Veterans Home Gunman

Brother Says Unstable Veterans Home Gunman Wanted Revenge

The Veterans Home gunman in Friday’s Pathway Home shooting told his brother he wanted revenge against the therapists who expelled him from the program.

Gunman Albert Wong reportedly told he brother he wanted revenge against The Pathway Home program and the women involved in expelling him from the program. “He wanted to get back at them” but “not kill” them, according to his adopted brother Tryone Lampkin.

“Whatever happened out there, he didn’t say he was going to shoot anybody,” Wong’s brother, Tyrone Lampkin, told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. “He said he wanted to get back at them, talk to them, yell at them, not to kill them. He didn’t mention that.”

Wong lived at the facility for approximately one year until he was kicked out of the program. The Pathway Home, Inc., is counseling service that provides educational, professional and clinical support to post-9/11 veterans transitioning back into the civilian world following a military deployment.

Law enforcement officials told reporters Wong was kicked out of the program for threatening one of the therapists he killed. The therapists were supposedly working with Wong and other disabled veterans to help them become ready for vocational rehabilitation while in the long-term residential rehab program.

Wong had high hopes the program would help him resolve his PTSD and other conditions he struggled with following his 2011 tour to Afghanistan. His dream to be successfully reintegrated in civilian life were never realized.

Threats With Knives

Many of the details surrounding his time at The Pathway Home Program are yet unknown, but his brother told reporters Wong struggled to find his stride in the program. His brother added to details of his expulsion saying Wong was kicked out for having knives and generally not getting along with people. Add that detail to also threatening his therapist in such a manner to justify expulsion from the program.

Pathway Home spokesperson Larry Kamer declined to elaborate on Wong’s treatment, but reports claim Wong was receiving treatment for bi-polar disorder and back injuries. Other reports indicate he had PTSD. It is possible he had both conditions.

Safety Net After Expulsion

After expulsion, Kamer said The Pathway Home program worked to provide a safety net for Wong who was likely homeless after being kicked out of the residential treatment program.

“The goal is never to leave somebody outside of the safety net,” Kamer said. This safety net is a serious detail we need to know more about. Was he referred back to VA for help?

Wong reportedly owned seven firearms at the time of the shooting and carried with him a shotgun and rifle. However, his license to have the firearms for the purpose of being a security guard lapsed six months ago. All firearms were likely registered.

There is no indication yet where Wong stored the firearms while he was in the residential program for the previous year.

Now, this makes me wonder whether law enforcement in California, one of the toughest states to own a firearm in, failed to enforce its laws in this case.

Was Wong Reported Two Weeks Ago?

It is important to note it is against the law to make threats of physical violence against anyone. In clinical settings, it is extremely easy to document threats and to involve law enforcement to protect clinicians.

This is especially true if a federal VA employee is threatened. Right?

Now, Wong reportedly threatened at least one of the therapists and, according to Lampkin, that threat involved weapons. The threat was serious enough to warrant expulsion from a program designed to rehabilitate people with combat-related PTSD after he had been a resident for one year.

Does it not stand to reason the threat was likely serious enough to warrant police intervention at that time to assess his ability to follow through on the threat?

If police were contacted, how might Wong be able to keep his 7 firearms as a person with bi-polar disorder and PTSD who just threatened a therapist who was also known to be off his meds by his therapists?

In many shootings across the country, law enforcement officials are standing down despite receiving reports of viable threats where a mentally ill person carries out those threats later.

Why? How did the system fail?

Law enforcement is being quite tight-lipped about the circumstances leading up to the shooting.

Report back with what you read and hear. It’s time to do some FOIA requests of the fed and California Public Records Act requests.


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  1. Whoa! This guy is really sick and really needs help. Let’s kick him out of here.
    Nice! And you wonder why people/vets seek revenge.
    I think he really needed help.
    If he could speak he would say “ ok, now can I get my disibility claim approved?”
    Do you now believe I am not well?
    They really have to improve the way they treat people/vets that need care and not
    exspell anyone without an alternate plan. If exspell them at all. They left him homeless.
    How heartless! What type of care giver are theses people?
    So in this case the vet just did not his own life. In that case the story would have been shorter,
    another vet took his life today. So, what else is new?

  2. Next Head to Roll–

    Trump considers ousting VA secretary Shulkin, giving job to Energy secretary Perry
    Hope Yen and Zeke Miller
    The Associated
    PressPublished 6:52 p.m. ET March 13, 2018

    “WASHINGTON — President Trump is considering ousting embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, who has faced an insurgency within his department and fresh allegations that he used a member of his security detail to run personal errands.

    Trump has floated the notion of moving Energy Secretary Rick Perry to the VA to right the ship, believing Shulkin has become a distraction, according to two sources familiar with White House discussions. The sources were not authorized to discuss internal deliberations.”

    “Trump raised the idea with Perry on Monday but did not offer the job to him, according to one White House official. Trump has been angry with Shulkin, the official said, but is known to float staffing changes without always following through.

    Shulkin did not respond to requests for comment via phone and text message. He has been holding on to his job by a thread since a bruising internal report found ethics violations in connection with his trip to Europe with his wife last summer.

    “The VA inspector general also is looking into a complaint by a member of Shulkin’s 24-7 security detail that he was asked to accompany the secretary to a Home Depot and carry furniture items into his home, according to two people familiar with the allegation who requested anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation.

    Within the agency, a political adviser installed by Trump has openly mused to other VA staff about ousting the former Obama administration official. And a top communications aide has taken extended leave following a secret, failed attempt to turn lawmakers against him.

    “The honeymoon is ending with a crash that hurts veterans most of all,” said Paul Rieckhoff, founder and CEO of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, who has been a close observer of VA for more than a decade. “VA always has bad news, but Shulkin’s ethical and leadership failures are still significant – despite any internal attacks.”

    Senior administration officials describe a growing frustration that Shulkin repeatedly ignores their advice, only to beg for their help when he runs into ethical trouble.”

    Full Article At: “”

    1. “Perry” is like appointing ‘Mr. Maggo’ to be VA Sec., because ‘Perry’ falls asleep anywhere easier than a rainforest sloth that’s eaten too many coffee beans. He also jibber-jabbers a-lot and is the male congress-critter version of verbal intellect as Maxine Waters…

      WHY ‘Perry’…?!!!!!! As energy sec., did Perry get just a little too close to contents of Yucca Mountain? 😀

      1. Agreed. Perry is quite possibly the WORST possible choice to head the VA. No worries though, the VA will still continue with scandal after scandal after scandal. Commander John Wells would have been a good choice.

  3. I believe Wong lied to his brother, because he had already given up. He was done. I pray I never get to that point. VA mental health can kill.

  4. Bumped into the “100–to- nothing- man”, or more accurately the “nothing man”, at the Home Depot the other day and I asked him how “Choice” was coming along after about 4 years of FAILURE. He didn’t answer, but instead asked me if I was a veteran . I said “yea” –and he then wanted me to help carry his H. Depot purchases to his home for him……

  5. In California if you have weapons make a threat esp in a clinical setting California has a law where ones weapons can be taken during a ” triggering events \ or when a person makes a valid threat” clearly this was not followed if it had Wong would be alive today along with the others.

  6. This “commenter” put this on an article over the Rex Tillerson firing! I thought y’all might like a good laugh! Enjoy —-

    Mdic says: March 13, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Thought I’d share this even though it has nothing to do with the topic above. On “State of the Nation” today it was reported;

    by an American taxpayer (author unknown)

    The IRS has returned the tax return to a man in Kansas City after he apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly.

    In response to the question, “Do you have anyone dependent on you?” the man wrote: “7.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack-heads, 4.4 million unemployable scroungers, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 450 idiots in Congress and a group that calls themselves politicians”.

    The IRS stated that the response he gave was unacceptable.

    The man’s response back to the IRS was “Who did I leave out?

    Best laugh I’ve had in a long time. LMAO!!!

  7. VA mental healthcare is a joke. Wanted to talk about my PTSD with a therapist but was told I couldn’t talk about my Christian religion which is the only thing that has helped me. Probably why 22+ daily. They don’t care…

  8. All this reminds me of the movie universal soldier. Once they’ve used you all up, you get euthanized & thrown in the trash heap. Haven’t they collected enough DNA to prove combat related PTSD an epigenetic adaptation caused by methylation. They made you dangerous, wanted/needed you ‘dangerous’ & afterwards they don’t know what to do with you so they drug you, jail you, pay you, deny you & hope you die. Yea It’s a wonderful life.

  9. Father of mine
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    You know I just closed my eyes
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    With a child of my own
    And I swear I’m not going to let her know
    All the pain I have known
    Then he walked away
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    1. That’s just so heartfelt and beautiful Ted. So many of us can relate to that.
      I though I was alone.
      Thank you and GOD bless you.

  10. How can you kick someone to the curb that is being treated for a mental illness! I would say that since they had nothing to control people that is what they used to hang over their heads. The bozo in charge says we cannot give out any information, he was bi polar, wtf. First I will say the mental health field is a mess, most hired because they have a piece of paper and not ability. I went to their website and within a minute could see how their program works, it doesn’t. Since the facility is costly CA gives the company the space for almost nothing, so don’t have the burden to operate. The property has been flip flopping since day one. So now gave someone else the burden, the program bills the VA as much as possible. Registered a non profit on top of getting the space for nothing keeps afloat. Most of these programs pay little because top heavy and the quality of staff usually shows. They run from group therapy which horrible for people with severe problems since often agitated with people. Most programs don’t care about needs, they care about filling vacancies making sure they have enough money to operate. People are supposed to go through an interview to see if they can help and to make sure you fit into their format. As I said they care about being full. A large number of veterans need to have one on one mental health programs and can graduate to group therapy. Instead not only have they caused problems taking out steps? They live there! Having group therapy which is highly personal often creates problems with different personalities and then having to live together is asking for trouble. How many of us know being with someone you didn’t get along with and then have been glued to the hip?

    No one should be dead and that program is 1000% to blame. At the very least, when he threatens violence it must be reported. Instead of making sure their beds were full, they should have known as mental health professionals when erratic behavior is too much for their program and should have been taken to the VA mental health ER to stabilize and then interviewed again before returning to the program. Knowing that you will be homeless if don’t play their game puts far too much stress on most people and it’s far from therapy!

    They are touting heroes and women dedicated to helping our county’s veterans get better. That’s a crock of shit! No one should be dead and I am pissed off that they caused this! If you interview people who went through their nightmare, I guarantee a large percentage say it sucked and were stuck with no place to go. The VA doesn’t want to fund anything they don’t control and certainly would not give enough money to be successful. That is why all beds must be full, graduating when they know they have a new face coming in. They need to investigate that program, they are responsible!

    1. Pissed off, One of my sons in 2013 was put into an experimental program called New Options in Kansas for Soldiers with a positive PTSD while still on active duty. The treatment or lack of was killing him, he was going to kill himself &/or he was going to kill someone else. They were dropping an experimental drug under his tongue; he wasn’t told what it was. I tricked my boy into giving me the name of the psychologist treating him. How did I trick him, by asking the question 3 different ways until he gave me his name. I called that man up & tried to tell him my son was now a danger but he would not listen to what I had to say. He did nothing but keep interrupting me wanting to only know How I got his name & contact number. That part was easy once I had a name I Googled him. Soon after that phone call, my son was discharged/released from the program & from the Army & allowed to come home. I’ve no doubt if he hadn’t gotten out when he did, he would be dead. Family is supposed to be able to contribute to the care but that’s just another lie they tell. Another PR stunt. According to the local newspaper there were only 6 other residents at The Pathway Home who have now been moved elsewhere. Your right they need the newbies’ a constant flow of new lab rats to experiment with.

      1. Thank god your son had love, a caring family and help. Too many vets run to the service because we have none of that. When we get out, we have nothing again. The military is extremely low on recruits and the economy is very strong making recruiting even more difficult. So back to the old, take everyone. But now too many cry babies, he yelled at me and hate pushups! What the military did for so many of us was helping mature, responsibilities, morals, hard work and getting ready for life. So much better because of the format of the service. You don’t know how to act when going in, the structure helps grow and you make lifetime friendships. So much is gone, along with the knowledge that prepared us to get out. I’m very happy you saved your son, because so many of us had nothing when got out. God Bless

  11. Since I live in Calif I have an incident to share. I’d say it was 1989/1990 I was home with the kids waiting for my husband to come back from a VA appt when I received a phone call from his doctor telling me to get the kids & get out of the house my husband made threats to kill us all. Knowing my husband would not do that I stayed home. Next two police came to the door looking for him & they were not going to leave until I allowed them to search the house for him & for weapons. So I let them because he wasn’t home & we had no weapons. Shortly after they left he came home & damn he had a rifle.

    We talked. He said he’d reached across the desk & grabbed the doctor by the throat because she wouldn’t approve the surgery he wanted for the back injury, he also said he ‘assaulted’ the security guard who tried to stop him from leaving the VA. We talked more & smoked a doobie. He went back to the VA during the night & turned himself in. They decided he had an ‘adverse reaction’ to the psychotropic medication he was recently prescribed. I don’t remember the name of it but it was big yellow pills. He also got the approval for the surgery. Over the years, that passed so quickly & 3 surgery’s later no relief from the pain. He took his life in 2003 via mixed street drugs looking for pain relief. I still in part blame the Prozac. He was pretty stable until VA cut his pain meds. FU VA

    I cannot get a choice approval to see a local pulmonary doctor. When I questioned why this is the response I got: “We cannot directly order a CHOICE consult. It has to be ordered like we regularly would and then if they can get you in before 30 days, they will schedule you there. What you need to do is when they call to schedule, tell them that even getting to appointment is an exceptional burden for you and what that reason is; i.e., you don’t drive, you don’t drive in traffic, you don’t have a ride/driver to get you there, etc. Then they will consider CHOICE due to exceptional burden to the patient.” And everything written there as a suggestion I’ve told them already over & over along with the flashbacks, panic attacks I suffer with driving in a car. So FU VA. You don’t listen, you’ll never listen because you just don’t care.

    I feel nothing for those killed employees. Pregnant women should not be listening to war trauma. They know the unborn can hear & mom’s emotions affect the child. My sadness is with Veteran Wong & the fall back us veterans will now face due to his actions. You can look up the list of medications used to treat bipolar & pretty much know which one(s) they had him on. My guess is Quetiapine fumarate (Seroquel) VA’s favorite for PTSD & bipolar. If that drug can turn me violent when I am easy going & calm, I can see it by adding a trigger turning a man violent.

    Between my husband, my own, 3 veteran sons & other friends experience with the VA I have enough knowledge to simply say the VA lies & medical / mental health care sucks.

    1. Nitewish,

      Thank you for sharing that. I mentioned Seroquel in my comment as well. While I have never taken it, I know quite a few vets here in Teenage Mutant Ninja Hono town who have.

      Turns nice guys into violent monsters when combined with alcohol. Not good to see.

      1. I was on Seroquel for two days. I slept 40 hrs straight and said fuck that. That was 4 years ago. Since then I’ve been on my states cannabis program and it helps me cope as well as I can.

      2. Topamax, used off-label for anxiety, PTSD, instead of it’s orig. use for seizures and Schizophrenia, is another wild-ass drug I was on and I mention it because it’s just as much of a fuck with your head and personality drug as Seroquel is, and I was even on that off-label when I was an uninsurable mess when I first started cognitive and medication therapy…the thinking was it’s a very thin line to differentiate between some axis of bipolar disorders and severe anxiety/PTSD…I was on so many different things and learned just how unscientific Psych is.
        To this day, I am slightly dyslexic and THAT came from Topamax…also fondly called “Stupamax” by Psych professionals…why?
        The VA probably still RX’s Topamax but it became a huge class action or still is for it’s shitty effects it had on people, even deaths.
        Seroquel is what I was only on a few days as well and fondly called that evil pill the “mental earthquake pill”.
        The VA probably even mixes the two then hands the Vet a free ticket to go down to the friendly VSO lodge and wash it down with a drink…

      3. If I want pills I’m capable of doing my own research. The problem is I know how to find out what the good stuff is and to me the good stuff is the fast acting drooling zombie shit. I’ve been addicted to hard shit before, heroin, so I know the particular high I’m after. Docs look at you funny when you walk in after refusing their suggested pills and say “write me a script for this pill at this dosage.”

        I stick to my cannabis for a reason.

      4. I hear you on the cannabis. I don’t even drink or anything else and funny thing, I have been on SO MANY different antianxiety meds, huge doses of controlled release Xanax and immediate release for a couple decades and…after getting off all that shit, in the end, weed VASTLY allieves my symptoms so I don’t want to sit around all day and bite the heads off marshmallow peeps. (instead, I eat the WHOLE THING) 😀

      5. The only medications I ever take from the VA is . . . . . . IBUPROFEN. I have weaned myself off of everything else, and avoid the VA like the plague when I can.

        No doubt some of their shit I have taken in the past has messed me up s bit. I find that CBD in my vape tank pretty much takes care of my chronic pain.

        With Seroquel – – – they believe that it affects your serotonin level – – – but they really DO NOT KNOW how it works. So, when you take it – – – you are a Bi-Polar Guinea Pig.

        NO THANKS!

  12. VA mental health programs are nothing more than a giant B.F. SKINNER BOX operation, with a twelve step protocol and a couple of pep talks, and some shitbird alanon tactics.

  13. As we know the VA is a dysfunctional and corrupt agency , as it has been for decades . They still ail to provide therapeutic mental health therapy / treatment . But , always will prescribe MEDICATION . That only treats the symptoms , not the cause . As well , it likely has horrific side effects .
    Sadly , only now the VA in Seattle has offered EMDR for PTSD . They offered me Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for my PTSD , it didn’t work . I suffer from Depression , Anxiety and OCD as well . Never have found relief through the VA for these either . Only after becoming 100 % service connected for my Depression and Anxiety in 2013 . Did I have the money to seek outside Acupuncture . Nationwide there are low cost / sliding fee ” community acupuncture clinics ” . It greatly reduced all the above conditions . And instead of drinking coffee , all day long . Which of course worsened my Anxiety and also causes it . I now drink one pot in the morning .
    The only thing the VA has taken care of has been my Crohn’s Disease , since 2000 . And filed my VA claim in 2002 and of course . Wrongfully denied three times . As I went into the BS Domiciliary Program at Tacoma VA Hospital in May 2000 to get sober and have been since !!! They tried to tell use what we should do for our alcohol / drug problems . I told them we go to Addictions for that and counseling . I went to the patient advocate , as the BS program . Didn’t have the credentials or business . Telling us how to stay clean and sober , that’s the purpose of the addictions treatment program . Though I never gained anything , but rather my own determination . What a surprise , I hurt someone’s ego and power trip . And was being kicked out , though not directly told to me . I found out from another source .
    I interestingly entered the same BS program in 2011 . And one night I had a Anxiety / Panic Attack , which they completely IGNORED . I even called the VA operator and 911 , to NO avail . I told the worthless VA employee on the phone . That she was a Affirmative Action Failure . Surprise , a few days later I was kicked out because of my ” racist slurs ” . The VA is full of them and unless you are a brother or sister too . They barely are polite to you , if at all and always on their cellphones . I was having so much Anxiety I was having almost uncontrollable diarrhea . That I am still wearing briefs , like depends . They never were concerned about that .
    I have found quite a few worthless VA ” workers ” , psychiatrists , psychologists and social workers to be WORTHLESS . And often on a power control trip and show you no respect nor compassion . And going to the Director’s office to yet again . Write out in detail my concerns or complaints has resulted in NOTHING . As well as physically going to Senator Patty Murray’s office in the Federal Building in Seattle , 13 times . None of the valid issues have every been addressed or resolved . Ye , during her last re-election campaign said . ” I was a psychology intern during college at the Seattle VA Hospital and my father was a disabled Veteran ” .
    In a few years I will be going to the Philippines to live . As Clark Air Base was my first station in the 1980s . Hoping I will continue to receive my 100 % for the rest of my life . And would not recommend ANYONE to serve in this country’s military .

  14. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

    Get ready, if you have a TBI, depression, ADD, you don’t like authority, you are known to have mommy issues, or daddy issues, or if you suffer from safe place deprivation. The left thinks it has the right to take your firearms away.

    You cops out there, ever suffer from depression? maybe you should start looking for a new job, you think the left is going to stop at just firearms? Think again, same goes for all Veterans, everyone of us can have some mental tag attached to our names, in order to deprive us of our second amendment rights.

    I see they want to raise the age to 21 in order to purchase any firearm, yet I see no mention of raising the age limit to join the military………..interesting isn’t it?

    Maybe because when “kids” reach the age of 21, they wouldn’t be so stupid and be so quick to sign that line. I am all for that. Best think real hard about all this “gun control” before it’s too late.

    Want to know the truth about school shootings? okay let’s take a closer look. Tell me, if the “press” didn’t report on Columbine, and sensationalize it like they did, do you really think the others would have happened? The answer? FUCK NO!!!!

    Maybe we need to outlaw the damn press, just about every civil unrest, school shooting, post office shooting, and let’s not forget the ambushing of the Dallas police officers, is the direct result of “freedom of the press”. I won’t hold my breath on ever seeing that headline.

    Until then, go fuck yourself, anyone who thinks YOU have a right to dictate to ME, if I can own a firearm or not. You don’t like guns? then don’t buy a fucking gun, simple isn’t it?

    1. I get a chuckle at the whole raise the age limit to 21 thing going around. I love how people equate the fact that you have to be 21 to drink but you can buy a firearm at 18. It’s almost as if people don’t realize you don’t have a constitutional right to alcohol. If people where really serious about gun violence why not raise the age of gun ownership to 99? It would solve the “gun problem” overnight..except that it really wouldn’t. Much like raising the age to 21 wouldn’t solve any problems either and in fact would create a constitutional crisis as the lawsuits pile up from people who have become disenfranchised from their rights.

      1. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

        Bingo WC. Nothing but feel good laws to fuck with law abiding folks. Criminals will always find a way to kill, either by firearm, edged weapon, automobile, or a fucking brick.

      2. @cj Nobody seems to understand that you can’t just go in all willy-nilly and perform brain surgery on the constitution based on current popular opinion. You need a group of actual honest to god dyed in the wool Statesmen to do that and there isn’t a single one to be found anywhere in the current crop of bullshit artists. I wouldn’t trust a one of these fucks around an opened up Constitution.

      3. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

        I am with you one hundred percent. Look at all the political ads, he did this, he said that, she is this, she is blah blah blah, and always the same damn assholes, every damn year. They act like spoiled children, both sides. Sick of it……..

      4. cj ¯¯̿̿¯̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿’̿̿̿̿̿’̿̿̿)͇̿̿)̿̿̿̿ ‘̿̿̿̿̿̿\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪̀●́)=o/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿̿ says:

        And your right about the Constitution, the greatest document to ever exist, and they want to dissect it to fit the whims of psychotics, and they call us crazy?

      5. Honestly I look at this way. I would see a Constitutional Convention convened in the current politically polarized environment as a direct attack on the Fabric of this country. I imagine that would trigger more than a few oaths. I’m already a bit ansy about Trumps prior comments about seizing guns and I’m not even supposed to own a gun.

  15. 91Veteran,
    My wife has, many times, said the – “Choice Program is nothing more than a Slush fund” – readily available for ALL of the directors – including “Shyster Shithead Shulkin” and his Washington DC followers + the VSOs – across the country!

    I do believe if one could actually find where the money goes, one could find the VA, VSO’s and AFGE guilty of many crimes!
    Just as the DoD has been found “…misplacing TRILLIONS of taxpayers monies…” over a 10 or 12 year period!
    That was reported a few months ago!
    Just about every single government agency has been caught in some illegal activity of corruption when it comes to the taxpayers monies!
    President Trump has his work cut out for him on “draining that fucking swamp”!

    I guess by now y’all have heard President Trump has FIRED Rex tillerson and replaced him with Mike Pompeo!

    1. I don’t know what happened with Tillerson’s ouster especially in light of the potential US/DPRK negotiations we could be seeing soon. Some reports where that he wasn’t making effective use of his budget plus the fact that he’s sparred with Trump in the past. Anything I’ve heard about the State Dept. lately was that it was severely understaffed and inexperienced. So when Kim Jong-Un does a 180 and says he’s willing to show good faith by halting any further planned launches while talks are conducted he’s also willing to apparently discuss disarmament as well. I tend to think one of 3 things has happened.

      1. Somebody at the State Dept still actually knows just what the fuck their doing.

      2. Kim Jong-Un realized “Holy shit, this guys crazier than I am!”

      3. It’s all a calculated move by NK in order to advance it’s interests further.

      If it’s 3. I’d say look for a deal along the lines of the Iran nuke deal that Obama negoiated and Trump excoriated.

      1. If I could guess at what got that fat noodle chewing bastards attention, I would say it was the Chinese.

        I think Trump talking about tariffs on steel and aluminum, renegotiating NAFTA and telling China to come up with a plan to live with a billion dollars less in a trade deficit got their attention. They in turn got the attention of that little chia dictator.

        I never knew that under NAFTA, foreign countries could bring in trade goods into Canada and Mexico, and those goods would be treated differently coming in through Canada or Mexico than if they came directly from whatever country was dumping shit here.

        Imagine China dumping billions in trade goods into this country through Mexico under NAFTA, and having that trade route shut down.

      2. yeah money is the great attention grabber. Although it still takes a person or persons on our end to answer the phone. You can bet your ass Trump didn’t talk sense into this guy so I tend to think that somebody in State Dept. still has a clue.

  16. So ye shall sew, So ye shall reap. Yep. Full Circle of Life.

    Given that Wong had been in treatment for nearly a year, had none of these therapists observed signs of his (Obviously) increasing level of PTSD?

    Was he on Depakote, Seroquel, or Lamotrigine for his Bi-Polar disorder? Was alcohol involved? Taking any of the aforementioned drugs combined with ETOH can really produce a “Frankenstein Monster” effect.

    Were the therapists pushing his buttons in order to elicit a specific reaction, then had no clue how to handle the reaction of combat PTSD combined with Bi-Polar disorder?

    They had a trained killer in therapy, who had more than one mental health condition. Everyone working with Wong should have been aware that he could be extremely dangerous when in the correct frame of mind to do so.

    If the VA HAD therapists who LISTENED to veterans, rather than those who want to “educate” veterans from a psychiatric textbook – – – things like this would happen much less frequently.

    Shulkin and ilk have zero clue as to what mental health help most combat veterans need.

    This case (what we know so far) proves it. Many more questions need to be asked, and many more documents pertinent to this case need to be reviewed in order to find out the whole story.

    What is blatantly apparent is that something went dreadfully awry here. I seriously doubt it was ALL the veterans fault. What triggered him to commit this heinous act?

    1. JC, your comment reminded me of his length of treatment. Treatment for a year and they don’t know him enough after that year to know what the impact might be of kicking him out?

      What kind of treatment was he provided during that year that he turns homicidal?

      Was his treatment consistent? Or was it a year between 6 different providers ever 3 months?

      1. Really makes you wonder, 91. Of course, these are the same type of highly trained folk that will prescribe a veteran 60mg daily/oxycodone. Then, after a year – – – they read a memo/directive and cut the veteran off cold without tapering him down expecting the veteran to not have negative effects from the immediate forced drug withdrawal.

        VA facilities (and those they contract to) are FULL of geniuses like that. Just heard on the news (short-wave radio) that Trump is now going to remove Shithead Shulkin for sure.

      2. JC, I’m seeing hints that Shulkin might be unemployed soon, but no confirmation yet.

  17. “Does it not stand to reason the threat was likely serious enough to warrant police intervention at that time to assess his ability to follow through on the threat?”

    I can’t go there on this one.

    What you are talking about here is questioning a core subject that both stings and protects the American People. Other countries do it differently. and toss in mental illness and it really gets wierd but at our core in the USA all people are innocent until proven guilty. Until proven guilty there is not much short of a court order that a cop could even do. The shooter was a free man and threats at counsellors in therapy are a dime a dozen no matter what clinic you go to.

    A counsellor or clinic can only allege to police that threats were made but his man would be correct in using his fifth ammendment rights if the police even bothered contacting him. If they did contact him they would have asked simply, “Do you intend to harm somebody or yourself?” If he said yes he would have been arrested, otherwise what could they even do? He was one side to a two party dispute not witnessed directly by law enforcement.

    The alternative is to implement VA style Disruptive Behavior Committees in place of Due Process.

    The guy had murder in his heart and lied convincingly to his own brother about it. Forest fires happen and kill people. Folks snap and kill people. Lightning strikes, starts a blaze that engulfs communitiies and we say as a nation, gosh we really should have cleared up all that dead brush and wood in the forest before this happened! Lives were lost! Then laws are passed, zones are created, and regulations posted to keep the woods at bay and government adds more and more layers to protect the homeowner, hikers, and the campers in the woods. Rights are taken for the sake of safety in the woods and permits are issued just to camp.

    Then lightning strikes again… To me, sometimes shit just happens.

  18. NPR is NOW talking about Shulkin and the VA being riddled with scandal and their talking about all-out privatization…and should be interesting. Ten A.M. hour just started, news, NPR…

    1. HA HA HA…..the VA Spokeshack, she is justifying Shulkin’s now use of armed guard by stating that previous VA Suck McDonald did away with his security detail…to make himself more connected and ….(wait for it)…approachable…and the VA Spokeshack, she stated, “Dr. Shulkin simply chooses a different approach to his security…”
      She also is justifying ANY $$ spent on vacation by Shulkin by stating other VA Suck’s spent even MORE…. HA HA (much sucking of ass)
      Suck ass…more sucking of ass….when she says the name Dr. Shulkin for the umpteenth time, she says it everytime with a dreamy…coated…with unicorn pixy dust and poo…(the “she” is a Washington Times reported covering the VA….I think her name was “Lisa” or maybe “Gina Fisher?”…was hard to tell through the prolific sucking of much ass… 😀

      1. Now, a VSO Group, against privatization and choice is on…this is getting really gooey. More sucking of ass.

      2. So you are carrying water for Big Med. Wait until you actually get it and you co-pays go through the roof. Plus you’ll find your care aint any better. You’ll run into the same ass holes. They’ll just be paid more.

        I’ve been on Choice for 3 years. Have a good PC but haven’t had much luck getting good specialist care. And the payer, Health Net, isn’t paying. So my therapist will have to bill me and I’ll have to go through the trouble of suing for payment. No walking through the door, showing your card for that Private Big Med Care.

        You get the same thing all seniors on Medicare get. Just if it SC you have no co-pay but Ryan will make that go away as quickly as he privatizes the VA. Entitlements cause trouble for him giving the 1% those big tax cuts.

      3. They are OUTRIGHT LYING on radio…someone called in saying”… the VA **never** uses medical residents for surgeries and that the VA is ALL ABOUT GREAT PATIENT OUTCOMES, NOT PROFITS…”- a good little piggy. Much sucking of ass…very nauseated, cannot listen any more. Much sucking of ass…

      4. Iraq & Afghanistan Vets of America Veteran VSO Group…Paul Rikoff(sp?) was on phone talking about other VSO’s being in collusion and outside ideological $$$$ running the VA…no talk about the AFGE yet…uh, oh…it’s now VSO Groups against VSO Groups….I foresee SWAMP GRAVY WRESTLING….GET YOUR TICKETS NOW—– the gravy boat has turbulence… 😀

      5. Nam, you mentioned someone calling into that National Propaganda Radio show lying about the VA.

        I have no doubt there are several AFGE union thugs lined up to call in and sing the praises of the VA.

        I have noticed that on many news stories for the past several months. AFGE union thugs commenting on news articles…like Jane yesterday.

        I even had one admit he was an AFGE union steward, and claimed the AFGE is only for lower GS grade employees, and that nurses or other providers are not in a union.

      6. namnibor,
        It had been more interesting if they would’ve said “WHERE” Shulkin had gotten the money for his “All Expenses Paid European Vacation!”
        Can you say “Choice Program”!?!?

  19. I’m curious why the bi-polar treatment seems to be as prominent or more so than the other issues Wong was being treated for.

    Why am I curious? Well, I am getting the sense his bi-polar diagnosis is emphasized at the expense of PTSD, and wondering if his bi-polar diagnosis was a bullshit diagnosis from the military after his deployment, and it followed him after into civilian life.

    Look at how long he had served before deploying. Was he only diagnosed as bi-polar after his deployment? If so, was the diagnosis given as a way of dodging service connection?

    If all of that was the case, what happens when someone with severe PTSD has that condition ignored for years because he has been wrongly diagnosed and treated for the wrong condition?

    I admit I am assuming here, but I would think treatment for PTSD is different than treatment for being bi-polar.

    Nice job Gina!

    1. I could be wrong on this but I believe that you can only have one mental health problem SC’ed by the VA. I also have a PTSD/Bipolar diagnosis. I think the problem is trying to figure out the co-morbidity as it relates to each individual. My PTSD/Bipolar manifests differently than Joe Snuffy’s PTSD/Bipolar.

      1. WC, I have no doubt veterans are diagnosed with both. To be clear on my question, I’m curious if he was diagnosed as bi-polar to try avoid service connection until his PTSD became obvious to where it could no longer be ignored.

  20. My experience with the VA has been by far mostly good. But the couple of bad instances and PTSD has always been worrisome for me.

    The last and most recent being kicked out of a PTSD group and not for any kind of abuse or threat. Just questioned the application of the study guide without discussion. Top down assertive individual to the point of being an abusive sweetie. A thank you for your service that was anything but meant. There are times you get the vibes that it is all about holding a power position with no intent of care delivery. Just abuse cloaked in manipulation of the system as far as the supervisors.

    I suspect one or more of Wong’s therapist was of that type.

    1. Those types are definitely out there. Power mongering and authority cultivation are pervasive in this fucking society. It’s why when I go have to deal with one of these useless pricks I put on the 1000 yard stare and maintain my best monotone and matter of fact voice. I tend to present as non-accepting of bullshit. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a crazy anger driven individual it’s that anger in the face of the enemy does nothing and will not prevail. Anger as a tool needs to be refined and honed until it’s a gleaming edge. The best way I’ve found to deal with useless power pricks is to absorb what their saying, really pay attention to what and how they say things. Analyze the information internally and then counter in a confident and assertive manner that exudes intolerance of the power prick’s position. Most power pricks I’ve come across tend to have quite a few holes that can be exploited it’s easy to remain on top once you control their narrative.

      In the immortal words of Obi Wan-Kenobi.

      “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”

      1. I do much the same. Like a ronin who was a great samurai but now has no master and only stares down the trail, absorbing everything you say and finding a way to beat you at your own game.

      2. Like I said yesterday. Wait until a small group of ronin gets together and manages to slip in through one or more of these unsecured and unlocked side/back doors. One guy alone can’t really do all that much damage. A coordinated team of psychos would be an absolute hammer blow.

  21. Since mental health issues and “guns” are mentioned together in just about all shootings.
    I believe it’s time to discuss the “WHY” our Founding Fathers included a Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights!
    That said;
    Here it is in plain language;

    From: “tBill321”
    Published on Mar 11, 2013 (22:45 min long)

    “The 2nd Amendment Explained”

    A “…fantastic presentation of the meaning of the 2nd Amendment…!”

    When you google the title, go to the “video” section. Look for the one which is “22:45 min long”!
    There’s also others, only this one is the most accurate!!!!!!

  22. No matter how strong, who you are & varied experiences, everyone can…’Breakdown’.

    “Breakdown”, by Alan Parsons Project
    “[I break down in the middle and lose my thread
    No one can understand a word that I say
    When I break down just a little and lose my head
    Nothing I try to do can work the same way

    Any time it happens I’d get over it
    With a little help from all my friends
    Anybody else could see what’s wrong with me
    But they walk away and just pretend

    When I break down

    I break down in the middle and lose my thread
    No one can understand a word that I say
    When I break down just a little and lose my head
    Nothing I try to do can work the same way

    Where are all the friends who used to talk to me
    All they ever told me was good news
    People that I’ve never seen are kind to me
    Is it any wonder I’m confused

    When I break down
    When I break down

    Freedom, freedom, we will not obey
    Freedom, freedom, take the wall away
    Freedom, freedom, we will not obey
    Freedom, freedom, take them all away

    Where are all of my friends
    My so called friends
    Take the wall away
    Take them all away
    Will somebody here me?]”


  23. I was actually thinking about getting names of recent VA and Gov shooters put on pins to wear. Kind of help me keep the memory alive. Think VA would lose their shit if I rolled into a VAMC or VARO wearing a vest covered in names like Albert Wong? Wonder if they’d be offended enough to try and start something. Could make an interesting court case regarding the First amendment. After all I’m just trying to keep the memory of my fellow brothers and sisters alive.

    1. WC,
      I believe it would make an interesting case on the First AND Second Amendments!

    2. WC-
      The reaction would be identical to as if any Veteran parked on the employee parking lot side of any given VA, you know, the lots that are ALWAYS the closest, while Disabled Veteran parking is out near Pluto.

      Now, if you were to wear a vest with large lettered pins labeled, “ALBERT WONG was WRONGED” *and* park on the VA employee parking lot side…might even get the unmarked helicopters and whole shebang! 😀

      1. I’d roll right up and park my ghetto sled in that lot with 10 spaces that cost 25mil USD. Those Helicopters would get a double barrel blast of the ‘ol 1 finger salute. I’m your huckleberry 😀 😀 😀

  24. Why isn’t anyone sounding taps for SM Wong? Because he got back at the monsters that tortured him?

    1. It’d be nice if we could get a thing going where local veterans do a burial detail for shooters since we all know they won’t be recognized by the govt.

  25. Seems like every day the issue of mental health is brought up in America. Only, for some reason, the issue is never resolved.

    Down here in Florida, after the “school shooting”, the issue of mental health arose during the “CNN town hall”!
    In attendance were the anti-gun proponents, ie; Bill Nelson (D-Fl), Sheriff Israel (Who’s deputy stayed outside the school waiting for something), David Hogg (a California student who graduated a year or two ago. And who’s parents include a retired FBI agent and his mother, a liberal news reporter), and other students wanting to ban all weapons vs. The NRA spokesperson – Dana Loesch (I’m not sure of the spelling)!
    If you can find the “town hall video”, there’s something interesting Dana spoke about. That concerns the mental health issues in America and the government NOT allowing a “national registry”!

    We’ve seen how the VA treats, or doesn’t treat, vets with “the hidden scars of combat!”
    In my opinion, until the mental health issues are addressed, there’s going to be more incidents like what’s been happening!

    Another issue NOT addressed is “Big Pharma’s culpability in these cases!” I’ve written before on here where “The Josh Bernstein Show” addressed this issue.
    Since Columbine (Apr 1999) until this Feb 14, 2018 school shooting here in Florida, Big Pharma was, in my opinion, partly to blame. Why, Do you ask? Because, it’s been reported, a majority of these individuals involved in mass shootings were on “Psychotropic Drugs”! “Drugs known to have “side effects of suicidal and homicidal ideations!”

    Now, it’s possible this individual (Mr. Wong) was thrown under the bus for reasons unknown, and will probably never be known, until someone speaks out!
    It’s also possible Mr Wong’s medical records were falsified to “…give the impression he threatened someone!?”
    Again, we won’t know until someone speaks out.

    Lastly, since Ben brought up the issue of mental health. This is another “boondoggle” by VA and the Choice Program hitting the news out in Colorado Springs today.
    From: “” via “The Gazette” (Colorado Springs, Colo.)
    Dated: 12 Mar 2018
    By: Stephanie Earls
    “Veterans, Doctors Alike Stranded as Vet Choice Fails to Pay its Bills!”

    A very disturbing article. Especially when it comes to following the law on paying for veterans private sector healthcare!
    The “comments section” is a must read as well!

    1. It’s fucking criminal what they do and while how they speak to us is not criminal it is highly immoral. Clinically speaking I am sure it’s criminal to prescribe medicines only to take them away as soon as they work and then string em out till they come crawling back. That’s just evil. Take out to the back yard and shoot em kind of evil in my opinion.

    2. P.S.
      On the Colorado news article.
      There’s one question NOT answered by anyone at VA – from “Shyster Shithead Shulkin” all the way down to Directors at any VA Facility – THAT IS;
      Someone definitely needs to go to prison!

      1. That’s what I can’t figure out Crazy Elf. I could understand a couple months delay in paying in the early years of Choice, but you would think they had the bugs worked out by now.

        Last year a medical provider here in CO was circulating a letter asking vets to contact our politicians. The provider had not been paid for all the care provided to vets through Choice, and they were owed over $2 million.

        I still suspect the VA has a huge hand in authorizing payment, and are delaying it intentionally to sabotage Choice.

        Its too bad politicians are helping the VA do that by not demanding answers.

      2. That is an extensive article Crazy Elf. It does a damn good job of showing how politicians throw money at crony contractors, then refuse to clean up the mess they make, while patting themselves on the back for “helping veterans”.

      3. I can hear it now. “Building construction is from our capital expenditures budget and has nothing to do with daily operating budges”, “Cost overruns are a fact of life” (psst especially when we design them into the bid packages …sshh).

  26. The system does nothing BUT fail. Wong is not the only one who wants revenge. Some of us just have dependants so we can’t be fuckin around. Like the b-52s sang we can’t “roam” where we want to. Which leads me to my concluding point and that is someone once taught me that you better be careful who you try to fuck over to get ahead in this world. If I’m a betting man (which I damn well am) I’d say they pushed him over the edge with the bullshit and the pills and the quack psychology until he said enough is enough. Now they won’t admit the truth of what was going on behind closed doors and everyone else is too pussy to rock the boat. Can’t say I blame him. VA better watch it’s back because they want to kick all the vets out of the ranks so their security is pathetic. Metal detectors in the front but a gazillion unsecured access points around the building. Think I’m gonna drop that in the comment box? *note* please fix your piss poor security or just knock it off. They should be cowering in fear this is fuckin war and people get hurt in war. I did. Many of you did also. They thought they was just gonna fuck us over and go full commie and we wouldn’t #resist.

    On a side note nowhere did I advocate violence and I will not argue about it. If you are a snowflake I do not care. Now I’m going to share a story to prove how much I don’t care (snowflakes love story time):

    I actually had the cops called on me for hurting someone’s feelings. Cops play their cop games and I was trained and went to battle with lots of cops so I’m kinda hip on their MO.

    So my wife’s pussy doctor moved across town and they didn’t inform any of the patient pool. Wife shows up to old location and a senior couple are on the phone with them trying to get directions. She said she could hear how nasty they were on the phone until the old man took it, said a few choice words to defend his wife’s honor and declared they won’t be going. I try to be a little more patient.

    So wife can’t find the joint and says fuck it and comes home bent out of shape. I decide to call and speak to someone in charge hoping to find answers. Used to doing this calling gun or knife makers about faulty products or service work and I have two business degrees so I’m not a dummy in the business world or ethics.

    I get transferred to some young woman (early 20s, I’m 30) and politely and professionally begin to ask questions along the line of what they did to inform patients. I receive a slew of shit coincidentally none of which my wife got. It was all digital on social media which we don’t do. Don’t even own a computer. So I asked why they didn’t just sent a letter at which point she claims they did. Well I open the post and called bullshit. I check the post box religiously and scrub the mail.

    At this point she starts to turn nasty so I’m like you know what? There’s no need to be a bitch because your credibility as far as I am concerned just plummeted to earth like a 747 on fire with no pilot. I detest liars.

    So this cunt wagon hangs up because I asked why someone didn’t do their job properly to inform patients since the lack of action kinda affects people’s healthcare. 30 minutes later I get a fishing expedition in what I suspect to be the worst cop in the department. I only say that because I’ve had lots of dealing with them (legally armed) and they have always been professional and constitutional.

    This dude was not. Middle aged, shitty haircut, service pistol dirty as fuck. Nasty, built up clp type grime on a 1911 officer size frame. So officer Namaste Shitwagon proceeds to badger me with the typical questions about what was said. I give the truth (which is my side) and you know what he says? He claims she said I had an AR-15 going off in the background and I was going to get her!

    By this time my wife and 5 year old daughter are laughing their asses off making doughnuts in the kitchen. I knew what I said and I knew it was a fishing expedition. But I couldn’t help being a dick asking if he had any evidence, recordings or proof and upon backward speculation he agreed it sounded retarded. Nothing happened to the snowflake for the false police report though.

    I’m still banned from the pussy doctor though. He was adamant that they would send me a harsh letter. I laughed, exhaled cigarette smoke and said goodbye. I’ve never stepped foot on their property. I don’t give a fuck.

    1. You’ve mentioned metal detectors a couple times.

      I once saw them at the VA in Houston in the mid 1990s with a security flunky manning it during normal business hours, 8-4. After 4 pm, the doors were locked.

      Around the corner of the building was a side door opening onto a courtyard where vets would go out and smoke. That side door stayed open all day and all night with no guard ever posted. About 9pm one night I saw a guy that clearly was not a patient come in that door and go up the stairwell. I could just imagine him going room to room while older vets were sleeping. I couldn’t catch him and no security guards were in sight.

      I have been to 4 other VA hospitals. None of them had metal detectors.

      I bet some new contract gets let soon for every VA hospital and clinic to get one now. Along with a union dues paying flunky to man it.

      The main doors at my VA had an inner door built several months ago. I think it had more to do with temperature control than anything else.

      For the veterans. Of course.

      1. Don’t forget that the AFGE David Cox wants even MORE protection from we scary Vets and I predict the AFGE Herd to soon start demanding equiv. of “Combat Pay”….wait for it….(I’m serious)

      2. Security lapse story. I’m on the first flights allowed after 9/11 going out of Pittsburgh where I had been stranded. The new and improved security swarmed the place and I had by finger nail clippers confiscated by a nasty looking grunt who could only roll his eyes at the stupidity. But – he was in charge. I went 20 yards into the airport and went into a shop for a newspaper (remember those?). There’s a plastic bucket of fingernail clippers.

        I approach the clerk – he already knows what’s coming. I offer my carry on bag and my laptop bag as security to borrow his bucket of fingernail clippers. I saunter back to Sargent Testy. “Excuse me sarge, gotta sec?”.

        the good soldier turns around and looks at my bucket of clippers. Being a professional, he muffled his laugh and demanded I give them to him. He agreed to follow me back to the shop. Sarge is now laughing and cursing me.

        Life’s little pleasures should never be avoided.

      3. I read a story somewhere long ago about security at airports when national guardsmen were first used. In the story, a troop was coming on duty inside the secure area, and had to go through security like others to get there. The person on duty took his rifle as the troop was emptying his pockets, then was told he couldn’t take his Swiss Army knife through as he was handed back his rifle.

        Its like the Airplane movie where granny is getting beaten because she forgot her little Saturday Night Special in her purse. While the guards are beating her, terrorists are walking through security with weapons, including one with an M-2 over his shoulder.

    2. The VA gives a fuck about security at the VAMC. All the security is at the VARO. I had to walk through security on the 6th floor when I went to my NOD hearing. Of course that’s where all the real screw jobs work. Get in one of those and go to town and do some real good.

  27. With the reality of multiple deployments nd ineffective treatments it’s amzing to me this does doesn’t happen more. Teach a man to kill, give him a gun, mthern drive him crazy, what could go wrong there???

  28. What nobody wants to even think about is the possible nefarious, darker untold side of this, since we ARE talking about the passive-aggressive, manipulative, lying, unprofessionally indifferent professionals at the VA, esp. the mental health hacks, whom I swear *just LOVE* to push Veteran’s buttons and dare I say they are always pushing to just see….how far can we go before we pull-back and rescue, then do it again, again, and again?!!!
    (*what if*) things happened remarkably differently that what the SWAT and the VA actually reported? What I am saying is, if you follow the timeline of events reported, something does not seem right and again, *what if*, this was simply a team of VA hacks **pushing** and manipulating…brings to mind Candyman at Tomah, VAMC in the Psych Dept. concocting drug cocktails…deadly ones, addictive ones…off-label…
    …what I am saying is even though Wong should not have taken things direction he reportedly did, I STILL stand behind fact that Wong was simply and royally wronged and *sometimes* karma is a real bitch, so I reserve judgment on guns, failed CA registry system…no, I place the entire blame on the VA for not having a clue how to treat PTSD or otherwise Veterans.
    No…I think the VA knows exactly what they are doing…always pushing and pushing. Medications are helping? Well, can’t have THAT…let’s change them up and keep that gray matter a scrambled omelet, then deny care, make them homeless and wait for them to crawl back and beg for mercy….then do it again, always with that insidious bile smile.

    Yep, not a fan of VA mental health hacks. “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” comes to mind every time…

    Meanwhile, VA Sec. Shulkin has an armed guard. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…

    1. Given the number of veterans reporting medications being prescribed without much thought as to their effects on those veterans, the grab-ass changes to those medications without regard to tapering off and the drugs prescribed without regard to how they might interact with each other or how a veteran might react, and given the number of veteran suicides…

      I am truly surprised there have not been more Wongs.

      1. You know, since Shulkin now has an armed guard outside his office door now, I just wonder if his paranoia took into account wayward drones or even a really pissed-off and dizzy VA Choice Crow or three outside his windows or is Seal Team Six hanging around upside down just-in-case off the roof to quench that little tidbit of paranoia?

        He should be more worried about the safety of we Veterans but…he never served, so he wouldn’t have THAT experience, would he? More concerned about HIS and HIS EMPLOYEES safety…telling…ALL for the Vets…

      2. I wonder if Shulkin will retire in a few weeks…or days…and in 3 months file a claim with the feral goobermint for PTSD.

        Vicious papercuts and mean side-eye glares from a fat Tunabeast can be a bitch.

      3. There have been more Wongs. The Florida school shooting for example. Not all of the are military PTSD or TBI scrambled brains. But they all have the same benefit of VA research designed to keep from paying VA disability compensation. They all have the individuals bent on obtaining a “power position” to abuse others.

      4. Lem, I am aware of most if not all previous mass shooters being on some kind of mental health drug.
        I meant specifically veterans.

      5. It seems likely he was kicked out due to refusing to continue his VA Cocktail of Meds.

      6. 91 yup.

        I was prescribed a drug (psych med) in mh then went home and when I looked it up (because I always do to protect myself) it could have killed me on the first dose.

        I took it back to her and gave her the bottle and explained what she did wrong. She looked it up right then and said, “oops.”

      7. Years ago while in the Houston VA, I was given Seldane and an antibiotic. Seldane has since been pulled off the market because it caused heart problems when taken with antibiotics.

        When I got all the prescriptions from that stay in the hospital, it easily filled a gallon zip lock bag. Not a damn one of them were reviewed for drug interactions.

        The last prescription I was given by the VA was their new wonder drug, Gabapentin. I took a few doses as prescribed, read a lot about it, and left the rest of the bottle.

        There were a LOT of pills left in the bottle, and it had at least 3 refills.

        Pain gets so bad at times I have a hard time walking, but I refuse to take anything stronger than Tylenol even if the VA offered it…which I know they won’t.

    2. Didn’t this Shulkin character already get called on using VA/taxpayer’s money for frivolous and/or whimsical reasons?

      I HAVE to see who is paying for this guard and if it is the VA, who approved the “business need” for this nonsense? Is it his lawyers or another manatee/VA flunky who is willing to take the hit for Shulkin?

      Also, what does having this guard mean? That VA security is so lax that at anytime someone can ambush Shulkin? So to heck with other VA employees’ security – as long as his office is protected?

      This is so stupid..if Shulkin really wants us to adopt his paranoia, then sorry, a guard planted at his door won’t stop Russians from hacking his email.

      Speaking of paranoid delusions, maybe it’s time an order of mental fitness for duty is required. Not sure if SES can be ordered to take such an exam.

      1. What the guard outside Shithead Shulkin’s office REALLY means is that he is scared to death that some veteran from this board is going to come kick his ass for spending several veterans monthly disability on that Wimbledon/Euro shopping with the wife fiasco . . .

      2. @James Clement- Not kick his ass, but he would need to have several tennis balls removed from his ass. 😀

      3. I am sure security at VA HQ has gotten a lot tighter since I was there in the late 1990s, but even if it had not, Shulkin having an armed guard at his door is a huge waste of money.

        Back then, there were 2 armed guards right inside the front door, and a security screening table similar to what’s at an airport. I was not only wanded, but my brief case was thoroughly searched before I could get anywhere near the elevators to go up. Of course, it was only Gober as Acting Secretary at the time, and he was likely drunk by 10am, but there was no way anyone would even get to the elevators to get up to the Secretary’s office let alone in the door.

        …but then, when you are paranoid about your own high level staff…

      4. Shulkin is not afraid of outsiders coming in. It is those GS-12 plus that he is trying to get off their asses and become productive. They have probably made threats. A lot of them come from the fagging fields.

    3. Nam, perfect! “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” as well the “Matrix,” “1984” and others.

      We are up to Bat-shit crazy crap to our gills. “” Yet we are not to discuss issues due to PC-ness, hate or thought crimes/speech, or labeled offensive. If we do we get the labels, mobbed, shut-down, censored. No discussions to be had over anything. Every angle in life today it seems there has to be some kind of hassle, activist, or corruption to deal with, or demands to pacify every idiot out there or else. I thought some of that would be dealt with or exposed especially in academia Kindergarten up, and in part why I voted for Trumpster. He has failed on that promise so far too. The PC-ness, so-called hate speech shit, which is nothing more than bullying to fascism to control, the censoring has only increased.

      No where in my files are remarks, notations, incidents reporting the threats, outbursts, “burn-out” excuses by VA staff or workers to be found. None. Or the notations about how other staff, many females but some males too circle their wagons to protect their own, or “team-mates.”

      I have had some great female MDs, bosses, co-workers, etc. I have had some like at the VA, local media, politics, activist, others that are some of the worse human beings I have ever shared a breath with and don’t care to again. Like those activist and Marx-Fems I am dealing with today. Apparently because I upset a CBOC VA tech specialist, Demoncrats, team mates, complete female staff, female contractors/admin, friends/family and other females we aren’t to dare question…. or expose. Bringing in scorned Marxist from years past too. With their networks of scorn and bruised egos bouncing all over the state and making health care (among other things) impossible, and my health files an open book for the lefties and others. Private unlisted phone number too. Sad when a major local hospital here is loaded with them too and seemingly protected by administration, the state, med boards, media whores, and others who think they must put a old male in his place, or try to teach me a lesson in my very very far left college town and activist ruled state.

      We won’t hear many facts about those “six in the program” or if that number included Mr. Wong. Or if they signed special contracts or of the fear the others may have of repercussions if they spoke out of favor of “the program,” or administration/staff. We all know how that stuff goes.

      One year in any live-in program, special housing, recovery center is a really long time. He found some level of safety, attachments, help, friends there. Then to be booted out by “professionals?” Then “privacy concerns” is mentioned? I have picked people up from “centers” that crack up over leaving something found there just after two weeks, a month, or two, or more. The longer the stay seemingly the more they found it more difficult to leave what they became accustomed to, and probably needed or enjoy. Even if they didn’t show it outwardly that much, or depending on where they had to return to, or what. It’s all just more – stuff – in modern civilization that needs to be openly discussed and researched. Minus the psych games, fluff, PR/PC shit, and failed systems.

      “He wanted to yell at them?” Nope, we will never hear much more about this chapter. Bottom line is he should have never been left alone, without a mentor, a “buddy” if a buddy system, or good councilor/advisor/etc, nor kicked to the curb.

  29. Warhorse you should your Veteran Medical Centers your belief how to improve Veterans Healthcare and Benefits i do their is a website called Veterans helping Veterans.

  30. Hey VA, you reap what you sew……you’ve failed ANOTHER Vet.


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