AFGE Local 548 President Tatishka Thomas

Bay Pines VA Local AFGE Union President Weighs In On ‘White Privilege’

The local AFGE union president working at Bay Pines VA Medical Center decided to weigh in on Facebook regarding her views on “white privilege” during work hours.

According to Bay Pines Exposed, a Facebook group page focused on highlighting problems at the facility, VA employee and union head Tatishka Thomas wrote, “Fucking white privilege” in all red on her Facebook page. Thomas is responsible for Local 548, an AFGE union responsible for representing VA employees of all race and creed against the agency.

Local VA employees and members on the Facebook group page highlighted the example as a signal that Thomas helps non-whites more than whites, “I wonder if that has anything to do with the Union failing to protect such a high number of white whistleblowers? Makes you wonder.”

Thomas is both a VA employee and union president located at the Bay Pines facility. shows she earns total compensation of $24,072 from union dues paid by VA employees. shows she also earns a salary of $55,567, as of 2017, as a GS-8 employee of the agency. She is presently trained as a records clerk at the facility.

VA OIG recently exposed that Bay Pines VA lost over 500 requests for medical records from veterans filing release of information requests. As a records clerk, Thomas may have been involved in the practices that resulted in losing those requests.

This is not the first instance of a VA employee making comments perceived as racist that become an issue of public concern.

Toward Christmas last year, one manager at an east coast regional office made comments about NFL football players being “monkeys” and that they should “dance, monkey, dance.” The comment, written by Stephen Pina, was posted on his personal Facebook page on off-duty time. Pina, a combat veteran, was swiftly demoted following press exposure of the incident.

RELATED: VA Employee Demoted For ‘Dance Monkey Dance’ Comment

Last year, various attorneys at the Board of Veterans Appeals were terminated following exposure of their racist and bigoted “Forum Of Hate” where they made disparaging comments about co-workers based on race and gender.

RELATED: Veterans Law Judges Removed For Racist Forum Of Hate

Racism of any kind must be addressed swiftly by the agency and purged from its ranks.

The Department of Veterans Affairs serves veterans of all backgrounds and races. Likewise, it employs individuals from diverse backgrounds and their advocates from within the union must be capable of treating its constituents fairly and equally regardless of race, gender, creed, etc.

Based on the experience of Pina, we should expect a demotion of some kind should the agency confirm the allegations first reported by Bay Pines Exposed.

Here at, we take racism very seriously, and my hope is that VA addresses any and all allegations of racism fairly so as to protect the veterans served by the agency. And, to ensure that those who are falsely accused are vindicated.

VA press secretary Curt Cashour was contacted for comment prior to publication. He did not respond to the inquiry.

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  1. BREAKING NEWS (on utube)
    Posted 18 Mar 2018
    “Trump Bulldozing U.S. Gov’t Officials Who Admitted to Poisoning Our Military!”


    This is concerning the poisonous waters consumed by Marines!

  2. “James Clement”
    I believe your confusing McCabe with Stzrok “fucking [Lisa] Page!”
    Check this out from; “Media Buzz” last night (11:14 min long) on the firing of McCabe!
    “Judge Jeanine Opening Statement 3/17/18, Andrew McCabe You Should…”

    According to all reports, the “OIG Report” has NOT been fully exposed yet. They’ve only given a small portion of it to put McCabe in the hot seat.
    When McCabe found out he was to be terminated, he not only threatened the FBI and DOJ, he threatened President Trump!
    Half way through Judge Jeanine’s video, there’s a Republican Congressman who tells more about the firing!
    There’s much more coming out about this! “Stay Tuned, same time, same channel, next week!”

    1. Mucho Tanks, Elf. I do believe you to be mighty right. At my age, 72 hrs without sleep – – – and the mind just starts to blur faces together . . . ‘ya know?

      Since I weaned myself off ALL VA medication (except those 800mg Ibuprofen) I find there are a few days every month when I do not sleep. Small price to pay for my weight being down 35 pounds since Tanksgiving 2017, my walking being back up to 10 miles daily with 45 pounds on my back, etc.

      CBD in my vape helps when the chronic pain gets too bad, but eating healthy and the exercise really do wonders. I can almost (about 6 more weeks) fit into my Dress Blues properly as a Marine should. Last time I was able to do that was 198_ well, never you mind . . . LOL!

      But I am getting there. Again, Tanks for the correction Brother!

      1. James,
        Good to hear your doing better! Wish I could say the same. Getting worse, especially in my legs, feet and arms.
        Plus other ailments from the “Dioxin Poisoning of AO!”

        On a side note;
        Looks like McCabe might be getting a reprieve on his pension (approx. $60 a yr) by some Dems.
        A few are offering a couple days work so he can retire with full benefits!
        They’re also blaming President Trump for the firing. Which is complete unadulterated bullshit!
        Like I’ve said before, the FBI and DOJ have “…tons of evidence…” against McCabe!
        He NEEDS to be arrested on multiple corruption charges!

      2. Definitely agree with you about McCabe. Interesting that the Dems are rallying to save his retirement for him. I know what it is like to have served this country for 18 years, then to be put out on the street without retirement, placed in debt to my government, given zero help and no benefits.

        All without me screwing up. One of the “equal opportunity” folks with substandard reading comprehension entered some data incorrectly into a computer, and the GIGO process took over and ran amok.

        Still fighting it to this day. Tons of government documents, and letters to prove my case – – – but no one will listen. I will not give up though. I will fight to my death!

        Sorry to hear your health is taking a turn for the worse.

  3. OK, OK, OK come on. There’s plenty of crime filled, incompetent, and corrupt work that needs to get keep going out and around the doors here. So lets go . . . who’s got my bonus check holder and account file? No the other account, the one that we always keep as our second books. Yeah, that one. Oh shit, we’re almost out.”

      1. Yeah, seems fitting in the current war climate we seem to perpetually find ourselves in

    1. So now you’d better stop and rebuild all your ruins
      For peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing

      Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
      Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh
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      Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

      We come from the land of the ice and snow
      From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
      How soft your fields so green
      Can whisper tales of gore
      Of how we calmed the tides of war
      We are your overlords

      1. Listening to Zeppelin now at 07:07…thanks, needed to revive some brain cells and getting things synapsing. 😀

      2. @Nam – – – I always did like Page. Jimmy, not Lisa. McCabe has really stepped in it now. He’ll be lucky to avoid prison. Should have thought about his family before fucking her.

        Speaking of listening to some good rock – – – Teenage Mutant Ninja Hono town had Celtica stop by. Gajus Stappen is a right fair guitar picker, but Jane Espie can really make a bagpipe ROCK! Looks good doing it, too.

      3. Had w wee bit too much cabbage with the corned beef. The VA would not want to smell my swamp gas right about now . . .

  4. with POS like this working at lour VA’s and influencing Unions with racial hatred……it’s no wonder the VA is in CHAOS…..this racist, hate monger needs to be fired…..

  5. Touchy subject that noone is supposed to discuss. Oh let those evil white slave traders and oppressors, the cause of all American problems suffer and die. Genocide their asses like they do out of sight and media in South Africa, who cares? No uproar about that kind of stuff either. No groups to run to, noone in government will speak for evil white people. Don’t expect media, social justice, churches, lefty college or communities to give a hoot either, they don’t. Not PC to tell some truth or facts. Might upset all those ‘social justice warriors,’ and special interest groups out there. Probably will upset all those ‘affirmative action’ staff and foreigners at some VA to academia, incite uproars from the MoveOn, SPJL, ADL of BB, Antifa, ACLU, gang type thugs to the illegals out there too. People don’t want to see, see or hear what they want to, fine. Don’t push your crap on me or tell me how I’ve experienced some things or life.

    Nothing will happen to dear Tatishka. She is the kind that wil get pissed off, take offense, if you ask her how to spell her name or maybe to speak up so she can heard in her hate/annoyed mumblings, lip smacking, eye rolling trying to business with her kind. She is what is referred to in certain ‘movements’ a ‘three-fer.’ She has three special feet/footings to get employed, get special benefits, to fill a hiring quota, get special allownces, etc. One being she black, the other female. Three or more being a victim of some sort, a momma, Marx-Fem, or whatever else the activist want to use to their advantage. None of which are to be questioned, reported, asked about, or exposed in any way. Plenty of examples of this stuff out there.

    She will be another example a hero, probably get NAACP awards for activism and outward dismissing and hate of all White people. Ahem… “another.” And get away with whatever they do, or excused and laughed off.

    This broad is just like the first MD I seen at the new clinic I was appointed to after leaving the shit from the local CBOC and their clowns. Who wants to drive a two hundred miles round trip in agony to be told they didn’t have time to read your med file then start talking insane shit about starting all my health care and testing all over again, can’t find testing files or other clinic reports, or start adding meds and dropping meds even after a line of specialist clinics told me what and what not to do? Then ask about her at the front desk driving over there and her not reading a file, normal? Ask for another appointment dates only for her to be defended mightily, instant scorn and attitudes, turning me into a target, told how great she is and would never say or do such things, then be informed, oh well she is leaving for a new non-patient seeing position at the VA anyway so overlook it. Then passed on to a even worse Paki female MD…. filling the ‘footings’ positions the last one had. Plus a couple of choice comments from the ‘black’ veterans sitting near by in the peanut gallery for all to hear. Must be some of that big city …. being in the hood bro/sis stuff defending.

    Or then sent down to blood draw and have to deal with another seemingly affirmative action type employee with four or five inch long designer finger nails that can’t fit into latex gloves to get some nasty sticks. Plus more clowns there doing the same shit, different day, or dealing with some old retiring one that should not be around patients or pretending to do her job, which she can’t. But all this and much more are to be over-looked, acceptable. And don’t dare let this shit slip out in a heated arguement with any scum sucking PA who are out to defend ‘their team mates,’ appease all the various activist, or special VA staff or the “proud” AFGE, SEIU union members. Then on to all the other shit happening after that and the “new pain clinic’s shit” and insanity. But their they used a self hating white dude apparently. Then people think those activist and threats from the VA don’t spread, especially when we are told “never find health care again in Indiana” due to leaving and the rest???

    There was a lot of instances and issues I could have unloaded on with all the PA trash I talked to, or refused to discuss with me over. Just the ones at the CBOC, then the Purp barf team and panin clinic crap was enough. And they could remedy none of it but all went into defense mode, circling their many kinds of wagons, excuses, games, until I just walked away. They showed what that so-called health care system was all about and how they can cause troubles, continue on with their activism out side of the VA too.

    That is why Trumpster and others would need to go state by state with pink slips and know they would have a ton, countless toes to step on for the slightest amount of change.. that will never happen. Especially over tribalism, activism, or hate whitey issues. And his controllers do not want “change.” Not part of the planning/agendas in Circus Maximus. Especially with every lefty college out, their kiddies, the Profs there totally against any truth or realities of life. Hate our own heritage outwardly, join the bullies, the group-think, the scum, or have enemies like cockroaches coming out of the woodwork. VA or not.

    Not fun seeing some others go through this stuff. or some getting special attention and treatment. No fun thinking all is well at the VA for a few years then have all hell break loose, to see ‘stuff’ going on, having to reap the whirlwinds of the government, activist, real haters, ete. Worsens under a so-called “Black POTUS.’ Then to think …. shit I am walking away from all this, all the real hate, incompetence, games, activist shit, total disregard, disrespect, lack of ethics… ALIVE? Don’t expect me to be PC or that “tolerant” or that much of a nice guy especially in my last days on this sick planet. Rage rage rage.

    1. Foot notes:
      1. Remember I had my Healthy E-vet stuff messed with, making even prescription re-fills a pain in the ass to order, or listed, or not changed daily, and all communications from various clinics playing the games – in person – on the phone – by pc, the scum sucking PAs, nurses, MDs, PCPs, timeline evidence, etc., since it began… all scrubbed, totally deleted. Then told about questioning a “female” about her job or actions at the VA for doing it.

      2. Using a white 18 yr VA staff worker bragging about his expertise at the VA telling us to vote Demorat for better care, etc. White VA staff to trash, threaten, a group that is ALL Caucasian with a couple of females included. Being told by others around later days that “people of color didn’t need to show as directed.” Others claiming being X VA staff having issues with their old bosses. That only White people’s names were drawn out of the hat for certain things. Others supposedly told to not show up when there were to around thirty more, what was going to happen, and no-shows for them… okay. What we were told in no-way would be spoken to or about “people of color.” There would be riots. On and on.

      3. After being set on fire over this shit to be told by the PAs that I may not know the difference between ‘those of color’, or like, how did I know just by looking at those present were female or all White? Totally side-stepping the major issues at hand? What the hell does that crap sound like. Ahhh… college kiddy education, lefty group-think shit, the brain-washed, and social justice warrior trash. “Warriors?” And didn’t seem moved about Facebook pages and others at the time threatening, or laughing about… old white vets with their BS “knock-out game.” On and on that went too. Then told by everyone, every agency, state scum, to go back to the VA and deal with things through the normal processes and PAs??? Are you all F-ing kidding me?

      4. Going through this shit, dealing with multiple issues, a newly broken jaw from them, head swelling, multiple oral surgeries, etc. Having to stall things a while then pick up again using ads like on Craig’s List to try and find others going through the same thing, was at that group meeting at the pain clinic, and around town to only get hate shit, ignored, invites to join Antifa, BLM and other fools?? In addition to all the other “shit” unleashed? Oh joy! Or asking new civy MD’s staff if more gaming was due to the VA. Then a new stupid contract pops up to be signed, told, given a paper stating, about the threats too. that some inner office, MD to MD, clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital, communications, verbal communications, are not, may not be, recorded in our files, recognized as part of our medical files when requested, for FOIA, but for inner office use only??!!

      As stated before. Ben’s blog here shows a lot about the divisions we face. It can also show, represent, what some, not all, face in real life. Like near total silence over some major issues when a roar is needed or some unity. Damn the distractions, college scum, circus or appeasing scum. Or maybe about what we are expected/demanded to be totally silent on to appease the commies and various groups out there playing tyrants. Or how some maybe can’t simply believe what some others have to endure or fight. Not PC or cool to go against “group-think” or the herds. I think it’s all plain as day to see. No excuses. The shit is everywhere to be seen, or constantly on TV telling us what to believe, who we are to bow to, about those evil White people, or to focus on. But the majority pick to turn away , excuse it, wait on Jesus, or too afraid to engage or get involved. VSO cowards too, all. Such is life in MeriKa.

  6. FBI’s Andrew McCabe Fired Just Two Days Before Official Retirement

    Amber Athey
    Daily Caller
    10:18 PM 03/16/2018

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe Friday night, just two days before he was set to retire and receive his government pension.

    The Department of Justice’s inspector general recommended firing McCabe earlier this week over allegations that he authorized the disclosure of sensitive information to a reporter. The OIG is set to release a report that also accuses McCabe of lacking candor about such disclosures during the DOJ’s yearlong review of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

    The DOJ released a statement late on Friday announcing that Sessions was firing McCabe following a review of the OIG’s report. (RELATED: Report: FBI Recommends Firing Andrew McCabe)”

    Article at: “”

    1. Seymore,
      You notice there’s nothing coming out from the Dems on McCabe’s firing, yet.
      I thought they’d be jumping all over Sessions!
      I also wonder who’s next!?

    2. Seymore,
      Looks like McCabe isn’t taking his firing lying down!
      “BPR” “BizPac Review”
      Dated: Mar. 17, 2018
      By: Frieda Powers
      “McCabe fires back hard after getting axed and he knows exactly who’s to blame”

      Just like a democrat stooge. Blames President Trump for his firing, not his own failures!
      The “comments section” is ablaze on this!
      I think you’ll like it!

      1. Crazy Elf, the media are the ones going bananas over McCabe being fired. The politicians will catch up.

        McCabe didn’t fire back hard at all. I read his statement. It was full of bullshit that ignored some very key points.

        Read Sessions statement on firing McCabe. Sessions made clear McCabe had lied under oath multiple times.

        I suspect McCabe was only fired yesterday because he was likely given multiple chances to be honest, and he chose not to.

      2. Love it.

        Can’t wait to see what he says after he is indicted.

        For now it will be fun to watch him twist in the wind while he steps all over Comey in the press.

        It really is too bad they haven’t done this with the people who are retiring out of the VA after they are caught not doing their jobs or going criminal.

    3. McCabe had to be fired or there would be no integrity at all in the FBI any longer.

      As it is, Sessions appointed a DOJ prosecutor outside of DC some months ago to work along side the DOJ IG. I am reading there are many sealed indictments piling up that will likely be served once the IG report is released.

      McCabe will be damn lucky that he only loses his pension and escapes being prosecuted and sent to prison.

      If only the VA had a similar IG.

      1. 91Veteran,
        My thoughts exactly.

        I had started writing my post just before you posted yours.

        Oh, and pretty sure he will be doing some time on the Federal BOP retirement plan for special public servants.

      2. Seymore, I’m sure that if he does do federal time it’ll be served about 30 minute drive from my home. Allenwood. Only bad part is it’s pretty much a country club for white collar fucks. Golf, order take-out chow, etc…

      3. Seymore, I’ve been following that issue at ConservativeTreehouse for some time. I would be shocked if McCabe doesn’t get prosecuted. I understand he or his family is very well off financially, so he won’t miss his pension. If he starts seeing his other wealth threatened, he may flip yet.

        Do I give a shit about him losing his pension? No.

        The media has been whining about his pension, but they don’t give a shit that Flynn had to sell his house and lost everything after being targeted by McCabe. Targeted for something even McCabe said he did not do, which was lying to the FBI.

        I notice McCabe mentioned his family in his little statement. He should have thought of his family before he started fucking Lisa Page.

        McCabe is the first. There are many others not only in the FBI and DOJ, but also in the State Department who were illegally unmasking Americans caught up in intelligence gathering.

        The next few months will be interesting.

  7. I am pretty sure that the guy in the northeast is not a white guy he is a minority and that his words were taken out of context. You should look closer at what he did in that office before you paint with such a broad brush,
    -when he arrived there were 74 employees on station and they were completing only 200 claims each month. by the time he was removed, there were 170 employees and they were completing over 1500 claims a month and had worked to fix the worst VS regional office in the country like Baltimore, St. Pete and Boston.
    -He hired over 100 disabled Veterans into high paying jobs and promoted even more into higher levels of responsibility
    -he was the first minority VSCM in the history of the Providence VA Veterans Service Center.
    -he hired more minorities into the office he oversaw than ever before.
    -He mentored numerous others within the VA and was a catalyst in the increased performance within the VA.
    He spent countless hours of his own time to try and help fix a broken system that is held down by the overbearing union and governmental red tape.
    -He is a Veteran who has to work through the same issues of being denied wrongly by the same system.
    -He is a Veteran that deals with mental issues in relation to not being there for his brother in arms due to injury and has now let them down again.

    He was always Veteran-centric, an innovator in the VA and the best at his job within the VA.

    1. Who is the pronoun repeatedly referred to as “he”, Vinnie? Could the bots be getting more creative, yet still indifferent at same time? 😀

  8. Crazy Elf,

    Thank you for the information and for the hearty welcome, I greatly appreciate it man! I will do some homework, look at past blogs, and check out the JW site.

    I have had a heck of a time trying to acclimate to civilian life. Short of spending time with my two little girls (5 & 10 yrs. old) going on field trips, and volunteering at their school, I have not done a thing working wise.

    Before my active duty career, I spent 11 years in the Army N.G. and worked for Department of Defense as government employee (yes, one of those folks…). Could not take the political crap and went active component (still political). I was able to handle that though, at least until my last year in. Amazing how political and backstabbing it got when SGM positions were coming available. I knew then that I needed to get out due to the politics. I am a promotion by “merit, integrity, now how, and getting the job done and done right the first time.” Unfortunately, it seemed to be how much butt you kissed, and whom you drank beer with… Not on my watch though, it was all about my Soldiers and bolstering their training and their careers, and trying to keep them from being killed OR, killing themselves… I lost many good Soldiers who could not deal with the stress after one or more deployments…

    Anyway, thanks again brother (Crazy Elf), I appreciate all the help I can get – Hooah!

    Let’s fight the good fight for our brothers and sisters!

  9. “24YRVET”,
    Thanks, got my name from a friend I used to ride with (Harley’s of course!)

    Since your new here on Ben’s site. Buckle up, it’s gonna be a wild ride! You’re gonna see crap from VA employees, from “Shyster Shithead Shulkin” on down, you thought could never be real.

    Hope you look at some of the past “Blog’s” Ben has brought up.
    There’s also others on here who add additional “articles” and “videos” from other sources. My favorite is “”!
    That site is an invaluable tool to expose the VA. So is “Judicial Watch”! “JW” is in the process of suing the VA out in West Los Angeles. It’s over a vet who’s been illegally arrested multiple times for putting a small American Flag on the VA’s fence. And this last time – the VA “rent-a-cops” used illegal force!
    Again –
    Your gonna read and see shit you thought would never happen in our Republic! Especially when it comes to taking care of us veterans!

  10. I retired as a First Sergeant after twenty-four years of active duty service to this great nation. I had a very diverse unit my last three years in and I can tell you as a white Soldier, I always went out of my way to pave the way for all races to aspire to positions that would allow growth, both in rank and positions of greater responsibility. My Soldiers came from very diverse backgrounds and countries, i.e., Liberia, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, the Baltic Region, and of course, the United States. Point being, I, nor my platoon SGT’s, squad leaders, etc. would ever put up with any racially motivated hate, bigotry, remarks, messages, postings, writings, etc., etc.. I do not care what color your skin is, if racially motivated hate (let us just call it what it is…) is allowed to continue it can destroy unity, the VA, and this country as a whole. This individual should be removed from her union position, and be demoted as a GS employee. Additionally, she should be warned of further consequences if she continues with this kind of hate mongering trash talk. If this were a white person spilling out this filth, they would certainly be terminated from their positions – just saying… Another point to ponder, were the records that she lost solely based on color? If so, and it can be proven, she should be terminated unequivocally and immediately.

    1. “24YRVET”,
      There ya go! Just like many on here have expressed for years now. Your expecting the VA to use proper adjudication in response to “RACISM” by an employee/union president!
      Ain’t gonna happen!

      1. Crazy elf (outstanding name by the way…),

        I am not very familiar with how the VA works; I just retired a little over a year ago with a good VA rating, so at least they are taking care of my family. However, I am hoping they deal with this situation in an appropriate and expeditious manner. Unfortunately, news I read and listen to daily tells me that things in the VA are messed-up (I am being politically correct here…), and at times blatantly criminal. I feel for my brothers and sisters out there who’s records have been lost, shredded, or misplaced on purpose, due to the color of their skin, and by a racially motivated Union President, plus a GS-8 government employee with an agenda of her own…

      2. 24yrvet, hang around here a little or read through some of Bens past articles, and get a taste of exactly how bad the VA is.

        You need to do that just to understand the situation you are in if you ever have to deal with them for any reason.

        You say your family is taken care of. This is the VA. If you are obtaining a benefit for your family, research it thoroughly ahead of time so you know what the VA is legally supposed to do. What you will likely encounter is many other VA employees, black, white or purple with the same attitude as Tashtika. You may have to educate them on what the law is regarding the benefits you have earned for your family. You may have to fight several months for them to provide that benefit, or longer.

        VA problems covered here in the past couple years alone range from an elderly vet being beaten to death by a VA employee and not held accountable to Doctors conducting their own medicine experiments on vets killing them to unlicensed doctors performing brain surgery 4 times in a month on a vet before killing him. It ranges from blatant theft, fraud and corruption in your local VA, at the VISN level and right to VAHQ where an attorney ran the worst veterans charity in the nation before retiring and being prosecuted for fraud,

        You also need to be aware that veteran service organizations are not your friend and don’t exist to help their members. There may be good people in them at the local level, but it seems that the higher you go in any of their organizations, the more they are intent at protecting the VA, their access to Congress and what scraps they can get thrown their way.

        After 24 years, I am sure you have gained enough perception to be able to quickly read whatever situation you find yourself in. The VA is a bureaucratic nightmare and you would be wise to keep that in mind whenever dealing with them for any reason.

    2. Welcome Aboard 24YRVET,

      Elf and 91 have provided you with some sound advice with respect to dealing with the VA. I think you will find that the VA can be quite frustrating with their propensity for ignoring laws and their own written rules.

      For myself, I will simply say that after I returned home from my tours of duty, I was convinced that combat would be the worst thing I would ever see, and noting would ever give me the same amount of stress.

      Boy was I ever lovin’ WRONG!

      The VA “delay, deny, be a good vet and (quickly) die . . .” program of “helping him who has borne the battle” takes things to a whole new higher level.

      Disgruntled Veteran
      1973 – 1976 USMC
      1978 – 1993 USN
      Wounded Warrior

      1. James, 91Veteran, & Crazy Elf,

        Thanks all for the background and the eye opening and ongoing events happening within the VA. The more I read, the more I think it should be torn down completely, and totally rebuilt – ground-up. Maybe with the help of veterans like ourselves, our voices will make a difference? Let’s hope and keep fighting the fight for our Brothers and sisters fighting the war.

        91Veteran, you can bet that I’ve seen and been through a lot during my career. No one or no organization can pull the wool over my eyes, I no BS when I see it – hooah!! The one thing I’ve always tried to do in my career is to see first hand before making any judgments against the system, my leaders, my subordinates, and peers alike. The information I am getting from actual veterans and also from online resources/news is outrageous and extremely disheartening (concerning the VA) as I thought them to be our advocate.

        Again, thank you all for your insight, your candor, and the solidarity/camaraderie, it means a lot to a Soldier who’s paid the his dues.

        Talk with you all in the near future!

  11. Wikipedia Example of Affirmative Action with a strong chance of nepotism and a fat ass: See-(VA employee and Bay Pines AFGE union head Tatishka Thomas).

    I am betting that ‘Tatishka Thomas’ would easily be spotted at Bay Pines VAMC at an intake desk and a computer terminal in which it would be easier to spit at the keys to make keystrokes because she likely has that stupid deadpan indifferent expression, looking downward, while ignoring Veterans and typing with those 8 inch nails is probably out of the question and beyond her imagined paygrade.

    Yep…uppity trash calling the kettle black. BTW, Tatishka Thomas, I cannot even say your name backwards let alone forwards and make any sense out of it and it has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity…nope, it’s that beach sand in vagina personality that gave you just a *tiny bit* of perceived ‘power’, and that power is over the very lives of Veterans…how many “white” Veterans did you sit on their claims or shred them out of…’white privilege’?

    Tatishka Thomas, you suck anal canal water.

    1. Hey, Nam,
      Betcha Thomas has llllllloooooonnnngggg fingernails!

      Sorry, brothers and sisters, just couldn’t resist!

  12. False hope on email notifications Ben. I got the one about this article being posted, but no emails in new comments being posted.

    1. 91Veteran,
      I gave up on receiving notifications of new replies.
      It didn’t matter if I checked the two boxes or not. So, I come back about every couple of hours each day!

      1. For me its only been the past couple days. I suppose Ben is working on it or a new commenting feature.

  13. Just read an article on USA Today about how bad doctors are escaping being discovered on the National Practitioners Data Bank. It seems that the Congress made sure that the data became “confidential” so the public wouldn’t have any access to it. It goes on to state that most state medical boards fail to use the data bank and putting peoples lives at risk. I have to wonder how many of those bad doc’s are hiding out at the VA, and are allowed to poke, prod, and cut on veterans?

  14. The problem for Veterans is, when you uncover such misconduct and wrong doing at the VA/VBA/VHA/VAMCs, etc. we have no formal complaint process for accountability under The 2017 Accountability Act, so what good is this if there is no process for Veterans to file meaningful complaints outside the corrupted VA System.

  15. Nice. Just imagine the outrage and how fast someone would be fired and prosecuted for a hate crime if they posted anything similar and Black Lives Matter.

    VA will likely promote her. To a Patient Advocate position.

    Interesting point about the union and whistle blowers.

  16. Two things here!

    Neither one has been audited. Both are criminal organizations!

  17. I have evidence the Houston, TX Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center (VAMC) Director used Patient Advocates to collect information from me about a White House Inquiry on my behalf, they were helping to gather response information to the inquiry. I requested help and received none, because they are and were compromised by the VAMC Director and can not and should be considered Patient Advocates. Care I am and have been eligible for and entitled to has been breached at this VAMC for over 7+ years in various ways, including negligence and malpractice and I can not get help from anyone. I have filed my own Tort and VBA Title 38 USC 1151 with no help, because the helped is very limited and selective and the VA makes it that way. The whole Tort system is rigged, and the VA Tort Attorneys are in overload. The whole system is a joke gone bad for Veterans, especially when there are no Advocates to fight for them. We need true Advocates, separate from the VAMCs, paid by Dept. of HHS maybe, but not paid by the VA, and the Advocates need to have clout with the ability to hold VA employees accountable. I see much of the same in Houston as described at Bay Pines, shouldn’t be happening, all should be treated equally.

  18. I hope she is removed from her Union position as well ASAP, As a Govt employee I have seen some horrendous Unions, only 1 was decent, the other 2 were worse and were so grossly bad they bordered on criminal. I approve of the concept of Unions, and needed in certain circumstances but just like bad mgmt, Unions have the same problem. HUMANS! & Their egos and personal failings.
    But I would be interested in what ELSE was related to her post or just a simple Meme posted?? Or is she prone to often post such material? I recently had some encounters on a veterans forum/social media called “RallyPoint” and a few people of color posted some material that was racist in nature. Apparently they felt they get a pass on this. Racism under any form in unacceptable but perhaps there is more to this story besides just bad optics?? Privilege based on skin color or race is unacceptable, Maybe a better choice would have been F**K Privilege?

    1. Sorry, but they won’t get rid of her and if they do, EEOC and/or MSPB will reverse it because the only time a favorable decision is made by those two pieces of trash of systems is when it is a false victim…look at the case reports sometime, union thugs somehow get the MSPB to reverse or reduce.

    2. Doug, I know what you are saying, but I believe you are falling into a trap. Making excuses for her racism is certainly not what would happen if the roles were reversed, and it clearly shows that claims of white privilege are bullshit.

      I highly doubt anyone would be asking whether it was a simple meme if she were white and ranting about blacks. What privilege would a white person have in that situation?

      I am not ranting at you, just pointing out some things. It is infuriating to me to see someone claim white people are privileged, especially veterans.

      If whites were all privileged, why would they have even served in the military?




    1. I know, I was about to yell a WTF, but not surprised. At the VBA in Atlanta, saw too many people in GS-11 or higher positions who had the responsibilities and brain power of a gnat.

    2. What is wrong with this picture? Its called VA management officials who ignore federal law when agreeing veterans preference laws can be ignored when hiring exclusively from other union thugs.

      Or nepotism. Or affirmative action. Either fits.

    3. “SSG”,
      She’s actually pulling in, on the taxpayers dime, closer to $80,000/year!
      Add both salaries!

    4. Dear Benjamin Krause,
      1. I am not seeing any “white priviledge” down here at the VA Ohio, nor had I had any in my life. In fact. I am from a poor working class background, inner city blue collar workers (low skill labor). Row house surrounded by factories. A family of veterans, for three generations our country called on us. Where it is ok for us to served (My white poor working class family), and ok for us to be injured in-service, and disabled from the military. But it is NOT ok for us to claim VA benefits. I am being kept in poverty, and I had been sent into poverty due to my injury in-service.

      2. In fact. I’ve observed in key VA positions, and key positions within the VA. Almost all of them, are something other then the “Typical White Male” or “White Male Christian Veteran Hetersexual”. This is my observation in Ohio. They are different than me. SO They are saying, that they are saying, “WE” have “white priviledge (s)”. I have “White Priviledge”? Really? I haven’t seen any “White Privilege”! Just saying.

      3. Denied at the VA. Denied health care at the VA for decades. Cut loose from the military injured, with medical records “Intentionally” withheld. Injured. Not knowing. This happened to many of us in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. SO. Were hurt, and injured struggling in life. losing everything. Not due to the lack of trying. losing jobs. Losing loved ones. Losing family and friends. Losing places to stay. Bunking with others and homeless. Never knowing, how I was injured in the military. But that is where it happened! Life destroyed, soulmate lost. Found disabled. Tracing this injury bact to the military with the help of good people private doctors (Professionals and experts. Finally getting ahold of my fellow soldiers and officers. Letters written. Finally in April of 2014 with letters, I am allowed into the Akron VA Ohio Waterloo Road. And at that point, the cover-up starts.

      4. In fact. I would agree with any sociologist, that there is reverse discrimination occuring here in at the VA Ohio. Especially North Eastern Ohio, Louis Stokes Cleveland Ohio VA, Parma VA Ohio, and Akron VA Ohio Waterloo Road. And the BVA Cleveland Ohio (VA BVA Director TONY Milions African American). At the VA Ohio, and across the VA nationwide (that there is reverse discrimination occurring across our nation), and at other gov’t positions, tenured positions at universities and colleges, and positions where gov’t money supplements the workforce. I would agree like a neutral referee in society “White Males Christian Veterans Hetersexual” are under attack. They’re discriminated against now. I dont see the tradition white male christian veteran “This so called “White Priledge” happening, or any white christian male hetersexual vets and former soldiers being hired in any large numbers.

      5. I was born and raised in the inner city. So i know what deversity is. Served with all different races, sexes, religions in the military. Like all of us here. Everybody is green. That was my internal belief. From small boy on up, everybody is created equal and deserves an equal chance. However. I am NOT seeing that in my case. Nor I am I feeling that white Christian Males veterans and former soldiers are getting this so called, “WHITE PRIVELDGE”…

      6. But my color (White) and my religion (Christian), my disabled status of being a disabled former soldier and injured veteran, and my gender (Male). I mean, disregarding “White Priviledge” can I be treated fairly?
      The VA staff. I am NOT like most of them racially (I am white European), religiously (Christian), gender wise (Male), and I am a disabled former soldier and injured veteran, who is a hetersexual. I am different then the VA staff. I am the minority by far…

      7. I believe I am under attack. If I say something or anything. I am biggot. I am delusional and given a “Personality Disorder” by the VA contracted paid forensic whore(s) and paid forensic prostitute(s) Aka “THE PARMA PIG” Ohio VA PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No. 3280 JEWISH Jew Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973, Draft deferment for mental illness Liberal Marxist, Social Democrate Left winger teaching at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE, flunked out of John Hopkins University, and ended up at Ann Arbor Michigan majoring in “CHILDREN”…

      8. Where is that “WHITE PRIVILEDGE” at Peter M. Barach? PETER M. BARACH Jewish Jew Non Veteran: Giving me a “PERSONALITY DISORDER” SO I can be discredited and SO the VA can continue to discredit me. Magically Peter M. Barach comes up out of thin air creating in an one hour C and P exam report, that I have a “PERSONALITY DISORDER”. Magically Peter M. Barach Jewish Non Veteran Draft Doger 1970-1973 has the “MAGICAL” diagnoses and disorder. SO my benefits can be denied. Peter M. Barach sabotaging earned injured veteran’s benefits and disabled former soldiers claims. THE VAs paid BITCH and the VA’s paid LAPDOG. It is a legal strategy at the VA, so to keep abusing the injured vets, and disabled former soldiers. If I say I feel am being reversed discrimaited against. I am a racist. SO. Just saying. What am I to do?
      9. What am i to do AKA “THE PIG OF PARMA” VA OHIO Peter M. Barach NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280 Jewish, Non Veteran Draft Dodger 1970-1973 liberal marxist, social democrat left winger teaching at the WESTERN RESERVE COLLEGE Ohio. “The Monster of Shaker Height” Cleveland Ohio PETER M. BARACH NPI#1396773610 Ohio Medical License No.3280. Creating, “Cherry Picking” Medical Notes from other Non Veteran Draft Dodgers (Catholic Non Veteran), and thus manipulating medical notes by using only 5% of the total medical notes to create these “FRANKENSTEIN” like reports and magical disorders. C and P exam hatched man, benefits assassin PETER M BARACH. SO PETER M. BARACH states and says on his C and P Hatchet Jobs, “I AM OBJECTIVE. I HAVE NO TIES TO THE VA WHAT-SO-EVER.” really? You grew up across the street from the VA. Where you have an office at. A phone Number. A computer. Three VA supervisors. And where your family member(S) work and your family member(S) work in the same VA Dept. For decades PETER M. BARACH you’ve been a forensic whore for the VA, and a paid “FORENSIC PROSTITUTE”. Cash for disorder from the VA, cash for sabotage. Protecting your VA CASH HOG in OHIO PETER M. BARACH. Throwing out ethics, and disregarding all respect for your nations injured vets and disabled former soldiers. A lot of people helped you PETER M. BARACH….

      10. What am I to do Director VA VBA African American TONY MILIONS??? I still do NOT have my benefits Director “African American” VBA Cleveland Ohio’s TONY MILIONS. My claims sit on your desk TONY MILIONS. Still YOU (TONY MILIONS) do NOT answer the Senator nor the Congressman inquires. Disregarding “White Privilege” for one second” You were appointed at the Cleveland VA Ohio BVA TONY MILIONS by President Barack OBAMA to clean up this mess at the VA Ohio, and this VA corruption, and stop the denial of injured vets, and disabled former soldiers at the VA OHIO from having their benefits withheld and their claims denied. You TONY MILIONS African American BVA VA Director Cleveland Ohio were appointed by Barack obama to fix things here at the VA Ohio. Are you doing that??? I mean disregarding “White Priviledge” for one second…

      11. Disregarding “White Priledge”, Tony Milions “African American BVA VA Director Cleveland Ohio can I not just be treated fairly as an injured veteran and disabled former soldier. And be seen as “Green”! Can I just be treated faily as an injured veteran and disabled former soldier Tony Milions African American Director BVA VA Cleveland Ohio, appointed by Barack Obama…

      1. Sorry ben.
        I miss spelled Privilege. I spelled Privilege wrong. I kept putting a “d” in the word when it does not have a “D” in the word “White Privilege. Just my poor working class white christian injured vet and disabled former soldier male hetersexual background kicking in. I mean I guess I will have to wear it as a badge of honor, or a symbol of my background. I mean if I have too….

        I mean. Look. I am missing the box on the VA applications, and the VA claims forms and va forms. Where there is a “WHITE PRIVILEGE” box? Any of you guys on here know? Just saying. Point me to it and help a disabled former soldier and injured vet. Please guys! Do any of you guys on here know where that “White Privilege” box is, for the VA forms I’ve been filling out? I mean I will check it, if it will help. Because I am been missing that “WHITE PRIVILEGE” thing for about all of my sorry ass hard working injured vet life….

    5. GS-8 file clerk. no such thing, at the GS-8 level, that has to be the Service chief or maybe the upgraded the supervisor position as a GS-8. File clerks start out at the GS-2 to GS-5. is this employee full time union.

      Racial remarks in the VA, fire able offence or demotion. can not forget its also against the law, for men and women to be racists. they attack each other. hell at the VA one race will attack their own race, if they have a hard on for you.

      Face it the VA has so many problems, they have totally for gotten the veterans and scheme, for the next promotion. This is a no, no. Veterans come from many nationalities’, when you have a prejudice va employee, those veterans can be treated subpar, or their benefits ignored.

      Prejudice employee’s, can be Falsely accusing other races as being Disruptive, just because the employee does not like that race. I post all most every time I see a news report about the VA or Secretary Shulkin.

      What I try to put across, is the VA employee’s, will never get the message that they will be held accountable until ! our elected officials pass (law’s), to make a lot of what the VA is doing to veterans is illegal and those employees will be forced to go in front of a federal judge when they break these laws.

      it has to be taken out of the hands, they have proven time and time again, they are incapable of policing themselves. Covering up for each other, Example; VA, employees at the VA Regional closed 278 veterans disability claims, without permission from the veterans.

      That means 278, veterans would have (never), know that their official disability claim had been closed. they would have (never) qualified for treatment because they did not have an adjudicated claim through the VA regional office, they would have never received their deserved disability payments.

      Here is what happened to these employee’s that (ILLEGALY), closed those 278 veterans claims. (nothing) ! what did happen as (punishment), for closing those 278 claims ? (NO) Yearly Bonus for you this year, because you got caught.

      If, our citizens and elected officials (demand), new laws to hold this type of behavior (illegal) and against the Law and VA employee’s know they can be prosecuted for breaking these laws they could go to jail.

      I believe VA employee’s would think twice about harming veterans in anyway. The VA Disruptive committee needs to be Disbanded, enough of VA employee’s to Punish veterans they do not like, by using the Disruptive committee, to punish veterans.

      They are NOT part of our judiciary system and each and every time they accuse a veteran of disruptive behavior and they take action against the veterans, they are (breaking) the law, or our Civil, Human and Constitutional rights to (DUE) process.

      Laws with teeth and take it out of VA hands.


      Why dont WE just say it. If you are a white person, christian male veteran and you do this kind of shit. You are racist and biggot. But if you are a black person (African American) doing this kind of fucking shit, and crayz corrupt shit to white people. It is just brushed under under the carpet. AND PASSED, FROM ONE BLACK GUY TO THE NEXT BLACK GUY. BEING LOST. BEING FORGOTTEN ABOUT. OR SIMPLY BEING DENIED WITH NO JUST CAUSE.


      The VA is totally controlled in ohio by everything but injured veterans and disabled former soldiers who are white, male hetersexuals. TONY MILION (African American BLACK) was appointed by Barack Obama 2014 to change everything (all the corruption) down here in Northeastern Ohio. TONY MILIONS (African American BLACK) was appointed director BVA VA Cleveland Ohio. TONY MILIONS. Promised to clearn up the corruption and make sure injured veterans and disabled former soldiers got their benefits. TONY MILIONS. Promise to fix things in North Eastern Ohio for injured vets and disabled former soldiers. Tony Milions ( promised) barack obama 2014. But still the sickness goes on…

      1. Ohio,
        Open discussions, facts, experiences, truth, is not wanted or allowed much today. Is the BS all intentional, by design, or pure uncaing incompetence?

        Case point: Standing in a line of just three with a retired black Marine, multiple deployments, in front of me waiting for service from three Black female desk techs. One had her face in a O Magazine the pc and on her cell phone– never looked up at us once. One bouncing in and out with a big gulp drink in her face constantly pretending to be doing something and talking about being short staffed. The second service window was never opened. The other who was supposed to be waiting on us would pop up and run to the cafeteria or canteen and bring back some kind of snack or re-fill drink every ten minutes when telling him she was off to do business or check on things. I was on crutches waiting. He must have been dealing with some serious issues between our chats about fishing. After a half hour of this he got fed up, folded some papers up, a small package put them in his shoulder bag, crumpled other papers up in his hand flipping them at her under the protective glass, gave her a piece of his mind, some names I can’t write here, said he was going to adminstration over her and the other’s actions and attitudes.

        My turn finally. Took her about five minutes to find me. A few minutes to read. Another seven or so to finally tell me, smiling, their clinic has not yet received notes or whatever from the Purp team and my new phony PCP. This was about the fifth trip over this shit between a few clinics. Totally ignoring the same treatment or goodies I have been getting for years…mysteriously ceased, no longer approved. Then she sent me back to the P team for more gaming after my telling her I had just left there! Again. The PAs and clinics own PAs totally aware of this back and forth shit going on too. That I once could prove by way of “Secure Messaging’. So I made another long journy for nothing. Left to deal with ths crap with Secure Messaging and phone calls. Piss on hobbling around that joint playing their torture games. That was also the same day I went out and found my vehicle had been keyed, etc., by some pissed off veteran leaving the joint and changed my parking habits due other damages as well.

        So to me, in my mind it’s across the board total uncaring attitudes, dealing with psychopaths, unethical mind-sets, not knowing how to be “professionals,” being brain dead, hired to just fill certain forced employment quotas, pacify union scum, to incompetence due to many reasons. Then on to activist stuff and intentional gaming to achieve their goals and agendas.

        When ya have to damn near constantly travel to some sick VA hosp., or about live there, you get to see countless examples of the same old stuff going on.

  19. Should we be surprised? VA is a disgrace to the men and women it is supposed to serve.
    Let’s play match-maker and set up a play date between Pina and Thomas. That “fat fuck” Lil Cox can be their chaperone.


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