Unqualified Docs

VA ‘Greatly Regrets’ Brain Exam Scam With Unqualified Doctors


Benjamin KrauseVA issued a statement following exposure of a scam at Minneapolis VA where unqualified doctors were posing as qualified doctors and denying claims for traumatic brain injury. In a statement, VA claims it “greatly regrets” having unqualified doctors misdiagnose brain injury.

This is a follow up story from KARE 11 NBC about a brain injury scandal I uncovered being committed at the facility. Veterans seeking service connection for traumatic brain injury (TBI) residuals were not receiving exams from qualified doctors despite clear guidelines to not do that.

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The story is unfolding across the nation and reporter AJ Lagoe is chasing down leads to expose this national scandal. In Minnesota (through the Minneapolis VA), at least 300 veterans were affected by the scandal since 2010. Keep in mind Minneapolis VA is one of the flagships of VA.

Extrapolating this scandal, I would bet dollars to donuts that at least 30,000 have been impacted by this scheme that has effectively kept the cost of war down for all those chickenhawks in DC who keep sending us to war without any skin in the game.

Well, let’s keep busting VA and making sure all veterans get exactly what we were promised. Are you in?

Source: https://www.kare11.com/story/news/investigations/2015/08/07/va-greatly-regrets-brain-exams-by-unqualified-doctors/31319523/

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  1. They have nurse practitioners making decisions outside of their patients better intrest because of restrictions based upon their lack medical status and work hard at paperwork manufacturering.

    By time you get to someone who can help the chances of getting them to with bs paperwork starts the process over again.

    General surgeons have been doing Advanced specialty surgery with both good and bad results don’t matter to them they are allowed vha don’t require board certification. So at oscar g jhonston medical center your surgery may have been done by an uncertified general surgeon with just enough luck and skill to accomplish what was necessary or not.
    That general surgeon could have made it all the way to Washington making laws to protect the doctor , thank Dan benishek.

    As for certification always check references and when you find your VA passes the check remember it VA and go somewhere else.

  2. Congratulations Ben
    really good article!
    My case is a little bit different but similar!
    I had an “anoxic” brain injury, when I had a cardiac arrest for over 30 minutes, at WRAMC, after an open heart surgery. the cause of this arrest was that a blood clot formed after the surgery, but the VA refuses to understand that.
    Needless to say that, among the other symptoms, I have ALZ like symptoms, for which my Civilian Neurologist Dr prescribed treatment with “Aricept” and “Namenda”.
    However The VA Neurologist refused to prescribe the same meds so I can get it through the VA ( I am getting it anyway through my MEDICARE/TRICARE for life coverage)
    Just a few additional things to consider in our fight with these Mighty Folks (MFs)
    Some of our Brothers and Sisters might not be that blessed as I am!

    1. Question for Ben

      A veteran at our site just got an Addendum for a TBI exam (she did have a closed heard injury in service)
      and the addendum (which appears to be the second one VA obtained) is signed by a PA from Wisconsin.
      It appears they made the decision without this addendum, which does not help her claim anyhow….
      But the Addendum was signed by a PA in Wisconsin and I googled him and found his license expired in 1997.
      Is there any way on line I can find out if he has had his license re issued?
      He isnt in the Wisconsin Disciplined doctors data bank because he isnt a doctor.

      Is VA allowed to request an addendum to a C & P exam from any unlicensed professional?

      1. VA (not all) just most I have seen in the last 48 years are last in their class fakes! I don’t have the patients to deal with their Pinocchio Syndrome and do tell them to go do what ever to themselves when they start with their arrogance and non professional BS!

  3. here is one of a VA cop harassing a vet with a service dog. He repeatedly tells this cop that he has PTSD and asks the cop to stand back from him and his service dog.
    They finally take his phone. He is in front of a VAMC.
    Go to YouTube, copy and paste this:
    Veterans Affairs Cops Steal Phone from Disabled Veteran Recording Them

    1. f8f, I watched that video. Those damn “rent-a-cops” just would not stand down. But, ya know something, we don’t know how it ended for the veteran?????
      I hope he was able to sue the sh!t outta them.

    2. P.S. f8f, did you google any of the sites I gave on this page? There’s lots of articles.

  4. Today, I went onto VAwatchdog and found some articles I thought y’all might be interested in. Only what I did was change the wording and then googled them a different way. I got a lot more articles this way. So here goes ;
    1.) “VA paying great amounts found leases of clinics”
    Check out the following videos on WBTV out of Wilmington and WECT. The amounts are ridiculous. This should interest every taxpayer out there!

    2.) “VA nurses arrested”
    There’s a great deal of articles on this subject. There’s a good video and article from KATV out of Little Rock.

    3.) “Civilians impersonating military personnel”
    Many “Stolen Valor” articles on this one.

    4.) “VA pushing to prescribe less narcotics”
    This one should interest just about everyone one here. Check out what the government is attempting, one of the sites is, “DEA Restricts Narcotic Pain Drug Prescriptions”! One or two of the paragraphs on this site, tells how much $$$ the pharmaceutical companies are making. Then another article is about the “Mountain Home, Tenn. VA”. It has a video from “wjhl” channel 11. This isn’t the only VA attempting to cut veterans from their pain meds. There’s more on here.

    On all these, when you Google them, there are MANY more articles that come up. Take your time. Some y’all may have to ‘download’!
    I hope something is done to VA soon. We veterans can’t carry on like this for much longer!!!!!!

      1. Also, try “Google” this;

        “VA employees arrested in 2015”

        Very interesting sites to visit. Just more of the same BULLSHIT of VA!!!!

      2. Here’s another one,

        “Press Releases-US Department of Veterans Affairs”

        look for the one that has ,
        “Press Releases from the OIG and other law enforcement agencies”!

        Y’all will find many criminals on this one!!!!

  5. https://www.insideradiology.com.au/pages/view.php?T_id=38#.VbutuvllY8I

    We also have to, though hated by the VA, to research and ask questions about our care. Using contrast agents to using whatever dope to race up our hearts to damned near blowing up or getting ill, to me, is abusive and professional mis-conduct.

    I discovered using Oxygen therapy for migraines helped. Oh my! All hell broke loose because I stumbled onto to that by accident during a colonoscopy. For which I can’t have any more because their using multiple pills, head dope, for pain ruined by digestive system but they said it was pain pills even though I wasn’t taking them at the time. Civy care allows for that treatment for migraines but not VA or Big Brother.

    They gave me more pills, I was on like 18 for a few years, and some for digestion issues. I read journals about them causing “Brittle bone disease.” PSRs (?PSAs?) (a special classification of drugs) I think it was. Now when I fell from ruined joints I got bone spurs and etc., easily torn rotator cuffs and on and on, but they claim my bones are fine. Others say “not so.”

    X-rays the same way. The VA has to do theirs and then the civy docs won’t accept VA pics so I have to do double the X-rays to appease them all. Recently the same thing with dental I’ve been waiting on for a few years and finally getting… then put off again. I was sent to see a out-sourced dentist and got the X-rays and etc. Now they say I have to drive hundreds of miles and use the VA dental…AND DO THE TESTS AND X-RAYS ALL OVER AGAIN, AGAIN. Four sets in two years but I’m told X-rays are not harmful. Not to mention the other many I’ve had since falling and for other issues. Completely nuts. And I am still being ignored by so-called Patient Advocates and my young East Indian tattooed PCP refuses to discuss anything with me or order my medical equipment or needs. Divas!!! Ego!!!! SEIU and more foreign trade I guess.

    Others tell me not to allow so many scans, X-rays, contrasts, etc., to be done on me so much year after year. But we know what happens or how treated if we ask about any other ways to get something done or tell a member of that “excellence in health care” VA trained god…’ I’d really rather not do any more of those test so soon year after year.” Oh don’t dare!

    It’s all total and intentional insanity. To kill us off softly, un-noticed. Make us sick and tired of the BS enough to give up and use Obummer care or something else, which the VA says not to use now. Those new cards be damned. They are doing a fine job of driving people away from the VA system unless they are totally dependent on them. And from what I’ve endured those vets… well need some prayers and blessings. They sure as hell won’t get much support from those high dollar veteran groups who brag on TV or want dues for nothing but facade.

  6. I got 5 brand New articles I’m going to put on here monday. Hope y’all send them to your news stations..

    1. I couldn’t wait to put this article on here. So y’all could Google it. It even comes with a video….

      It was from Newsmax TV.

      “Dick Morris: Hillary Will Be Indicted”

      by Jason Devaney
      Friday 14 Aug. 2015 @ 17:30
      Did I mention there’s a video. Hope y’all have a great laugh over her stupidity.

      If you don’t get Newsmax. I would suggest signing up for their “email account”! It doesn’t cost anything. And it’s got real good news coverage.

  7. Dear Sir:

    I do not believe nor accept their apology, if they were truly sincere they would not have a recurrence of any such incidents; what they are doing is mocking peopleit is tantamount to me slapping someone in the face and apologizing and saying I am sorry then coming back 15 minutes later and apologizing etc…

    1. Example of the word “REGRET” being used by actual situations of recent:

      “I REGRET hurting my client base”–Bernie Madoff after decades of a grand pyramid money laundering scam…like Bernie Madoff, most if not all criminals CAUGHT love to use the term or statement *ONLY *ONCE *CAUGHT*.

      Grammatically, it’s the equivalent of stating “I only REGRET that I got caught”.

      Otherwise, where were those politically correct REGRETS over the decades? Same goes for the VA. Time and time again, once caught AND ONLY when brought to the American Public’s VERY short attention spans, the VA will state this and guess what?

      It’s NOT even an ACTUAL **apology**…no, I am betting that the word “REGRET” must carry some sort of magical legalese weight whenever a Defendant/Plaintiff states this.
      But this really is not the case is it? Because WHEN a Defendant/Plaintiff uses “REGRET” in their statements, it has THEN been found that the perpetrator KNEW what they were/are doing IS WRONG, showing and expressing a conscience, often getting their “Guilty by INSANITY Plea” tossed-out of the legal picture.

      The Colorado Theater Shooter, James Holmes even tried to plaster a semblance of this by stating he had REGRETS for his actions. (Regret not going out in flames and REGRET for getting caught, nothing less).

      The VA must actually KNOW this is a SYSTEMIC PROBLEM because they went as far as adding the adjective, “GREATLY…REGRET using unqualified personnel to perform TBI Exams/Scans” (paraphrasing).

      GREATLY REGRET getting CAUGHT….no REAL remorse or an OUNCE of EMPATHY. –THAT is characteristic of SOCIOPATHIC BEHAVIOR.

      The inmates are really running the asylum. The great movie, “One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest”, with Jack Nicholson always reminds me of the VA System…Nurse Ratchet and all.

  8. Gee, REALLY? Let me tell you, I have given my “bitch slap” caught you and you are so screwed! Cell phones, emails, gee, late for the party they were! Try Dallas a smaller population, those who run for office, WHY ARE ALL YOUR DAMN RELIGIOUS THOUGHTS 8 OUT OF 10 REASONS TO BE ELECTED? “DID KING HENRY THE VIII BECOME REINCARNATED IN MANY FORMS OF THE LIARS CLUB?” I knew my game plan and set it up long ago, POTUS? Can I say I was a pain in the ass? Understand, when I say I know my shit, faster laying my game plan, BELIEVE IT. But I had knowledge no one knew I had. I had another watch, stated sent what I wanted, do you know Ven we watched you post it? HICKEY? SHE SHOULD BE HENRY’S ANN? I kept up my game, because I know after feeling it, then seeing it, you want to piss me off? DO NOT CHART ILLEGALLY! I AM DAMN DETAIL ORIENTED! When I mentioned my heritage of this country I had stated a question. “I wondered why the Navy, is it NATURE, NURTURE, OR DNA?” I mentioned all those who fought to depart from the U.K., high ranks as high as you can get, Senators, hey maybe the answer is here, SECRETARY OF THE NAVY? I guess it must be DNA but just how I felt my path years ago before saying a word to anyone.” Funny, I got a call POTUS must have written him a nice email. Oh call it GAMING IT UP! Trust me, I know how to really screw with anyone’s head, ( Medical and um not just Navy?) so I played it out, then mention “EVEN THE DOCTOR WHO SAID SUE THE VA?” You need to know how to have the right pitch, the right way to elongate certain words. Now someone called me back, I laughed and hey might even cursed in ENGLISH? I am in my bed more damage done, so I do not giving a flying PEACOCK ( yes they do fly, and damn the arboretum in my city with wild parrots eating the almonds waking me up early!) about a “CHOICE CARD!” Remember others knew, can we say far away? But you know phone number changed, the same weasel voice, UTAH? But we watched the AF NOT DESERVING RANK NOR TITLE, LIE TO CONGRESS, YUP YOU PUBLISHED IT. THEY DO TAP YOUR PHONES DICK AND JANE! TRUST ME A WOMAN I KNOW STATED THE EXACT SAME. Why is it when I say gee, report or wait? Funny, a day I know who I spoke to and who I did not. I am extremely good at taking notes. I know that day, for a reason. But duty to all VETERANS LET THE SHOW BEGIN! Ben I sent you an email stating your bestie-you wrote on the topic, but you didn’t get it. Numbers again will change, but as the INTEL I KNOW STATED THEY’LL JUST KEEP AT IT! I know. I have so much what is wrong but do you think in PERRY LAND OF DENIAL, HORSES ASS, SAY TED CRUZ? I CAN GATHER A CAN OF WHOOP ASS! (MOST DO NOT KNOW PALIN AND HER FREQUENT VISITS HERE, BUT I KNOW). The last call oh I played her. She has no clue. That is why I stated once to you I have an open ticket, can show you all. I do have places to stay. But I was growing weaker, my legs, my back, thank them for making sure to screw it up more. I cannot fly. OPIOID ADDICT? Oh how funny! I have to laugh because why cry about what you can’t change? I rather see the glass full, if you know basic chemistry you should get it. I rather be humble, I am not a wanna be on the stage or spot light. My family is trying to figure out how to get me home. My dog I trained? She will not leave my side, she stays where no one will see her. Unfamiliar voice? She waits then damn she can take a chunk of meat! ( she cares not the color, trust me) yesterday in my post, my name meant will not show up, STRANGE? NOPE! Ben, I can back this up by numerous DOCTORS NOT THE DAMN DUCKS IN THE CREEK THEY CAN GO, SINK OR SWIM? WE DO HAVE SOME WICKED SNAKES? Do you think any rep or congressman will do a thing? Remember, “GODS AND GUNS STATE!” You know, a wonderful friend, Dali Lama he knew well. He stated I can go and ask him for an event in your state. OH HELL NO! Some of us have common sense, you want to piss me off? TAKE AWAY MY HERITAGE, THAT IS ALL IT TAKES! I have a “twin” and that twin is so damn like me it is funny and also strange. A picture to a Mardi Gras Ball, words stated to me? “DAMN GLAD I GOT YOUR DNA!” I have written SOP’S both in the service and lost count civilian? I also had my own business back in the day when you could write more off. I do not lie, I REFUSE TO SING OR PLEDGE TO A DAMN STATE FLAG! Actually it was kind of fun to sit and wait. They know I have something I have and it is a killjoy for them, feeling it yet? So who do I tell? When I say, “believe half of what you see and none of what you hear,” why would I say that? I know things others do not. I cannot say, a valid reason. When you have not listened, I am so damn focused and way ahead of this game. WHO DO YOU MAKE FRIENDS WITH AT A VA? I know the answer, but the question is for you to answer. When you have taken all my simple joys away? YOU OWE ME BIG TIME. I loved to run, would I make sure an officer respected passed her PFT so she could get the next rank? She did, one second after she never would have gotten it. I am not owed for that, it is just who I am. That levy that broke? That is where many military ran. PAIN? We all deal differently in our ways to handle pain. ME? I have meditated for years, but two natural births? I have focal points in my limited space. If you all saw the shit I worked damn hard but my way most do not get, if it took 7 years of a damn hell, then 7 years, it can take. Took 3 1/2 years. A cousin never knew how big I got. There just is a whole damn list of no can do drugs, weight gain and no relief?
    You know, when you know more than they think you do, oh BRING IT! Head Games Anyone? When your hearing, knowledge of lyrics, and you have kids? All you do is see who has the voice where the pitch goes up. Caught. I did the same to one, it leads to a major mistake. I was calm, but DAMN! Can I do the button? “THAT WAS EASY!” But having to protect my loved ones, that hurts. Because my way of thinking I get from a family on both sides, ELDERS TEACH, LISTEN. CHILDREN TEACH, LISTEN.
    The VA? DAMN TOO BAD SO SAD, BUSTED! WORSE? A PROFESSOR WHO KNOWS-NOW DO YOU THINK SOMEONE WHO KNOWS ME, WILL HELP ANOTHER, NO NEED FOR THANKS, I KNOW SOMETIMES SIMPLIFY IT. BUT MORE THAN ONE PROFESSOR WILL SAY THE EXACT SAME THING. KISS MY ASS-ETS VA! My phones will be changed again. But one I gave in a name remains. Emails? Still not safe on my end. It’s here, if you want it. I trust nothing being sent out in a name.
    Good Luck, I hope I get justice and damn it better be a rather large check because the ultimate price I now have paid. Telling one I love the realities I might not get to see any of them. Those are words I never wanted to say. We’ve had nothing but death for so many years, we were looking forward to celebrate life. It will pain many Ben. It is not a pain I wanted to create. But, I am a gee realistic person. This is when you wish no knowledge is better than too much knowledge. I can only hope someone can hold a not in my book a person not worthy of a uniform, title or rank. As I taught my own. (Denise) “MANNERS FIRST, BE CREATIVE IF IT DOESN’T WORK WITH YOUR INHERITATED SACASM. RESPECT IS NOT A GIVEN, IT HAS TO BE EARNED.” I am happy they have taken with them in their adult life and applied it. There is no stupid here. “BUT YOU CANNOT FIX STUPID.” Gee, Doctors and I mean plural, can back it. If you do not no I can play a game then you better learn “TEN STEPS AHEAD DANCING!”

  9. Here’s another breaking news story from channel 9, wftv Orlando, Florida. This one almost made my wife cry.

    “Police find car of disabled Sanford Veteran who was carjacked at gunpoint”

    3:57 pm EDT, Fri. Aug. 14, 2015 Sanford, Florida

    It happened at 8 pm on Thursday. And the carjacking happened while it was being filmed. The Sanford PD has the video.
    The veteran was 72 years old, on oxygen, ALL of his possessions were taken. EVERYTHING!!
    People wonder why there’s so much damn anger towards individuals who commit such crimes. This is no more egregious than what VA is doing to veterans.
    I hope they catch these two assholes and allow us veterans take it to the next level of “pain management”!

    1. THAT is exactly *why* I have not got the Disabled Veteran License Plate for my State. The thugs actually have been targeting people in parking lots and even bank ATM;s that have Disability/Handicap Plates in my large metro city, at least. Back six years ago I had two thuglets try to carjack me right at the bank’s ATM….I emphasize TRIED…interestingly enough, I was withdrawing $ for my copay at my civilian Psych Dr. that very morning and after talking to the police I still went to that damn appointment. I was fortunate that no weapons were at least shown and I am just one of those people that will not stand-down to someone just because they want what you have….no…I definitely had my guardian angel with me that morning because these thuglets have no respect for LIFE these days and regularly SHOOT PIZZA DELIVERY PEOPLE…it happens way too regularly.

      People wonder why I stay in? Fuck these thugs!

  10. Breaking News.

    “Marine May be Discharged for Classified Email Sent to Save Lives”
    by, Melanie Batley
    Friday 14 Aug. 2015 @ 11:18 am

    In the article this Marine, because of his quick reaction, saved 6 fellow Marine’s lives.
    This begs to differ to what happened in Bengazi (sic) when Hillary was unsure of what to do, as American’s were dying!

    1. I was too hasty when I wrote this. The people he sent the message to, “chose to ignore” it. Thereby, causing the deaths of a few marines. While they were working out. It’s a sad day, when information which could save people’s lives is ignored.
      Unlike Hillary’s SCREWUP where she may have been able, as Secretary of State, to call the appropriate department’s. Thereby getting the necessary military action going. Maybe even saving lives. But, as she stared, in the news, after all was said and done, “I didn’t know what to do!”
      Then, two years later, again, on the news. She stated, “It’s been two years, what does it matter now?”
      That statement, was the one which I believe caused the furor over today’s investigation. The families of the dead servicemen and the councillor sparked outrage…

  11. To all, every time, and I do mean every time, a new “news article” comes out, I send it to my local news media, (channels 9 & 35), so they will be aware of all the “stupidity” that is the V.A.! So far, they have either refused, or have been censored by “Big Brother”!
    I have also informed them these articles are not going to cease. I have also gave them a quote from the “First Amendment of the Constitution”! That is at the beginning of each email!
    Basically, I’m shaming them into putting something on TV. It’s their responsibility and duty to “inform the public”!
    We on here need to flood their local news stations with as much information as can be sent to the “So-called investigative reporters”! Just think, hundreds of vets emailing their news people. Think of the impact. Their gonna get tired of hearing from us. Maybe then they will act.
    As I said yesterday, we here in Florida have the following site:
    “Abovethefoldflorida dot com”
    That’s where I found the current article about the POW/MIA Flag. Send to your local news medias stuff from here. I will send stuff from other parts of the country to my local media groups… flood their asses with the truth!!!!!

    1. I gave up a long time ago on the media anywhere. For the most part they are anti-American, anti-veteran libs. We do see examples of the media doing pro-vet things, but for the most part, if they can’t make advertising money off of us, they don’t care. Anyone who can get through to them should be commended. That’s why we have people like Ben, who are expert at it. Elf, your ideas and efforts are valuable and make a difference, so, please keep up the good work.

  12. I just hope the media in Colorado, would speak with veterans whom are having problems with the department of veterans Affairs. I’m happy to see that this has come to light. I know the va didn’t truly apologize because veterans were harmed and lied to concerning non qualified doctors, they apologized or sorry they were caught lieing. It’s amazing if a veteran speaks out they are punished, when the va is caught, nothing happens. Why is it that when a veteran states something about the va they are attacked by the VA for disruptive behavior, in. This instance with the va, the OIG, FBI,congress and the president should insure that those involved from upper management and those doctors should have federal charges placed upon them and they be made to face A JUDGE! What they did is criminal and should be prosecuted! HOLD the va accountable.

  13. This just out TODAY in,
    “The Florida Times-Union”
    by Clifford Davis

    Goggle the following sentences to find out more:
    1.) “A new dispute over another flag”
    2.) “Jacksonville woman’s POW/MIA banner called ‘racist’ by columnist”
    3.) “Furor erupts after POW/MIA flag called “racist”

    OK, folks, It’s time for a short history lesson. That flag, by an “act of Congress”, is the only other flag allowed to “fly” in the retunda of the White House. Or any other place for that matter….
    If anyone has the audacity to state such nonsense about that flag. They should denounce their citizenship and move the hell outta this country. I’m getting sick and tired of idiots running around and causing stupid problems for veterans!!!!

    1. @CrazyElf–
      You are so right-on! A person with a “racist mind-set” can and will find anything and everything that supposedly is “racist”….kind of just proves that “racism” is perpetuated by those that BENEFIT from it…NAACP anyone? If “racism” were entirely extinguished, what would be the NAACP’s reason to even exist?
      You wait. With this new “rapper film”, there will unfortunately be even more crap stirred-up.
      How about focusing their energies and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on Black Veterans Matter, or something that focused on the atrocities we DAILY read about on here that the VA is doing to Vets?
      What’s next? The US Armed Force’s Branch Flags somehow “offending” someone?

      If you do not like it here in the USA…PLEASE leave…see how you enjoy those Third World Problems like clean water, toilets, et al.

      Are people becoming more ignorant these days? THAT FLAG IS NOT RACIST ONE BIT!!!!!!!!!!

      It’s actually Un-American for someone to claim that. America also needs an enema.

      1. I am sure there is a lot of racism in society today, and that bothers me. But, really gets me is my dog, and he is a service dog, so this really gets to me. First of all, he is black, and he thinks he is much better than me, so much so, that it is an obvious case of reverse discrimination. For example, in all the years that I have had this dog, he has never said one word to me. I mean, come on, he could at least say something like, ‘So, how is your day going?” But, nooooooooooooo, he won’t say a word, not even when I try to initiate a conversation. It’s always the silent treatment!

      2. Hey, bruce, did ya ever think your dog hasn’t got anything to say, because he has ALWAYS known he’s smarter than you? Just jokin brother. Trying to get some laughter going. Serious shit going on around the neighborhood today. Don’t cha think.
        FYI, my wife read something today about Hawaii want to seceed from the Union. Has something to do with voting and other shit. I said I understood because I lived there between 1978- 1988. I saw how the “locals” were treated. There’s a real good lesson there on how, the last “Monarch” of America was treated in her last days——
        Queen Lilioukalani.
        Check it out.

    2. The meatloaf’s name is Rick perstein born in 69′ That says alot and no military service. His family probably did not go to Vietnam and probably on Hanoi Jane’s fanfare. A Writer’s Apology:

      I sincerely regret the use of the word “racist” to describe how the POW/MIA flag distorts the history of the Vietnam War. The word was over the top and not called for.

      I’m deeply sorry it hurt people—especially people who’ve selflessly served their country. Most of all, I’m sorry because many of the people offended by the word “racist” are the same people who were hurt when the experiences and feelings of common soldiers and veterans were manipulated to serve the powerful interests and individuals who blithely and perennially send men and women to war, then don’t take care of them when they return home. And, of course, I regret the pain caused to the families of those who gave the last full measure of devotion to their country in Southeast Asia.

      I would ask the people I angered to consider carefully reading the article, which explains, for example, that the Chinese Communists cynically leaked lies about the existence of live POWs in the years after the war in order to harm their rival Vietnam.

      Most of all, I wish to express my regrets. Other than that, I stand by my article. —Rick Perlstein

      1. So, the writer “REGRETS” using the word “racist” yet stands by his article? There’s that damn REGRET word again. It’s become very similar to “MISSPOKE”…a LIE is a LIE.

      2. So, the writer “REGRETS” using the word “racist” yet stands by his article? There’s that damn REGRET word again. It’s become very similar to “MISSPOKE”…a LIE is a LIE.

  14. 300 just at the Minneapolis, VAMC alone. Take that number X just 50 States, not even number of actual VAMC’s, **just States**, and you have base estimate number of 300 X 50= 15,000 Veterans Affected.
    Now, that REAL number is likely to be even higher than Ben’s estimate of 30,000 Veterans Nationally just because of the long ass time we have been engaged in these particular Wars…and why not just for now, go back to 1991-ish, when so many of us know these Wars with these barbarians began with USA; that number of adversely affected Veterans could very easily be twice what Ben estimated, if not more.
    Even if you just wanted to take the date back to post-9/11 and Iraqi Freedom come-forward, you are talking about a solid 15 YEARS of wrongly diagnosed Veterans.

    This was NO **oversight**….those instructions could not be more clear…even having the bold word “IMPORTANT”….but we are also assuming these people know how to read beyond the Speak N Spell Toy, right?
    No, these are *prime examples* of how War Profiteering trickles down and REALLY kicks the Vet in the face AND ass….and then calls THAT an “oversight”….please!!

    I would think Satan himself would have more empathy than these basTURDS.

    1. The TBI scam is no different from the countless quack C & P opinions vets get every single day.
      I still believe a posthumous medical review for my 1151 HBP claim (denied in March 2015 , then reversed and awarded in April 2015 because I raised hell)
      was done by the guy who fills their paper cup dispenser at the RO water cooler, or at least by someone at my RO equally deficient in any medical expertise at all.

      I want to look into that further, as I have had to overcome many bogus C & P s but this one was a doozy…and I think it was prepared by someone who should never be asked to do medical reviews like this.
      They finally read the evidence I sent them in 2012 and then they awarded.It was only one thing, a report from a top cardio VA doc from VACO. From my FTCA case.

      Still- I have been emailing the Sec, the UnderSec, VAOIG and the director of my VARO since February 2015 to get my pending CUE resolved, and apparently yesterday they realized I am not going away, as a IRIS complaint I sent on Wed was responded to Thursday with a notation that MS Hickey has read all of my emails is wants to get this resolved.
      I told them how much they owe me and why and they need to find someone at this RO who can do simple Math as well as ask the General Counsel what a specific regulation means, that they have refused to apply to my CUE claim..(since they cant or wont read it)

      Piss poor C & P exams are causing the4 backlog and forcing vets to come up with costly IMOs.Many cannot afford to do that.
      I wish C & P s could come under the Choice Act…
      That way vet gets a real independent opinion from a real doctor and the VA, instead of the vet, will have to pay for it.
      Of course I am suffering from an illusion on that idea.
      Ben is right. At least 30,000 and then add up all the other vets who get those quack C & P exams, and you have many thousands more ,over decades , who have been deprived of their rightful comp by medical C & P incompetents.(who also treat VA PTs as well…a very scary thought too)

      1. Dear Berta
        The C&P “incompetents” are Not incompetents AT ALL!
        They are doing their job very efficiently!
        Their Job Description: “Delay, Deny, wait till they Die” (never forget this part)
        They did this, very Successfully with our Vietnam Vets for over 40 years and they are still doing it and repeating it with the newer Generations (Gulf wars, ecc)
        I strongly believe that the C&P is the “heart” and the Big Boss of the VA and the VA’s evils. All the rest Just derives from them!
        They are taking orders directly from the “Big Brother”
        MSG VAM

  15. “Greatly Regrets”??
    Of course, no one from VA will speak on camera. Or grant an interview. And sending out ‘form letters’ and then denying it, is just one more LIE from VA!
    I guess they believe all this negative press will just disappear.
    The only times I see the VA wanting ‘air time’ is when they want MORE of the taxpayers money. Here’s a newer article concerning the Aurora Colorado VA Hospital fiasco. I found it this morning. And thought it should accompany this issue;

    “VA Secretary, House VA Committee chair speaks in Denver on Aurora hospital ‘crisis'”
    by Valerie Richardson of “The Colorado Statesman”

    Now their calling it a “crisis”. Wasn’t it already a freaking “crisis”?
    The first paragraph is the eye opener. Now McD wants “$604 million more of taxpayers money!”. They “…are finding it hard” to get it.
    I wonder what programs VA plans to gut? It’s been said to McD, in previous reports, no more gutting of VA programs. So, I wonder how is VA going to come up with the magical new number of $604 million by Oct 1, 2015? Oh, and let us not forget the other hospitals and clinics STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION nationwide, and their over budget costs. Why hasn’t no one reported on these issues in awhile? Lake Nona, (Orlando), can’t even get physicians to work there, WHY? Could it be due to ALL the negative press for the past years? There’s gotta be a reason.
    With all the lies McD and others have been spouting for the past year. They can’t seem to keep them in a chronological order….
    So, I guess they will just have to continue to screw veterans…

    1. Unfortunately, the VA will use this Unqualified Medical Personnel Diagnosing TBI **only** to their advantage, CrazyElf. You mark my words, the VA will USE what they are calling a “crisis” as far as the Denver Money Pit VAMC, and will DEMAND MORE CA$H but demand it for the (I can hear it already) extraordinary amount of TBI Claims costing the VA $$$, but the $$$ will actually be thrown into the Denver Money Pitt VAMC to never be seen again…mark my words. Anytime the VA uses “crisis”, it’s code for a ticket for more cash.

      Audit…a MASSIVE AUDIT…and have this auditing firm be a USA mom and pop auditing firm, not one of McD’s Corporate Cronies.
      The VA never allows a good “crisis” to pass them by in asking for more ca$h. Notice how that Hep C Drug was ALSO a “crisis”, but it’s also more than likely the last time we shall here of it with probably nobody even receiving any medication…yes, that’s how untrustworthy the VA has proven itself to be.

  16. A Corpsman could have done a better job than this nonsense! A glasgow coma scale is needed as well as history , imaging, yet alone a key person, a speech pathologist.
    The problem with this is that the VA will try to use history against the vet if their has been previous documentation of injury prior to military service i.e that concussion, playing sports in high school and so on.

    In the barracks we alll know many vets were injured horseplaying and I have seen many Marines that have been hit in the head playing tackle football, lining up the bunks as the goal line.

    There has been significant improvements to technology which will hope come out where they will be able to determine injuries. i.e calcification scores or measurements that will identify time, like they do in carbon tree ring dating.

    Another sorry excuse for accountability .

    Inter agency mobbing of veterans need to be looked at in government. If you have a claim, no matter what it is, it should be where that exam, claim should be looked at by a reputable civilian entity. You have Social Security Department of Labor, HHS, OSC,FLRA, MSPB who rely on false VA data to concur against the veteran.

    Sorry excuses for government and a threat to national security.!

    1. Corpsmanup, it was stated about a year ago, in medical journals, the medical field is between 10 1/2 to 20 YEARS behind the times. I would venture a guess that VA is further behind. Physicians and other medical professionals are either not keeping up with new ideas or they are simply taking the low road! We already know many of the physicians graduated at the bottom of their class. Because “Great” physicians make a hellava lot more on the outside. That’s fact!
      Now it’s becoming harder to get quality healthcare fom VA. IMO, it’s because VA has been caught so many times in the past year over egregious acts against us. Many reports come out at least 3 or 4 times a week now.
      Someone on here once remarked “VA is now in a defensive mode!” I agree.
      Remember, when people get defensive, they become rude, insulting, vulgar, etc.,etc., and etc! No matter what we do, VA will go against us no matter what.

  17. I’m in aberdeen Maryland contaminated me with wartime chemicals & either the United states is going bro pay for it or maryland will it’s been two yrs & their starting to piss me off! My lawyers haven’t even rec

  18. I think its more than just those doctors as sad as it is.
    My husband had a c&p done by a physicians assistant who didn’t even know that IBS is a presumptive and denied my husband by saying there was no nexus.
    Neither the examiner or the RO know the V.A ‘s own law.
    They are just a bunch of stupid people getting paid to do nothing and seeing how much illegal things they can get away with.
    Sure why not they know they won’t get fired.

    1. I was wounded in Vietnam, I was wounded in the head by grenade shrapnel that put a 2 sq inch hole in my skull and many pieces of metal imbedded in by brain. I have been in the Vietnam Head Injury Study where I have been flown from California to be poked and prodded and given many cognitive teat every five to seven year’s since 1982 at Walter Reed Army Hospital, Bethesda Naval Hospital and at the National Institutes of Health. I was also retired by a military PEB board for that injury sustained while in an ambush. The VARO here in Oakland, California denied in 2012 that there was no evidence that I ever had a TBI! WFT! They are useless, have caused and at this moment are causing havoc with my health and there is nothing I can do but bitch about it in sites like his, the VA in Martinez, California caused me to lose a job and they still have the similar in some cases the same people pretending to be concerned low life working, forget that word working and I’ll just say that they show up to get that free doughnut and coffee that is really meant for the Veteran! FTVA! and BO too! Oh, and the VA didn’t even look at any of the recommendation treatments or changes in medication that the VHIS had recommended, never even opened the envelope’s…waste of time and lucky the Home Depot Hires didn’t kill me…like they have…

      1. Indianapolis too. Only there since they screwed up and admitted he has TBI..he is 100% SC under an outdated term since 1992…they jumped thru hoops to deny SMC T (aid and attendance).

        Congressman Lee Zeldin (after I wrote and open letter) invited me to come in again with my evidence on how Baghdad Bob McDonald’s crew ignored law, regulation, Fast Lettters, etc to deny the claim. His office claims they are going right to McDonald for an answer. I can’t wait to hear the bullcrap he spews back.

        Congressman Lee Zeldin
        31 Oak St
        Patchogue, NY 11772

        August 11, 2015

        Dear Congressman Zeldin,

        Thank you for the invitation to come in yesterday with the evidence in my husband’s Veteran Affairs case. I fully believe that the VA has violated not only their own regulations, Fast Letters, and court cases but the laws congress has passed as well.

        John Mitchell spent almost 21 years in Special Operations starting as an E-1 and finishing as a Warrant Officer. At first he was an exemplary soldier making it to E-7 in a very short time before becoming a WO. Then suddenly he was not. When I finally received his military records I realized that occurred as major injuries did. Including what we think were somewhere around 8 concussion and very possibly more.

        He had a fall from 1250 feet with a partial chute opening and a bad car crash in Anchorage in a military vehicle. The VA says they cannot find the records. Of course not. I was told 7 years ago SOCOM has them and the VA has no business with them. Noel Hike who was SOCOM’s liaison then sent the VA VBA 20 something pages in 2011 that they lost. All except the cover page. On that page and I have a copy it says: OIF/OEF section and that is crossed out with NOT OIF/OEF VETERAN handwritten and everything SOCOM sent lost. I had to call SOCOM myself on 4/3/2015 after DRO Bone refused to follow Fast Letter 09-52 and the law. Both her and VBA Director Stephens admitted they are NOT familiar with 2-1’s so how could they know he was SOF? Really?

        I brought John from Alaska to Indiana in 2011 when they opened the Poly Trauma Rehab Clinic and they had an opening for him and then back to Long Island so my family could help me. There he got wonderful medical care. That decision to open those clinics was one of the best the VA has done in my lifetime. On the other hand the benefits section has been beyond horrible. The have taken Title 38 their duty to assist and perverted it into a duty to hide benefits.

        Special Monthly Compensation T is supposed to be aid and attendance for veterans with TBI. It is a simple 8 line law. A veteran must be service connected for TBI. John is. He must be in need of aid and attendance as certified by a doctor. John has had two separate VA doctors fill out 21-2680’s certifying he does. And, it is for reasons allowed: medicine management, keeping John safe in his own environment, allowing him to live in his own home and not a nursing home or assisted living.

        Further the VA is supposed to proactively see that the veteran qualifies and approve SMC T on their own. In John’s case:

        * the VBA came up with their own names for symptoms of TBI, breaking them off into diseases caused by infection not injury, stand alone issues and then claimed them not service connected. He has been 100% SC since 1992 and declared homebound in October 2014.

        *the DRO Katrina Bone admitted she did even bother to take the VA’s own TBI course on the hearing transcript and claimed she didn’t have to. How do you make medical decisions on veterans with TBI if you haven’t even been educated on it? I gave a copy of the course to your office yesterday. I took it myself. I also gave them a wonderful PDF presentation on SMC (Special Monthly Compensations) by the PurpleHeart.org .Both are very educational and will help you with other veterans and the VA. I had to find both on my own. Finding a VSO expert in SMC’s is hard. I have not found ANY expert in SMC T. I did talk to a congressional aid in DC that said he worked on the law.

        *that DRO’s ignorance and the refusal of the Indianapolis VBA Director Michael Stephens to step in and correct a blatant mistake caused it to bloom into the packed full 350 page binder I gave to your office. And, that is not nearly the entire file. I was sent 3500 pages and I am sure it is much more now. The VBA refuses to release the portion that Robert Reynolds office in DC oversaw and the professional opinions that finally decided the rejection.

        *They virtually ignored the testimony of Trish Parker, John’s case worker and the lead social worker in the Poly Trauma Rehab Clinic in Indy that specializes in spinal cord injured and TBI injured veterans. Ms. Parker testified at the two hearings that John was one of their most complicated out patient patients and that he would probably be dead without me. Yes, dead. She went into how I manage his meds and there have been a few problems due to the meds themselves never us abusing them. At one point he was on 27 meds. I do not know anyone that can handle that themselves. I keep John safe.

        In the VA’s decision they literally say because I do such a good job and there haven’t been any recent problems he doesn’t qualify! Are they kidding me? That violates the law and court decisions on aid and attendance right there alone.
        *John’s doctors across the board link his symptoms to his brain damage caused by multiple injuries. As a career Special Forces NCO and then Officer John had more injuries then he can remember. His body is covered in small scars. He hurts everyday and has for years and his symptoms while variable are getting worse as time goes on.

        He is legally blind according to the VA’s own low vision specialist Dr. Debra McConnaha and OD Dr. Groppel. Their notes are in that binder. John has equilibrium episodes that are daily but vary from just having to sit down to collapsing on the floor unresponsive. He has a constant ear pain due to nerve damage. He has many multiple joint pains. He has problems finding the right words and gets very frustrated when he can’t as you saw yourself in Riverhead in June. All of the above are directly due to TBI. All of this not only started in the service but is noted in his military records including what the VA sent me! Exactly what the law says is the legal threshold for service connection. Having to RE-CONNECT them for SMC T is no where in the law.

        Further, the SMC T does not say approval is predicated on being 100% for all or any of the symptoms as the VBA seems to have wrongly decided in their decision. Mr. Ron Abrams Esq has testified to this before your committee many times. Including the new SMC T and aid and attendance. John is SC for TBI and has met the other requirements.

        John more than qualifies and needs aid and attendance and has paid through his blood, pain and giving up his health for over 20 years in Special Operations for SMC T. The law is written so he can stay in his home and be safe and not wind up in a care facility. I plan on hiring a “Baby Ranger” and thanks to Obama reducing the military as he has there are quite a few needing jobs. I need someone John can relate to and I have talked to the Ranger Association about this as well as a social worker from New York state and a psychologist I trust.

        TBI is a funny disease. John can tell you all about setting up a defense of Meggido or 14th century Russian warfare. Ask him what he ate for dinner last night and he can’t tell you. He thinks he is still a 25 year old Ranger and can still do anything those supermen do. I have to make sure he doesn’t try and hurt himself and I need help doing that. Ask him if he can use a chain saw and he will saw sure. Hand him one and he is out cold from the vibration of the motor setting off a equilibrium episode/seizure.

        He knows what he wants: to build a village on his 40 acres by Homer Alaska for homeless Rangers and if you can take the time to listen with his inability to speak fast he has a plan. By contrast he sits in the house almost all day, everyday that someone doesn’t help him leave that house. I have had back surgery and can no longer physically carry my husband back into the cabin or house in Alaska by myself and hence why I brought him to Indiana and now Long Island for care we asked for in Alaska and were refused.


        Robin Mitchell

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