Veterans Outraged

Some Veterans Outraged By New VA TBI Examination Letter

Veterans Outraged

Many veterans were fired up over threatening language continued in the new TBI examination letter being sent to veterans examined by unqualified doctors.

Some veterans even believe the language, eluding to potential disability rating reductions, is a mere psyop intended to threaten veterans, “VA Passive-Aggressive PsyOps at work here essentially telling sick Vets that, yeah, you can TRY but know we will be looking for OTHER WAYS to reduce your ratings if you cross the mighty VA.”

While the letters were publicly said to inform veterans of their right to a new TBI exam, the letter explicitly warns veterans that their disability benefits may be reduced if they follow through with their right to a new exam despite the medical malpractice.

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One veteran reader gave a rather amusing version of what he thought the letter should really say if written with VA’s true intentions exposed.

Dear Vet,

We are so sorry that our staff consistently and knowingly violated multiple federal laws, statutes, ethical concerns and congressional mandates in your case and that it has taken years to resolve. We have been informed that this is wrong. VA concurs.

VA would like to give you one full year to make it right by golly! You will be entitled to allow us to give it another try! We double dog promise that this time our boys and girls are gonna get it straight.

VA would like to remind you that if you are already receiving compensation for injury while serving our great nation, that there is great news! That comp may go up!!! VA would also like to remind the taxpayer that there is great news!!! That veterans comp may also go down or be terminated!

VA is a leader in providing great news and studies suggest that the news veterans receive from the VA is better news than any other outlet in America (RAND 1987). We look forward to continuing to serve as your tool in accessing earned benefits. VA is a great tool (RAND 1964).


Dr. Dewey Cheatum Andhow

VA, Phd, DBC

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Here is the boilerplate language from the VA TBI examination letter:


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has conducted a special review of traumatic brain injury (TBI) examinations completed between 2007 and 2015 in support of disability compensation claims for TBI. This review revealed a number of initial TBI exams that were not conducted by a neurologist, psychiatrist, physiatrist, or neurosurgeon. You are receiving this letter because your initial TBI exam was not performed by one of these specialists, and we are offering you the option to undergo a new TBI exam by an appropriate specialist.

To ensure that you have the opportunity to fully support your prior TBI claim, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs has exercised his authority to permit reprocessing of your prior TBI claim if you undergo a new TBI exam conducted by an appropriate specialist. If you would like VA to reprocess your prior TBI claim, you must notify VA within one year of the date of this letter. Upon receiving your request, VA will schedule you for a new TBI exam by an appropriate specialist and, once the exam is completed, VA will reprocess your prior TBI claim. You may also provide copies of medical evidence from private physicians for consideration as part of this review.

If you request reprocessing of your prior TBI claim and are currently service connected for TBI and/or any residuals of TBI, the new decision may result in an increased evaluation, a proposal for a reduced evaluation, or continuation of your prior disability evaluation.

Important: Please note that you have one year from the date of this letter to request a new TBI exam and reprocessing of your prior TBI claim. If you submit a written request, please state that “I am requesting reprocessing under VA’s special TBI review.”

DOWNLOAD: VA TBI Reprocessing Letter

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  1. In regards to the unqualified doctors used for the TBI issue. It is not only that situation where they use unqualified doctors. Back in 2011, I went to my CBOC and the doctor that I had at the time and was comfortable with was gone. Instead a doctor I had never seen came in. He made a mistake on my medication. I didn’t know it at the time, but he caused me a problem by taking to much thyroid medicine. He wasn’t there long. I only saw him twice in March and April of that year, and he left in June. I found out later that he was contracted and did not even work for the VA. Just want to give you all the heads up, to see if your doctor is contacted or VA employed

  2. I was treated for a TBI I incurred in an auto accident (non-service connected) by private rehabilitation providers and learned a lot about this whole process (of the proper way tbi should be treated). It was always made clear to me by them to see doctors with experience treating brain injury. Physiatrists, neurologists, PhD’s in phycology — everyone of them should have brain injury experience. Many of them do not have brain injury experience, and that makes the BIG difference.!! I discussed seeing the VA with them since I am in the VA. system and use the VA for prescriptions, blood tests, and for other kinds of work where it wouldn’t be crippling to me if they fucked up.
    The private providers facility said I am certainly free to do so (see what the VA has to offer). They do not know what kind of programs the VA has…no familiarity at all with their methods, doctors, skills in treating tbi cases. So I was referred by my pc physician at the VA to a few of the “specialists” they had to offer a veteran. Fist, it took many months for any action to occur at all — the VA seemed lost in space on even where to begin. Secondly as I began to see some physicians which included a neurologist to begin with – she had experience with brain injuries from TBI’s. Total waste of time, but necessary in the VA’s protocol never=the-less. Next , they had me see some rehab person who had no clue on what kind of testing I would need. Months passed, I complained to the VA hospital dept. of patient care about inaction I was getting. I got an evaluation by a Dr. Shura, a PhD psychologist whose name I state here because I was satisfied with his competence and the testing and the results as far as my level of injury goes. I stopped there with the VA . I took the test results and permission to speak to him to private physiatrists to the private provider I was involved with as stated above.
    So my experience in carefully using what I could of the VA and of the private re-hob choices that abides to state” structure” has given me an understanding of the differences of how the “VERY INSULATED VA does things “TBI” and how the rest of the medical community does things “TBI”
    I clearly see the VA has huge trouble in providing any specialist to a veteran TBI patient, let alone caring if the dr. has ” brain injury” experience at all -which is considered very important by providers in-the-know about TBI’s/ I also learned, conversely, that nothing is known about the VA by the rest of the world out there – and that the private providers simply “assume” the VA is following “best practices”. Either way, nobody gives a shit what the VA is NOT doing correctly. Which is why the VA does whatever it fucking wants, no bars held.
    But I stated all this raz 6 months ago on here. I also stated the way to EMBARESS the VA is to let the sate’s brain injury associations know just how fucked up the VA brains are. How very fucking damaged these people called Cox, called Bob, called honorable Sloan are following best practices in medicine to treat people who were once sent to grimy shitty places on the other side of the world to fight the “war d’jour”of the politicians’ liking at the time. Maybe we can pit the medical societies of the sane vs those of the insane (va). Let them shame the va out.
    The government will never shed the VA from it’s wonderful array of sparkling departments (one worse than the other). That would be an admission of FAILURE by the gov. It would be too disruptive to their device.What the fuck will people think, after all? That the gov.. is spending their money on this shit?

    1. Meant to say the neurologist I first saw at the VA had NO experience with brain injury patients. They will sometimes say their scholl training includes brain injury cases. Not the same thing at all. The doctor must be Brain injury experienced with all of his/her work centered with brain injury cases. You don’t find that at the VA – hardly at all.

  3. We know it, but mainstream America doesn’t have any idea of the scope of corruption in Vet treatment, so thanks to the ones here who at least are putting it in their own words.

  4. I just want to say on Trump, my bro is voting for him. He’s a viet nam vet who finally gets once a month psyche therapy after 40 + years of nothing. He’s still angry and still resents many things about the way he and other vets are treated.THE VA has used him for medical experiment. I’ve written to both Hillary and Trump about what they will do for millions of injured workers who dd not get medical care or WC payments for about 30 years. They hear from me close to a dozen times and nothing.

    I’ll say as I’ve written before about a federally contracted HMO that has it’s tentacles in every federal agency in terms of how to save money at any cost & has permeated the government like a cancer and the unions as in the VA are some of the same we had as hospital employees that left us hanging in the wind and we’re still hanging in the wind.

    Employees who worked there fanny off but got fired for trying to do a good job. Didn’t matter, we were the highest paid and older and most women who were the first to go and be forced out on work injuries and illnesses,. All in a hospital and clinic environment settings that were and are filthy, disgusting and full of infections and others bacteria besides patients being used for experiments and then just offed.

    Only those willing to sell their souls for a bonus will stay employed while the rest of us are harmed and then left destitute. Some have killed themselves and some killed on the job and these are people who took care of others without any reservation and with care and concern and compassion which is what clinics and hospitals are supposed to be for besides giving out the right treatment.

    Going to state and federal agencies, legislators and media since 1989 and it’s all useless as teats on a boar.

    We as American civilians have been betrayed and our vets have been very betrayed and above it all, I sure hope Trump does what he said he will do because as far as I am concerned both sides sold us all out about 45 years ago. when Nixon was hanging around as a thief.

    I used to be a liberal democrat, born in a Catholic Polish neighborhood of hard working blue collar workers. I was told as long as I worked hard, helped others, obeyed the law, the dems would work for us, All I can say right now is. IT was all bullshit.They too, been lying and lying and lying just like the other side.

    I don’t know who will help us injured workers without a voice but I’m glad at least Trump said he will help the vets. I’ll pray for that.
    God bless all of you! And God bless the families who’s own vets took their lives. I pray for those who were neglected by the VAA & DOD.

  5. Hit-LIAR-y was in Orlando today. She talked in front of a very small group. Mostly, distinguish, (career dinosaur bought and paid for) politicians. Like Nelson (D-Fl) and Dyer (D-Fl) and a couple more ingrates!
    One ‘topic’ which arose was “Obama Care”, (ACA). They discussed it, on how she will make it better(?)!
    On the inside an outside, individuals were complaining on how it “…only benefits them…” and not the average person.
    “[We] haven’t been able to our doctors!” Claim many people. Here’s more complaints – Their premiums are constantly going up. Insures are dropping ACA left and right. Some insurers are trying to merge into a single payer. Basically making it impossible to get any kind of healthcare insurance!

    Needless to say, her stop here in Florida wasn’t what she hoped for.

    Also, on “WND” today. Hillary is going to only allow the people who had lost loved ones to police shootings speak next week at her convention. ie: Michael Brown’s mother and other’s like her!
    She’s NOT allowing any loved ones to speak who lost a police officer to the criminals!
    The “top law enforcement officers” of America are pissed. They’ve sent letters condemning her of these actions! Saying, she “…should be ashamed…” of herself!
    Of course, that would be as asking a lion to be ashamed of killing a gazelle so it could feed its young!

    1. On a PBS Station a few minutes ago, “…police officers are at the White House having a conference with Obama!” No other details – yet!
      I don’t expect the MSM to say anything about this ‘confab’ either! They only report what their told to report!

      1. It really makes you wonder how anyone would think it was okay in the DNC to ONLY have one side of the divide represented at their convention. That was felt as a cold steel stab in the back of the police officers. Then again, maybe the DNC was MORE worried about a riot so they felt it was better to throw salt on the wounds…hey, just like the VA.
        THAT is exactly more of what we would get with Hillary and the Wars would then reach the 20 year long mark, easily, with the same failed Obama policies of catering to the thugs and terrorists…keeping it all politically correct…the Defen$e Contractor$ like it that way.

    2. Bernie Sanders votes were not counted during the California primary election. I know someone who knows someone who worked there & explained it. The vote is rigged, hil-ary will be our queen, god help us.

  6. I believe that is called ‘informed choice’. Imagine your outrage if vets were NOT told and went to new exams and then had their ratings reduced. Seems that in your view at times, the VA is damned if it does the right thing and damned if it doesn’t.

    What may be fair is to limit the scope of the exam to exactly the TBI question. Knowing that a more qualified examiners may find less findings if an unqualified examiner found more and may find more, if the unqualified examiner found less.

    Exactly how would you propose the VA deal with this situation, Ben, if you were the one in charge?

    1. “Informed Choice” or “Salt In Open Wound” or “Insult To Injury”…take your pick how you wish to redefine it, but if you do not take any issue with the wording in that letter, I recommend a space heater close to the chest to melt that icy cold heart.

    2. Informed consent? That would suggest the VA suddenly discovered their Duty to Assist.

      In my opinion the VA is always damned because they rarely do.

      If I were Secretary of the Very Apathetic and wanted to show veterans I meant business, I would have had my Chief Medical Officer at VACO produce a very specific testing protocol that would have been sent with each letter. Then the veteran or their caregiver would know exactly what to expect.

      But, better to be vague, provide little detail and a clear threat.

      1. It shows exactly how little the VA actually understands the very *symptoms* any TBI or PTSD Veteran may be experiencing because this letter is the gold standard for inciting fear.

        The VA screwed-up….royally. If I were in charge, these Vets would get everything they need and deserve….but it’s ANOTHER story if any given collective of VA employees get caught with their hands in the fraud cookie jar…yes, a whole other ball of hairy wax.

        See how that works? I swear the VA teaches these leeches Passive-Aggressive 101-401 as a first cause of employment. The pricklier the better. Damn!

  7. Thanks You James he was only 30 years old, I agree with you 100% . Veterans are burden to Va Employees. Is so many veterans committed suicide every day, is like epidemic

    1. Your very welcome. I believe that the medication they give some veterans. Is not the medication they need.

      In other words the medication given only amplifies the thinking process and the brain runs intrusive thoughts and the person gets worse not better. !

      I think they call it trial and error. ! What an error. !

      Please. Do something today that you enjoy. We all deserve at least one day of peace. !

      God bless our veterans and these United State’s we need his help more than ever.

  8. First I’m really sorry your son in law has passed. He’s not the first and will not be the last !

    The VA refused to treat my PTSD and due to that I never knew I had a TBI. I also tried to escape from my thoughts and the VA uses that against veterans. By using the disruptive committee. !

    They use suicide attempts as a tool to say that the veterans could or maybe a threat to staff in the future.?

    Do they have a crystal ball and if they would spend more time trying to understand why the veterans tryed to commit suicide and treat them. More veterans would be alive.

    No. The veterans go in for help. Because they feel out of control and known if they don’t go for help they would do something that can not be reversed !

    So. Their feeling depressed and suicidal and don’t know who to talk to. So they go to the VA. “(Sick)”

    They enter the facility and may not be in the best of moods and the employees see this and instead of making sure the veteran is ok. They get on the phone and call the VA police to watch him. !

    Great visit your not feeling good and ask for help and what do you get. A policemen with a gun looking at you. ! The veterans gets upset. Why are the cop’s here. !

    Because. You look like you maybe thinking about hurting the staff.?

    If the veteran should respond negetivaly. The police and the staff will surround the veteran and if they get upset. They will attack the veteran and the veteran will be sedated and hauled off to the psy ward.

    They will feed him so much medication the veteran will drull all over himself. ! They will keep doing this until the veteran act’s as if their better.

    What a way to treat someone especially a veteran suffering from ptsd or TBI.

    The hospital us s scary place. They have given some veterans so much medication they start talking to themselves. !

    Trump. Or whomever must enter a psychology ward and sit and watch How veterans are being medicated.

    If. You want to survive. You learn real quick. To ensure that you comply with evey thing they say and do.

    Should you ever speak out again. They will take action against the veterans by claiming they could become disruptive hand the committee will ensure that veteran will be looked at from that day as a threat. !

    None of this would have ever happened if the staff was trained in compassion and understanding
    That the veterans were only seeking help and they should have approached him in a caring manner !

    And got to the bottom of what was bothering the veteran. ! It seems as though they forgot this is a veteran. Who may have experienced a traumatic event or events. !

    Many. Veterans see this as an attack on them and will never seek treatment again. Who wants to be attacked by the very people you trusted to care for you. !

    Many feel they have no one to turn to. So death become’s their only option. !

    I have seen this with my own eye’s. !
    Veterans are a burden to VA employees and they will treat them as criminals. Not people who have seen horrific thing’s. !

    I pray someone will force the VA higher management to take positive action against disgruntled employees. Whom think they can bully and hurt any veteran they wish too.

    Again.I’m sorry your son did not get the help be asked for. May he rest in peace. !

    1. James,

      I have seen what you describe for myself. I have been a guest on the mental health ward that our local psychiatrist refers to as “…something you might see out of the Dark Ages.”

      I want to assert that every last detail of what you posted is true. I have witnessed it myself. Vets who believe in the VHA, or America, or hope, learn a very different tale when the day staff at a VHA mental ward go home for the day. Most would vomit if they knew what these vets go through every single day at am agency that has deprived them of freedom and holds all the keys.

      James, I believe you.

      1. I appreciate all you have had to say. I am outraged at the treatment my sister has received at the hands of the Washington DC VA. She was in the Army in 1973, raped by a doctor …..she has suffered PTSD and had been homeless for nearly 15 years before receiving a VASH. She was severely neglected by the VA, they would not help her to complete her disability, due to her never being in one place long and no permanent address ever, the deadline for exams would pass. She would start all over..same thing happened. My sister has an extremely high IQ and is college educated. She once owned an antique book business and has traveled the world-one day she just walked away from her home and business, this due to PTSD caused by horrendous physical and emotional abuse while serving this country. At one point she was given a position in the morgue in DC pushing dead bodies around. Yet, the VA will give phony PTSD monies to people who are employed, making a very good living and have a degree disability quickly. These people are not required to have mental health or any treatment for that matter. This is sad that there are so many scammers who just want the tax free money, this leaving people like my sister with no help. Thank you again.

      2. Is your sister still homeless, do u have contact with her.?

        As a suggestion, if you have contact with her, you go to the VA yourself and ask to speak with a social worker.

        I understand fully what it is like having ptsd and not being treated by the VA and it is pure hell.

        Maybe you and maybe another family member speak with the social worker, ask what you can do to help her.

        Just because we have a disability, does not make us stupid, many of use are smart, but the ptsd effects the way we think, are brains never stop thinking.

        Of she is not willing to go, you may have to go to court and have her admitted, until she is stable.

        You are one of the few, that see the truth and are willing to help. It has to be very hard to see your love one hurting and can do nothing about it.

        Put the ball in the VA court and see if they really ❤ !

        Good luck, after 40 year’s I finely received care and I am thriving, compare to where I was.

  9. Asking for accountability at VA is asking for faeiry dust. It is asking a turnip to be a pumpkin. VA cannot exist but for the deception – it is the glue that lures ten binds those whose folley has led them to work there.

    First they ask you to tell just a little white lie. Then they ask you to cover for somebody elses little white lie. Then they ask you for just a lttle bit bigger deception. Then a person is snared into VA deception and otherwise upstanding citizens are drawn into the fold or resign.

    Try this on; Take all the comments posted on this forum alone, and replace the letters VA (Veterans Affairs) with the name of the state that also shares those two letters, Virginia.

    Then read the posts about the horrific civil rights abuses perpetrated against veterans alone in the state of Virginia, but nowhere else. Only in the state of Virginia would we read that a veteran was labelled violent without evidence, trial, opportunity to face their accuser, discontinuation of needed medicines, and a suicide rate far exceeding the other states. I am from Oregon and if I heard about it I damn sure would do what I could to stop Virginia.

    When I do this and substitute the word “veteran” with “minority” I can only conclude that there would be a result called “revolt” against the State of Virginia. Even here in Oregon, if we heard that Virginia had targetted a minority like this, we would mobilize in support of those victimized by Viginia. You think there is harsh protests now? Boy howdy the backlash would certainly kill of its own accord.

    If we do not tolerate this from Virginia, then why does America tolerate it at the other VA? We do not have room for another State i our Union, or room for another judicial system, independent healthcare system, or additional leg of government in America.

    The VA is not broken – it was simply never meant to be.

  10. My son in law committed suicide on July 1. He was treat by VA Doctors and he was diagnosed with TBI, PTSD , and allot other Medical problems, but the Doctors at the VA said he was able to work. He was unable to work due to all his problems and provide for his children. That is very sad how Veterans been treated

      1. THE VA Said Several times that my Re-Attached Biceps was JUST THE COST OF WAR, Never mind my Surgically Repaired Shoulder, Arm, Wrist Lower back, Numb foot, and Knee!!! I am Unable to hold down a JOB, due to My BATTERED BODY!!!

        LOOK How @JohnKasich & @kroger DISRESPECTS VETS!!!
        #CombatVetsLivesMatter … … … … …

        I HAVE always told My Wife I AM worth MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE!!!

    1. @Sona-

      You probably should contact Benjamin Krause here with details about what happened with your son via the mail link on this page, as this has been a huge breakthrough re: TBI/PTSD, and the VA’s treatment of Veterans.

      So sorry to hear of your loss and know that you are in good company amongst Vets as unlike the VA, We Leave No Soldier Behind.

      1. I agree she should contact Ben.

        I am very curious if Edgar may have been one who was given a bad TBI exam, then underrated or denied which would lead to under treatment or denial of treatment, with suicide as the final result.

        This is the result, Secretary McDonald, of ongoing and severe piss poor leadership and zero accountability throughout your organization.

      2. @91veteran- That was the exact thought processes running rampant in my brain because Edgar very-well is one of the 1000’s that not only did not receive proper treatment, but am thinking the VA owes a grieving family some explanation and perhaps one big fat class action on them to perhaps further bring this to light because I still fear with the VA having that -1- re-processing of TBI location at Janesville, what better to further sweep things under rug, keep contained, if you have ALL the Vet’s records at -1- processing location?

        Are Vets going to have to travel to Puerto Rico or some other inconvenient location for these “proper TBI exams”? If not, and Vets will use local private care specialists, since the VA apparently does not have a large pool of qualified examiners, why then is it so paramount to send only to -1- location?

        Vets better make damn sure you have copies of *everything* before giving the VA anything *and* send any documents/mail via Registered/Certified Mail so you have proof of receipt and delivery. I learned that during my traveled road of filing my own claim from the website hadit dot com. I would think this would be very important so they VA cannot simply lose it or worse yet, place them in a shredder pile.

        Does Janesville have a super-massive VA shredder? Just checking? Nope, do not trust these bastards.

      3. You raise another question besides the issue of sending every request to Janesville.

        If there are not enough VA providers to perform these exams, will the VA pay the vets travel and housing to a VA that does have a trained provider?

        This is likely why the VA used unqualified examiners in the first place…because they did not want to pay travel and housing for the veteran to get to a trained provider.

        This may be a considerable cost for each veteran if this test is supposed to be performed over several days at different times of the day.

        So let’s say a vet goes to the VA in Cheyenne, WY and files a claim for TBI. Now, let’s say the nearest VA that has a qualified examiner is in Minneapolis. I very highly doubt the Cheyenne VA will want to pay the travel and housing costs to get that veteran there, or will they do it on the cheap, fly the vet there and perform the exam quickly in one half hour test and fly them home the same day?
        It used to be the referring hospital was responsible for travel pay, and hospital directors don’t like to pay that kind of travel.
        I have first hand experience with that since it took a Senators inquiry into why the OKC VA would not provide a referral to the Houston Gulf War Referral Center, and why less than 1000 veterans have ever been referred to a “Gulf War Referral Center”.

        My second experience was being referred to Choice because the VA did not have a neurosurgeon on staff, and they would not refer me to SLC or Denver.

        Finally, say they will pay the travel. How backed up will those qualified examiners be, and how many months will it take to get the appointment?

        Or…will the VA simply refer the vet to the Choice disaster to get the exam? Without a Choice provider having the correct testing protocol?

      4. When I applied I got the same story as before denied. We need more proof !

        Don’t known what proof they want. The VA neurologist placed into my record veteran had s traumatic brain injury.

        The last rater for PTSD stated I was shot on the head. !

        Guess. Who examined me for my rating “( no one) !

        Even When they have a rater spell it out. That I was shot. They keep telling me. I was hit in the head with a tear gas canister.?

        Guess. I’m so stupid I don’t known what a gun looks like. !

        You don’t want to go to Wyoming !

        Trust me. These people don’t give 2 cents about veterans those people are dangerous. !

        Talk about employees who cover up for other employees. They win !
        Hands up. !

        I am going to reapply and I bet You dollars to donuts. I get the same response. Denied we need more proof. !

        Guess. I have to send them my brain. !

      5. Before you reapply, you may want to request the medical records they are using to say you were shot with a tear gas canister.

        Who knows…you might find out they are using some other veterans record to deny you.

      6. @91veteran- All excellent additional questions. Given that Veterans have exactly -1- year window to have this all done, will the inherent usual VA red tape and delays (and back-ups) simply gobble-up most of that timeframe?

        Like I think you said a few days ago, this is already a “created problem”, so shall I just go out on a limb and ask when the VA is going to ask for X amount of $$$$$$$$$ from Congress as an additional ca$h-grab and hold the very Veteran’s exams and care “hostage” in order to get said ca$h? Remember about this time last year?
        \Create a problem so it needs a fix and yet another or two down the road because that was not done.

      7. Good point on the cash grab. It would be like what they did with the Hep C treatment.
        As for the one year deal, I believe the letter said they have one year to request the exam, which doesn’t mean any vet will get it within one year, but it DOES mean any vet that requests it needs to have proof of the date they requested it.

        I could imagine many being denied if they can’t prove they requested it within one year of getting that letter.

    2. @Sona
      Please do as namnibor has asked. Contact Ben asap!
      And YES, you’re in great company on this site.
      We never leave anyone behind!

  11. The VA is demonstrating to me something obvious. It is something that men have seen among other men that always leads to hurt and despair. We are too big as a group to rely on the integrity of the individual to “do the right thing”, because there are just too many of us engaged in life to really know exactly what that is?

    So an idea formed, or rather a process developed among men of sorts that was a way to guide all of us in helping each other as a country and not simply as individuals. That process evolved of course into governments and agencies and officials and so forth, but always under the direction if not the direct intervention, of The Process.

    In America we have named this “Due Process” and have ratified the idea into a Constitution that as Americans became the Universal Inheritance that everyone is gifted. When Benjamin Franklin stepped out into the sunshine after the first Constitution was formed, history notes that a woman approached him.

    She asked him, “Dr. Fanklin, what manner of government have you given us?” Franklin replied, “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it.”

    The VA exists outside of the process defined in our Constitution that guides the formation of government. The exist as a cabinet level that is outside of the checks and balances that the good doctor warned the woman about. He was warning her that others would follow to undo the work he had just done.

    We now know the catastrophic consequence of accepting government that operates outside of he reach of Due Process. This TBI letter is horrific proof.

    1. @redturtle984
      Great comment red!
      As a ‘world history major’, and not meaning any disrespect, —-

      The actual, (question and answer), from the “elderly lady” and answered by Dr. Franklin is as follows. It can be found in the “Smithsonian Archives”! Plus, many original history books, which have NOT been taught in years! Mainly, Due to this insidious “Common Core”!
      (Side note, “It was raining that day!” according to Thomas Jefferson.)

      I Quote:
      “Dr. Franklin, are we now a democracy?”
      “Dr. Franklin replied, “No madam, we are a ‘Constitutional Republic’, for as long as you can keep it!”

      The ‘word’ – “Constitution[al]” interjected into that short conversation is key! These “CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS” were made to insure our “inalienable rights”, or freedoms, if you prefer. They are to stand as a beacon of hope! These “Constitutional Freedoms” which can never, may never and should never be taken or stripped away are our foundation. They ARE the groundwork of our basic FREEDOMS!
      From the ‘First Amendment’ to the last, our country was meant to be “governed by, of and for the people”! Not ‘by’ a government, or any of it’s subagencies, Hell bent on replacing the Constitution with something “…NOT compatible with our values as a nation!”, as I believe Newt Gingrich stated.

      Over the past many decades the government, and these subagencies, have grown too large. They have been “injecting their will” OVER the people! The word, “OVER”, I despise!
      It’s time to “inject” OUR WILL, the people’s will, back into the equation of this “Great Science Experiment!”, as Dr. Franklin called it!

      Remember the phrase, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!” (Please add women to that sentence!)
      In my opinion, that “time” has been long overdue! A restless majority of conservatives, only, has arisen!
      It’s time to awaken the remainder of the “Sheep”! The wolves, liberal Democrats, are readying for an attack on the very document(s) which holds our freedoms! They wish to destroy America from within. So far, they’ve been doing a great job of it!

      Right now, “the world is watching America”. Britain has already “broken away, (Brexit), from whom they believed were oppressing them, ie: the (corrupt) EU!

      Germany, the Netherlands and other European Countries are on the verge of possible civil unrest, or ‘Civil War’, if you prefer. Due to the “… Influx of persons unwilling to assimilate into [their] culture!” I believe a Netherlands representative stated this in Cleveland yesterday! This was in a “WND” article.

      With that said, In my opinion, many Americans have digressed into a sad state of lethargic apathy.
      Our “WILL”, the peoples will, is no longer shared or wanted by those we send to Washington.
      Therefore, it’s time to use the only form of ‘nonviolent retaliation’, (“Term Limits”), we possess, ie; the ballot box in November 2016! (At least, for the time being!)

      “Peace”, my brothers and sisters!

  12. Really what about the Veterans that died , because they do this poor examinations.

  13. @namnibor

    Last night, during Mr. Trump’s speech, I do believe he eluded to using “…the laws…” to hold politicians, elected AND appointed, accountable.
    I also believe he also spoke on “nonprofits” who were in violation of the many laws.

    In my opinion, I believe he wasn’t just speaking about a certain “pair of Democrats”, as he ‘glared into the camera’, who were in the news recently!
    I believe he could have been speaking about lots of “bought and paid for political politicians”, (again – anyone who was elected and/or appointed)!

    There are many influential people out there who are coming forward to state Mr. Trump WILL win in November!
    With what is going on, I am certain this might be the case! I too, am hoping people see what Mr. Trump is saying about America!
    He sure as Hell didn’t have to do this.I believe this is the main reason behind why so many politicians, elected and appointed, are scared!

    Lastly, wouldn’t it be a laugh IF every swinging asswipe at VA had to pay back ALL that illegal bonus monies they received in 2014 AND 2015?! I wonder how they would react IF their checks were taken away. You know, garnished?

  14. Benjamin, great “Bad VA Art” today!!

    Looks like some sort of VA Psych Dept. self-made Rorschach Test Photo Shoot after a healthy game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos! 🙂

    Go TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this will be my first time voting Republican…ever…. and who knew?) I think Trump needs to hear from Vets about how the VA’s AFGE President David “little” Cox threatening McDonald and Congress AND getting their way re: accountability being removed.

    I want to live to see the AFGE busted-up and their thug leaders busting-up rocks into smaller rocks for Trump’s WALL. 🙂

  15. Why does the VA always insist on polishing turds and serving them ice cold?!!! 🙂 RAND Corp. has no answer until the check clears. 🙂

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