elaine Ramos who told me she was allowed to date me but unfortunately she lied to me because under Arizona law, it’s illegal for psychiatrist to have sexual contact with patients who are treated within the clinic the psychiatrist works. I had no idea the relationship was illegal for her and it really screwed me, especially when her prescription forging boss, Dr. Ali Kazim and also the Phoenix VA Chief of Psychiatry was charged with prescription forgery in Northern California in 2010 had authorized the medication called Halcyon.

    Dr. Ramos illegally accessed my medical records, accused me of stalking her, lied to the VA about our relationship, and had my medications altered to save her career. The Phoenix VA then used methods of retaliation on me when I mentioned the relationship to my psychiatrist, Dr. Scott McCall and other Phoenix VA employees by altering my meds outside the treatment plan. The situation drove me crazy to the point of suicidal tendencies and when a police officer was concerned about my wellbeing and tried having me self commited to the PHVA psych ward, a psychiatric physician denied me care and the police officer just had me go home. The Phoenix VA has lied to me consistently about Dr. Ramos not working for the VA and going through my VA records when she had been working for the same mental health department and continually accessing my VA records. The Phoenix VA decided to keep victimizing me by prescribing me at least four narcotic medications in order to subdue me and keep me addicted until the situation blew over and when it did not they just stop prescribing medications I was dependent on. Instead of taking the correct course of action and allow me to seek care outside the VA or fire Dr. Ramos, the VA just made things worse by not acknowledging my pleas for action and kept lying to me which led to me being entrapped me into a situation with Dr. Ramos filing a frivolous protection order based on seeing me at the Phoenix VA. The protection order restricted me from the Phoenix VA Healthcare System’s property and caused disruption in my already incompetent and corrupt health care treatment which caused me to max out my credit cards that added up to thousands of dollars and tens of thousands in unpaid medical bills the VA wont pay.

    As I kept trying to get information from the Phoenix VA about Dr. Ramos accessing my VA records to show she was stalking me for the protection order hearing, the VA attorney’s were contacting the judge on the case and speaking to the court clerk which is illegal and a breach of contract because of the conflict of interest. The Phoenix VA blackballed me on the information I requested while the courts went in Dr. Ramos’s favor since I was drugged out of my mind on VA psychiatric medications and railroaded by the courts which caused me more grief, sickness and distress then I could have ever imagined. The Phoenix VA social workers illegally filed a petition to commit me eight montha later in order to discredit me and then issued a behavior restriction on me which kept me from accessing care. After spending two weeks in the psych ward and being released without court ordered treatment, the VA still failed to provide healthcare treatment which left me having to go back to the VA which led to the Phoenix VA police arresting me for trespassing. Now I have a warrant for my arrest because I dont give in to tyranny and fear mongering in order for these narcissistic and incompetent doctor’s who exploit veterans to keep their jobs and avoid any sort of conflict of interest after they allow their colleague to get away with date rape. Dr. Ramos was running around the Phoenix VA Hospital campus after we broke up in the summer of 2014, taking pictures of me on the property which is a HIPPA violation, printing out instant messages between her colleagues and my doctors that were about me, and then using government resources and illegal information in the protection order. The Phoenix VA knows everything about the relationship especially when Ramos became a whistle blower to save her career.

    The Federal Government does not care about Veterans and if they did Dr. Elaine Ramos, Dr. Deering, Dr. McCall, Dr. Kazim, and many other Phoenix VA employees would be charged with felonies for abusing a vulnerable person. Congresswoman Sinema is no better either considering her office had know about the relationship between myself and Dr.Elaine Ramos since I was denied psychiatric care in September of 2014 before I ever went to Sinema’s office for help to deal with the abusive nature of the Phoenix VA but learned she was a part of the abuse by covering it up.

    The VA needs to be reformed altogether because of the fraud, waste, abuse and criminal conduct. I am lucky enough to have enough will power to have walked away no matter how bad I need the care. The VA’s slogan is “Veterans First.” What a joke especially when the VA lies about a date rapist psychiatrist not working for the VA anylonger, when in fact she was just moved to a VA clinic on Eglin AFB. Federal employees who conspire to defraud and kill the Veterans of this nation should be held on for treason and indicted under the R.I.C.O act.

    1. This whole situation sounds like a big bag of fuck. You got date raped by your girlfriend who was also your doctor? Then they conspired to alter your medications and hide the scandal. This is just preposterous!! How can this “Ramos”, who i bet is an Illegal with no papers, rape and drug our service members and get away with it. May god bless you and give you the strength to overcome this horrible injustice that the American Government and the Illegals have caused you. Hopefully North Korea will blow us up and we can all stop worrying about the VA because it won’t exist. Hang in there and Ramos the rapist will get what is coming to her.

      1. my thoughts exactly …Hopefully North Korea will blow us up and we can all stop worrying about the VA because it won’t exist. but i think it will be our own goobers doing it to us…anybody got some extra tinfoil

      2. Thanks for the words of encouragement OLDMARINE. The whole thing does sound nuts but I couldn’t make any of this up if I wanted to. Ramos and I started dating in April of 2014 a year after I was shot multiple time by my father who was a retired Colonial and had been diagnosed with severe PTSD and dementia. When I started dating Ramos, I was under the impression that our relationship was within the legal boundaries of her career and after years of abuse by her and federal government employees, I had found the will power to escape the VA Healthcare System and incentive to become healthy without the VA’s help. I was basically was tricked into dating Ramos under the impression that the relationship was legal which why it the sexual relationship is considered date rape and especially when the Phoenix VA kept trying to sweep the situation under the rug and keep prescibing mind altering drugs.

  38. Frustrating, but not nearly as much as it would be if the entire law was thrown out, and the VA being ordered to give Helman her job back with back pay.

    At least her firing is still upheld until the MSPB reviews her firing…hopefully the VA didn’t screw that up as well.

    If her firing is NOT upheld by them, then the feral goobermint should just stop wasting time and money prosecuting any feral employee for violating the law.

    Isn’t it interesting how Helman gets every opportunity to address her issues in court while veterans are denied the same rights? At least those who survived her term as Phoenix Director.

    As for the law, I’m curious which congressman or Senator wrote the law that is so sloppy it ignored other federal law, or if they just thought they could ignore the MSPB without changing that law first. Rather than passing something quickly so Isakson won’t fall on his ass, why not write a good law that can stand up in court?

    Regardless, maybe this is a good wake-up call to Congress to get their shit together and actually provide a good accountability law that these weasels can’t get around.

    In the end, if Helman does get her job back, then whoever screwed up her firing should be fired themselves, and Helman should only be given a job in the VA Secretary’s office. As his pet monkey.

    1. Better be a strong leash because this particular genus of pet monkey can fly,

  39. The Courts are sending the incorrect message to these immoral VA employees who steal money, take gifts, and do whatever they decide for themselves? This with no regard of how these actions effect the Veterans they were entrusted to care for? All these type of jackasses need to be terminated and punished so others thinking about doing similar behavior are placed on notice! How about the Veterans who have applied for disabilities benefits they need and are ignored for years while they lay sick and without the benefits they earned while we waste time on prosecuting these bastards who really should not take up any valuable time that should be dedicated to Veterans and their care… these are the worst type of humans and should be dealt with accordingly…

  40. The determination of 38 USC 713 to be unconstitutional is what all the federal courts which are occupied by Liberal judges will decide.
    To get anything through a liberal federal court which is to suppose to address any type of accountability or adherence directly to the Constitution will be blocked. This is for now. President Trump has fired 46 U.S District Court Attorneys, he as fired FBI Director James Comey, he has fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and many more. Trust me President Trump is making his way through the ranks with taking care of business to implement law and order. This federal court that made this determination is probably like I mentioned Liberal judges who interpret the constitution based on their own perspective and not really interpreting the constitutional law as it is written. I am basing my conclusions on how other Federal District Courts have decided on President Trump’s previous executive orders as well as his current existing executive orders. President Trump’s anything about anything are all going to wind up in the Supreme Court. Liberals and Democrats are trying their best to block President Trump with any of his attempts to restore accountability with the use of the laws on the books. All trying to block any law and order. President Trump is making his way through the swamp. I have one thing to say. These government types had better get a clue with what is really going on in this country. If they do not, these VA leadership types are embarking on their own decline because with no accountability, no adherence to any laws, and no implementation of order, the VA is going to collapse due to Socialism. Socialism never succeeds. Look at Venezuela. And too, our governmental agencies with the Democrats and liberals are so closed off in their elite world that they really are out of touch. Because of the inner fighting and because of the sess pool, they are failing to adhere to their respective employment standards. With all this negligence, the more prominent issues in this country are not being looked into such as the country of North Korea threatening to take down our power grid with our 2 drones or 2 satellites above our country. If something is not done to deflate North Korea, we as a country have serious trouble forthcoming. If our power grid system is taken out, many Americans will for sure die. There is just enough food to feed the American people for about 30 days. I just can’t get it about these government officials who
    are not willing to do their jobs with any ethicality, accountability, and humaneness. I tell you one thing — by the VA and many governmental officials not doing what they are supposed to do– is just going to lead to a collapse. And too, be caught off guard with an attack by North Korea due to Democrat and Liberal negligence. The VA is bringing the possibility of a crash on themselves. They just can’t get a grip. Though, stand by everyone because President Trump is making his way through the swamp even on his way to the VA if the VA is still on it’s life support. It may crash before President Trump can succeed at turning the VA in a positive direction. We will see.

    1. Adding to my previous comment, if this case had been decided in a more conservative federal district court, the outcome or decision would have probably been different. It is for sure not over. The fight is probably on. Wait and see. The judges who are constitutional and textual are the judges who follow the constitution exactly as it is written. These are usually conservative judges. So I say this case needs to go through one of the Federal Circuit Courts that has more conservative judges and we will all probably see a different take on the ruling. Liberal judges seem to block everything. Like I have said they are based on political activitism which includes a biased opinionated perspective applied to the case which decides the case not following the constitution as it was written many moons ago. Liberal judges seem to interpret the constitution to their perspective. The Democrats and liberals really want Socialism to be 100% in this country. There will never be perfected society. I mean a large number of people unformed to unite under one with no individualism, no self reliance, and no freedoms. Refer to Hegalism. A German Idealism.

      1. Yep, many Veterans are denied due process with benefits and care. So why should Helman be given due process rights? She forgets about how many veterans she has harmed regarding human rights or due process rights. So what makes Helman and other VA employees so privileged or special?What have they done that makes them so credible? Many VA employees have not risked their lives to fight for our Freedoms like veterans have. So why is there a double standard? The VA employee? The Veterans?
        I just do not get it. Some VA employees are certainly no better and do not deserve better when they have really not served our country. Yes, we once had the greatest country on this planet. All due to our great warriors fighting the wars to defend our country. The veterans should be treated with dignity and respect. To all, President Trump and his executive cabinet like I have mentioned, are making their way through the swamp slowly but surely as I am typing in the blog.
        Our country one day at a time could be turned around to prosperity if accountability is restored in all aspects of this country. Law and Order.

      2. @Angela: In the back of my mind, I have the 22 veterans who take their own lives, waiting for help. This government is quick on the draw, with EO’s for everything from illegals to gay rights. There is no excuse, or exceptions to why this mess continues​. Same corrupt, and incompetent fucks, are still in charge. I am not so forgiving in the wait and see department. Enough of this crap, I am sick of this pandering to the unions BS. Face it, we have been used, and lied to again. This is why I stopped commenting. I damn well know, nothing is going to change. Fuck them all.

    2. The VA Secretary is now standing by and pushing for the legislation to occur in the Congress and the Senate regarding the VA Accountability Act. I am little surprised; though, but again not really surprised after further thinking about it. Honestly, I do believe Secretary David Shulkin is trying to do what he can do that is in his realm of control and power to implement accountability to save lives of the veterans as well as improve the care. He appears to be the only one in the VA leadership making the effort. We will see. Our country is so messed up due to the more recent and past Democratic policies, due to the more current Democratic leadership, and even, due to the Liberal Republicans who have had and currently have a part in this mess. We will see. I fear a collapse of the system, though, due to the degree of corruption and due to the degree of lack of accountability. I agree something needs to be done. I mean continued immersed action taken until reaching a final resolve. I am fed up as well. The bottom line is government healthcare is not anyone’s friend. Socialism is where the government owns all and owns all production. This is what the VA surely is. Socialism yields no individualism, no fruitful life, very limited freedoms, and even too, limited rights or no rights at all particularly for the Veterans and the Americans who fall under the Socialism ideology. With what is going on in Venezuela due to Socialism, the American leftists such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren etc. are all ideological blind because Socialism never succeeds. These leftists are craving and calling for Socialism to implemented 100% in this country with including a single payer healthcare system for all. Then, with the 100 % Socialistic system that these leftists elite ideologues are longing for, every single everyday American will be strangled to no end all the way to the grave. If this does happen, this will be a very extremely sad day for everyday Americans. I hope President Trump and his current cabinet remain in office for 8 years because it is going to take every single day of these 8 years it to reform this country. This country may not can be reformed to success and prosperity because we have fell down so far due to the Obama Administration. I have more intricate reasons to say why I believe President Trump and his cabinet should be in office for 8 years. And, it would take me forever to explain my reasons with a lot of typing in this blog. President Trump was put in office by the American people to turn around this whole damn country. We will see what happens. My best wishes goes out to all veterans on this blog. I hope all are trying to hang in there.

    3. To all, our country is now puttering along by the heels towards regaining prosperity with now revealing the evidence of a 182 billion dollar budget surplus. A budget surplus has not been evident since 2001 in this country. The Democrat conspiracy nuts have poison coming out their eyes because President Trump is still moving this country forward despite the Democrats’ obstructing and sabatoging efforts. They hate President Trump. The Democrats do not stand for success and prosperity for the country or the American people. The Democrats want to collapse the country into a one party nation with 100% Socialism just like the state of California and Venezuela. President Trump is moving us forward despite all the resistance. I absolutely love it. Slowly but surely our country might get back to leading the world as a prosperous nation like we once were. Slowly draining the swamp.

      1. Wow! That is great. Dumb ass. All ready after 108 days in office. None of it from former Administration.

        You still trust this lying bastard? I voted for him and now I’m ready for his impeachment. I’m sure he is tied to the Putin Administration after the firing of Comey hours before meeting with Russian Diplomats with only Russian Media. When the hell has this ever happened before? A meeting with any foreigners by the President admitting only the foreign nations reporters?

        I bet he doesn’t last 60 days into 2019 and will probably be gone by the end of this year. All that is keeping him now is some foolish Republican Politicians.

      2. @Lem – – – Precisely, Doc. Only victory yesterday was that of Russian propaganda. Time for him to come clean, or pack his bags. Integrity is a foreign language to Donald J. Trump . . .

        Semper Fi.

  41. Ben’s “Bad VA Art” today should be made into small posters to help Veterans with constipation. You unroll the photo of Sharon Helman and you will instantly feel the urge to make a massive floater in her exact likeness, tenacity, and exact same consistency, somewhat nutty and cornball.

  42. The VA is a shithole and the MSPB is nothing but a fraudulent political device to conceal government corruption when brought out by whistleblowers.
    VA….. embarassment to serving veterans!

  43. I say burn the witch!

    Seriously, this is one persistent floater in the VA cesspool. It’s beyond salt in the wound, more like industrial draino crystals with sulfuric acid poured on top.

    Yep, it’s time to go angry villagers on these assholes with torches, pitchforks, chickens, catapults, poop canons…(we are NOT catapulting the chickens, just their abundant poop)

  44. If that bitch goes anywhere, whomever hires her is bad. As usual, the VA can’t do what should be done. It’s a circle jerk. I wouldn’t be surprised at anything VA SES’s get away with. All this pain, deaths, homeless, all goes back to the top. They’ve had years to take over and for years nobody did anything. Like an unknown cancer it spread. How do you fix that? In the VA, the buck just goes round and round and round. I think there are many ways to deal with her. SUE her. Pass a law for that.

    1. Bitch/Witch, same difference. She just will not go away. That means that Kim Graves is not very far behind…

  45. It seems, at least in my opinion, the upper management of the Veterans Administration receive “special treatment” over everyone else!
    As Robert has so eloquently stated; quote: “It’s time to play rough…”!
    It’s time to exposed the VA for what it is – a criminal enterprise!
    As one of our past Generals/President once said:
    “The things that separates American Christians from others, is they will die on their feet, instead of living on their knees!”
    “George Washington” (c. 1776)

    I do believe it’s time to stand up and do something about the corruption filling most of our government agencies!

  46. BAD employees have constitutional rights, especially upper management and the good ones don’t. Everything is ass backwards as usual and done on purpose. It’s all just a huge diversion to keep you from getting your benefits. She must have a lot of dirt to fling out, loads of money to hide and many heads would roll including those in those in black robes.

  47. Find out where she lives and send a couple dozen people to walk up and down with signs saying “murderer of Veterans” , etc.
    It’s time to play rough just like the unions had to do, block any future employment for her, get tough, Marines!

  48. Not surprised. The EO that Trump signed is also going to result in a flood of backlash if they go through with the ridiculous shortening of due process (i.e. the seven days to respond to a notice of proposed action; seven days to appeal to MSPB; VA decision being final if in 60 days MSPB doesn’t issue an initial decision).

    My thing is, why does everyone think that an EO from Trump is/was needed to get rid of bad apples. The VA and every other agency does what it takes to get rid of a whistleblower – from the drumming of tainted investigation, coercing people to go against the whistleblower, etc. – so, why/how is this such a daunting task to get rid of the bad people? Because they don’t want to get rid of the bad people.

    1. Exactly. The EO was for optics. VA will use any increased authority to get rid of the whistleblowers and other good people, not the bad people.

      1. If they can’t defend themselves within 7 day’s Tuff. They are lucky they are not just called into the office and told your fired !

        VA employees have and are harming veterans and those veterans are not given even one day to fight back.

        Where are the veterans rights !

        Who has been held accountable for every thing that has happened so far by VA employees.

        Promoting and muical chairs is holding one accountable !

        Count your blessings that you even have a chance to defend yourselves, veterans have NONE !

        To settle this once and for all. Shut down the VA and give veterans the right to see what ever doctor They wish and the problem with be taken care of and veterans may live longer.

        Billions saved !

    2. this nasty va cow wont go away she gets full bennies @ A LIFE TIME VA PENSOIN YET SHE WANTS A BIG BIG CASH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ FOR HE FIRINg NASTY VA COW WILL BE IN FEDERAL PRISON FOR KILLING VETS VA DC HQ ONE BIG FEDERAL RICO CRIME RACKET NOTING WILL VETS SCREWED AGIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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