VocRehab Page

DisabledVeterans.org Publishes New VocRehab Resource Page

VocRehab Page

With the new website design, we published a new VocRehab resource page for veterans seeking true information about VocRehab benefits. Here is what it has.

I plan to add new and modified resources based on some public data VA has already published about the program as well as some premium options for readers seeking more in-depth treatment of VocRehab.

VISIT: VocRehab Resource Page

This is all part of my Online Veterans Resource Center (Online VRC) initiative to create an access point for education about veterans benefits for veterans, veterans service officers, and lawyers.

The topics the system will address are VocRehab, Disability Compensation, Employee Rights, Clinical Appeals and Fee Basis Care, and Disruptive Behavior Committees. I may add some other topics as time allows.

Current VocRehab Resource Page

First, we have the M28R paginated manual. VA published the new version of its policy manual in 2014 but failed to create a public facing paginated version.

This means veterans seeking justice would have to download over 100 separate downloads and then search those documents to find the citation VocRehab used to deny their claim.

The requirement seemed unjust to me, so I bought software that would help download files like that quickly and then paginated the documents using Adobe Acrobat. All in, the process cost me about $200 and took six hours.

The benefit to veterans is that you will be able to search the entire 1,400 page document for the term or phrase VocRehab used to deny you but failed to cite.

You see, VocRehab Counselors are often not allowed to write detailed explanations of why they are denying a veteran’s claim. So, they will cut and paste the justification from the M28R manual without citing it. This sends most veterans on a wild goose chase, at last until now.

LEARN MORE: VocRehab Survival Guide

On the new page, you will also see my VocRehab Survival Guide. I wrote the guide to give veterans a framework to advocate for themselves when seeking VocRehab benefits. The guide is particularly useful for veterans dealing with stubborn counselors.

Beyond this, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section and a general news section along with links to a few free guides for veterans seeking to increase their disability compensation benefits or trying to get access to their VA records.

Online VRC Subscriber Backend

Some readers including policy gurus, veterans and attorneys will want additional resources, guides, etc.

The next iteration will be to upload advanced items to a subscriber backend that will have forums and other features like a VA employee ranking tool… kind of like Angie’s List except for VA employees including VocRehab counselors. This will be an enormous accountability tool moving forward.

This will be an enormous accountability tool moving forward. Can you imagine being able to publish a review of an abusive doctor or VocRehab counselor including video or audio clips? It will be great, like the Better Business Bureau of veterans rights.

The Online VRC will also include learning management system software that I’ve been fiddling with for the past year to help educate veterans, lawyers and reporters about VA benefits systems. My hope is to have that go live by the end of November if not sooner.

Community Feedback

What do you think about the new website design and resource ideas for veterans? Current analytics show time on the website has doubled since I made the changes to the design last week and feedback from some readers has been positive.

Sound off when you can!

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  1. I was just informed by my vet rep at college, that all of the full/part-time grants (i am assuming pell grant) that cover tuition only (the pell grant can be used for more than tuition)would be deducted from the tuition I owe for the spring, then the VA would pay the balance. I am a voc rehab student and was told by another voc rehab student from another college that chapter 31 pays the full tuition and I would be refunded the full pell grant. this happened for me in the fall. now, the policy has changed?

  2. I just reread all the comments , and they’re different . What’s up ? Oh well, I think it may take me a while to figure this new site out . Perhaps, the disappearing comments are in the cloud .

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  4. Question on VR&E Ch 31 stipend.

    When the schools breaks for traditional holidays like summer break, VA stops stipend payments. From what I understand, they do the same over traditional Christmas holiday.

    When I looked this up in the MR28, it clearly states that traditional breaks in the schools schedules do not interrupt stipend payments. Am I wrong about this?
    Source referenced:

    M28R, Part V, Section A, Chapter 6
    g. Leave Approval Not Required
    • When a Veteran is pursuing a standard college degree, during weekends
    and legal holidays, or customary vacation periods.

  5. Ben, how come I cannot see your Facebook group? I get an error from Facebook every time.


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  7. Great job, Benjamin!!! Website reboot is great, easy to navigate, and laid-out quite professionally.

    Question: Why is this even allowed?: “You see, VocRehab Counselors are often not allowed to write detailed explanations of why they are denying a veteran’s claim. So, they will cut and paste the justification from the M28R manual without citing it.”

    Is this out of sheer laziness of VocRehab Counselors or is it such that they are not required to give a clear answer for denial that specifically cites reason based on reg or policy? WHY? Or is it as basic as these VR Counselors do not have the proper training and knowledge of what they are supposed to be doing as far as assisting Veterans so making a denial nebulous as possible causes more Vets to just give-up and never try again?
    I guess I am asking why this took a chunk of your time and $200. in software to do something that the VA would no doubt contract a third party company to do for a few Million $….have the VA done their best to just make it impossible to navigate by design and also easily deny by design?

    Also Ben, I still cannot locate the old “DONATE” icon on your site that you used to have before this reboot.

    1. Good question about why VocRehab Counselors are doing that. My guess is most counselors do not feel comfortable making decisions that could be construed as “diagnostic” in nature. However, VA recently changed the regulations to allow VocRehab Counselors to make the same determinations as Counseling Psychologists except they lack the training…

      As for the “Contribute” button for my investigations, it was not used a lot, so I removed it for now.

      1. Next, the VA will have the VocRehab Counselors acting in the clinics as Psychologists for VA Telemedicine. Probably counts for 3x the Nonperformance Bonus for AFGE accounting use only.
        So these potentially undertrained “guidance counselors” at the VA are now wearing bigger hats and going full Freud? 🙂 Still waiting for the VA to install drive-thru Psych Counseling. You roll down window and a fembot from India greets you as a pharmaceutical aerosol jet hazes your cabin and you drive off. 🙂 Sorry, in a mood tonight.

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