VA Employee Abuser Fredrick Harris

VA Employee Charged With Beating Elderly Patient To Death Still Employed At VA

VA Employee Abuser Fredrick Harris

Benjamin KrauseAfter two years, one VA employee charged with beating a 70-year old veteran to death is still working at the Alexandria VA, in Louisiana, after VA absolved the nurse’s aide of wrongdoing.

Is this what Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson meant about VA redefining the term “accountability”?

Veteran Charles Lee Johnson was in the care of the facility at the time of his beating. Nurse’s aide Fredrick Kevin Harris got into a confrontation with the patient. The injuries suffered by the patient were serious enough to result in death two weeks later. The coroner concluded the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head.

VA treated the matters as a simple fight and put Harris on paid leave for a week so he could “recover” from the incident. Following an “internal” VA investigation, VA absolved Harris of beating Johnson to death and allowed him to come back to work.

Louisiana did not drink the VA cool-aide and filed charges against Harris for manslaughter. Following the arrest, Harris was released on bail and returned to work pending his trial next spring. His duties still include treating patients.


The issue is similar to a recent shoving incident at Tomah VA between a mentally handicapped patient who was not defending himself and VA employee working as a nursing assistant. That VA employee was charged with disorderly conduct. Tomah VA is still looking into the matter in its internal investigation.

RELATED: New Patient Abuse Allegations At Tomah VAMC

Isn’t it interesting how VA continues to allow clinicians accused of abuse to continue working with patients? Why does VA neglect its duties to protect patients?

This week’s news has seen a variety of “accountability fails” now including this report from The Daily Caller of the veteran manslaughter case.


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  1. I am freaking out…. I’m 60 and I was assaulted by VA NURSE PRACTIONER & I’m 100% & have been for close to 20 years…..I am so scared and I now take meds to deal and my heart rate has never really recovered… I was charged and when I call back a few weeks later, I was charged again !!!!! I am freaking out …This guy KNOWS MY WHOLE LIFE via my VA FILE… Pray for me…I & my Wife can NOT BELIEVE THIS IS REAL…Will see a Federal Judge soon…WTF!!!! I just wanted Help for 2 broken molars that give massive pain and Help with Nurological damage issues as well. Slowly & Painfully losing use of both arms per my Neurologist. I will .make it because the Truth will save me..Pray my Friends…

    1. How did they attack you. ! Tell all of us your story. !

      Your not the first. Nor will you be the last. Get a copy of all of your medical records and all your record’s from regional office.

      Look at them and read to see what they have said about you.

      Have they reported you as being disruptive.?

      If not. Don’t be surprised if they do !

  2. This is deplorable. It has to STOP NOW!!! Why isn’t this man in prison? Why is he still working at the VA? I have the answer, because they are all criminals and this criminal behavior is ramped in the VA. We have to stop this. Write letters to President Barack Obama. Write letters to your Congressman and Senators. Scream this information to all of your FB Friends and ask them to SHARE this post. Killing a Veteran at the VA looks just like a scene out of the Bates Hotel. #canyouhearmenow Quancidine for President

  3. Watched the Navy/Army football game yesterday and between the incredibly cool videos compiled of different Branch recruiting ads and all the various USAA commercials and such you would have thought that there could have been *just one* commercial by the VA on Veteran Suicide or something useful for that target audience but in the end no such VA ad appeared that I saw and it made it seem like all is okay, but we ARE spending million$ on these recruiting ads…meanwhile, anyone else realize Congress has been tossing the “Draft” around…and we are not talking about a ‘football draft’…am wondering by the extremely cool and expensive recruiting ads, if the military is having trouble with maintaining an ALL volunteer Force?

    I still get enraged when I see this article’s VA thugshot. (another invented word, thugshot).

    1. @namnibor
      Yea I’ve been hearing lots of “talk” concerning a “draft”! When you think about the high ranking officers at the Petagon telling how bad our “all volunteer services” are. I wouldn’t doubt the draft to come back hot and heavy in the next year.
      Hope not, but who knows what Obamy’s got up his sleeve.
      Also, if there is desention within the U.S. by American Citizens, do you think our own military would actually fire upon us?
      Don’t know for sure – just asking??!!

    1. Even in our dysfunctional, immoral, principle-less local, state and federal governments and school districts; those accused or suspected of wrong doing are placed on administrative leave to keep them from perpetrating more harm.
      THIS IS ONE OF THOSE ITEMS THAT SHOULD “GO VIRAL” AND PUT PRESSURE ON THOSE IN POWER AT THE V.A. TO DEMONSTRATE CARE AND WISDOM. Of course our unions have a role and our union leaders must step up to the plate also.
      Bill Poole, RN, BSN, Lt. Col (Ret)

      1. IF they have proof This guy hit the patient.unions have no business getting into police work.

        That’s the department of justice job.union members are not lawyers.

      2. If there were no union at the va most employees would be in the welfare line. These are bottom of the barrel people.

      3. Lose.lose situation.employees may be afraid of this guy. IF they speak up and he’s not arrested.he could go after them off duty. He’s pretty big.

      4. I don’t know Bill Poole,

        “Put pressure on them to demonstrate care and wisdom”. ” Union leaders step up to the plate”. Where in hell have you been, collecting a pay check from the VA? The problem is they don’t care, have no wisdom and aren’t leaders……….

        As far as the scum bag in question, down in the enlisted ranks we take this asshole out throw a blanket over his head beat the shit out of him tell him to quit his job and don’t come back……… your world of senior leadership you make sure he gets paid and keeps his job.


      5. @Mr. Poole,

        I’ve been putting this site on Facebook for sometime. As has Mr. Ben Krause with this site.
        Mr. Ron Nesler had/has a site called “VA is Lying, Veterans are Dying” on Facebook. Remember all the “billboards” that went up?
        There’s another site called “VAWatchdog dot org that also puts out the egregious acts committed by VA employees against veterans.

        Guess what. Few have visited any of them.

        If you go back one or two “blogs” you’ll see where a VA higher up in the OIG was caught “masturbating” in front of a bunch of teachers. Read the blog/article. Not one thing happened to that reprobate. Except he got a bonus and his yearly pay before getting a chance to “retire” comfortably on the taxpayers dime! How’s that for accountability and transparency.

        Do you have a wife or daughter Mr. Poole? How would you see VA in upper management handling something like that.
        Sir, I was in the Army and later in the Navy. Trust me, if some pervert like that had come into the “units” I had been in, the MP’s would have had to escort the shithead outta country for his own protection!

        There’s got to be some form of laws on accountability and transparency that will make all VA employees, from McDonald on down, understand they can’t continue to LIE, CHEAT and STEAL from the veterans and taxpayers without knowing there will be consequences for their actions.

        You were a Lt. Col., you know just like everyone on here knows how it works. The government and civilian workers union protects their own.
        Were you in when Zumwalt was in? Remember what he did to Norfolk VA when sailors were being harmed by civilians? Remember what he did to Honolulu, Hi when the same thing was happening to sailors. That was a man who stood by his sailors. Not these pussies from McDonald on down! Hell, McDonald even lied about his military service!
        I will bet you the majority of VA employees, in upper management, have NEVER served one day in the military or in combat! Maybe if they had, they would have a better understanding of the military mind.
        Therefore, what do they care about making sure vets receive proper medical care.
        Well, that’s my rant for the weekend. I get upset, and my mind reels from people trying to protect this corrupt government agency!

      6. To all,
        We called that a “BLANKET PARTY”.
        Only instead of telling him to “not come back”, y’all tell him to “…get the fμck outta the country!”

      7. RE: Blanket Parties

        ‘D’-sized batteries and socks are much more immediately available than lead weights and why hurt a perfectly good blanket when a garbage bag is better and more fitting?

    2. Yes, murderers belong in jail, as do a large number of VA employees.

      This case shows how tough it is to put them there when an entire organization, from clerks to the Secretary, actively conspire to cover up and thwart everything from jailing to firing to suspension.

      Nobody can tell me this guy was not witnessed either beating this veteran or others, or doing other things he should have been held accountable for, and not a single VA employee came forward to say what happened. That is likely due to the culture of retaliation the VA has created and uses with a vengeance. It took the coroner to act to try hold this thug accountable.

      Over the past 2 years, look at any attempt at accountability where an act by a VA employee resulted in them being held accountable. The VA was forced to act because of a whistle blower, or an outside entity forced the VA to act, then likely fired the whistle blower in the process.

      If Congress forced the VA to comply with the Whistleblower Protection Act, No Fear Act and other laws against retaliation, there would be a lot less of this covering up, and a lot more thugs held accountable.

      Ask yourself. Over the past 2 years, what part of any VA scandal looks like the VA is providing health care to veterans in a humane manner?

      1. Bob McDonald’s office is the same way.give them proof in and white.

        He sends to whole packet right back to the very people to answer who’s doing the harm.

        They keep saying the employee who started all the longer works for the VA. Truth is not only is the employee still working.

        McDonald’s office is guilty of covering it up after I have contacted them four times.his employee Stephanie is the one.who contacted me.

        Don’t know if these employees working for McDonald is even showing him the complaints or answering the complaints themselves with no one seeing if they are correctly doing their job.

        Or Mr McDonald just don’t care.if veterans are being harmed.where is Bob?

  4. Marching on DC sounds like a real winner more like a skillet shot they would like to see us all together I wouldn’t trust them for nothing but march I would I fear living more than dying after Vietnam all I wanted to do suck cock’s on a street corner and gain myself respect back that’s the way this country made me feel.

  5. This is no surprise to me. I have seen elderly patients bruised with black eyes in the Richmond, Virginia VAMC. The sad part is I have been reporting and reporting because I witnessed so very much when my husband was in that VAMC. I am still trying to get someone to acknowledge the many antipsychotic drugs my husband was given and had a stoke. Then the VA turn right around and keep denying his claims. I can attest to the hell we have been through. But there are no attorneys that will even address the medication issue and I have all the medical records showing just how many drugs he was on and for how long.

    I plan to take all the letters, medical records and dates, times, and artwork and write a book including each chapter. I have thousands of pages of medical records and that is my plan. Even if I have to self publish or create a web page. I am going to show the abuse, neglect and all the people I have written. Each and every one.

    This is sickening and it could be any one of us or our loved ones. I know what the do to patients. One day they are there and the next day dead. Seen it. If they got the cocktails my husband was given at his age, I am sure many died.

    He was lucky that I got to him in time or he would be dead and the black box warning labels on the medications stated: DO NOT GOVE TO ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH DEMENTIA. COULD CAUSE STROKE, HEART ATTACK OR EVEN DEATH. Then you give the patient 3 of those drugs and they overlap. Then you add anti depression, plus antianxiety and you mix several of those. I have the records that shows dates and times. Plus I filed an OIG report and nothing was done. Then this nice lady in the office of the Medical Inspector confirmed he had a stroke three years later. NOTHING WAS DONE. ABSOLUTLY NOTHING! But the book will be a show and tell.

    Now we are awaiting a BVA appeal and it is the second go around. But his birth date is on his file. The first time I asked that it be expedited due to his age. But guess what? I will have to make that request again because the ALJ has had it for over two months and no decision. I know they wan my husband to die. But I will still fight.

    Unreal…all of it and nothing is done. That person that killed the patient should be in prison himself right now, for life.

    1. Carolyn.your right the psy drugs they give put the veteran in such a stuper.when I was admitted they had us so drugged that many could not stay awake during class.

      I was holding on to the hold myself up.just wanted to go to sleep and they record thinks that you say.after they have you zombied out.

      Guess they want you be a good boy or we will give you twice the dose.

      I’ve even had a nurse put into my chart patient does not seem to be responding to medical therapy. The heavy drugs they were using.

      Its all trial and error And they make some big errors and if you act to the medication you would be reported to the police and you can end up in seclusion.

      They had me so medicated once.that before they discharged they tested me to see if I could tie my shoes.before I could leave.

      I’ve seen patients drulling and could barely speak.they were not here.if you know what I mean.

  6. Dear Mr.Krause:

    A revision to my earlier letter: In the case of nurse Frederic Kevin Harris, who wilfully beat the elderly veteran to death,I think this life in prison, or the death penalty, are applicable since I see this as a deliberate case of first degree murder, not manslaughter, is applicable when a person n a fit of rage and involving an elderly person.

    Yours for God and Country
    Frank P Calderon

  7. I remember reading about this two years ago. There have been other deaths at this same VAMC but not like this one. This guy no doubt will get himself a slick lawyer to get off any charges coming from Louisiana law enforcement over this matter. Being that it happened on VA property the lawyer can probably claim that his client has some type of sovereignty and cannot be charged in a state court. And of course, we all know that the VA and VAOIG aren’t going to do a damn thing.

  8. Dear Mr. Krause:

    In the case of nurse Frederick Kevin Harris, who beat the elderly veteran to death t or life in prison, or what ever is applicable for first degree murder; not manslaughter is inapplicable when a person is killed unintentionally, not when it is undoubtedly in a fit of rage, involving an elderly person; that is willful murder.
    Yours for God nd Country
    Frabnk P. Calderon

  9. Ok people this is how fast Trump’s people work.
    Check this article out;
    “Trump Gets Quick Results for Wounded Veteran in VA Dispute”
    Dec. 4, 2015
    (Gateway Pundit)

    I believe someone who is good friends with Ben should try to get a meeting set up between him and Mr. Trump.
    That way Ben can sit down and explain all the egregious acts committed against veterans by VA.

    1. Agree entirely!!! Ben and Trump getting together and talking about the state of the VA.
      Encouraging to see an “outsider’ make headway in swift way against/with the VA.


      I cannot believe what’s on CNN right now. They are DESCRIBING in detail on National News how our Surface To Air Missiles work…even showing some tracking control rooms…WTF? Perhaps it’s half propaganda but we are at WAR! Why on earth educate these wacko terrorists any more than we have already?!
      Maybe my training is now considered ‘old school’ but you do NOT let your enemy know such details in a world where anyone can view it. Again, WTF?~

      Rant over and out. Have a great weekend all. I seriously cannot even look at today’s VA thuglet’s picture on this article no more…seriously bothering my cat as well. Something for a dart board or flame thrower. 🙂

  10. Ok all
    Here’s Trump’s email address. Whenever I find something, I forward it to him (or his representative),

    veterans@donaldtrump dot com

    If y’all find something, forward it!

    1. @crazyelf
      You read my mind. I was only hesitant as I know politics can be a thorny cactus and perhaps was wrongly assuming that Vets had Trump’s email he gave out.

      Thanks for stepping-up and doing that. Even if a person does not like Trump, you almost have to agree that he has effectively stirred-up the sediment and talking about things that otherwise would NEVER be talked about and further covered-up by POTUS and both corrupted sides of political parties.

      I am not aware of ANY other of the minion of Candidates that have specifically placed an email for veterans.

      At this point with the VA, there’s really no way to have “bad publicity” because it speaks for itself. It just needs to be louder and en mass.

      FYI- The CNN Republican Debate is in -4- days. However, that’s -4- more days this veteran killer continues to work for the VA around my patients. This is a story that should be on “60 Minutes”, 20/20, and such to get it really broadcast to how out of control the VA has become.

      1. There’s a lot of bad things being reported now. Which wasn’t being reported say a month or so ago.
        IMO, I believe this new attack by those two wacked out “radicalized Islami Muslims” in San Bernardino has caused a major shift on what news medias are covering.
        I believe some, if not most, of the news people are scared. Their frightened it could happen to them. Remember, news people work in “gun free zones”. And they are cowards.

        As far as VA goes, just like all the other issues Trump talks about. First everyone slams him. Then they turn around and copy him.
        Immigration and refugee transfer would never have been reported if Trump hadn’t started it. “Obamacare has got to go!” is a quote by Trump.
        He’s not really talked a lot about veterans. I think someone who is good friends with Ben should try to get a meeting set up between him and Trump. I think that way Trump can cause more controversy, lol.

  11. The VA in Northern California is exactly like this…I have not heard of any physical abuse but odds are that it does take place…The low class doctors and other medical assistants who could care less about the male or female veteran sitting in front of them have to be weeded out people that do more harm with their words and misdiagnoses and non caring don’t get fired they get promoted, transferred and you know they get that some get that bonus. Veterans rights are violated every day and the FUBAR VA just moves on down the road like nothing detrimental to the Veterans health that they caused 100% goes unnoticed! Why? The only answer I see personally is “They don’t care!” They being the Martinez, Mare Island if not the Veterans Administration Regional Office, the lowly VSO, NSO, the Concord, California Vet Center Team Leader and the list goes on. Martinez, California VA Health Clinic has to be the devils play ground! FTVA!

    1. Excuse me all those who have written a response to this travesty called the VA… All comments are correct and it doesn’t take a blind man to see the carnage that has been caused and will continue. The violation of the CFR Title 38 should be self evident but is only enforced as far as I can see by the VA against the Veterans and not the VA Administration that violates it at will. The entire Federal Government is some fashion violates the people of the United States. The United States Forest Service has perverts and pedophiles in their management like up in Bend, Oregon and elsewhere but does nothing. If their computers at home were investigated I wonder if they would be sitting next to Jared of Subway fame? From the post about the OIG the VA probably does too…

  12. Hondo had an interesting comment the other day with an excerpt from Title 38 and VA accountability. I recall abuse was specifically listed. It would be interesting to FOIA the VA policies or regulations governing a provider accused of abusing a patient. I suspect there are a number of policies, procedures, mandatory reporting, etc., that the VA is ignoring.

    But then, who cares about policies when beating a veteran to death is something VA managers will overlook?

    This is another in a long line of friggin disgraceful acts by the VA.

  13. Anyone wondering if today’s “Bad VA Art” is that thug’s actual mug-shot from this case in today’s article or one “on file” from previous incursions?

    I am **betting** today’s “VA Accused Abuser Fredrick Harris” has some lame-assed excuse that will read like this: “That patient was disrespecting me!”

    I would also like to know while Fredrick Harris was albeit briefly jailed-up, if he continued to receive a paycheck for that time he was “recovering from the trauma of his experience”…and…is Fredrick Harris a Veteran? I just want to know.

    This sure makes any last in their class Haitian Witch Dr. seem like a much better choice than VA Deathcare.

    1. Quess VA employees can be as disruptive and a threat to veterans any time they want and not be threatened with being reported to the disruptive committee.

      And be threatened with arrest.federal charges for them killing a veteran!

      Guess veterans don’t matter.the VA employees can actually get away with murder.

      Where was Obama on this one.veterans lives matter!


      When is the VA going to train the veterans to defend themselves from the employees.who were trained to kill veterans and get paid for doing it.

      IF you all have had enough.lets go to Washington this summer and’s our right and responsibility to help all veterans and soon to be veterans.

      Enough of letting them jerk offs get away with murder and hurting veterans whenever they want and getting away with it.

      1. @James and all:

        IF we as Veterans and others were to plan such a walk on D.C. Plaza, we certainly would NOT want to put any of such details and communication about it here or any social networking site…that’s giving the element of surprise away to the opponent.
        Our President and this Administration has been doing this since 2008. Obama announces to national media, and thus, to our enemies, what and where, and it’s a HUGE contributor to why we have gone so many steps Backward in these 14 years of war on terror.

        We may need to do such plans for any walk on D.C. or any protest for that matter, via private emails or something and not even tell mainstream media until it’s happening…too much information is not a good thing in The Art of War.
        I agree that a demonstration…a *peaceful and respectful* demonstration of our collective voices on D.C. in order to splash the National Media and MAYBE wake-up the Chair of the Senate veteran’s Committee and others that are asleep at the helm.
        As you know, helicopters do *not* act as great gliders at *all*. This is why the VA Train has gone completely off the tracks. The “Engineers” are asleep at the Throttle while the train mows-down Veterans.

      2. I understand what your saying.but I think the only way to get the word out is by mass media attention.

        How are people going to know when where and how.if it kept in the dark.

        I think if all of a sudden thousands of people just start showing up.that would give reason for the police.national guard to retaliate against us.

        Permits are needed and we should be transparent.hiding nothing.

        Their nothing wrong with doing it in the open.we would be legal. Hiding things is the VA way.

      3. Yes, I understand what you are saying…but also realize that arresting Veterans and mistreating vets is the VA Way. This sense of emanate intimidation is probably reason there really have been relatively *few* mass marches of protest by Veterans against the VA or Gov’t. in general. Yes, there have been *some* in years past but just like the VA Disruptive Committee, I can easily see the VA just using that to vilify Veterans then take away any benefits they may have, then kill them.
        Call me paranoid, but also not about to walk right into an ambush.

        A Permit would indeed be required…but I am betting that the D.C. Veteran Disruptive Committee will get a call and will be at such an event these days because I am pretty sure the VA knows vets are collectively pissed at them and in very much a bit pissed at the average American that does not want to be bothered with anything but reality shows.

        If a permit for such an event is required, then such an event should have representatives of ALL the so-called VSO Groups out there that are also equally culpable in taking dues and kickbacks from VA but ignore the Vet’s plight.
        They seem pretty useless unless I entirely misunderstand what these group’s missions really are about…Veterans. This is as confounding as Senators McCain and Lindsay Graham, both veterans, but only want our focused attention when reelection time comes around…otherwise, not so much.

        All I was saying is although the word would have to get out, we also do not want to be helping them stock the tear gas and pepper spray either.

      4. Tear gas.were crying already and it Will not stop until veterans and the public stand up to them.

        I’m 62.volunteered for military service.shot in the head.been accused of disruptive behavior.had a doctor assault me.had doctors put lies into my records.

        As long as I can walk talk.I’m willing to put my life on the line once again.if it would help our children and their children not fear a government agency that could take their life and get away with it.

        We Americans have got so use to people hurting each other in the United state’’s become a reality show and everyone is just watching and think it’s not real.

        Americans can’t blame any one but themselves if this country or citizens don’t act soon.

        It seems if it does not effect them directly.just turn your head and it Will go away. An ostrage with it’s head in the sand.

  14. I agree 100%…there are reasons these people work for the government. All we get is bottom of the barrel.

    Organized crime at its best

  15. He can’t define responsibility.because they can’t define anything.just like they can’t define disruptive behavior.

    They just wing it and that’s good enough.put them in jail for the cover up and management abuse of power.

  16. We are the expendables.they should get these employees to go to Sloan Gibson moms house and let him hit her or his father the same way.

    See how he likes it.that was someone’s etc.

    When situations happen like this anyone covering up or making excuses should be held as quilty as the employee doing the crime.

    This is just sicking.knowing our government would kill someone and then cover it up.

    I bet if the disruptive committee could sentence veterans to death they would and claim that’s our policy and it’s legal.

    They need to shut down the many veterans have been murdered and covered up.

    People must go to Washington in droves and demand change or disband the whole VA.

  17. Issue #1.)
    “VA Hiring Processes”
    Yesterday, when I watched the video on the “VA end of year: fact check”.
    It was interesting to listen to the “hiring processes”, or lack of, for healthcare providers.
    It was interesting, in the fact that, no one on the ‘committee’ brought up the “pain management physician” who was hired at the Illiana, Illinois VA. Remember that puke who was arrested (mid 2015) by police, then extradited back to Indiana on “murder charges” of “over prescribing leathal doses of pain meds” within the ‘civilian sector’?
    If I remember correctly, a representative in Illinois had demanded to see “How” VA does their hiring processes.
    Basically, all anyone was interested in was “speeding up the process”! Not one person was interested in how come many healthcare providers (real qualifications) were “bottom of the barrel types”.
    I still remember the news caster on Ch-9 news here in Central Florida saying “Who would want to work for the VA?”

    Issue #2.)
    “Scheduling of Appointments”
    There was also a “heated exchange of words” between Gibson and one of the committee members over “appointment schedulings”! This was also interesting because Gibson either didn’t know what he was talking about. You know, ignorance is bliss. Or Gibson was lying through his teeth.
    It came out this year that “schedulers” were making up their own rules when it came to that 30 day wait period.
    For example;
    Step 1.) a patient sees a physician.
    Step 2.) the physician wants the patient back within 3 – 4 weeks.
    Step 3.) the patient relays the physicians request to the scheduler.

    This is where it gets tricky!

    Step 4.)
    The scheduler then tells the patient they have 30 (additional days) over top of the 3 – 4 weeks the physician is asking for.
    Now the patient may not see the physician for 50 – 60 days out!
    Someone, in upper VA management, might say that doesn’t happen. Well, yes it does. Because it happened to me! My wife was a witness to this!
    Therefore, wait times were/are still being manipulated by schedulers to make upper management look good. So they will receive “bonuses”!

    Issue #3.)
    “Paid Adminiistrative Leave!”
    According to the G.A.O., the “Federal Gov. has over 6,000 individuals on paid administrative leave”! Out of that number, around “2,600 VA employees are on paid administrative leave”! That “total number” was never mention during Wednesday’s meeting! Why?
    This received very little fanfare by the committee. Only a couple of “incidents” were mentioned.
    For example; today’s blog over the nurse accused of “beating a (VA) patient to death”! This was mentioned, but very little else was!
    Also, the newest incident at the Tomah VA. I didn’t forget that one. But the committee didn’t mention it either!

    By the way, I’m not forgetting how Gibson, by way of McDonald, was trying their best to “redefine” the “word” – “accountability”!
    Evidently, both Gibson, McDonald and all the other reprobates (or jack-offs) in VA believe all the rest of the world is “stupid”!

    There’s more I could add. But, I think I will end here. Because my mind and heart is really upset right now….

    1. I hear you brother. I am upset in my heart and mind as well. This has been an excruciating week of egregious corruption and scandal and now this thug, after directly causing an elder Veteran’s death was allowed to come back to work again, around Veteran Patients all this time while awaiting trial only because the VA has “redefined” what “words mean”….this cannot continue!!!! The train is way off it’s tracks.

      I must say this yet again because of “today/s article”: VETERAN LIVES MATTER!!!!

      This thug should be thrown into the swamp for the alligators to give due justice.
      Kill a Veteran, akin to Trump’s stance: “Kill a cop, automatic death sentence”.

      I know some will not agree with this but that’s why we live in a free country with free speech and opinion.

      1. @namnibor,
        I don’t believe that puke who killed that “elderly veteran” will be too appreciated when he’s sentenced and sent to prison in Louisiana. There’s a good size population of vets there. He just might meet relatives of the deceased vet. Or, maybe he might meet BUBBA! At least that would be a “just reward”!

        Also, have you noticed more and more egregious acts being brought out into the light? Just now on Channel 9 news at noon, a VA employee was arrested and will be sentenced sometime early next year for destroying his computer to try and hide his part in not putting in a veterans healthcare record the correct information. It was said he could get “up to 20 years!”
        Although it was a “fair report”, on a scale of A+ to F-, I give it a D-. Because, Ch 9 said nothing about,
        1.) Is the employee still working at VA?
        2.) is the employee on “paid administrative leave”? Thereby being a “taxpayers burden”!
        3.) is the employee still being allowed to enter data into a veterans medical or personnel file?
        Channel 9 did NOT follow up on many issues concerning that reprobate.

      2. Too bad today’s ‘thuglet’ could not be in a cell for decades with yesterday’s VA OIG “Whack Job”…that might even be BETTER than BUBBA. LOL!

        What I do not get is HOW can destroying -1- computer in what I am safely assuming is a “Networked Server Environment” at the VA, destroy the evidence when the “Network” would have all this info?

        Are VA Employees THAT DAFT that they think by destroying -1- computer it’s suddenly POOF, gone??!!

        Or….? IS the VA even “Networked” within each VAMC and VISN or do they still use “cups and strings”? Remember, there’s been at least -4- separate expen$ive attempts at bring the VA up to par with technology…and ALL failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah, the Main Stream Media is not exactly all on the same page of reporting these days because I think they have the exact same limited attention span as these millennial screenagers.

        I still send them tons of stuff though. Not going to stop. Also send same to Trump’s crew and all the others running for POTUS. However, they are ALL trying their damnest to stop Trump…THAT tells me that Trump is shaking-up the status-quo and for better or worse, I can deal with THAT for a solid 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!

        Did you also hear that as they systematically pour more info out on the California Terror Attack, that not ONLY were they BOTH radicalized LONG BEFORE coming on Visa’s to USA, but they NOW say that ISIS/Taliban have the EXACT equipment USA uses to MAKE said Visa’s and they have been making counterfeit Visa’s for a WHILE…and *just since* 9/11, over 700,000 “political refugees from Middle East, incl. Syria” have come to the USA and they do not know how many of those Visa’s are Counterfeit because they look EXACTLY like the ones we officially issue!!!!!!!

        Fu’q’n FAIL~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. @namnibor
        Yea I saw that article on the visa machine. Kinda makes me wonder how many of those “radicalized idiots are here?”
        Well I guess we will find out the hard way.

      4. @crazyelf-

        Finland just today arrested a group of so-called “Refugees from Iraq” that had Visa’s…and get this…reason arrested is FINLAND matched their faces (recognition software) with ACTUAL VIDEOS of them IN Terror Training Camps systematically going from captured person laying on ground to the next shooting them.
        There’s reporting that Obama Admn. sternly instructed other agencies to “downplay” the California event and I even saw that as it was happening in the wake, as tiny little extra bits of info about these attackers came out…and Obumer is hell-bent on protecting Muslims.

        NO even Ben Carson is talking about leaving Republican Party along with Trump, because they do not want to be told how to think by the Party.
        Popping popcorn, as this is getting interesting.

        I just wish this story today about this VA employee killing a Veteran Patient was splashed all over the news as much.
        I wonder if the VA has already “redefined” what “death by blunt force trauma” means to protect their own?
        The Daily Caller has all the above referenced stories and have subscribed.

      5. I noticed something different with the reporting on the San Bernardino shooting. It seems to me there are a large number of comments being made anonymously by federal agents involved in the investigation, shortly after new things are discovered about those 2 shooters. I think this is being done deliberately by agents who want the facts out, rather than the facts being watered down or ignored. Malik has been shown to have been connected to 4 arrested for terrorism in California in 2012. Marquez bought the guns, gave them to Farook, and has been providing detail into an attack planned for 2012, but not carried out because they got spooked after the arrest of those 4.
        In addition to that, there are reports that ISIS got a hold on a passport printing machine and possibly blank passports in Syria, and are busy printing up a bunch. News reports are that fake passports and other documents can be easily bought in Syria.
        Seems someone not only wants the facts out there about the shooting, but on how easy it is for Syrian “refugees” to obtain a passport.
        As for this thug beating a veteran, if we had oversight committees in Congress willing to do their jobs, they would hold hearings on this to find out how any VA employee could just SLAP a patient and be exhonerated let alone beat them causing death.
        Congress needs to hold these hearings and demand those investigation reports, and find out who decided to let this guy get away with killing another veteran.

  18. This is so messed-up on so many levels it makes me sick. Again, I ask, is Representative Miller allowing the VA to “redefine accountability”? Does he or any of those overpaid clowns in Congress view ANY of these cases presented on this site? We have to blame Congress as well if they are going to allow the VA to police itself, which it clearly cannot and NEVER should be allowed to do so.

    VA DEATHCARE: “Need a pillow, Patient X?” “How about a few punches in face with that pillow, Patient X, I need a vacation?”

    I am betting that VA nurses assistant Fredrick Harris threatened them with a big fat lawsuit backed by the VA Employee’s Union and/or the NAACP. Good for the State of LA to file charges but will it surprise anyone if he gets off completely free and gets a FAT BONUS and PROMOTION in the end to the Disruptive Committee?

    This is not only abusing a medical patient BUT ALSO abuse of the elderly and disabled. There’s a special place IN HELL for this ass-wipe of a human!!!!

    This week has been really tough for my anxiety levels and PTSD. I HATE what the VA is doing and getting away with.

    Tread lightly, Benjamin. Before you know it ‘Black Lives Matter’ will be protesting and looting/burning your neighborhood, while the NAACP defends this thuglet….never mind the coroner stated the Veteran died of blunt force.

    Yes, I invented a word, “thuglet”…similar to a small piece of human shit. How could anyone treat another like this and still be allowed to work around patients?

    The VA should also learn what the word ETHICS means…or, did they already redefine it long ago?

    1. NAM,

      “VA DEATHCARE”, that is so beautiful I’m going to use it often if I have your permission?

      1. If only I could claim that, but I cannot, I actually saw someone else write that on this or another forum comments, so cannot take responsibility. Just use it. I rolls off the tongue easily in a scary way!

        I DID make this one up, or think I did: VAMC actually means: “Veteran Administration Murder Camp”…scary. It can also mean “VA Meddling Camp”, as in “A Clockwork Orange” how they forced him to watch violence on TV with his eyelids forced open to make him more calm….”VA Mental Camp”.
        The VA loves those damn Anagrams, so why not have fun with them?

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