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Veterans Affairs Signs $260 Mil Deal For Salesforce Software Platform

The Department of Veterans Affairs just signed a $260 million deal with Acumen Solutions to provide Salesforce software for the next five years.

“We are honored to be entrusted with this strategic and impactful program. With this award, Acumen Solutions will utilize its Salesforce, System Integration, and Data Migration expertise to provide the VA with modernization solutions that will result in improved service to veterans. We are grateful for the opportunity to have a tangible impact on the lives of those that bravely served our country,” said Marty Young, managing director in public sector at Acumen Solutions.

The software is for VA Enterprise Case Management to help the agency track management efforts, outreach, intake, mission execution, relationship management, and analytics.

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  1. I had people from management hack my emails as an employee. Kept seeing emails marked as “read” so I put some bait out and they took it. Don’t ever whistle blower at the VA no matter how corrupt the situation unless you want to get railroaded out the door. Protection? LOL, should have listened to other people that tried. I thought that they were just complacent but they were right. DONT WHISTLE BLOW unless you want a whole lot of trouble. Of course there are exceptions such as transvestite minority left wing nuts. They may say the sky is purple and it will have heads rolling. Also I have heard from other employees that co-workers check on patient records for gossip reasons. I have no proof but even if someone does have proof they best not speak up.

  2. I’m salesforce certified. I’ll do it for 10 million a year for the next 10 years. That’s a win/win

  3. The va is the first in line to become totalitarian. My way or the highway. No one can tell them and they answer to no one

  4. There keep putting money in a broke system we need stop spending money a fix the problem at va they will spend a million dollars to stop a Veteran from getting a dollar

  5. all that cash for what ever new computer shit. But when you travel south for the winter you play hell getting any assistance from the VA. I’m on heart meds and for 3-4 months I pay for the stuff from my own pocket since I have no permanent mailing address. When you ask to many questions as to why not, you get the rules thrown at you, the same rules do not apply to big corporate America

    1. Peter, I too am headed south and was concerned about my meds. I asked the manager of our local CBOC about it and she told me that to get a Florida VA facility to enroll me as Traveling veteran status. She said we get a lot of vets with that status here.

  6. Here we go again, VISTA to CPRS, Etc. $260 Million is not near enough to fix this problem. Not even close. And the contractors won’t let it be either, they will ring lots more money out the Treasury, mark my words.

    OK, you guys see how long my post is (as above)? Keep your posts short and readable. Google gives this blog lower ranking when you post 10 paragraph 10000 word blather like many of you do. I know you guys are smart, and have a lot of knowledge and experience, but to help our cause we need exposure.

    1. I’ve been Telling Ben lol this for the past 2years allowing those 20 paragraph post to sit here isn’t helping Readership nor Google Ranking. But, like Stubborn thinking linear people operate It’s not going to happen this century. I think Salesforce is a good Platform to have for the amount of work that will be required of course they can modify it to fit what the VA will need but like you mentioned a bit pricey for such a longterm contract I’m sure it could have been negotiated better….

    2. They”ll probably be ringing those bells in front of the clinics dressed in OD santa suits. Ding ding. I have a donation for’em, just need a little more coffee.

    3. “”

      Sorry MK or Dirty. Ben explained the issue he had. Curiosity led me to experts, marketers, website makers/designers, pc shop, etc. I don’t have they links they used but the above for now will do. They disagreed with you and YOUR wants for short fast reads, no content, little content, no extra added information, no exchange of info on the topics, no depth, reasonings why, etc. Plus it can log up the short hit and runs to spamming or snarky jabs just to be doing it. Depends on the blog owners, popularity, content, “info desired,” etc. Not censoring. Most people want content, info, depth according to and specifically on topic. Ben can get more specific if need and maybe post the Googly info he has or what was shown to me while out. Or you and others can back up sentiments with some facts or links or go out and talk to people in the business, minus politics or personal wants, or …follow me guys I am thinking and doing it perfectly. Group-think. Kinda hard to read or write on any blog Twitter style like some of you demand we use.

      Topic: “$260 million deal?” Same ole same ole year after year and not much changes or improves any software or the humans behind it all. Or AI behind it or all the connections. Quicker than you DirtyVA. Not much info there either is there?

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